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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 19

Watcher of Arceus

Author Notes:
-x- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
xXx This will identify where each paragraph breaks.
‘Character Thought’
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don’t own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 19

Instead of making it a long slow nearly two week long trip to Opelucid City, Thomas was in more of a rush then ever and in their rush, made the trip in just four days. Sarah could tell that Thomas was very determined and didn’t question him at all, she knew the same thing he did, that device could only mean trouble. The only stop they made was at the ranger station on the way there, who made mention of Team Plasma in Opelucid City, having already sent a few rangers there to keep an eye on them now after the use of their new device.


Opelucid City was busy as Thomas and Sarah arrived. The Unova Pokemon League was nearly ready to open up and as always, this meant that anyone wanting to compete this year was in a bit a rush. From getting their last gym badge, to preparing for the trip up to the pokemon league, to even getting their last minute training in, the city as a whole was taking advantage of the sheer number of people there. On the one side, all the newer shops were busy advertising the latest in trainer gear and other goods, while the older part of town did their own thing, offering all sorts of herbal cures and other traditional goods. Even with the vast difference in products between the older historical part of town and the newer technological part of town, every street was filled with trainers and their traveling groups.

This made things both much easier, but at the same time, several times harder for Thomas and Sarah. With all of the people there, they could easily blend in, hide at a moments notice by just moving into the crowds. There was also no loss of deals for them to resupply either, they didn’t need anything special or fancy, just the basics, although Thomas did seem to prefer shopping for things in the older parts of town. On the flip side though, there was so many people and pokemon around, Thomas couldn’t help but think that it would be a prime target for Team Plasma if they were really the ones behind the device that made all those pokemon go wild. They had to be on the lookout just in case.

With everyone so busy, that made it very hard to look for information. People were too easily distracted by everything around them with the simple questions that Thomas kept asking, but he didn’t want to start a panic by hinting about the device that the rangers told him about.

It took a while, but at last they had a small stroke of good luck. With such a large group of people and pokemon present, Team Plasma had taken up a booth of their own, once again urging people to release their pokemon. Thomas sighed, wondering how he could have missed it, much less how so many others could do the same always getting the same response about Team Plasma not being around.

He gave a look around, unable to see Sarah and Radara, assuming that they were in another part of town. He moved in, but made sure that they couldn’t see him while sending a telepathic message to Radara. He once again had to push some annoying trainers out of his way, most of them wanting to battle Rebecca or trade for her. He simply down right ignored them this time though as he made his way closer to the Team Plasma stage. He could already see some officers and rangers hanging back in the immediate area, no doubt keeping an eye on them as well.

As he got closer to the stage, he could hear the shouts more easily. Not only were they shouting about setting pokemon free and how it was wrong to keep them locked up, Thomas couldn’t help but be confused about their added message that something was coming, that their world was going to change to a better place were all pokemon were free and lived in peace.

Thomas took a seat at a small café right next to the stage as he ordered a strong herbal tea. Without Radara’s help, reading their minds would be a bit of a challenge, and he knew that the right kind of tea would help clear his mind a bit to help with that task. While he was at it, he had asked Rebecca to look into their auras.

It took a few, but Thomas had his tea at last, sipping it slowly. It was a bit bitter, but nothing that a little sugar and honey couldn’t fix as he stirred his cup. “Do you see anything odd about them?” Thomas asked quietly.

‘They don’t seem to be intent on causing harm.’ Rebecca stated, a small hint of confusion in her voice.

“But something is still off?” Thomas asked.

‘I can’t be sure, but they firmly believe that the world is going to change and soon.’ She said. ‘They know something, but its hidden from them. I can see this strange … empty spot in their auras, like part of it was changed somehow, but at the same time it wasn’t.’ Rebecca explained. ‘Its… its sort of like something was living in their aura, but its left them.’

“Hmmm?” Thomas gave her a confused look, but never heard her response. Instead he felt something else entirely the second he went to try and read their minds.

Something clearly blocked his abilities and even more alarming, he felt something trying to break into his head. He quickly looked around, very alert now as he searched for this odd power. He heard a small laugh in the back of his head again as he looked to the stage, something was staring right at him, but he couldn’t make it out. It was obviously right there, but no one seemed to notice it at all, even Thomas had to look twice, barely able to see the shadowy outline of a pokemon smiling at him before it vanished.

‘Thomas… Thomas.’ Thomas quickly looked back at the table, Sarah was shaking his shoulder a bit as Radara’s voice suddenly became clear.

“Are you alright there?” Sarah asked.

“What do you see on that stage?” Thomas quickly asked as all of them looked over to the stage.

“Just a pair of grunts.” Sarah replied as Thomas quickly looked to Rebecca and Radara.

‘What exactly am I suppose to see?’ Radara asked. ‘Is there something else there?’

‘Thomas, are you sure your okay?’ Rebecca was a bit worried.

“That shadow, I can’t exactly describe it.” Thomas quickly looked back to the stage, but all he saw was just the two grunts. “Try to read their minds, I couldn’t do it, something stopped me from being able to.” He said a bit worried himself as Radara focused on the grunts.

‘They don’t know anything about the device, they just want people to release their pokemon.’ Radara stated. ‘They do not have any plans to force people into anything, they seem to be doing a legal protest against the pokemon league.’

Thomas looked down to her. “You’re sure?”

“Thomas, are you sure your okay?” Sarah asked a bit more worried then before.

He shook his head a bit. “I…” Thomas paused unsure how to respond. “I don’t know.” He replied slowly. He turned to look around again though, he could just feel something watching him, making him feel very uneasy as he felt that thing in the back of his head start acting up, welcoming something.

‘Thomas, are you sure you are alright. You seem unnerved, stressed even.’ Radara stated.

‘Something’s wrong with you, what is it?’ Rebecca stated looking at him.

“Something is messing with me, I can feel it.” Thomas stated and quickly looked up to the top of one of the stores, a liepard was smiling down at him.

‘You’re running out of time, make your decision.’ The voice in his head laughed at him as he growled.

“We’re not alone here.” Thomas quickly stated looking around as Radara looked up just in time to see the liepard walk off.

’Thomas, I think I know what the problem is.’ Radara growled lightly as Rebecca and Sarah looked over as well, but couldn’t see the liepard as it jumped down into an alleyway.

Thomas dropped a few bills on the table and takes off, but not too quickly, the last thing he needed right now as extra attention.

‘Why is she here?’ Thomas growled a bit as his thoughts turned a bit dark, doing his best to contain the taint within him. He had been promised that he had time to make his decision in peace. Not that he really needed it, he would fight this thing. What other choice was there.

Other thoughts slowly leak into his head as he walks though. Memories of the promises that thing had offered him, a life with Rebecca, a child, a normal life. Still, he had to fight it, he couldn’t give in. But if he did win by some miracle, then what, what would that change. The knights were still around, and he wasn’t allowed to touch them, he would have to let them flourish, always run from them. They would go unpunished for all that they had done, for nearly single handedly killing off his entire race, not to mention the countless lives of those who offered them help or even just got to know them.

‘Such bad thoughts watcher.’ The liepard’s voice is strong in his head again as he walks into the alleyway unnoticed, this time she didn’t even bother hiding herself. ‘You do realize who is to blame for all of this. She has done nothing to help you or your allies. Yes, I know you mourn those who helped you over the years, only to be slaughtered. If you actually followed how you felt, you could have ended the knights a long time ago and rid the world of those who dare threaten the legendary pokemon.’ She smiles as she mocks him, knowing exactly how to tempt him and his taint as they make it to the alleyway.

’Greetings watcher Thomas.’ The liepard smiles as she just sits there, as if not caring that he is so close to her. ‘I would call you your true name, but I can tell from you clenched fists that you would attack me and then I would be forced to defend myself. It would be such a shame to get all these people and their pokemon involved in our battle. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you much, but who is say what will happen to all these people if a branch breaks.’ The group give her a confused look as she makes a raises a paw, extends her claws, then slams her paw back down, her claws glowing a bit. Everyone prepares to defend themselves, only for nothing to happen at first.

A few seconds go by as Thomas slowly tries to relax a bit, only to hear a branch snap behind them, then the crunch of something falling onto a car, followed by a lot of yelling. They all turn to see a very large fallen tree branch across the road, with a young boy trapped under it. Several people are calling for help as they gather around, trying to clear some of the branch. A meowth is licking the boy’s face and Thomas could easily that he had tried to protect his pokemon as several rangers come over trying to lift the massive branch off the boy to get him out. As large as it is though, even a group of people couldn’t lift the branch off the boy. It’s easy to see that if not for the car just barely holding up the end of the branch, it would have right out killed the boy.

It’s enough to set off Thomas as he quickly draws his blade and goes in for the kill, only to stop at the last second, the liepard not even flinching. He takes a few steps back, his body sparking with his power as he does his best to contain himself. As if things weren’t bad enough, he could feel her in his head. He could feel her power, her dark gifts from the ancient evil easily influenced his own dark taint, eager to spill blood and enjoy a battle.

Rebecca is already trying to pull him back, not caring for the shocks she was getting from him, trying to use her aura to help shield Thomas from the liepard’s influence, enough to let him regain control of himself.

The liepard sighs a bit, as if saddened by the turn of events. ‘Such a shame watcher, I was actually hoping you would impale me. Still, to see you thinking so hard about it makes me happy.’ The liepard smiles. ‘Your time grows short. Unless you accept his offer, you will lose everything. Your time for a decision draws to close and I for one hope you choose to fight him, it gives me the perfect reason to deal with you, kill your companions, though most of them seem spoken for. I would just love to kill your floatzel before her mate, make him watch as she bled to death right in front of him before I end his pitiful existence. Or better yet, I could that muscle bound idiots prey, kill the lucario you seem to hold so close, make her die a slow death, knowing that there was nothing you could do to stop me when you had the cha-‘ She quickly retreats to the shadows, Thomas surprisingly not the one to attack, but rather Rebecca. In her own rage for toying so much with Thomas, she had easily summoned and fired a small pack of small aura spheres at the liepard to silence her. Despite her quick retreat though, Rebecca still managed a single hit on the liepard, her aura sticking to her a bit.

The liepard quickly jumps back out of the shadows much further away. ‘This is MY land watcher! You have no right to be here, I was doing perfectly fine until you came along. You have no right to be here, you were never there to begin with when we needed you! The knights were right to hunt your kind and I’ll be sure they find you now.’ The liepard shouts out at, something different about her voice now, but still very much dark. Rebecca is about to give chase as she turns to jump back into the shadows and leave again, but Sarah quickly pulls her back pointing out another problem.

A ranger had noticed them and was walking towards them, Radara having no choice but to use her power on him to avoid further problems. The ranger stops for a second, only to retreat back to help out with the boy, forgetting that they were there for now. ‘We must move and quickly.’ Radara warned them as Thomas tries this best to calm himself further, Rebecca worried for him as she uses her aura to try and help calm him down. He finally sheaths his blade and hides it again under his backpack, moving to get out of the area.

“We need to get out of the city.” Thomas stated quickly pulling out his set of sunglasses to cover his eyes that he knew had changed to his true eyes. “I can’t stay in the area with … with that thing toying with me.”

“And what about Team Plasma.” Sarah asked. “Should I stay behind to keep an eye on them.”

Thomas looked down to Radara who nodded to him. ‘I will stay with Sarah and keep an eye on them as well as protect her. Rebecca has proven that she can handle you, and it would be best if you found a place to calm down. I recall Dwelthor mentioning a sanctuary in the area. I know that you do know like to intrude upon them, but it may be best if you hide out in for a while.’

Sarah looked down to Radara at the mention of a sanctuary. “What are you talking about now?” Sarah asked a bit intrigued.

“There are places all over the world, gifts of Arceus to the watchers and the legendaries, private retreats of sort.” Thomas explained. “I… I have not been to one in several lifetimes. I… do not feel so much at home there as I use to. Not after realizing how much I have changed.” Thomas stated and Sarah understood exactly what he meant, once again recalling the story Thomas had told her when she had asked if he had ever killed anyone.

‘Thomas, come on, we should go. We need a place to help calm you down.’ Rebecca said as she took his arm as soon as they were out of town, quickly trying to sooth his aura with her own.

‘Thomas, I will not have you getting out of this this time, you will go to the sanctuary. You have ignored them for so long, its time you returned to them. I would love to go myself, but we do need to see why these fools have such a weapon and what they plan to do with it. Seeing that we are not alone here, I have this feeling that this Team Plamsa may not be fully away of what they are messing with. I believe that they may not even realize what they are actually doing. I will return with Sarah to Opelucid and look for additional clues.’ Radara then looked up to Sarah. ‘I would highy recommend that you call out your now meinshoo, it will give the trainers someone else to think about battling, and hopefully persuade some of the guys to quit flirting with you as well.’

Sarah quickly started blushing. “Wait… what? … I don’t…. I mean what are you getting at you pink princess puffball.” Sarah countered rather awkwardly at first, but seceeding in getting to Radara.

Thomas quickly stepped in to break up the fight before it started. He is thankful that they have learned to get along so well over the long year, even if they did get into their own arguments from time to time. Still, he couldn’t help but think that it would be nicer if Rebecca would be a little nicer to her as well. She had nearly outright attacked Sarah a few months back, when she fell into a lake, only to get laughed at harder when she got out of the water and her fur puffed out. It took several promises to keep her from getting back at Sarah after that.

Thomas shook his head to get himself back on track, with Rebecca doing her best to calm him with her aura, his mind did wander a bit as he tried to focus. “Look, just find out what you can and I’ll go to the sanctuary. Just promise me that you will not kill each other.” Sarah and Radara both look at eash other and back to him before nodding.


He turned again to continue on his way, Rebecca on his arm. He starts to head along the route up to the Unova Pokemon League, but takes a detour to the northeast. Rebecca had recalled Thomas and Radara talking about sanctuaries once before, and asked Radara about them.

Radara had told her a good deal about them, and she quickly started to try and use her aura vision to try and find the sanctuary. She could see a few tunnels below them as they started to climb a bit, as well as various pokemon around them. She knew that place in question was hidden, and since they were started to walk up a mountain, she began to try and look for a cave or something.

Thomas seemed to be doing the same, at the very least, he was looking for something along the side of the mountain. She tried her best though, but she couldn’t find any trace of anything even remotely similar to what she thought she was looking for.

Just as she was about to give up and ask Thomas if there really was anything around, he smiled and moved over to a large rock face hidden by a bunch of vines and a few trees.

He placed a hand on the wall and closed his eyes, obviously using his powers. A second later, he started to push the wall aside a bit. “Come on, its okay.” He said. “The legendaries built these places, both for their own use, but mostly for us.”

He started to walk down a stone passage as the wall started to close up behind them. Rebecca looked to him a bit scared, even more so when his aura started to show again, still very dark. She took his arm again, scared that his taint was acting up.

As they walked in though, the the doro behind them began to close and the room grew very dark. “Don’t worry.” Thomas said pulling her closer. Just as it had gone pitch black, a new light began to shine, starting at the very top of the cave, before it began to grow. The roof of the cave was nothing more then one large crystal, that let light in at some odd angles at first, but as more light began to shine in, more crystals began to reflect the light until after a minute, the entire cavern was filled with a mix of red, purple, and blue.

“When Arceus first gave birth to the first of my kind, she knew that she would give birth to many of us in the end. The legendary pokemon had gathered, deciding that we would need our own place from time to time. Places were we could be at peace with ourselves.” Thomas said as his aura began to calm down as he looked around the room, already feeling a bit more at ease. The cavern was very large and there was a large clear pool of water in the middle of the room, reflecting the light further off the crystals in the walls. Underneath the crystals on the walls were rows of berry bushes and flowers, all slowly opening up in the growing light.

“These places are use to be home to my kind.” Thomas took off his back and set it on a large flat rock next to the pond to keep his things dry as he began to take off his shirt, planning to take a dip in the water. “Its been so long since I’ve been here, but it still feels so welcoming.” His voice was soft, but Rebecca could still hear the darker part of it still just hanging in as Thomas was given a chance to relax, easily now that the liepard wasn’t urging him on and that he now felt at home in a sense.

“Rebecca, if your hungery, you can have some berries.” Thoms pointed to the wall. She looks at them a bit confused, doubtful that they would taste nice since upon closer inspection, it looks like they were growing right out of the rock wall. Still, she takes one, finding a few mago berries. Much to her surprise, despite wondering how they could tste nice growing like they were, the mago berry was very sweet, just the way she liked as she tries one more.

Thomas gives a gentle laugh as he sees her expression as he finishes undress and then slipping into the water. “I told you, this place provides well for my kind. Suicune filled the springs with pur water, Landorus helped fertilize that soil, and shaymin filled with them her own touches.” He pats the waters surface lightly inviting her to his side.

She turns, slightly confused that he just walked into the water as he did, he was always a bit picky about it at times. She moves to join him, lightly dipping her toes in to test the water, smiling to find that was it a was nice and warm, relaxing, even if it wasn’t a hot spring.

“These places, homes to the watchers, our retreats. They were meant to be comfortable for us. Most are like this, but there are others, some made for specific types of my kind.” He said as she out of her shorts and shirt to join him in the water sitting right next to him. She once again tries to grasp his hand with her paw, but its still an awkward event, her paw so much different from his hand, but he still helps her out, taking it anyway. It still agitated her, she wanted to hold just his hand at times, that was why still clung to his arm. She wanted nothing more then to be more openly affectionate with thim, to hang onto him wherever they might go, show her feelings and urges instead of having to hide it so often. She knew why she couldn’t though, why they had to keep it a secret from everyone, knowing how so many people felt about a pokemon and a human sharing such a bond.

What was wrong with them loving each other, she wondered. If anything, she was smarter then a number of ‘morons’ as Juno had called them lately. If anything, these morons should have been the ones not allowed out of their dwellings. She looked down, seeing her reflection and the sadness in her eyes, only to notice Thomas looking down to see the same thing. She always tried to hide these emotions from him, turning away a bit, but thomas just held her closer.

“Rebecca… I’m sorry for everything.” He slowly turned to her face him. She was about to say something, but Thomas just placed a hand on her muzzle. “Please, just listen. When I took you as my mate, Radara told me that I would be hurting you more then I would know. She is happy for us none the less, but relationships with watchers have never been easy, and it only got worse as time went on. I know I haven’t been the best mate I could, but I want you to know that I do treasure you more then anything. I… I’m just bad with my feelings over the years, I put them away for so long, its still second nature to me. I just want you to-”

Now Rebecca stops him before he can finish, her eyes no longer showing the same sadness as before. ‘Silly, I love you for all of you, not just some of you, all of the good and bad. If I really cared just about some parts of you, I would never have wanted to be with you. Thomas, you are my mate, not because of what you are, but because of who you are. You mean everything to me and I don’t want you to change.’ She leans in closing her eyes, Thomas doing to the same, not noticing the light of the doro to the sanctuary opening behind them.

“Thomas, we found something… and maybe we should come later.” Sarah starts to yell out, only to go a bit red from walking in on them as they were.


Thomas quickly stepped in to break up the fight before it started. He is thankful that they have learned to get along so well over the long year, even if they did get into their own arguments from time to time. Still, he couldn’t help but think that it would be nicer if Rebecca would be a little nicer to her as well. She had nearly outright attacked Sarah a few months back, when she fell into a lake, only to get laughed at harder when she got out of the water and her fur puffed out. It took several promises to keep her from getting back at Sarah after that.

Thomas shook his head to get himself back on track, with Rebecca doing her best to calm him with her aura, his mind did wander a bit as he tried to focus. “Look, just find out what you can and I’ll go to the sanctuary. Just promise me that you will not kill each other.” Sarah and Radara both look at eash other and back to him before nodding.

Sarah and Radara looked to each other one more time, letting Thomas and Rebecca walk off while they needed to head back to the city. Sarah did call out her meinshoo as Radara had asked. The meinshoo seemed to enjoy being with them lately, not minding that it had a new trainer, actually seeming to enjoy the chance to travel with a group, even if he didn’t talk much, mostly just nodding when called upon.

They decided to stick close to Team Plasma like before, but they were on extra alert now that they knew the liepard, and possibly the rest of her partners were around. They hung back a bit further then before, taking cover on a library balcony. They mostly ignored the two grunts on the stage at the current time, instead paying attention to any of the plasma grunts that were back stage. Already convinced that the grunts doing all the shouting and protesting knew nothing about what was going on, they hoped that maybe one of the various grunts back stage or those who seemed to come and go from time to time might know something.

As the day went on, things seemed to stay pretty calm, Sarah doing some reading while they were at the library while her meinshoo practiced some very simple martial arts, taking it slow making sure not to hit or disturb anything. Radara was of course busy reading the minds of the plasma grunts, while Sarah made sure to look around from time to time and point out any addition grunts that seemed to move around a lot.

An hour passed, and they didn’t learn anything, until Sarah noticed a rather unusual grunt behind the stage, checking around, thinking that he was going unnoticed. “Radara, what about the grunt back there.” Sarah said, sitting up and pointing him out quietly.

Radara’s gaze quickly caught up with him and she smiled. ‘This is rather interesting.’ She said as she focused entirely on him. ‘He is waiting for the liepard to show up and give him something, but I think she is taking her threat from earlier more seriously.’

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked as her meinshoo kept up his own thing, but not insisted on doing it blindfolded with a piece of cloth he had found and on the back of a chair.

‘That grunt is very nervous, hoping that he isn’t seen, namely by the other grunts. I don’t think he is part of Team Plasma, but merely trying to blame them for something.’ Radara stated as she looked around a bit, searching for anything strange. ‘He’s very worried, he is supposed to pick something up, but he doesn’t know what, only that he is supposed to make a scene once he gets it.’

Sarah looked around some more, finding several more rangers and police around the stand, as if waiting for something as well. “Radara…”

Radara quickly turned her gaze as well. ‘This is most unusual, they were tipped off about something.’ Radara tilted her head as the man behind the stage growled and tossed something into the crowd. He shouted something that neither of them could. Radara quickly teleported the device away from the people, only to watch it flash in the air, but not as a bright light. Instead a small blast of darkness escaped from the device in the air above them. ‘I think he is trying to pin everything on Team Plasma.’

The police and rangers all moved in, quickly rounding the entire group of plasma grunts up, except for the one man who ran off and got lost in the crowd. It didn’t do much good though as Radara’s eyes flashed once more, the man falling over as he tripped over his own feet only to get jumped on by a pair of rangers. “What was that?” Sarah looked up as the flash in the air slowly faded away. “Was that the device that made all those pokemon go mad, the ranger said that it did blow up right, maybe that’s what he meant.”

‘I believe you are right, but I am going to take permanent care of it this time.’ Radara stated. ‘As soon as it is done, I will teleport it into separate places all at once, but I want to make sure its done so I don’t activate it by mistake.’ She explained.

There was a small crash behind them and both of them jumped, her meinshoo had fallen off the chair and was looking up at them while it was upside down and removing the napkin it turned into a blindfold. Sarah sighed a bit as she looked up.

‘I believe we can go now, the so called plasma grunt knows nothing else about today, he is just very confused why he was lied to about the device and left to be captured.’ Radara said as she turned around to notice Sarah with a shocked look on her face. ‘Is something wrong?’

Sarah continued to stare at the screen for a few as Radara looked over to the newscast. As usual for a library, the newscast was muted, but the subtitles said it all for Radara. Sarah’s parents were getting a divorce, and seeing how it was broadcasting on worldwide news, it was not in anyway quiet as Sarah turned away.

‘I am sorry for you to find out this way, but we cannot go back for now. The knights may still be watching them and monitoring them hoping that you will call.’ Radara said. ‘It may be best for us to head to the sanctuary at this time.’

Sarah nodded lightly as she packed up her things as her meinshoo seemed to pick up on what was happening, trying to comfort her as well.


Radara teleported all three of them right outside the sanctuary and before Sarah could ask where they were, Radara used her mind to gently take Sarah’s hand and place it on the wall. She then used a bit of power on Sarah to allow her to open the door and Sarah rushed in.

“Thomas, we found something… and maybe we should come back later.” Sarah started to yell out, only to go a bit red from walking in on them as they were.

Thomas and Rebecca went a bit red as well, but not as much as Sarah. He quickly moved a large towel in front of them so that they could dry off and dress in peace. “Relax, relax, we were just sitting with each other, enjoying the water.” Thomas said as he put on his clothing.

“Now, what is so important.” He asked. “Did you find the device?”

‘I do not believe that Team Plasma is behind the device, they are merely trying to shift blame to them at this time.’ Radara explained as Sarah moved over to corner of the room. ‘However, I am also led to believe that our evil friend is behind their creation, so I hardly think that is the last of them in this region. We must search hard to find the rest here and quickly. If even one of them are turned on in a city, it could spell disaster.’

Thomas nodded before looking over to Sarah. “Is something wrong?” He asked.

‘Sarah has just found out her parents are getting a divorce, and it is in no way a quiet one. We found this out by a short newscast while we were at the library watching over the plasma stand.’ Radara said.

Thomas looked at her, but remained quiet for now, he was unsure how to handle it, but still knew that Sarah would need to come to terms with the idea first herself.

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