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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

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New Chapter

Chapter 24

Watcher of Arceus

Author Notes:
-x- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
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‘Character Thought’
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don’t own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx
Beta-Reader: Asklor
You can once again thank Catsithx for this chapter, as he wrote it, I just liked the way it fit in.

This chapter contains scene of rape and violent deaths if it disturbs or you don't like it please do not read any further. Otherwise enjoy the story. Thank you for reading.


Chapter 24

Rebecca is now worried after being roused by Thomas. She was told they were leaving very soon despite the fact that Thomas looked weak but his determination seemed to be stronger than his fatigue. Curious as to why Thomas was acting this way, she used her Aura Sight to check his aura, only to find it a mixture of both anger, and sadness. Yet she couldn't figure out why. She finally found out after much persistence that he had lost contact with Radara.

He explained to her that his first conclusion was the fact she was angry at him, but even then he always felt something, now, he felt nothing. Thomas prayed that Radara was alright, but it was very unnerving for Rebecca to see him like this.

As they approached the hotel where Radara had told them she was going to be, she noticed aura signatures inside it, most of them agitated. She grabbed Thomas to stop him from going any further. He gave her an annoyed; her action had caused them to make a scene with the many people that had gathered at the hotel.

Thomas only became more distressed, Rebecca was able to tell due to the change in his aura. He still managed to keep his composure though, he needed to keep as low of a profile as possible, the last thing they needed were the knights finding them again. In the condition he was in, he couldn’t fight the knights since all of his gear and pokemon were with Sarah.

As Rebecca looked out for anything that could be a problem, he had done his usual disappearing act and started asking questions while blending in with the crowd. Various people stated that a group of people had fought with a group of wild, rampaging pokemon like the ones who ruined the city a few days ago. One that was the most concerning stories however was that a couple of people had been kidnapped in the process.


That one story that stood out to Thomas the most. Xent and Sarah would not go quietly and Radara alone would not allow them to be taken easily. A team could not have beaten them so easily, let alone Radara who could take on the Elite 4 of any region and most often without much help. Though even if she did get overpowered, she would have been able to escape somehow. Still, where were they? Even if Radara was unconscious, he should have been able to feel her. This troubled him greatly, she must have been restrained somehow and their link was cut. He could only think of how to Alakazam did the same a while back. He said a silent prayer for her safety, but while doing so someone grabbed his arm and started to pull him away from the crowd. His first thought was to resist, but from how the ranger looked, he had been through quite a bit recently. He looked weathered, his hair was a shade of dark brown with streaks of dark grey, showing his age. His uniform was a bit messy, yet he had a hawk like feature about him.

The last thing he wanted to do was cause a scene so he went along, Rebecca seemed to be following them from a safe distance. She was waiting for the right chance to grab Thomas without causing alarm. Thomas went along with it as smoothly as possible, waiting for the right moment to make his move. As they made their way into an alley, Thomas’s first thought was that he was a knight.

“Alright boy, you look like the guy the doc described…” He stopped before tossing a pokeball into the air. Rebecca quickly descended from the rooftop. A swank appeared from the pokeball and tackled her in the air. Both began fighting for control before the ranger yelled “Submission!”

Thomas had also told her through their aura link to escape from the swank. She drew her head back and slammed her head against him and got free of the karate like pokémon’s grip. She rolls away as soon as she hits the ground, already having an aura sphere up for an attack.

The swank is soon recalled by the ranger. “That’s enough I think. He was right though, you are good. Not a lot of pokémon can get free from Greg like that. For someone to be able to command their pokémon like that without using speech, very impressive. I can only guess that you have some sort of link or you're psychic. You must be league level at the least. I’m here to help you, so to speak. My name is Ken I am a Ranger, so I do work within the law. But I do get favors from time to time for looking the other way, and you should know by now the world isn’t all black and white.” He said in a gruff voice, crossing his arms.

“I do what I can to get by, as I am sure you do the same. Now believe me I do recognize ya, you’re the one all over the internet. The doc told me about you and the fact that you were definitely on the run from something. I have a few friends who are conspiracy theorists and right now, you’re the biggest thing. Now follow me.” He said, motioning them to follow.

Rebecca was still angry about having been attacked like that. “Look I’m sorry for that, I just wanted to be sure that you are what the doc said you are. Most of have made this out to be the work of a Team or a pokémon battle gone wrong. My conspiracy friends say otherwise, saying that it’s the work of an underground organization. They’ve been kidnapping other people around town as well, but the higher ups keep saying it was the work of a Team. Ever since they’ve been saying that, I’m pretty sure they’re being bribed or blackmailed so that they can keep the spotlight off them. There was a recent video feed of a girl with a mienshao and a very powerful espeon, and after the doc said you had a powerful espeon that was at least league level, so I made the connection that it was possibly yours. I just need you to tell me if I’m right or not.”

Thomas wants his answers, but another question takes priority. “Why don’t you stop this? If you know about it and are a Ranger, why don’t you do something about it?”

“It’s more complicated than that. They broadcast on a secure line, making it hard to find out where they are exactly, all we know is they’re most likely underground. But it could be anywhere that’s out of sight. Then there are the higher ups saying it’s the work of a Team when there is no evidence showing a connection between it and a Team.”

“Why do you think it’s an underground group? You seem to be the minority.”

He sighed and shook his head at Thomas. “My belief comes from the fact that the higher ups are being asked to look the other way. I have no definitive proof but everyone who asks question keeps getting moved to desk jobs so they can’t investigate any further. The only reason why I’m able to stay on the job is because I’ve made a good name for myself and have a high case closed rate. Still, it’s getting harder to do my job because I keep hitting roadblocks at every turn. So I’ve had to work outside the law to get what I want. We’ve also been told to keep a look out for you, since you’re practically the most wanted man, especially by the science division. That viral video on the net has caused quite a stir around the world.”

Thomas had always been fearful of this, when someone figured out he was more than a human or possibly not a human at all. If this man was a knight, he would have backup and yet, something was off. Thomas knew that this man knew something of him, and thought it might be better to explain a bit of what he was if it would help get Radara and the others back. He dismissed that thought for now though, deciding to see how much this man really knew first and how far his help might take him. “For now, I can’t explain much. But I can tell you I’m not out to ruin the world, only to help it.”

The ranger had to laugh a bit at that. “I’ve gathered that much from the reports on you. Don’t look so surprised lad, I have records of your work around here in Unova, saving that city was a real nice piece of work, I’m sure. Of course, that’s the latest problem you’ve solved isn’t it, there are rumors of your involvement all over the place if you know how to look. What you don’t seem to realize is that you have quite a fan base around ya. A lot of people say you are good but tend to keep in the shadows…for reasons they do not yet know. That’s not a bad thing, but in this new age of technology that’s pretty hard to achieve, you won’t be able to keep in the shadows for long. People these days need something to believe and have hope in. The church does little help due to the fact that practically everything a trainer does, they say is wrong. If Arceus didn’t want humans and pokemon together, he would have made it pretty clear long ago.” He soon stops before a building, it clearly having seen better days. It was mostly likely a part of the old town before it became surrounded by the city. The ranger didn’t wait for Thomas, knowing he would follow regardless.

Thomas was still having doubts as he followed. He didn’t want to help but with his weapon gone and Rebecca becoming the only pokemon he had, what choice did he have? What only made it worse was the fact that no matter how hard he tried, he could not feel Radara’s presence in the slightest. He quietly followed the ranger to the elevator before they were lifted up to the next floor. When the doors opened, he saw many computers and multiple shelves filled with books. Only adding to the messy set up were papers strewn across the floor as well as many monitors showing news channel and other videos. The ranger brings a woman over, she stumbles a bit though. When she looked up at Thomas there were bags under her eyes due to lack of sleep.

The ranger held out his hand to Thomas while facing the woman. “I’m pretty sure you know Thomas, the internet celebrity. Do not tell anyone else of him yet, his lucario is rather…touchy about that.” He chuckled while Rebecca gave him a glare, her eyes glowing just a bit red with her anger. Thomas tries to calm her down, not wanting a fight right now since this could be a lead to finding the rest of their group.

The woman reached a hand out and shakes Thomas’s arm rapidly. “It’s an honor to meet you…finally.” She yawned, her fatigue getting the better of her. “Please come over here.” She said, leading him over to a set of chairs. “The name is Amy and I’m… a hacker, I work for Ken here. He caught me a while ago for…well something I’d rather not say, but instead of jail, I work here and have more freedom than I ever would in prison. We’re basically doing community service for him and the rangers.”

Ken looks at Thomas who looked a bit confused from all this. “You see, the law can’t go places or do certain things. So, I asked the extended branch here to look for clues that we could never find on our own. Though one of the few things that brings them all together is conspiracy theories. A good amount of them are looking into things that are unknown, unexplained or both. And right now, you are the biggest topic right now. But now isn’t the time for that. Amy what info have you found out about those underground battles I told you to look into?” he asked

Amy is still looking at Thomas with a fascinated look, trying to find out anything that would explain why he was so different from normal humans. She is quickly brought out of her ‘trance’ by a growl from Rebecca, who looks as if she is ready to take a big bite out of her. Thomas quickly calms her down before anything like that can happen.

Ken laughed a bit and smiled “I think you’d better tell us what ya know before the lucario decides to have you for lunch.”

Amy hurries to her laptop and motions them all to come over, pulling up a window to show a fight from earlier. Thomas could instantly tell who it was when the video started playing.

It was Sarah, her mienshao and Radara.

Thomas stands up quickly before wobbling a bit, becoming a little light headed. Rebecca is quick to help and stabilize him before he falls down. He focuses on the frozen image of them before looking at Amy. “If you can see them fight why can’t you find out where they are with all the gear you have here!?” He asked in a rather impatient tone, motioning to all the computers scattered about.

Amy gave a sad sigh, shaking her head “I wish we could, we’ve been at it for weeks. The thing is they keep bouncing off multiple satellite feeds while masking their signal. They’re always a step ahead, and the fact that the other Rangers are trying to catch us isn’t helping one bit.” She said while giving an angry glare at Ken.

He sighed. “I’m doing my best, but with 75% of the of our force unaware of our operation, it’s pretty hard to keep them off your tail. How are the others doing?” He asked.

“We’re doing our best, but as I said their signal is a real piece of work to track, but Rob is always watching. If anyone can find a clue, it’s him.”

Thomas sees a short bit of Xent fighting, quite surprised at the fact that he holds up as well as he is. For his age, he’s got good fighting instinct. “So there’s no definite way to find them?”

Amy smiles a bit “Not at this time. If we could get more power, we’d have a better chance. Though they have some sort of virus among other things that prevent us from getting a good lock on their signal. As soon as we try and track them, it attacks us with a hell of a force, it’s fried a couple of our computers and put others on the sidelines where we need to repair them. From what I can tell though, they have a porygon doing this, because I’ve only seen this kind of thing whenever it involves that pokemon. The only clue we have is the fact that they are here because the pokemon we see here in battle are mostly local. The one that stood out to us the most was that espeon, she practically fights her own battles while the trainer and mienshao cover anything she misses.” She said, pulling up another fight with Radara, Sarah and the mienshao in it. They fought another female trainer and her two pokemon, but it could hardly be considered a battle. It was less than a minute before they won.

Thomas rose to his feet, a cold sweat beading down his forehead. The sense of helplessness he feels is extremely overwhelming as he points to the screen. “Why can’t you find them!?”

Amy shrank back a bit. “I-I told you already, they have equipment and techniques that we can’t compete with.”

Ken put a hand on Thomas’s shoulder “Look, we’re trying the best we can here. But with things as they are, we need more time. With everything going against us, we have to be careful on how we proceed, otherwise we could get caught and everything we worked for goes down the drain…. So you have to be patient…we’re doing the best we can.”

Thomas slowly nods before returning to his seat, the wrenching pain in his gut only growing. It wasn’t the poison, it was this feeling of dread and helplessness. He was weak, tired and didn’t have access to all of his pokemon and his weapon, he was very far out of his comfort zone. Thomas hears a snicker in the back of his mind.

‘I could save them, all of them. Just let me have control for a time, no one will die and everyone will be back with you.’ The voice fades away once again, this time laughing maniacally. Thomas clenched his teeth and gripped the armrest, the darkness was getting stronger. He forces the darkness down, Rebecca doing her best to comfort him, but he knew the darkness would eventually surface once again.


Xent returned from his most recent victory, but things were steadily getting harder and harder. Both of his pokémon were nearly taken out in the last fight since the opposing trainer had a type advantage over them. This normally wouldn’t have been a problem if his pokemon were in top shape, but they were far from it. The throh and swanna nearly killed his pokemon, a thought that filled Xent with both rage, and dread at the same time. Zia and his flareon did their best to fight, but eventually, Xent couldn’t take seeing his pokemon on the brink of death any longer. Xent ran right into the battle to save them, he would die first before he let them die. That was when the pokemon were conflicted to kill Xent first or take out his pokemon first. That proved to be their downfall though, Xent quickly took out one of the pokemon in the small time it was distracted, giving Zia and his flareon the opportunity to take out the remaining pokemon.

The trainer surrendered at that point, seeing as he had no shield left. Xent still came over and started his beat down with a crack across the trainer’s jaw with one of his crowbars. Luckily for the beat trainer, Zia stopped Xent from killing him. He sat himself down on the rusty, dirty bed, his body still shaking from the adrenaline rush he got from the fight. Zia and his flareon take a spot on either side of him. The flareon curled up and fell asleep while Zia gently nuzzled his face to try and calm him down. He smiled a bit and gently scratched her under the chin, getting a soft purr from her. His mind was still on their situation though. In the last 48 hours, they had been in four battles. The amount of rest they got was decent, but the food they got came in small amounts, and had very little, if any nutrition, nutrition his pokemon desperately needed. Normal battles were one thing, but these battles were taking their toll. Maybe that’s why he beat the trainer up so bad, he wanted the bastard to feel the same pain his pokemon had.

He hated this feeling, feeling helpless in the face of any force. He had felt it many times before, when he was growing up. It’s what practically drove him to do what he did. He would keep fighting though, he didn’t want to simply give in to this feeling of despair, he couldn’t. He looked at his two pokemon snoozing beside him. They counted on him to be strong, just like he did on them. He looked towards the lock he had tried to pick so many times, but this lock was a mix of old fashioned and high tech, something he needed tools to unlock, tools he didn’t have. His find then went to everyone else, Sarah, Radara, his pokemon and her pokemon. He needed to find some way out for all of them, or die trying. He clenched the edge of the bed in anger as his body shook with anger. Zia looked up at him and could see all of the emotion welling up inside him. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug, which he returned, burying his face into her hair. He just needed to get them out of here.

Kanto Region

A machamp and a lucario watched a news feed about their recent fight with the Rangers of the area. The reporter stating that the pokémon who attacked was the fault of a device similar to the one used in the Unova region.

The Machamp laughed as he ate his popcorn with one hand while he held his drink in the other. He raised the volume of the TV with one of his remaining arm. (These idiots think we’re under some influence.)

The Lucario takes the popcorn from the Machamp. ‘It’s always easy to blame something else instead of saying that pokémon did it of their own volition. The amount of belief the humans have in their superiority is disgusting. Hey meat bag, switch to that channel with that underground battle you told us about.’ The Lucario threw some popcorn at a human at a laptop. The human flinches a bit before he went to work bringing up the video feed, soon pulling it up on the TV.

As they watched the battle, the Alakazam walked in, talking with the blaziken until he stops when he sees the video. He is about to dismiss it until he notices the next battle come up and finds a female trailer that looks very familiar. He thinks back to the battle at Ice Island and recalls it is the same girl who traveled with the watcher. He then sees an espeon fighting with her. His temper instantly sky rockets as he sees her fighting in such a disgusting battle. From what he could tell though, she was restrained, very restrained. He could definitely see she was still a cut above the rest of the pokémon there, but she should be much more powerful.

‘WHERE IS THIS FEED COMING FROM?!’ The Alakazam’s booming voice echoes through all their heads, making them all wince in pain. The human cowers behind his laptop, the shock of the psychic wave causing his nose to bleed.

(DON’T SCREAM AT US WHEN WE DON’T KNOW YOU ASS!) The Machamp gets up, shaking his fist at him.

‘Human, you better tell him soon otherwise you may not survive the next question.’ The Lucario gets up slowly.

The man gets on his laptop, trying as fast as his computer would allow to find out anything he can find. He begins to wet himself as the Alakazam floats closer and closer to him. He knew he was only alive because of his computer skills. Now he prayed that he could be of use to them to keep him alive. He typed faster and faster, so much that any person witnessing it would think he was randomly typing out letters on the computer. His eyes widened as he discovered more and more of just what was keeping him from discovering where the espeon was. “P-please master I-I need my porygons t-to get in, th-the firewall they have set up isn’t s-something I can break through w-without them.”

The Lucario sighed and shook his head, getting the two poke balls out of the man’s bag and tossed them to the frightened human. He almost dropped the poke balls but managed to catch them. He clicked the buttons on each ball but instead of opening, a USB stick popped out of both of them. He shuddered as he felt the Alakazam’s power grow with his rage, watch as the two porygons appear on his monitor in the symbols of Alpha and Beta. He quickly punches in the commands and they got to work, his life depending on their success. The two porygons protect each other as they begin to break down the firewall and in the process meeting the other porygon. The duo makes short work of the single pokémon and began tracing the signal. He begins to sweat profusely as he feels the Alakazam hovering over his shoulder, and pees his pants once more when the powerful psychic grabs the man’s shoulder and dig his claws into the tender flesh.

‘That insolent, fucking bitch. She was told to leave him alone, but this has her work written all fucking over it. I warned her to leave my love alone, but now she will pay for this, I will make her plead for death by the time I’m done with her.’ He looks at the human and his voice enters his mind. ‘I give you one hour. Find the people who can use this information and get it to them. Have them rescue her. If you don’t, my friends won’t be very nice about how they rip you apart. Very. Slowly. Hurry, the clock is ticking.’

He brings back his pokémon, closes his laptop and runs off. The Lucario and Machamp get ready to give chase but the Alakazam stops them, pushing both back in their chairs. ‘No he has…30 minutes, if he hasn’t completed his task, you can do as you please with him.’ He grinned. Both of the pokémon look at each other, rather annoyed and mad at the fact that they had finally got a technologically savvy human, only to have to kill him and find another one.


The man ran like a zubat out of hell along the dirt road. After a bit he made it to a small Pokémon Center and hopes to Mew that it has wifi.

The nurse of the center asked, “Is there any-”

“A-all I need is wifi, please tell me you have it!” He quickly interrupts her.

The way he looked gave her pause as he asked again in a distressed tone. She quickly nods yes and he quickly opens his laptop and connects. He gave his pokémon the information and sent them to a few friends, along to a group of conspiracy theorists he knew. He prayed hard that everything would work out and he could live to see another day. He looked at his watch and sighed in relief, 39 minutes. He believed himself to be safe and relaxed back, finally catching his breath after this all started. The Nurse gasped suddenly as a shadow falls beside him with a loud thump while a Lucario appears behind the Nurse. He shivers, but doesn’t look.

“He…he said i-if I did it in l-less than an hour I-I would live!” he choked out as the Machamp began to squeeze his arm around the much smaller human’s neck.

‘He said a half-hour, and you didn’t do it in time. I am sorry you have to die, but he’s the boss and we have to listen to him.’ With a swift twist, the man’s neck snapped.

The Nurse Joy screamed but it was instantly cut off by the Lucario. He grabbed her and covered her mouth, smiling as he forced her to look at him. ‘Now now, no need to cry and scream yet, I’m about to give you a reason to REALLY scream.’ He shoved her to the ground behind the counter and tore her clothes off. The Machamp sighed and shook his head, he had seen this before. He felt sorry for the Nurse, he would have just given her a quick death. Some trainers come in and scream at the sight of the dead man. They all bark out orders, telling him to stand down and such. He laughs and flexes his massive muscles, big even for a Machamp wishing they could understand him, wanting them to release all of their pokémon all at once. Maybe then he might actually to put some effort into the fight.

The trainers finally release their pokémon and charge, a ninetales leading the group. The Machamp roars out in rage recalling the ninetales and lucario from Ice Island, taking out his rage on the one before him now. He grabbed the fire fox’s tails and ripped them off its body, making blood spray everywhere. Everything after that was a massacre in terms of the battle. The Lucario was to busy having fun with the Nurse whose moans barely echo through the screams of pain.

The Lucario howls in pleasure as he continues raping the nurse then growls in her ear ‘If you carry my seed, I’ll let you live.’ The Nurse is in too much pain to reply, but understands her position and continues to let the Lucario rape her as he please. As he continues fucking her without mercy, he licks her bouncing tits as well as nipping them. She gasps out in pain as he digs her sharp claws into her thighs, making each puncture continuously leak blood. His tongue hangs out as he sees her aura become filled with terror as she does her best to try and not enjoy the rape. He pulls out of her and forces her face first into the floor, raising her hips and plunging into her once more.

He sees a trainer get behind the counter and grins as the large hands of the Machamp grabs the trainer. The trainer cries out for his mother before his voice is cut off by a loud ripping sound, followed by the splatter of blood.

‘Do you hear that my whore? That is the sounds of what is to come. All humans and pokémon who fight us, can and WILL be destroyed by us.’ He growled lustfully as his knot grows to its full size and slaps against her bloody pussy. He rams it in, taking her with a few more thrusts before howling in pleasure, cumming hard inside her. Without care, he rips out his knot, causing her to cry out in pain. She collapses to the floor, her pussy leaking of blood and cum. A manectric makes it behind the counter, only to see the Lucario there. The Lucario grins at the sight, it’s a female.

‘Clean me and I’ll let you live.’ He grinned. She shivered in fear, if he was anywhere nearly as strong as the Machamp, she stood absolutely no chance. She nodded and fearfully approached the Lucario before she licked the Lucario’s cock clean of any leftover blood and cum. After she finished, she is suddenly yanked away by the Machamp and caught in a headlock. She whimpers loudly and squirms.

(Y-you said you w-would let m-me live.) He cried.

The Lucario chuckled and patted her cheek. ‘I will let you live, if you promise to raise your tail when I ask you, and for anyone I say to do so for, no questions asked. If I say let my Machamp friend fuck you in both holes at once, you let him. So long as you do not hesitate, you will live. Understand?’ he asked with a grin. He caresses her face, but she shivers in fear at his touch.

(Y-Yes…m-master.) She choked.

(Well you suck.) The Machamp growled and dropped the manectric, letting her fall to the cold, hard floor.


The Alakazam watches the latest breaking news feeds. “We are live at a Pokémon Center in a small town known as Rukarn where a gruesome scene has unfolded. The bodies of many trainers and the pokémon have been discovered in what has made out to be a brutal massacre. Law enforcement has also found the body of a missing employee of Silph Co. whom has disappeared two weeks ago. The only survivor is a nurse Joy who was brutally raped and is most likely traumatized from whatever occurred in the center. She is in stable condition, but she has multiple bruises and cuts all over her body and hasn’t spoken ever since the police took her to the nearest hospital. We will continue to follow the situation as it progresses. Back to you Susan.”

The Alakazam smiled as he changed the channel, knowing full well that the human must have done what he was supposed to, just not in the time he was supposed to do it. His main concern though was that his espeon received the help she needed. Soon, his love will be free, and she would know that he did it for her. He would soon have his dear lover calling his name with her voice filled with passion. His thoughts then turned to that bitch. His smile grew into a sadistic one, his thoughts turning to what he would do to her once he got his claws on her. He would make sure that she lived to regret she ever even touched his love.

Unova Region

Amy continued to type through the endless piles of information, but sorting out the useful from the useless was very time consuming and difficult. Her concentration was broken when she saw the symbols Alpha and Beta appear on her screen and soon recognized what they were, Porygons. They started tearing down her firewalls and security protocols. Then, files start popping up left and right, her eyes straining to keep up with reading each title before it was covered up by another file. One such file labeled “The Under Ground Cage” did catch her eye though. She quickly pulled it up before it could get covered by the next wave of data. She was wary as she observed the information, but aside from breaking into her computer to give her this data, the porygons weren’t doing anything to harm it. She compared her notes and information with the newly required data, and everything checked out aside from the information she needed to locate the underground arena. She immediately turned to go tell Ken, only to leap out of her seat of someone having already been right behind her.

“G-GEEZ DON’T DO THAT!” She panted, holding her chest as some papers fell on her, completely surprised at the lucario who had sneak up behind her.

‘Did you find something?’ She asked softly. ‘Judging from your aura, you got really excited in a good way, so I came over her to see what you discovered.’

Amy sighed and got up, brushing away any dust and scrap paper that clung to her. “I think I’ve just discovered where your friends are.” She said, going back on her computer and pulling up the file again. “It looks like they’re in an old waterway very far below the city…it will take some time to get down there but-“ Amy hears the sounds of something dashing by and turns around, the lucario no longer is sight as she looks around. “Damn…she’s fast.” Amy muttered. She starts looking over the data further as she waits for Rebecca to bring Thomas or Ken. She notices more information about groups of pokemon in the Kanto and Johto region that seem to be running things, but they aren’t directly tied to the underground arena in the city. She also found more data on Thomas, but just general data, nothing that would explain how he could do what he does. Before she could dig any deeper though, someone tapped on her shoulder, causing her to jump once again. She turned to find Ken and Rebecca standing there.

“Rebecca says you found something?” He asked with a raised brow.

Amy blinked a bit, catching her breath. “T-Two porygons hacked my laptop, but gave me this data…it seems like…this is what we need to find the arena.” She pointed to the screen while looking at Thomas who had joined them a few seconds prior. A wave of relief washed over his face, a smile now replacing the frown that Amy had first seen him with. She downloads the data to a SD card before popping it out of her computer and handing it to Ken. He took the card and plugged it into his locator. A ranger usually used this device to track the migrations of wild pokémon, but right now he needed it for something else. Amy and her friends had modified it to do much more than that, and with the SD card, they would have the location of the arena soon.

Once the locator beeped in on the location of the arena he grinned, touched a few keys and called up his squad, giving them the location of an abandoned water treatment plant. Once everything was set, Thomas followed Ken out of the room, but his posture is different. Now that he knew that his friends were located, he could finally do something that didn’t involve sitting around helpless.

Amy stayed behind to wrap things up on her end, but she went over a few more files, some a bit interesting. There was an article from the 19th century of Johto where a group called the Knights of Arceus were hunting an immortal warrior of some sort…who had always eluded them for centuries. She paused for a bit at this, but quickly packed her things up, taking the two porygons in USB poke balls before closing her laptop. She hurried though, she felt as if someone was watching her.

Meanwhile, a man was watching from a room, but hidden by the shadows. He pressed on the ear piece in his right ear. “Yes sir, I have found the demon.” He said quietly. “…Yes I understand she is charge and we will follow her orders, but isn’t this the best…Yes I understand…and the girl with the information?...I understand. Delta out.” Delta leaves, knowing that most would not be here when he got back. He wanted to save those who he thought could help the cause, but orders were absolute, and he did not want to end up like the last group who disobeyed and followed Samael. He could tell the demon had recovered much, but the poison should still be in effect, so something had to have happened to help him recover. He certainly wasn’t at full strength, but he looked ready to fight. He contemplated trying to kill the demon now, but he decided against it, he would follow King Faraday’s orders to the letter.


Radara lay exhausted on the dirty bed, but finally her stomach was full thanks to a good spin of the prize wheel. Now though, her thoughts turned to the next fight, not knowing who it was going to be was nerve wracking to say the least. She shook her head a bit to try and get her mind off it, but her thoughts took another turn she didn’t want to take. Thomas. She hoped to Arceus he wasn’t going to try anything stupid, like come in here alone to try and rescue them all…but she knew he would, it was his nature. He would do it even without his pokémon that may have been sold off by now, or his sword. She was brought of her pondering as the door opened. Sarah and mienshao quickly got to their feet but not nearly as fast as they normally would. It was a man with a granbull who set some poke food on the ground on top of a pillow.

“The espeon comes with me. Don’t worry the bombs on the collars has been turned off, but we can turn it back on at any time.” He said with a smirked.

“Go Radara, we’ll be fine.” She said with a tired smile, taking the poke food and the pillow before lying on the filthy bed.

Radara sighed and followed them down a few hallways and then a couple stairways, but at every corner there was either just a pokemon or a pokemon and a human. Radara sees the luxray that had paralyzed her back at the hotel and immediately extends her claws and leaps, aiming for his throat.

Her fatigue was getting the best of her as the granbull grabbed Radara and held her back with a chuckle. (Looks like ya got a fan.)

The luxray just sighed. (It wasn’t personal dear, I was just doing my job.)

(It was plenty personal for me!) She snarled as the granbull carried her away.

The granbull carries her the rest of the way, Radara struggling the whole time. When they walked through a large, metal door, it was the complete opposite of what she was used to seeing down here. It was a large room that was completely furnished, making it look as if she were now inside a mansion of some kind. She expected to see some sort of fat, disgusting human with a pet pokémon, but all she saw was a large pile of pillows. Then from that pile came a voice.

“Come closer Radara, I won’t bite you, unless you like that sort of thing.” A female voice giggled.

Radara blinked before she walked cautiously forward. While the voice was female, it wasn’t entirely… human. She walked around the pile of pillows expecting to see a human, but what she saw caught her off guard, it was an absol.

“I’m the one in charge here, in case you’re wondering. But this spot was given to me. And before you ask why you’re here, I wanted to know just why she wanted you here.” She stretched on the pillows, digging in her claws a bit. “She really hates you, she paid me 5 million just to bring you all here. From what I can tell, she’s restraining something in you, but she’s not here if you’re wondering, she just requested we give her the means to watch.” She giggled. “She expected your human to be with you, the one called Thomas, but with all the others we got, you were an added bonus.” She grinned. She hopped off the mound of pillows and walked over to a control panel, the buttons on it were rather large, but just the right size for her paws.

“I wasn’t always like this believe it or not, I was a contest pokemon. I belonged to a son who was in a family of Contest trainers. My mother and father were also contest pokemon. He was kind to me, he made sure I knew I was his favorite, and even taught me how to speak English, even though it was quiet difficult.”

Radara bit her lip, she had thought it impossible up until now, but seeing her talk so fluently in english, there was no way to deny that it was possible.

Radara huffed a bit, planning to try and get the upper hand in the conversation, if anything to try and tick her off.

‘So are you expecting me to feel sorry for you? That your trainer is dead? And now you expect us to fight for you own twisted entertainment?’ She growled, her claws cutting into the floor beneath her.

She turned to Radara with a quizzical look before laughing “Who ever said he was dead? He is alive and well and works for me here. He could run this place himself, but he gave it to me. He’s very faithful and loving to me, as I am to him. It began a few years back, he was working his way up the ranks in the Contest standings. We had to keep it all a secret from society of course. We were lovers, but when our secret was exposed, everyone saw it as rape. Fools, as if a human could rape a pokémon. You know full well what we are capable of, can humans compare to that? Heh, definitely not. Now his family was accepting of our relationship, but publicly they had to shun and disown him. However, they helped get him his pokémon back and escape right before his trial. They gave us what they could before sending us on our way. As you can imagine, it was hard on both of us from then on.” She wiped a tear from her eyes with her foreleg.

“He was a fugitive from the law, so he could no longer do sanctioned battles or get a proper job that required ID. So, after we went through a few team memberships and underground fights, we decided to start this little operation. What we later realized was the fact that we could put the scum in their place. Those who judged us simply because we viewed love differently, we put in the ground.” She grinned sadistically, showing her razor sharp fangs. “We made them fight for their lives. We hunted those who banned our love. It wasn’t all the hard, they preached daily the word of Arceus, not to mention they were always on the hunt for ‘heretics’. Self-righteous hypocrites. Once they were in the ring, all their belief and morals went out the window. While we rarely kill anyone here, I did take much pleasure in seeing them die the way they deserved. We do however like to milk a bit of extra money from them if possible, if their family has the cash to put up.” She smiled further as she turned to look at him after checking something, waiting for something.

“Who knew there were so many who thought fights should be like this? There was still the average trainer who merely wanted a quick buck and didn’t care how it was made, and they did whatever it took to win. But with the high end trainers, they got what was coming to them. They don’t know what it’s like to lose everything like we do. So, we shared with them a bit of our pain. Yes, you can say I’m a bad mon, that what I am doing is wrong, but in the end, it’s only for my mate and I.” She grinned. “And believe me, I know who and what you and your human are. She told me all about you, that you’re both demons that need to simply die, wiped clean from the face of earth.” She laughed. Radara feels her stomach drop with each second the absol talked, she didn’t anticipate all this.

“Do not worry though, I won’t sell you out. Though a group called the Knights of Arceus did come by for you. They are a rather ridiculous group of fools, no sense of humor what so ever. They came here asking for you, I said for 4 million, they could have you. Yet, they refused, babbling about that it was our ‘duty’ to humanity to hand you over. You may think we are unguarded down here, but we are far from that.” She grinned, pressing a large blue button on the control panel. 5 large TVs were lowered into the room, all turning on to reveal different video feeds. One TV showed a team of men with flash lights, completely unaware they were being watched. Then without warning, multiple figures jumped from the shadows, ambushing the group. They stood little chance, within a 15 seconds all the flashlights were out and the humans were no longer visible. Then the lights to the tunnel lights came on, revealing a hitmonlee the only one standing, but surrendering immediately when he sees his trainer with a blade to his throat.

“Come, you will see what I do with people who do not understand. Follow me.” She walked to the wall and pushed a panel on it. The wall slid aside, revealing a platform that overlooked the arena. In the arena, the knights stood with their hands bound, but the guards lay their weapons and pokémon a their feet. The guards exit the arena before a Xatu cut the ropes that bound their hands.

One of the Knights yelled up at the absol with a raised fist. “You WILL regret disobeying the Knights! Your life is forfeit!”

“And why should I be afraid of you? You didn’t even last against a fraction of the power I control?” She scoffed.

All of the Knights were startled at what they heard but the one who first spoke quickly shot back “Where is you trainer!? Are they too much of a coward to show themselves!?” She shouts.

She sighed and shook her head “You know I was going to let you live, just simply rough you up a bit before releasing you. After that comment though, I think I’ll teach you a much HARSHER lesson.” She grinned. “Pokémon are equals, if not superior to fools like you. Mark sweetie, use Squad B and make sure they know they can have as much fun as they want. And you idiots down there, if you win this little battle, you can leave in one piece and back to whatever person you work for.” She smiled.

The knights all exchanged nervous glances before one spoke up “And if we lose?”

She gave them a bone chilling, toothy grin. “You die.”


The battle, if it could be called that, was gruesome. The fight was against two dragonites and a charizard. The Knights and their pokémon were extremely outclassed in terms of power. The charizard set one of the knights on fire, causing the man to scream in agony. He jumped off the ledge in an attempt to get to the rushing water below, but the charizard wasn’t merciful enough to let him. He flew down, grabbed the man and flew right back up, slamming the human between himself and the wall. The impact shattered all of the knight’s bones and flattened his body, making a sickening thud. As the charizard pulled back, its entire chest was coated in blood. The charred and mangled mess of the knight remained stuck to the crater in the wall before peeling off and falling to the turbulent waters below. One of the dragonites ripped a knight’s arm completely from his body before using it to beat the knight to death like a bludgeon. Only one more knight remained and he fell to his knees, begging to Arceus for his life before a dragonite used and Ice beam to freeze the man solid, then used iron tail to smash him to pieces.


During the whole fight, the absol looked rather bored, and even yawned at during it. Radara had seen her share of brutality over her long life, but even she was questioning the meaning of this.

‘Do you seriously get money for this!?’ She growled.

The absol giggled and walked back to her pile of pillows, flopping on her back and began to play with a tassel on the corner of a small pillow like a meowth would.

“No, not really. You see, those pokémon were to be put down after being abused by humans for a time. So you can imagine that they have a… dislike for humans.” She smiled, biting at the tassel. “This however lets them…‘express’ themselves as much as they wish. I don’t care for this part of the job, but this is to send a message out to all that would come after us. We are not fools, and we will fight back if need be.”

‘So are you going to use us like toys to entertain yourself? If you do not bend to ANYONE’S will, why would you carry out what that liepard asked you to do?’

She looked at Radara with a growl, her eyes glowing a bright red. “It was so she didn’t kill my love. I don’t care about anything but his life, and I will do whatever is necessary to protect him. Everything here would mean nothing to me without him, if he died, I would kill myself as well, I could not live without him. And to answer your question, no you won’t be fighting Squad B. You will be fighting a trainer who has been on quite the winning streak. I believe his name is Xent. If you want to walk out of here, you need to win. Otherwise, you stay. Oh and each of set of pokémon you came with will be auctioned off as you fight, we’ll even be showing it on the screen in the arena while you fight. That liepard made it very clear that all of you should know that. If you both survive long enough, you can go free, but at the price of your pokémon. You will entertain us…and the fools out there… so he may live.” she looked away with a sad sigh “Leave, your audience with me is over.” She turned away. She summoned the trainer and his granbull to take Radara away who didn’t fight back, only following them through the series of hallways. During her walk, her mind raced.

‘We could all be free but….at the cost of everyone’s Pokémon…would Xent fight them? To save his pokémon? No he wouldn’t…he had feelings for Sarah, but even then he wouldn’t. He may be a stubborn and rash, but he was….considerate, he wouldn’t do things at the cost of others if he could help it. If they tried to escape, the guards would be too much for them in their weakened state.’ She prayed that a miracle would happen, and soon.
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