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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 2

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Beta Reader: Catsithx


Chapter 2

Thomas quickly left the Pokemon Center before anyone had the chance to question or thank him. To help speed up the trip back to the manor, Thomas had called everyone but Radara back to their Pokeballs. A few times along the trip, Rebecca's had shaken showing that she wanted out, but Thomas did his best to ignore it and convince himself that the only he only considered Rebecca as a friend and nothing more. Radara was easily able to pick up on those thoughts and knew that he just attempting to the same thing his father had done before him. Finally, after two long days, Rustboro City had come into view. It would just be a matter of hours now before they arrived at the manor.

Once again, Rebecca's Pokeball shook again trying to let Thomas know that she wanted out and even from within the confines of the Pokeball, Radara could feel the worry behind Rebecca's thoughts.

'You have to talk with her sometime.' Radara stated as they walked into the city. Like every time before when Devon Corp had come out with a new product, the city was packed with all sorts of people and Pokemon. 'She is quickly becoming worried that something has happened to you.'

'It can wait till we get back to the manor.' Thomas stated the words clearly in his mind know that Radara would pick up on them. Despite his best attempts to hide his confusion and his own worry on the matter though, Radara still managed to pick up on them now he was relying on just using his mind to talk with her.

'I can tell that you think of her as more then a friend.' Radara replied. 'You claim to be different from your father and his father, but you are making the same mistake they have been making for the past few generations.'

'I'm not in love with her. We're just good friends, nothing more.' Thomas countered weaving in and out of the groups of people. He took a quick look down at his arm knowing that it would raise unwanted questions and began unwrap the bandages. 'I do take back what I said about some those gifts though.' Thomas said looking at his arm. Except for a few scars, his arm looked good as new. 'Arceus knew what she was doing when she gave us these abilities.'

'Don't change the subject.' Radara stated. 'You father was too far along in his life and far too stubborn for me to convince him to open his heart, but you are not.'

'And just what does that mean?' Thomas looked down at Radara, an annoyed look across his face.

'My mother and I and her mother have put up with you for a long time. With what memories I do have, I can't recall a single time that you opened you heart to anyone.' Radara quickly replied. 'Personally, I'm tired of you making excuses.'

'Look, love is not a luxury I can't afford. That's why I don't look for it. Surely you can still remember that things dying words telling of its return after it had healed.' Thomas explained.

'And you wonder why your father lived such an awful and miserable life. I can tell you right now that you're on the same path he was on.' Radara looked up firmly at Thomas showing that she was not going to the drop the subject easily obviously fed up of seeing Thomas denying his feelings. 'I had to put up with you father's misery. No matter how hard he tried to hide it from others, the link we share made it impossible for him to hide his true feelings from me. The same way Rebecca can read you aura, I can read you mind."

'I'm not going to lead the same life as my father.' Thomas countered.

'You already have begun leading the same life. You're so blind with keeping our abilities a secret and refusing to even consider accepting help from anyone to even realize what you have in front of you!' Radara raised her voice in Thomas's head.

"I'm not in love with her." Thomas firmly stated, his voice slightly rose as he looked down at her. A quick glance around him showed that he had gotten the attention of those around him.

'I think that little outburst proves that she is more then a friend to you.' Radara replied. Before Radara was even able to see what Thomas was planned, he already had her Pokeball out.

"Return." The red beam of light hit Radara and she was quickly put away. Thomas kept his hand tightly shut around her Pokeball as he doubled his pace towards the manor.

Thomas took the direct route home avoiding all the shops he usual stopped by if only to say hi to the owners. It took him just under half an hour to reach the manor's gate, his hand still enclosed around Radara's Pokeball. Without his fist there, he knew she would have already gotten out and when she finally did get out, she would throw a fit. During his quickened trip home though, all he could think about was Rebecca.


Thomas opened the gate to the large manor before him. The three-story brick mansion called the Falston Manor, his current home, lay before him. The manor was resting right on the coast, with a line of trees to the north and south and a large stone fence lined with thorny shrubs to east, the Falston's had a massive plot of land. Looking to the northern courtyard, Thomas recalled the first time he had returned back to the manor with Rebecca. That was six years ago and she was still a Riolu then and everyone in the Falston Manor quickly took to liking her. The first time Rebecca had been allowed to freely explore the manor, she had gotten herself caught in a Spinarak's web. Thomas was the first one to reach her and quickly went to work trying to free her, but in the end, he got himself stuck with her and had to wait for Mr. Falston to set them free.

As Thomas walked up to the Manor, he looked to the southern courtyard and shook his head. There in the garden was group of large bushes, all of them cut in a way to look like one of the Pokemon on the manor. The first one he could see was a sculpture of Rebecca, her paws resting at her sides while her head was slightly tilted. Even though it was just a sculpture made of leaves, Thomas could still make out her innocent smile remembering the day that Mr. Falston's Scyther had sculpted the bushes. Mr. Falston had done so in honor of honor of Rebecca's evolution two years ago.

With each area that Thomas looked, all he could see were memories of Rebecca. Even as he stepped into the main hall, all he could see were different memories of Rebecca. With no one there to greet him right away, Thomas headed for the staircase. He would head straight to his room. The house seemed extremely quite as he reached the second floor of the manor and turned down a hallway. The halls were decorated with various types of paintings, vases, and statuettes, all Pokemon related.

The Falston's have been extremely dedicated to helping out Pokemon and were lead scientists in Pokemon medical care. Every year, they had the basis for a new way to care for Pokemon. While they may not have always perfected their new ideas, they did more then enough to pass their ideas onto the engineers who could design their new machine or a group of nurses and doctors who could find the best way to introduce a new means of medical treatment on Pokemon. Because of this, the Falston's were rich, but they didn't quite get all the fame involved with their work. They were more then fine with that however as they just wanted to help Pokemon.

At last, Thomas reached his room, a large almost empty room. Aside from the couch near the window, a large bed along far wall, a bookshelf near the door, and a pair of dressers, the room was devoid any real furniture. It had been nearly a year since Thomas had set foot in his room and he wasn't surprised to find that the Falston's had kept it clean for him. There wasn't a spec of dust in sight and carpets had clearly been swept recently. He even had a fresh set of clothing waiting for him on top of one of his dressers. Thomas undid his belt; still keeping a tight grip on Radara's Pokeball and then set his belt down on the bed. Once again, Rebecca's ball was shaking. This caught Thomas off guard and his grip on Radara's Pokeball loosened enough for her to force it open.

Radara reformed on his bed right next to Thomas's belt. Thomas could already see he was in for it now just by looking into her eyes. They seemed to pierce his mind with rage. 'That's it!' Radara shouted into his mind causing Thomas to flinch expecting the absolute worst of her rage. He knew that his father had never pushed her anger without a major cause for a reason and he was pretty sure that he was about to find out why. Even with all of his abilities, Radara was still far stronger then he was. 'Its one thing to ignore me, but you know as well as I do that I can't stand tight spaces. Now take a seat.' Radara's eyes flashed a bright pink as Thomas found himself thrown onto the couch. 'Even in that small thing, I can still feel your thoughts and ever since you put me into that thing, Rebecca's been the only thing on your mind.'

Thomas just looked away having a general idea of where this was going. 'I had to put up with the misery you father put himself under, but I'll be damned if I put my daughter through it Yes, we have a mission to do, but I will not make my daughter suffer because of your mistakes.' Radara's tail hit Rebecca's Pokeball hard and Rebecca was instantly set free beside Thomas

"Huh?' Thomas was caught off guard once again by the strange choice of action Radara had taken.

'Later on we'll have a talk about respect, but for now you WILL sit down and talk with her.' Radara shouted at Thomas. 'If you don't tell her what she needs to know, then I will. And don't think you're going to avoid this talk again.' Radara's flashed blue as Thomas's Pokeballs vanished preventing him from calling either of the two of them back.

'Thomas, are you alright?' Rebecca quickly latched onto Thomas. Now free of her Pokeball after almost two full days of being left in there without anyway to know how Thomas was doing, she couldn't wait any longer. She quickly looked as far into his aura as she could, to try figure out what was wrong.

Still Thomas remained quiet, at a loss of what to say. Radara gave him a warning glare to help Thomas along. "Alright fine, I'll tell her." Thomas stated.

'Thomas, please, tell me what's happening.' Rebecca pleaded seeing Thomas's aura all mixed together with strong waves of worry and stress.

"Rebecca, I'm not human in the way you think I am." Thomas stated seeing that Radara was serious about telling Rebecca herself. He decided to just tell her the truth right up front. "I'm a servant of Arceus."

'I don't get it. What are you talking about?' Rebecca asked quickly becoming confused, but still greatly worried.

"The reason I've been acting different around everyone. I'm far from normal." Thomas looked to his dresser and his eyes flashed a dull blue as his a small drawer on the side of his dresser opened up. A picture was lifted from the drawer and flew over to Thomas. "Tell me who this is." Rebecca took at the picture.

There in the picture was an image of almost exact look a like of Thomas and Radara. The guy had same exact hair as Thomas, a dark brown that long, but unlike Thomas, it was well kept. The only other difference was that there was slight blue tint added to his green eyes as well. Radara looked the same as she always had though. They were up in the mountains sitting at some sort of resort. Sitting at the table beside them was a young lady; just a bit older then the Thomas look a like appeared to be. The lady had a kind smile on her face, her blue eyes almost matching Thomas's looking quietly happily at the guy. 'He looks just like you.' Rebecca responded.

"That was my father. The only difference between us is how we grew up. I share all of his abilities, his skills, and his mission. That's why we can't be together." Thomas stated in the end hoping that he could not only convince Rebecca of his fate, but possibly convince himself of the facts as well.

This move only served to confuse Rebecca even more. 'What does this have to do with you though? I don't understand what you mean you're not human? I have known you all my life, and your aura tells me a different story, that you are human."

Thomas sighed and even though his eyes are resting on Rebecca, he could still feel Radara staring at him warning him that she will not hold back on her threat. Knowing there is no real way out of this at this point but to tell her the truth he begins his explanation. "Listen Rebecca I have been reborn in a sense every hundred and some years. I am in service of Arceus. I live to protect and serve her as she calls on me."

Rebecca gives an even more confused look at Thomas. 'What do you mean reborn? And isn't Arceus a male. All legends state that. You humans also say that to with your churches that you all have in his name.' Rebecca states firmly as if she some how challenging them to prove her wrong. Then she quotes what she had heard a priest had told a congregation one day they had past a church that was holding service outside hoping to prove that all of this is just a story for some unknown reason. 'On to those are bestowed his grace and blessing. They shall have everlasting joy by following his teachings. Thus they shall be granted everlasting happiness with in his kingdom.' She smiles at herself for remembering that, but Thomas could still the worry on her face.

Thomas just smiled a bit and even through her rage, can feel that Radara is a bit amused as well. They both have heard this argument over the years, and how misquoted Arceus has been to suit people's needs. Rebecca looking into both of their aura's can see that they were amused by her previous comment. 'What, what's so funny?'

"Arceus is female; it's just that most ancient text had been incorrectly translated." Thomas clears his throat a bit before continuing. "I know this for truth because Radara and I have served Arceus for over a thousand of years and while I have yet to meet her in this body, Radara has. We both have been given many 'gifts' from her. One of them is the use of a very powerful psychic attack, quite possibly the most powerful attack there is." Holding up his arm that was injured during the battle against Hunter J the other day.

The arm had no real scarring to it, but Rebecca remembered all the blood that covered his arm after the battle. With her understanding of humans healing methods, she knew that he should have had more scars and the injuries should still be visible, but looking at it now, there are barely any marks left.

Now that she actually took the time to think about it, Thomas had never accepted any medical treatment for anything no matter what his injuries were. Nor had he ever been sick with even a cold. She had used her Aura powers to heal the others on the team, but never Thomas. Taking a good look at Radara, she realized the same was true for her as well, but it was easier for her accept that truth seeing as she was Psychic type who could easily use Recover which would explain that away with ease. She looked at Thomas with a puzzled look that conveyed to him that she was even more confused than before and quickly growing just as worried.

"I can use the psychic attack called Recover, but to different degree then most psychic Pokemon. While they may be able use the attack and heal themselves of moderate wounds, or at least enough to stay in the fight in a matter of seconds, I can mend broken bones among other things using the attack much more then they can, but at the cost of time. It takes just a few days for me heals outers wounds like tears in my flesh, but my arm will still be a weak and can be easily broken again for a week at least until the bone has been completely restored." Thomas explained. "Any psychic type could also use the move the same way I can if they trained themselves to a high enough degree."

'But why can't be together. I don't care if you're different.' Rebecca argued.

"The real reason we can't be together though is because of my final ability bestowed upon by Arceus. The fact that I was granted immortality in a sense. Though I look young to you, but my mind and memories I have are more then a thousands of years old." Thomas informed her.

'That's a lie. You can't be immortal. You've grown as much as I have for these eight years that we've been together.' Rebecca countered trying to make sense of everything.

"It's funny how much the term immortal has changed over the years. The same immortality that I have is shared among many of the legendary Pokemon. Aside from a select few legendaries who have counterparts, can you explain the rest still around even if they have no other to mate with?" Thomas asked.

Given that her mind was already busy, Rebecca had failed to provide to answer to Thomas's question.

"Immortality is not what you think it is. Immortals don't lead an unending single, but rather many lives. What makes us immortal is that our memories and powers are passed on and thus, we live on in the mind but carried on in a new body who will lead a new life learning from our mistakes." Thomas explained. "No one lives forever, but our minds and memories will affect our next life. I am not the same man my father was and I will never be the same man he was, but I his memories, his fears, his mission in life as my own."

Rebecca was still not able to completely understand, there was just too much for her to take in at this time, but one fact did remain. She had fallen in love with Thomas, and that would not change easily. He had saved her more then once and she had done the same for him a few times. She knew just by looking at his aura that Thomas was still the same person who had saved her long ago even if she didn't understand what he was trying to tell her.

Thomas walks over to her as he sees that she is starting to shake with fear and confusion. He hesitates for a second as he looks at her. To him, she is nothing more than a mature Pokemon with feelings for him, but fails to understand what he is. Yet she has been someone who has never questioned him and has been a faithful companion to him ever since she was a little Riolu.

Part of his mind tells him to hold her close and tell her it will be alright that nothing has changed, he is the same person who had saved her all those years ago. At the same time, nothing will ever be the same between them. Radara has already told him not to go down the path alone and now, looking at where he is and what's going on around, maybe just once he won't have to travel it alone, maybe he can be happy.

Just as he starts to smile however on that thought, memories of the past flood into his mind, memories of his people his father and his father's father had loved and lost to time and time alone. This flood of past loves immediately reminds of him why he refused to look for a love. He wasn't about to make that same mistake and fall in love. Because while she grows old he knows that he will be born again after his time is up knowing that her memories will easily affect his next life.

After a long pause lost in his own thought, Thomas is blasted with book upside his head. He stumbles a bit and looks for his attacker, already knowing who it is. He feels the anger radiate from Radara. As her cold gaze seems to drop the temperature in the room. With his mind now torn in so many different directions, he had had enough. "I can't do this." Thomas shouts confusion and frustration filling his voice. "If you think she needs to know everything, you tell her!" His body gave off a bright blue glow and in a flash he was gone.

Radara couldn't believe her eyes and stared dumbstruck where Thomas had just been. Rebecca on the other hand had jumped out of fear and began frantically looking around. 'Thomas?' Rebecca shouted with her mind trying to find him.

'No, he shouldn't be able to do that for another two years at least.' Radara jumped down off the bed. 'If he teleported this early, then he...I can't... how did he manage that?' Radara anger had all but vanished in confusion as a memory of Thomas's father came to her mind. 'Maybe I pushed him a bit too far. He has been through a lot lately and knowing what he has to do soon enough doesn't help.'

'Thomas, where are you?' Rebecca shouted again.

'If he's anything like his father, check the coastline. William always found peace listening to the waves, perhaps he will too.' Radara informed Rebecca. Her eyes flashed as Thomas's Pokeballs reappeared on his bed. Using her tail, she hit Juno's ball releasing her into the room. Rebecca had already dashed out of the room hoping that Radara was right about where to find Thomas.

Juno yawned as she stretched. (What's up?) Juno asked taking a look around. (Where's Thomas?)

'He teleported off somewhere.' Radara replied.

(I thought he wasn't able to start doing that until his twentieth birthday when he received that last of his abilities.) Juno stated taking a seat on the couch.

'I think I pushed him too far forcing him to talk with Rebecca. I forgot how much he had on his mind and I think that everything was just too much for him.' Radara stated. 'You were good at finding him at times like this. I can't even sense the slightest thought right now; he must have closed everything off trying to figure this out.'

(I'll see if I can find, but where is Rebecca, you did say that Thomas was talking with her before he teleported off.) Juno asked.

'She was worried and I told her if he was like his father, he would be on the coast. I kind of hoping that she finds him while he is thinking things out.' Radara replied.

(Very well. If I do find him before she does, what is it exactly that you want me to do?) Juno got off the couch and walked towards the door.

'Just keep an eye on him. I'm going to just sit here for a bit and think things over for a while. I don't think my talking with him will do much right now.' Radara replied.

(Good luck. And since we are back home, you might as well release Aqua and Razor.) Juno stated as she walked out of the room.


Storming her way towards the coastline, Rebecca could feel Thomas's aura was close, but he was trying to hide it. It took her a little while, but at last, she was able to pinpoint where his aura was coming from. She walked down the stony Cliffside path down to a small enclosed beach with a massive rock wall on both sides and trees topping the rock walls providing a nice shady beach almost all the time. Rebecca was easily able to understand why Thomas had chosen this spot to hide from everyone because it was so hard to reach.

As she neared the end of the path, she could see Thomas sitting by himself on a large flat rock that extended out from the beach a little ways into the water. Mr. Falston had showed this spot to the two of them when they had returned back to the manor a few years ago. It was his own private little beach and fishing hole as he had put it when he had brought the two of them down here.

Thomas had chosen a seat right on the edge of the rock, his feet hanging over the edge just inches from the water. He has his head towards the water as if looking for something. Now seeing him in person, Rebecca was easily able to read his aura and see how strangely calm and deep in thought he was. Deciding that he may need to be alone for a bit, Rebecca silently made her way towards the rock where Thomas was sitting careful not to let him know that she was there.

She had finally made it to the rock without Thomas making any notable signs that he knew that she was there and peered up over the edge to look at him. The two of them stayed like this for a short period before Thomas spoke.

"Nine, eighteen, and twenty-seven. These are three most important numbers that I still recall from my oldest memories from my first life." Thomas stated without moving his head. Although this caught Rebecca by surprise, she didn't make any motion. "But you already know that story don't you Juno."

Rebecca turned back towards the cliff and saw Juno making her way towards the two of them.

'Please don't tell him that I'm here.' Rebecca pleaded with Juno who nodded her head.

(Stay here and don't move, no matter what Thomas says.) Juno quietly stated as she passed Rebecca and quickly went to find a seat by Thomas.

As she took her seat, Thomas turned to face her. "Radara let you out, didn't she?" Thomas asked to which Juno nodded her head again. "She must still be mad as hell. I have no idea how I'm going to fix that without her beating me." Thomas stated looking back down at the water. "Who am I kidding? I need to work things out with Rebecca first." Thomas just stated unaware that Rebecca was well within range to hear everything he had stated. Juno once again nodded her head to Thomas. "I mean I want to tell that I do love her, but how? It's not like I can afford to. In the end, she'll live to be what, seventy, eighty years tops and I'll live to be 120. I always live to be 120 before I am reborn." Thomas just started talking with Juno knowing that while she couldn't exactly talk back and offer advice, she could still listen to him very well. "Even if I can live those forty years without her, we wouldn't be able to lead a real life anyways. I'll stop aging soon enough meaning that I'll have to stay on the road constantly from that point on. We wouldn't be able to settle down anywhere and have a real life."

Rebecca couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wanted to badly to just run out and tell Thomas that any life with him, no matter how hard was worth it if she got to share it with him. She didn't care if they always had to stay on the road, always moving from place to place, as long as she was with him, that's all that mattered to her.

"Hell, it's going to be bad enough knowing what I'm going to put the Falston's through. They're the closest thing to family that I have at this point. As far as they'll be allowed to know, I died in a rockslide or some other event and my body won't be found. I still don't even know how I'm going to fake my death at this point to keep them from looking for me once I stop aging." Thomas knew that his time with the Falston's was almost up. "I could just disappear for a while and let them think I got too tied up in other events in another region to remember to call them every now and then, but they would most likely just start trying to track me down. Then again, maybe that would be best. It would leave them with some hope instead of thinking that I was dead. My great grandfather did it and it worked well for the most part then. Maybe I should just leave Rebecca with them when I leave again. Put her in her ball and just make it look like I grabbed an empty one by mistake. They'd find her soon enough and take care of her, give her a proper life. Better then I could do at least."

Rebecca was once again in disbelief. Thomas wasn't actually thinking about leaving her behind was he? Not after admitting that he loved her.

"I just don't know, Juno. I mean I do love her, at least I think I do, but I don't want to hurt her. And what if it comes back in this lifetime. I'll have to leave her behind anyway. The only ones who stand any chance against that thing are just me and Radara and we'll both need the power of dominion just to have a slim fighting chance." Thomas stated while Juno kept listening. "I know that my father told you the stories about what it can do. I just can't image having to fight her if it chooses to use her as a host for itself. If I leave her behind, I'll suffer for it in loss. If I let her stay and it comes back, I may have to kill with my own hands knowing that I don't have power to purify her body and I'll suffer knowing that I'm the reason she died. Either way, I'm going to suffer because of that storm. Why couldn't it have just waited a day and let me reach Petalburg city in peace. Then all of this would have been avoided." For the first time in a long time, something had really struck hard at him. Thomas had faced wars, seen plagues tear apart nations, fought against all major of criminal organizations who had tried to capture Arceus, and still even after he rarely ever shed a tear.

By hearing himself restate the truths about him, he had finally come to terms with himself. He knew that either way he was going to suffer, but was the pain worth it to fall in love and try to lead a normal life for once. Yes, he had loved in the past; back when others had still welcomed him for what he was. He had had relationships before, but never once had he felt this empty, this alone in his vast lifetime. A few stray tears rolled down his face as he recalled his father's love and his pain for the mistakes he had made. While tears may still start forming, Thomas's face makes no reaction to them, instead falling into a blank stare as his mind became entangled in his own thoughts.

Rebecca still peering over the rock watched as his aura shifted for a state of confusion, to a mix of various emotions before quickly settling on two very distinct emotions. All she could see in his aura now was just loneliness and sadness overpowering every other emotion about him. She had seen cases like this in the auras of others, but nothing this strong or powerful before.

Doubt began to enter her mind knowing that she was the cause for Thomas's condition. Tears now form in her eyes even though she tries to hold them. Maybe it would be best if she let Thomas leave her behind. Perhaps he would be better off without her there to add to his already sad mind. Deciding that it would be best for her to just leave, she gets up slowly still trying to hold herself together that way Thomas wouldn't know that she was there.

Starting to move away, Rebecca trips on rock and although she caught herself from falling, it still alerts Thomas to her presence. Thomas turned quickly and saw Rebecca standing just a few feet from the he was sitting as a look of shock falls over his face and fills his mind. He quickly looks down at Juno looking back up at him and instantly knows that she had played a part in what had just happened. Rebecca had heard every word of a conversation meant just for the two of them. Then suddenly something clicks as he looks back at Rebecca. He shakes his head slightly as he realizes what he is going to do.

Rebecca saw Thomas just barely shake his head and began to fear the worst. She was terrified of what was going to happen next. Would Thomas ask or force her to leave, or would something else happen. Something possibly even worse.

"I won't make the same mistake my father made." Thomas whispered under his breath, but Juno was still able to hear it and began to fear that her plan to somehow bring Thomas and Rebecca closer had failed entirely. Thomas's next phrase however brought a smile to her face. "But what if his mistake wasn't falling in love. What if Radara was right and the mistake had been locking away his heart?"

Rebecca saw Thomas's lips just moved ever so slightly knowing that he was talking to himself, but she was too far to understand any of it. She was about to turn and run, but she stopped on hearing Thomas calling to her. "Rebecca wait." Thomas shouted. Juno knew then that she should leave. She got off the rock and walked slowly to the path leading out of the enclosed beach. As she walked, there was a deep silence in the air as neither Rebecca nor Thomas knew what to say or do.

(Well, go to him already.) Juno smiled using a few of her tails to try to push her back towards Thomas.

'But, what would I say to him?' Rebecca asked quietly not letting Thomas hear her.

(Sometimes, you don't need words to talk with some or get to know them.) Juno stated as she felt Rebecca start to give and turn back towards Thomas. She smiled as Rebecca turned only to run back to Thomas diving into his chest, tears freely falling from her face. Using her hands and arms, she still hid her face not wanting to look at Thomas just yet but still, be there with him.

As Thomas looks down, he realizes just how closely attached Rebecca was to him, and at the same time, how closely attached he was to her. In seeing this fact though, he also saw the fact of just how much he had hurt her in trying to hide from her. Once again, Radara had been right all along. Much to both of their surprise, Thomas simply pulls Rebecca closer to him wrapping his arms over her and although her chest spike is starting to press rather firmly into his skin, he ignores the pain.

At last breaking the silence, Rebecca made the attempt to speak. 'Thomas, please don't leave me behind. I can't even image having to live without you. I don't know what I would do. Don't ask me to stay behind because I would try to still find you. Please don't abandon me Thomas.' Thomas only holds her closer as he looks to the sky.

In his ancient forgotten tongue, the language that his people had spoken from his first life, Thomas says a prayer. "Arceus, I've served without question from one life to the next. I have saved lives, I have stopped criminals, I have followed your every command. Please, just once, let me keep something I hold dear. I beg of you, don't take this away from me. For once, let me have a life worth living."

Time passed as Rebecca and Thomas had just stood there. Eventually, they had moved down to take a seat sitting on the edge of the rock where Thomas had been talking with Juno. Rebecca leaned up against him and Thomas once again had a smile on his face. The sudden movement of shifting rocks is heard. Both of them quickly turned to find Mr. Falston standing on the beach behind them, a curious look on his face as though he had missed something. "Radara told me that you would be down, but I'm rather surprised to find the two of you down here like this?" He stated.
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