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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 18

Ch. 18

I sat down in-between Trisha and Suicune. The three of us watched as Suzy put Rupert through his paces. It had taken both Suzy and I a few minutes to find a proper place to train, as many of the other clearings in the woods were taken up with fellow trainers who wanted to train in private like us. 'I guess I wasn't the only one to have the same idea of training in private.' I thought as Suzy yelled out for Rupert to use a Tackle attack on a large branch that I'd previously cut from a tree and stuck into the ground a little earlier.

Rupert charged forward and rammed his shoulder into the overly large branch, but hardly even made the stick move from where I'd planted it. 'How in the world is Rupert that weak? Surely he's stronger than that.' I thought as I turned and looked over at Trisha and saw her looking back at me.

'Something on your mind Genii?' She asked as I nodded to her.

'A little yea.' I said as I looked back at Rupert and saw him fall to the ground after he'd missed the branch again, and trip over it as his leg got caught unexpectedly. 'I was wondering how you were caught by her.' I said as I pointed towards Suzy. 'Surely she couldn't have beaten you with Rupert over there. He's as weak as a newborn pup. Not to mention that one attack from you, would've done him in right then and there.' I said in my Pokemon tongue as I remembered that Sucker Punch that she'd hit me with.

When I looked back to her I could see that some of the whiteness of her cheek fur had turned to a light pinkish color, then she quickly turned and looked towards her old trainer. 'It is kind of embarrassing to think of.' She slowly turned her head and I could see that the blush had turned to an even deeper shade of pink, almost reddish color. 'Promise you wont laugh.' To which I nodded. 'I was...asleep.'

Suicune busted out laugh and quickly fell to her side, then laughed herself onto her back and started kicking her legs into the air. 'HA, HA, HA!' She laughed for a good long while. She finally stopped and looked over at Trisha and smiled with tears in her eyes. 'That has to be the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. You were caught when you were asleep. HA, HA, HA. You must have been really out of it for her to catch you that way.'

I scowled at her for a bit then shook my head and turned back to look at Trisha. I could see that she had an even larger blush on her face and something told me that it was more than being in a deep state of slumber that allowed her to be caught. 'There is more to this tale than your letting on, isn't there?'

Trisha's head snapped up and she looked over at me with the widest/most embarrassed eyes I'd ever seen. 'I must have hit that nail right on top of the head, though not enough to drive it through as I still don't know what caused her to be so tired, though to that I could that probably guess.' I thought as she lowered her head again and started playing with her forepaws.

It was at that moment that I stopped hearing the sound of something pounding into wood and looked over to where Suzy was yelling at Rupert about not hitting the target anymore. "What is wrong with you Rupert?! You keep on tripping over that stupid stick! All you have to do is..." She stopped talking/yelling at Rupert as I placed a hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. She looked over her shoulder at me and I shook my head.

She backed up a little as I took a knee in front of Rupert. 'Rupert. I know that you are trying your hardest, so I'm going to give you a little trick that will help you make sure that you will catch that stick off guard.' I whispered a few little things to him then gave him a quick pat on the head and stood up. 'Ask him to try Tackle one more time.' I said as I went back and sat between Suicune and Trisha once more.

'What did you teach him?' Suicune asked.

I just chuckled and pointed towards them. 'Just watch. Who knows, you might find this way of using tackle to be quite interesting.' I said as I leaned back a little more and propped myself up on my elbows.

Both girls looked over to where they saw Suzy was looking at me with a quizzical look on her face, then watched as she turned from me to Rupert, back, then finally settle on Rupert with a shrug.

"Alright then Rupert. Lets see what Ralts has come up with. RUPERT, USE TACKLE ON THAT STICK!" She yelled as she pointed at the stick. Rupert let out a deep bark then quickly leapt after the stick. He was going full tilt towards the stick, but when he was about an arms length away from it, he rolled forward in a summersault. When Suzy saw this, she was about to yell, until she saw him come out of the roll and use his back legs like a spring board and launch himself forward. The result ended with him hitting the stick so hard that he went right through it, snapping the branch right in half at the point of impact.

Everybody was extremely surprised at his success, even Rupert as he ended up tumbling around, head over tail for a few feet after the whole thing. I think that everybody was so surprised at his sudden success that they forgot to laugh at him tumbling in the dirt. Though with me, I couldn't help but clap at his success.

'There you go Rupert. Well done.' I said as I got up and happily walked over and picked him up around the middle. He gave a happy bark then proceeded to lick me all over my face, to which I couldn't help but laugh at his ticklish tongue. Eventually, with a face covered in Poochyena slobber, I set him back down to quickly run over to Suzy and begin to rant about his success at breaking the stick. 'If only you could understand him.' I said to Suzy as I smiled at his ranting.

Suzy just smiled at me for a moment, then she froze as I could see that an idea had popped into her head. "Wait a minute. When we were kids, you were talking just like I'm talking to you right now. Did you loose that ability when you turned into a Gallade?" She asked as she reached down and began to pet Rupert.

'Not really, no.' She rolled her hand for me to elaborate on it. So not seeing any danger in it, I did. 'I just don't like to do it, as most people have fainted when I talked to them normally.' I started coughing for a bit, then gave my throat a quick rub. I found my voice. "Is this better?"

"Much." Everybody said which they all laughed at except Suzy who didn't get the joke/irony.

I couldn't help but throw up my arms and sigh. "Aright then. While the bunch of us are together, I'll talk normally. Though don't expect me to do so with others around. Sheesh." Which got them all to nod with a smile on their faces, as if they'd won some kind of prize that they'd been after. After that'd been settled, I went back to help Suzy train Rupert, and by an hour he was so exhausted that he collapsed at her feet with an exhausted huff.

"Wow Rupert. You've really improved a lot. I can't believe some of the moves that you know now." Suzy said as she picked up Rupert, sat down with him in her lap, and proceeded to pet him from head to tail. After a moment or two she finally looked up and just stared at me. She did this for a little while, but when she was about to say something she quickly shut her mouth and looked away.

I was about to press the issue but decided against it. 'She is probably just going to say something snippy again. Better avoid starting that.' So turning away from the two, I walked over and took a knee in front of both Suicune and Trisha. "Alright you two. Now that Rupert has had his fun, how's about the three of us start our own training? After all, if we want to take on that gym in a day or two, we should know what each of us can do."

'I thought you would never ask.' Trisha said as she quickly leapt to stand on her paws then start to wave her blade like tail around.

'Trisha is right. I have not gotten in some decent training since that trainer that you rescued me from.' Suicune said as she too got to all her feet and began to stretch out. 'It will feel good to get in some training after all that time.'

Nodding to both, I reached over and ruffled the fur on both the tops of their heads. "That's great. I'd like to start off with seeing what kind of other moves you know Trisha. Other than Sucker Punch and Razor Wind that is."

She gave me a quick nod, then waited as I jumped into the trees to return with another long branch, which I stuck into the earth for her target. 'I really can only show you one of the two as the second would probably take to long to do.' Trisha said as she took on a battle stance then quickly leapt forward in to a run with her horn glowing. When she was a within striking distance, she brought around her horn and delivered a decent Slash attack to the branch that left a decent sized cut in it.

After she'd leapt away from the stick, I walked over to it and examined the cut. The Slash attack had left a cut in the branch that was an inch or so deep into the three inch thick branch. Slowly thinking about the Slash I slowly gazed over to Trisha and then stood. "And the fourth attack?"

'It is Future Sight. The only problem with that attack is that it takes a while before it at actually hits.' She said in a bit of a disappointed tone as she lowered her head. 'It is a pretty good attack, unless I am going up against an even higher level opponent than myself as I am usually so taken up in the battle that I forget all about it.'

I nodded and looked down at the stick again. 'She already knows some decent attacks, though I would like her to know some more broader ranged attacks. If she were to know some TM's, it could help to catch her opponents off guard.' I thought to myself and made a plan to pull out my Pokedex and look up to see what kinds of TM's that an Absol like Trisha could know. "Alright then. Now that I've got the gist of what you can do, I can probably come up with a way to help you improve on those moves. Though for now, thanks."

'Thanks? Thanks for what? Thanks for showing you the moves that I know?' She said in a confused voice.

"Well, of course. You didn't need to show me those moves. You could have just told me about them rather than showing me or told me to just ask your previous trainer." I said as I waved to Suzy who was still sitting down a little distance away from us, still petting Rupert but looking back and forth between us as if trying to understand the conversation between all of us. This made Trisha blush a bit but it was lost to our eyes because of her thick white fur on her body, to which she was thankful for.

"Alright Suicune, your up." I say to her as Trisha goes over to where Suicune is sitting and they exchange places. Once she's come over to me she looks up at me and then slowly sits down onto her haunches. "I have to admit that I'm a little embarrassed about this."

'Embarrassed? About what?' She asks as she tilts her head to the side and give me a confused look.

"Embarrassed about the fact that I haven't committed your moves to memory." I took a pause and a deep breath the gather my nerves. "We have been together for some time and I know I've seen you battle once or twice, but I can't seem to recall what those attacks were. I...Suicune, why are you blushing?"

Suicune lets out a little giggle as she turns her head to the side and bats a paw at me. 'Genii, you do say the most precious things to me.' She giggles again, but stops when she sees that I have a confused look on my face. She drops her head and sadly shakes it. 'You do not get it. I guess you really are focused on this.' She looks back up at me, takes a long breath, then nods to me. 'Alright then. I guess I will show you what I know.'

Suicune gets up from her sitting position and moves over to face the branch. She spreads her legs into a battle stance for a quadruped and begins to growl at the stick. An instant later, she opens her mouth to launch out a large amount of bubbles that seem intent on blasting the stick away. Unlike a normal Bubble Attack, this one seemed more focused and the bubbles traveled at a high rate of speed, in a Bubble Beam attack. Once the attack hit the stick the whole area around the stick exploded in white smoke and I could hear the sound of something snapping.

Once the fog/smoke cleared, I saw that the stick had been reduced to nothing but tooth-picks. Suicune gave a satisfied huff and nodded at her work. 'And that Genii, is my Bubble Beam attack. Very effective against many fire, rock, and ground type Pokemon.' I looked on over to the splinters and then back to her. Her attacks were definitely effective and would prove very useful against any gym that was focused on those types. 'Well, come on Genii. If you want to see the rest of my attacks then I suggest that you get down another stick for me to use.'

"Huh? Oh, right." I said as I snapped out of my daze. 'If her bubble beam attack is that strong, then I'd hate to be on the receiving end of her others.' I thought as I walked over to another tree, jumped into the branches, and came down with a new branch that I'd slashed off. Walking over to where the other stick had once been, I brushed away the remains and planted the new one next to pieces that were still in the ground.

Suicune walked over and nodded up to me. 'The next attack that I know is a little hard to do, but come in handy when I can get my teeth to connect with my opponent.' She said as I stepped away from the branch to watch her slowly open her maw and clamp around the branches upper part. It was like watching a lake freeze over as a thin layer of ice started to form over the part the she bit and slowly began to spread.

"An Ice Fang attack." I said aloud as Suicune released the branch and nodded up to me.

'I have not had that many opportunities to actually use it in a battle as the attack takes a bit to work. Though from what I understand, it is supposed to be pretty effective against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon types.' She said, then licked her lips as some of the ice had cased over her lips.

In my minds eye I could see her using that attack against a flying type and knew that if she were to use that attack and hit it's wings that the ice would prove to heavy for it to fly and essentially ground the flying type. "And that last two?"

She smirked as she looked over at Suzy as she was looking very intently at us, only to look back up at me and smirk. 'The last two are a little secretive, but come in handy in my travels.' She sat down on her haunches and nodded for me to do the same. 'The first allows me to travel all over the place at a great speed. It is very similar to Extreme Speed, but uses the wind to allow me to move more swiftly.' I didn't know exactly what she was referring to so rolled my arm to have her elaborate on it. 'I believe the name for it is, Tail Wind.'

I just stared at her for a few moments until I couldn't hold it back any further and busted out laughing. I was laughing so hard that I lost my balance and fell onto my back while cracking up. I was laughing so hard that I didn't hear what she had said next but was brought back to myself when I felt the first drops of rain. I slowly began to stop laughing as more and more drops fell upon my face.

"What in the..." I said as I looked up and noticed that the clouds had moved in, and looked quite dark with their impending downpour. I looked over at Suicune and saw that she had a sneaky look upon her face.

'I thought that that would be your response when you heard the name of that move. Now I will teach you my last move personally, as well as teach you not to laugh at me.' And just with that she got back on up to her feet/paws and began to prance around. I watched as she danced around for only a moment, as the next was followed by a torrential dousing from the clouds.

When the rain finally let up I was completely drenched and dripping wet from practically anywhere that could drip. I was thankful that I wasn't wearing any cloths, and with that thought I slowly turned my head to look over at...

"That Suicune of yours did that on purpose didn't it!" Suzy accused as she had a very similar appearance to that of a drowned Rattata. Her cloths clung to every part of her body and hung limply in other parts that weren't clinging to her. "Don't...even..."

I burst out laughing at that and couldn't stop.

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