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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 3

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

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'Character Thought'
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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 3

The Falston family had just returned from Devon Co. Headquarters. Mr. Falston was driving the car; a full sized black Ford pickup truck while his wife, Mrs. Falston sat in the passenger seat, a worried looking on her face. "I can't help but worry. He said that he would be here two days ago at the latest." Mrs. Falston stated. Her long black hair came down far past her shoulders; her kind and gentle eyes showing the worried look that matched her face. She of a small build, but many had claimed that it had added to her beauty making her look much younger then she really was.

"I know you're worried, but he can take care of himself. Don't forget that storm we had come through. He probably just got caught up in the rain, Vivian." Mr. Falston stated. Unlike his wife of a small build, Andrew was rather tall and large; his muscular body showing that he worked out and with his short rough beard did not look much like a scientist.

"But Andrew, what if something happened?" Vivian countered as they pulled up to the garage built behind the house.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he was already here waiting for us." Andrew stated. Looking off to the side, Andrew saw that he was right. By looking at the small pond that had been built next to the house, Andrew could make out a pair of figures, both of which he recognized. "See, he's here. Razor and Aqua are already in the pond by the southern courtyard." Andrew informed his wife pointing out the two of them to her.

"Oh, well that's a good sign. Should we call that Diana lady? She did say that she had a few things belonging to Thomas's father and would like to return them in person." Vivian asked.

"He just got home today. Let's give him some time to relax, and then we can call her." Andrew replied.

As Andrew parked the truck and got out, he took the two Pokeballs from his belt and threw them into the air. They opened up releasing a Blaziken and a Scyther who took the chance to stretch while Vivian retrieved a Pokeball from her own belt. She then released the Delcatty that the ball held before the two of they dismissed the Pokemon to their own activities. Walking into the house, Vivian called for Thomas, but never got an answer. Instead, Radara walked up to them.

"Hey there's Radara." Andrew stated taking a look around noticing the lack of Thomas or any response from him. "Where's Thomas at?" He asked.

Rather then tell him directly, Radara sent three very clear images to Andrew's mind not wanting to reveal just how powerful she was to Andrew. The first image was of Thomas, followed by an image of Rebecca, and finally an image of the enclosed beach where Juno had found them.

Andrew gave his thanks and then followed his wife upstairs to change out of the suit he was in. Once dressed in some more casual clothing consisting of a pair of jeans and button up shirt, he started his way out to the private beach to welcome Thomas home. It was a quick trip down to the path to meet up with Thomas.

As Andrew came to end of the path, he noticed Thomas sitting with Rebecca on the edge of the outlying rock. Keeping an eye on them, sitting so close to each other with Rebecca leaning up against Thomas while he had his arm wrapped around her, Andrew failed to notice a small rocking jutting up just a bit from the path. He moved his foot forward with his next step hitting the rock with enough force to tilt it resulting in a few other rocks rolling down the rest of the path. Surprised, Thomas and Rebecca both turned to see Andrew standing there behind them. "Radara told me that you would be down, but I'm rather surprised to find the two of you down here like this?" Andrew stated.

"Mr. Falston?!" Thomas quickly stood up. "How long were you standing there?"

"I haven't been standing here long." Andrew replied. "Although, you two seem to have grown rather close since your last visit here." Andrew stated as Rebecca, although confused, leaned against Thomas.

Thomas quickly began to worry. Although he had no problem with what kind of mate he would choose, most of the world frowned upon a human mating with a Pokemon and in a few regions like Kanto and Sinnoh it was a serious crime.

Andrew saw Thomas being to worry and knew right away what the case was. "Relax, it's not my place to choose who you fall in love with, as long as you're happy. I can't say the same for my wife, but I'm happy that you have found someone to love." Just as fast as Thomas had begun to worry, he relaxed.

"I'm glad to hear this. I would hate to have to leave on bad terms with you." Thomas responded.

"Oh don't worry about that. You'll always be welcomed at the manor no matter who you love as long as I live here." Andrew stated some bits of worry now in his own voice. "Of course I can't say the same about Vivian. I'm not sure how she would react to this. But still, I would keep it a secret for now. We both now how my father is, and he'll be stopping by tonight to spend a few days out here before heading to Johto."

"Yes, keeping this a secret from him would be in all our best interests." Thomas agreed recalling the man's view on life and knowing what problems would arise if he got involved. "Once he gets here, Rebecca, you can't lean on me like this. We can't let him catch on."

'Huh. But, I don't understand. What are you saying?' Rebecca asked.

"I hate to do this, but it would be best for everyone once he gets here if we don't hang around each other much. Unfortunately, he only sees your kind as tools and beasts, used for breeding or work." Thomas explained. "I don't want to get him involved if at all possible. If you have to stick close to me, just don't hang or lean on me. We can share each other's company out here or in my room, but not when he is around."

'Is he really that bad a person?' Rebecca asked. Since Thomas and Andrew's father Eric both traveled a lot, Rebecca had never had the chance to meet him. She had heard about now and then, but not much. She did get the idea that Thomas and Eric did not get along too well, but she never really had chance to confirm or disprove this theory.

"It's not that he is a bad person, it's just the way he was raised. He was raised under the impression that while Pokemon may be living creatures, they were still below humans and as such, were nothing more then servants and tools, basically devices to improve our way of life and act as entertainment through battles at times." Andrew stated. "Of course, with his job, he wasn't always around. My mother raised me with a different view on Pokemon. Vastly different from the way he sees them." Rebecca nodded her head showing that she got the idea. This Eric person wouldn't be the first person who saw Pokemon as tools or treated them like beasts that she had met. She knew based on what she was told now that despite her want to stick close to Thomas, to show him her love, with Eric coming by, it would be best to leave those kinds of actions for private moments when he wasn't around.

'I get the idea.' Rebecca stated, sadness filling her voice because of what she would have to put up with for the next few days.

"I'll make it you Rebecca. I know a few places on the property where we can share our time together without his eyes watching us." Thomas said cheering her up. "For now though, let's enjoy what time we have before we he arrives."

"You really have grown close to each other." Andrew stated. "I hate to say this then, but I think Vivian wants you back up at the house. She's been a bit worried about you. Even though you're our adopted son, she still thinks of you as our child just like I do."

"I guess I'd better go say hi then. Once she starts to worry, she gets real nervous." Thomas sighed. "Let's go." Thomas started towards the path following Andrew with Rebecca still at his side.


Thomas, Rebecca, and Andrew arrived at the manor in just short time to find Vivian in the kitchen preparing a meal for dinner. Vivian was glad to have Thomas back and Thomas knew then that he was really going to hurt her when it came time for him to leave again. The next few hours, Thomas told them about how had been for the past year and what all was new, but he made sure to leave the events of the past few days out of the picture. At last, just before dinner was served, Eric Falston, Andrew's father had arrived.

Thomas decided that it would be best for him to answer the door and let Eric know right away that he was there. Opening the front door, Thomas came face to face with Eric. Eric wore a large black suit that covered his body and even though it, one could still see his muscles. With his grey trimmed beard and graying retreating hairline, it was obvious that Eric was old, but also strong. He carried a suitcase in his left hand and a laptop over his right shoulder. Beside him was his only Pokemon, a Shiny Toxicroak carrying Eric's other two suitcases. "Thomas? What are you doing here?" Eric asked his deep voice as serious as ever.

"My birthday was a few days ago. I am entitled to take a break every now and then and I thought that I would come back here and see how my parents were doing." Thomas responded.

"That's right; your birthday was a few days ago. If I had remembered and knew that you were going to be here, I might have brought something." Eric replied, but Thomas knew that Eric was just saying that and did not mean it. "Well, are you going to stand there all day or are you going to let me in?"

Thomas just stepped aside allowing Eric and his Toxicroak which Eric and named Tox for short into the house.

"Father, I'm glad to see you again." Andrew stated.

"I'm glad to see that you're still doing well. I hope that I'm not intruding on you. With the release of the newest Devon Corp. products you must be busy." Eric stated.

"We're happy to see you again, Eric. Please, join us for dinner." Vivian stated as she walked into the room.

"Tox, take these to my room, then go find a spot to rest. We've had a long day and we'll both need to rest for tomorrow." Eric stated setting down his suitcase and laptop. Tox nodded his head before heading towards the stairs with the two cases he already had in his hands. "Well then, let us go eat." Eric started for the dining room.

Following Thomas's advice, Rebecca sat on the opposite end of the dining room with the other Pokemon minus Tox. Although Thomas only made a few glances to see how they were doing, each time, he took note that Rebecca had her eyes on him noticing a slight sadness behind them. He understood why she was sad though and knew that she share his bed tonight so that they could be together.

As dinner came to a close, Andrew and Vivian got a call from Devon Corp asking to come back to the lab for a while and help out with some last minute project details that just came up. This left Thomas and Eric alone with just their Pokemon there with them.

"So my boy how has your training come along? I have heard you been doing well in your gym battles, well what few you actually compete for. You should be more ambition like other trainers out there and go for the Elite Four challenge." Eric states with authority by slamming his fist onto the table. This in turn shook the table causing Thomas's plate to start to fall off the edge. Thomas catches his plate in time though and sets it back on the table properly before it falls off. This act though only seemed to annoy Eric. "Boy you have been pampered to long by this good life have you not?"

Thomas simply raises his eyebrow and looks over at Eric. "Excuse me? Would you mind explaining that one to me because I fail to see how I've been, as you put it, pampered?"

"I know you come here to mooch off my son and his wife. They work hard for there money and what do you do come running here? You want something from them. Boy in my day we had to work for our keep and place in the world. We don't depend on others to do everything for us." He flexes his muscles as he talks almost as if to prove something. Rebecca simply sits there in the chair next to Thomas listening and watching this man still trying to comprehend what Eric is saying to Thomas.

"The only thing I want when I come here is some good company and a place to relax. Yes, my trips are few and far between and yes, I have been given a few expensive gifts from you son and his wife, but I have never come here with the intention of asking for money or a gift of sorts." Thomas countered. "If my training and battling methods aren't up to your standards, then what would you have me do?"

Eric responds with something that Thomas should have seen coming as he points to Rebecca. "Why haven't you been using the Lucario for breeding yet boy? She matured over a year ago and she still hasn't produced a single pup. Do you understand how much money you could make by breeding this one? Lucario's are not easy to catch with all the protection they have around them in Sinnoh already. Breeding one would bring you tons of money. You could have my Tox breed this bit...."

Rebecca gasps at this and drops the glass she had been drinking from. Even before the glass hits the floor Thomas is out of his chair and with a look that stops Eric in mid sentence. "Watch your tongue old fool." Thomas snaps. Radara, who had yet to attempt to talk with Thomas since he teleported out of the room earlier that day caught onto this spike of anger and came over to investigate.

As she entered the room, she saw Thomas standing straight up, his eyes locked onto Eric while Rebecca was nearly on the verge or tears. She quickly got the general of what had happened. This sparked two major emotions within her. The first was joy that Thomas was willing to protect other then his own secret and mission, something he had not done in a few incarnations. This meant he had finally found something of value and worth the effort to protect. The second feeling was of concern knowing that Arceus did not approve of Thomas using his abilities on other humans out of rage. Seeing his anger spark like this was a double-edged sword and Radara knew that she would have to play the role of caretaker.

"Don't even think about finishing that statement." Thomas warned Eric. "You will not insult those I care for. Times have changed whether you like them or not. Pokemon are not animals or tools as you have told me in the past and they never were. They have feelings, hopes, and desires, the same as any human. Just because they walk on four legs or have fur or a fang, that doesn't make them inferior to humans." He slams his hand on the table leaving a notable dent in the woodwork from his lack of self-control.

"Boy you do not disrespect me like that. Do you know who you're talking to? I am Eric Falston, master trainer and breeder. I have beaten more snot nose trainers in a month then you had in your short worthless life boy." Eric shouts. "How that miserable father of yours ever managed to become friends with my son is beyond me. They should have left you foster care rather then take you in the day that fool died." Thomas just looked on as Eric spoke. "As for your Pokemon, I don't see much use for then other then breeding at this point with your noticeable lack of badges. Hell, even a Coordinator would have made something of them by this time but your Pokemon can't even do that, can they? You're better off trying to become a breeder at this point. At least the bitch would then have some value then rather then follow you around everywhere." Eric shouted in anger.

Rebecca couldn't believe the words she had just heard. She had put up with some mean people before, but Eric had done more then just insult her. He might as well just sell her off as a tool without even acknowledging her as a living creature.

"I already told you once to watch your tongue. You do not speak ill about me or my family and you most certainly will not speak ill about Rebecca. You would be wise to drop this discussion now. You'd be rather surprised just what all I can do." Thomas countered.

Eric looks on for a second as a thought comes to his head. Rather then say 'Pokemon', Thomas had distinctly called out the name of his Lucario. He took a quick look at her and saw just how close to crying she was looking right up at Thomas and after seeing how Thomas had defended her by name, he knew something was up.

"You disgust me boy. You're in love with the thing, aren't you?" Eric stated standing up just a few inches taller then Thomas, but still enough to look down on him. "I'll be sure to tell my son and his wife about this. We'll see how long they keep you around."

"Your son already gave me his blessing. I'll always be welcomed here no matter who I fall in love with. As for you, I agree with my father. You're nothing more then an arrogant ass with no regard for Pokemon. I hope you suffer a miserable existence for the remainder of your days." Thomas stated as he anger grew. Without knowing just how far he was going, Thomas tapped into his psychic abilities as a few plates began to rise off the table.

Eric took notice of this and a quick over at the door revealed that Radara was watching as he came to his quick conclusion. "Boy, you had better call off that shrimp off or she won't be around to see another day. Your father may have trained her, but I was training Tox before he was born." Eric warned as Tox walked up from behind her.

Thomas took a look at the table as saw what he was doing. "Who said that she was the one causing all this?" Thomas asked as his eyes began to glow. "You will end this conversation now." Thomas turned to walk off as the plates came down, a few of them breaking in the process. "Come on Rebecca; let's leave this ass to his own thoughts."

Rebecca quickly ran over to Thomas and hugged him tightly as they walked of the room. She was still hurt from Eric's words and idea and now completely understood why Thomas had rarely ever mentioned anything about Eric.

"Boy, you get back here now. I'm not done with you by a long shot. We're going to have a long time about respect. I don't care who you think you are, you will not insult me like that in my own house." Eric shouted as he stormed over to door Thomas and Rebecca had just used seconds before.

Thomas stopped and turned to face Eric one last time. "First of all this is not your house and secondly touch me again and it will be the last thing you do." Thomas warned. Rather then go for Thomas however, Eric reached out and grabbed Rebecca forcefully then he threw her off to the side causing her to crash into a small pedestal. She fell onto her side as the large statue that had been resting on the pedestal fell over landing on her leg. She howled in pain as a result.

"Get you ass out of here. I don't want to see you in this house again." Eric stated his voice full of rage and hate. Radara quickly ran over to where Thomas and Eric and standing knowing full well that she would have to intervene at this point. "And as for you..." Eric turned towards Thomas only to see that his fist had already been raised.

Thomas struck Eric head on in the nose with his fist. A storm of sparks erupted from the impact point as Eric was thrown back a few feet landing on his ass right beside a bookcase. Thomas threw his other hand up and brought down at an angle causing the bookcase to topple.

Radara had use barrier to prevent any real harm to Eric as the bookcase flipped over. Eric looked up to see the solid green field that was the barrier attack protecting him from Thomas.

'I would stay out of Thomas's way right now. I don't think Thomas is going to put up with you.' Radara quickly informed Eric as the barrier disappeared. Radara moved past Eric and now stood between Thomas and Eric. 'Thomas, back off. He has wronged you, but you are far more powerful then he is. This will not be a fair fight and you know what Arceus will do in retaliation. It's not too late to back down.'

Thomas leaned down over Rebecca who was holding her leg in pain. Thomas just looked at Eric, his rage clearly visible. "Get out of here before I tear you pieces. And pray that we never meet again." Thomas stated before picking up Rebecca and carrying her up the stairs.


Thomas moved into his room and with his mind, moved the pillows on the bed into two piles. One pile of the pillows was for Rebecca to lean back on while the other pile was pulled a short distance away so that she could rest her leg on at an elevated spot. Thomas gently set her down, then walked over to a small closet where had kept his mini fridge out of the way. He was happy to find a few ice packs within it and a bag full of various berries. Grabbing a pair of ice packs and the bag of berries, he took a seat next to Rebecca.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that. Once you're ready, we can leave this place." Thomas stated carefully applying the ice packs to Rebecca's leg and wrapping them up in one of the smaller sheets to hold them in place. "If I had known that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have come back here."

'It's not your fault Thomas. There's no way you could have predicted this could have happened.' Rebecca stated seeing Thomas's aura once again go dark with sadness.

"Of course it's my fault. I should have paid better attention to how long we spent in those caves. Then we could have been here a lot sooner and been gone before he got here." Thomas countered.

'If we didn't spend those extra days down there, then we wouldn't have each other. It was thanks to that hunter that we're together. She helped me realize my love for you.' Rebecca reasoned. She gave Thomas a slight tug pulling him closer to the bed. As Thomas moved closer, accidentally bumped Rebecca's injured leg. She winced as the pain returned, but did her best to ignore it.

Thomas quickly realized his mistake and backed off. Radara walked in a few seconds later carrying a pouch in her mouth. 'I was unable to convince Eric to leave the house, but I think he will leave you alone for now. I've already informed Juno, Aqua, and Razor about what's going on.' Radara walked up the bed and dropped the small pouch. 'There pain relievers for Pokemon. I got them from the medicine cabinet. They should help deal with the pain from that leg injury.' Radara stated before turning to leave. 'And Thomas I'm sorry for pushing you so hard earlier. I knew you were under a lot of stress because of what we'll have to do soon and I pushed you anyway.'

"I am also at fault here Radara. I acted without thinking with just myself in mind when I put back in your Pokemon despite the fact I know how claustrophobic you are." Thomas stated. "I'm sorry to both of you for the past few days. I don't know how I can fix this. For now though," Thomas walked over to his bag, and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. "Radara, write up a note telling my parents that we'll be staying at the local hotel. I'm not going to hang around here with Eric here. We'll leave once I have my things packed up."

Thomas put the pen and paper down in front of Radara before he went to his dresser and began packing. In just a few minutes, the pain pills that Rebecca had taken were starting to take effect and while she wasn't able to use her leg yet, she could now at least carefully apply some weight to it.

As Thomas finished packing his bag, Razor and Aqua walked in, both with a concerned look on their faces. "Come on you two. I hate to cut our break short, but we'll be spending next few days at the local hotel. By their rules, I can only let two Pokemon roam around at anyone time." Thomas informed his Pokemon. Both Aqua and Razor nodded having already been informed of what Eric had started. Thomas recalled them both which just left Juno unaccounted for.

Radara's eyes flashed blue as the note she had finished writing using her mind to move the pen vanished. She then used her mind to return the notebook and the pen to Thomas's bag. 'I've left the note by the front door and a second copy in your parents' room just in case.' Radara informed Thomas. 'Juno will be keeping Eric busy until we leave the house.'

"Let's go then." Thomas said helping Rebecca up and acted as a crutch for her as they walked out of the room.


It took roughly an hour to reach the local hotel and by then, Juno had finally caught up to them. She already knew the rules at the hotel and took a seat waiting for Thomas to return her to her Pokeball once she had caught up leaving Thomas alone with Radara and Rebecca.

As Thomas walked in, the hotel owner took a long look at him. "Thomas? Just what are you doing here?" the clerk asked.

"I need a room for the night, Daniel." Thomas replied helping Rebecca take a seat in one of the chairs scattered around the lobby.

"I would have thought that you would stay with the Falston's. Did something happen?" Daniel asked noting Rebecca's limp. "And what happened to Rebecca?"

"Eric finally pushed the matter too far and had the nerve to insult me, my father and my Pokemon. As long as he is there, I'm not staying at the manor. As for Rebecca, it's just a sprained ankle." Thomas stated wanting to avoid as many questions as possible.

"Okay then." Daniel stated pulling out a keycard. "Your room number is 121. Might I ask how long you'll be staying?"

"Just charge me for four days right now. If I need to stay longer, I'll let you know." Thomas stated pulling out his wallet and handing a pair of hundreds over to Daniel. "Keep the change." Thomas took his key and walked back over to Rebecca helping her up and down the hall to his room.

The room, although not much bigger then his room back at the manor would still serve its purpose well enough. A couch lay next to one wall with a little coffee table and TV next to it. A small kitchen unit was in the far corner of the room and a pair of doors off to the side lead to the bathroom with a shower and the bedroom.

Thomas helped Rebecca over to the couch and after she got comfortable, he took a seat himself. "So much for me not leaving on bad terms with them." Thomas sighed.

'This was Eric's fault that we left, not yours. I know Andrew will understand.' Rebecca counters Thomas's previous statement.

"I know but I didn't want to leave like this. I wanted to wrap a few things up before I left. I don't like to leave things unresolved. That way when it's time for me to cut off most of my ties with them, it's easier for me to do. Why the hell did Eric have to screw this up?" Thomas places his hands over face. As he tries to calm down despite it all that has happened, he is reminded on how some people have yet to really over come their short sightedness.

Over the centuries, he knew that he was fighting for all living things that lived under Arceus. But sometimes he questioned some of those he things was fighting for. He has seen the darkest parts of humanity at times when they used Pokemon as tools for war, as a disposable workforce, and even, in the worst of times, slaves.

He had tried in the past to change things, but never really got too far. Mostly due to the point he was always stopped by the will of Arceus. Once again, her words echoed in his head. 'You must leave humanity to it own devices. They must find their own path in the world. They will find that one day, they are the chosen race, but they must discover this on their own.'

Suddenly, Thomas is hit by a pillow and he turns to face Radara know that she had tossed it at him. 'I told you not to think too much on these kinds of matters, you tend to get depressed to fast when you do Thomas. You're upsetting Rebecca.' Radara looks at him with a miffed look.

He looks at Radara, then to Rebecca. Sure enough, he notices her sad and hurt expression on her face. He gets up and walks over to where Rebecca is before kneeling down so that roughly at eye level with one another. "I am sorry, I did not mean to upset you. It just that that man, he just...."

Rebecca puts her paw to his face and gently caresses it. All the anger and sadness he had built up melts away under her kind touch. 'You don't need to explain yourself to me. I can read your aura like an open book. I can understand how you feel after meeting that evil man. I don't see how that man can be Andrew's father.'

"I know what you mean, but blood does not define us. Only our actions do." He smiles at Rebecca. "Well either way this does put a wrench in my plans to meet Diana. She still has some stuff from my father that I will need later and some things I would rather not lose." Thomas sighs.

"Things, what kind of things?" Rebecca looks at him a bit confused.

"Well I have some things from my previous life and other items I will tell you about later. I just don't want to lose that box." Thomas explains

Radara looks at him "Ah, the famous box full of stuff from the pervious incarnations, or how I like to say your memory box."

"Yeah, there are many memories in that box I would not like to lose." He gives Radara a wistful smile. "Some of which aren't so big, but other are reminders of past friends and loved ones."

The sound of ringing cell phone broke the peaceful atmosphere and Thomas quickly reached into his bag.

"Hello?" Thomas asked.

"Thomas, is everything okay over there." Andrew asked. "My father just told that you attacked him because you were jealous or something like that and ran off, but I got your note. What happened after we left?"

"To put it in simple terms, he insulted me and my father, but most of all, Rebecca." Thomas began. "He knows that I have feeling for her. As for attacking him, no he started that fight throwing Rebecca into one of your statues."

"I see." Andrew stated. "I'd like to come over tomorrow to have a look at Rebecca if that's okay. As for tonight, I'll cover you stay in the hotel. We both know how my father is and after seeing the mess here, I can understand why you left. You're not hurt are you?"

"I'm fine and I've already paid for the nights I'll be staying here. I'm staying in room 121." Thomas stated. Rebecca gave off yawn as Thomas looked to the clock by the TV. "It's getting late; we can have a face to face talk about this when you get here. Has Eric informed you two about me and Rebecca?" Thomas asked.

"He painted a clear picture in Vivian's mind, but I'm pretty sure that he's over doing it. It didn't seem like the two of you had slept together just yet. I'm sorry to say however, that Vivian is rather disgusted by the idea and I'm not sure if she'll want to see you anymore." Andrew replied, a bit of worry in his voice. "I'll come out to see you tomorrow around noon."

"Okay. I guess I'll just be expecting you alone tomorrow then. As for my sleeping with Rebecca, no, although we may share a bed tonight, we haven't done anything that Eric may have suggested yet. And don't worry; I won't take advantage of her love." Thomas informed Andrew.

"I'm glad to hear this. I'll see you tomorrow then." Andrew finished before hanging up the phone.

'What's going on at the manor?' Radara asked.

"Eric has given Vivian a detailed picture about how far he believes my relationship with Rebecca has gone, Andrew isn't sure whether or not she'll want to see me anymore. I have no doubt that Eric is ticked off, but I think that our secret is safe. I doubt anyone will believe him if he talks about any of my abilities. As for Andrew, he'll be coming over tomorrow to look at Rebecca's leg." Thomas explained. "Anyway, it's getting late. You're welcome to curl up on the foot of the bed Radara." Thomas gently picked up Rebecca and helped her over to the bedroom setting her carefully on the bed letting her get comfortable first before making room for himself.

'No, I'll just let the two of you have the bed tonight.' Radara stretched her legs out before getting on the couch. 'I don't want to intrude on anything.'

"Nothing is going to happen tonight." Thomas stated. Being in such a delicate relationship right now, he would give Rebecca the right to lead and judge how fast she wanted to take things. Experience from his past lives had taught him much, especially with matters of the heart.

With Rebecca resting on her side, Thomas had leaned in close behind her. She felt his presence and scooted back so that she was now resting against him. Thomas pulled up the covers and rested his arm over Rebecca smiling. Even though things had gone rather bad today, at least something good still came out of it.
Chapter End Notes:This chapter was co-written by Catsithx. We both contributed to this chapter adding parts to the whole
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