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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 18

Watcher of Arceus

Author Notes:
-x- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
xXx This will identify where each paragraph breaks.
‘Character Thought’
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don’t own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 18

A year had pasted since Thomas and Sarah had managed to leave the Kanto region, both of them having cut off all contact between their friends and family to try and protect them. At a cost even Thomas realizes was harder than he expected. They had quickly headed for the Unova region, choosing to fly to get there fast and undetected. Hoping this will take them far from the reach Of the Knights that have hunted them. Even in all of his lifetimes though, it was still Thomas’s first time in Unova and it was already quiet the new adventure for both of them. They still had a new set of rules in place though, never spending much time in towns if they could help it for now. Though with their luck trouble seems to find them.


Thomas was once again leaning against a tree. He was breathing a bit hard, panting even as he tried to catch his breath. He could see Village Bridge just down the river, but he still had a long ways to go. Radara had to once again stop next to him as well, he wasn’t in the best condition at the moment.

“Thomas?” Sarah called out as she doubled back to search for him.

“Over… over here.” Thomas called out as Sarah found him.

“Thomas, what’s with you lately?” Sarah asked as she looked at him. She was breathing a bit hard herself, they had been training by running up and down along side the river for the past few weeks, training themselves along with their pokemon.

“I…I think my… my next change…” Thomas coughed a bit hard as he looked at her.

“Change, what change?” Sarah asked. “You said that the only change you’d be going through for the next month was just going to be your electrical ones.” She looked at him rather confused.

“That should have… been everything for now.” He replied.

‘Thomas, there is only one explanation for this. That thing inside us is forcing your evolution to speed up.’ Radara stated as looked at him. ‘While unintentional, you have already learned how to teleport as the need arises, not to mention how quickly several of your smaller changes have taken place already. There is no other reason for this change to happen so soon, much less without its usual warnings.’

“Wait, I thought his changes were only coming a few days early.” Sarah stated.

“That taint… its growing everyday… and forcing me… to grow with it.” Thomas stated finally standing up on his own again. He took a few minutes to catch his breath again before looking at him. “Come on. We need to get those supplies and get back to the cave.”

Sarah gave him a worried look as he started running again. “What’s going on with him this time?” She asked Radara.

‘His lungs are dividing in a sense.’ Radara replied as she moved to catch up to Thomas along with Sarah.

“What? How could his lungs be dividing?” Sarah looked back and forth between him and Radara.

‘In the most basic terms, all the watchers are the same. Because some watchers had need of a ‘fire’ or ‘ice’ or even a ‘poison’ lung, all of the watchers went through the same change. They all shared the same kind of trials as each other, like how they all have two sets of eyes.’ Radara explained as they closed the distance to Village Bridge.

“That still doesn’t explain how it works.” Sarah sighed a bit continued to keep a close eye on Thomas. “Are you sure he is alright? I know he’s been a lot more friendly and open with me in the last year, but he still keeps so many things to himself.”

‘This is perfectly normal for this stage of his evolution, aside from happening so soon.’ Radara explained. ‘He’ll just be short of breath for a while. He is only able to use part of lungs right now. The lower half of them are slowly separating themselves from the rest of the lung and growing into separate lungs. He’ll be perfectly fine, he’s just not getting as much oxygen in his blood as usual for now.’

Sarah nodded, she still didn’t understand, but with Radara acting so calm about it, she was sure he would be okay.

With Thomas in his current state though, they were slower then usual to get to Village Bridge. Once there, Thomas had to take another long break to catch his breath. He gave a reassuring smile though as she moved over to him. “Its normal.” He said. “Just… just give me a few… you go ahead and… and get the food.” He stated as Radara took her spot next to him.

Thomas just leaned against the light pole he was next to for a few more before he finally started to move again, heading for the trainer’s shop. They needed some new things again and he was interested in a few other items as well.

The place was rather busy for being a small town, but Thomas ignored it as much as he could. He had already priced out everything he needed, carrying just a bit more then what he expected to pay as he checked his list. “Oh, hey look at them. Ya don’t see many espeons around here.” A voice called out. “I’ve always wanted to battle one of them. I’m sure Vincent would as well.” Another voice called out.

“Sorry, I don’t have time.” Thomas quickly countered as he hurried down the isle to get a few new flashlights and a new multi-purpose recharging kit. Normally, the kit’s charging system would be hooked up to an electric type pokemon who would use a basic electrical attack to charge up the kit’s batteries and in turn, power other devices. Given his own natural abilities however, Thomas could charge the unit himself.

With the kit in hand, he quickly headed over to get the rest of things on his list. “Come on you, outside. I’ve heard of those espeons being powerful and I want to see just how tough they are.” Thomas of course not having enough extra cash to even make it worthwhile, much less caring for a battle at all just ignored the trainer as he went to pick up the rest of his things.

“Hey you, I said I’m challenging you to a pokemon battle.” The voice called out again, but Thomas didn’t even bother looking. He simply went to grab a pair of new canteens with built in purifiers and an extra set of filters for both of them. Additionally, he also picked up a new set of lightweight cooking gear and new hiking packs to replace their old set.

Gathering so many different things though, all spread through out the store, Thomas quickly found himself out of breath again as he reached the registers and paid for his things before moving to a set of counters in the back where people could pack up their things as needed.

Right as he was about to leave the store, a hand grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back. “I said I want to battle that espeon, rumor says that they are suppose to be strong, or is it just so weak that it can’t fight.” The trainer stated in a rather firm but also annoyed tone of voice.

It annoyed Thomas that the trainer referred to Radara as an it and he could tell it was pissing her off badly as her jewel began to glow a bit. Thomas didn't want to battle he just wanted to get back to camp and rest a bit and away from this annoying trainer.

“If you looking to make a quick buck, I’ve just spent what cash I had for these supplies. Besides, there isn’t a pokemon center in the area.” Thomas stated pulling his shoulder away from the guy.

“What, do you think you’re too good to battle me, or maybe you have a little attitude problem.” The trainer stated as a group quickly started to gather around. “This guy here things he’s too good to battle me.” The trainer shouted out as his gang all started laughing.

A few of the elderly couples nearby though who had heard the commotion mere sighed and shook their heads. “Take your silly battles out of town.” One of them called out. Thomas sighed himself, and used the minor distraction to slip away unnoticed at first. He quickly caught up to Sarah as she walked out of the grocery store with a pair large bags. Thomas helped her taking one of the bags and moved to a picnic table next to the store to help put everything away and hand Sarah her new pack.

Thomas looked back, easily able to see the small gang of trainers looking around for him from over Sarah’s shoulder. They attempted to make a clean getaway, but right as they were about to get off Village Bridge, the gang had caught up to them.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The leader of the group grinned. “You owe me a battle.”

“Are you seriously that bored that you have stalk any trainer who shows up or do you merely lack the brains to understand the word no.” Thomas stated. “We’ve got a long walk back to our campsite and I left my pokemon back there for a well earned break.”

“What kind of idiot trainer doesn’t take their pokemon with them where ever they go.” Another trainer from the group laughed.

“Or are you just so weak that you can’t catch any other pokemon.” A different trainer called out, the group once again breaking into laughter.

“Come on Thomas, let’s just get out of here.” Sarah grumbled, hating this kind of arrogant trainer the most.

Both of them turned to start hiking back only to have the group behind them all call out their pokemon. A pair of krokorok now standing between them and the hiking path they intended to us.

“You do know that forcing another into a pokemon battle is a criminal offense.” Thomas growled a bit.

“You’re the one who’s in trouble here. My name is Vincent and this is my turf, you’re going to battle me if you want to leave.” The gang leader smirked.

Radara walks in front of Thomas, her jewel already glowing a bit as she takes her stance.

Vincent just smiles. “Oh ho, your pokemon seems ready to fight even if your not in the mood.”

Thomas just sighs lightly. ‘Radara, we don’t have time for this and I’m still weak from my current condition.’

Radara just smiles looking back to Thomas. ‘He won’t go away unless we battle him. Perhaps a good thrashing will convince him otherwise.’ Her smile just gets bigger know how this is going to turn out.

“Fine, if it will make you go away, we’ll make this a simple battle, one on one, ending what one of the pokemon faint. I already said I don’t have any cash on me, so it will be just a basic match.” Thomas stated.

“In that case, we’ll make it a two on two battle just for some extra fun.” Vincent smirked seeing Sarah carrying a pokeball on her belt.

Thomas went to argue, but Sarah quickly called out Blaze. “Okay fine, then a two on two it is.” She grumbled a bit.

‘Just have Blaze follow my lead.’ Radara stated to Sarah as she prepared for battle.

Vincent quickly calling up one of his buddies to join him. “Oh, an arcanine, this should be interesting indeed. Alright Xent, let’s make this quick and easy.” Vicent smirked as he pulled out a escavalier while Xent called out his pokemon, a mienshao.

Xent smirked as he quickly started the battle. “Zia, let’s show them how its done.” He stated, Zia already knowing what move to start with as it quickly charged in towards Blaze thinking him to the be bigger threat since it had a type advantage for Vincent’s escavalier. Zia was quickly cut though as a shadow ball was launched at him from Radara, who could already tell something was off about Zia.

’Thomas, something’s wrong. That mienshao, its mind is hidden to me. Its there, but obviously well trained.’ Radara told Thomas and Blaze as Sarah called for her own counter.

Blaze quickly followed the command, firing a fire blast right at Zia while it had its sights on Radara. Blaze quickly followed up the attack up with another one though, trying to slam its shoulder into Zia. With both Radara and Blaze attacking Zia though, Vincent just smiled.

“Hammer, use Iron head.” Vincent called as his escavalier took off jumping up and flipping over in mid air, ready to strike Radara., while having been looking strictly at Zia, was ready for the attack though, jumping back herself as she prepared her own move.

Thomas just smiled, he wouldn’t have to issue any commands, which gave him a serious advantage, and with Sarah calling out all of her attacks by numbered routines, their attacks were unpredictable at first. Radara already preparing her next move, hoping to end this quickly with a partially charged hyper beam as the jewel on her head began to glow brightly.

“Quickly, get it with a poison jab.” Vincent called out as his escavalier quickly stopped its iron head move and thrust one of his lances towards Radara before she could finish charging her move. Radara was quickly forced to keep back up, and rolling over or jumping over the thrusting lances, the escavalier wasn’t giving her time to use any move, even her teleport to get some range on the opponent.

“Use a 23 twist and follow up with 37.” Sarah called out to Blaze as he tried to do the same to thing to Zia, and keep them on the defensive. Blaze moved in ready with a fire fang, obviously going in to try and Zia on the left side, which Zia easily avoided, only to have Blaze suddenly turn around and try to hit Zia on the right side with an iron tail. Zia just barely avoided that move as well, only to get jumped on by Radara.

While constantly avoiding the oncoming attacks from escavalier, she had been working her way closer to Blaze and Zia, Blaze helping her by trying to lead Zia closer to her as well. “Come on, hit that little pink puffball already.” Vincent called out. As the escavalier made one attempt to get Radara with a poison jab, Radara rolled off to the side of the attack and Zia. Radara growled at that name, always hating it as she blasted the ground in front of her with a psybeam, kicking up a mass of dust into the air.

“Hit it with 18.” Sarah called out, a burst of fire quickly clearing the dust, having hit the escavalier with a direct hit. It had tried to block some of the attack, but was still hurt and couldn’t see Radara as she prepared a psychic, effectively throwing the escavalier into a tree, only to quickly turn and tackle Zia as well.

She quickly jumped back as soon as her attack landed on Zia, as the rest of the dust cleared though, she understood at last why she couldn’t read Zia’s thoughts. Instead of a mienshao standing where Zia used to be, now there was a zoroark.

“What?” Sarah looked on very confused, having only heard partial claims about zoroark, but never actually meeting one before.

“Its called a zoroark, the illusion pokemon.” Thomas quickly filled her as Radara quickly went to attack Zia again, but Zia quickly went after Blaze who as in just as much disbelief as Sarah right now. Blaze took a night slash to the side, able to avoid part of the move, but still getting hit as Radara tried hitting with its own attack. Zia quickly dodged though.

“I guess that trick is up, time to get serious.” Xent stated as he spared a quick look to Vincent and his escavalier.

“Come on, get up.” Vincent shouted as his escavaliar shook its head as it tried to get back up, but it took a moment.

“Hit it with 14 and follow up with a 57.” Sarah called out, this time Blaze trying to hit Zia with a thunder fang, which Zia easily dodged, only to follow up with a fireblast, not at Zia, but at the ground in front of it kick up some more dirt, only to plow through the fireblast and attempt to tackle Zia. At the same time, Radara was attempting to keep Zia busy, knowing that most of her attacks wouldn’t have the best effect on Zia.

Xent was obviously looking for some sort of opening, constantly looking back and forth between Blaze and Radara, smiling as he noticed Vincent’s escavalier finally back up and charging in from the corner of his eye.

“Radara, finish this quickly.” Thomas called out, just in time for Radara to turn and face the incoming escavalier, her eyes glowing as she used her psychic to stop the escavalier with ease. She quickly then used the escavalier as a projectile, throwing it hard into Zia. Xent tried to call something, but Radara was too fast, both pokemon getting tossed into another tree. The escavalier, knock out while Zai was panting, and trying to push the escavalier off of it.

“What, how did you?” Vincent growled as he was forced to return his escavalier.

“You shouldn’t have called her a ‘pink puffball’, she hates that name.” Thomas smirked as both Radara and Blaze returned to their trainers. “You two okay?” He asked. Radara nodded, except for some ruffled fur, she was doing fine. Thomas quietly whispered something to her, making sure that Xent and Vincent couldn’t hear her. “Did you really have to toss the escavalier that hard?” Radara just smiled as Thomas sighed, she really did hate that name.

Sarah gave Blaze his own check up as well, pleased that the few hits he did take weren’t too serious, they could wait for them to get to a pokemon center in a few days time, since there wasn’t one in Village Bridge.

Thomas nodded to both Vincent and Xent, not saying anything to Vincent though. “You’ve got a well trained zoroark, keep up the good work, just quit forcing other trainers to battle.” He said as he quickly started back to his camp with Sarah. Xent gave them both a mean look, but stayed still, even holding back Vincent from going after them.


The next few days was thankfully better with no insistent trainers to bother them, and both Radara and Blaze seemed to have recovered entirely, although Sarah still wanted Blaze to take it easy. They had more then enough supplies to last them until on their next part of the trip, their next stop taking them to Opelucid City, although they still worked to stay off the better known routes.

Thomas was starting to slow down a bit more though, his rapidly coming changes were really starting to catch up to him as he was forced to several long breaks over the week.

At last they set up camp around the halfway point between cities. Sarah was making dinner, while Thomas decided that he needed some more practice with his electrical abilities. Rebecca was all to happy to help him, practicing the use of her aura spheres while they were at it.

Rebecca summoned another aura sphere between her paws, the attack was a bit hard for her to master, and she was still having some trouble with it. “Just relax, take your time.” Thomas smiled behind her, storing some of his own power in his left hand, small jolts of electricity jumping over his arm.

Rebecca took another deep breath, as she waited for Thomas’s signal. Both of them were aiming towards a large rock on the edge of the clearing they were in. Thomas gave her the signal and Rebecca quickly raised the sphere over her head, throwing it as hard as she could since she hadn’t master how to shoot them.

The sphere didn’t quite fly on a straight path, weaving a bit to all sides as it flew towards the right as Thomas quickly raised his hand. A small wave of electricity traveled down his arm before bursting from his palm, a loud crack like thunder rang out as a single solid bolt was fired from his hand.

Like Rebecca though, his attack, while straighter in flight, wasn’t perfect, instead missing the aura sphere he meant to hit, hitting the edge of the large rock, resulting in a large shower of sparks, and along with it came a loud startled shout.

Everyone quickly looked to the rock just in time to see a zoroark and its trainer quickly move around the boulder, the zoroark obviously looking for a fight after what just happened. “What the fuck was that for?” The trainer demanded, his shirt smoking just a bit in several spots, the sparks from Thomas’s attack having peppered him nicely, not burning him, but still hurting and leaving their mark, glaring at Thomas. Thomas could also see that the trainer was obviously looking around the electric type that fired off the attack.

The newly started silence didn’t last long though, Sarah couldn’t help but start giggling a bit at first, then laughing as she looked at the new trainer, his hair standing out in all directions, full of static, and Rebecca couldn’t help but have to turn away herself from how he looked, a large smile on her face as she did her best to hold back her own laugh.

The trainer growled a bit as his zoroark growled itself, taking a quick look to its trainer before looking back to Thomas and the others, only to slowly look back its trainer a second time, hands quickly going its mouth as it let out own chuckle. Radara lifted her head, unburying herself from the sleeping bags she was under, trying to get some sleep.

It took Thomas a few to finally recognize the trainer, while he was busy shouting at him, demanding to get a fight with the pokemon had caused his current look.

“I remember you, from that group back at Village Bridge.” Thomas stated, quickly getting everyone to quite down. “Xent I think it was.” The trainer quickly nodded in response to his name. “Why did you follow us?”

“A trainer like you. You just show up out of nowhere, with out of region pokemon, and then defeat me and Vincent in a double battle like it was nothing. Trainers like you don’t go unnoticed. Just who the fuck are you?” Xent quickly countered.

“There is no need for that rude tongue of yours.” Thomas growled as Radara quickly walked over to his side. Everyone had finally stopped laughing though as Radara and Xent’s zoroark had their own little stare down. “We’re just a couple of trainers looking to relax. We got tired of things back home and wanted to just visit Unova in peace.” Xent just continued to glare at him for a few. “Now what are you doing here?”

“I was curious about you, and I wanted a rematch with that puffball.” Xent stated.

Thomas quickly moved his hand back to keep Radara from taking action herself.

Before Xent or Thomas could finish their stare down though, there was a large commotion in the woods headed there way. Everyone turned towards the trees, watching, wondering what was going on. Thomas was the first to get close, Radara right by his side as a large group of pokemon all burst through the trees. Sarah cried out in shock as some of them went after her, or rather the cooking gear where she was nearly finished with their meal, while others charged for the tent and bags.

Radara was quick to respond, creating a barrier around their bags, a few the pokemon beating on the barrier to get their things. Others quickly turned to go after everyone else there, Rebecca quickly attacking one that was going for Thomas, just as Xent’s zoroark did the same for him.

It took Sarah a minute to call out her pokemon Blaze to help out when a second large group of pokemon burst out from the trees as well, but rather then go after Thomas and the others, they tried to attack the first group of pokemon. Thomas easily grabbed a rufflet that was coming at him, giving it a nasty shock to disorient it, before gently tossing it over to a large bush as he looked around trying to figure out what was going on.

Radara was easily holding her own, the pokemon what tried to charge her all falling over sleeping very quickly, her gem glowing brightly as she worked to try and stop the fight.

Xent was also busy, having pulled out a crowbar to defend himself from a pawniard that was attacking him, while his zoroark used it illusions to keep another few pokemon busy.

Sarah was mostly trying to stay out of the way, as she let Blaze, the only pokemon she had on her at the moment help try to end the fight. She attempted to make her way to her pack where her other pokemon were, but it was hard with so many pokemon all fighting in the clearing at the same time. She managed to duck under one stray attack, but didn’t see another one coming at her. She was knocked over before it hit though, a mienshao having jumped up, grabbing her arm, and pulling her down in time to avoid the attack. The mienshao then went to defend her further, another pawniard trying to attack them both, but the mienshao held its ground, following Sarah a bit to make sure that nothing else attack her as she got to her bag calling out the rest of her pokemon.

Before she could call any of her other pokemon out though, a pair of pokemon rangers ran into the clearing from the same direction that all of the pokemon had come from. “Come on, round them already.” One of the rangers shouted as most of the first group of pokemon quickly scattered, a deliberd throwing a few presents at all of them as it ran off.

The mienshao that had helped Sarah, quickly tried to deflect one of the presents, but it blew up in its face, sending it flying back, Sarah just barely able to catch it, the mienshao have been knocked out from the blast.

Both rangers growled in annoyance, having to stop and catch their breaths. “Are you three alright?” One of them asked.

“What just happened? Since when do pokemon herds like that just show up out of nowhere, trash a camp like ours and actively try to steal our things?” Thomas growled.

“Team plasma… they… they set off some sort of device.” One of the rangers explained as second group of pokemon looked to them. “Go on, we can’t catch up.” The rangers said letting all of their partners return back to where they had come from. “We have a small ranger outpost up the road, and next thing we know all the pokemon we had asked for help to rebuild it after a bad storm knocked everything down starting going nuts. They tried to break our radios, tore up our tents, even attacked a few other people who were there helping out.”

Thomas looked at them as he began to try and see what all had been lost in their camp. “That hardly explains their behavior.” Thomas stated.

“Something about that device, it made all the pokemon in the area go nuts, but only actively attacked trainers and their camps. We’ve been chasing them all day and you’re the tenth group that those pokemon have attacked. And trust us, you got off lightly with all they did today. They don’t seem to be so aggressive anymore.” The rangers explained. “There were eight of us when we started to chase after them, but we had to leave a ranger behind with every group who got hurt today.”

“We haven’t been here long, but I could have sworn that this Team Plasma we keep hearing about just want pokemon set free.” Sarah said as she sat down to look the mienshao over, it was still unconscious and she was worried about it.

“We’ve never seen this kind of thing before.” The rangers countered. “We saw a grunt just before all pokemon went nuts, but his seemed fine. But just like with us, the pokemon in the area attacked him as well as ran him off before we could catch him. Thankfully whatever he was using blew up on him as soon as he used it. If you three don’t think you need the help, we should really start heading back to our camp. We need to spread the word around as fast as possible.”

Thomas growled a bit at those words. That was kind of thing he knew he had to look into, if a thing like was set off in a city, it would affect everyone, and people could end up turning on pokemon all together if it was used in a few cities all at once, not to mention what would happen if it affected the legendaries.

He looked over to Xent once more as soon as the rangers. “You have all your things, go find another place to set up.”

“Not until I get some answers.” Xent countered very firmly, having finally forced his hair back down to normal.

“Excuse me?” Thomas stated, already in a bad mood, that thing inside him cackling a bit, wanting a fight.

“What are you?” Xent’s words were slow, and very firm, his zoroark giving him a nasty look.

“I said you can leave.” Thomas repeated as Radara took her own stance.

“I saw you grab the rufflet, then your hands sparked, and you tossed it aside, and its still just laying there.” Xent countered.

“You’re seeing things.” Thomas quickly replied.

Xent quickly lifted his hand up, showing his PokeNav, which had a nice large picture of Thomas, one of his hands sparking as he had to fend off a karrablast. “Was I seeing things?” Xent asked. “Or perhaps I should pull up this viral video of some guy blowing up a TV in kanto city, which now that I think about, your about his height and you have a shiny lucario, and an espeon.” He hit another button and the video being played on his pokenav. It was blurry and not very clear, but it was definitely Thomas in the video as he threw a hand up and fired a bolt of lighting at the TV screen that was across the street as the video showed the camera dropping to the ground.

Thomas and Sarah both looked at him rather shocked, ever since they had moved to Unova, they had stayed out of site, never looking for trouble, and did their best not to use any internet connection that could possibly lead the knights to Unova. Xent just smiled. “You are the guy aren’t you.” He grinned. “Now tell me what you are, cause there is no way your human.”

Thomas quickly went into action, a small, but still strong bolt of lighting flying out of his right to Xent’s PokeNav, causing the device to emit a lot of static and sparks before just dying. Xent’s zoroark quickly went into action, taking a defensive stance between him and Thomas, Radara summoning a giant barrier between them. “Just turn around, forget you saw me, and be on you way. If you think I’m that guy from that video, then you know I don’t play around.” He stated.

Xent went to make another move but Thomas just nodded to Radara, who quickly did her thing. Her eyes flashed as Xent just fell over backwards as Thomas looked to his zoroark. “He’s perfectly fine, Radara just put him to sleep.” He stated. “Bad things happen to those who travel me, he does not need anyone hunting him down just because they think he knows who and what I really am.”

Xent’s zoroark was all too ready fight still, as Thomas packed up to his things. “Please, just try and convince him not to follow me.” He said letting his powers show for just a second. “I’m the last of my kind and I just want to left alone.” Radara quickly sent some images to the zoroark as well, more then powerful enough to do that, even if she couldn’t take the zoroark head on in a fight.

“Stay here and protect him, I can tell your loyal to him. He’s lucky to have a pokemon so trusting.” Thomas explained. The zoroark backed down just a bit, but still growled at them Thomas nodded to Sarah who quickly packed up their things. She knew that this was for the better, and it wasn’t the first time that they had put a trainer to sleep, and reasoned with their pokemon. Despite that though, she couldn’t just leave the mienshao that had protected her there, not while it was defenseless as well.

“Thank you.” Thomas said as soon as they were ready to go, quickly moving through the trees and out of the clearing with Radara and Sarah right behind him, everyone else having returned to their pokeballs. Sarah was looking at her new mienshao and it made her think of her her umbreon and how it protected her. She held the ball tight. After all that training she still had to have some one help her. It pained her to think she still had away to go. What made it worst was that with this event today made her worry could they hide still with what was happening and ignore it or would they once more have to fight?
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