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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 19

Ch. 19

I walked out of the shower in the Pokemon centers room that we'd rented. I rubbed at my head with the towel that I'd draped over my shoulders, only to wince a moment later as I rubbed a sore spot on the top. 'Damn. I've really got to learn to not laugh at girls.' I thought, but smiled anyways. 'Though, who couldn't laugh at a move that sounds like it came from a man who had way to many beans, as well as to the sight of somebody's cloths after they'd been completely drenched...' A little snicker escaped my lips and thought that some things are worth laughing about.

'I really hope that your not laughing about my move again Genii.' Suicune said as she leapt off the bed and sat down in front of me. 'Because if you are...'

I quickly stopped dead in my tracks as I pulled the towel backwards so that the whole thing draped over my shoulder and gave Suicune a fearful look. Quickly throwing up my arms I quickly shook my head. "Heavens forbid Lady Suicune. I...I...I was just laughing about all those guys who fell for the same trick as we were getting back into our room."

Suicune slowly turned so that her left side was facing me and looked at me through the corner of her left eye. 'That had better be all, Genii. Though we may be indoors, I can still call upon the water within the room to give you another...cold...drenching.' A shiver down my spine as I remembered how cold the water had been that had doused me outside.

I held up my hands as if show an audience that I didn't have anything up my sleeves (Like I'd ever wear a shirt again), I just nervously laughed. 'I had really better not get on her bad side. A guy can catch his death of a cold if he were to be drenched to many times by that attack.' I thought as I nod quickly to her.

A few minutes later found us all eating something or other. Suicune had taken it upon herself to learn or to start eating her meals with me at the table as she sat down on the chair (which was a bit of a feat with her size). Though it had taken her a few tries she eventually got it and was happily eating up here with me. Trisha didn't seem to have such intentions and was happy to have her meal in a bowl on the floor. Both girls were quite surprised this time at the extra ingredient that I added to their food, as it was a bit sweet.

'Genii,' Said Trisha as I turned and looked down at her from the table. 'I have a few things I would like to ask you.' She said as she licked her lips and sat up on her haunches. Nodding to her, I turned my chair so that it was facing her a little more and gave her a nod to tell her that it was OK. 'First of all, I would like to know what you added into our food to make it taste so sweet.'

Smiling, I nodded to her. "During our travels, Suicune and I spent quite a bit of time in the woods. During that time, I was able to try a wide and varied diet of different berries. Tonight's berry is the Mago berry." To which she nodded then looked down at her bowl.

'The next question is about what we are going to do from here? Are we going to stay in this town for much longer or are we going to be moving on in a little while.' She asked as she stopped looking down at her bowl and looked up at me.

I had to admit that she did make a good point. 'How long are we going to be staying in this place?' I thought as I tapped a finger on my chin, looked up at the ceiling, and frowned in concentration. "I'm not really sure. For quite some time, I've been trying to think of what I want to do with my life and am a little undecided." I thought for a few more moments then looked down at Trisha. "Maybe you can make the final decision. Since we are already in this town and have much to choose from within it, what should we do?"

Trisha looked down at the floor for a little while, then slowly lifted her head up. 'Why not do what my old trainer was going to do?'

"And that would be?"

'Do not interrupt me. I was getting to that point.' She took a long and slow breath. 'Why not take on the gym?'

She did make a good point. There was a gym in the town and it would be interesting to see just how a gym operates. So giving her a smirk, I nodded. "Alright then. That sounds like a pretty good idea. What do you think Lady Suicune? Should we go and take on a gym? After all, I would like to have your input on this as well."

Suicune didn't answer for a while as I turned and looked over at her sitting on the chair still. Eventually she looked up to meet my eyes, then jumped down to sit beside Trisha. 'I think that we should go along with her idea. Taking on a gym sounds like a lot of fun. Though I would like to do a few things before we do so.' With that, the three of us sat down to plan our day visiting the gym.

About two hours later, all three of us were standing just outside the gym's doors. Looking up at it reminded me of the gym back at my old school, though at that one we were the ones who solely used it, this one would be used by people training their Pokemon. I cold easily sense the tension in the air and dropped my head with a sigh. 'Would you all stop following me! It's getting really annoying!' I shouted out with my telepathic abilities.

"Aw, come on now. How can't we follow you. You're a Pokemon trainer as well as a Pokemon and your about to go and take on a gym." A man said behind me as I slowly turned around to see the same group that has been chasing me/us every time I want to get into my/our room back at the Pokemon center. "You've got to admit that this is even better than seeing a Mew dancing on top of someone's head."

I couldn't help but chuckle at the mental image of a Mew doing a pirouette on the top of someone's head like that of a ballerina. Though with that I dropped my head and shook it. 'I think that you all have jumped to a conclusion though. I'm not here to battle the gym. I'm here just to observe one.' This got everyone to let out awe's of disappointment. 'I've heard a lot about these things and am quite interested to see what goes on in them. So, sorry to disappoint you all but that is all that is going on with me today.'

After I'd said my two bits, several of the people walked back towards the Pokemon center with their heads lowered and disappointment in their eyes. After a few more minutes, the majority of the people walked back to the center or off to do who knows what, and I was left alone with two or three people. Giving them a shrug, I turned and walked through the double doors of the gym.

To say the least, I was quite surprised at what befell my eyes. Just in front of me was a wall of boulders that reached at least seven feet high. The boulders reached all the way over to the sides of the gym and there was what looked like an entrance to one of those hedge mazes in the middle of the boulders. On either side of the entrance there stood two large statures of a Geodude with it's arms raised that sat upon a podium with a plaque in the front. Going on over to the plaque I saw that there was something inscribed there.

'Welcome young trainer. If you are here to take on the gym leader you must fist take note that this is the first step in the road to become a Pokemon master. Though the journey may be long, you must begin it with the first step. So if you feel strong and courageous enough, then step forward and enter the maze. Be forewarned though, there are opponent along the way to the gym leader within this maze and they are set on challenging you for your worthiness to take on the gym's leader.'

'Good luck'

I paused there for a while until I finally stood back up and looked at either side of the gym. It seemed that they wanted to make sure that nobody could observe the gym as a spectator as their was no staircase to the catwalk over the gym. 'It's almost like they want to keep people from cheating by walking up to top of it.' I thought to myself as I began to pace in front of the maze. 'If I decide to take on this gym, I'll be going at it blind, though I already do have a pretty good guess that they use rock type Pokemon here.' I reached up and patted the right statue Geodude's head.

As if on queue, the Geodude awoke from the pat to it's head, grabbed my hand, and shook it. 'Welcome to the...' 'ACK!' The Geodude quickly leapt off the podium as I was so started by him grabbing my hand that I jumped back and launched a Psycho Cut at him. The crescent shaped attack was thrown horizontally and quickly exploded as it hit the wall of boulders. 'What the heck is your problem Gallade. I was just trying to be nice and shake hands with you.'

It took me several minutes to calm down from being so thoroughly surprised and get my breathing back to normal. Once the shock had left my eyes I slowly began to relax and looked up at the other statue/Geodude. It too was not as I originally thought as it had dropped it's arms and was beginning to shake in fear, no doubt afraid that it was going to be attacked next. 'If your going to be statues... then be statues.' I said to the first Geodude who was standing/sitting/um...laying on the ground.

'Oh calm down Gallade. He was just going to welcome you to this gym. There is no reason for you to freak out over such a small thing.' The second Geodude said as it placed the back of it's hands on either side of it's body and gave me an accusing look.

'Are you here with your trainer to take on the gym?' Said the first as it turned and started to climb up the podium. It sat itself back down on the top again, only to turn to the side and look at the deep cut that was in the rock behind it. 'Man, that was close. If you were to take on the gym while using that attack, I am sure that you will get really far.'

After I'd finally gotten my resolve back, I straitened up and nodded to the two Geodude's. 'It is true that I am here to take on the gym, but I am not here with my trainer.' This caused the two Geodudes to look at each other than back down to me. 'For you see, I am the trainer.' I turned slightly to the side to show the to Pokemon my belt which contained my two friends/Pokemon along with my own ball. That statement caused both Geodude's mouths to practically drop out of sight which make it look like they didn't have a lower jaw.

'That can not be possible.' Said the first as both it's hands slammed down on the front of it's podium. 'Pokemon can not be trainers. It just is not possible. It has always been trainer training the Pokemon. Not a Pokemon training other Pokemon.' It said in a rushed/scratchy tone, as if it's accent was just now coming out. 'Do not lie to us Gallade. Where is your trainer?'

I took a long sigh and shook my head as it drooped down. 'I don't want to have to reveal my true identity to anybody. Maybe I should just make up a story so that it will cover for me.' I thought then began to think up a convincing story. 'Alright then,' I said to them after a while. 'If you must know the truth, my trainer is very ill. His wish was to become a Pokemon master and since he's to ill to continue on his journey I thought that I'd do it for him. So until he is better, I'll be taking over for a bit.'

This seemed to convince the two Geodude's as the second one picked up it's jaw from the podium and re-adjust it back into place and the other one to relax a bit. 'Now that is a bit more believable.' Said the first as the second nodded. 'So if you are going to take on this gym for him then be forewarned that this is a rock and ground type gym. To come here with a flying, fire, or electric type Pokemon would be foolish and utterly suicidal. Though you being a psychic and fighting type, you should have a pretty good time taking on any opponent. Fight long, fight hard, and never give up.' I gave the two a deep bow then entered the gym's rock type maze.

Just as I took my first few steps into the maze, I heard the sound of rock sliding across rock and quickly turned around. The entrance to the maze was quickly being covered by a rock sliding out from under the floor and raising up to match the height to the rest of the maze. I was a bit angry at that, but knew that I shouldn't let a small thing like that upset me.

"Welcome, young traveler, to my gym. My name is Tony and I welcome you to my gym. As you are aware, you are now trapped within my rock maze, but do not be alarmed. If at any time that you feel the need to leave the maze, just find one of the challengers within the gym and ask to be released. They will escort you back to the entrance. Though be forewarned, if you do decide to leave that you must start the whole challenge of this gym all over again. Again, I welcome you to my gym and hope to meet you at the exit so that we may have wonderful battle. Adieu for now." Said a booming voice that seemed to bounce around the walls of the gym's maze.

"Man that guy loves to hear himself talk." Said a voice from around the first corner to my right.

Though before I could respond to his voice I heard a knocking sound coming from above. I looked up and could see that it was Suzy standing in what appeared to be thin air. She was currently squatting down so that she was a little closer to the glass and smiling down at me. Just then she got a smirk on her face and leaned a little closer towards her feet. She took a long slow breath then let it out which fogged up a sheet of something just below her feet. 'Plexiglas,' I thought. 'That stuff must be in place in order to stop trainers from getting to the top of the maze and cheating as well.'

Just then Suzy started to write something in the fogged up glass. I'll be watching you, it said.

I took my hand and covered up my eyes and shook my head. Using my telepathic abilities I reached out and found Suzy's mind. 'Though that may be comforting to some Suzy, you may want to think more about your attire.'

'What? Is that you Genii? How is it that you are able to talk to me right...oh right, psychic.' She thought as she took a moment to stand up and place the back of her palms on her hips. 'And what is wrong with the way that I look. I think this look is rather nice.' She said as she twirled around in her skirt while grabbing the tops so that it made her skirt twirl up.

'Suzy, Suzy, way up there. I can see your underwear.' I rhymed as I dropped my head and shook it with a bit of an exhausted laugh.

'What are you...,' She slowly stopped twirling and looked down at me, then her eyes went wide and she quickly began to desperately cover herself up. 'OH MY GOD!' She screamed out in not only my mind but also to everyone else who was within earshot, then quickly started running around the top of the maze, effectively getting everyone's attention below and causing them all to look up as well.

It was about five minutes later that she finally got her brains back and quickly ran over to the railing that surrounded the upper portion of the maze and quickly sat down on a bench there, while placing both her hands in-between her legs to close up the gap in her skirt. Never before had she been humiliated so thoroughly and she vowed under her breath to get back at that Gallade if it was the last thing she ever did.

Back in the maze, I was trying to get the image of looking up her skirt at her Skitty printed panties out of my head. 'Is she really that dense as to not realize the fact that wearing a skirt has its disadvantages?' I wondered to myself as I placed my hand on the side of my head and slowly shook my head. 'And it doesn't seem like she is doing it on purpose either.' Slowly looking up I could see the first underling of the gym leader standing a short distance away looking up through the transparent Plexiglas. He was mumbling something that I really couldn't hear so I decided to go up and see what he was mumbling about.

"Aw, come on. Just one more peak." The man kept on repeating as he looked around the ceiling. "I can't believe a girl would actually wear something like that while standing up there." He tilted his yellow protective helmet back a bit but didn't really see anything more up there. He had on an orange undershirt with a brown sleeveless vest that was covered in many snap button pockets that were all lined up like he was wearing overalls, blue jeans that had faded at many places on the front and back, and brown boots that looked to be those steel toed kind.

'I don't think that she's going to do that again.' I said to the man with my telepathic voice. 'I should hope that Suzy isn't that much of a ditz to repeat 'that' blunder again.'

The man slowly lowered his head while turning to face me. "Well, a man can always hope." He said with a sleazy smile. "Now, would you looky here, a Gallade. Don't see to many of your kind around here," He said but then began to look behind me. "But where's your trainer?"

I slowly dropped my head and sighed. 'He is sick. So sick in fact that he can't get out of bed. So in order to fulfill his wish to take on this gym, I'm here in his stead. In all intents and purposes, just consider me a trainer and lets get this battle started.' I said as I pulled off a Pokeball and enlarged it.

The man just looked at me for the longest time, obviously not really understanding what he's just been told. "Now this, 'is' a real treat. A Gallade that is taking the place of it's trainer. You must be the most loyal and trustworthy Gallade out there." He pulled off a ball of his own and enlarged it. "Though I do have to ask. Will you battle as well?"

I couldn't help but smirk as well, as he had finally gotten out of his stupor. 'If it really comes down to it. Though I doubt that it will, as I believe you will be more hard pressed to defeat my first choice.'

Almost like a mirrored image, the two of us tossed out our Pokeballs and shouted together. "GO POKEBALL!"

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