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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 23

Watcher of Arceus

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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.

Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 23

Sarah had spent the better of her last two days off taking care of Thomas's pokemon as well as her own, trying to keep herself from watching too much of the news. She even had Radara help her, setting a password to keep her from accessing the internet through her phone. Despite her urge to call her mother and reassure her that she was okay, as well as call her father to put him in his place about Thomas, she knew that they had to remain hidden. With Thomas only barely starting to recover, they couldn't afford to reveal themselves to the knights right now.

She talked a bit more with Xent when he was there, but mostly Xent was out, Radara tailing him just to make sure that he didn't get into trouble. She wasn't sure she could trust Xent entirely, even though she knew that he wouldn't turn Thomas over. His friends however were her real concern. She didn't invade him mind to yet, she saw to reason too as she just watched him from a far, studying him. Xent didn't seem to go and track anyone down in the time that Radara watched over him, but it was still a partial hassle to keep up at times and she had worn herself out the second day of following him.

Everything was quiet that night as Radara once again arrived before Xent got back and Sarah played it as though she had been there the entire time. They talked a bit more before deciding to pass out, everyone was tired and had a long day.


A lone figure watches from a distance in an alleyway across from the backwater hotel. He stands there shivering a bit, the night was chilled and the man was counting on the rain to help out for later. "Damn Arceus, I could have taken them by now." He grumbled looking over his watch, very bored and rather annoyed. "But noooo, I have to wait for them." He finally feels something nip at his leg and he looks down. A luxray looks back up at him, growling a bit herself not liking him very much. "Oh, she sent you instead I see."

The luxray shakes its head as it speaks. "Lux lu luxray ray!"

"You know it's not my fault you were told to come here. I just work for her as you do and you know it. I don't like waiting anything, especially since that liepard's been around. "She is a wily one. She seems to know a lot about this next mark though, too much if you ask me. She seems to claim that we'll need extra help stopping them. Lucky for us, we have these." He reaches into his coat and pulls out some large black collars, all of them having wires and other bits of circuitry on them. "I don't see what's so special about them though, I've been watching them for a while now. I don't see why we need these extra heavy collars to control them. If you ask me, the regular collars work just fine, pokemon do as their told or else." He smirks as the luxray makes one last comment, its tone conveying its feelings very nicely. "You worry too much." He says as he turns to look down the alleyway, a man and women with a nidoqueen, nidoking, and a hypno. "There they are, about time." He makes circle with his hand over his hand to get their attention and they move over to him as he once again grumbles a bit.

"I said bring your fast one Jill, not overkill." Huffs the man.

"I was going to bring my usual zebstrika and rapidash, but I was told to bring in the big guns by her orders. You know full well you don't tell her no, well anyone but you can't anyway. You really must be good in the bed to be able to do what you want with her." The lady counters.

The man blushes a bit as the luxray and others laugh at his discomfort. "Look you two, we have to this, I'm ready." He looks to the other man. "Did you make sure there was no one around, I don't want those rangers down here too soon, not until we are long gone. You all remember the last group that failed her." All of them, even the pokemon present shiver a bit from the reminder.

It takes a few seconds, but the other man speaks up. "I've had my hypno put the manager into a trance, he'll wake up after we are long gone and it will look like he was into some shady stuff anyway. It should give the police something else to look at. According to my rufflet tells my hypno, it looks like most of their pokemon with the exception of one are all in their pokeballs and stored away, so they shouldn't put up much of a fight. If we strike now, we should be able to get in and get out just like that."

"Good Ted, you come I after Jill's pokemon come through, both sides of the room. You will follow my luxray and make sure they don't try to escape. I know this is shadowy, but we have little choice but to take them surprise. If they are aware of the hypno, they'll likely resist. I was told that we should expect at least two league level pokemon from them and that they can outlast nearly everyone they come across. Personally I don't think it's worth the effort, I've never heard of them, but she wants this done fast." They take their positions as soon as he is done talking. Still, he can't help but look a bit worried. He knew this was different from all the others they had taken. Most of the people they took were high end trainers that came from rich families, but they always had the advantage, they knew exactly what they were getting into and could plan accordingly. Some were taken just for the money, others were taken to knock them down and destroy them, but either way, the tournament got its cash and would bring in more viewers. The more viewers there were, the more people that began to bet on the matches and things only got better for them.

He peeks in through the window quickly as he moves past one of the windows as he starts thinking. He's never once heard of these trainers, they have obviously don't have money, so he can't see why they would bother with them. The only reason they were even there was because that unusual liepard that contacted them. The only possible thing he could think of that might give them some profit would be their pokemon, which they sold off regularly during the tournaments. The winners earned the right to try and win their freedom, the losers lost it all, stripped of everything, their pokemon and gear sold, or given out as prizes. Of course the tournament had some walk ins as well, but in the end, the only one who really won was the house.

His luxray nips at his leg again, bringing him out of his trance. "Ow… sorry." He rubs his leg. "I'm just still trying to figure out if I made the right choice by bringing her into all of this and letting her run it. I love her more then anything, yet I don't know any more… I want her back as she was before all of this." The luxray gives him a look that says it too late now. He knows it, but still the linger of sorrow remains, doing this to trainers who don't seem to be that good, most of them were there because they had rich families.

He couldn't help but at least hope that this new mark put on a good show just so they could throw them back out. Usually he didn't care about such things, but from he knew, these were normal people with nothing to give. He couldn't help but blame that liepard for changing things so much.

He signals Jill, she merely nods and then give a command to her pokemon.


Xent gets up to get some ice as he was complaining that they should have picked a better hotel since this one was rather poor. He even had to wonder if anything in the vending machines wasn't expired by now. As he reached the door, he was going to ask if they should get something ordered in, but felt something wrong. He went for his pokeballs, only to realize that they were in his bag. He goes to say something, but is too late as the walls leading collapse. Sarah doesn't so much as scream, but yelps out in shock as she suddenly has to defend herself. She goes for her own pokeballs on the desk, but has to duck back, the nidoking that was after her not using his horns or claws, trying to back hand her and toss her around.

Xent rushes to his bag to get his pokeballs, or even one of his crowbars, but is greeted first by the nidoqueen's leg, having kicked him clear across the room and into what was left of one of the walls. He yells out in pain, grabbing his side as collapses, trying to stand but can't. He sees Radara finally out and can't help but think that they still have a chance.

Sarah cried out seeing Xent get tossed trying to go help him, but she is cut off once more, this time by a hypno, already waving its pendulum coin back and forth in front of her. She tries to fight it as Xent calls out to her, but she was already on her knees, a few seconds later she was out.

Radara is finally out of the covers she had buried herself under, but is still shaking her head, a nasty bout of dizziness had come over her, no doubt Thomas was once again taking some sort of medication to help him and their link shared the side effects. She goes to attack, but finds her powers rather weaken and misses the fact of the luxray until its too late and she gets tackled. She snaps at the luxray, who replies with its own electrical attack.

Xent tries to get up to help her once more, but with the pain he was in, he couldn't move, merely grabbing his side once more wondering if he may have cracked a rib or something as a man comes up to him. "You should save that strength for what is to come." The man just pushes Xent completely onto the ground as the hypno takes care of him putting him out as well.

Radara sees that both Xent and Sarah have fallen and tries to open their pokeballs herself, but is once again tackled, whatever was making her so dizzy was only making things hard on her, she couldn't keep up with the luxray and using her psychic abilities at the same time. She was so busy focusing on the luxray though, she misses the nidoqueen behind her, the last thing Radara can recall is just a things going to dark and a massive pain on the back of her head.


Radara wakes up slowly, still in pain feeling some of the lingering effects from the luxray's electrical attacks as well as massive headache. She growls just thinking about what all she was going to do to that luxray once she finds it. She looks around, wondering where she is, quickly spotting Sarah in the small room. Sarah is unconscious, but otherwise looks fine. Radara breathes a small sigh of relief, things could have been so much worse. She goes to try and use her powers and search for other minds, but nothing happens. She stops for a second, catches her breathe, collects her thoughts and tries once more, but still nothing happen.

'I would stop before you burn out the brain cells you have wondering why you can't do anything Radara.' A voice states and she quickly turns to see the liepard. She instantly goes to lash out with everything she could, but the room remains quiet.

'As I said, it will not work. You are at their mercy so to say. I am a bit mad that you and your… partner did manage to stop my fun, but I still have other devices. I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun just as soon as the next one is integrated into… well let's just say that you will be hard pressed to stop it next time. For it will be where all pokemon and trainers feel at ease. Don't worry, you will know what loss is soon as I have Radara. You and Soular will know that loss to each other. You could have saved her, but you just hid instead of being there for her. I will take all that you care for. I will take the lucario from him and then at his weakest, I will kill him before you and then you both will know that you have failed.' The liepard just mocks Radara, sitting back, not even bothering to defend herself.

Radara continues to look over the room, trying to figure out what was going on. Thomas was still weak, but he still had Rebecca to defend him. If Thomas was recovering at all though, she knew that the two of them could easily hold their own. She quickly tries to contact Thomas, but even that was somehow quiet leaving her stunned. They pair at birth, a unique link that was suppose to be unbreakable between watcher and partner, a way for the them to always find and talk with each other, even over great distances.

'That link of yours, I can assure you that its useless here. It took me a while, but at last I've figured out how to block it. Of course, its not easy and taking up a large sum of my power, but I can't have you go and cry out for help. Don't worry though, you'll be able to use you other abilities, when they let you. He can't help you however. I wonder how long you have here though. I know they tend to put the rookies through the ringer here. Still, it will be fun to see how you fight. I promise that these battles are nothing like you've ever fought before. You are strong, but how long will you last.' Radara is finally over her shock, growling as she actually readies her claws for once and goes to tackle the liepard. Her mind was powerful, but even without it, she was still a powerful mon and she had taken down foes the hard way before.

She goes to charge at the liepard, but is tackled herself, by a human of all things. She gets up slowly looking at him, wondering how the hell she had missed him, then she sees the shadows clinging to him a bit and recognizes him as the man the liepard had been with at the park. He walks over to the liepard and she nuzzles him a little playfully.

'Do you like my toy? He is so willing to make me happy and make sure no harm comes to me. It's so much easier to move around with him carrying me around. No one asks any more questions as long as he is around. You could say that he is my new partner, but he is more of a tool, a sex tool that is. He is so good in bed and willing to please me. I don't know why so many humans look down on human and pokemon mating, its so fun. Well, I will see you later Radara. I do hope you and Soular try to stop me, I want so badly to make you all suffer, even that blasted alakazam. He truly believes you will love him. You know he is the only who really pushed our lord to give you a reprieve to make a decision and join us. He loves you so much its disgusting. If it was up to me, I would have killed you long ago. Neither of you deserves anything. Nor do either of you deserve her love as the rest of us were cast out and left for dead despite our calling for her help. We are leaving my pet.' The liepard's voice, normally calm quickly changed to angry towards the end of her speech as the human lets her leap into his arms and walks out.

Radara would have tried to make a break for it and find out how to get her powers back, but what the liepard said was weighing heavily on her mind. 'Was… was she … talking about Arceus… but no, the others had all died.' She looked around in great confusion. Watchers were pairs of children, twins in a sense. When one died, the other began to lose their power, and most importantly their ability to reincarnate. There was no way another of them could still be alive, they were the last of, the rest of the watchers had been killed well over two hundred years ago. Even if liepard was paired with a watcher, they only lived a set 120 year life-span, too short for the any of the watchers or their partners to still be alive. She was interrupted when the door opened up once more. She quickly banished those thoughts for now, there were more importantly things to worry. She searched her mind for any power that she could possibly muster up, but it was useless for now, she couldn't help but feel empty, as if part of her just taken away. She finally feels the collar around her neck as the another man walks in with a granbull.

The man merely ignored her while the granbull made sure she wouldn't attack its trainer. He moves over to Sarah who was still laying back. He goes to wake her, only for her to get up and try to attack him. The man just smirked as he was ready and caught her arm, before striking her in the side with his free arm and pushed her back against the wall. "I have seen through so many tricks already. I knew you weren't sleeping. Now if you're done fooling around, you should get ready. You, your pokemon and this one all have a match in a few." He tosses her a pokeball which she recognizes as one of her own. "You will be warriors for the battle to come. Make sure you do well, the better you fight the more chances you'll have for food and maybe even get a chance to earn your freedom. Now get up and follow me." He commands as he turns to leave.

Sarah looks at the pokeball she was tossed. "Where am I, where are my pokemon?" She snaps at him. "And where is Xent. Why have you brought us here."

The man smiles as he turns back to face her. "You're the first to really act like that, most are too scared or willing to try to pay me for my trouble… if I let them go. You are here to make us money. To fight for their pleasure. You will battle alongside your pokemon in a way you never have before. You see little girl, you're the target here, your pokemon are your weapons and shields. You see, the fight will go on until you take out your opponent by any means necessary." He motions for Sarah to follow him as the granbull tells Radara the same.

(You better watch it asshole, just because I don't have my powers doesn't mean I can't kick your sorry ass.) Radara snaps at him, forced to use her actual voice for once.

(Sure sweetie, I have heard that before, if you're good I'll ask my boss to let your trainer go and I'll keep you as compensation.) The granbull chuckles.

(I'll die before that happens asshole.) Radara growls at him as Sarah looks down at her surprised to hear her speak with her normal voice. Radara felt a bit weird herself to speak in such a way herself after so long. She felt more comfortable using her mind when she was an espeon, even if she was proud of her voice none the less. Now without her powers though, she knows that they are in some serious trouble. Until she could figure out how to remove the collar, she would have to put up with whatever they threw at her.

As they walk with the man and his granbull though, Radara keeps trying to figure out where they were, definitely underground, but where. Once her collar was off though, she could do as she wanted, get their stuff, their pokemon and even Xent out of there.

She shook her head wondering how she could be so absent minded when they were attacked. She knew that she wasn't feeling well, but she should have been able to push those effects away long enough to win that fight. She had been thinking of what kind of mate she wanted herself when the attack happened, but was she really dwelling on that much, was she really feeling that lonely that it was going to be such a large distraction. She had always berated Thomas over not having someone to keep him grounded and now here she was thinking about how empty she was. With her mind so quiet, she couldn't help but feel so lonely for once.

She fails to notice that they are finally at the area, where both her and Sarah are pushed in rather roughly. They both look around as a light finally lights up the area, a spot light focused on them for now.

"It's simple folks, all you have to do take out the other trainer and you win." The man explains. "Just so you know, this is a freedom match, one of our lucky contestants has earned the right to go free tonight if he wins, so watch out. Also, don't fall off the edge. Those lovely collars around your necks are programmed to activate and kill the trainer if their pokemon happen to fallen, while the poor pokemon will have to contend with the rapids below."

Both Radara and Sarah have to take a quick step back as the part of the arena they were slowly dropped down. A good ten feet worth of room around the edges of the arena opened up to reveal some very old water ways below the, no doubt some very old sections of sewer. Radara could tell that they were probably the oldest part of the city, and poorly taken care of as water rushed through the torn up passages below them. The only remaining platform off of the arena was just a walkway, but the door it lead to was still closed.

Looking up, the could see more modern pipes and other things around, but it could hardly tell them how far underground they were or where they were. Without proper knowledge, even if they did escape, they were still stuck in a maze.

A female voice over a loudspeaker reminds them that they have bigger things to worry about. "Greetings warriors. I bid you welcome. Your audience awaits your coming battle. You know the rules, defeat the human trainer and win. What you win will depend on the wheel of hope. Our first contender is a 9 time winner on the verge of winning freedom. He is from the Hoenn region with his scyther and crobat, he has made this far and looks eager to take down anyone who stands in his way." The voice pauses as the other other door finally opened and a trainer with the two pokemon made their way out to the arena, before the door closed and the walk way was lowered. "Today his opponent is a mysterious trainer with an espeon and pokemon that has yet to be released. She will fight to survive as our champion Joe has been most merciless against his previous opponents." The large screen on the side of the arena changed to display a few of Joe's previous victories, he was brutal, not holding back as he torn his opponents to shreds, cries of mercy falling on deaf ears.

Both Sarah and Radara have to advert their eyes from the gore and blood that Joe smiled at. "Now my audience, the odds have been given. Place your wagers and the battle begins in 20 seconds." The screen changed once more, this time showing in image of both Sarah and Joe, along with a set of odds for them, showing very little faith in Sarah.

Radara hears Sarah say something about pain as she pulls searched herself to see what she still had, surprised to see that they had left her the kubotans. At least they had a chance, but Sarah knew that she had never been taught to fight pokemon directly, just defend herself against the knights.

In the last few seconds, Radara feels her power suddenly come back. She thinks about teleporting out with Sarah, but where would she teleport. She has no idea where they are and blind teleports rarely ever ended well, there were just too many things that could go wrong.

Radara doesn't have much time to think though, as the buzzer rings and the match starts, their foe was already on Sarah. Just as fast as they charged, she threw up her own barrier. 'So much for fair play…' She grumbles as both of them dash back a bit and Radara goes on the offensive.

She quickly lashes out at the scyther with a psychic blast, only holding back so much, blasting him back a fair bit. The crobat is startled by the sudden attack, as he pauses his attack on Sarah and flies back to defend its trainer. 'Prepare yourself, this will not be an easy fight. I am still not at my best.' Radara stated.

Sarah finally recovers herself and throws her pokeball into the air, releasing her meinshao who gets ready for a fight.

"Don't fall, stay near me and make sure they don't get close. Do you understand, do not engage them, Radara will take of that." Sarah explains as she readies herself. She knew that this was going to be as bad as fighting the knights, their lives were at stake once more, but this time, it was merely for the amusement for others. She advanced forward a bit, even a partial hit from that scyther would be enough to knock her off the edge if Radara didn't defend her fast enough.

She gave her meinshao another look over, he didn't seem to have the same collar that Radara was wearing, or that she was herself. She thought about having him just save himself and get out of there, but she didn't know just how bad the currents in those broken waterways were down there. She gave up that idea though, and decided to return her focus back to the fight.

Radara could hear Sarah's thoughts, glad that she decided against having her meinshao take his chances below. She kept trying to watch the scyther, but it was fast, very fast as Radara tried to hit it with a psychic slash, but it was too fast. Thankfully Sarah's meinshao was able to intercept it.

Meinshao grabbed scyther's arms with one of his fur sleeves and pulled it close for an attack, neither pokemon seeming to be interested in anything else then taking the other out now. Fresh blood once again lands on the make shift metal arena as the scyther does its best to kill the meinshao, while the meinshao avoids the worst of it, but is unable to land any solid blows in return, even if it managed a few bites to his foe.

Radara continued to attempt to attack the other trainer, trying to merely put him sleep to as he kept his distance, looking for an opening, yelling at his pokemon to make an opening for him to attack Sarah directly. The crobat was doing a fine job of keeping Radara busy though, using one set of wings to cover its eyes to avoid her gaze while constantly attacking her with gusts and trying to confuse her with his supersonic.

Radara couldn't help but grow angry. She wanted to the fight, and without her link to Thomas, and sharing his sickness her power was coming back quite well. She could easily defeat all of their foes in one swift mighty blow, but she didn't want to do that. She knew that like herself, Sarah and her meinshao, they were fighting against their will, merely doing what had to be to save themselves. She only wanted to knock them out, not outright kill them as she held herself back.

As her strength returned, she managed to keep a better barrier around Sarah as well as attack more frequently. She could have easily of merely knocked the trainer back and off the platform, but that would surely kill him. Still, what weaker attacks she went his way seemed ineffective as though they weren't even effecting him. She had to wonder if maybe he was protected and smiled as she was finally able strong enough to completely grab and hold the crobat.

Her eyes and gem flashed as she launched the crobat first back behind its trainer, then plowed into his head from behind. The trainer was slammed forward, hitting his head roughly and knocked out, along with his crobat before Radara could turn and face the scyther. She quickly dealt with scyther in a similar manner, a single powerful strike to knock it out before throwing it over to join its trainer.

She smiled, only to growl, as soon as the match was over, her powers were once again somehow shut off, gone and that empty feeling once again took over. The sides to the arena returned to their normal settings, closing up access to the waterways below as the doors opened. The man with the granbull once again came out and checked on the unconscious trainer, before nodding. A few men come out and take the losers away.

"Where are you taking him?" Sarah asks holding herself back, and grabbing her meinshoo to do the same.

"His pokemon are going to be confiscated and he will be dealt with." The man responds. "Now back your cell." He smirks. Radara growled once more, loudly this time as the man's attitude and words send an angry shiver down her spine, but she is powerless right now seeing more men and pokemon through the door on the other side of the arena. It was nothing but an aggravation to her without her powers, she couldn't do much, not even talk with Sarah, while she easily understood the simple things her pokemon would get her attention for, she couldn't actually understand them too well other wise.

She could only pray that they were being lead back to the cell and given food and water until Thomas figured out where they were. Hopefully they could handle things until then. She knew that she was in no condition with her powers under someone else's control to do much of anything. Even if she removed her collar, she was sure that it would have consequences and she didn't want to risk them unless she somehow found out more about the collars and how they worked.


A lone figure walks up to the doors of the control for the arena. The guard is about to stop him, but then sees who it is as they walk into the light. "Man, she is in a bad mood, those kids you got this time… the girl already won. That espeon of hers is definitely a league level pokemon. Also the boy… just the fight, its on right now. I walked out before she turned on me. Maybe you can calm her down, Alex." The guard stated and let him in.

Alex just nodded and walked into the room, several things had already been knocked over and most of the pillows destroyed. He looks down to the other end of the room where the monitors and control board is. Xent was having his fight with his flareon and zoroark. Xent himself was standing over a badly beaten trainer with his pokemon holding the other pokemon in place, some visible wounds on all of them as Xent yells out in a challenge, daring anyone else to come after him. Before he could really get a good look though, a shadow ball blows up the monitor he was looking at.

"You do realize that your paying for that this time and don't look at me like that. I didn't blow it up or make you do that. I told you not to listen to that liepard. She was nothing but trouble, but you had to do that and take her money. I told you they would only be trouble." Alex stated as an angry looking absol turned to him.

"I know you did, but I didn't think they would be this good. I always thought that it would be good for the ratings. Though for them to be this strong. I will make sure I rake them for they are worth." The absol states in a feminine, but still deep voice. She smiles as a bit as she moves to the only set of pillows to escape her wrath. She calms down a bit as she lays downs. "Please hold me like you always do, it makes me feel so much better." She lays on her back and playfully bats her paws in the air. Alex sighs as he was always weak to her needs.

He walks over and sits next to her on the pillows as he picks her up and cradles her in his arms. He begins to nuzzle her side lightly as she purrs loudly. She uses her forepaws as best she could to give him an awkward hug of sorts as he whispers something in her ear that just makes her smile so very much before they share a kiss.


Xent is thrown back into his cell, the threat of his other pokemon being raped and killed with Zia and Pyra already injured from their previous fight all that keeps him in check. Zai and Pyra were both restrained as well as they were tossed back into the cell after him. Neither one could use their powers, their collars having already proven that they can defend themselves as needed. Xent still tries to make it back to the cell door but it is closed before he can get out, all he can do and kick at it and shout at the guards.

"Fucking assholes." He shouts out one last time before moving and looking his pokemon over. Both of them had lost some fur, and had some bruises, but only Zia seemed to have anything major done, a moderate cut on her one side. He tries to clean out her wound as best he can with the limited water he has, tearing off a section of his shirt to use as wash rag for now. He uses as little of the water as he can get away with, not sure if they'll be able to get anymore anytime soon.

Zia does her best to stay still as he clean her wound, but still winces a bit from pain of her wounds. She still does her best not to lash out at him as she had done in the past as a zorua. Some trainers would abuse their pokemon, even beat them if they lashed out at them, but Xent always put up with her. She was still angry though from everything that was going on. This abduction was rough, but if that last fight was any clue, they would dominate anything thrown their way, she wasn't even sure it could be called a real fight, just anger management.

She knew what was really bugging her though, why she was really looking to take her anger out on something. Ever since Xent had met up with the boy Thomas and that female human he traveled with, he had been acting like a fool as if he was trying to court her. Yet she couldn't figure out why upset her so much before now, yet seeing that girl even at the time they were at the park trying to stop that trunk, she felt that Xent was still trying to impress her. That was part of the reason she had charged in the first place, to show that she was better warrior then the female.

It still irks her that he was still infatuated with the girl though. Could it be that she… that human named Thomas had a lucario as a mate. She had found out from the other pokemon that traveled with Thomas. They told her that the lucario loved him her human trainer and he had accepted her feelings. Though they did say that he was different then any other human. It made little sense to Zai at first, until she saw his powers in proper use. Those abilities of his, they were most definitely not human, but something more like that of a pokemon. Was he part human and part pokemon, something else entirely. Thinking about how they were together slowly got Zia thinking about maybe Xent could see her the same way, that maybe he was what she really wanted. She looks down and Xent had cleaned and wrapped her wound and was not working with Pyra, fixing the knots in her fur as she murred happily. She found herself wishing that maybe he would do that with her sometime.


The next day passed with little interruption at all as Thomas began to slowly worry. He was awake for now in the middle of the night and he looked around unable to see Radara. He knew that he told her to leave him alone for a while, but it wasn't like her to not check up on him and just entirely leave him alone. At first he thought that his own sickness was worse then he though and that she was feeling just as bad, but as he calmed himself and felt over his body. He was sure that he was recovering nicely, he could feel his power slowly pulsing again in his body, able to feels his muscles and everything else even if it was rather weak.

As he continues to give himself is own style of mental checkup, he quickly realizes that something isn't there, he couldn't feel Radara. He begins to worry a bit, that alakazam had once cut them off from each other, but he was promised that he would have time to make his decision, they wouldn't be here would they? He looks to Rebecca who was sleeping on him and gently moves her so that he can get up. As he steps down off the table, he nearly falls over, the IV drip he was on completely slipped past him. He picks up and moves it carefully, glad that its oiled wheels don't make any noise.

He was sure that liepard was acting on her own, she had said it once before that it was all for her amusement, and it seems that everything happening in concerning her was part of some revenge she wanted. Even the obstacles that she put in his way was nothing more then a game, something for her to enjoy. Still, he couldn't help but feel that maybe she was holding some sort of grudge against himself and Radara. He couldn't figure it out as he got up and moved around a bit.

Though he felt better with his powers slowly returning, not all of his abilities were ready for use again as his body focuses on healing itself and removing the poison. Rebecca was still fast asleep as Thomas smiled a bit, glad to see her sleeping so easy. She seemed so peaceful right now, compared to how hard she was constantly working to help take care of him over the past few days. She had really worked just for him, not sleeping much, not paying attention to her own needs. He moved slowly seeing a light behind him and let her rest as he went to check up on something.

He went to look for the doctor as he headed for the room with the light. He walks into the room and sees the doctor sitting back at a table. The doctor is quick to see him, and goes to close his laptop, but not fast and Thomas still gets a good view of the screen.

Thomas looks at the screen as he watches a pokemon battle, but not like regulation battles. Instead the trainer was working with their pokemon, fighting as a team against another team. It had been generations of his own kind that he had last since seen battles like this. Of course, back then it was a battle to the death, something he always frowned upon.

"In this day and age, this type of battle still exist. It pains me to see there are still those who still fight like that. That their are also people who enjoy this." He gives the doctor a dark look as well.

The doctor looks away. "Its not like there is anything on TV right now. Still, at least I don't bet on it, like so many do. Also, this is one of the more controlled ones." Thomas gives him a confused look as a referee of some sort stops the fight just long enough to declare that the most recent wound was non-fatal, despite the blood. "There are more violent ones than this. This one I am watching is out of Johto. It is done by a group who mostly get off on this, but they have rules. Still, its mostly ex-trainers and those who have criminals records who fight there. For a quick buck most of the time. There are ones who grab anyone off the streets though, make them fight like the gladiators of old. The most popular one is this newer one that's been kidnapping kids off the streets and making them with promises of freedom. Some of them foolishly decide to stay and fight for more, for money even. Of course the place rarely loses and many lose everything." He looks up as Thomas watches the fight. "Still, why are up so late? I told you need some rest."

"I am worried about my friends and my espeon. Its… unlike her to check up on me, she helped raise me in a way." Thomas says trying to make a good excuse.

The doctor laughs a bit as he gets up. "You are close to your pokemon, that's good. As I said many who come here don't care much about anything. Still, I haven't seen your espeon all day myself and she seemed to just let herself in at least twice already. You lucario kept her out of my way. Of course the hotel isn't too far and I could…" He stops as a blue light catches his eye and he raises his hand. "Be right back okay." He walks off and moves to the door letting someone in and moving them to a side room. Thomas watches the match on the laptop for a few, one of the trainers actually took down a hitmonlee by himself. He stands victorious as his opponent nods, grumbles a bit, but the admits the match is over. He shakes his head a bit watching them and the guy getting his pay, unable to think about how people just give into their dark urges like that.

Thomas turns to see the doctor dealing with another patient with a rather large gash on his arm. It obvious to see that the new patient is just some hoodlum. "Damn police and their pokemon, almost got away with that new equipment. Still, have you heard about the Marshall Hotel? IT was some attack by Team Rocket of all people so they say. They found a partial ripped uniform and some trainers were kidnapped. They even think that the owner of the joint is in custody, they found a full uniform on him. The police thing he had something to do with it and its all crazy. If I could, could I crash here doc? I can pay, don't worry. I know you're good on keeping quiet."

The doctor nods as he keeps up work. "Look, just stay here and don't go wandering. I've got another patient and his lucario seems a bit on the protective side. Its just best that you don't disturb them." He states after he finishes with the cut on his arm. He turns and goes to find Thomas again, but notices that him and his lucario are nowhere to be seen. He quickly spots a note on the bed.


Thank you for your help. I will try not to push it, but my friends might be at the hotel I heard was attacked. I need to find out if they are ok. If they are, I will return. Otherwise I thank you in advance for all your help.


The doctor has to laugh at the note, knowing even if had tried to stop him, Thomas wouldn't listen to him. He was a young man who was always moving forward and cared for those close to him. He could tell that Thomas was a bit hard headed as well. He merely hoped that Thomas wouldn't get into too much trouble and that it was just worry about his friends, that they weren't in any danger. Still, he looked to the phone for a few before deciding to make a call. He might just be able to help the man out even now.
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