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Story Notes:

I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

Ch. 1

Several months have passed since I started school and things from that point on seemed to become a lot easier for me. The students and the faculty had gotten used to the fact that a Pokemon had come to school, thinking that it wanted to learn all about humans. Though no matter what I told the people at the school, they still didn't really believe that I was a human. I guess I really couldn't blame them since I did have the body of a Pokemon.

I got along with the teachers pretty well, but some of the other students just wouldn't leave me alone. It was either, knowing if I knew any attacks, what was it like to be a Pokemon, why was I in a school for humans, etc...etc. There seemed to be no end to the questions that the other students would ask me, but that wasn't the only thing that bothered me.

One of the students, a girl, was always hovering over me. A while back I caught her looking at a book about how to capture a Pokemon. Now mind you, this was normal for each of the kids in the class, but for some reason she'd written down that her first Pokemon was going to be a Ralts. At first this didn't really concern me. At least until I started noticing her carrying around a plush Pokeball. It all started the day that she started using that plush Pokeball to throw at me.

At the end of class one day and all the other kids had left the classroom, except for me and that girl. I'd been putting my school books away in my backpack when something soft and round hit me in the back of my head. When I turned and looked down, I saw that what had hit me was the girls plush Pokeball that she carried around with her. I looked up and saw that she was in the position of a pitcher after they'd thrown a baseball.

"One day Ralts. One day that ball isn't going to be a fake." I looked down and looked at the ball again, then back up to her. "I plan on making you one of my very first Pokemon...Ralts." She stood up, placed her left hand on her hip, and pointed her right pointer finger at me. "You can count on that." She walked over and collected the ball. "Until that time, consider yourself spared." Then walked out of the class and slammed the sliding door shut behind her.

Along the bus ride home, I sat in the front of the bus and could feel her eyes boring into the back of my skull. The whole bus ride to my house had me thinking over what the girl had said to me, and then things started to fall horribly into place. 'Could I really be captured inside one of those balls? Would I really become one of her Pokemon?' I couldn't help but shudder at the though. That girl was one of the most bossing and mean girls in the whole school. I shuddered again as I though of her as being the boss of me and I could do nothing about it. So when my stop came for the bus, I quickly ran off the bus nearly forgetting my backpack.

Later that night I was crying on my bed at the thought of being captured inside one of those balls. "Ralts, I'm home. Where's my little boy?" I ran down the stairs of our house and into the legs of my father, where I cried. "Oh my god Ralts." He fell to his knees and held onto my shoulders. "What's wrong? Did something bad happen at school today?" To which I nodded to him. He picked me up and took me over to the couch, where I told him everything about the day and the girl.

"Is it true dad? Can a person actually do something like that to me? Can someone actually capture me?" He didn't answer as he scratched at his non-existent beard. "Dad?"

He simply scratched at his chin some more, then shook his head at me. "To tell you the truth son, I really don't know. Your brain is that of a human, but your body is one of a Pokemon. In theory it could be possible to try and use a Pokeball on you." He scratched at his chin a little more, then looked down at the table deep in thought.

"So it is possible to catch me in one of those things?!" Tears stated to really flow down from my eyes.

"Now hold on a second son." He reached across the table and lifted my chin. "There are still a lot of things that you haven't even considered yet."

I wiped my eyes with my little hand and looked up at him. "Like what? How tight I'm going to be squeezed into one of those things?"

"Of course not. Everyone knows that you need to weaken a Pokemon before you can actually capture it in one of those balls. So even if she uses one on you, you can easily just break out of it. Next she is to young to even be a Pokemon trainer, so you have several years until that girl even gets her hands on a Pokemon to use against you. Finally the school knows that nobody is to even try anything like that with you."

"Why's that dad?"

"For one, you're my son and I told the school that." Then under his breath. "Plus I've paid quite a bit of money for this to be avoided." The last sentence wasn't heard through his mouth. 'I'll have to talk to the principal about this little girl.'

Though things are never that easy.

As time went on, the girl never stopped pestering me about capturing me. She even had the exact days numbered until her 10th birthday. To which she'd properly called dooms day for me. "Just one more year until you say goodbye to your freedom...Ralts."

Ever since my fathers talk, the girl had used the back of my head as target practice for her little plush Pokeball. Even though my father reassured me that he would never allow that girl to capture me, he wasn't there at the school to actually prevent it. So I had to hide from the girl. The reassurances of my father, totally forgotten, and fear was the only thing I felt. Often times my father would literally have drag me to school to make me go.


The girl had left early for the day, due to her parents taking her out of class for something urgent, to my great relief. 'Thank you Mew for this brief breather from her attacks to the back of my head.' I said to the ceiling as I felt the large lump that had formed from the repeated hits of that ball. 'I can almost swear that she's been replacing the insides of that ball with rocks or something.' I thought as I rubbed the spot.

I placed the last of my books in my pack and threw it around my slim shoulders, then noticed something felt off. I noticed that the room was entirely empty. 'Where'd everybody go?' I thought to myself but simply shrugged it off and headed for the door front door to the room, though I never got that far as the other door to the back of the room flew open and the girl jumped into the room.

"Congratulations Ralts. The wait is finally over." My eyes went wide as I saw the girl holding out her ball towards me.

"Oh come on Suzy. Haven't you beaned me enough with that thing. I've actually got a permanent bruise there now." The girl didn't say a word as she just stood there with the ball in her outstretched hand. "Might as well get this over with. Go ahead Suzy, throw that thing so that we can just get this all over with."

The girl just started laughing, and I mean really laughing. It was starting to creep me out and made me think twice about that ball. "You may think that this is my toy Pokeball, but your so wrong."

In a shaky voice, "What do you mean think...Oh no."

"That's right Ralts. I just found my hidden birthday presents." She threw the ball up and caught it out of the air. "My parents never could hide my presents all that well. They should have known that I'd find them sooner or later. And now it's your D-day, Pokeball go!"

She threw the ball at me and I had to quickly duck under a desk to avoid being hit. Her aim was good, but I was faster. Recently I'd gotten into dodging her throws and had gotten pretty good at it, but that would only last for so long. I had to get out of the room.

I quickly stood up and tried the front door. It didn't open. "Don't bother Ralts. I made sure that you couldn't get out of this room." I looked back at her as she closed the other door and placed something to stop it from opening. I couldn't see what she used but by my guess, it was probably a broom handle or a long stick. "Now there's no way out of this room."

She chased after me for quite a while but all her throws were for not. "What the hell Suzy. You're not old enough to be Pokemon trainer. If someone were to find out..."

"Shut up Ralts." She threw another ball that nearly missed me. "I'll worry about that when the time comes. Shoot missed again. I guess I have not choice, come on out Rupert."

This time she pulled out a ball from behind her back and threw it out to the center of the floor. I watched as the ball stopped in mid air and opened. A white flash of light was thrown out of the ball and landed on the floor. The light exploded out and revealed a Poochena. The gray and black furry puppy just shook it's head and let out a happy little bark. "I don't know if you know any psychic attacks, but it wont work against Rupert. Alright Rupert, use Bite on that Ralts." The little dog let out a bark and quickly ran towards me.

A little later I was breathing quite hard as my body was covered in bite marks from Rupert. "Where in the world did you get that dog." I said to Suzy as she leaned down petted Rupert's head.

"I found him in one of the balls that was my birthday present." She stood up and smiled at me. "And by the look of you, I'd say that your almost done Ralts. One more attack from Rupert and then I'm going to capture you." With that Rupert ran up to me and bit down on my arm, causing me to yell out again. The dog released my arm and bounded over to Suzy again and sat down by her foot.

"Pokeball Go!" She yelled as I fell to my knees.

'This can't be the end. I don't want to be someone's Pokemon, especially not hers.' Tears started to fall down my face. "I can't...I WONT!" With that my head started to pound as my eyes went white. Then something strange happened, time seemed to slow down, and I could actually feel everything around me. I needed something to block that ball from hitting me. Just then I remembered where I was and quickly started grabbing books out of the other students desks, brought them out in front of me, and used them like a brick wall.

The ball bounced off the books and fell to the floor. "What in the world? You do know attacks. But you said that you..."

"I don't care about that. I'm just going to make sure to use this new found ability to stop you from attacking me."

"Rupert. Run around those books and use Bite on him again." With that the dog barked again and ran around the books.

I really didn't want to get bit again so I used my psychic abilities again and hit him away with one of the books. The dog let out a yelp as he was hit and quickly returned to Suzy's side. 'I guess like us kids, even dogs are afraid of some hard learning.'

"Who put this mop in the doorframe?" A voice said from outside locked door.

I lost my concentration and all the books that I'd used to defend myself with, fell to the floor. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" I shouted at the door. "THIS GIRLS HURTING ME!"

Just then the door quickly opened and in walked our teacher Miss Miller. She was wearing a blue skirt that fell just above her knees, the same color over jacket, and a white button up shirt underneath the jacket. She stood in the doorway of the room and surveyed the disaster of the room. "What in the world is going on in here!?" She asked in a stern voice that demanded an answer.

"Miss Miller...Help." I said to her as she looked over at me and gasped.

"Ralts. What happened to you?" She rushed over to me and looked over my body. "Your body is covered in Bite marks." She looked into my eyes. "Who did... Just then there was the sound of the other door sliding open. "Hold it right there." She said as she kept her eyes on me.

I looked over her shoulders and could see Suzy and Rupert trying to sneak out of the room. Miss Miller stood up and walked over to Suzy and grabbed the back of her collar. "And just where do you think your going young lady?"
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