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The scientists who lived the first test of Mew DNA - the creation of Mewtwo - use an adolescent Ponyta for Mew's DNA. She's released into the wild, and lives in torment, but the kind heart of one Raichu can change her for the better...

Warning: Contains slight depictions of suffering.

Original Finished Date - Sep 9 2004

Story Notes:

I wrote this even faster than AFU, done in under 4 days with 1 overnight binge. Why did I do this? It was for the birthday of a close friend, Strife, the Raichu in the fic. I wrote about his character and Andromeda, his real-life girlfriend's character. I touched them both, and I'm really glad I did. ^^ They decided not to keep the fic private and have let me show it.

  1. The Heart's Cure (5795 words)

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