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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 10

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 10

Thomas awoke the next morning, although not in the way he had hoped to wake up. He was resting peacefully one second, the next second however; the bunk he had been laying on had partially collapsed as he started to roll over. Luckily, Rebecca had managed to stay on the bunk and although Thomas saw that she did stir a bit, but she managed to stay asleep. Seeing that he was now up, although with a headache, he took a look around the room quickly locating the missing pin that had caused the bed to collapse in the first place. After slowly and gently returning the bed back to its upright position and returning the pin into the collapsing leg, Thomas rubbed his head as he headed for the upper decks on the boat.

Taking a look around to see just where he was now, Thomas found that the boat was resting in the local marina at Vermilion City. He could also see Felix, Macy, and their riolu walking down the dock towards the boat with each of the carrying a small bag. "Check those collapsing bunks of yours more often, the one I was using fell apart on me."

"Sorry bout that, I didn't think the boat was in that kind of condition yet." Felix stated as he walked up to the plank leading up to the boat. "In any case, you should get your friend up and get breakfast. We've got a lot to discuss and only a few days to do it in. The knights will be on to us soon enough and I would rather be ghost by the time that they get here."

"Speaking of our talk, where is this place that you said can guarantee our privacy?" Thomas asked as he took a bag to allow Felix to climb aboard.

"That new hotel, the Endless Ocean. I've got a few documents to show you as well which they are holding em for me." Felix replied.

"That one is new, when did it open?" Thomas asked as he helped bring the bags down to the kitchen on the ship.

"Just about a year ago actually. Although a private group owns the title, Team Rocket has nice deal going on under the table." Macy explained. "As long as the place continues to act as a resort for there higher ups offering them some very unique services, Rocket guarantees the place always has good business and won't go bankrupt."

"So that's how they could guarantee our privacy. How much did it cost?" Thomas asked.

"Not as much as you think." Felix stated. "Anyway, we'll be expected in about an hour. Macy here will keep your friend busy while we can have our talk in private."

"Very well then." Thomas stated as he rubbed his eyes.

"You okay their Jackson?" Macy asked.

"It's just really bright out here, I think I might be going through my next change soon." Thomas explained.

"Change?" Felix asked.

"Surely you remember my father's eyes, the red trimmed blue eyes that you said pierced your soul the first time you had a good look into them." Thomas stated.

"You mean you don't have them?" Felix asked.

"Not yet. I thought I explained that part to you. Unlike pokemon, my so-called evolution takes part one piece at a time over an eleven-year period as I regain my abilities. The odd part is that I think it's a bit early for this to happen, my eyes don't normally change until a month and a half after my eighteenth birthday." Thomas explained.

"Well, I can't be sure of anything regarding that, just keep those eyes of your hidden away, those red ones give me the creeps." Felix stated.

"I'll need to pick up a set of sunglasses then. While they are changing, I won't be able to hide them like my father did." Thomas informed him. "I'll go get Sarah up now and we can have breakfast before our talk."


After a quick breakfast, Thomas walked over with Felix to the Endless Ocean with Radara at his side and Juno in her Pokeball stashed away hidden from view in case things took a turn for the worse. This left Sarah and Macy to explore the city in the meantime along with their pokemon and the rest of Thomas's as well. Deciding that since the entire group of pokemon could all use some time to relax and stretch, Sarah and Macy made their way to the local park near the edge of the city. The two of them talked for a while their pokemon all took advantage of the time they had and got some exercise. After a few hours though, Sarah and Macy called them back, the group of pokemon and they were off to go through the town.

Compared to how tense Macy was when Sarah first met her, Macy seemed to be quiet relaxed now, a smile on her face as she enjoyed the sunlight. The two of them wandered around town walking into a few shops here and there, mostly just browsing the various goods knowing that they had the day to themselves while Thomas talked with Felix. The two talked about several things before the topic finally turned to Thomas. "I can't really help but notice, but you seem to have an interest in Jackson? How did you come to know him?" Macy asked as they stopped by a café.

"I never knew Jackson, just Thomas. We've been friends since we were six and his foster parents moved to the estate next to my family north of Rustboro. They were new to the neighborhood and so my mother thought we should welcome them over for dinner one day." Sarah explained before ordering an iced coffee. "When I finally found out that Thomas was adopted and asked about his parents, I was told that his father had been staying with the Falston's renting a spare room they had in their old place cause the house he had been at had burned down. He didn't have much with him, just Thomas, his two pokemon, and small bag that he had with him that day. Unfortunately, something happened and his father died in his sleep one night shortly after being invited to stay with the Falston's. Mr. and Mrs. Falston always told me they never heard anything about the mother and no one made any attempts to find Thomas, so they could only assume the worst."

"I see." Macy replied as their drinks came up and two of them left the café to wonder around. "Well, it's obvious that you like him, but I have to ask, just how much do you like him?"

Sarah blushed a bit. "Well, I guess I've always had a crush on him. I mean, I've traveled a lot, and a lot of guys have asked me out these last two years, but none of them were like Thomas." Sarah replied. "There's just something about him that draws me to him. He's always eager to help others, especially pokemon. I hate to say this, but the way he treats pokemon as equals, that just not a trait you see often enough these days. I mean sure, many trainers and coordinators are good friends with their pokemon, but Thomas treats them as true equals. But I guess that all makes sense now that I know what he is. What about you? What was Thomas's father like? Did you know him well?" Sarah asked.

"I met Jackson a few times, but mostly I've just heard what my father told me about him." Macy explained. "The last time I saw him was roughly twenty years ago, before he just vanished. Even the knights lost his trail entirely, if only the same was true of me and my father."

"Just who are these knights anyway? Thomas didn't tell me much. There's just so many mysterious things about him, so many questions. Like why these knights are trying to hunt him down." Sarah asked.

"Well, there are several stories about the knights, many of which are stories of some of their famous victories turned into fairy tales. Few know of how the knights were really formed or why though." Macy stated stopped to look in the window of a small odds and ends shop. Macy stood there looking in the window for a few seconds before moving again.

"So, tell me. What are the Knights of Arceus really?" Sarah asked.

"Well, that's a long story. According to my father, their true purpose was to hunt down anything that threatened Arceus and the legendary pokemon, what the knights referred to as its chosen children." Macy explained as they walked into the city's central park. Both of them were hot from walking around all day and the shaded bench they had come across was a welcome relief from the heat. "The group known as the knights of Arceus were first started though after something, a human with powerful abilities matching those of pokemon, tried to sell out Arceus to some great evil. A small war was started and the knights took upon themselves to help protect Arceus."

"Wait, I thought that it's Thomas's job to protect her and the legendary pokemon. Thomas told me his brothers and sister were tasked with that job." Sarah interrupted.

"Her?" Macy looked up confused.

"Yea, didn't you know that Arceus was a female?" Sarah asked.

"No, the knights always thought that he was male, the king of all pokemon." Macy stated. "Anyway, this war lasted a few weeks in secret, and everyone involved in saving Arceus made it a point kept quiet to most of the world. Not much is known about it, my father wasn't told about the events in detail, only small things that he passed onto me. I'd guess that you would have to ask Jackson about himself to find out what really happened."

Sarah just looked Macy realizing how much she was just like that took things for what they were around her. She just realized how small her world was compare to what Thomas had lived, or in a sense many lives he has lived. Just a few days ago she met Arceus the actual god Arceus. She was nothing like the tales told of her. When she did go to church, so much she was told of was so wrong.

She guessed that atheist friend she had was right when he told her that people tend to interpret things in the way they want to hear it. So most of what is written is by mans words not actually Arceus's.

"Sarah are you ok? You seem to be spacing out on me," she says jokingly.

"Sorry I was thinking about things now. I never realized how small the world really is. It's just being with Thomas the last few days has made me think about stuff I have taken for granted."

"I know what you mean. It's like he seems to bring things out that you really don't think about. I do notice though how you look at him though, on the boat as if you want him. You do realize he is available." Macy says teasingly as Sarah looks away blushing. The two keep talking for a bit as they continue to wander around, but Sarah notices that Macy has tensed up again.

"Is something wrong?" Sarah asked as Macy leads them into a small odds and ends shop.

"We're being followed." Macy quietly whispers as they quickly duck into a small empty spot between shelves. Looking through a very small spot between the shelves, Macy watches as a couple walks in and points them out to Sarah. "Those two have been following us for nearly an hour now, every time we stopped to look at something, they find an excuse to stop as well."

"Your sure they're following us?" Sarah asked as Macy pushed her back further into their hiding spot s the couple in question begin to look around, but not at the goods in the shop. Waiting for a few when both of their backs were turned, Macy quickly headed back for the door and walked out with Sarah right behind her. As soon as they were out of the view of the store windows, she quickly broke into a run walking into a small diner and taking a seat far in the back in the perfect spot to look out but not be seen. Shortly after they sat down, the couple from the store they just walked out of came running out looking around.

"Yes, I'm sure." Macy stated with disgust. "How did they find us already?" A few minutes later, a waitress came up to take their order. Knowing that they needed to waste some time, make sure that their unwanted guests were gone, Macy asked for a pair of menus and then took her time looking over it. Sarah was quick to make a selection, but Macy kept looking over the menu even after making her decision, she continuously looked back up at the windows before placing her order.

Once the waitress had left to go hand their order over to the chef, Sarah looked at Macy a bit concerned. "Macy, who were those two?" She asked.

"They were a pair of trackers, the blood hounds for the knights." Macy explained quietly. "Someone must have tipped them off we were here, I recall seeing a tattoo on the lady's neck early this morning just after we got into the park." She stated. "I can't believe I let my guard down." She sighed a bit. Pulling out her phone, she sent a text message to Felix alerting him to the danger.

Felix was quick to respond and Thomas had a message for Sarah as well to follow Macy's orders. They would meet up later tonight, although it was a safe bet that their boat was being guarded.

It didn't take long for their food to arrive and Sarah and Macy ate their meals slowly, Macy exchanging a few more texts with her father and passing small messages onto Sarah. Macy grunted a bit again and Sarah went to turn around only to have Macy stop her. "They don't give up." She stated as she took a sip from her drink moving over into the corner of the booth to hide herself. Just as they finished their meal though, the couple walked in and looked around, Macy could see a small smile on their face through the corner of her eye, but still acted like she didn't see them. "Excuse me miss." Macy quietly called the waitress over to them.

"Yes, do you need something?" She asked.

"You see that couple that just walked in. Could you keep them busy while me and friend try to get out, that guy is my ex-boyfriend and he's been following us all day. I tried to tell him to go away, but him and his new girl friend won't leave us alone." Macy stated.

The waitress looked over and saw how the couple was constantly looking over at Macy and Sarah and smiled. "Yea, I know how that works." She laughed a bit. "My last boy friend was like that too. We have an extra door by the bathrooms if you want to head out that way to the back parking lot. It's enclosed for the most part, but we got cameras up if he does try notice and tries anything." She smiled as Macy paid her bill and she went over to take the orders of the couple. While taking their orders, Macy quietly slipped out with Sarah over to the bathroom and out the extra door. They quickly ran out the back parking lot and onto the main street again.

Just as they reached the end of the drive, the saw the women walk out after them and make a call as she ran after them. She knew she had been spotted now and it was race to catch them. Macy smiled as she ran though. "Sarah, this way." Macy called out running into a large crowd that was entering a department store. The woman who was following them tried to catch up, but Macy and Sarah easily blended into the crowd and walked through the crowds easily lost their tracker. Macy still seemed more tense then ever though as she walked. Macy was quickly dragging Sarah through the store heading for the other end of the store to get out. Luckily, it was a thick crowd today. It easily reminded her of how Thomas just walked through crowds like they were nothing, although Macy was a bit slower then Thomas was and if not for Macy's hand carrying her through the crowd, Sarah knew that she would have gotten lost. It didn't take long though for them to reach the other end of the store though. The rest of the day was spent constantly looking over their shoulders and on the watch for anyone following them.

Although Sarah was fairly confident that they had lost their shadows for the day, Macy seemed to think otherwise and suddenly, almost everyone around them was a potential knight in disguise. Deciding to check up on the boat, Macy pulled out a set of binoculars while they took a break from walking around inside a small cafe on the edge of the marina. "Damn." Macy quietly muttered under her breath.

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

"They found the boat and are tearing it up." Macy replied. "Those bastards even have my rifle." Macy stated obviously annoyed. "At least we got everything of real value with us." Macy sighed. Macy and Sarah kept watch in their spot. The sun was slowly starting to set by now and Thomas and Felix hadn't sent a message in a while which was starting to worry Sarah. Team's Aqua and Magma had been known to be trouble makers and she had her fair share of run ins with them in the Hoenn region, but these Knights, they were worse, much worse. Just as Sarah turned around though, she noticed that the same lady who had been chasing them that morning was back, but she now had four other guys with her. Walking over, she smiled at them and took a seat between them. "You really didn't think you could get away did you?" She asked. "Now where's that traitorous father of yours?" She asked.

Macy turned slowly and look at the lady, her face full of anger. "Like I'd tell a bitch like you, Claire." Macy snapped at her and the lady slapped Macy across the face.

"That's no way to treat a knight." Claire responded. "Now, you can tell me where your father is and come with us willing, or we can do this the hard way and make you come with us." As if on cue, the four men behind her all lifted their shirts up and revealed their Pokeballs as well as a set of knives as well as a gun under their shirts. Sarah looked up at them with a bit of fright in her eyes.

"You wouldn't attack right out in the open." Sarah stated.

"We do whatever it takes to protect Arceus from threats like you." Claire countered. "It's our very reason to exist, to protect the god from threats like you who would help that monster of thing who poses as a human. That thing that seems to have you wrapped around his finger. I'll tell you right it, that boy you seem to think so highly of is only going to use you and this girl right here is one of his servants." Claire explained. "Come with us and we can help free you from whatever he's done to you, you just need to tell us where he is." The lady stated holding her hand out.

"I know Thomas, he's no monster." Sarah countered.

"Surely you must have noticed certain things about him." Claire stated.

"If you mean the fact that's he's not human, then I already know. Arceus herself even asked me to travel with him." Sarah stated.

"Arceus?" One of the men behind her asked. "That might be how he continues to brainwash them, with a false set up of being asked by Arceus, we know that he possesses some powerful psychic abilities."

"That could be true." Claire stated. "The more willing one is to open their mind to him, the more easily influenced they are." Claire sighed a bit. "She may be too far gone." Claire whispered into the man's ear and he just nodded.

"Your the ones who are crazy." Macy shouted as someone just walked into the cafe. "You threaten us with guns and knives and tell us to give you our pokemon just because we kicked your ass a few times, so you pull some muscle and try to force us to surrender." Claire just looked up at her in confusion as another lady walked up to the table dressing in a police uniform.

"Excuse, but what seems to be the problem here." Officer Jenny asked as she walked up.

"These fools work for Team Rocket and are threatening us for our pokemon just because we beat a number of their lackeys yesterday on our way here." Macy shouted grabbing the shirt of one of the guys, his gun and knives in clear view of Officer Jenny. She quickly drew her gun and pointed it at the guy. "Sir, put your hands up now." Jenny demanded, Macy's plan had worked. One of the other guys quickly grabbed Jenny from behind while Macy flipped the table they were at. One of the men called out his pokemon, a Typhlosion and no sooner then that, the cafe had become a battleground. Several other trainers immediately called out their pokemon having heard that Team Rocket was in the cafe looking to steal pokemon and it escalated from there. In the confusion, Macy grabbed Sarah and dragged her out of the building. "Officer, Team Rocket is in there trying to steal everyone's pokemon." Macy called out as another officer pulled up. Hearing her cry, the officer also called out his pokemon and drew his weapon charging into the cafe as Macy and Sarah ran down the street.

It was a quick get away, but not the best though. The knights had found them and nearly caught them and Sarah couldn't understand why. All she knew was that she had gotten herself caught up in the middle. After running down a few alleyways and never staying on the same street for long, Macy finally turned around to make sure that they weren't being followed. To be tracked by one of the knight's bloodhounds was a serious thing, the fact that they had even assigned one a tracker made that target a serious threat, only behind Thomas himself. Continuing to move around seemingly at random, Macy had pulled out her phone and contacted Felix and Thomas, both happy to her that they were safe. With their boat and most of their supplies now in the knight's possession, it was going to be a rough few days. Macy and Sarah then made their way to the Endless Ocean hotel to meet up with Thomas and Felix.

Thomas was waiting outside as they walked up. Sarah quickly ran over to him. "Sarah, are you okay?" Thomas asked.

"Thomas, who are these knights?" She quickly demanded as Macy walked past them to head inside. Thomas and Sarah followed after her after Thomas told here that conversation was best left for when they were alone. The building was huge and Thomas could easily make out a few of the older faces, namely one who had caused him some real trouble back in his previous incarnation, but there was nothing that he could do about it now. Being the hunted, he had no choice then to lay low right now. Thomas led Sarah up to one of the hotel rooms and after looking the door he took a seat on the bed Radara at his side. "Thomas, tell me."

"Sarah, I'm sorry you got caught up in this." Thomas stated taking a seat on the bed. "I never could have known the knights would have found me so quickly or I would have ditched you even against my mother's will." He sighed. "The knights were formed around what my kind, the immortals refer to as the Days of the Traitor. About 650 years ago, there were no Knights of Arceus, humans and pokemon were enjoying a very rare and unique calm, a peace between all. There were no wars, no plagues, crops were being harvested in abundance." Thomas looked down and nodded at Radara, her gem lighting up giving off a powerful glow to share some images with Sarah.

The first image that Radara decided to show Sarah was of an old temple of ancient Johto design. Several pokemon and humans, or at least what appeared to be humans at first glance until she saw a much different version of Thomas dressing in ceremonial robes walking with a number of others. "Back in those days, the world was near perfect, this calm had already lasted for several years, humans and pokemon were living together in peace, helping each other. My brothers and sisters, the watchers were welcomed were ever we went, many even came to see in us person. For a Watcher to visit a land was considered one of the highest blessings as it was well known that we were the children of Arceus." Thomas's voice stated as an image of his current day self appeared next to Sarah. "This was the Temple of Gali, a place built in honor of my elder sister, who was ahead of me by 3 years." Thomas pointed out to a lady in a very long robe obviously of far better cloth then every else around her. Thomas smiled as he pointed her out. "She was unique to say the least, where I am part electric type, she was a dragon in every sense of the word. The emperor of the Westfall province built her this temple in honor of freeing his only daughter from a cave in when she was visiting Gali while she was harvesting a rare, sadly now also extinct type of herb." Thomas explained. Sarah looked around as the seen changed to late one evening at the temple. "While the emperor had built and named this Temple for Gali, it was also a place for all the watchers to come and relax, to be honored for their work. There was one of us though that began to see things different." Thomas pointed to a man in the back hidden in the shadows. "Tavu, the eldest and first watcher among us was never truly at peace. Even after the war of legend, which left the watchers looking over our immortal brothers and sisters, Tavu couldn't calm down. He was a fierce leader, but he couldn't accept peace. He was the one who personally finished the evil that started the war of legend many generations prior to what I'm showing you."

"Just what does this have to do with the knights though?" Sarah asked.

"Tavu was the one who betrayed us long ago. Something happened to him and he lashed out." The scene around them changed as the temple of Gali was engulfed in flames. Thomas walked through the frozen flames into the back and pointed to a figure in the back of the room, Arceus was there. "Arceus herself decided to pay us a visit that night. Tavu tried to kill our mother and for the first time ever, her life was truly in danger. The Emperor had heard of the attack and quickly sent a force his most powerful knights to help defend Arceus. Those warriors would later become the knights of Arceus. The battle lasted just a number of days, a private war was started within the watchers themselves. It took all sixteen of us who were at the temple then to stop him, but he managed to kill a few us that first night." Thomas stated as the seen shifted again. "Ravik, Daltha, Tira, they were among the first of my brothers and sisters who died at his hands, all three of them caught off guard, their partners forced to watch their dying breaths." Thomas explained, tears in his eyes as he recalled the events in perfect detail, each and every dying face, horror filled screamed, even the wound he received himself meant for his mother subconsciously rubbing his side where he had taken the wound.

"Thomas?" Sarah asked as she watched turn his head, his eyes almost empty.

"It took us four days to kill Tavu, a number of our kind died as well as a much larger number warriors belonging to the emperor died in that time." Thomas continued ignoring her question. "Those days were quickly known as the Days of the Traitor, and all of us suffered because of his actions. Rumors spread over night, our kind were just posing as the children of Arceus, we were just devils binding our time until we could get close. A bounty was declared in Johto and the knights were born, their purpose to ensure that such an event never happened again. The man headed to lead the knights already had a grudge against us, my younger brother Ronin had caught the attention of the same women that this knight wanted for his wife. We can't say for sure, but we think that lead this leader of the knights, Daniel, began to spread more rumors when 'his' woman tried to run off with Ronin." Thomas explained. The scene shifted again, but this time to the remaining watchers who were at the temple of Gali as they began a long trek to leave Johto. "All of us suffered greatly that day. I was busy securing travel out of Johto the night when the bounty was officially declared, I had foolishly left my wife and our small group of pokemon at the house alone while I was talking with an old friend about getting a ride on his boat out of the region to Sinnoh, a place that seemed reluctant to call the watchers devil children." The scene changed one last time, this time to a small log house. "I was only gone for a few hours, but when I came back, it was too late. The war on the watchers had been declared."

The scene changed again to inside the small house, a women had been brutally killed, her body covered in wounds and left naked in the dim light, the pokemon in the cabin all beaten as well, a glaceon just barely able to move in the corner. "Radara just barely survived, they didn't think too much of her in her wounded state, but my wife and our other pokemon weren't so lucky." Thomas stated.

"Wait, your wife?" Sarah asked looking around.

"That was the last time I ever took a mate for over five full generations, over 600 years of avoiding love, my heart still aches as I think about this." Thomas explained. "The knights later claimed open responsibility for attacking several watchers and their families in a matter of days all for their emperor and in protection of Arceus. Other wars broke out around where watchers were staying, the land was divided." Thomas explained. "In matter of months, the world had turned on the watchers, rumors of our kind being devils heard almost every where, whenever a war or plague broke out, our kind was blamed without hesitation." Thomas stated. "We all went into hiding, spreading our selves out rarely meeting back up with each other, instead keeping in touch with the legendaries to pass messages back and forth with each other, but the knights were always close by. One by one, they chased us down and killed us. Over the years, rumors of the devil children stopped spreading and the world was returning to normal, but not for the knights. They were always hunting us until I was the only one left. Those that harbored a watcher were considered heretics and most burned at the stake, executed for the crime of even talking with a devil." At last, the world returned to Sarah and Thomas was sitting on the bed, his face blank of all emotions, but even as such, Sarah knew how he was feeling.

"Thomas, I had no idea what all you've been through." Sarah stated taking a seat next to him.

"When you live forever, you tend to experience just about everything, sadly, that including being named the worse of all evils." Thomas stated. "As the last of my kind, it's been a rough existence, but one only my kind could live."

"Thomas, is there anything I can to do help?" Sarah asked knowing him long enough that recalling something like that had a serious effect on him.

"Just don't let the knights take you. If you want to travel me even after what all you've seen and now know about me, then be prepared. The life I lead was never easy." Thomas explained. "If you don't think you can take it, leave now and head back to your parents. When the knights meet up with you again, your either going be marked as savable and will have to forget everything you ever knew about me or they will say that you are too far gone, brainwashed by me and then version of mercy is a quick death."

Sarah thought it over, but she couldn't help it. Arceus, the god of all pokemon herself had asked her travel with Thomas, the boy she fell in love with even he was in love with another. Still, she had to stay with him. "Thomas, I'm not leaving you. You've been alone for far too long." She explained taking a seat next to him. "I'll stick by you for as long as I can." She smiled weakly trying to cheer him up.

Thomas smiled himself and looked at her. "I'm sorry for treating you so badly, my life was just never simple and I developed certain habits, doing my best never to get close to anyone, and never letting anyone get close to me." He sighed a bit. "I guess it is time for a change, but make sure your ready. Many of those traveling with me after the Days of the Traitor never know just how rough a life I lead. We'll get new gear in the morning and from there, we'll follow the coast east." Thomas explained.

"What about Felix and Macy." Sarah asked. "They'll be heading west, with their boat now under the knight's control, there's not much they can do. The police could be called in and fight over the boat would be started, but it's not worth the trouble of getting back the boat. Felix already informed me though that they have arrangements in place. They'll be fine as long as they make it out of the city."

Sarah was concerned, but decided to trust Thomas. "We'll have to be quick, but with Radara's influence, an early morning shopping trip should go undetected and we can get our gear back. I've traded my gold coins over to Felix for a fair sum of cash, it should be enough to get us new tents and basic supplies and hopefully, enough food to last a few days. We may have to keep our eyes peeled for berries though." Thomas smiled thinking back again. "It will be like the older days of traveling for me again."

Seeing that Thomas suddenly seemed to cheer up, if only a little bit was a good sign for Sarah. She could tell that he was still affected by what he had shown her, but maybe things weren't so bad. Thomas laid back on the bed, Radara on the end. "Come on, get some sleep, we'll need it." He stated nodding over to the other bed. Sarah took the bed and laid down looking at Thomas.

"Thomas, I'm really sorry for what the knights did to you." She said softly.

"That was a life long ago, but thank you." He smiled at her, a soft kindness in that smile that he so rarely showed her. "I'll wake you up in the morning." He stated and turned onto his side and with Radara's help, he easily fell asleep. Sarah was left to think about how vastly different her life was going to be, but she soon fell asleep as well.
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