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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 21

Watcher of Arceus

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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.

Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 21

Xent wakes up with a start, his pillow moving a bit as he quickly reaches for his crowbars ready to attack. He stops just as fast as he woke though, remembering the fact that its just Zia.

He had given his pillow to a needy family, which was why he was waking up with his head against her side now. He sat up slowly as he looked around.

He couldn't help but still be very tense, looking around the area of the ruined city. His tent was just one of the thousands set up in the city park, and he could hear some large trucks pulling up outside.

Opening the tent, being careful not to wake up the people sharing his tent, he looks outside, government trucks loaded with nearly everything had finaly arrived on scene. It was just barely dawn and looking around he could see so many people working already.

Several policemen, rangers, and other people all working and quickly moving to the truck to get supplies. He still noticed a distinct shortage of pokemon though, only a few trainers still trusting their pokemon. He once again looks around, several medical tents stocked with injured people, a bus already set up and preparing to move some of the more serious cases to a proper hosptial in the next city.

The more Xent looked around though, the more he thought it was impossible to see such destruction. He has traveled to other regions before, and it seemed that most regions had their own unique evil "Team" style organization. While most of these teams had attacked the region they were in, none of them had ever matched the destruction that had taken place in Salton city. They wanted to rule, not destroy. What good was it to rule though if there was nothing left to rule.

He feels Zai stir just a bit and sits up, only to slowly stroke the side of her face, trying to keep her calm. He knew what her problem was, she was having nightmares again. He wasn't too surprised, even he had trouble sleeping after what all he had seen yesterday. Thinking about it now though, he began how he even feel asleep in the first place, only to recall Verna calming presence in his mind just before he blacked out. Still, he tries to replay the events of the last two days


There was no telling how far behind he was compared to when Thomas arrived, but it was easy to recall the chaos. When he had arrived on the outskirts of the city, several people were running, most of the pokemon in the area seemed to be in an unchecked rage, attacking anyone and everything they could.

Xent had to call back his pidgeot and Verna since they both seemed to start losing control as well. This left him with just his flareon, Pyra, and Zai, who while able to fight, was still tired and a bit weak. From there things only got worse as he had to fight pokemon from all sides, both to save himself, as well as rescue several people and a few pokemon that had been unaffected by the device.

The deeper into the city that Xent managed to fight his way into, the worse things got. He could hardly believe that there was nothing but a massive pile of ruble where the pokemon center use to be, there were no signs at all to tell was it was by the time he got there.

He quickly had to move on though, he couldn't idle, not while that device was active. He didn't know where to look though, but that didn't stop him from trying.

He wasn't sure how long it was until at last he found what he thought to be the device, even if it did look different from the one back in the park. Before he could reach though, a small group of mons ambushed him, knocking out Zai in quick order before any of them could counter.

From there it quickly got out of hand, Pyra was knocked out nearly as fast before the pokemon turned on him. It was sheer luck that he managed to find some cover after calling back his pokemon before there was a loud explosion. He ducked out of his cover just long enough to take a look, the machine was now in pieces, and he could easily make out Thomas standing next to it, a power line in his hand.

After that though, things were blur as most of the wild pokemon just ran off, obviously scared of something, but still acting as though they didn't know what they had done. Several tamed pokemon though began looking for their masters and trainers, many people though were still very much afraid of them.


He shook his head, that was all he could really remember from his arrival at the city. As for yesterday, it was all just a bigger blur, so much going on, so much work and trying to help people. He got up and continued to look around. He quickly made his way to the large cargo trucks though. "I'm here to help." He said weakly, still tired and out of it, but there was work to be done. He was quickly handed a large crate and then pointed over to one of the medical tents.

He was working as fast as he could, but when he turned around to go get another box, he had run back and pull man off one of the workers from the trucks. The man was obviously hungry, and needed food, but he had to question the man just striking out like that. He wasn't hurt, a few small bandages on his arm for minor scrapes.

Xent growled as the man was quickly arrested, but several other people started shouting about what had just happened. He couldn't believe how everyone was acting. He would have thought that because of what had happened, everyone would be coming together. While there were some fights from yesterday, everyone was still trying to help out. Instead, looking around, it looked like a riot was about to break out as everyone started blaming everyone else. Their yelling only woke up more people, who quickly joined the argument though.

Already people were once again calling out pokemon, ready for battle. Before anyone could make the first move though, there was another small explosion, a light post had blown up and Thomas was standing right next to it.

"What is wrong with all you retarded fools. You're all lucky to be alive after what happened and what's the first real thing you want to do. You want to start killing each other again just because they are there." He stated, his fists clenched, obviously ready to fight himself. "You're city in is ruins, there are people still trapped out there, people who are could be dying and need help. I came here to try and help you people, to attempt to save you and if all you care about is fighting, then go ahead. Start a fight, wreck what little is left here. A fight here will only destroy the supplies, burn the medical tents, maybe even ignite an exposed gas line or two." His voice was quickly growing loud with each word now. "As far as I'm concerned, every last one of you assholes can fend for yourselves."

Xent and everyone else could feel the raw anger in the air, several pokemon quickly taking several steps back towards their trainer knowing that he was the last person they wanted to deal with after what had already happened.

Xent continued to look on, Rebecca once again grabbing Thomas's arm, her ears down as she whined loudly, trying to calm him down. While everyone else only saw a worried pokemon trying to calm their master and keep them from doing something drastic, Xent could see something more to it. Just past him, he could see Sarah and Radara there as well, just as worried as Rebecca.

"If any of you have any worth at all, you'll shut up and get to work. People are dying out there and need help." He quickly made his way through the crowd, everyone stepping back to let him pass, his pokemon and Sarah following behind him. It took a few, but his words sunk in as Xent quickly moved to follow him, first one other person joining him, then another.


Xent didn't know how many people had followed Thomas as he made his way to some of the larger buildings, the hospital and pokemon center which were conveniently placed next to each other. With as many wounded as there were, Xent understood why Thomas had started work there, calling out his pokemon to help try and get into the rubble. Any medical supplies and gear could be put to great use as people began to spread out.

Radara lead a group of people off around the block herself, her sharp mind easily able to find where people were still trapped and pointed the way out to them, as well as helping herself, moving several smaller bits of debris, and helping to move the larger bits.

Every time Xent looked up though, there were more trucks and more people helping. He couldn't exactly be happy about it though, because while there were so many people helping, there were just as many people sitting back, demanding help with something, or arguing over this and that. He looks back to Thomas who is obviously trying to ignore the smaller bits of arguments around him when a voice calls out, drowning out the crowds.

"Be at peace my brothers and sisters. We have much work to do here. All this needless arguments and bitterness help no one. The young man is right, many people and pokemon are still out there in this ruined city." His voice carries with ease, even without the aid of a megaphone, everyone can still hear him.

Xent turns to face the new comers to the city, recognizing them easily enough from their uniforms. The Order, a philanthropist group of massive size, who work with all the various regions as a disaster relief group, their primary purpose to help out where ever they can. They worked with the various regions that they were allied with, giving them special rights among other things, all in the effort to clean up disaster left by pokemon and even humans. In recent years though, with the rise of so many large scale criminal organizations that used pokemon actively as weapons, their efforts and additional resources were a much needed relief for most regions, doubly so in the smaller regions.

Despite knowing who they were though, Xent was a bit surprised to see them however, not because they were there, but because it seemed to take them so long to arrive compared to how quickly they always seemed to be there right after a disaster, normally always there in just about a single day.

The voice sparks up again and Xent can finally make out the man speaking, King Faraday. While not a real king, or even royalty, it wasn't an uncommon joke to compare him it to it. It was said that he had built up The Order from scratch, using his own money and resources to help them expand and turn into what had become. He was quiet the charismatic man, able to convince several thousand people to join his cause and work in person, while convincing thousands more to help donate to whatever cause or disaster he was promoting help for, even donating large sums of his own money just to get the ball rolling. He mostly stayed in Unova though, where he was best known and continued to help out with all of the out of region Order operations.

Xent could easily see how he was able to lead so well though as he looked on. A large group of his trusted friends and fellow Order members walked behind him as he moved through the large crowd, somewhere even getting a reporter or two into the mix. The king ignored the reporters for now though, a large scowl on his face, as though he were a parent ready to scold their child for their bad behavior.

"Why do you all cry as if your toy was broken, or that it's not your problem. You all live here, its your town, your home, the place you work, the place you live with friends and family. Many of your neighbors, friends, family, pokemon who live here are buried or hurt, calling out for help even if you can't hear them. But you still act as if this is not your concern." His voice is strong and carries his sorrow for the scene well. Xent finally got a good look at the man now, wearing a very high end suit, mostly red in color with a white dress shirt underneath to go with blue pants. His hair was graying a bit a swell, but what got Xent's attention most of all were his eyes, looking about as though he were a predator looking for prey.

"I am shamed that you let your petty differences come between you all." He walks over to where there is a large group of other people working and right off the bat, throws off his jacket like it was nothing and begins to help moving the rubble, those with him doing the same. The group of them get some things moved aside, before coming to large bits of rubble. He takes a few steps back, pulling out his pokeballs. "Come forth Blade and Inferno!" He throws them into the air, calling out his gallade and magmortar. "Blade, find the people and pokemon inside and clear a path for them when he finds them Inferno."

Almost right away, his pokemon go to work as several of the other members from the Order call out their pokemon and being to spread throughout the city. Blade quickly points to broken stair well and begins cutting away at some of the debris waiting for Inferno to catch up. Once he does though, it was very easy for him to quickly lift up most of the larger bits of debris and within a minute of work, they had already freed a small group of people and pokemon. A medical crew rushed over to meet them and check them for injuries.

King just smiled at the work and turned, only to see a small group of reporters there waiting for him. "Mister Faraday, Mister Faraday. Could I get a word from about why it took so long for you and your group to show up. Compared to the several other relief efforts you have helped with, you appear to be rather slow to make a move this time." One reporter quickly stated, but he just smiled.

He turns and looks over the city, then back at the reporter. "Yes, I admit that most of my people were slow to arrive to the scene, but it is not without reason. Some members of the Order were investigating the cause of this strange occurrence of pokemon going wild and we wanted to make sure that it was ok to come in with our pokemon." He explained as he pointed around the city, while all members of the Order were working along side their pokemon to help the city, there were still some people who strayed clear of the pokemon, obviously scared of them now. "We along with our pokemon want to help out where go. But given the nature of what had happened, I felt that I would do better holding back just long enough to make sure that our own pokemon would not go wild as well. Additionally, I had some trouble trying to organize supplies for this effort, or I would have arrived sooner." He slowly started to move through the city looking over the city. "I did send people in as soon as I heard of the attack though and those in the Order who did arrive during the attack were able to learn several things though. For instance, while working alongside the local law enforcement and rangers in the area, we have learned the source of had made all those pokemon go mad. We have also learned who need to thank for destroying the device and saving the city." One of King's men merely pointed down the road, to where many people were still working, ignoring the crowd.

King smiled quickly spotting the man that was described to him and starting moving towards Thomas who was helping up an injured nurse from the wreckage of the pokemon center. Xent looks a bit startled by this and thinks that maybe Thomas might actually get some help with the Order. He quietly follows along, helping out here and there as he follows along.

Before King and the large group of people reach Thomas, Rebecca alerts him to their attention as he turns and hands the nurse off to a medical crew who get her down to the medical tents. Radara seems to pick up on something though, the same as Rebecca as they go to start to get into a defensible position, only to be called off by Thomas quietly before they can.

King is smiling, but Xent feels something different from it. As it it's a fake smile to hide something else. King reaches out a hand and to Xent's surprise, Thomas reaches out to shake it. Yet, looking at Thomas, he can see the same fake expression, forcing a calm look. They continue to shake lightly, but Xent can see King try to squeeze Thomas's hand a bit. Some of King's men try to move around him, but King calls them off in the same quiet manor as Thomas.

Everyone else seems much too concerned about trying to get to Thomas and thank him, the members of the Order, trying to give King and Thomas some room since they were ordered against surrounding him. Xent is left confused about it though, those kinds of actions weren't friendly, those were the actions saved for cornering an enemy and he can't quiet figure out what Thomas did to invoke such hostile actions, even if they were quiet ones.

"Well young man. I am glad there are people like you out there who believe in helping others when they are in need. This is what the world needs, people who care about strangers and will do what is needed to save those in need, whether they are pokemon or human. We all need to join together and repair the bridges that evil destroys. We must crush the evil of this world that threatens our way of life." King seems to grip Thomas's hand harder and Thomas just fakes like its hurting. King catches on and releases his hand, making it seem like it was just showing off a bit, but Xent knows betters as he looks around. Sarah, along with their pokemon aren't next to Thomas, and he has to look around hard for them, catching them on the end of one street, already packed and just waiting for him.

Xent has to blink and make sure that they were there, wondering how fast they moved like that. He's quick to start for his own things as well, motioning for Verna and Zai to get to his things ready for him so that he won't lose them this time. He looks back to Thomas, who gives another fake smile for the cameras while standing next to King, both tense being so close to each other. A very loud metal groaning sound catches everyone attention though, everyone quickly turning to see another building start to fall and panic breaks out again. Several of the Order call out their pokemon to try and minimize and control the damage, pulling people from harms way as the reporters all watch as the building falls down.

King looked at the scene himself, only to quickly look back to where Thomas was, only to find empty air there, Thomas no where in sight. Xent uses the distraction himself to catch up with Zia and Verna, calling Verna back as he puts his pack on and runs down the alley that Sarah and the others had disappeared down. Sarah's words once again come to mind though. 'Its blissful to be ignorant. Its better to not know because knowing will change everything.' He doesn't even hesitate though, he would have his answers no matter the cost.


King just smiles as he looks slowly through the crowd, not in any way expecting to find him. "He is just like the ninja they claim is he." He says quietly to himself as the building finally topples over entirely and the dust begins to settle. More reporters look his way, but his men move them along as he quickly goes to work along side his men.

"Sir? Why did you not attack him, or even let us handle the demon?" An acolyte asks once they are alone trying to get through the rubble.

King looks at the man with a dark look now that he is alone without the reporters or civilian ears around. "I will not let what happened in the Kanto Region happen here. That fool Samael let them off their leashes and they killed a number of civilians with no regard for the damage or loss of life they caused or how it would reflect upon us. No one would help us if they believed we behaved in such a barbaric manor. We are knights, we must uphold the rites and honor the code." He explained. "I forbid anyone to touch him until this blows over, we do not need followers for him. You kill him right now and you could turn him into a martyr. We have no idea how many people he has following him right now. No, we will take this one step at a time. I will not make the same mistake that fool made. It took us a year to find him after we lost him last time and we only know he is here because of that tip. Coria already has my blessing to track him, but like you, she has been ordered not to touch him." He turns and motions for more people to come help out with the newly fallen building.


Although Thomas wanted to stay and help out, he couldn't do much good if he was a target for the knights. They hurried out of the city, eager to leave the knights behind. As much as Thomas hated to admit it, the Order would do a lot more good in the city then he could alone. He was just thankful that only a handful of knights were actually part of the Order, and that most people were normal volunteers.

Thomas turned to take one last look at the city as they left. While rare, Thomas had seen damage on this scale in the past, during massive wars. Just looking at it, he knew that it would take years for the city to recover if it could even recover. He simply prayed that the liepard would leave the city in peace now. He turned to move on, quickly taking one of the lesser known routes heading south. Thomas had an idea, and he knew just the place to possibly make it work.


A few hours passed before they were once again hidden in the forest, but something they knew that they were being followed this time. Waiting until just the right the moment, they laid in wait, Thomas quickly dropping down the tree he was in, pinning the stalker hard against the truck.

Xent cried out as he was slammed into the truck, only to silenced just as fast with Thomas covering his mouth. Zai was quick to try and defend her master, only to have Thomas show his power, turning Xent to face her, his power showing as he drew his blade with his mind and readied it use. "Hide us now, there are others coming." Thomas stated as Zai bared her fangs, only to do what she had been told.

"It is in your best interest right now to do exactly as I say." Thomas warned Xent in a hushed voice, forcing him to look back up at him. "I have every right to knock you out, drag you the nearest police station and let you spend the next week or two in jail, and you know I can make up any lie I want and the police will believe it."

Xent growled, trying to get free once more, only to have Thomas blast him with a moderate does of electricity before knocking his legs out from under him, pinning him to the ground. "Choose your next words carefully because they will determine what happens to you and if you lie to me, I will know." Radara was now sitting next him, already prepared to invade his mind if needed. "Did you let anyone follow you here?"

Xent glared at Thomas, but shook his head. Radara looked him over and nodded. "Just be very very quiet now." Thomas stated as he stopped his flow of electricity and lowered his blade, but still didn't release Xent right away. "I'm warning you, if these people find us, they will kill us no matter the cost."

Xent still struggled a bit to get free, before he went completely still. Someone was approaching. The bushes were moved aside as three people moved into the clearing, Zai hiding them, but still growling a bit.

Three men came out looking around, weapons drawn, two of them wearing the same uniforms as the Order from Salton city, while the third was in full knight gear.

Thomas couldn't help but be troubled, while it was common to send knights after him, for the knights to be so desperate to send acolytes after him was another story. Acolytes usually never got this kind of field work to his knowledge, they were often left back at their facilities training for these kinds of days, or out helping the general public working with the Order. They were often too eager, and much to inexperienced, one of Thomas's sisters in the early years of the knights had proved that.

More memories come back to him as he starts to recall the last time he had heard of acolytes in the field trying to attack the watchers.


Silva and her partner, Helios, a fearow were getting ready to depart at nearly the same time as many of the other watchers back when the knights were first born. She was one of the first that they had openly attack, but they were hardly ready for her. They had come at her with a small force, mostly acolytes at the time since they didn't have many trained knights. She was one of the best watchers at the time however, always finding peace in the many days that she had wandered off to train with her weapon, a large halberd. She easily defended herself as the knights kept coming, but even with her ice type abilities to slow the knights down and her partner defending her, she was eventually struck down with poison and fell soon after. Word spread quickly though, even though Silva had been defeated, she had nearly wiped out the entire force of knights, and all of the acolytes that had been sent after her. The village paid dearly for her actions as well, and while few were killed back then, the knights left their village in shambles and pieces, not even bothering to help them even with winter coming. It was that fight that led the watchers to stray from asking others for help, not wanting to bring others into their own fights.


Thomas was a bit too distracted for his own good as he looked down, recalling more memories of Silva and Helios, only to hear Zai scream out. Her illusion fell just as she fell to the ground and things broke into chaos from there.

Xent quickly broke free of Thomas's grip, rushing towards Zai as she coughed up blood. The knight and both acolytes gladly ignored him though seeing Thomas, their demon standing there and all charged in, including a fourth man, a squire of sorts.

Thomas knew that he had no choice, even if he would have preferred to avoid fighting them, doubly so when still so close to a town.


Coria watches as the knight who leads the charge. She knew that he was with Samael, but she didn't think that he would disobey orders so easily. They had been directly ordered not to attack, and she understood why. They were ill prepared, barely having enough poison to even give their weapons a light coat, much less have the pokemon to assist them, forced to leave behind most of their pokemon to help out back in Salton City. King had called the man a rabid dog and seeing how recklessly the knight charged in, she could easily see why.

She merely climbed up a large tree to stay out of view. She knew that this fight was hopeless, it would grant the knights nothing and the demon would get away again. The would come a day that he was no longer around, but even then the knights would still have to keep a constant vigil for future evils. She knew that he wasn't last of the evils that the world would be plagued with, but she also knew that the knights couldn't keep operating like they were either, always in the shadows.

She firmly believed in King, and that was why she followed her orders, still just sitting back. She was a high enough ranking knight herself that if it somehow became public that she was involved in this attack, it would spell trouble. King's goal was to one day openly announce the purpose and idea of the knights to the world, to have everyone share in their grace and honor. That was the purpose of creating the Order in the first place, to help people join with the knights, to see their cause, to help them rally to the proper cause.

Incidents like what happened in Kanto though, incidents like that would leave a different mark behind, and possibly turn people away from the knights, to join with the demon. She looked around, they were still close enough to a town, that if things got out of hand, they would be noticed and forced to explain what was happening.

With his false claims of saving a city, many would see the demon as a hero, to which Coria growled at the thought. She knew that the demon was involved with the city, no doubt he somehow set everything up himself, only to save the city. What purpose attacking the city, and then openly saving it served though was beyond Coria. Still, with things as they were now, this thing was still a hero, a title that should have been saved for the Order. They needed information, surely even the demon couldn't have made the attack alone though, and that was partially why she was sent to track him. Hopefully he would lead the knights right to whatever group of followers the demon had and prove what he had done. Then they could show his deeds, broadcast them openly, show the world what he was really was, and put him down.

She growls as she looks back to Xent, feeling sorry for him, as well as the girl who was traveling with the demon, Sarah if she recalled the name right. Although Coria was against it and called it cowardly, the higher ups among the knights felt that they could take advantage of her parent's divorce, making it very open and public, in the hopes of drawing her out, hoping to capture her and learn more about the demon.

She just continues to look on, the demon, Sarah, and their pokemon more then a match for their attackers. Sarah was in complete control as she defended herself against one of the acolytes, who foolishly tries to use his houndour against her. Her dragonair was able to deflect or counter any move that was made against it, keeping it pinned in one direction while she personally paired up with her meinshoo to take down the acolyte.

She can only wonder who the acolyte made it this far to begin with, even acolytes were expected to have some decent knowledge of combat and battling. He was hardly putting up any kind of fight as the meinshoo knocks him down, only for Sarah to grab his robe and tie a large knot in one side, severely restricting his movement, before trying to pin his arms and legs down to tie them up as well.

She turns to look at the demon now, watching him hold the knight, the squire, and the other acolyte at bay, even with their pokemon fighting around them. She watches as he effortlessly keeps pushing the acolyte into the squire, deflecting every swing from the knight, while his lucario watches his back, alerting him to their movements while helping to fend off an emboar.

She can tell that he isn't even using his powers much, only to deflect a small blow here, or disorient them from time to time. She is confused by this at first, but has to control her anger watching him make such fools of her comrades. She can't help but see his actions as toying with the knights, intentionally avoiding their weak spots, knowing that they can't best him with such a small improper force, its just a game, sport for him.

The others were so blind with their cause of killing him, they don't even realize that he is the demon of legend. She knew that he was, she had seen him in combat before, knowing full well that he wasn't serious about this fight.

She wondered how long it would take before he showed his true colors, the emboar that was fighting his lucario landing a solid blow, nearly lighting her fur on fire as the lucario screams out. Coria watches as the demon suddenly uses his power, turning to blast the emboar with a lighting bolt, sending it flying and nearly knocking it out before he turned to disarm the squire just as quickly. The squire didn't stand a chance as he was flung into the knight, both of them falling over before being blasted themselves as he turned to help his lucario.

She is curious to his actions, surprised to see such a dark thing turn to help the lucario, quickly kneeling down spray her with a potion of his own. She didn't think he was capable of such kindness, but she grins, that just gives her another thing to use against him later should she have the chance.

She looks over just in time for the acolyte to get up, and charge the demon once more, with a broken vial in his gloved hand, the vial they used to carry their poison. She fully expects him to get knocked back before he can do anything, but he surprised her as the demon is for some reason distracted long enough for the acolyte to plunge the broken vial into the demon's back first. As soon as he did however, he was blasted backwards when the demon lashed out at him.

The knight and squire get back up to see that the demon is wounded, and Coria can see the look in their eyes, fully expecting the glory for killing the demon. Sarah and her pokemon move to defend the weakened demon though.

She watches the espeon lash out herself, throwing all of the pokemon she had been fighting back towards the knights, two of them already knocked out. She was glad more then ever that she had her head piece on, the tiara's soul purpose was to protect her from the psychic and hide her mind from it.

The knight and squire are both easily dealt with once more, their pokemon even worse off when the espeon lashes out a second time to knock them out, even scaring Coria a bit.

The acolyte that Sarah had tied up finally managed to break free of his bonds, only to grab a knife and go after the demon. The demon raises up its blade in a weak attempt to save himself, but she can see that he is beaten. No epic battle, no great story to tell, just killed by a pair of acolytes who got in a pair of lucky blows.

Before the young warrior could finish his blow though, someone intervenes.


Xent was leaning over Zai, the others ignoring him to attack Thomas and those who fought with him. He turns Zai over, finding a large barbed dart in her back, pulling it out with one hand as he digs around in his pack for a potion with his other hand. She was bleeding and badly, the potion hardly stopping the wound. He starts to freak out a bit, worried that he was going to lose her like this, after all that he went through to save her the first time they met.

It should have been simple for him, he spent years learning how to handle serious injuries, but for some reason, he panics and bit and it all slips in his mind. He recalls all the time he had spent with her as he watches the wound continue to bleed on her back.

He once more looks to his bag, finding an ultra potion, and quickly putting the entire thing to use, spraying the potion over Zai's back.

The potion is slow to take effect, but at last the bleeding begins to slow and her breathing starts to pick up just a bit. He continues to apply the potion until the wound has stopped bleeding for the most part and she looks up at him, thanking him once more. He puts her back in her pokeball, knowing that she'll be okay in there as long as he gets proper treatment for her soon.

With her put away though, his anger quickly swells as he grabs his crowbars. He sees one of the acolytes carrying a similar dart around his belt, his weapon raised as he ready to attack Thomas, who he can tell is weakened.

He yells out, his crowbar smashing over the shoulder of the knight, a loud crack heard as he breaks the man shoulder, throwing him to the ground.

The acolyte's pokemon tries to intervene but is swatted away as though it is nothing but a bothersome fly, while Xent just continues to beat on the man.

The acolyte is already on the ground, bleeding badly as Xent raised his crowbar once more, only to feel something yank it from his hands. "Stop it." A voice yells out. It's strong, but grows a bit weak at the end. Xent turns, seeing Thomas barely able to stand as he looks at him.

He can see Thomas's lucario help him up as he looks horrible, obviously in horrible shape. "Stop it Xent, don't lose yourself. It will kill a piece of you if you kill him. You'll be no better then them if you go down that path. It will eat away you until there is nothing if you if you take his life like this and let your anger guide you. You're not a killer, don't become on." Thomas pants hard, his breathing a bit uneven as he shakes, Rebecca whining at his condition.

Xent looks around, the rest of the knights pokemon are down, all four of them men attacking them knowing that they are beaten. "GET OUT of here before we do something you won't live to regret." Xent shouts at them as they quickly grab the knocked out acolyte and run off.

He turns back to Thomas and the others only to hear something in his mind, and it wasn't same as the other voices he heard lately. It is filled with sadness and worry though. He can tell that the others are all very worried about Thomas, who seems to have passed out for a second, only to gasp out looking up just for a few before seeming to pass out again.

"What's wrong with him?" Xent asks as he looks on, feeling partially responsible for what happened. He couldn't believe that he had led those fools here by following Thomas.

'Radara, please save him, his aura is fading fast, I can feel him slipping from me…He… he… I don't want to lose him.' Rebecca cries out as she looks over Thomas, tears in her eyes.

'Please dear, calm yourself… he will be okay…I promise you that much, but we are still in danger.' Xent easily identifies Radara's voice this time as he looks at her. Its obvious to see that she's not wounded physically, but is still somehow looking like she has whatever Thomas has. 'The poison won't kill him, he's evolved past that point, but he certainly… can't defend himself like he is right now. Because of our link, the poison is also affecting me as well. We need to hide until he can… flush out the poison from his body.' Radara explains, her breathing labored just a bit herself.

"Why not take him to the hospital and have them look at him, maybe they can do something like cure him. You said he was poisoned, they have to have something for it." Sarah suggests as she gathers up their things.

'No, the poison can't be cured, not anymore. The knights made sure it can't, they destroyed the flower that could help him long ago during the days of the traitor. The knights intentionally destroyed it since the poison was the only thing at the time that could slow our kind down. We must hide until its out of his system.' Radara countered, trying to be strong, but its easy to see from the way she sways a bit that its hard on her as well.

"Not possible. They know he is injured now, they will stake out the cities and any other place we might go now. It won't take long for them to plaster his face all over either, and with those reporters back at Salton, his face will be on every TV anyway." Xent states as he looks them over. "We can't afford to wait it either, they know he is weak and if they are serious, they'll do everything they can to find him before he recovers. We need to find a way to help him now."

Sarah and the others just remain quiet, thinking about possible ideas, but Radara is just constantly shaking her head, turning most of them down.

Xent looks at the mess once more before smiling. "I have an idea. It's a long shot, and we'll also need money… a lot of it. I know a back street doctor, no questions asked, but he has a large fee."

Radara just glares at him. 'No, will not allow this!' Her voice booms in all of their heads. 'I refuse to all him to go some back alley hack who…'

Thomas appears conscious once more. "No… we need… need to try it…" HE coughs as his breath is labored. "Where is it… no, nevermind. Radara… get it from his mind." Thomas states barely there as Rebecca whines more, trying to aura heal him a bit, but its useless. "If his gardevior helps… you … you can teleport… us there."

Everyone winces at the dark thoughts of anger and more images of very nasty things that come to everyone's mind, Sarah knowing that Radara can't help herself. It takes a few, but she agrees at last, calling out Verna for Xent and explaining things as she gets everything she needs to know from Xent's mind, even if she was a bit rough about it. Everyone gathers round as Radara and Verna do their best, the group vanishing in a flash.


Coria jumps down from her spot and looks over the knights still hiding. "You fools, what you thinking." She yells at them, not holding back as she pulls out her cell phone.

"Yes, sir." Coria quickly states as soon as the line on the other end picks up. "I am sorry to report that that fool from Samael ignored your orders. They attacked recklessly, all of them injured badly and will need medical treatment at once. I hate to admit this, but I will be unable to track them for now. They have teleported from the site, I don't know where they are going." Coria explained. "The demon has been poisoned though, but I am unsure of how long the poison will remain in effect, they seem to think they have some method to treat him, but I am unsure how. Yes sir, I will continue my pursuit. If I have the chance to take out the target quietly, do I have permission to do so." She paused for a few before speaking once more. "Yes sir, I will do as you ask."

She looks over at the others then turns to walk off from them a dark sad look coming over her face. "Damn it Xent, how could you defend him like that." She sighs. "I just pray that you haven't been corrupted, my brother."
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