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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 13

Ch. 13

Over the next day or two, we didn't even come across one trainer. Though most would find this odd as their would be many bug trainers (which always seem to be in abundance) just outside the city where you'd get your first Pokemon, but I just simply shrugged it off. 'Why would they be here. The start of the new Pokemon journey for most wont be happening for at least another six months.' I thought as all 10-12 year olds would get their starters at the same time every year, and that time had long since passed.

Most of the trainers (including the bug ones) would be off someplace farther down the Pokemon journey route by now. Their simple bugs now in their second or most likely third evolutionary stage by now, and them looking for other bug's to catch. To which made me smile.

'What is the smile for?' Suicune asked me as we stopped for a water break as I lifted my canteen off my pack and sat down on a log next to the trail (though I was the only one who actually drank any water, as she had that gland that constantly produced water within her).

"Just thinking." I said as I looked up and down the route. "Normally, when you first start out on your trainers/coordinators/breeders journey, you usually bump into a lot of simple trainers who are called, 'Bug Catchers'. These trainers are practically all over the place, asking you for a battle against their recently caught bug Pokemon." I chuckled.

'Ok then. Where are these so called, 'Bug Catching Pokemon Trainers' then. We have been traveling for two days and have not seen one of them.' Suicune said as she too was now looking up and down the route and then into the bushes on either side of us.

"Once a Bug catching trainer, always a bug catching trainer." I said aloud as I took another long swig of water from my canteen. "You see..." I screwed on the lid and then placed it back into my side pouch of my backpack. "This time of the year, their most likely farther down the route since this area doesn't/or is probably all caught out of bug Pokemon. Or even more likely..." I stopped as we heard a yell and watched as a bug catching kid with his net came rushing by, followed closely behind by a swarm of Beedrills. "Those bug types are in their final evolutionary forms and will attack trainers as well as their Pokemon." The two of us looked at each other and laughed at the poor kid who'd passed us by so fast that he appeared like a blur before our eyes.

'Well...' Suicune wiped at her right eye with a paw to wipe away a laughing tear. 'At least now we know that there are trainers in this area. Should we go out and test our skills against a few?' She said in a hopeful tone.

I looked down the route and simply smirked. "I don't see the harm. Though I think we'll leave that kid alone. I think he's had his share of bad luck with Pokemon for one day." The two of us had another laugh at the kids expense and then started wandering into the forest to look for some exercise/trainer.

We must have wondered in that forest for quite some time as we looked for someone to battle, but didn't come across anybody except some Pokemon who politely bowed down to Suicune and backed away when they saw a strong Gallade walking along side her. 'Hmm. It would seem that you were right. I can not pick up the scent of recent hum...sorry, 'trainers' in this area.'

"That's okay." I said as I looked around the woods. "It would also seem that most of the Pokemon in this area are afraid of us as well." I said as I pointed to the side of some bushes to indicate a few Oddish that were literally jumping out of the ground to go scampering off in fear. That was until two of them jumped out the wrong way and ran strait into our legs, which knocked them onto their backs. I couldn't help but laugh at their antics as they tried to roll themselves over so that they could get up. (Ever seen a turtle that's been placed on the top of it's shell? Ya, like that.)

After I had my laugh I knelt down only to see the thing cover over it's face with it's leaves. "Oh, now come on. Don't be like that." I said as I gently lay a hand on the frightened/shivering Pokemon. "I just want to help." I said again as I gently helped the thing stand up. The little plant type moved one of it's leaves to peak between them and looked up at me, only to once again close it to cover it's face.

I turned to Suicune to see how she was coming along, only to see her gently using a water gun like a drinking fountain on the Oddish that had fallen over. Once the Oddish felt the water, it quickly leapt to it's feet and let out a happy trill and began to play in the spray. So picking up my Oddish, I placed it next to it's friend and watched as it opened up it's leaves and then start playing in the spray as well. Just watching those two play in the spray was almost like those times when I would see other kids playing with their Shuckle lawn sprayer.

Suicune looked over to me and gave me a happy smile while she continued her water display and then stopped when I knelt down to the two Oddish. "Alright you two. You should hurry on and find your friends." I said as I gave them a gentle nudge in the direction I'd seen the rest of the Oddish run, only to have them look back at Suicune once, before they quickly dashed off under the nearest bush in hopes of finding their run off friends.

'I hope that now, other Pokemon will not run away on just sheer impulse when they see us.' She said as she walked over to me to sit down beside me for a moment. 'So. Have you decided on what you would like to do,...master.'

This got my eyes to bug and I quickly turned to look at her. I could only smirk as she had this silly grin on her face, probably knowing my reaction to being called her master. "Oh, you just want to rile me." I said as I reached over and scratched her behind her large blue horn. I sat down and shook my head with a sigh escaping my lips. "No I haven't. I can easily tell that you'd probably be unbeatable in a contest, and there is the option of being an actual Pokemon trainer."

'You have given up on the idea of being a breeder then?' She asked as she turned and started to head back to the road, to which I was quick to follow.

"Being a breeder would probably be safer for a person like myself." I said as Suicune stopped in her tracks and looked up at me with wide eyes. "If I was a breeder, the Pokemon would probably feel more comfortable with a Pokemon to help them breed and I could work from a place where nobody would make a big deal of me being a Gallade." I gave her a smile then shook my head. "But then again. I don't know the first thing on how to become one or what type of breeder I'd be. So, I'd say that being a breeder is out."

Suicune took a long sigh then started walking beside me again. 'For a second there, I had honest thought that you were still considering it.' She said as a blush started to appear on her muzzle.

Looking down at her I couldn't help myself and chuckled. "I think it's more than that." I said as she stopped again and allowed me a little distance away from her. "I think that you are just embarrassed about the fact that if I were to become a breeder that you..." I didn't get the chance to finish what I was about to say when a Water Gun attack hit me in the back of my head. After I was hit, I quickly turned and saw that she now had an even deeper red blush on her muzzle with her legs spread out and slightly shaking.

'I would...w...would n...not be...em...embarrassed.' She stopped her mumbling to look up at me and see that I had on a big smirk on my face. After that, it was a game of hit the laughing Gallade with as many water guns as possible.

Later that night the two of us set up camp and began to eat some berries that grew wild here in the forest. I had had berries before, but the one's I'd eaten before were grown in groves and pretty much tasted the same as the pollen from those groves would cross pollinate the others and make the berries they produced taste and look a little alike. These on the other hand had small differences in each to make them worth the while, plus being a Pokemon, they had their healing/medicinal which I could definitely benefit from.

Life seemed pretty easy there in the forest, and I was almost content to just stay there for a while longer. The wild, 'as we call them' Pokemon were smart or decent enough to leave us alone, but their were times that we would challenge one or two to get in some exercise to which they would most likely try and back out of. Though how much we would have liked to just remain in our little world, it was inevitable that it wouldn't last. As soon we knew that the next set of trainers would be getting ready to head out and start their own little journey.

'I know that you have come to be comfortable out here, but I think that we really need to start talking about what we are going to do in the future.' Suicune said in a slightly fearful tone. 'Because, I remember you saying that beginning trainers usually start out around this time of the year.' To which I nodded as we'd spent a month or two out in the forest.

"That's right. It should be another month and a half before the bug catching kids start to come out to catch their first bug Pokemon, and shortly after that, the new trainers with their starters." I started looking around and could feel the felling of love was starting to drift through the forest as it was getting close to that time of the year, even I wasn't entirely unaffected by the feeling. 'She is right though. I am starting to get this feeling like I should not be here.' (After all, this part of the forest would soon be filled with the sounds of love being made by all sorts of the wilds.)

'I know that you were human once.' She said interrupting my train of thought. 'And I know that all humans have the desire to become masters. So why not start there, at least for now.' She said as she started to push me with her horn towards the trail again.
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