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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 22

Watcher of Arceus

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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.

Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 22

Castelia City, the city of grandeur. People come from all regions to see the city with its tall skyscrapers and fabulous buildings and with the great Skyarrow Bridge, a modern marvel. Yet, despite is ever growing limits and proper looks, the city like most others holds a second, much darker face. In the shadows of this great city, the back alleys and unwatched corners, things are not the same. Several shops tend to a different kind of person, those who don't care for the laws. Back door dealings such as the buying and selling of illegally obtained pokemon, drugs, and so much more. Of course, the things sold here aren't just limited to pokemon, and for the right price, you can find just about everything, including doctors who will work on anyone, human or pokemon, quietly, with as few questions asked as possible as long as they are paid.


The normally quiet alleyway is suddenly lit up with a bright light, Radara appearing first from the light, quickly followed by Verna, then the others. They arrive just a few inches off the ground, only to drop down slowly onto the bricks that make up the old alleyway.

A few smaller pokemon look up just long enough to look at the new group of people, only caring to see if they are they are there to try and steal what little they can scrounge up.

'I am going to fucking kil…' Radara nearly collapses in a coughing fit as soon as they finish teleporting in. She stumbles around as she tries to keep her balance, only to finally fall over leaning against the well. Verna pants hard, the action of helping to teleport so many such a great distance was hard on her, but she was still standing, looking on at Radara, once again impressed by the sheer power the espeon had, merely helping to guide her in the act and help Radara focus. Verna was drained none the less though, even if she could at least still stand however.

Sarah quickly moves to pick up Radara though, before she actually falls over completely. Radara weakly paws at Sarah, but Sarah just ignores the exhausted espeon.

"You're dead on your feet because of that famous link you love to brag about that you have with Thomas, and now it's a double edged sword with you. Please stop with the images, because not only are they annoying, but its also making you weaker." Sarah states as she lightly flicks Radara's head jewel. Radara growls lightly, but gives up her actions, letting Sarah carry her.

'Thomas is really weak, and I can barely get a response from him Xent. Please, where is this place you were saying that will help him, please I don't want to lose him… I can't lose him!' Rebecca's pleading voice can heard in their minds causing to Xent to look around once more, but quickly realizes who it is.

Xent looks for something real quick until he sees a vagrant sitting next to stoutland, the vagrant using the pokemon as pillow as he rests near a dumpster. Xent walks up as the others follow, Rebecca still carrying Thomas on her back as Sarah carries Radara. Xent looks at the vagrant for a second and then says something that confuses them a bit. "It was a sad day in the world when I was injured. Yet, it is hard for me to go to the hospital because I did something I was not supposed to do."

The vagrant slowly moves his hat a bit, looking at Xent then laughs. "So, I take it he sent you here? Oh well, I guess we could use the money for more drinks right Center?" The stoutland looks at his owner and gives a loud bark to say yes.

The vagrant gets up and wipes his hands on his already dirty clothing and holds out a hand. "Payment first, then we talk about your 'needs'." He gives them a crooked smile.

Xent looks at Sarah, but she quickly has her own words on the matter. "What, you want to have us pay up front? Hell no, I don't even know who the hell this bum is. I am not giving him anything until I know where the doctor is!"

The vagrant looks at her and the group, only to laugh. "You highbrow's who come here like this make my day knowing full well you're coming here and think your rules apply here. You come here knowing that you have no recourse but to find people like me and expect your rules to make you feel safe. I can yell out police and fake an injury and you would all get arrested for assault. Before you say anything, just remember that you came to me, not the other way around. Now, if you understand, payment first." He holds out his hand once more, still smiling.

Sarah grumbles, but one look at Thomas and she knows that he is right. She moves over to Rebecca who is carrying Thomas's pack over her shoulder. She reaches out and reaches into one of the side pockets, pulling out a small jewel box. Thomas had told her once that if she ever truly needed some extra cash, she could sell some of the gems he had collected over his vast lifetime. She already knew which one she was going for though, pulling out a large barely cut gemstone, already knowing which one she wanted to get rid of if she had the chance. It was a large ugly red and orange one that she couldn't believe Thomas had told her was really worth anything.

The vagrant's eyes just open up nice and wide as Sarah hands him the gem. "Man, you really must want this off the books." He quickly pulls out a small jeweler's lens and looks it over, finally biting down on it. "Well, let's get inside and you boy," The vagrant looks at Xent. "Go to the store down at the end of the street and ask for a 20 special. Also, tell the owner 'bluejay' and you won't get any trouble ok." Xent is about to protest though. "Now boy, I need that for what I need to do. Hurry now." He makes a shooing motion towards Xent as he sighs at a bit angry at the man, but quickly heads off.

"Now ladies… you are all ladies right? Well, whatever, come on in." He walks over to a large steel door and moves a brick aside to reveal a keypad. He types in the code and lets the door open up with a bit of a whine showing it could use some work. "I got this place from a less then faithful husband who was cheating on his wife with his absol. Though, from what I saw of his wife, I understood why he was doing his absol." He shuddered a bit recalling the unsightly lady before walking in. "Well, anyway, take the one you want me to work on to the table in the center." He explains before turning and saying something quietly to his stoutland who barks in response and moves back outside. "Well your friend has to have a way back in right? Come on lucario, put him on the table already. Don't worry, I'll help your human trainer." Rebecca growls a bit at the man, finally moving Thomas onto the table as takes off his coat and flicks a switch, the place slowly lighting up.

The group of them can see five rooms once the lights are on, with the main room that they are set up as the operating room for the man. It had the usual surgical equipment, a number of machines along one wall, and several shelves of various medical supplies and tools in one of the four spare rooms. He moves the one room with all the supplies and brings back a large bag with him setting it down on the desk next to the table, now wearing a lab coat.

He then looks Thomas over, only seeing a moderate cut on the back of his shoulder. "Well, what's the problem? I don't see anything major wrong with him." He says checking the cut, but not worried since there doesn't appear to be anything serious about it. "I don't see any major injuries, no serious bleeding, no missing limbs or anything like that." He gives Thomas a quick fix for the cut he has, taking a bottle of water and cleaning it up rather quickly before applying some bandages. "I assume you're his love interest." He looks over at Rebecca and how worried she looked. Rebecca looks rather flustered at his words, but before she could respond or anything, he just smiles. "Like I said, I don't judge here. To many do, I am paid to fix, not care. As long as he lives, I am doing my job." The door finally opens back up as Xent walks in with a paper bag being led by the stoutland.

"Well… damn this is a nice place." Xent states as he notices the doctor has everything he needs there, medical equipment, a room to rest and relax, even a kitchen. "You have a nice set up here doc." He sets the bag on the table. "But, why do you need this stuff?"

The doctor just takes the back and opens it up, pulling out a bottle of barcadii vodka, pops the cork without much of a warning takes a large swig.

"Nerves my boy. Hic….." He shakes a bit. "I know I said no questions, but he don't really need my services here it seems." He looks over Thomas once more as he is sweating profusely while shaking. "This seems to like some simple poison to me, any hospital, hell even the pokemon centers can give him an antidote for it… hic. And I know you're not above 'borrowing' supplies." He looks at them a bit confused as to why they came to him, they certainly didn't act like they were wanted felons or drug addicts like his usual customers. He takes a step back, only to bump into the bag he had pulled out earlier, knocking all sorts of tools to the ground. "Oops…"

'I have had enough of this Xent. This idiot cannot be the one you speak of, how can this fool be anything that passes as a medical professional. He is a belligerent DRUNK!' Radara's voice is still out of it, but clearly heard.

The doctor looks at the espeon for a second, then the gardevoir, then back at the espeon finally able to see the angry look on her face. "Damn, Joe really got the good stuff this time." He takes another swig of his drink before picking up the things he knocked over. "The poison he has must be bad and you don't want to go to a hospital for normal treatment. This is going to be hard, do you have any idea what was he poisoned with?"

'I said no-' Radara is cut off by Thomas who just barely raises a hand.

"He… he needs t… to know." Thomas stated slowly, Rebecca whining a bit as she helped him up. "I was poisoned… by some en… enemies of mine…A poison... made from the venom of a … seviper and… and a rare flower from the Si-" Now Thomas is cut off by the doctor.

"The flower is called a red velvet. Wonderful flower, nice smelling, but deadly, able to take down a normal pokemon on their own. Hell, humans for some reason don't get the worse of the effects, but it can still make us just as sick." The doctor sighs wearily as he quickly goes back into the storage room and pulls out another pack with another hic. "You must be that so called experiment they forced me to mix the stuff for." He laughs as he comes back, but at his comment, everyone minus Thomas who was unable took up an aggressive stance.

"Don't worry." He just plainly ignores them as he sets down the bag and pulls out a few things. "I won't sell you out, they didn't exactly give me a choice in making the little cocktail anyway, just because I had a certain background that drummed me out of the legal profession." He explains as he opens up a small fridge that he kept a few other things in and pulled out a small vial and a syringe. "For illegal practices on human and pokemon." He made his small remark in a rather sarcastic tone shaking his head. "I'm not sorry for what I did, I was doing most of it to save lives and before you all start judging me being some high class folks, I had and still have the best intentions in mind." He finished mixing a small glass of something before setting it down and going to grab some alcohol swabs from the cabinet. "I've been through it all before. You can't experiment on live patients. Yet the stuff that could save lives from injuries and pain was all put on hold just because of these fucking rules."

He smiles as he cleans a small spot on Thomas's arm, then injects him with the first syringe he has and Thomas seems to calm down a bit. He waits a few, then injects him with the other vial and Thomas quickly grabs his stomach. "You hold him to side." He told Rebecca who looks up worried as he pulls over a wastebasket. Rebecca moves him just in time for Thomas to start to vomit. Thomas continues to hurl for a bit longer until at last, his stomach is completely empty.

"Now before you all go nuts, you have to understand the poison he was given isn't like any other out there. Some poisons paralyze you, others make you sick, and others just kill you." Radara still ready to go and attack the man but Thomas once again put his hand up weakly to stop her as he quits vomiting, looking just slightly better. This doesn't stop Radara from looking into the man's mind, only to back off feeling a bit bad. In the vagrant's partial drunken state, his mind was very open to her and he never noticed the extra set of thoughts in his head as he turned back to Thomas and Rebecca. "Most people might get an upset stomach at best from it, but mostly it would just make them a bit dizzy. It was made for the soul purpose of taking down a very specific target and only attacks very certain parts of the body, in this case his lungs and muscles to paralyze him and force him to stay down. It's not strong enough alone to straight up kill him. Before you ask, I know this because I still have the original sample they gave me. Still, you paid my fee, so you don't have to worry about my giving it up. He's just going to need some rest for a few days for the most part." The doctor stated as he moved over to taking another swig of his own drink before getting the glass he had mixed up earlier. "Drink this, slowly. It will taste horrible, but it should start helping your body fight back against what's left of the poison in you. It won't be easy, but they demanded that I make it as hard to get rid of as possible."

Rebecca looks up at him worried. 'But how does making him vomit help any?' She asked as he took the glass for Thomas to let him sip it.

The doctor just sits back and smiles. "Well miss lucario. The poison was made to hide in his stomach. While it obviously spreads through his body though, the stuff in his stomach turns everything else he eats into poison as well which just helps it infect as much of the body as possible. He'll need to go on a liquid diet for a while, before we can work him back onto solid foods. I assume you know it will cost mor-"

Sarah grumbles, but already threw two other small gems at him. "Is that enough?"

The doctor smiles. "Yes it is. Also, my name is doctor Peterson. I would recommend that you all find a hotel to stay at, I don't have room for all of you here and he'll need to stay here so I can keep an eye on him." Both Rebecca and Radara however give him deathly glares. "But you two can stay." He quickly just able to tell by looking at them they saying no would put him in a very bad position.


Sarah takes the rest of Thomas's pokemon to watch over them while she went with Xent to find a place to stay. They looked around for a while finally finding a close nearby that was quiet as far as the city was concerned. Xent just so happened to know one of the janitors there, who happily agreed to give them a heads up if he heard anything about someone looking for them.

Once in the room though, Xent turned to look at her. "So, are you finally going to give me some answers?" He asked as he set his things down. "I think I've earned some by now."

Sarah just sighed. "Are you still on about that?" She said falling back on the bed. "Look, it's not my place to tell you about Thomas. If he decides to tell you that's one thing, but he trusts me. He's already saved my life a few times over, I don't even know if I can ever really repay him for all that's done for me."

Xent watched her as she sat up, but didn't push the problem. He knew what it meant to trust someone and he respected her for that, even if it annoyed him to no end that he was still helping someone that he knew nearly nothing about. "Can you at least tell me why so many people want you dead?"

Sarah bit her lip a bit, at the very least he deserved to know something for saving them as she thought about what all she could tell him. "Let's just say that they are afraid of Thomas. You already know he's not what he appears to be, they just can't accept that he is not some sort of abomination."

Xent nodded. He could already tell that Thomas cared for the good of pokemon at the very least, and certainly did his best to help out nearly everyone around him. "Have you been running from these freaks long?"

Sarah's head dropped some and Xent knew that he may have asked a bad question. "If Thomas decides to tell you what he is, then we'll talk about it, but until then can you just drop it?" She asked quietly.

Xent nodded. "I didn't mean to put you into an uncomfortable position. Its just I've never heard of anything like this before." He said. He was still confused about the whole matter, but Thomas was the source of his confusion. He had heard rumors, seen videos of all sorts of people with supposed powers, and when he had nothing better to do, he followed up on them out of boredom. Of course, every one of them turned out to be a joke, just like he expected. Thomas however truly appeared to be the real thing and when his video went viral things changed. All around him, things started to change in small ways, ways that most other people ignored at first.

Xent sat back and looked around. "I'll be back in a bit. We'll need something to eat while we are here and there are a few things I want to check into."

Sarah nodded. "I really don't care what you get just as long as you get some fruit as well." She told him. "And please, don't bug Thomas."

"I won't." Xent replied and left.


Sarah mostly just laid back in the room, thinking about things, out of boredom turning on the TV just to see what all was on. As usual the first thing to show up was an update on the Salton City incident. The place was very slowly gaining progress, but there was already another riot in the works there as Sarah just sighed. Thomas's face currently being displayed next to King's in the corner of the screen, some comment about them being the hero's involved in the rescue of the city. They got plenty of comments from King, and what his plans were for the city. A few members of the Order were present as well telling of how they braved the city when it had come under attack.

Then it showed clips of a few other people, all talking about what little they saw of Thomas since they couldn't find Thomas for comments himself. "He came in and just plowed through the area. I thought I was a goner until he pulled managed to break the door of my car and pull me out. Just as fast as he saved me though, he was already moving to help the next person." One lady told the news crew. "I know the lad about as well as anyone else here. He showed up outta nowhere and mostly kept to himself. Didn't seem like he cared to make friends, was too busy helping as many as he could. Seemed to have some anger issues though, yelled at everyone when someone started to fight with another. Strangely, this seemed to do a good job of keeping everyone from breaking out into a riot, saved us rangers a lot of hassle from trying to break up would be riots." An older ranger stated. "I can understand why he was tense though. He worked so hard to save the city after all, of course it was crazy in the first place. Whatever he did to that thing with that power line worked. Once the machine blew up the attacks stopped. I don't know who would make such a thing, but someone out there obviously doesn't like pokemon. I just hope there aren't any more of the blasted contraptions." Sarah smiled that at least some people thought good of Thomas, hoping that other people listened to them around the region rather then listen to the lies of the knights.

The reports continued on for a little while before Sarah changed the channel to find something else, convinced that Salton City would somehow rebuild itself. As she went channel surfing however, she once again caught sight of a report on a world news channel of her parents breaking up. "In a recent interview, Mr. Joseph Sigil stated that he would refuse to put up with the arrogant woman he once thought to be the love of his life. He very clearly blamed her for the disappearance of their daughter who still is still missing nearly a year later. He is still issuing a wealthy sum to anyone who can provide proof that his daughter is okay and is seeking legal action against Thomas Falston for kidnapping his daughter and taking her away." Sarah looked in a bit of horror at how rashly and foolishly her father acting, only missing him a small bit as the report went on.

"In a most usual twist of things, Mrs. Angela Sigil seems to be doing quiet the opposite, focusing more of her time on trying to get Joseph kicked out of her mansion, inherited from her father. When questioned about how she felt about how Thomas had kidnapped her daughter, she only left this rather heated responded before slamming the door and having police remove the reports from the estate." The screen quickly switched to a video of Angela at her house answering questions showing that she was already trying to get inside her house and shoo off the reporters.

"Excuse me, Miss Sigil. We've noticed lately that you seemed to have stopped looking for your daughter as much as your husband. What are your reasons for this? Have you already found your daughter and are simply trying to hide it from Joseph and what about pressing charges against Thomas for-" Before the reporter could finish his question, it was easy to tell that he had hit a nerve.

"I'll have you all know that Thomas Falston is possibly one of the best things to happen to my dear Sarah. I miss her dearly, but she would never let someone kidnap her. She called me just before she left and I know for a fact that she left with him of her own choice. I quit looking for her because I know she is better off where she is rather then in this house with that… that thing here to try and force her to give up her career as a coordinator. Anyone who knows Thomas knows that he's a good boy and that he would never do such a thing. Now get off my property for the last time." She shouted before turning and slamming the door.

Sarah just smiled a bit failing to notice when the door opened Xent walked in carrying a few bags with him. She teared up a bit thinking about how much she missed her mother, but she was happy that her mother appeared to be alright, even more so that she was defending her decision to travel with Thomas.

The screen changed back to the reporter and an image of Sarah now. "In direct response to Miss Angela Sigil's comments defending Thomas Falston, Mr. Joseph Sigil quickly released his own comments and nearly doubled the reward up front, even offering a separate reward for anyone who could identify Thomas to bring him to justice."

"Wait a minute…" Xent quickly looked over the TV. "You… you're Sarah Sigil?"

Sarah looked up, in a bit of surprise at being found out. "What are you talking about?" She quickly countered as she done a few times before. She had learned real well to try and hide her real identity over the last year, and with a little help from Radara every now and then, no one ever knew who she really was. With Radara tied up though and else where, it fell to her to try and cover things up this time.

Xent merely paused the showed, glad to have gotten a room with DVR. "Yea, you are Sarah Sigil, you've just cut your hair and have a few scars. If you were looking to hide though, it might have been better to pick a different name." He commented. "But if you're Sarah Sigil, then…"

Sarah knew that it was over now, she couldn't lie well when she was in a bad mood. "Look, you can't tell anyone that I'm here." She said turning the TV off. "Please, it just won't do anyone any good okay."

Xent looked at her and took a seat next to her. "I take those same men who were after your friend also have something against you and your family?"

Sarah just nodded. "I told you that your world would change if you got to close to us." She said. "I… I had to leave my mother and friends behind to protect them. Those fools already tried to kill me a few times before we came here, they don't who they hurt." Xent just let her talk for now. He was familiar with things like this, people being forced from their homes because someone had more money and power, or in the case of certain other groups, merely didn't like. "They are so blinded by their own cause they refuse anything else as truth and take it out on anyone who they thing defies their ways." Sarah explained.

"The more I hear about this group chasing you, the worse it gets." He said softly. "They think that they are so much better then everyone else, they just do what they want when they want."

Before Xent knew what had happened, Sarah was leaning on him, not crying entirely, but also not entirely together at the moment. She had always wondered what happened since she had left her parents, and just finding out that they were divorcing was a bit hard for her, but to hear more of the story and how bad it was didn't do her any good.

Xent was a bit confused over what to do, but knew that he should try to comfort her somehow. "Hey, I know your feeling bad about… well you know, your parents, and I can't blame ya." He stated unsure how to help. "But you have look on the bright side, you knew your parents, and I'm sure pretty sure they still love ya, despite their recent… um… separation… gah, damn it." He paused for a few. "What I'm trying to say is stay strong and always know it can be worse." He puts his hand on her shoulder and pulls her just a bit closer. "Your pokemon care about you, they feel bad when you do, so try and cheer up for them. They're loyal to you, I can tell. You've raised and trained them well and they want to return the favor."

Sarah calmed down just a bit, the fact that both of her parents were arguing over things, trying to protect her in their own ways was proof that they did love her. She questioned her father's actions about how he was working to hard to find her and punish Thomas, but she knew that he still loved her in his own way.

She merely remained quiet leaning against him for a while before finally speaking. "Tell me about yourself." She said slowly, looking for anything to try and turn her mind away from the fact that her parents were fighting so much, knowing that there was nothing she could do to help them or reassure them that she was safe.

"What?" Xent gave her a confused look for the sudden question.

She remained still though, a bit eager to openly talk with someone after so long of running. "Please, just tell me about yourself." She repeated softly.

"Well… there really isn't much to tell." He said scratching the back of his head. He just sighed though and decided to tell her the whole truth since it would come out sooner or later. He had pried in about her past in a way and it was only fitting that she was allowed to listen to his. "Its not really that pretty. My grandpa raised me until I was 5, saying that my parents died in a car crash and that he was left to take care of me. He was swell guy, always loved and cared for pokemon, treated them better then most of the people he talked out."

"He sounds like a nice guy." Sarah said softly.

"He was, until I came home one day from kindergarten and found two men waiting for me. They said that there was some sort of accident and that they were old friends. I didn't know any better back then, I didn't think anything of it besides that I was alone and that he wasn't coming back. It wasn't until a long time later that I realized how messed up the situation was. There was no body, there wasn't even a funeral. I was taken to some sort of special orphanage from there, but it was really weird. They were very hardcore believers in Arceus. If you didn't follow their teachings, you were punished." He sighed. Sarah knew what he was talking about though, several religious orphanages were the same way but she could already tell that he wasn't one to just listen quietly. "After a year, I gave up trying to understand them and grew to hate them for trying to ram things down my throat instead of letting me decide things for myself. When I finally had the chance, I ran. I did what I had to in order to survive and eventually made some friends. They showed me how to survive and helped me get my trainer's license. I've been on the road ever since."

"Your friends… what are they like?" Sarah asked as she looked up at him.

"I'm… not sure you'd like them very much. You come from such a wealthy family, I don't think you'd get along with them so well, they speak their mind, even Felicia… especially Felicia. She pretty much keeps the lot of us in line." Xent stated.

"What wrong with a girl speaking her mind?" Sarah asked, feeling a tab bit insulted, but knowing that he didn't mean it as such.

"Well, I know you were raised in a high class family and you were a great coordinator, but I just don't think you understand people like me and my friends." He stated trying to think of a way to change the subject. "Hey, why don't you tell me more about your pokemon. I've known a few people who use to follow the larger contests and always mentioned you. What kind of do you favor for contests?"

She looked at him a bit confused, but in her state of mind, decided to just go with things to try and keep herself busy in a way. "Well, I had two pokemon that I liked to use for contests." She said. "Most of the time I like my dragonair since he likes to enjoy it so much. He enjoys showing off, but he's really good at battling too. He even surprised me sometimes improvising on the spot just to make a bigger show of himself. He has won me several ribbons before as well."

Xent nodded. "And what about the other one, you said you had two that like you to use in contests?"

"I also like to sometimes to use my arcanine as well. I don't tend to enter him in many contests though, just some lower ranking ones more or less to keep him in shape. He's not really a contest pokemon, but he has still won a few ribbons and I'm proud of him." Sarah smiled lightly as she looked over her pokeballs.

"You see, you still have your pokemon, so things can't be all that bad." Xent nodded. "And I'm sure Thomas will be fine, that doctor is one of the best around. If he's survived this long against those freaks chasing you, I doubt he would just let them take him out like that."

Sarah looked up at him and nodded lightly. "Yea… he's been through worse…" Sarah said recalling the time he had been shot. The doctor has said the poison was meant to kill on its own, just make him sick.

They remained quiet for a few, just as Sarah was about to say something else, a bag fell off the counter and got their attention. "I should really put that stuff away." Xent stated. "We have the room for a week, just sit back and relax, try to get some sleep." He sighed a bit as he got up, they could all use some real sleep after the week of events. He still couldn't believe half of the stuff he had seen as he got the back and picked up what fell out, before putting it all away in the small fridge in the room. It was already late and he just looked outside wondering what he was going to do after he got his answers.


That night…

Thomas is feeling much weaker then before. At one point, he was feeling rather well, if a bit numb and tried to get up to walk around some. The doctor quickly put a stop to that though and had Rebecca help him back to the table just in time for to nearly fall over.

"I feel fine…" He says slowly, a bit dazed and out of it. "I don't know why my body is acting like this." Rebecca whines a bit more as she helps him back to lay down again.

With the poison no longer so badly affecting her as well though, Radara gets in her say, sending more images and thoughts into their heads. Rebecca is able to block all but the worst of them, and has learned not to care, but the doctor, still a bit drunk gets the full force of them like Thomas.

"You know miss espeon. I know your powerful and you can do amazing things. But your giving me a headache. I am getting pissed at these images you're showing me are insane and no I don't what you think of my drinking. I know your inside my mind, do not make me show you that night I had with weavile and houndoom. You might get jealous." He laughs unaware that just mentioning thoughts brought them forward and to Radara attention as she turns a bit red herself.

'How dare you you fucking quack. I should boil your brain into a pile of mush, I shoul-' Radara stumbles just a bit as she growled lightly at Thomas who was looking at her, giving her a small taste of her own treatment, a small psychic flick to her head. 'Thomas, what the hell?' She growls as both Thomas and Rebecca give her an slightly angry scowl

"Radara, we are here as guests and before you say anything, no it is not the Ritz and you should know by now we are lucky that he hasn't gone to them yet either. We need to make sure that they don't catch us at this moment and you should check on Sarah and Xent to make sure they are okay. Before you say anything else, you need to take some time off, you've got some horrible bedside manner. You need to calm down and quit acting so high and mighty. That other thing we share is making you act like a spoiled brat as of late and while you may blame me for a lot of things, you need to step back and look at yourself and how you're acting every once in a while." Thomas states annoyed, but cleared minded for the most part.

Radara says nothing as Rebecca watches over Thomas. She knows he is right, but she has never left his side when he was in a state like this before, nor had he left her side when the opposite happened. She just remains quiet for a few, thinking that with the doctor there and Rebecca to make sure he didn't try to betray them, she would be able to take a bit of time off. She growls lightly, but turns as she moves towards the door, closing her eyes and easily finding Sarah nearby. "You sure she'll be able to manage on her own?" The doctor states as he was ready to pick up the phone and give Sarah a call to pick up Radara.

She feels just a small bit like she wasn't needed for once, almost feeling a bit jealous at that fact. She shakes her head, no she couldn't be jealous, it wasn't like her to be. And she certainly knew that she wasn't needed, she was paired with Thomas and they would always need each other for something. They were an inseparable pair, brother and sister, even if they didn't have the same body, they both were still born of Arceus and her power.

She looks back at them once more, as she calmed down, she knew the source of some of her tension. Thomas had found someone and after so long, it was hard to not be the only real person he had as true family around. 'I will do as you ask. I will see you soon Thomas.' She bows her head and vanishes in a bright light.

The doctor watches her vanish. "Damn, are you some sort of league champion or something with that powerful pokemon?"

Rebecca laughs lightly as she the sweat from Thomas's brow. 'He is the best trainer ever.'

"You love him don't ya. I heard rumors that lucarios are attached to their trainer, much like those gardevoirs. You know that he don't for the sex, but that he truly loves ya." Rebecca blushes hard at his words, turning away just a bit. "Its good to see such a nice trainer every once in a while, too many I see only enjoy their partners for their power or body. Well, you better eat something yourself, no point to you watching over him if you pass out from starvation yourself." He said once again pointing out the small plate of berries next to her.
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