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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 14

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.

Original author: The Shadow Master of Weapons
Beta Reader / Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 14

Sarah looks around feeling very drained from the last few days, her entire body sore from whatever that thing had done to her. She had been trying very hard to ignore the constant paging of her PokeNav, alerting her to a new e-mail every hour or so, if it waited that long. She knew that since she had left her phone behind, her mother was no doubt on the computer a lot writing her letter after letter wanting to talk with her once more. She still ignored it for now though, her thoughts going over the last few days. Her thoughts were split, mostly between what had just happened on the island, and how her last meeting with her parents went. The more she thought on it though, the more she found her thoughts replaying the events at The Cloyster for now. She knew that her father never entirely approved of her journey, but he always still supported her, if only a bit. How could he have been so arrogant though, much less attack Thomas like he did. She though that he liked Thomas. Either way, she'd have to talk with them sometime, not something she was looking forward to at all. After what happened on the island though, she couldn't help but think that it would be easier to handle them.

She looked around the cave that the group was in, a large fire in the middle, which kept the cave surprisingly warm. Articuno still seemed unresponsive, but Radara assured her that she was fine, she was still preparing for her reincarnation. All of their pokemon had been let out, allowed to rest however they pleased, and with that last fight though, it was easily understandable that most of them just rested around the fire, nursing their wounds. All of them expect Radara who wasn't really fighting and Sarah's sceptile and her lapras were beat up pretty badly, and Sarah had to wonder if even pulling them would have done any good anyway, not after how badly they were beaten.

Radara tried to comfort the group, even trying to comfort Sarah a bit as well, but she could care less after being thrown around like a rag doll. During that fight though, she did realize one thing. She knew now that they were in for some rough times, the gap between herself and her pokemon against this thing was huge and that meant that she would need to train harder then ever before in her life to try and keep herself and her pokemon safe. She had fought against various criminal organizations, several vicious trainers, and even when the odds were stacked against her, she always found a way to get out it. That was what made her such a good coordinator and trainer. For the first time though, she had been tossed aside as if she was the first time trainer taking on a champion.

She had a hard understanding of fear now as she replayed the events in her head again, watching as her pokemon were tossed around just as badly as she was. That thing never once even really tried to attack her, it just kept throwing them back at her. She was knocked out real fast, only to wake up a while later with her pokemon all around, worried that she had been seriously hurt.

She thought about leaving Thomas, telling him that she couldn't handle this kind of thing, but she always pushed those thoughts out of her head. He needed help now, and lots of it, if she left, then he'd be alone to take this thing on. Thinking of Thomas again though, she takes another look around, but notices that he is missing from the group again. Not that it was really surprising, he had spent the last few days mostly on his own doing something, Sarah could only guess that he was training from the way he seems so tired the few times she did see him.

She once again pulls out her pokeblock kit, hoping that it help her deal with the stress of the situation like it normally did. She picks up some berries that their pokemon had gathered from around the island and threw them a bit hard into a bowl. She didn't realize how hard on the berries she was being, easily bruising a few, smashing a few others as she slammed her fist into the bowl. "Oh, why can't one or two of the legendaries just volunteer to join up with us." Sarah grumbled as she looks up only to see her umbreon and Razor there, both of them with berries, both also taking a few steps from her with a look of fear as they look at the crushed berries in the bow thinking it might be them next. She sighed a bit and dropped her head a bit feeling sorry for scaring them like that.

She gets up and walks over to them, patting them gently on the head to let them know its okay before another small wave of negative emotions flows into her mind. She quickly realizes that she had been unknowingly letting Radara's feelings flood into her mind, her worry and anger. Looking over, she sees Radara pacing a bit in the corner of the cave, in deep thought.

She understands the reason for how Radara feels right now though as she sits back down, this time weary of the extra emotions in her head. She relaxes a bit as she once again tries to make some pokeblocks, with a bit more success this time when Thomas once again shows up in the cave.

As usual, Rebecca is holding onto his arm, a light layer of snow on her, but Thomas is nearly snow free. She had asked him a few times about what he was doing all this time on the island, always getting the same lie, that he was patrolling the island for other threats with Rebecca. She knew it was a lie though, the amount of snow Rebecca gathered on her compared to Thomas told her that she was often sitting still for a long while he probably trained him. Once in the cave though, he quickly swept the snow of Rebecca before taking a spot by the fire.

"Thomas, do you want some berries?" She asked a bit worried herself for him, she had yet to see him actually eat anything since the fight. Rebecca growled her as soon as Sarah opened her mouth though. Sarah did her best to ignore it, but Rebecca had grown a bit aggressive towards her lately. She could only assume that it was because she was trying to protect Thomas after he had been beaten so badly and Sarah could understand that, but she still felt that there was no need for her to be so aggressive about it though.

Thomas quickly calmed Rebecca down, her smile returning to her face enough as she leaned on him. Radara quickly walks over to Thomas, looking at him, but he just ignores her. She could tell that Radara was getting annoying fast, the feelings once again bleeding into her mind, before Rebecca says something in her native tongue rather then with her aura speech.

A powerful lash of anger fills Sarah's mind for a few as Thomas gets up and grabs some berries before he once again leaves the cave. Sarah waits a few before she gets up and takes a seat next to Radara. "Still no luck?" She asks.

'He's completely ignoring me.' Radara growled, her tail swaying behind her a bit roughly. 'He has shut me out completely. He needs to get out of this rut of his.'

Sarah sighs once more knowing that the day is just going to get harder. "Can't you push him out of it, I thought you were the one that kept him in check." She asks recalling a few talks she had had with Radara ever since she found Radara could talk with her. "Can't you just kick him out of it or something?"

'You do realize that he's shut me out completely. He's acting like a child again, just like he did when he found out his last mate died. If Articuno wasn't in her current state, I'd give him the wake up call he needs.' Radara says rather annoyed looking over to the still unconscious bird.

"Then tell him to stop hanging around Rebecca for a bit. I think he's pushed everyone out to hide his aura from her, he doesn't want to worry her. I think she knows what's going on, but hanging around Thomas like she is, I think she's just happy with that right now." Sarah says slowly, Rebecca was the only one of the bunch right now that seemed to be actually happy right now.

'Maybe your right, I don't want Rebecca to be mad at me, but I need to talk with Thomas one on one, he can't stay like he is. I'll ask Razor and Aqua to help try and keep her busy for a bit. Articuno needs him to be at his best right now, anyone could capture her right now.'

"Why not ask Juno for some help?" Sarah asks as she looked around only to notice that Juno and Flare and also not in the cave.

'Juno has her own issues to deal with. She is watching over your arcanine, who also seems to be in the same slump as Thomas, but for different reasons.' Radara says. 'I believe she can handle him though.'

"Huh?" Sarah looks at him.

'I was sure that I thought I made you aware of his condition. He has a crush on Juno and apparently losing in front of her has left him doubtful of his own abilities.' Radara stated.

Sarah nodded, she had noticed that Flare was acting down. He was always one to explore though, and she never thought too much about his absence until now. "I see."

'Sarah, could you please help me, I need to make sure that I can talk with Thomas alone, whatever that thing did to him, he can't stay like this.' Radara looks up at her. Sarah nods lightly she would help.


Flare was panting hard, he had found himself a nice secluded beach to train on. The air here bites at him hard, being a fire type, the chilled air continuously take a toll on him, but he ignores it, he has to train harder.

It wasn't the fact that he had lost that upset him so much, he had lost to others before, but to be beaten in front of Juno was hard. Not only that, but that blaziken had never once took him seriously, he constantly kept toying with him. Flare growled loudly, letting loose a large flame thrower on an icy pillar.

He had a large crush on Juno ever since he was a growlithe and he first met Juno when Sarah met back up with Thomas a few years back. Her fur was perfect in his eyes, she moved with an unseen grace when she attacked, he just couldn't help but want her. Then Thomas split ways with Sarah and he was worried that he would never see her again. During that time, he evolved into an arcanine. He was proud of his strength and power, earning the praise of not only his trainer, but many other trainers, even a few breeders who had asked Sarah if they could use him for a while. Sarah always left the decision up to him though, and he constantly turned them down. He knew it would just be a short 'love' at best, not what he wanted.

Now he was once again traveling with Juno's trainer, and he thought that he could finally have her. He thought he could show her how much of a worthy mate he was and finally have the love he wanted. He was more then ready to show her his worth.

That damn blaziken though, it changed his plans. He seemed to mock him the whole time during their fight. He never really attacked, yet more or less avoided direct battle with Flare. That's what made things so bad. No matter how hard Flare attacked, that blaziken only seemed to play with him, never taking him seriously. It was as if Flare was beneath him. He had seen this a lot with other trainers and even in contests. The stronger pokemon always played with the weaker, it was more fun that way then to actually take them serious, the same thing that the blaziken had done to Flare. Flare couldn't help but grow even more angrier at his lost now, that blaziken took the battle as nothing more than a game. He roared out before charging into another icy pillar.

(How long are you to cry there, you over grown puppy.) Flare quickly turned in anger, ready to strike whoever was there, only to see Juno standing at the entrance to the beach.

(I'm not crying! It just cold out here, it stings even with all this fur.) He shakes his face a bit, trying to clear himself of all the snow, still trying to look directly at her.

(Then come back to the cave where it's warm you big fool.) Juno stated as she walks over to him.

(I'm busy. I need to train.) He growled a bit. (I need to...) He tries to walk past Juno, but she cuts him off.

(What you're trying to do is kill yourself like this. You'll be no help to anyone if you freeze yourself out here.) She states firmly.

He once again tries to move past her. (I.... I... Look, I have to do this, please understand.) He is once again cut off, but tries to get past her again, only to hear her growl and slam one of her tails down very hard in front of him, the glow of a fading Iron Tail attack showing that she wasn't just going to let him past.

(No, you listen. If I wanted a male to protect me, I would have asked Thomas to let that nidoking join the team a while back. I didn't ask you to prove anything to me. You are older now, but to me, you're still a puppy the way you act.) Juno growls a bit.

He looks at her in anger. He tries one more time to move around her, only to have her attack him. He just barely managed to avoid her claws when she jumped at him.

(Why are you doing this? I don't want to hurt you.) He starts to growl himself. She just smiles and releases a Fire Blast at him. He plows through the fire attack though, but he quickly sees that the attack wasn't meant to hurt, only to distract him as he feels a pair of tails slam into his side. He roars at her trying to take her off balance as he jumps ready to actually attack now, but she easily jumps back herself dodging his move.

He growls even more as she jumps onto his back, claws just barely digging into his sides before she jumps off of him before he can counter. He quickly turns, but Juno is still one step ahead of him, diving under him clawing at his legs before once again sliding away.

(How you doing this?) He roars out going to tackle her, but only slamming himself into the wall.

(You rely too much on your trainer.) Juno replies. (You're strong, and you've grown a lot since we last met, but you're still just a puppy to me. I'm much older and wiser then you, that's why you can't touch me.) Juno explains, quickly using another Iron Tail to push him back when charged her again. (You're a wonderfully trained pokemon, and that's not a bad thing, but without your trainer, you hesitate. That's how that blaziken was able to defeat you so easily. He could see that you weren't following your instincts. There were several times you could have attacked him when he left himself open, but you've grown too use to waiting for a command.)

Hearing these truths, Flare backs down a bit, he looks away knowing now that it was true. She was scolding him just like the puppy she had called him. He fought as normal trained pokemon would, always expecting Sarah's help and waiting for her to call an attack. He was constantly thinking that it was battle, with rules and terms, not a real fight. (Juno...) He speaks softly a bit ashamed of himself. (Will you help me?)

Juno smiles standing down as she moves over to his side, licking lightly at the one single open wound she gave him on his side. (I would be glad to help you find your true potential) She smiled.


It took a long while, but at last Thomas had returned back to the cave. Radara and Sarah had managed to con Aqua and Razor into helping them, although Razor had to be given a bit of extra incentive, wanting more berries for his trouble. They got even luckier when Juno showed back up with Flare, and was more then willing to help.

Between the three of them, Juno was the one to get Rebecca to get away from Thomas. As soon as Rebecca had stepped a few feet away from Thomas though, Radara moved in, quickly wrapping her tail around Thomas's leg and teleporting them both to the other side of the island.

"Radara, what the hell?!" Thomas yelled out very angry with her.

'No, you will not avoid this like you have avoiding me like I had a cold virus.' Radara snapped at him. 'You will listen to me and you will listen now. I know your afraid of what happened, but we can still win. Like you said he still hasn't fully..'

Thomas quickly cuts her off. "You don't understand Radara, he ripped me to pieces, he wasn't even trying to fight me, he kept me busy and only wanted to talk. He showed me my deepest desires, to have a family, to have someone to be with in this existence. He said he could give Rebecca the power to reincarnate, I'd never have to be alone again!!!" Thomas yelled as she could hear his voice break a bit .

'You know he lies, he always lies. He can't give her that power.' Radara countered.

"I know what I felt and I felt truth in his words." Thomas growls. "Part of me wants to truly believe him. I could lead a normal life for once, have a family. I would kill for that chance, it's the one thing I want more then anything else!!" Thomas yells out. "I know you want the same thing, we share a mind after all. I know you want a litter of cubs to one day call your own, cubs to call you mother."

She stiffens a bit as his words hit right on the mark. She had wanted her own real litter for a long time, to have family just like Thomas wanted. 'You know we cannot have that life. For argument sake, let's say he can grant you a family, let you raise a child. Would you forsake the world, our immortal brothers and sisters, the legendaries, even your own mother, Arceus, god of this world just for this dream.'

Radara's words spark his own anger, a soft glow surrounding him as he begins to spark with electricity, bit of snow slowly beginning to circle around him as he growls at her.

'How would Rebecca feel if you abandoned everything you are?' A sudden image of Rebecca's smile though quickly causes him to stop. Her words hit him just as hard as his words hit her as she prepared herself for a fight in case he attacked, but he stopped thinking hard about that question. The snow around him falls back to the ground, as the electricity in his hands fades away.

After a few, he smiles a bit at her, not a large smile, but still a smile. "Thanks for your help. I guess I have been the fool." He kneels down and scratched her chin a bit. "I'm sorry for acting this way, its just he knew exactly what to do to make me question myself." He said. "You're right, he can't give me anything." Radara smiles herself now seeing that he's finally starting to get back to his normal self, even if there's still a lot of doubt in him. "Let's get back to the cave, Rebecca was must be worried about me by now."

Radara nods as she moves next to him waiting for him to tell her he's ready this time before teleporting back to the cave, only to find something they did not expect.


A few minutes ago...

It took a long while, but at last Thomas had returned back to the cave. Radara and Sarah had managed to con Aqua and Razor into helping them, although Razor had to be given a bit of extra incentive, wanting more berries for his trouble. They got even luckier when Juno showed back up with Flare, and was more then willing to help.

Between the three of them, Juno was the one to get Rebecca to get away from Thomas. As soon as Rebecca had stepped a few feet away from Thomas though, Radara moved in, quickly wrapping her tail around Thomas's leg and teleporting them both to the other side of the island.

Rebecca quickly snapped the second Thomas was taken from her. 'What did you do?' Rebecca was already bearing her fangs at the lot of them.

(Hey, it was Radara's idea.) Razor stated.

Aqua just face palmed. (You coward, why did you tell her?) She growls a little herself looking at him.

Razor shrugs a bit looking at her. Rebecca growls even louder as she quickly storms off to go and find Thomas only to find Sarah in the cave entrance, blocking her from leaving. "Rebecca, they need to talk with each other alone right now. He'll be back, you just have to wait." Sarah says calming hoping to give Radara enough time to try and set Thomas straight.

Rebecca, in her anger, let's her imagination run a bit wild. 'No! I know what your doing, your trying to take him from me.' Rebecca shouts out.

(Rebecca, please calm down, you're going into heat again.) Juno walks up from behind her to help make sure that Rebecca doesn't try to attack Sarah when Rebecca bared her teeth at Sarah.

"You know what, I've tried to be nice about this, but I've had it with you. Radara told me you tried to push me out of bed back in Carter City. I told you I would stop my advances on him!" Sarah yelled back.

'Liar. I hear you mumbling in your sleep about professing your love for him. You still love him and I will not let you have him.' Rebecca went to make a move, but Juno took her own stance, ready to defend Sarah.

Sarah listens on, being limited to only being able to understand Rebecca, she fails to tell that she is going into heat. "Rebecca, your blowing this way out of proportion. Thomas chose you to be his mate, not me. Your acting like a spoiled brat." She stated.

'No! I will not be talked down by you. You can't have him, you would never make him happy!' Rebecca yelled.

Fed up with her enough, Sarah snaps herself. "Happy, you think he's happy with you when you're acting like this? Crying, threatening to hurt others around you? What could you do to make him happy when your acting like some girl without her favorite doll."

Radara and Thomas finally teleport back in just in time for Rebecca's next comment.

In her heat, Rebecca really only had one thing on her mind right now. 'I can make him feel good in bed, something I know you could never do.' She screamed. Suddenly seeing Thomas there though, she turned red not believing she had actually said that as she quickly came to her senses, her paws covering her mouth.

Everyone looks at her in a bit of shock, before Thomas finally caught the weak smell of her heat. "Rebecca, are you in heat?" he asked a bit confused, lucario's normally only went into heat about once every three months. Sarah hearing the comment, suddenly felt a bit bad, not knowing that Rebecca actually had a bit of real need to be around Thomas.

'Thomas, that thing's toying with her, he's forced her heat to come early...' Radara stated very confused, but also very worried having felt a slight pulse with in Rebecca.

Thomas quickly looked down at Radara, then back to Rebecca kneeling down a bit to her height. "Rebecca, are you okay?" He asked looking at her concerned. She was still blushing, not sure what had come over her yet, but quickly hugged him.

'I'm sorry Thomas, I didn't mean to cause any problems.' She whined a little bit. Thomas put himself to hard work, searching her mind to see if anything else had been done to Rebecca, Radara also searching her mind as well.

'Thomas, it's alright, that thing is just messing with us.' Radara gave a small sigh of relief before she quickly shooed everyone back inside minus Thomas and Rebecca. 'Go, be with her, she needs you.' Radara said quietly into Thomas's mind alone. 'There is a small, but warm cave a little ways up the mountain. It's a small flower grove, you should be warm enough in there.' Thomas nodded, the mention of the place quickly brought memories of when he helped plant the small grove a few life times ago.

"Rebecca, come with me." Thomas smiled and wrapped an arm around her lightly leading her up to the small grove. It was a slightly hurried walk to the small cave, barely even an eighth of the size of the cave the rest of the group was in, but it was lit a series of luminescent stones along the roof, and a small pool of water in the middle. "My mother blessed this place for Articuno, to give her a garden of her own." Thomas explained as Rebecca walked in to see the grove of snow white roses. "It was her own private sanctuary on this island of ice." He smiled letting her roam around a bit, he would let her make the first move if she wanted him, doubly so after having her heat thrust upon so quickly and what had happened last time. He really didn't want to bring up any bad memories of it.

Rebecca smiled herself, enjoying the small garden, but soon her heat won out as she began to whine a little bit moving back to him. 'Thomas...' She spoke softly, a bit worried herself about her heat, but also about what had happened last time.

"I promise you, I won't do anything you don't want me." He leaned down and kissed her lightly, a somewhat awkward kiss as she had a snout and he did not, but they made it work. When it was over, Thomas smiled as he gently leaned her back, kneeling over her as placed a hand on bottom of her shirt. She nodded lightly after a few and Thomas slipped his hand under it, slowly pulling her shirt off. He slid a hand under her shirt as he did so, gently running it over her stomach, up to her chest spike and sliding the shirt off of it revealing her breasts. She blushed a bit, giving a small gasp as the shirt rubbed her nipples a bit as he pulled it off, finally revealing her breasts to him.

He grinned a bit, closing his eyes as he quickly recalled a few past life times where he had played with a couple of lucarios. "Rebecca, may I try something?" He asked as he looked over her body, finally having her taken her shirt completely off.

She looked at him a bit worried, but nodded again. 'You'll be gentle right, not like that... that thing?' She asked, Thomas knowing that she was talking about that ivysaur.

Thomas happily smiled, nodding as he took her hand. "If I do something you don't like, a single force palm right here will knock me out." He placed her hand on the center of his chest, right at the very bottom of his rib cage. "A single hit right here will literally cause me to short out, sending a massive jolt through my body." He told her softly knowing that he just gave her his greatest weakness. She looked at him a bit concerned, but his aura told her that he trusted her and was telling the truth. She nodded again and Thomas held up a hand, closing his eyes again as a very small spark formed in his hand, fading away to almost nothing. She looked at him a bit worried and he just smiled back waiting for her. She nodded again and he gently placed his hand on the underside of her breast, a very gentle shock filling her breast. She moaned out, this light tingling feeling in her breast was wonderful and she soon found herself enjoying it a lot as he began to massage her breast, doing the same thing to her right breast now. She arched her back a bit, leaning into him a bit more as he worked. He knew just where to touch, his past lives helping him please her properly, being as gentle as he could even as a tent formed in his pants.

His body was wanting its own attention now, but he put her needs in front of his, habits of his past lives coming up, he wouldn't take advantage of her heat. Moving one hand to the center of her chest just over her chest spike, he moved his other hand down to her shorts and slowly began to take them off her. She felt him move his hand on her waist and lightly pull her shorts down a bit. She was already very wet, wanting more and she moaned a bit louder urging him on.

Thomas kept up his work, sliding his hand on her shorts around to her tail, gently slipping that from the small hole in the back of the clothing and easing it out so that he could slip her shorts off her hips and down her legs. He took a second to playfully rub her clit though. She relaxed as best she could to let him pull her shorts off. With his one hand still between her breasts, giving her a pleasant series of shocks though, she was having a bit of trouble staying still, but he managed.

With that task done, he focused a bit of electricity again into his free hand, and dimmed it down before gently rubbing her folds, his hand quickly getting wet. As soon as his hand touched her there though, she gasped out, really arching her back in pleasure. He smiled and leaned over her kissing her neck a bit. "Rebecca, I'm sorry for letting that monster claim you, I should have found a way to help you before it became a problem." He said slipping a finger into, giving her a nice, but very controlled jolt. She cried out, her body reacting heavily to his finger.

Looking down, she could see the large tent in his pants and went to reach for it. 'Thomas... please..." She begged a bit, her heat in control for the most part. He shifted just enough to stop her though.

"No, you need this more then me." He kissed her again. "I won't take you in the heart of your heat. Once you've calmed down and want me, not out of heat, but as your lover, then I shall mate you." He said sending her another pair of jolts, one from the pair of fingers he now had sliding around inside her and one for the hand between her breasts. She gave a small howl of pleasure as she found her much needed release, a gush of her fluids flowing over his hand, her walls flexing over his fingers.

He kept up his work all the while though, making sure that she enjoyed herself as much as possible. It took a few seconds for her to really calm down, before she looked at him, rather needy. 'Thomas, please.' She reached out and grabbed his belt. 'Please, I want you in me...' She said, Thomas still able to smell a bit of her heat. He looked at her for a few, before nodded. He normally would avoid mating a female when they were in heat, but Rebecca really wanted him, not just because of her heat this time. He let her undo his belt and his pants fell soon enough.

Rebecca let out an irritated growl though, he still had his boxers on and Thomas had to keep her from just tearing through them, pulling them off himself letting his member free. It was nice and tall and Rebecca eagerly looked at him as she laid back. "I'm going to have to go slow, you're a bit smaller then I am." He said as he leaned over her again.

'No...'Rebecca whined a bit, very much still in need. 'Please, let me take it all.'

Thomas looked at her, leaning down to kiss her again as he rubbed himself over her. She gave another needy whine and Thomas finally submitted that she wouldn't wait much longer, slipping his head into her. She tight, his head alone spreading her wide, but she didn't care, this was what she wanted and she gasped out in pleasure, wrapping her legs over to try and pull him in deeper. Thomas smiled a bit, leaning back down over her. He lifted her ass up with one hand, letting him slip in much deeper, but he was still very careful with her, paying much more attention to her pleasure then his own.

While he kept sliding into her, he gently placed a finger right under her tail, giving her a few more addition pleasant shocks, his cock even giving a few off as well. She moaned very loudly, he felt so good in her and this odd tingling of electricity flowing through her only made it that much better. She looked up at him, quickly kissing him again, already on her way to another climax in her heat.

Her entire body was very sensitive and the more electricity he seemed to share with her, the more pleasure she got, gasping out loudly, cumming hard when she felt him suddenly bottom out, his cock giving her a good pleasant jolt. He groaned a bit himself, her already tight pussy now flexing and clamping down over his cock. He still had a little bit more of his cock left out, but he wouldn't try to push that in if he could help it, he knew that she was small for him.

He couldn't control himself entirely though, his body sparking up even more, but Rebecca only cried out louder. He slowly pulled out just as she started to calm down, then pushed back in, setting a bit of a fast pace to start with. She made no objections at all though, already moaning again as he started to massage her chest again, as well as the base of her tail.

Thomas was enjoying himself just as much as Rebecca now, but still worked hard to keep himself from shocking her too much. He groaned out again, starting to increase his pace a bit as he lifted her ass up a bit more.

Rebecca began to cry out a bit louder, her heat finally starting to fade a bit as she got the relief she desired. She wrapped her legs around him a bit more, still trying to get him in all the way, but Thomas had enough control to keep himself from hilting. He didn't want to her hurt her, but he smirked a bit, giving her a few more jolts, even testing a few things, running his thumb over her ass, shocking different spots, seeing where she liked his special skills the most.

Now both of them were moaning out, Thomas even growling a bit. He slipped his thumb down between her legs, just barely rubbing the very bottom of her pussy, Rebecca giving a loud gasp, arching her back and wrapping her tail over his hand, holding it there. He smiled thrusting into her a bit harder, letting his cock shock her a bit more now, as well as his hands. He leaned down and kissed her once more, finally cumming himself now, the feeling his cum filling her causing her to cum as well. She howled out again, this time rather loudly, finally biting onto his shoulder to try and keep herself quiet. Thomas winced a bit, but mostly shrugged it off.

Thomas held her tightly, feeling her calm down slowly over him. She open her eyes slowly and quickly jerked her head back. 'Thomas, I'm so sorry.' She whined seeing the bite marks in his shoulder as a little blood seeped from it.

"No, don't worry about it." He smiled kissing her to reassure her that it was fine. "Its perfectly fine, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

'But...' She started, only to find a finger on her lips.

"No, don't worry about it, I'll be fine. Your fangs don't bother me." He said wrapping his arms around her, before carefully rolling over. He grabbed his jacket and pulled it over them, making sure that she was nice and warm. She whined a bit more, licking at his shoulder. "Rebecca, its perfectly fine." He said lifting her chin a bit and getting her lay her head down on his other shoulder. "It's nothing, really."

He then reached around and began to massage her shoulder, giving her a few more gentle shocks to help ease her to sleep. "Come on, I make bet they won't even be there in the morning." He kissed her neck one more time. "Just get some sleep, its been a long day and I'm sure you'll finally sleep well tonight." He gave his own small yawn. "Good night my love."
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