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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 14

Ch. 14

As we stepped out back onto the trail again, I could tell that their were people now in the forest, mostly young boys looking to catch their first Pokemon (bugs of course). Though they were few now, that didn't mean that their would be more in the days to come. Then once they had caught their first, the first trainers with their starters would com into the forest shortly after. This meant two things for us, the first that we'd spent several more months in the forest than I'd thought, the second was that we'd now have to deal with those people while we'd try and get out of this forest.

To say the least, I was reluctant. Practically all my life was spent back in that little town and everybody knew me and wasn't the slightest bit surprised/shocked by what I was. That was all going to change as soon as we entered the nearest town, and I really wasn't looking forward to that sort of welcome.

Looking down to Suicune , I could see that something was bothering her as well. I'd made sure not to pry into her thoughts, but just the look on her face held me in it's grasp. 'She unsure of something, probably even a little afraid, and it's no wonder. This is going to be the first town that we've gone to out side of my home town.' Here I was, thinking all about what sort of reaction I'd get from the occupants of the next town, when I really should be worried about Suicune.

Being a Gallade, wouldn't be that bad, but a Suicune...out in the open. A shiver ran up and down my spine as I thought of all the people who'd no doubt start flocking over to see or worse, catch her. Though catching her was out of the question, as I still had her ball on the belt around my large hips, though she was still vulnerable to everything trying. Sighing to myself, I reached down and gave her a gentle stroke to the back of her neck.

"I can tell that you are nervous, and it's no wonder." She looked up to me only to catch my gaze for a second before I looked down the path with a bit of worry in her eyes. "This is going to be the first town that you or I have been in since my home town. Though your probably even more nervous about how the locals are going to treat you."

'Well...I am a...little worried, but I think that you would be worried more. Being a Suicune, I am already used to what trainers will probably try and do to me. You on the other hand, are part Pokemon and part human, so who knows how you are going to be received if they ever find out.' She said back to me as we stopped by a fallen log, to which I took full advantage of and sat down, resting my new/strange feet.

I nodded to her as I turned to look up at the passing clouds. "I guess that means that we're both nervous about this." To which she nodded as well. I then look down the road and shudder as I think I can see the first signs of civilization, then back down the path that we'd just come from. A part of me just wanted to return to the forest, as there it seemed much more peaceful/easy life. Taking a long sigh I thought, 'Nobody got anywhere when they're ruled by their fear'. So giving my face a few slaps, I stood up and nodded down to her. "If I'm going to be a Pokemon trainer, I shouldn't let this little thing stand in my way." This brought a smile to her face as we both turned and headed towards the town.

As we neared the town, the coverage provided from the trees started to thin out, as more and more sunlight started to shine down on the two of us with it's warming beams of light. With it, it made me feel a bit more energetic as well as make Suicune's body simply sparkle in the light. I was a bit surprised at that as when we were in the forest, there hadn't been much sunlight that would shine down from the gaps in the trees, but now I was able to fully appreciate her beau...I shook my head. 'I should be thinking of things like that. I've got to keep my mind on the town ahead.'

I didn't know right I was because, just as we entered the town it seemed like everybody within a 50 yard radius stopped and stared at us. Though at first, I thought it would have been nice to have them all staring at me, but knew that the truth was that they were staring at the two of us (though, in truth, it was Suicune). After all, it wasn't every day that a Gallade and a Suicune came walking into town side by side.

This only lasted for a moment or two, until a single young boy shook his head and pulled off a black and white ball with it's upper half black with an upside down yellow U on it. "I'm going to be the one that catches the Suicune. GO, ULTRA BALL!" He said, then yelled as he threw the ball towards her.

At first, I wasn't sure what I would/should do. 'This is one heck of a way to be welcomed into a city.' But my thoughts quickly changed as I saw the ball closing in on her. 'I really don't have to worry to much as I've got her ball right here, but I don't think that she'd really appreciate it if she were to be hit by that thing.' So taking a quick step I stepped in it's path, extended my blades on my elbows, and with a quick flash cut the ball into four nice pieces that fell to the ground and made a tink sound in the silence that surrounded all of us.

To say the least, everybody that wasn't already shocked by seeing one of the three legendary dog Pokemon, were now at the Gallade that'd defended the Legendary Suicune from capture. Almost instantly the rest of the people decided that they'd try their luck and pulled out different balls of their own.

Slowly I looked at each person in turn, judging to see if I could defend her against the 1,2,5,10, 20 balls that were not doubt going to be flying at her, or probably even myself, intent in capturing either of us. Even though I knew that it was impossible to catch either of us, the fear of when that girl tried to capture me still remained, and I knew that I would have none of that.

'I think it would be best if we left.' Suicune said in a fearful tone, which broke me out of my stupor. I looked over my shoulder to her and that seemed to be the clicking point, as every one of the people who had, 'Capture' on their minds, threw their Pokeballs at us. Suicune let out a squeal of fear at seeing the balls heading strait towards us and quickly ducked her whole body behind me. Something within me snapped at that moment. Just seeing her there, lying on the ground with her paws over her muzzle, made me go into a daze. I slowly looked back over my shoulder and released my psychic abilities with an upturned hand.

All the balls froze in mid air, and every person just stared in aw. The years spent in my father's lab with him shooting Pokeball after Pokeball at me were starting to pay off, as I slowly reached out and plucked one of the balls out of the air and looked at it. Unlike the one that the boy threw, this one was a Quick Ball, it's main body was blue but had a yellow diamond on the front that also had yellow bands that shot around the ball from the diamonds flat surfaces. After my look, I dropped the ball and all the balls fell with it.

'You all should be ashamed of yourselves,' I said in my psychic voice to everyone that had tried to capture us. 'What makes you think that we don't already have a trainer.' This got everybody's eyes to bug and their mouths to go slack jawed, as it was a pretty big crime to try and steal another persons Pokemon. 'I should go to the local police and report all of you, but I don't think that Officer Jenny would be to pleased with this many criminals showing up all at once. So instead of this, I'm just going to take all these Pokeballs as thanks for not taking you all in.'

Turning my bag around, I opened a flap in my pack, and with my free hand made a lifting gesture with it. All the balls rose to the height of my bag and levitated there, then their came an audible click that quickly grew in number as all the balls enlarge button was pressed again (shrinking them), then they all started to fly into my bag. Once all the balls were within my bag, I re-zipped the flap closed and nodded to the people.

'Hopefully with this, you've all learned a valuable lesson. Not all Pokemon that are out of their balls are without a trainer.' I turned around and could still see that Suicune still had her paws over her muzzle. I leaned down and gently stroked her mane and she slowly removed a paw that was covering over her left eye to look up. 'It's alright now Suicune. Nobody is going to be throwing any more of those balls at you or me.'

She slowly removed the other paw and started to look beyond me, to which I graciously stepped aside to let her see.
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