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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 29

Ch. 29

Hurriedly asking around, both Lady Suicune and I tried to figure out what child this "Mew" had actually lost. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking it to be our little own bundle, the Cubone. Upon further asking, though, it proved unlikely, as their wasn't a male Cubone within the forest. As a matter of fact, none of the Pokémon in the area knew what her baby was, or had even known that there was a Mew in the forest at all. After talking with the last of the Pokémon in the area, I finally slumped down against a tree, shortly followed by Lady Suicune, who lay down next to me.

"If we could just find out what her baby is, that would be a start at least." I complained as I hit the ground with my bunched up fist.

'It does little good to get angry about something that we can not change Genii. We need to focus on what we need to do from here.' She said, as I reached over to scratch at her neck a bit.

"The simplest thing would be to go up to her and ask..." I shivered at the thought. "But I for one do not want to go up to her in the kind of mood she's in right now. She'd probably toss me from here all the way to another region for bringing up such a painful thought."

'Nor would anybody else...oh, that's it...just a little lower and to the right.' She said as she directed my hand to scratch at a certain spot. 'Though I would have to agree with you on the problem of asking Mew about her child. Nobody would even dare to be within several miles of her in the state that she is in right now.'

Slumping my head, I brought up both my hands to my face and rubbed my palms into my eyes. "If I could only figure out one simple thing..." For some reason the image of the young man back at the center kept on popping up in my head. Why was my head filled with... It was at that moment that I remembered what my mind had picked up just before we left the center. He'd recently caught a Pokémon, and he was also thinking about how young it was. Could he, wanting to get out of the area so badly, and the missing child of Mew be connected?

I didn't want to believe that the answer could be that simple, but I thought, "What can it hurt?" So, sending out my thoughts, I quickly traced them back to the Pokémon center and to the young man's mind. It didn't take me long to peal back the layers of his memories, and when I did... "Holly...SHIT!" I quickly leapt to my feet, and quickly turned to face back towards the center.

'What is it Genii? Have you thought of something?' Lady Suicune asked as she got to her feet. She turned to look the way that I was facing, then looked back up at me with a confused look on her face.

"I can't believe that I didn't think of this sooner." I started pounding my head, then turned to pound it a few more times on the tree. "I really am stupid."

Lady Suicune quickly hit me with her horn, sending me onto my backside. 'Now, would you stop that and tell me what is going on through that thick head of yours?'

After a few long, drawn out sighs, I finally nodded to her. I rested my back against the tree again, and looked up at the sky. "Ever since we've left the Pokémon center, my mind's been reluctant to let go of what I'd last seen." I looked down at her. "I remember seeing a young man complaining about being stuck at that Pokémon center. Though that in itself wasn't what caught my attention, it was what was on his mind that drew me to him."

Lady Suicune gave me a confused look, then switched to one of disgust. 'You are not telling me that you are interested in...males, are you?'

My eyes went wide, and I started to choke. "What the...of course not! What I'm saying is that he had something interesting on his mind. I was about to probe further but was distracted by you running off." I looked back towards the sky and sighed again. "He was thinking about his new Pokémon. His very new...very rare Pokémon that he'd just caught." I turned my head down and looked at her.

It didn't take long for her to piece it all together, and a moment later I saw her eyes open wide. 'You do not think that...'

"I used my psychic abilities just a little while ago and confirmed it."

She quickly leapt to her feet and started looking about. 'We must get back to the Pokémon center and confront this boy.'

I slowly got to my feet, but instead of immediately heading off towards the center, I turned back to the collection of Pokémon. "That we should, but what of these other Pokémon," I looked down to Lady Suicune, and she give me a confused look. "It won't be long before Mew decides that this place is due to be burned/cleansed next, and I don't want that to happen."

'Then what do you suggest we do then? Split up and go different directions?'

I nodded to her. "Exactly. I'll go after the trainer, since I know his mind now, and can find him fairly quickly. As for you my lady..." I knelt down to her and bowed my head. "I ask a leave of my service to you in a most difficult task." She just gave me a confused look and cocked her head to the side. "If anyone were to have a chance of trying to calm Mew, then it'd be you, my lady."

Her eyes went wide again. 'You want me to do what?'

I lifted my head to meet her gaze, but didn't get to my feet. "You are one of her most...precious children. One of her...favorites. She will be hard pressed to ignore a chance to talk with you and that will allow you the chance to try and convince her to postpone her attack on this area." I paused for a bit to allow her a chance to absorb what I'd just told her. "While the two of you talk, it should hopefully give me enough time to find the human (which seemed to a little strange for me to say), retrieve Mew's child from him, then teleport back here to reunite the two."

I couldn't really see her facial features from the reaction of hearing my slightly dangerous plan, but if the plan were to progress smoothly, then things would probably work out just fine. 'Alright then. I will have a talk with mother Mew, and see if I cannot convince her to postpone the burning further.' She then turned to me, gave me a fierce look, raised up her right paw, rested on my shoulder, gave me a shove onto my ass, and thrust her face mere inches away from my own. 'But do not thing for a second that I will forget this lapse in your duties, Genii.' She gave me a hard look for a while, but eventually she couldn't hold that face for much longer and cracked a smile as she gave me a kiss/lick to my cheek.

To say the least, I was quite surprised. I never thought that she would've ever shown that kind of...affection towards me, let alone a kiss/lick. I didn't get a chance to think over the...kiss...more before she nudged me with her horn. 'Now, get your backside moving. I do not know how long I can keep mother Mew from burning this place, so you will have to hurry.'

Giving her a quick nod, I got to my feet. I turned towards the Pokémon center, surrounded myself in my mental bubble, shot straight up till I was just above the treetops, then quickly activated my teleporting ability and took off. Though before I got too far, I could've sworn I heard... 'Hurry brave knight.'

It didn't take me that long before I reached the center, and quickly begin to slow my teleport so I wouldn't end up like a bug on the windshield of the entry doors to the center. I was glad that the doors were fairly good with their scans as they opened just as I stopped my teleport and I skidded to a halt in the center of the center. Everyone stopped what they were doing when they saw me skid into the center, and I saw that their eyes were wide with wonder. Not paying anyone any notice, I quickly started looking about for the young man that I'd sensed before.

"Welcome back Genii." A voice said. I quickly turned and saw that it was the Lead Ranger. "Any luck on finding out anything new?"

'Mew.' I said mentally to him as I continued to look about. Without seeing the young man I was looking, for I walked into the cafeteria quickly followed by Blake, until he stopped dead in his tracks.

" in the legendary Mew?"

'Is there any other?' I asked rhetorically.

"But, Mew? The supposed mother of all Pokémon? Why in the world would it..." He seemed to stop in mid-sentence, as if the answer to his question quickly popped into his head. "Mew is searching for the person who stole something from it. But that doesn't explain why..."

I turned and faced him. 'It's better if you just refer to her as a she.' I then turned back to look once more around the cafeteria, but gave a huff when I didn't see the young man. 'Damn, he's not here.' I turned around and faced Blake. 'When I left, there was a young man complaining about being stuck here.'

"That's just about everyone here. I'll need specifics, but why do you ask?"

'A young guy, about half a foot shorter than me, wears mostly black with a red belt...'

Just then, Blake's eyes went wide, and he quickly turned to look towards the doors. "Damn. I take my eyes off the front doors for a moment and one slips past me."

'He got out? He's outside the center?'

"One of my younger recruits saw someone matching your description sneaking out of the center. He disappeared into the woods towards the south. He just thought it was one of us Rangers going out as he didn't get a good look at the guys face...Hey! Where do you think your going?" He yelled as I quickly turned and headed towards the exit.

'Where do you think? I'm going after that boy. He's got something that Mew wants back so badly that she's toasting this whole forest to get it.' I said to him, but made sure to keep the more important details of it being her child to myself. He didn't need to know that, and I for sure wasn't going to give him that kind of information.

"Then wait for us. We'll..."

'There's no time.' I interrupted him. 'I just talked with a bunch of Pokémon in the woods, and they say their area is about to be burned next if something isn't done and fast.' Not wasting any more time, I sent out a psychic probe into the woods and scrunched up my nose. 'The little punk has some fast legs for someone so short. I'll have to broaden my range.' Sending out my sense a ways further, I eventually found the punk/thief. "Gotcha."

"You say something Genii?" Blake asked as he turned and looked towards me.

'Huh? Oh ya, I found him. He's pretty far off but nothing that a teleport can't close the gap on.'

"Good luck, then, and Arcius speed." He said, as I enshrouded myself in my psychic bubble and quickly headed off in hot pursuit of my pray.
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