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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 1

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
xXx This will identify where each paragraph breaks.
'Character Thought'
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Beta Reader: Catsithx


Chapter 1:

The rain was coming down hard on the forest. Even with a heavy canopy, the mass of rain still made it down to the forest floor in sheets. The three figures unfortunately caught in the rain ran as fast as they could through downpour towards a Pokemon Center they knew was in the area. The first, a human, was jumping over large fallen branches as he ran. Even with the goggles over his eyes, it was still a bit hard to see with all the water. His clothes were soaked beyond compare, his boots partially sinking into the muddy ground, but still his pack was thankfully waterproof. "I can't believe how fast this storm came in." He shouted to his partners, an Espeon who rather then jump over the branches, ran under them and a Ninetales who white fur had been turned slightly brown by the rain and mud. As if to answer, the little Espeon turned and nodded her head waiting for her human companion to catch up.

Even with the rain as heavy as it was, things still got worse. Now instead of just a heavy downpour of rain, lighting flashed through the sky as thunder shook the area. At last, the
Pokemon Center came into view in a small clearing. Now with a chance to look to the sky, the human knew that the storm was bad. Storm clouds seemed to extend out over the entire forest without showing any signs of letting up soon. Rushing to the center, all three of them immediately charged inside.

"We have seen some crazy weather, but that about tops the list." The human said looking himself over and shaking his head. Removing his blue tinted goggles, he knew that it was going to be a long night.

"Hello?" A voice called out from down one of the corridors. Turning towards the source of the voice, the human and his Pokemon companions were greeted by Nurse Joy.

"Oh, Thomas. I was expecting to see you a day or two ago." Nurse Joy stated smiling at the trainer before her. "I'm glad to see Radara is traveling with you. How old is she now?" The Espeon lifted up a paw, water dripping down from her fur. She gave a small wine obviously hoping that she could get someone to dry her off. "Alright, I'll get you a towel." Joy smiled as she looked at Thomas and the Ninetales. "I guess you all could use a few towels."

"Yes, we really could do with a few towels. That storm is rather nasty. As for how old she is, I don't know. She belonged to my father before he passed away." Thomas stated as another rather close clap of thunder shook the center.

"I'm sorry you never got to know him." Nurse Joy stated. "He died when you were very young didn't he?"

"That's right. I hear he was quite a good fellow." Thomas replied.

"At least you had the Falston's to raise you. They are a good family." Nurse joy smiled. "Well, I'll go get those towels now."

The Ninetales looked out at the storm and just passed a rather annoyed look Thomas as Nurse Joy walked off to get some towels. The Ninetales then gave Radara a small nod before looking back at Thomas. 'After all this time, shouldn't you know when it is going to rain by know.' Radara immediately transferred the thought to Thomas's mind.

"Don't go there Juno, traveling and staying out of the public eye are what I do best." Thomas stated as soon as he saw that Joy was out of earshot. "I never studied the weather."

"Alright, here are the towels. You can use the showers to clean up, I'll just need your Pokedex." Nurse smiled handing the towels to Thomas as he pulled out his Pokedex from one of the two waterproof pouches attached to his belt.

"Could you give my other Pokemon a quick check up as well please?" Thomas asked pulling three of the five pokeballs off his belt to go with the Pokedex.

"It's been a little over a year and you still haven't added any new Pokemon to your team?" Nurse Joy asked.

"You know that I do more traveling then battling for badges. Besides, Radara is often more then enough for anything I might come across." Thomas looked down to his small partner who nodded her head still wanting someone to dry her off.

"I'll take care of your Pokemon while you go get a shower and wash up. Then I'll look at Radara and Juno once you're done." Nurse Joy stated starting to walk into the back to take care of the Pokemon she was handed.


After a short twenty minutes, Thomas came out of the showers wearing a pair of black sweat pants and a blue T-shirt. He carried his bag and belt over his back as he walked out of the shower with a pair of clean and dry Pokemon following him. Now washed up, he took a quick look at himself in a nearby mirror. His long uneven black hair would need a haircut soon, but after spending a few weeks in a cave system, he has expected that much. He took a chance to look at the scar over his blue eyes that reached all the way across his forehead, a reminder to watch himself more carefully when in the caves. "Ah Thomas, I've already given you're Pokemon a room. I've let them out like I remember you've always done when you're here."

"Thanks. Which room did you put them in?" Thomas asked.

"Room 18, the same room I always give you." Nurse Joy replied. "Now give me a few and I'll let you know how well they're doing."

"Alright, I'll be waiting out here then." Thomas stated nodding his head at Juno and Radara.

"I'll be right back." Nurse Joy led the two Pokemon down one of the halls.

"This almost reminds of me that storm the day I started my journey. It was just as bad back then as it is now." Thomas took a seat by the doors to watch the storm as lighting danced across the sky before looking at a calendar to see what day it was. "You've got to be kidding me. My birthday is tomorrow?" Thomas brought his head down in thought trying to figure out how he had lost track of the date. "I really have to get that PokeNav of mine fixed."

After waiting for a few more minutes, Nurse Joy walked back in with Thomas's remaining by his side. "All of you Pokemon are doing just fine. I'm happy to report that I rarely see Pokemon who are so fit even after long times of travel between rests. Especially ones like Radara who almost never rest in a pokeball."

"Thanks." Thomas replied to Nurse Joy. "Come on you two. I don't know about the two of you, but I would like to get some sleep." Already knowing what room he would be staying in, Thomas started off for his room.

Opening the door to the room, Thomas wasn't surprised to see this three other Pokemon already resting on the pair of bunk beds in the room. The group of them had been out just before the storm hiking along after a day of hard training. On the left side bunk, Thomas found his Zangoose, Razor curled up around his Floatzel, Aqua on the top. He smiled knowing that the two of them made a good couple, but he still felt a small hint of sadness knowing that there wouldn't be someone for him to share his life because of what he really was. Looking down at the bunk below them, he found his Shiny Lucario, Rebecca lying back on the bottom bunk. Judging from the way she was laying on her side, it looked like she was hoping someone might join her. Walking over to the empty bunk bed, Thomas placed one hand on the railing of the top bunk and then jumped up onto the bed into lying position. Juno got on the bottom bunk of the right hand bed and curled up using her tails to cover her face. Finally Radara was on the bottom bunk taking up a small amount of space for herself and Juno used a few of her tails to cover up for the night.


By morning, the majority of the storm had passed. As Thomas woke up, he felt that he had a guest sleeping with him. Looking down, he was partially surprised to see Rebecca there with him. Given just how strong the storm was, he understood why she had joined him. He had found her the night her parents had been killed. It was almost eight years to the day that he had found her. Not even a week after he had left the Falston Manor, he got caught in a major storm.

Thomas had just left the Falston Manor located just north of Rustboro City. With his family working for the Devon Corporation, they were never at a loss for money. Between the fact that both Mr. and Mrs. Falston were working as scientists for the company, Thomas could have lived a simple life, but it wasn't for him. No, Thomas just had to travel. Packed with just his biological father's two Pokemon his father had before he had died and his own basic traveling gear, Thomas left with Radara and Juno. He had decided to head south first and make his way to Petalburg City

Thomas just passed through Petalburg woods the day before when a massive storm showed up on Route 104. Caught along the coast just a day from his targeted location, he was forced to cover under a large maple tree along the roadside. While there were other trees nearby, none of them offered him much protection. With nowhere else to seek cover from the storm, he shared his tree with a number of other wild Pokemon. Many flying types occupied the branches above him as he waited out the storm while a few grass types gather on the far side of the tree.

As the storm grew worse, a family of Lucario and a young Riolu hurried their way to the same very tree he had been under looking for cover. Sticking along the tree line offering a little bit of cover, an unfortunate stray bolt of lighting stuck the tree that they had been passing under. Both of the Lucario were buried underneath the fallen branches. Without thinking, Thomas ran over and unburied the group. While the Riolu looked fine, scared but fine, her parents weren't so lucky. Her father was killed on impact of the massive branch colliding with his skull. As for the Riolu's mother, she had suffered a serious blow to her stomach and arms. With little else to do, Thomas grabbed out one of his spare pokeballs and used it on the mother. Seeing just how scared the little Riolu was, Thomas grabbed her and hurried back over to the tree rather then try to capture her.

Once the storm had passed Thomas carried the little Riolu and her mother he had captured over to the Petalburg Pokemon Center. He was too late to save the mother Lucario however which left him with an orphaned Riolu. Luckily, the little Riolu quickly attached herself to Thomas and even eight years later, she had continued to grow close to him. Now Rebecca and Thomas were very close.

Looking towards the window in the room after making sure no one was looking; his eyes began to glow as the window shade raised itself. Rain still hit the window, but the storm had died down to nothing more then a shower. He looked at the weather with a slight hint of sadness; he was hoping to be back at the manor by the end of the day. However, with this rain and the storm last night, it would cost him a day by forcing him to avoid low-lying path he had wanted to take. While his chosen path was rather fast, it quickly collected all the runoff from the storms that gathered in the area because it was so low in the ground.

"What a way to spend the day." Thomas sighed unintentionally waking Rebecca while attempting to move out form under her.

Rebecca yawned looking around and seeing Thomas there she smiled welcoming the morning. She moved enough so that Thomas could get down while she stretched her arms out giving another yawn. Getting down off the bunk, Thomas took a quick look around at his other Pokemon. Razor and Aqua were still curled up with each other. From the way the Floatzel was resting, Thomas had a clear view of her stomach and the scar that she got just before joining Thomas's team with Razor.

It was roughly three years ago that Thomas had been wandering off the coast near Lilycove City when he came across an injured Zangoose lying over a nearly dead Buziel, a large gash on its stomach. Just like he had done with Rebecca and her parents long ago, he rushed over pulling out two of his spare Pokeballs. Even though the Zangoose put a fight, it was still too week to fight off the Pokeball that Thomas had used. He quickly rushed to the Pokemon Center. Thankfully he had made it fast enough to center this time to save them both.

It was shortly after arriving at the Lilycove Pokemon center that Thomas met the previous trainer of both Pokemon. He would have left it alone, but when he started hearing about how the trainer was mocking and insulting the Pokemon before proudly claiming to have just of left them to fend for themselves after a double-battle, Thomas lost it. He walked right up to the trainer and told him just how badly injured they were to which the trainer pointed out that was why he got rid of them when he did. Before anyone in the lobby of the Pokemon Center could react, Thomas had already drawn back his fist. When he brought his fist back down, there was a mass of sparks erupted from the point of impact. The trainer was sent flying back from his seat and those around him all looked up in shock seeing a still sparking fist that Thomas was holding in his free hand.

He smiled looking down at the two Pokemon sleeping with each other and gently shook them. He gave a low whistle to wake up Juno and Radara as well. Thomas opened the door to his room as the rest of his Pokemon began to move. He led Razor, Aqua, and Rebecca to the showers before anyone else got up letting them clean themselves. Since all three of them had hand like paws that meant that they could easily wash themselves leaving Thomas to go prepare breakfast.

Just as Thomas was walking out of the trainer's kitchen, he saw his three Pokemon running over to greet him for the hallway that led to the showers. He smiled as they joined him heading for a table that Radara and Juno had picked out. Like always it was a light breakfast. An assorted batch of berries for his Pokemon to go with the cups and bowls of juice he had picked out. For himself, he had prepared himself a few strips of bacon to go with the berries he had gotten for himself. "Alright guys, I guess we'll be spending the day here. We could all use a break." Thomas announced while they ate.

As they finished, a number of the other trainers started to gather around as they got their own breakfast. Radara had chosen to spend her free time relaxing. Out of all of Thomas's Pokemon, Radara was the only one who has only seen a pokeball in the direst of circumstances. Otherwise, she would do all the same traveling as Thomas did meaning that she would make the most of her down time. As for Thomas and Juno, they decided to head to one of the smaller lobbies just to rest for a while. While Thomas was reading a book he had bought a short time ago, Juno would most likely spend the time sleeping. While Juno may have been a bit lazy with her down time, when it came time to move out or a battle had risen, she was always ready to take on the challenge.

Razor and Aqua were looking for a place to relax themselves. The two of them decided to head to a small pond the center was built next too. A large fence kept the wild Pokemon out of lake and informed other trainers that the Pokemon there already had trainers. It also had a large pavilion cover to keep out flying Pokemon. In the end, this left Rebecca to try and figure out how to spend her free time.

Looking around for something to do, Rebecca found herself outside by the pond. 'Is something wrong?' Radara asked. Rebecca turned to see Radara resting on a large flat rock beside the center.

'I can't take my mind off Thomas. I've been watching him closely for the last few days and while his smile says he's happy, his aura says he's sad. This morning, he seemed really sad and even a little stressed out. While he can hide it physically, I can still see it in his aura.' Rebecca replied.

'Thomas is fine.' Radara explained. 'He was just hoping to be back home by tonight.'

'What for?' Rebecca asked.

'An old friend was supposed to meet him as the manor tonight.' Radara informed Rebecca. 'I just found we spent an extra two days down in that cave system. With his PokeNav broken, we all lost track of just how many days we spent down there.'

'Wait, isn't today the twelfth?' Rebecca asked.

'No, it's the fourteenth.' Radara replied.

Rebecca's eyes shot open upon the sudden realization of what today really was. 'Then that means today is his...' Radara just nodded her head. 'That's why he told us to take a break. It will take us at least two days to get back to the manor because of all the rain.'

'Unfortunately traveling as much as we do, we don't always have a chance to celebrate for every occasion.' Radara explained.

'I have no idea what to get him for his birthday this year. I almost forgot about it.' Rebecca admitted. 'But what can I do for him out here?'

'I can't really help you with that.' Radara stated.

(What's going on?) Aqua asked as she swam up with Razor by his side.

'I can't figure out what to give Thomas for his birthday.' Rebecca replied.

(That's right his birthday is coming up soon.) Razor stated climbing out of the water. (It's tomorrow isn't it?)

'No, its today.' Rebecca corrected thinking hard about what to give him.

(I thought it was still the thirteenth.) Aqua tilted her head some slightly confused.

'We all lost track of time down in those caves. With Thomas's PokeNav broken and no sun to tell us just how many days had passed, we all had to guess.' Radara informed them.

(That makes sense.) Razor added. (But personally, I'd rather be above ground then below it any day.)

(Hey Rebecca, why don't you just make him a meal. You always were a good cook.) Aqua stated trying to help Rebecca.

'I can't do that here. They won't let Pokemon use the kitchen unattended by their trainers.' Rebecca countered. 'It wouldn't be a surprise then.'

(That is true.) Razor added.

Looking through one of the windows, Rebecca saw Thomas taking a look at the group. Despite his friendly smile, she could clearly see that he wasn't happy, but also fairly stressed over something. 'He tries to hide it, but he's really starting to stress out. I can't think of any reason for it though.' Rebecca told the group. 'It's not like we have to be somewhere and he doesn't fight for badges often enough to try for the Pokemon league.'

'He just has a lot on his mind right now.' Radara informed Rebecca. 'You shouldn't worry about him so much. He can take good care of himself.'

'I can't help it. I don't like seeing him stressed out like this. It makes him sad and we all know that he tries his best to keep his problems to himself. Why can't he just let me help him out with whatever is bothering him?' Rebecca asked her head dropping down a bit because she couldn't figure out how to help him. She really wanted to help cheer him up, but she didn't have anything she could give him as a gift and what things she could make like a cake would require him to keep an eye over her while she made them at the Pokemon center. 'Oh why can't he tell me what's wrong.'

Radara looked at Thomas through the window and her eyes flashed blue showing that she was using her psychic abilities for a second. 'Rebecca, I'm not sure if Thomas would want me to tell you this, but come with me. I might be able to help. Follow me and we can have a talk in private.'

'Okay?' Rebecca was a bit confused.

(Later Radara, later Rebecca.) Aqua shouted as they walked off before Aqua jumped back into the water.


Radara led Rebecca back to the room they had spent the night in. Using her psychic abilities, she opened the door and walked in with Rebecca right behind her. 'Close that door, I would prefer if we kept this between ourselves for now.' Radara stepped onto the bottom bunk on the left side of the room and motioned for Rebecca to come join her. 'How much do you know about Thomas's unique abilities that sets him apart from other humans?'

'I know that he has some psychic and electrical abilities that he tries to hide from everyone but you.' Rebecca replied.

'What else do you know?' Radara nodded having already guessed that she knew about those abilities, just not how powerful they were.

'I know that no matter what happens to him, he always seems to be able to get out of any situation alive. He has to be very lucky to keep doing it.' Rebecca continued recalling all of the close encounters that Thomas had had only walking away with just a few minor scars.

'I can tell you this much right now, Thomas's abilities and my own are not so different. We share a common, but unfortunate role in life.' Radara explained.

Before Rebecca could ask what Radara was talking about, there was a large explosion at the front of the center. Rushing to see what happened Radara and Rebecca find a number of trainers all stuck to the walls thanks to an Ariados's String Shot attack. Thomas and Juno quickly joined the group in the main lobby where Thomas was quickly able to identify who was responsible for the attack. "Hunter J! This wouldn't be the first time I've seen your work, but this time you'll be forced to leave empty handed." Thomas shouted looking at three Pokemon who had already been turned to stone by Hunter J for easy transportation. The first was a Gardevoir while the other two were a pair of infant Eevee. "Juno, Radara, let's go."

'Thomas!' Rebecca telepathically shouted to her trainer.

"Don't worry, they won't get anything." Thomas shouted back.

Juno quickly started on the offense before anyone knew she was there. She let loose a massive torrent of fire forcing Hunter J along with her Ariados and henchmen outside where Thomas could freely use his abilities without anyone other then Hunter J and her henchmen seeing him. "Rebecca, get Razor and Aqua and defend the building." Thomas shouted as he rushed outside followed by Radara and Juno.

Thomas charged in towards the henchmen and Hunter J herself leaving Radara and Juno to deal with the Pokemon. With Juno providing a constant series of powerful Fireballs keeping the enemy Pokemon on the defensive, Radara took the offensive with her psychic mind to lift whatever rocks were around her and send them flying like bullets. Thomas moved in quickly surprising the first human he came across. Noticing a small bare patch of skin on her stomach, Thomas planted a firm fist on the bare patch delivering a massive jolt to the lady. The rain that was still coming down only amplified his attack. Sparks flew over her body for a second before she fell over completely disoriented from the attack. Thomas was lucky enough to repeat this same tactic one two more of J's henchmen before they caught on.

One of them, a women much older then himself and apparently much stronger as well, tackled him into a small puddle just deep enough that it covered half of his body as he was lying down flat. The woman who had tackled Thomas was just about to punch Thomas, who was smiling. Placing both hands in the water, Thomas used the puddle as a giant conductor sending a powerful stream of electricity through the woman. She quickly fell over, this time unconscious from the attack rather then disoriented like the others.

Thomas got up and spared a look over at Radara and Juno. Both of which were still doing fine. Juno had yet to let anyone get close while Radara teleported them out of danger each time anything came close to hitting them. He could still see that they were getting tired quickly and had to finish this fast. There were still few henchmen left, but Thomas knew that the only way to end this fight to force Hunter J back herself.

Rebecca came outside after getting Razor and Aqua. She now saw the battle before her. Aqua and Razor quickly joined in seeing their master already doing some fighting himself.

One of the henchmen near Hunter J quickly saw Rebecca and smiled. "Don't we have a client looking for a Shiny Lucario?" The man asked pointing out Rebecca to Hunter J.

"This must be out lucky day." Hunter J stated taking aim with her wrist mounted cannon used to capture Pokemon. Just as she was getting ready to fire, Thomas slammed his fist into the man besides her causing him to collide into J causing her to capture one of her henchmen's Pokemon that was about to landed a hit on Juno. Hunter J quickly turned to Thomas out of anger and attempting to grab a Pokeball off her belt, but Thomas was already upon her.

Thomas moved in fast throwing a fist. J smiled as she sidestepped the attack. Thomas quickly attacked again, this time with roundhouse kick that J dodged by ducking down. Still taking the offensive, Thomas attempted to trip J with a low kick, which she once again dodged. 'She's better then I thought' Thomas knew that he had to stop this fast. Even with all of his Pokemon helping him, they were still outnumbered three to one at least. He faked a left jab for right hook and finally caught J off guard. She smiled at first thinking that Thomas would to more harm to himself then to her by blocking the attack with her cannon. Things turned out differently however as sparks erupted from Thomas's fist. J's smile turned to a look of shock as Thomas's fist dented her cannon and sparks continued to fly from the broken device. She quickly jumped back and then threw the device at Thomas knowing that he would attempt to throw it to the side. Just as she had planned Thomas attempted to deflect the cannon and thanks to the damage he had already caused, the device blew up when he struck it again.

Rebecca charged towards Thomas upon seeing him take the blast. Just before she could reach him, a sting of web was shot her way. "I'll just have to do this the old fashioned way." J smiled thinking that this run wasn't a total waste yet. "String shot." J called out but before her Pokemon could perform the attack, a large rock hit the Ariados in the side of head causing its attack to miss. "Boy, you're really starting to annoy me." J shouted at Thomas.

"I have that effect on assholes." Thomas shouted back attempting to stand, but falling back down to his knees instead still a bit disoriented by the blast.

Right as J was about give her Ariados an order to attack Thomas, the sound of sirens broke through the trees. "Fall back." J shouted. She had already lost enough already without Officer Jenny and her band of officers interfering.

J and her most of her henchmen called back their Pokemon. Those four henchmen Thomas has knocked out were stripped of their Pokeballs and left behind as J retreated leaving them behind to slow down the police. Now without interruption, Rebecca rushed over to Thomas who was lying on the ground with an injured arm. Now with a chance to look himself over, Thomas saw that he had a badly burned and slightly torn up arm from the blast as Rebecca dropped down the ground to help him up. Thomas just looked up at her as she kneeled down by him. "I told you that you'd be safe along with all the other Pokemon." Thomas laughed a bit trying to hide his pain but it was no use hiding it against Rebecca. She quickly wrapped her arms around him finally knowing just how important he was to her. Seeing him like was like a knife in her heart. She just couldn't help but cry.

Thomas forced himself to his feet as Officer Jenny ran up.

"Young man, what were you thinking taking on Hunter J like that in person?" Jenny started.

"It was me and my five Pokemon versus the lot of them. I had to end it fast." Thomas replied. "From everything I've been told, she only backs off when she is in trouble herself and cares nothing for others. I figured that if I attacked her directly, I could force her to leave."

"That was a reckless move." Jenny half shouted. "Next time, leave the battling to your Pokemon or might just get yourself killed."

"And what, stay on the sidelines and just risk the lives of my Pokemon?" Thomas countered. "I don't think so. A legal battle is one thing, but this was as far from legal as it gets." Much to everyone's surprise, Thomas started walking towards the Pokemon Center without showing any signs that he was really hurt keeping his wounded arm next to his chest. As he entered, Thomas saw that all three of the Pokemon that had been turned to stone were all back to normal. Apparently by destroying the cannon, he had freed all the Pokemon that had been captured. Thomas smiled hoping that what Pokemon J had on her ship would be causing as havoc as possible. He quickly left the main lobby heading for his room while Officer Jenny and her crew went to work freeing everyone from the string shot.

"Rebecca, go help out the others." Thomas stated as he started for his room with Radara right behind him. " I need to talk privately with Radara." Thomas added before Rebecca has a chance to argue.

Thomas opened his door and Radara jumped up to the bunk containing his bag. "You've been keeping a close eye on her lately right?" Thomas asked as he pulled out a large roll of bandages out of his bag.

'Yes I have. Over the eight years she has been with us, she has just realized her love for you.' Radara informed Thomas.

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. I've already lost too many." Thomas stated looking at Radara. "Make that we have already lost too many."

'Pokemon views on mating are vastly different then a human's view on the matter. Yes, there were some that I felt truly in love with, but all of them understood what I was.' Radara explained. 'I'm sorry that humans can't see things the same way.'

"I don't want her to know about what we really are. I will not make the same mistakes my father and his father made. Our mission to Arceus is ours and ours alone. The day that it returns, I feel that I can safely release Razor and Aqua, they could easily survive without us and on their own." Thomas looked down at his arm now wrapped up tightly in bandages. He gently flexed his fingers seeing that despite the damage, he still had good use of his hand. "I can't say the same about Rebecca though. I don't think that she would do too well on her own. We may need to find her someone who she can stay with in the event that it returns."

'I know that you have some feelings for her. Perhaps it's time that you finally open up your heart. You're father and his father before him and his father before him and his father before him never opened their hearts and they all suffered greatly for it.' Radara stated curling up on one of the top bunk while Thomas took a seat on the bottom.

"I know that, I have the memories of my father and the events that lead to our curse." Thomas quickly stated.

'This is no curse, our ancestors choose this role and Arceus gave us many gifts to assist in that role.' Radara objected.

"Gift? This is no gift. While you can stay in one place and pass your skills and memories onto your child without fear of anyone hunting down because you're different, I cannot. The humans of this day will not accept me because I will stop aging soon enough. Even if I found someone to love, I will have to watch them grow old knowing that I cannot do the same." Thomas raised his voice some. "I understand that we must watch for the evil that started the War of Legend, but these gifts as you call them make it almost impossible to find a lover and stay with them. I can never settle down to live with them knowing that while they may accept me for what I am, the majority of humans will not. They would hunt me down for the powers I was given. Surely you recall the events with my father where he was almost turned into a science experiment for being what he was." Thomas half shouted, his anger starting to flare.

'You can find love. You may have already found it for that matter.' Radara stated.

"Found it, where?" Thomas questioned. "Unlike my father who may have had feelings for Diana, I am not the same man he was. No matter what she thinks, the man she fell in love with died the day I was born." Thomas quickly calmed down upon thinking about his father's life. "In the end, I will not feel for her like my father did no matter how hard he tried to convince himself he did not."

'I was not talking about Diana. She knew the day that William left that she would never see him again. She could only hope that you turned out like your father. Despite his attempts to turn her away, she readily accepted him and if you give others the chance, they will accept you as well.' Radara explained. 'As for that love I was talking about, she is far closer then you think.'

"And just what does that mean?" Thomas asked.

'If you weren't so worried about hiding what you really are from the world, then you would know who I am talking about, open up your heart and you will find someone who readily accept you no matter what you. Be warned though that if you wait too long, she'll be gone.' Radara stated. 'I'll go get the others and tell them that we will be leaving soon.'

"What a way to spend my birthday. Just one day a year, that's all I really ask for to myself to keep myself calm and relaxed." Thomas sighed as Radara left.
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