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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 24

Ch. 24

"You want me to do what?" The nurse asked me as I stood there on the opposite side of the counter and held out my Pokeball to her.

'Like I said, I want you to recall me into my ball, heal me, then let me out again,' I said to her for the second time, hoping that I wouldn't have to repeat myself. 'Then after you've healed and released me, I want you to heal Lady Suicune.' I said in my psychic voice as I motioned for her to look to my side at Lady Suicune who was standing by my side and gave the nurse a courteous bow.

'And while I am being healed Genii, who will watch over our little bundle?' She asked in a slight concerned tone as she looked around so that she could just barely see the sleeping Cubone on her back out of the corner of her right eye then looked up at me.

'I will of course. That is the reason why I asked to be healed first. Plus, I think it would probably be a good idea that I go ahead and try and find some infant Pokemon milk. As I'm sure that this little one will probably be a bit hungry when it awakens.'

Lady Suicune gave me a nod but stopped before I nodded to the nurse. 'One last thing.' To which I turned around and knelt before her. 'The little one would most likely miss me greatly as it has a pretty good grip on my mane. I want you to cut a bit of it off and use it as a blanket for it.'

This shocked me quite a bit as a memory of when we'd cut her mane the last time had caused her to howl out in pain. 'But my lady, do you not recall what happened to you the last time your mane was cut?'

She slowly nodded but gave me a smirk. 'How could I forget. That was the day that I...' She stopped in mid sentence as a blush of deep sapphire appeared on her cheeks.

'She blushes blue? Who knew.' I thought as I thought that that color of blush really suited her.

'Anyways...,' She started off in a rush. 'If you were to cut me in the proper place, rather than right near the bottom of my mane like your step father did, then I will not yowl like last time.' I reached into her mane and lightly pinched the area just below the Cubone's neck to where it was currently laying with it's legs towards her head and it's head towards her tails, and she just nodded to me.

I lightly grabbed her mane and lifted it up to the point where I was going to cut, extended my left elbow blade, and started to make a sawing motion while the blade glowed white with my Psycho Cut attack. I cut two rectangle pieces of her mane out (while leaving a long single strip in the middle that still covered the Cubone), tied three of the edges together while leaving one end open, then slipped the Cubone into the makeshift sleeping bag.

Once I was done, I looked down at the work that I'd done and slightly frowned. There was now a single strip of her mane running down her back that eventually met up with the rest of her mane a little past her shoulders. 'I do believe that I might have cut more than was appropriate.' I said as I picked up the sleeping Cubone. 'I'll have to see if I can't do something with the rest of your mane to make it look more...beautiful, until the rest can grow back.' I said after I chose my words, very carefully.

'That is alright. I am sure that you will think of something to keep everyone focused on something else while it grows back.' She said as she walked over to a set of chairs and nodded for me place the child against her underside as she lay down on her side. I did as she wanted and placed the little Cubone down in it's makeshift sleeping bag and stood up to look down at the two.

'She really does look like a mother with that Cubone sleeping next to her.' I thought with a contented smirk. 'Alright then. It shouldn't take that long until I get all healed up and we'll switch places.' Suicune gave me a quick nod, lay her head over the sleeping Cubone, and closed her eyes to slightly doze off.

Turning back to the nurse I gave her a nod and she pointed the enlarged Pokeball at me, then called the recall command. "Return Gallade." She said as the ball shot out the red beam and it collided with me. Though the recall to the ball normally looks like it takes a few moments to happen, it felt like it was taking forever for me.

First was the feeling like everything was slowing down, then the feeling that my body was breaking down, and finally a quick disorientating feeling of being somewhere else very cramped and dark all at once. 'I guess this is what Lady Suicune meant by feeling cramped. I must now be inside my own ball.' I thought as I began to feel some kind of pulsating feeling come from all around me. The pulses had a sort of soothing effect that felt very refreshing and relaxed my muscles that I hadn't realized were so stiff. After a little while, I felt like all my muscles were now totally relaxed and I felt good as new.

A moment later I felt myself being ejected out of my ball and landed on both my feet standing roughly where I'd stood moments before. 'I don't know what I was so afraid of. That felt really interesting.' I thought as I looked around and saw a clock on the far wall state that 30 minutes had passed. I smiled to myself, walked over to Suicune who was watching me with a smile, then slowly stood as I collected the infant Cubone in my arms. 'I guess it your turn Lady Suicune.' I said as I held out her ball, enlarged it, then recalled her as she nodded to me.

'I think it's about time to get Cubone that infant Pokemon milk that I said that I'd get.' I said to myself as I looked down at the sleeping Cubone nestled in the crook of my arm. So handing over Lady Suicune's ball to the Nurse Joy, I walked into the café there at the center and began to look around for something that would dispense baby Pokemon food/milk.

After finding nothing around, I eventually gave up and went to the café counter and found a Chancy standing behind the counter with what looked to be a nurses cap on the top of it's head. *Could I possibly get a bottle of baby Pokemon mild for my little Cubone friend here?* I asked in my Pokemon tongue.

*Why, of course. I will get a bottle right away.* The Chancy replied with a smile as it turned it's large egg shaped body around and began to waddle through a set of double doors. So turning around to wait, I leaned up against the counter and looked around at all the other people in the center.

Many of the other occupants of the café were sitting quietly at the tables, eating, drinking or looking down at their Pokedex's for some reason or another. I was about to turn back and await the Chancy nurse when a shiver ran down my spine. It was at that moment that I heard the doors entering to the café open and in walked a man I hoped that I wouldn't ever see again.

"After waiting all that time, I've got to see my reincarnated fossil Pokemon." The man said as he turned and I became shocked once more at who I saw him walking in with.

"Who would have thought that it was possible to have a Pokemon reincarnated from a piece of amber?" Suzy said as she stepped into the room and took the first miner in the gym's arm, then the two walk over to an empty table and sat down.

"Ya. The only problem with it was it was to wild. While down in the mines one day, it got out of control, and broke the Pokeball that I had it in. Once freed, it fled deeper into the mines. I didn't have the right equipment to go after it, not to mention the right Pokeball for using in the dark." The miner said as he pulled out a Dusk Ball from his belt and started rolling it around.

"So, you traded that baby Cubone to that Gallade for some Dusk Balls." I could see Suzy smile as she leaned forward and rested her chin on her hands. "I wish that I could have a strong Pokemon like that. Could you help me catch a strong one?" She started batting her eyelashes at him and I could see him visibly blush. "Please." She said as she drew out the word.

I slowly turned around and dropped my head. 'Maybe that's how she caught Trisha. She asked someone else to help her and that person put her to sleep.' Though something about that didn't really seem to fit, but was good enough explination for a now. I was beginning to wonder about how long that Chancy was going to take with the milk when I heard something else come from over at Suzy's table but ignored it for a bit as the Chancy returned with the bottle and I began to feed the hungry infant. It was a bit later when the infant had finished it's bottle when the voices from their table began to get louder again.

"By the way. How did you get your hands on such a young Cubone? Did you hatch if from an egg?" She asked innocently.

The man threw back his head and laughed. Once over his laughing fit, he looked down at her, then smirked. "Hardly. I was trying to catch it's mother with my Geodude since she looked so strong. Damn that bitch 'was' tough. No matter what I tried, she kept on getting up and fighting. After several hours of battling she was finally finished and I caught her. It was only after I released her to have her battle once more that she actually laid an egg right in the middle of the battle. To say the least I was quite shocked."

Suzy nodded for him to continue. "It was shortly after, she laid that egg that she stopped paying attention to my orders and paid more attention to that egg of hers." I saw him raise a fist and my anger matched his, though for entirely separate reasons. "I was so angry with her that I decided to teach her a lesson. So I told her that if she didn't start paying attention to me and my orders, that I'd take away that egg of hers and sell it off to the next trainer that I saw. That must have been the tip of the peak as she jumped at me, then attacked me."

"Seeing me in trouble, my Geodude lashed out and caught her in a stray attack of his own. She had been so weak from a previous battle that she hadn't paid any attention to my Geodude. That attack had done more damage than I thought." He paused for a minute to catch his breath. "It was at that moment that the egg began to hatch that the mother passed away. It was like a rapid aging process as the Marowak passed away from this world and left behind it's skull as a reminder that it had once been here along with a single bone. Once the newborn Cubone was finally hatched, it picked up it's mother skull and turned the nose of it's skull towards itself, tears started to leak out of it's eyes as if it knew who the skull belonged to, then while placing it's mothers skull on it's head it began to wail."

"That is such a sad story." Suzy said as she too was starting to cry.

"You might find it sad, but I found it as an opportunity. I knew that I had a Pokemon that would follow all of my instructions to the letter and wouldn't go wild on me. So catching it inside a ball, I couldn't stop smiling." He said with a small laugh and a big smile. "I finally had a Pokemon that could learn the moves that I wanted it to, so I could catch my escaped Aerodactyl." He went on into detail of how he was going to train his recently acquired Cubone when my anger almost got he best of me until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

Quickly turning my anger quickly faded away as I saw who it was. "Your Suicune is fully healed." Said the Nurse Joy as she handed me a Pokeball and gave me an innocent smile. "I could tell by the monitor that your trainer has been taking excellent care of the two of you. I hope that he gets better soon." She gave me another bow and then exited out of the door to the café.

Looking over to Suzy, I could see that she was still talking with the man and I just shook my head. 'What she does is of no concern of mine. Though if she is to go out and allow that man to show her how to catch a Pokemon, I know that she's going to be the worst trainer out there.' So getting up from my seat I walked over and stood at the end of the table. 'If anyone is going to help her to catch a Pokemon, it's going to be me. Not somebody who kills Pokemon.'

I reached down, grabbed Suzy's hand, then pulled her out of the seat. "Now wait just one cotton picken minute. Who the heck do you think you are Gallade? The lady and I were just about to go out and catch her a Pokemon." The man said as he tried to jumped to his feet, only to bang his thighs into the edge of the table and make him sit down with a hiss of pain.

'I don't think so buddy. I plan on helping her catch her next Pokemon. Not somebody who kills Pokemon just so that he can raise it's young when the mother only wants to watch over it's egg.' I said mentally to the man with a bit of a tone that told him that I wasn't going to argue the point. 'Now come on Suzy, we've got some planning to do.' I said as I tugged on her wrist and pulled her up to the room.

"What are you thinking Genii? He was just trying to be nice and help me get my second Pokemon." Suzy said in an upset voice as soon as we entered the room. When I turned around to face her after I'd closed and locked the door I just scowled.

"Do you really think that? Do you really believe that he was just going to help you catch your next Pokemon, when he just recently killed one?" I said to her as I walked past her, placed the sleeping Cubone that I'd fed the bottle of milk onto the pillow of my bed, walked over to the table, pulled out a chair, and sat down on it.

"You know that isn't true Genii. You heard him say it too. It was his Geodude who attacked that Marrowak when she tried to attack him." She countered as she too pulled out a chair from the table and sat down in it so that she was facing me.

"And do you remember the reason behind the attack? He threatened to take her egg away from her." I countered back. "How would you feel if someone were to take your baby away from you?"

This got her to pause for a few more minutes as she looked around the room, as if the answer was painted on a wall or the ceiling. She must have found her comeback as she finally faced me with a smirk. "I don't have a baby." She stated flatly with an almost superior tone.

I simply slapped my face and dragged my hand down it. 'Is this girl really that stupid?' I thought as I pulled off Lady Suicune's ball and released her so that she was on the bed. She didn't say a word as she looked around the room for a moment, spotted the little sleeping Cubone, then quickly walked over to it and curled around it. "Then I feel sorry for any kids that you might have in the future. Because you'd be a horrible mother if you were to let anything happen to a child of yours."

I let her brood on that thought as I walked over to the bed, sat down at the head of the bed, and started to pet Suicune as she looked up at me with a smile. 'How was she? Did she cause any fuss while I was in my ball?' Lady Suicune asked as she only looked up at me for a moment then down at the Cubone who was slightly awake now and reaching out for Lady Suicune's twin white tails with a happy baby Pokemon giggle.

"She was only awake for a short time and most of that was to drink the milk that I'd bought for her." I said as I watched the baby play for a bit. "Though I do believe that it has more to do with her new blanket/sleeping bag than anything else. If I'm hearing this right, she feels like she will always be close to you with that thing, no matter how far apart the two of you are." I said with a smile.

Lady Suicune smiled at me then looked down at the baby/her baby. 'Is that right.' Were her only words as she lowered her white muzzle down to the baby and rubbed it under it's chin.

"Well," I said as I slapped my thighs and stood up. "I think it's best that we do something with that mane of yours. You wouldn't look like a proper Lady of Legend with it cut like that, and all this time sitting around has given a very interesting idea." I said as everybody looked over at me as I walked over to backpack, opened it, and pulled out a small box. After turning back around everybody looked at what I was holding in my hands. "This was the Dawn Stone that my step father gave me to evolve into the Gallade of today."

"I don't see how that is going to change anything about her mane, Genii." Suzy said as she got up from her seat to look into the box, looked down at the stone inside, then back up at me. "It looks to have lost a lot of it's luster after it's use."

"That may be true, but it's still special to me and I think the only use for it now is to help Lady Suicune." I said as I pulled out the stone and looked at it. Unlike normal Dawn Stones that would always catch the earliest beams of the morning sun that shone down from the sun, this one had lost much of it's shine but still caught the light very nicely.

I thought back to school and what I'd learned a long time ago about these strange stones. My teacher had explained to the class that a certain ore that was very special, when this ore came into contact with either a certain element/condition it would effect the ore and change it into an evolution stone.

Pulling out Trisha's ball, I released her and gave her a good scratch behind her ears. 'It has been a while since I was out. How did the gym battle go?' She asked with a bit of annoyance to her voice to say that she would have liked to battle in the gym.

"Definitely unexpected." Was the reply from both Lady Suicune and I.

'That settles it then. The two of you are going to tell me every detail involving...' She lost her train of thought as she looked over at Lady Suicune and saw the small baby Cubone happily playing with her tails. Her eyes began to sparkle as she saw the little bundle and she quickly leapt onto the bed and began to croon.

"Not exactly what I wanted to happen when I released her from her ball, but I guess it's to be expected." I said as I set the box with the used Dawn Stone down on the nightstand next to the bed.

"I just don't get it." Suzy said as I turned to look at her and the confused look that she had on her face. "What is it about that baby Cubone that has those two all, ga-ga over it? It's just a baby and all they do is whine." She said as she threw her hands up into the air, sat down on a chair, crossed her arms and legs, and let out a huff.

"Let me guess, you have a younger sibling at home." I said in a mater-of-fact tone.

"Ya, and that little brat wont shut up. It's like, day in and day out he's always crying. I couldn't stand the crying anymore and pleaded with my parents to let me leave on my journey." She said as she rolled her hand around a bit then pulled off her only occupied Pokeball. "Technically, I'm not even supposed to be on my trainers journey for at least another year or two." A wicked smile spread across her face. "Who knew that my whiny little brat of a brother would be my release when I found my Pokedex in his..."


Suzy's head stopped as she was looking over her right shoulder, then slowly turned and looked back at me as I had my hand over my left upper arm. She now had a nice red three fingered hand print fully on her left side of her face. Slowly her left hand raised up and cupped the cheek that had the red mark and looked at me with red eyes. I didn't say a word to her as I walked over to her bag and started rummaging through it.

"WHAT THE *** GENII! YOU JUST STRUCK ME FOR THE SECOND TIME!" She screeched as she quickly jumped to her feet and stomped her foot on the ground. "WHEN MY DADY HEARS ABOUT THIS...," Just then the baby Cubone let out a loud wail and started to bawl. "SHUT IT YOU WHINNEY LITTLE..." Suzy's head quickly turned the other direction and was now sporting a nice fist on the other side of her face.

'If you say one...more...word...,' Trina said as she was standing on the end of the bed and facing Suzy. 'You wont be getting off with just a Sucker Punch next time.'

Suzy raised up her other hand and cupped her other cheek. Her eyes become even more wild as they danced inside her skull.

" it is." I said as everybody within the room turned to me seeing me stand up from leaning over Suzy's bag.

"What the **** Genii. Get out of my bag!" She yelled which caused the baby to cry even louder from being so startled at the loud noise.

I slowly turned around, grabbed her by her head, then threw her back into the chair that she'd gotten up out of. The chair tilted back dangerously as it teetered on the back legs, then finally came back forward and settled on all fours again. Suzy looked up at me with her face red with anger, until she saw what I was holding in my right hand.

"What are you doing with my Pokedex?" She asked rhetorically as she held out her hand palm up. "Give it back to me, NOW!"

"Not a chance Suzy." I said in a stern tone. "You don't even deserve this Pokedex, and I feel it's my, my sworn duty...ya, that's right. My, no...any rational persons sworn duty to pass judgment on you." I opened up the Pokedex and keyed into the registry page of the Pokedex and showed it to her. "I, Genii hereby pass judgment on you, Suzy to be unfit and unsound to be a Pokemon Trainer. Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?"

"What the...judgment? What is this, my trial? Don't I even get a say in this?" She said as she looked around the room for someone to defend her.

'NO!' Came both Lady Suicune's and Trisha's voices.

"I ask again. Suzy Marie Clair, do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out?" I said as I grabbed both sides of the Pokedex as if it were a book that I holding up for someone else to read with the open end facing her.

"You can't pass judgment upon me. Your nothing, nothing but a Pokemon." She yelled as she jumped to her feet only to be pushed back down into the chair by my psychic force.

"So you finally decide to show your true colors. I may be a Pokemon in body, but I'm still human in mind. Therefore, I pronounce sentence upon you Suzy Marie Clair. May Mew have mercy on your soul." With that I bent the Pokedex the wrong way and the thing snapped into two. Time seemed to slow as I let the two pieces go and watched them fall, once they hit the floor they only bounced once, then lay silently there on the floor.

Just then time seemed to speed up and the Pokeball that Suzy had dropped earlier started to wobble. A few seconds later the ball popped open and Rupert emerged with a confused bark. Everybody looked back at Rupert and then to his ball as the whole thing turned dark and then, black. Signifying that the trainer was no longer a trainer and the Pokemon was free.
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