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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 15

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC’s.

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
xXx This will identify where each paragraph breaks.
‘Character Thought’
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don’t own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 15

Deserted Ranger Tower…
Sinnoh Region…

The normally quiet abandoned ranger tower was far from it as its new occupants quickly start making a mess with their argument.

A large engine block is thrown at the alakazam, but it never hits, instead bouncing off a large green barrier and smashing into the walls. (I told you you worthless psychic.) The machamp yells out in anger as he looked at the much smaller pokemon. (I told you I could take them all on! Those bitches will die by my hands. I will make them beg for mercy, then kill them.) His muscles ripple a bit with all the power he has in his body right now, three of his four hands having charged up one of the three elemental punches, the last one flipping the alakazam off.

The blaziken just ignores them both as he seems to be shadow boxing a bit, merely keeping himself a bit busy and staying in shape as the machamp plows his fists into large jeep, easily smashing the old vehicle.

The alakazam has finally had enough, raising a hand as a light surrounds the machamp and paralyzes him.

‘Enough.’ The alakazam’s voice is much stronger then usual, his voice heard firmly in the heads of all of those around him. ‘You will follow the master’s orders as we all do. We were told not to touch him until he has an answer for our lord. We are not to interfere with his quest for now.’ The alakazam smiles a bit, his voice much calmer now. ‘His human friends, as well as their pokemon are fair game though.’

The machamp cries out in rage again. (That means I can’t touch those bitches now. I don’t care about that whore’s pokemon, none of them are any trouble. Hell, bird brain over there proved she can hardly train her pokemon at all, that mutt didn’t even put up a real fight.)

The blaziken stops his training and looks at the machamp. (Look you muscle brained fool, you would have lost an arm if you fought him. He may not be a strong as you were, but that maw of his would have ripped one of your arms clean off for a snack. You assume that just because your so strong, that makes you unstoppable.) He stands up and looks him over. (He wouldn’t have fought you head on like he did with me, any sane pokemon would know that would be suicide. There was a reason I didn’t give him the chance to land a blow on me. I could feel his anger, his feral side coming out and if he would have hit me once, he wouldn’t have let go until one of us was dead.)

The machamp laughs a bit a he points to him with two of his arms. (Of course he couldn’t hit, your part lopunny hopping around the place so much.)

(I just knew that fighting him head-on would have lost me a limb. Surely you noticed how easily those girls danced around all your so called great strength.) The blaziken smirks as he looks back.

The machamp growls as he looks at the blaziken flexing his muscles again. (Look bird brain, they would have been ripped to shreds if I…) He pauses as he suddenly takes notes of his own words.

The blaziken just smiles. (I see I was able to make you use that muscle called a brain. Yes, he would have ripped anyone of my limbs off if he got the chance, I’m not as brainless as you are. I was train… I was taught to be smarter in my battles, not just jump in guns blazing as…) He pauses himself as he looks away.

The machamp smiles now as he looks at the silenced blaziken. (Oh, you mean that human who owned you at one time. Why the hell did you that bi-) The blaziken never gives the machamp a chance to finish his word as a flaming clawed fist smashes into his nose, sending him flying back into the wall, leaving another dent behind on it.

(Don’t you dare speak of her you fucking bastard.) The blaziken’s flames are burning fiercely in his rage. (You have no right to speak of her.) His flames continue to grow around him as the machamp pulls himself from the wall.

(Bring it bird boy.) The machamp flexes his muscles again as he prepares for a fight, the blaziken already charging in to attack. Before either of them can get started though, the remains of a pair of stripped jeeps and thrown between them, tearing down a whole wall from the force they were thrown with. Both of them quickly turn to the alakazam, his eyes glowing fiercely now with his power.

‘Enough of these childish games.’ His voice echoes hard in both of their heads as his power forces them away from each other.

(You’re nothing but a weak psych…) The machamp looks to the alakazam only to grab his throat, an unseen hand having grabbed and started to visibly crush his throat. Despite all his strength, he is still powerless to stop the alakazam from blocking off his flow of air.

‘I am far from weak. Before out master found me, I was far more powerful then I should have been. I was nearly driven insane with my own power, the power that many said was a blessing to me. He saved me from that insanity, teaching me how to control and master it. For that, he has my loyalty. You both squabble as if your pups fighting over who is right. The master has given an order, an order that will be followed. Is that understood.’ His voice continues to echo in their heads as he finally releases that machamp who falls to his knees, two hands holding him up, his other two holding his throat.

As he gets up, he quickly walks back to his corner of the room as the blaziken walks to his, shaking his head a bit to deal with the headache that the alakazam’s voice had caused. Both of them quickly turn though when they hearing a clapping in the background. A lucario with no hand spikes and a houndoom both walk in through the new door to the room. ‘That was a nice display of power you fools.’ He laughs as he walks in and sits down on a torn out seat from one of the jeeps, the houndoom taking a spot right next to him.

The machamp just flips him off with all four of his arms. (Up yours mutt. And just where the hell were you when we went to battle them? He told us we all had to be there.)

‘I was doing the job I had been assigned to do.’ He quickly replies as he pets his fire type companion, the houndoom quiet pleased with the attention.

The alakazam just looks to him. ‘Did you convince the zoroarks to join us or have they chosen to keep to themselves.’

‘They said no.’ He grinned. ‘So I just gave them something to think about.’

The alakazam shakes his head. ‘The master told you not to do things that might upset the watcher. He needs him to join us willingly.’

The lucario just shrugs. ‘I simply disposed of the weak. He most likely would have done the same.’

(Hey, I don’t kill unless it’s to probe that I am stronger then all. Which I would have done just by being there.) The machamp smirked. (They looked at you pup and saw how small you were, its no wonder they thought you were weak.)

‘They learned as all have that I am not some weak pup.’ He quickly walks over to the machamp and traces a paw gently over his muscle filled chest. ‘I could show you how strong I really am.’ He says with a lusty smile.

The machamp jumps back. (Get the fuck off me you freak!) He shouts out.

The lucario laughs out in a loud and mocking manor at the machamp’s reaction. ‘If your strong, you shouldn’t worry about your sexual preference. If your powerful, you can have anyone, male or female. The world is your bitch.’ The lucario smiled turning his gaze to see the alakazam looking at him.

‘The female is off limits, as are all of his pokemon. I know what your thinking even without my powers. I know you lust for her. As you say, you can have anyone, yet I can tell you only see her. I know it’s a primal lust, but I can see that you want to destroy the bond they have, you despise it. You think it makes them.’ The alakazam states. ‘You hate them for a bond you never had.’ The last words strike a nerve hard as an aura sphere flies just inches from his head into the wall behind him.

‘Shut the fuck up you worthless fool.’ The lucario shouts out, quickly gathering a very dark aura. ‘You know nothing!’

‘No, I hit the mark with that one. You have to evolve without that bond you lucarios usually have. Yes, it proves your strong. I assume those around you told you they felt with that bond with the humans and others. It made you sick which is why it was so easy to kill to them. It was only luck that we found before the humans or your old pack did. They would have put you down like the rabid dog you were.’ The alakazam states rather bluntly.

The houndoom next to the lucario whines a bit loudly as the lucario growls in rage, his aura growing for a few then stopping. ‘No, I won’t sub come to what I once was. I live to serve the master now.’

‘Good, you do know to keep your mind then.’ The alakazam nods pausing for a few. ‘Well, our other companions have reported and informed the knights of his location so they will what is needed to push him where we need to.’

The blaziken looks at him a bit puzzled. (Wait, you said that we were not allowed to do anything to them?)

‘And we are not doing anything to them. It’s not my fault that the knights now know where they are. They should move soon so they are not attacked by those self-righteous fools. If only they knew just who they were truly serving.’ The alakazam smiles. ’Besides, it’d be a shame if Radara was injured by them.’

The machamp growls a bit as he sighed. (I knew it, you like that pink bitch. You wanted to take her that day, you could have knocked her out, or killed before she knew what happened, but you just suppressed her powers.)

The alakazam looks to him. ‘I am not some muscle bound horny mon like you are, who thinks with his cock. I know what I truly am. I could have any female… Any. Break their will and make them mine. Yet, what would I ever get out of it. I want an equal. Only the watcher’s partner will do. She will see in time I can give what she always wanted, a lifelong partner, not just one to give her her next form. One to be with besides that watcher.’

The blaziken merely watches for now, finally speaking up after a few. (So, we can’t attack them directly then. What about the human he travels with?”

The alakazam gets into his meditative state as he folds his legs under himself, then begins to just float about a foot off the ground, the room slowly cleaning and repairing itself to a large degree. ‘The mast said nothing about them my feathered friend. They are fair game. They do post a threat to him so if they happen to die… well, things happen when humans travel. Especially to those who travel with the watcher. A war is coming, we have chosen our side in this conflict. When it’s time for us to fight, we must ready to serve him. We live to serve him. All other whims, needs, and other thoughts are to be put aside. We live to serve him and no one else.’ He floats around the room a bit before looking to them all as they all nod.

The machamp looks around for a second, then notices something. (Hey, where is that other bitch at? She’s supposed to be here as well.)

The blaziken shakes his head a bit. (She is a law upon herself. She never listens to anyone, even our esteemed team leader.) He nods to the alakazam.

The alakazam just sighs now. ‘She is… our lord has told me she will not work with us. She will follow his words, but not with us. She will not hinder us, but as he as told me, she does not play well with others. Our objectives are the same though. Just a word of warning though, don’t expect help from her even if you do see her. Also, do not try to help her, she will most likely just attack you.’

The machamp scoffs at this. (That bitch? I could her in half and use her fur to clean my ass.)

The lucario sets up a chair, grabbing it out the air as it floated past him while the alakazam continued to organize the room. ‘You would fall as easily as I did. Her power is not strength but more… passive you could saw. For all your strength, you would fall faster then I did. Though our flame bird over there did seem to last the longest against her.’ He pets his houndoom who gives a content growl as the blaziken looks away.

‘It doesn’t matter if she is with us or not, we all have a mission we have to complete, just as she does. The watcher and his pokemon are to be left alone, nothing else matters at this point. His word is absolute in this matter. Though, if the human who travels with him is hurt, well things happen as I stated. Soon he will meet his trials. Those knights will be of great help to our in helping the watcher see his error his mother. Very soon.’ His laughter soon echoes though the room.


Ice Island…

Sarah’s umbreon, dragonair and Razor all look on as Rebecca seems to be having a very good dream as she moans out just a bit, mumbling Thomas’s name.

(You do realize that if she wakes up and we’re here like this, she will kill us right.) Umbreon asks in a sarcastic tone.

Razor just sits there eating his peaca berries. (I don’t know what you’re talking about, I sleep near her all time and I’m not making out with her. I have a mate now and I know better.) He says before refilling his mouth with more berries.

Dragonair just scoffs a bit. (Boy, you are so whipped you don’t even realize it. You do whatever that floatzel says. Be a male, stand up and be proud to look once in a while. Like you said, we’re not touching.)

Razor slides back a bit more away from the umbreon and dragonair. (This is Thomas’s mate.) He points to Rebecca. (She means everything to him, hell her being with him is the happiest I’ve ever seen him, and that’s saying a lot.)

(He’s happy? I rarely even see him smile. What’s wrong, he can’t get a human and took a lucario.) Umbreon asked a bit confused.

The dragonair shakes his head. (You fool, he’s truly loves her. Lucarios tend to know if their companions are lying. He may… what did Sarah say… oh yeah. He may be a bit dense at times, but he is always honest. To a fault if I remember her words correctly.)

Umbreon’s rings glow a bit more so that he can see better. (So, what’s that matter to us watching her having a nice dream.) He points to her with his forepaw.

Razor is already a good yard away now and still backing up as if knowing something was going to happen. (It means that Thomas will kill you for that. If not him, then Radara, because she sees Rebecca as a daughter.)

This time the umbreon scoffs. (I’m not afraid of miss pretty pink. Not only do I have a type advantage, but I’ve beaten stronger psychics then her.)

Razor is now a fair distance back, with umbreon’s plate of berries with him as he ducks slowly behind a rock. (Well, it was nice knowing you.) He continues all the way around.

Umbreon finally notices his missing plate of berries as his rings glow brighter rather annoyed. (Hey you thief, give me back my…) He freezes as he feels a sudden dread behind him, both him and the dragonair turn slowly and see Radara there behind him, her face a bit blank, but her eyes showed her anger quiet well.

‘So mister dark type. You think you can beat me even though my powers cannot affect you correct?’ Her words seem to be calm, as if she perfectly fine with them, even if they are a bit loud in their heads. Despite this, he can tell things are very different as she gets up and walks towards him, like she is stalking him. She smiles at his discomfort as she comes closer, his rings dimming a bit. ‘What’s wrong little boy, afraid of this little PINK psychic are you?’ She asked, always hating the way people called her pink like she was cute. ‘You seem … terrified. Like I’m going to hurt you.’

The dragonair looks at her as she stalks around his friend. (Look, you can’t bully us like this. Your master may let you do things like you are equals, but I’ll tell him what your doing.)

Razor just shakes his head knowing they are both in for it now.

‘Okay, let’s do this, both of you against me. If you win, I’ll let you both have whatever you want, even me.’ Her smile looks innocent at first, but it still couldn’t hide the look in her eyes.

The umbreon quickly snaps out of his trance and nods vigorously. (Oh, I am so going to kick you pink butt.) He gets in a battle stance along side the dragonair, both of them preparing a set of attacks. Radara just stays seated as if nothing was going to happen, just continuing to smile.


Thomas is walking with Sarah back to the campsite. Thomas had just called the Orange Island pokemon rangers alerting them to the fact that Articuno had just laid the eggs containing the next three legendary birds, as well as to take the rockets they caught into custody. At first, the ranger tried to correct Thomas saying that Articuno was male, but Thomas just ignored it. The ranger was kind enough to not mention their trip to the island since the three islands were off limits to those without research passes, but only because they had stopped the rocket’s attempt to steal the legendary bird. He still warned them to leave though, it wouldn’t be good if they were there when the rangers showed up to check up on Articuno along with the research group to make sure that Articuno and the eggs were fine.

With that done, they were walking back to the camp. “I can’t believe that I saw Articuno give birth to Zapdos’s and Moltres’s new forms, as well asher own. But why couldn’t I take a picture Thomas. That would have made such a great background for my phone.” Sarah states as she pauses for a second, to wipe a good bit of snow from her face and shoulders. “Damn it, I still have to get a better phone, not this cheap disposable one. Not that I don’t appreciate you got this for me Thomas, its just I miss my other phone. It all these nice apps on it that I liked and I could take such great pictures with it.”

“You’re still worried about your parents I assume?” Thomas asks, his tone mostly flat right now, still a bit distracted.

“Yea, its just that I never knew my father was like that. I always thought that he supported my decision to be a coordinator. I never knew he hated my choice or that he hated you so much. I know we can never be an item… thought I will be honest, I did entertain the thought. It’s just that I sorta knew deep down, despite all that I tried to with you, that you were only be being nice to me since we grew up together.” Sarah pauses for a few before starting up again, her voice showing how annoyed she was with her father. “It’s just that my father… I can’t believe how stubborn he was about the way he wanted me to live my life.”

They walk for a bit as he just remains his usual quiet self knowing that it was best for her to just say what she wanted, to hear herself state the facts like he had done so many times with Juno. He really couldn’t see himself giving advice to others anyway, not when he had so many problems of his own. It wasn’t like he could just tell her that things would be okay, not knowing that this thing had returned. Then there was the fact that the only family he had left was just Radara, they were the last watchers and that fact was hard to accept right now. He still refused to even think of his mother after thinking about what he had become over the years and quickly pushed any thoughts of her out of his head as best he could.

“Thomas! You’re going to…” Sarah’s words never register with Thomas and his thoughts were interrupted when he walked right into a large tree, hitting it with enough force to bury himself a bit with all the snow he knocked off its branches. He grumbles a bit to himself rubbing his nose and wiping the snow off of himself.

“You’re mind is else where isn’t it Thomas?” Sarah asks as she tries, but fails to suppress a laugh.

He sighs wearily as his thoughts take a new turn thinking of how Rebecca would be laughing harder at him. His thoughts turn to how he had taken her a few nights ago, it all seemed so different now. On the one hand, he knew this great had returned, but on the other, he felt better, even with Rebecca being a bit clingy at times. At the very least, he smiled glad that Rebecca had stopped acting so fierce towards, even if she merely started to ignore Sarah. He could easily understand why Rebecca wanted more and more alone time with him, even if it was just to cuddle. Radara had taken it upon herself to talk with Rebecca though since that was all that Rebecca wanted lately knowing that Thomas still needed a bit of time himself to try and think things over himself without depressing her.

Thomas continues walking, deep in thought again and Sarah quiets down, looking in the distance seeing her arcanine and Juno. Just knowing that part of what was occupying Thomas’s thoughts was his relationship with Rebecca, she begins to think about how close Blaze and Juno have gotten, and how much stronger Blaze has gotten under Juno’s training.

Sarah smiles a bit thinking that she’s happy for both Juno and Blaze, and even more happy for Thomas and Rebecca. Before she could really get much deeper then that though, her thoughts were interrupted herself when she saw her umbreon fly out of the case, having to stop for a second for the action she just witnessed to process itself.

Before she can really think much about it though, both Thomas and Sarah hear a cry from deep in the cave, just before Sarah’s dragonair is through out of the cave as well. Radara quickly comes barreling out of the cave, claws and fangs showing. Her eyes flash as the dragonair is quickly tossed into the snow as umbreon gets up quickly readying a shadow ball, but never has a chance to finish.

‘What’s wrong boys, still think that you had the advantage here?’ Radara’s voice is strong in all of their minds as she quickly dives at umbreon. Just as he finished charging his shadow ball, the snow all around him is blasted upward like a bomb had been set off and Radara quickly dives through the mess, disappearing in the mass of snow, tackling umbreon rather hard as he was blinded and sent flying. She quickly turns to deal with dragonair again, only to see Thomas and Sarah standing there.

“Radara, what are you doing?” Sarah screams out quickly rushing forward to where her dragonair was recovering, already charging an attack, but dismisses it upon seeing his trainer.

“Radara, what had gotten into you?” Thomas demands quickly running to make sure that umbreon is okay.

‘They were leering at Rebecca while she sleeping. They had no right to be doing that!’ Radara growls in all of their heads.

“What do you expect Radara, how many times does she sleep late now? Hell, I had to drag myself out of that warm sleeping bag to see the birth of the legendaries new forms, what many would kill to witness. Seeing them being all at once is a rare chance of a lifetime. Yet Rebecca seems to be enjoying her dreams of late which I’m sure you know than anyone.” Sarah states in a somewhat annoyed, somewhat suggestive tone.

‘How dare you suggest that I would read other’s minds without their permission.’ Radara half shouts into their minds.

Thomas coughs a bit and looks away as he tries to hide his thoughts that float around his head.

‘Don’t you dare complete that thought Soular. Don’t you dare finish that thought! I don’t do that and those times I have were for our survival.’ She glares at him, Thomas avoiding her gaze feeling her power again, before looking her right in the eye

“Keep telling yourself that. Is that why you always seem to screen all of my potential mates before the dark times, and before you respond, you seem to do that with everyone of your mates without their knowledge. Just admit it already, they were curious and you were just looking for a way to blow off some steam. You’re as mad as I am that were taken off guard just as much as I was, even in you didn’t get hurt physically.” Thomas’s words hit hard as she cringes a bit.

Looking around, she finally sees the power she was using herself. Sarah’s umbreon and dragonair are both very dazed, recovering slowly. She then looks around at the field around her, seeing the effects of her power. The cave is a bit wider now and then there was the crater like whole she made when she blasted up all of that snow around umbreon. Never before had she really lost it like this, using her powers like this of her own will. She growls a bit more, but forces herself to remain calm, even after what had happened. For that alakazam to suppress her powers like that. Recalling the events, she then realized something even more. Not only had he suppressed her powers, he had read her mind like an open book, he had read her every thought, shared every memory she had, learned her deepest secrets. For him to do that to her, like she had done to others before, she finally understood what it meant. Even worse, he had left thoughts behind, she could feel herself wanting him a bit, as if she already belonged to him. And for the first time ever, seeing this power up close again, she was fearful of the future brought.

Her own thoughts quickly invade Sarah and Thomas’s mind, letting them know how she felt, but it was quickly interrupted by Rebecca as she runs out of the cave and right into Thomas’s arm. She quickly kisses him and snuggles hard against him, her chest spike digging a bit into Thomas’s chest. “Rebecca, calm down, I told you watch out for your chest spike.” Thomas says rather calmly giving what had happened.

‘Where were you?’ She asks a bit worried that he wasn’t there when she woke up.

“I went with Sarah to the nest, I told you yesterday I was going to watch the young ones hatching.” Thomas stated. “Articuno told us that would most likely hatch today and I wanted to make sure they weren’t tainted.”

Rebecca looks a bit mad even if she did recall him saying that yesterday. It wasn’t that she was angry that she slept in, but she still harbored a bit of resentment against Thomas going with Sarah. She knew that Thomas belonged to her but it still didn’t stop her from getting a bit angry with Sarah, even if she couldn’t figure out why anymore. He had reassured her several times that Sarah was just traveling with them, a way to help them get past the knights at times and keep a low profile.

A sudden voice interrupts them all though. ‘How cute.’ All of them quickly look around for the source of the new female voice, quickly finding it resting just above the cave entrance, a liepard was resting on her side on the very top of the cave on a small stone slab. ‘I’m not here to fight, I’m just a messenger with a helpful bit of news. Of course, it might be your best idea to leave and soon. The knights are already on their way.’ She says as she slowly moves down the side of the cave.

Thomas quickly pushes Rebecca behind him with his left hand, his entire right arm sparking as he clenches his fist. Radara quickly looks up herself, her eyes glowing along with the jewel in her head. “Who are you and how are you projecting your voice?” Thomas demands, the only reason he continues to hold back is because the liepard said it was a messenger.

‘My master gave me certain gifts.’ The liepard smiled as she moved over to Radara very slowly in a calm fashion. ‘Hmm, so you’re the one that brainiac loves so much.’

Radara quickly growled, fangs bared just as fast. ‘I’ll kill that thing if he ever tries to get in my head again.’ She snapped.

The liepard just smiled. ‘I never liked him anyway.’ She smirked before looking to Thomas. ‘The knights are coming and fast. You must be very careful, one of their number is corrupt and will do anything to kill you. Of course my master will ensure that they can’t for now, but the problem is that he has little use for your friends.’ She stated looking to Sarah.

“Why are you here?” Thomas asked, his arm still sparking. “I highly doubt you’re ‘master’ would approve of your helping me.”

‘I’m here for the sole purpose of my own amusement.’ The liepard smiled. ’I’m still not sure if I’ll even help my master at all yet. For now though, know this. You have his protection for now, but she does not. You should keep your eyes open and leave soon.’ The liepard smiled before walking off, slowly melting into the shadows.

Before Thomas or Radara could make a move though, there was a bit shouting in the background. Radara quickly scanned the island and growled. ‘She’s right, the knights are here.’ Radara quickly stated as she charged into the cave to pack up as Thomas growled himself.

“Oh for the love of… How long?” He quickly charged in after her with Sarah and all of their pokemon right behind them.

‘We have twenty minutes at most, they will head right for Articuno’s nest first. I’ve already asked her to keep them busy and she’s already on her way to greet them and slow them down.’ Radara stated, her eyes glowing as several things started packing themselves up.

“Sorry Rebecca, but you have to back into your ball for now.” Thomas said a bit annoyed at having to do, but quickly recalled all of his pokemon with the usual excepting of Radara. Sarah quickly did the same as Thomas tossed Sarah her coat and bag quickly getting his gear on. It was mostly a mad dash as soon as both of them were ready, they could already hear Articuno is the background letting the knights know that she wasn’t in good mood. Thomas knew that they wouldn’t attack her as long as she let them see that she was a mother even if only for a second.

They quickly reached the coast and Sarah called out her lapras. They quickly got on her back and Radara made sure they had a nice quiet get away throwing up a large snow drift that quickly scattered in the wind, hiding a massive chunk of the coast long enough for them to get away.


The next few days were once again spent with eyes over their shoulders. Thomas didn’t know how, but the liepard seemed to be right and the knights seemed to be following them somehow. For three days in a row, Thomas had stayed up extra late with Radara, making sure that their camps on various islands were never discovered. Finally, on the fourth day, they once again made land fall in Kanto. The docks were a bit packed with other various trainers arriving by means of a water pokemon, many trainers eager to already start battling. Sarah had been worried about arriving at this kind of dock, but Thomas assured her that with all the added confusion at the docks, it was the easiest way for them to get into the city and secure a proper means out of the area.

The dock workers were too busy to pay attention to the few behaved trainers, merely taking their small fee for coming in at the docks, having to constantly threaten the licenses of trainers to keep them calm and their pokemon in check, so many so eager for a battle already.

From there, it was a quick dash to the center of the city, Sarah needed a new phone still and Thomas had to agree, they could use some other supplies as well, which he would take care while Sarah got her new phone. Sarah had called out her umbreon as soon as they reached the down town area though, having already once fallen victim to a thief and her umbreon was great at keeping her informed while Thomas had once again called out Rebecca, just to mostly let her out. As they split up though, Thomas failed to notice that Sarah’s umbreon seemed a bit on edge, instead focusing on all the looks he was getting. He was a bit worried about the fact that everyone seemed to be staring at him and Rebecca, worried what they were thinking. He quickly relaxed to a point though, all of the people staring at him and Rebecca only doing out of awe that he had a lucario, a very rare sight in the Kanto region. He got many requests for trades, and a few battles, even someone wanting to buy her outright, but he turned them all down just as fast as they showed up using the excuse that he needed to restock on supplies and was leaving the city soon enough.

Thomas quickly got all of their supplies and quickly caught up to Sarah though, she was still in the phone store and took a seat at a café across the street waiting. He finally noticed Sarah’s umbreon pacing a bit, but dismissed it as boredom for now, guard duty was no doubt a bore for him. After waiting for a half-hour though, Thomas was just about to get up and ask her to hurry up a bit, when he noticed Sarah’s umbreon pacing a bit, and not in the bored kind of way like he had thought. He quickly looked around, alerting Radara as well when he caught a glimpse of something. Sarah’s umbreon had just started growling, his rings lit up as someone walked into the store, Thomas catching a small glimpse of the man’s face, and even worse, recognizing him and the small glint of the man’s hands behind his back.
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