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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 30

Ch. 30

"Damn those Rangers. Keeping me all cooped up in that Pokemon center." The young man said as a curse left his mouth as well as a middle finger jutted up in the direction of the Pokemon center that he'd just recently snuck out of. "If I didn't know any better I'd think they were just doing it to keep us all there." He then turned his head to the sky as his eyebrows furrowed. "Maybe they'd caught onto the idea that someone within the center could be responsible for this?" He then took out a single regular Pokeball from within a pocket in his vest and smirked to himself. "Na, they're to busy putting out those fires to worry about what I've caught." He then tossed the Pokeball into the air, caught it at it's apex, gave it a quick kiss to the activator button which made it shrink down to it's carrying size, then clipped it to his belt with a happy/hysterical laugh.

With that done, he turned back to the trail that he was walking down and continued down towards the next town with a bit of happiness to his step. As he walked down the path he would periodically look to the side of it where the bushes reached up high enough that there would be a Pokemon hiding out within that he'd be able to try out his new legendary catch with a battle. Walking along the road, he'd only be able to battle trainers that would come along and he didn't want to show off his Pokemon without trying it out first. Stopping in his tracks he scanned the overly large grass that reached almost up to his waist and looked about.

The grass was good at hiding Pokemon that could jump out at you, but a seasoned trainer could also use that against them as the tips of the grass would sway/twitch ever so slightly, giving away the Pokemon's position as well. He scanned the grass for a while and only saw a few stalks twitch, which meant that the Pokemon within was only a small rat or bird, then he saw a larger number of stalks move. 'Perfect.'

Ever so slowly he began to stalk the larger Pokemon through the grass. After a few minutes of following the elusive thing, he grew irritated that it hadn't stopped to turn and battle him, he rushed it, Pokeball in hand. Just as he was about to spring on top of the thing and pin it under his shoe, the grass suddenly stopped and opened up to that of a large open grassy field. The grass around the area looked to like one of these crop circles, as each of the blades of grass was flattened, but not broken, and had a somewhat circular rotation to the surrounding area. The area was quite large and looked large enough to easily be used for a battle area.

The boy paused for a bit, confusion on his face as he looked around, stunned, at the unusual phenomenon/area. After his eyes scanned the whole area did he remember the reason why he was there and began to search around for he Pokemon that he'd hope would be used to test out his new Pokemon. It was then that a strange light slowly grew in the middle of the circle and before he could really get a good look at it, the thing flashed so brightly that he had to avert his eyes for fear of going blind at such an intense light. Once the light faded, he slowly lowered his arm that he'd used to shield his face from the light and looked at where the light had just been.

Right in the middle of the circle was what appeared to be a small burn area slightly smaller that that of a parasol. Though that wasn't what really caught his eye, inside the burn area was a Gallade that looked to be knelt down upon one knee with it's head lowered in submission, while it's left arm was dangling down at it's side, it's right was resting upon the upturned knee. An evil smirk appeared on his face as the gears in his noodle started to turn. 'I always thought that Gallade's were the coolest Pokemon. Those blade like elbows of theirs that could extend to double or triple the length of their forearm, that green slicked back hair with that upturned lighter green Mohawk on the back of their heads, and if trained right to be the most ruthless battling tools that could be used to battle.'

'Is that all we are to you? Just tools to be used to battle others?' A voice spoke that seemed to come from everywhere, then nowhere all at once.

This confused him a bit a first until he remembered that not only were Gallade's fighting types, but psychic types as well. "You can read my thoughts...good. Then you know what's about to happen." He said as he pulled off another Pokeball, except this one was a quick ball that he quickly threw at the Gallade, intent to capture the thing with that special Pokeball.

The ball flew through the air with the greatest of speed, but stopped as if at the end of it's cord, then hovered there in mid air. The Gallade got to it's feet, turned towards the ball, and slowly opened up it's eyes to look at the ball that hovered right about chest height to it's own height. It's eyes were slightly aglow with some kind of strange color but he knew that it was using it's psychic powers to stop the ball in mid air. The Gallade reached out, took a-hold of the unusually colorful Pokeball, and raised it up to eye level. 'A Quick Ball.' It stated simply as it turned the ball over a few times. 'That wont work on me.' It stated simply as it tossed the ball up into the air, got into a fighters stance as it pulled back it's right arm, then in the next second did a full 360.

At first he didn't think that anything had happened, but as the ball hit the ground it's upper and bottom half broke apart, then upon the rebound it shattered into many more nicely cut pieces, as if cut by a blade several times over. "How in the world?" He asked rhetorically as he looked dumbfounded down at the remains of the ball glistening in the sunlight as if like that of polished metal or glass.

'I am only going to say this once.' Said the Gallade as it slowly began to advance upon the boy. 'Return what you have taken.' When it finished it's sentence it pulled both arms forward, holding one above the other, then it's blades quickly shot out to their full length with a audible metal upon metal sound.

"You don't scare me Gallade. You Pokemon know that you can't attack humans." He said as he took off another Pokeball and threw it. "And you will be mine. Come on out Darkie!" He said in a commanding/excited tone as the ball was thrown half way out between him and the Gallade, it hovered there in mid air for a moment, the two halves popped open, and released the white light that materialized into an Umbreon.

'A dark type against a psychic type. You have done your homework human. I'm technically at a disadvantage.' The Gallade said in a bit of a mocking tone, which obviously made the young man think that the Gallade wasn't impressed with the choice.

"Your damn right your at a disadvantage Gallade. I've had that Pokemon there for several years and it knows just how to take advantage over an opponent that's got a type disadvantage against it." He said in a superior tone then threw his left hand forward and pointed towards the Gallade. "Umbreon, use Faint Attack."

The Umbreon did exactly as it's master said and quickly disappeared in a blink of an eye. The next second the Umbreon collided with the Gallade's mid section which sent it flying backwards, but just as the Gallade was to collide with a vanished. Both trainer and Umbreon were left in total confusion as they both tried to figure out where that Gallade had gone. They didn't have to wait long as just as the Umbreon was turning back towards it's master to await another order did it get blindsided by a Fury Cutter attack to it's side, then the rest delivered all over it's body. The attack didn't last long but the boy was so surprised the by Gallade's re-appearance that it was able to deliver five hits, each more effective/painful than the last as they grew in strength with each hit. With the final hit the Umbreon was sent flying back to it's master and lay there at his feet.

The boy looked down at the Pokemon and watch impatiently as it was very slow to get back to it's shaky legs. Anger began to flare up in him as his prized weapon against psychic types was beaten down do badly/quickly/easily. "Get up you lazy/good for nothing..." He then delivered a kick to it's underside that made it fly back towards the Gallade, skidding on it's side the whole way across the ground. "I will capture that Gallade and so help me...if you don't finish this fight, it'll be the worse for you!" With those few words, the Umbreon's eyes went wide and it began to desperately struggle to regain it's footing.

After a while it finally was able to get back to it's shaky feet to face towards the Gallade again. "Now get in there and use Confuse Ray!" The Umbreon leveled it's head with the Gallade's as it's eyes began to glow. Though, just as the Umbreon launched the white beam from it's eyes to confuse the Gallade did it disappear again, making the shot only hit that of a tree outside the grass ring. "Damn it, not again. If you get hit again Umbreon, your really going to get it later." The Umbreon started looking around with wide/frantic eyes desperately looking about for it's opponent, but just like before, it got blind sided by it and received another set of Fury Attacks from the Gallade.

The Umbreon fell after the fifth hit and didn't get up again. It's side was covered now in many cuts and was whimpering/wreathing on the ground in pain from those hits. Clearly, it no longer had the will or strength to continue the fight and he knew it. Walking over to the downed/defeated Pokemon he gave it a hard look but did nothing, to which surprised the Gallade when he looked up at it for a brief moment before looking back down at it. "I'll deal with you later. I've got to deal with this Gallade!" He said the last bit as he pulled out it's ball and recalled it to it.

Once the Pokemon was tucked away and clipped onto his belt did the he pull out another ball and enlarged it. "Though this one might not be as effective as dealing with a psychic type, it should still get the job done." Tossing out the ball he released a Weavile. The Pokemon was the spitting image of it's kind, a large red feathered headdress that matched the same color of it's ears/tail/and those around it's neck, three claws on either hand that seemed to have gloves that covered up to it's wrists, and finally a single golden gem that sparkled in the sunlight in the middle of it's forehead.

'Another dark type Pokemon. How predictable.' The Gallade said mentally as it took a long steadying breath to calm itself for another battle. Once it looked like it'd calmed down enough did he see it take on it's fighting stance again and made a come hither notion with it's outstretched hand.

"Now your going to get it. Weavile, get in there and pummel that Gallade. I will have it as one of my Pokemon!" The boy shouted. The Weavile didn't even so much as budge for a moment, then with a flash, the Gallade and the Weavile disappeared. The boy was astounded that the two Pokemon had just done so, but was even more amazed at the brief flashes of light that popped up every now and then, it was as if something were colliding with something else at great speeds. Flash after flash the battle raged on and in that battle did a large cloud of dust begin to form around the area. A few moments later, the two emerged/appeared on either side of the dust cloud. Both looked to have sustained quite a number of injuries from the other, and both were breathing quite heavily too.

'I have to admit that you trained this one much better than your last Pokemon that you sent up against me. Though you still wont be able to capture me.' The Gallade said in a mocking like tone that infuriated him all the more.

The boy could see that the Gallade was on it's last legs and couldn't really put up much more of a fight, but the same could be said of his Weavile. Both looked to have the same amount of health left and both looked about ready to drop. 'Even if Weavile fails in defeating that Gallade, I've still got a few other Pokemon that I can bring to the fight and trounce that thing.' He reached behind himself and pulled out a Pokeball and held it forward in it's shrunken state. "I take it that your after this thing?" He said rhetorically. "Well, if your able to defeat my Weavile then I'll be all out of Pokemon and helpless and powerless to stop you from taking it."

The Gallade seemed to take heart in this as it's breathing steadied and it's stance grew more rigid. '' It said in a shaky tone as if the effort was almost pushing it to it's limits. Though instead of actually moving, he slowly raised up his head and he could see that the Gallade's eyes begin to glow an eery color.

Fear began to race through him as he didn't know what the Gallade was about to do, but he quickly found out as he looked over to his Weavile to see that the same eery glow that was in the Gallade's eyes had now encompassed his Weavile. Before he could call out to it, the Weavile was lifted off it's feet to hover a few feet above the ground. "What are you..." He didn't get a chance to finish what he was about to say as the Weavile seemed to have been hit by and invisible force and thrown backwards and collide with his stomach. The end result was the two of us were thrown off our feet and land a few feet away. Once his senses had returned to him and aware of things around the area me did he see the Gallade slowly making it's way on over.

"Get off of me you worthless piece..." He then quickly flung the unconscious Pokemon off from on top of his chest and then looked over to the approaching Pokemon. Quickly reaching down to his belt he decided to go for his trump Pokemon, but was stopped when he couldn't move his arm.

'I thought that you'd try something like this.' The Gallade said as it moved on over with it's eyes aglow in that strange color. 'But I'm tired of playing these games and I've got plans for that Pokemon that you stole.' Just then there came a tug at his belt and watched as it undid itself and float up to land in the things outstretched hand. Taking it's time the thing finally selected one of the balls and removed it from it's clip. Holding my belt in it's left hand while the ball in the right, it looked between the two a few times until it removed another ball from the belt and then dropped the belt back onto his stomach. 'I'll also be taking your Umbreon with me as well,' It said as it turned around and then began to walk off. 'And if you want it back, you'll have to go back to that previous Pokemon center.'

"Wait a minute. You can't steal my..."

'Oh, shut it. I'm just taking it to the nearest Pokemon center to get it's wounds taken care of.' It said as it looked over it's shoulder and glared down at me, it's eyes no longer aglow. 'As far as your Weavile goes, it's wounds are not as severe as this one's is.' With that said, the Gallade vanished in an burst of air, like that of a small explosion from a balloon that was under to much pressure.

"Like the hell I'm going back there. Those Rangers would arrest me if they knew what I've done." With that said I decided to cut my losses and re-attached my belt around me and then headed off down the road. "Besides which, I was thinking of getting rid of that pathetic Pokemon anyways. The only loss that I'm taking is that legendary."
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