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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 25

Ch. 25

'That's right officer Jenny. Suzy here has broken her probation and has been on the run from her folks for the last few weeks.'

"Those are some serious crimes." She said as she looked over at Suzy who was sulking on a bench with her hands covering her head and the handcuffs clinking every time her body shuddered/sobbed. "May I see the evidence of these crimes." She said in a non-questioning tone.

I held up the two pieces of her broken Pokedex, walked over to the nurse as she handed me a sheet of paper from a fax machine that said that it was from Suzy's parents, and handed both on over to the officer as she nodded to me.


"You can't do this to me Genii. I have rights too you know, and I know that you can't keep me locked up in this bathroom forever." She said as she pounded on the door for the umpteenth time.

"Oh shut up Suzy. I'm trying to make a phone call here." I yelled back at her over my shoulder as I held up the phone to my ear and tried to remember the number of her folks place.

"Wait a minute...who are you calling?" She asked as she stopped banging to hear my reply.

"I'm ordering some food...who do you think I'm calling. I'm calling your folks of course. Then after I get the evidence that you shouldn't be even out here on a Pokemon Journey, I'm going to call the local officer Jenny and have her come over here and arrest you." The banging redoubled in effort as she desperately tried to brake out of the bathroom.


Officer Jenny stopped reading the note and looked up at me with wide eyes. "Is this true? Are you the Ralts that this girl attacked in the first place?" She asked in a disbelieving tone.

'That's right Officer Jenny. Though I may have evolved twice since then, I still can recall the things that she did to me as a Ralts.' I said in my mental/psychic voice as I rubbed the back of my head. Lady Suicune rubbed her head against my thigh as I looked down at her and smiled. She now had her mane pulled back into a braided ponytail that had shards of the Dawn stone within it that gave it a nice shiny glow when the sun hit the shards just right.

"I'm surprised that you even allowed her to get anywhere near you after what I've just read about her." Officer Jenny said as she looked down at the paper again and then back to Suzy. "She seems to be quite the trouble maker."

'You have no idea.' Both Trisha and Lady Suicune said in unison as they stood on either side of me. 'It took both Trisha and I a good half an hour to calm down our little bundle after all the yelling had finally stopped.' Lady Suicune said as looked over her shoulder at the baby who was so exhausted over the ordeal that she'd just passed right out.

"What did they say?" Officer Jenny asked as she looked down at the two Pokemon laying down on either side of my legs.

'In simple terms...,' I snickered, coughed, then looked at the officer with a strait face. 'They aren't happy with Suzy being here either.'

Officer Jenny snickered a bit with a bit of a bright smile, then looked down a the two. "Very well then. You don't have to worry about her for that much longer. I'm going to take her down to the station where she will be processed, then she can wait there for her parents to arrive." She said as she nodded to them, walked over to Suzy, grabbed her under her right arm, then lifted her to her feet.

'What's going to happen to her?' I asked, but really didn't matter if I got an answer.

"Huh? Oh, she'll probably just be stripped of her license again, but this time...permanently." She pulled out a small notebook out of her breast pocket and flipped open the front page. "It says here that she had a Absol and a Poochyena with her." She looked over to Trisha. "I take it that that is the Absol, but where's the Poochyena?"

I leaned down so that I was kneeling on my right knee and rubbed Trisha on her head, just where her neck met the back of her head. 'Trisha thought that it would be wrong to let the little guy go, so I caught it and sent it back to Suzy's parents.' I then gave Trisha a quick hug then smiled up to Suzy. 'She might not be a trainer any more to that Poochyena, but that doesn't mean that she can't be an owner.'

"You mean...," Suzy stuttered a little as she looked at me with teary eyes.

'I might be strict when it comes to honor, but that doesn't mean that I'm an ass about it. I saw how much you cared about Rupert when he finally was able to break that stick.' I stood back up and walked over to her. 'So make sure that you take care of him, you don't know how much he cares about you too.'

With that, Suzy was led away by the Officer Jenny and out of our hair/fur. With all that settled, we headed up to our room, which I opened for the girls to enter first, then I fell into a chair and hung over it like a piece of wet clothing after shutting the door after me. "I can't believe that she's finally out of our hair." I said in my normal voice as we were now alone in our room.

'Who would have thought that my ex-trainer was such a...what's the term?' She said as she looked up at the ceiling in thought with her blue muzzle slightly scrunched up.

'I would say that we leave the harsher terms for what she is out of the equation. Do not want junior here picking up on cursing.' Lady Suicune said as she jumped up to the bed, only to be followed by Trisha a second later, then a giggle as the baby slid down her side like a slide as it landed softly against the bed.

I watched as the two started to smother the baby with little nuzzles from their muzzles and heard the sound of soft baby giggles. I was glad that those two found the little one so endearing and it almost sparked a small flame within me as well. 'Would I one day meet someone special and have a child with them?' I thought as I crossed my arms, slightly leaned back into the chair, and crossed my ankles.

I slowly closed my eyes and images of a female Gardevoir started to dance in my minds eye as the two of us danced around happily. There was nothing but darkness around the two of us as we danced to an un-heard tone, though that did little to deter us from dancing in step with one another. With twists and turns we danced and I never felt such elation, as I could feel her warmth from her body and the soft touch of her ever so long dress. Eventually the two of us started to slow our dance into a rhythm that was much slower, and then the two of us stopped dancing all together and we looked deep into each others eyes and slowly leaned towards each other in a ki...

'Sorry to wake you Genii, but we are starting to get hungry and wish to get something to eat.' Someone said as I was quickly awoken back into the real world with a slight nudge of a horn. I looked down and could see that it was Trisha as she must have used her blue horn to nudge me in the leg to rouse me.

"Sorry about that. I must have drifted off there for a bit." I said as I reached up and rubbed my eyes. After a brief stretch I got up and nodded to the two of them. "Should I just go down and bring something up or would the two...sorry, three of you? Or would you like to come down with me?"

Both Trisha and Lady Suicune looked at each other for a bit then laughed. 'That is alright Genii. Why not just bring something back for the four of us then we can all eat together.' To which Trisha nodded too.

"Alright then. Food for the four of us." I said as I placed an arm over my stomach and bowed to Lady Suicune. "I shall return shortly then." And with that, I left the room and headed down to the café. Along my way down there, I couldn't stop thinking about that dream that I had. 'Where had that come from? I've never even seen a Gardevoir before and here I am dreaming about one.'

Before I knew it I was down in the café and standing before a vending machine, looking at the selection. Standing there for a moment I thought about what to buy then pulled out my trainers debit card and pushed it into the reader. A small light came on in a screen depicting my account balance then I looked back up at the selection. 'I've got quite a bit of currency from winning those battles at the gym, so I can probably afford to buy something decent for everybody.

After a few more minutes I placed all the things I'd bought into the bag and started walking up the stairs to the trainers rooms. 'Now that that is done, I need to start thinking of what we're going to do from here on out.' I thought as my mind started to race across the different careers. 'I've already done that of the Trainers Career and seen how dangerous it can be if you even take the slightest misstep and I don't really feel like that's the career for us. There is the breeder, but Lady Suicune is almost deathly serious that I don't even go there. So that leaves a Ranger, Scientist, and a Coordinator left, but how does one become a Ranger or a Scientist? Plus, to be either, I'd probably have to reveal my true identity/nature as to what I really am.'

So as I walked into the room, I spread out our dinners each, and sat down at a desk to write down my daily activities to my step father in a letter. I explained all that I'd done in the last day or so, about the gym and Suzy, then sealed the envelope and pushed it into the mail slot to be delivered later that next day by Pidgeot mail. Then the three of us curled up in the bed and fell asleep.

'I still don't know what we're going to do from here.' I said to Lady Suicune and Trisha as we exited out the Pokemon center and into the morning air, which felt very refreshing. 'We only have about three more honest choices. A Ranger, Scientist, and a Coordinator. What do you two think we should do?' I asked as we walked over to a bench not far away and sat down on it. Lady Suicune jumped up to sit down next to me while she lay her head down on my lap and Trisha sat down on her haunches in front of me with her head lowered.

'I do not understand. Have you given up trying to be a trainer Genii?' Trisha said as she looked up at me with her head cocked to the side.

'Sort of.' I said with a pause as I gathered my thoughts. 'After battling that Onix and Geodude back at the gym, I realized how dangerous battling can be. You make even the slightest of mistakes and it ends up with you being smacked down in the most painful or humiliating way possible. Plus, we now have a little one to look after, and that can't be done if the three of us are knocked out from a battle.'

Lady Suicune gave me a slight nudge with her horn and happily murmured something under her breath. 'I'm sorry my Lady, what did you say?'

'I said that, 'Why not choose a career that does not involve battling at all.' She said as she looked up at me without getting up. 'There are two careers that do not involve battling at all, so that should make the choice a lot simpler.' To which Trisha nodded.

'She has a point.' Trisha said. 'So your choice is either going to be a that of a Scientist or a Ranger. Though, I would suggest being a Ranger as they will really like having a psychic to help translate what we say to humans who can not understand us.'

I have her a nod as well as Lady Suicune. 'Though, there is one problem with that.' I said as I let the words sink in. 'How does one become a Ranger in the first place?' We were interrupted in our little speech as a loud explosion was heard, quickly followed by a small tremor in the earth. The three of us quickly turned towards the sound of the explosion and we all quickly got to our feet. 'What the heck was that?' I thought to myself but didn't have to wait long until several people started running from where the explosion had originated from.

'No time like the present to find out.' Trisha said as she looked over her shoulder at us. 'Well come on then. I know that your curious about what caused that explosion.' Both Lady Suicune and I looked at each other and nodded to each other. With that settled the three of us quickly headed off towards the sounds of battle.

It didn't take us long to meet resistance to get to our destination, as people began to flee from the area heading the opposite direction that we wanted to go. 'This is ridiculous!' I shouted out mentally as I tried desperately to keep our little group together through the crowd rushing the opposite direction. 'We are not getting anywhere in this crowd. Hold on everybody.' I said mentally to them as I used my psychic powers to levitate us up out the crowd, hover there for a moment, bring us all together, then teleport us to the direction of the explosion/tremor.
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