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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 9

Watcher of Arceus

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 9

Three days had passed since Thomas had been shot. After a quick day of resting though, Thomas was once again able to walk on his own and most of the basic damage that had been done to his hands had healed up, although the tips of his fingers were still a bit sensitive. The bullet wound he had was also quickly healing as well, but Thomas knew that he would need it looked at. It took a day to reach a town after that where Thomas visited the local hospital. By passing his now smaller chest injury off as a stray Bullet Seed shot after a battle got a little out of hand and little bit of Radara's psychic influence, the doctor was clearly able to give Thomas an idea of what the damage was, but was still left in the dark as to what had really happened. After informing Thomas of his injuries, Thomas lied stated that was already on his way back to his home town and would get a complete check up done there and thanks once again to Radara's influence, the doctor let him go without any fuss. After the hospital visit, he was once again back on the road with the doctor's clear warning to take it easy for a week still fresh in his mind. Deciding that it would still be best to put some distance between himself and Mount Moon though, Thomas had chosen to take a short bus ride down towards Celadon. From there, Thomas and Sarah once again started moving, this time heading west.

The sun was already starting to set as Thomas and Sarah once again started to set up camp for the night. Having spent the better part of the three days already explaining what he was to Sarah and giving Rebecca a much more detailed version while he was at it, she still had some trouble taking everything in. As Sarah began to boil some water over their small campfire, Thomas once again found himself looking through his the possessions of past lives. Radara had curled up inside Thomas's tent while Rebecca went out to gather some berries since she didn't like spaghetti very much leaving just the two of them to talk once more.

"So Thomas, how did you get that sword anyway?" Sarah asked as Thomas set the blade down on a large flat rock.

"It's called the Crystal Eye, namely for a design that that original hilt had on it and it was a gift to me from a forge city around... I think, um, let's see." Thomas stated as he set the blade down in deep thought. "It was sometime during the very early days of the third Sinnoh religious reforms, and that was early 1100s, but I think it still after the fall of Queen Gailwind, so that would place closer to the 1200's. No, maybe it was before her death, or was it?" Thomas softly talked to himself as Sarah listened in wondering just what Thomas had lived to see considering what all he continued to list off during the 1100 and 1200s while trying to figure how old the sword was. "If I had to guess, 800 years ago."

"Wait, did you say 800 years ago?" Sarah asked taking another look at the blade. There were no visible cracks or flaws in the blade itself, even though the hilt did look a bit worn.

"Yea, and I've done my best to take care of it. My entire clan of immortal brothers and sisters were each given a weapon of our choice, all custom forged to fit the martial arts we found ourselves most skilled at. I was one of the few who could not decide which path to really take. I finally choose this blade, forged for many purposes, some of which were for combat, others much more meager like clearing undergrowth." Thomas explained. "Speaking of which, I should probably start training with it again. I'll also need to find some more polishing stones soon. My father sold his set just before reincarnation to help make sure I had some funds when I started traveling. Then again, that was before the Falston's got promoted to where they are now." Thomas stated, his head hung down still trying to remember exactly when the blade had been forged..

"That's right, it was only shortly after the Falston's adopted you that they were promoted and it took them a few years to get that manor. You really picked a good family to settle into." Sarah smiled. "And if they hadn't gotten promoted, we never would have met."

"My father picked it, not me." Thomas countered.

"Every time you refer to your past life, you almost always say father. Why is that anyway?" Sarah questioned having only heard him refer to his past lives directly as himself once.

"The way I see it right now, I'm not the man he was and I'll never be that man, but he will always be my direct ancestor in a way. This single life cycle shall be a different man from every other. It mostly just a habit most of us have developed." Thomas replied thinking it over himself.

"Us?" Sarah asked a bit confused.

"The immortals." Thomas explained. "Compared to the rest of the creatures living on this world, we immortals live a very unique life style. Many of our traditions, rituals, and many other things are all centered around the moon, it played a major part of our life styles. As a matter of fact, the next full moon will mark a very important date for me."

"Really? What will the next full moon mean to you?" Sarah asked as Thomas pulled out the small wooden box that contained the strange glove that he had been keeping with him for generations.

"Well, to explain that, I'd have to explain the importance of the numbers nine, eighteen, and twenty-seven to you." Thomas stated as he started to put all of his things aside from the small box and his sword away. "In my clan, the clan of Arceus's children, there were exactly 240 of us, half of them were like me appearing human, the other half consisted of various breeds of pokemon." Thomas left the box on the stone he had been sitting on as he went over to help Sarah strain the water from the spaghetti. "Since we all lived 120 cycles, each year, two of us would reincarnate, one like me and one pokemon, but we had pattern to it. I'm currently eighteen, as for Radara she is seventy-eight. The day I turn sixty, she will reincarnate and then when her next body turns sixty, I will reincarnate. This pattern helps to provide balance. Following this pattern, my clan came up with the numbers nine, eighteen, and twenty-seven. At the age of nine, we have our first awaking, the first real set of memories we have wake up telling us of who we really are, how we came to be, and few other key details. This is referred to as the day of Age. Once one turned nine, they had a voice and were allowed to start making something of their lives since would start to steadily regain the knowledge of past lives. Although we were still placed under several restrictions like we couldn't make any actions in the council, we were allowed to use our voice to make suggestions to those who did have a say in such things." With the spaghetti strained, Sarah opened up a small can of sauce to go with it just as Rebecca came back with a bucket full of berries.

"The next number in our lives that held real importance was the age of eighteen, the day of maturity. Much like how humans are considered adults at that age, those of us who had turned eighteen were given a complete place in the clan and allowed to take a much more active role in clan life. We were considered as one of the tribe and expected to pull our weight, but we had not yet completely earned our true freedom in a sense. We were still considered inexperienced having to rely on the knowledge of past lives for many things. Still, one of the more important acts of our eighteenth year was that it was the first year that we would be allowed to pick our first mate in that year. Many of us did, but like with all species, there were a few that waited much later. Anyway, the fact that I am to truly choose my mate is why the significance of the next full moon holds such value for me. It's been several incarnations since I have chosen a mate and now that I have one, I intend to follow the old traditions of my kind." Thomas finished.

'I guess that explains why you brought up those numbers, well the number eighteen at least back at the manor when you were talking to Juno at the manor. Still, just what traditions did your kind follow?' Rebecca asked having been following the conversation as she began to snack on the berries she had passed having already passed some to Radara.

"Long ago, the average human life span, the common choice of mate for my clan, was only about sixty years of age between that wars, plagues, and other such events. Aside from select breeds of pokemon, this was a common number for the number of years most pokemon lived as well. The tradition takes roughly a year to complete, but basically, it is the creation of glove much like the one in this box here. Since we place so much value in the moon, the act of creating a glove like can only be done under the light of the full moon. In the end, the true purpose of the glove is to serve sort of as a wedding ring for you humans I guess while both of us are alive. Back in the old days though, since so many of my kind outlived their mates by such long time periods, the glove served as a true reminder of our mates." Thomas finished.

"A glove constructed under the light of the moon serving the same purpose as wedding ring, it sounds romantic." Sarah smiled partially wishing that it would be her that would be making this glove under the moon with Thomas. Although Thomas had explained the situation to her and she had been disappointed to hear the news, she still accepted and it even though she found herself wishing the honor of being Thomas's mate was hers.

"Romance has nothing to do with in by my kind. Like I told you, we place great value in the moon." Thomas stated as he started to eat his meal. Just as Thomas was going to take another bite, he hunched over just a bit in pain, his eyes once again closed tightly. A few seconds passed before his breathing, although still heavy was slowly returning to normal.

'Are you okay?' Rebecca demanded moving over his side.

"My ribs are starting to piece themselves back together properly. Every once in a while, a bit of muscle something sometimes get caught in between the shifting bones though." Thomas replied as he leaned back against he rock that had his things on it. "It's nothing to worry, just a sign that my body is repairing itself, although a rather painful sign however."

"You really should have told the doctor a bit more." Sarah stated. She still couldn't believe how much Thomas had held back when he was there though. "Seriously, two possible cracked ribs is not something to just ignore."

"Trust me when I say my ribs are not my concern. I'm more concerned about the bullet that hit my heart since that is one of a few organs that my body can't repair so easily." Thomas countered. "Besides, living as long as I have, it's not like I haven't had injuries like this before. For that matter, I nearly lost an arm and leg back around the mid fifteen hundreds, in that war between Kanto and Johto. Let's just change topics though."

"What?!" Sarah blurted out nearly dropping her plate. "You were in a war?"

"I told you I had seen many wars. The Kanto Johto war over ownership rights of the Indigo Plateau was just one of them. Ho-oh almost got caught in the middle of it." Thomas stated. "If it wasn't for me, then she would have been captured by the old Johto government and it's quiet possible a large chuck of Kanto would be marked as the Johto territory. But like I've told you before, I'd rather not talk about those times, I was forced to some rather awful things back then, but then again, war doesn't leave much for those without sides just trying to pass through." Thomas's lowered his head a bit trying to push back some unwanted memories.

'So, what does the number twenty-seven mean to you?' Rebecca hesitated for a bit before she returned to the their previous topic without any other conversation ideas, but she still worried about her mate. After looking into his aura though, she could see for the most part that he was fine aside from the pain. She could clearly see that Sarah was just as worried about him as she was herself though.

"Twenty-seven, the day of the individual. This is the first day when one of our clan truly considered ourselves as our own person, free to live completely as we chose without the influence of past lives leading the way. By this time, many of our previous habits and traits that were passed down from our previous lives are mostly down to nothing more then subconscious thoughts by now. They may be present but they don't have enough of a say anymore to really affect us, but some strong feelings, like deep fears, take Radara's claustrophobia for example, still hold firm grips. Depending on how bad the case was and any events that could further those feelings though, they could very well pass on through a number of incarnations." Thomas explained. He suddenly stopped talking though giving an odd look around the edge of the camp. He gave a few sniffs to the air, his face shifting from signs of pain to concern. "Rebecca, you have much better sense of smell then I do. What do you smell?" Thomas looked directly at her and she could tell that something was wrong. Even Radara had stuck her head out of the tent.

Rebecca copied Thomas's previous actions taking a good long sniff in the air. 'I can smell something sweet, sort of like an Iapapa Berry bush that's in bloom, but there isn't that sort of luring aroma to it.' Rebecca stated.

'Thomas, you don't think?' Radara asked.

"Sarah, Rebecca, start packing up and make it fast. If that's what I think it is, we're in serious trouble." Thomas quickly finished what little was on his plate before quickly setting down in the bucket that Sarah had strained the water from the spaghetti in.

"Thomas, what's going?" Sarah asked worried that something was going to happen.

"Let's just say that while I have made some friends over the centuries, I've been the victim of a few major misunderstandings and have made a few enemies." Thomas stating retrieving his blade as his eyes kept moving around the edge of the campsite. "Radara, do you sense anything?"

'I sense something, but I can't tell what it is. They still appear to be using those head pieces of theirs.' Radara informed him as she shook her head knowing that whatever was out there could be watching.

"Of course they are. They spent over a hundred years perfecting them so we couldn't track their thoughts." Thomas replied.

"Thomas? Whose this they you're referring too?" Sarah asked as she began dismantling the tents.

"No, worry about the tents last, they are one of the more expendable items we have." Thomas stated. "As for this they I spoke of, they're a bunch of misguided religious knights. I thought I lost them faking a death about 30 years ago, I guess they didn't believe my father's trick." Thomas stated as the smell grew a bit stronger. "And it smells like they aren't going to take any chances. Radara, get ready to teleport yourself and everyone else away from here. It's just me they are after."

"Wait, no! I'm not leaving without you." Sarah objected.

'No!' Rebecca added. 'I'm not letting to take on any fight's wounded like you are.'

"This is no fight, it's practice at this point. I can already feel my mind recalling my old skills." Thomas stated as his mind started to pick a simple defensive sword style, one of his oldest and trusted styles for that matter. "I know what I'm doing."

'Thomas, I'm afraid that I can't let you fight this alone. Your body has finished changing yet, so you are still very vulnerable to poisons. And given your current state, you could still be considered handicapped right now.' Radara stated. 'Either I teleport us all away from this camp with just the essentials or we all stay.'

"We don't..." Thomas quickly went quiet as he turned to face a slight rustling in the bushes towards the south end of the camp. Much to the group's surprise a small Riolu walked into the camp.

It quickly urged the group to follow it lacking its evolved form's ability of telepathic communication. Thomas and Radara both gave each other very confused looks before they both nodded their heads. "Come on, leave everything but what you already have packed up. We can replace the tents, cooking gear, and other odds and ends." Thomas stated already grabbing his pack before returning Rebecca to her Pokeball.

"Thomas, slow down." Sarah stated after grabbing her bag looking back over the camp at the little stuff she was leaving behind while Thomas was already starting to follow the Riolu. Forced to just abandon the camp or risk losing Thomas, Sarah hurried after him. Sarah knew that they were moving away from the road moving deeper into the forest. Finally, the group stopped in a small clearing near the river. The Riolu took a seat in the grass and Thomas and Radara soon copied its action leaving Sarah standing. After a few minutes of waiting there, they saw a large yacht slowly pull up to the beach a small distance off. The Riolu once again got up to move and everyone prepared to follow it again. With the boat in the view of the group, Thomas knew that it was where the Riolu was leading them. "Come on, let's hurry up. They're no doubt trying to follow us." Thomas stated as he reached down to pick the Riolu and placed it on his shoulders before he doubled his pace with Radara and Sarah following right behind him. Using his sword, he cleared away any larger bits of underbrush that got in their way before they finally hit the coast and they could finally make out the two people on the boat. It was a nice fairly big speedboat that looked though it had been through a bit. It also looked like that it could hold them all and plus a few more if need be.

"Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to climb aboard Jackson." The old man looking in his sixties on the boat shouted as the woman, nearly half his age of the man drew a rifle and took aim into the forest behind them. "Macy, put that gun down, we don't want the attention."

"The name is Thomas now Felix." Thomas shouted as he moved up towards the coastline. "Radara, care to give us a lift?" Radara's eye gave off their usual psychic glow before the group found them standing on the back end of the boat.

"Sorry about not coming in person, but every since my so-called knighthood was revoked, they've considered me one of your followers." The man stated. Despite his graying hair and new look of worn jeans, t-shirt and fishing hat, Thomas still recognized his face. "Anyway, this is my daughter, Macy. I don't think you've met her." Pointing up this his daughter who, while wearing similar pants, had a bikini top and bandana. The fact that she was still holding the rifle and the angry look on her face took away any innocent looks she held however.

"I can't really say that I'm glad to meet you." Thomas replied. "Every time we meet, trouble seems to follow you around."

"Macy, take us down to Vermillion." Felix shouted up to his daughter. "And I thought I told to put that gun down. I still adjust sight on it and we need to replace the barrel." Felix stated this time with a bit of anger in his voice.

With a bit of hesitation as though she were just waiting for someone to charge out of the forest after Thomas, she finally set the gun down and started the engine.

"Thomas, just who is this. I thought you didn't like the help of others." Sarah asked.

"This is a case of we are both hunted by the same group, not exactly an ally lending a hand." Thomas stated as he set the Riolu down reaching for Rebecca's Pokeball. He quickly released her and she began to look around. "About thirty years ago, Felix here had managed to defeat my father in melee combat. He had my father pinned down, his blade already covered in poison, ready to make the final strike, but he just couldn't."

"After seeing you save those pokemon, I had doubts about what I was doing." Felix stated.

"Seeing the doubt he had, my father started a conversation with him, managed to convince him to lower his sword and then took the chance to make a break for it." Thomas added.

"It was shortly after that, that they called me one of his followers and they even went to so far as to pass the blame to my wife and daughter. Me and Macy quickly managed to get, but they got to my wife shortly after calling us traitors. They burned her as a heretic, bunch of sadistic bastards. We've been on the run ever since." Felix stated sadly.

Thomas looks back over watching Rebecca play with the riolu. Once again, a strange vision enters his mind as he once again sees an older version of Rebecca playing with an infant riolu, but rather then the usual dreadlocks; this one has small tuffs of hair. The child smiles as it turns to face Thomas with a smile before speaking to him. "Hi daddy." Thomas's mind quickly fills with confusion and a bit of panic. Radara quickly senses this and looking into the Thomas's mind, sees the sight before him. Before she could even begin to make any guesses to what was going on though, the riolu turned to her with the same smiled. "Hi Auntie Radara." Both quickly return the real world as the boat continues down the coast. Once again, Rebecca is playing with Felix's riolu while Felix and Macy are talking with each other as well. Sensing Thomas's doubt and confusion though, Rebecca looks over to him. 'Thomas? Are you okay?' She asks as she slowly walks over to him.

Thomas quickly begins to relax as he realizes that he was just once again seeing things. "I'm fine Rebecca. It's nothing."

'Are you sure?' Rebecca asked still seeing a bit of confusion in Thomas's aura.

"It's nothing, just some new memories trying to surface." Thomas added to help reassure her. He knew that until he could truly tell what was going on, there would be no need to worry her.

"Good luck trying to hide anything from them Lucario and their youngens. I've tried with that one, but they can sense just about anything, even when you try to hide it." Felix states pointing to his riolu. Knowing that Felix is pointing at him, the riolu sticks his tongue out at Felix.

"Dad stop teasing him like that he's just going to do more mischief." The riolu barks happily at this knowing that Macy always takes his side.

"That's because you spoil him Macy." Felix counters as the riolu runs up to join Macy by the wheel.

"Well, if you're here, then that must mean something is up." Thomas stated taking a seat on the edge of the boat. He quickly reached over towards a nearby lamp and turned it with the sun already falling over the horizon.

"The knights are under new leadership, a man who the others have been calling Ignis. They've been under his command for the better part of 18 years now and I've never seen em deploy as they have before. They've been sending out fewer knights for jobs and their success rate seems to be going up. They've also gotten much faster. Just a few weeks ago, Team Rocket tried to set up a trap for one of the three legendary birds who reside on the Orange Islands. I heard they were taken out before the trap was even finished. Hell, for that matter, they been on your tail for all of three days Jackson and I just heard this morning that they contacted your foster family late yesterday afternoon." Felix stated.

"Wait? It took them two days to track down my connection to the Falston's?" Thomas asked. "Any ideas what's going on with that?"

"Well they talked to your adopted mother and I guess her father. It seems that there was a falling out between both you and her father. Also something that you had made threats against him. Something of that manner anyway. Don't worry I got an old friend who will keep me apprise about anything that becomes of this from the police force. If anything comes up, I'll let ya know, Jackson." Felix stated.

"It's Thomas, Felix. My name is Thomas." Thomas informs Felix again.

Felix looks at Thomas for a second before smiling. "Yeah, whatever Jackson"

"You never going to call me by my new name, are you?" Thomas shakes his head and laughs

Felix laughs a bit himself as he strikes a match to light his cigarette. "Why should I boy. I have known you as Jackson since the first time we crossed swords. Just because you change your name and body doesn't mean your not Jackson to me. Like you told me in your past incarnation, you take all those memories of your last life and use them for your recent incarnation. So thus you are Jackson."

'He has point there, Thomas.' Radara adds in.

Thomas just drops his head a bit deciding that it would just be best to let it stand. After all, he was the guest in the current situation and Felix could very well have information that he could use. Thinking about it as he was, he realized that Felix had always been as stubborn as a Tauros once he made his mind about something.

"Anyway, I'm guessing that you've changed up your team a bit. That's a nice looking Lucario you have, a real powerhouse I assume. I'm guessing you still have that ninetales of yours as well." Felix asked.

"Yea, I still got Juno. But you know how she is on small boats like this one. Cruise liners are fine, but little private vessels and her don't mix well." Thomas stated.

"That's a good thing, you'll probably be needing all the help you can get. Anyway, it's getting late. I have a lot to talk with you about and I'd rather that we all be awake for the entire conversation." Felix took at the sky with the stars already starting to shine. "I've got spare bunks downstairs, but not enough for everyone to be let out. I know you like letting your pokemon out at night, but I wouldn't suggest letting anymore out. It will still take a while to reach Vermilion, so the lot of you might as well go get some sleep. I've got a reservation set up for us at a nice hotel there who happen to be able to guarantee our privacy."

"I guess we'll talk more about this over there then." Thomas stated as he headed for the door that led to the lower levels of the boat. "Rebecca, just make sure you come down before it gets too late. I know you're going to want to stay up here for a while." Rebecca just nodded to Thomas smiling. She always did enjoy looking at the stars for a while.

Radara followed Thomas as they quickly found one of the extra bedrooms on the ship and after making sure that no one was around, they locked the door and took a seat on the bunk. "Okay, while the knights prove a be decent threat, we've got bigger issues. Those were not my thoughts and this is the second time that we've both see images like that. What the hell is going on?" Thomas demanded.

'And what makes you think that I know anything about it.' Radara asked.

"I recall some instances in the past where you projected some very vivid images into ones mind before. What kind of power would be needed though to project an image like that?" Thomas asked.

'Far more then I have. Even though just like all the other immortals, we are slowly regaining the complete sum of our abilities, that would have been beyond my full power in the first place unless I was in close range and given our current moving location, I doubt I'd be able to pull it off without being on the boat anyway.' Radara explained with a bit or worry in her voice. 'All I know is that someone out there is targeting us directly. That last image we saw tried to interact with both of us.'

"And we both know that can't happen. That's the one thing I can never give Rebecca. I can only be the father to a single child in any one of my incarnations and there is a very limited time span in which that can be done." Thomas stated. Just as he stated that fact, the full impact of that truth suddenly dawned on him as well as a number of other instances where he to explain the same thing to many of his past mates and how bad some of them took it. "Oh man, how I am going to explain that one to her?"

'Thomas, that fact has been true for generations. I hate to sound disrespectful about it. But we have bigger issues to deal with.' Radara stated. 'When I looked into you mind, I could have sworn there was more to that image, but we just couldn't see it. As with all psychics, when we project something, we always leave the slightest trace of ourselves imprinted on that image. Many don't notice it because they don't look for it and even when they do, it can sometimes be exceptionally hard to find depending on strong the projector it. For something to show us both an image of that level of detail and not only just show, but have it attempt to interact with us means that whatever is out there is no doubt far stronger then either of u when it comes to manipulation of the minds.'

"I know that, but why is it doing this?" Thomas asked. "Something out there knows what I want most of all right now, to just lead a normal life for once, to raise a family in peace."

'That is something that you cannot have. Just like every other living thing on this world, there are certain rule that we are doomed to follow alone, rules that affect our kind and our kind alone.' Radara stated.

"Which brings us back to why I still say this kind of existence is a curse." Thomas hung his head down just a bit. As he continued to think about all the past lives that he had lived, select ones, ones where he had almost led a normal life began to reemerge in his mind. Thomas grabbed his head the pain caused from waking memories slowly took over. Just as each life appeared though, the sole reason he had been denied the life he desired most right now also surfaced. One of his immortal kind would always require his help tearing him away from his life. Strangely though, only these select memories came back, as though they were picked out slow enough for him relive each one, and Thomas realized something. Trying to push everything out of his mind, a soft laugh could be heard over everything else that going on. Quickly grabbing onto his sword, he slammed the hilt onto his foot.

'Thomas?!? Are you mad?' Radara asked in shock.

"Quite the opposite. Something was picking out select memories and forcing me to watch them." Thomas stated as he checked his foot. "We both know that in cases like, the act of recalling old memories can only be interrupted by an outside source. I'm beginning to think that someone is hoping that I'll turn my back on the others."

'Of course, any strong enough jolt to the senses can interrupt the process.' Radara looked up at him with a slightly puzzled look though. 'But, if you intentionally interrupted them, then you must have had a reason for it.'

"After pushing as much of it as I could out the way, I could a small laugh in the background, that imprint as you put it." Thomas explained. "I don't know what's going on, but next time we meet up with the knights, we need to steal one of their headsets to help me hide myself from this thing. Whatever it is, I doubt that it has good intentions."

'I agree with you there. Let's get some sleep though. We can begin teaching you to block out intrusive psychics again in the morning. Hopefully this works out better then it with your father.' Radara stated.

"I'm going to need the sleep, no doubt about that." Reach into his bag, Thomas pulled something to help with his headache before he unlocked the door and then laid down. "I'm guessing that you're going to go up and find a quiet place to think for a while."

'That would be a correct assumption.' Radara stated as she opened the door with her mind before walking out of the room.

"Make sure Rebecca knows which bunk I'm using before you go to sleep please. No need to make her wander all over to try and find me." Thomas added as he turned onto his side.

'I shall see you in the morning. I have this feeling that we are going to have a long day.' Radara took a final look at Thomas for the night.

"Between my next two steps in training and our talk with Felix, I'm guessing your right." And with that Thomas ended the conversation trying to get himself to sleep.
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