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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 5

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

Author Notes:
-- This will be used for scene breaks and for when the story switches to another character, but it does not mean that a new section of the story has started.
xXx This will identify where each paragraph breaks.
'Character Thought'
(Pokemon speech)

Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 5

Thomas went to bed early that night knowing that he would have to get up extra early to try and leave Sarah behind once again. Even though she tried to keep him up late, he stated that he was tired from a long day and wanted to sleep that he would talk to her tomorrow. Seeing that he had no reason to lie about being tired since it was in fact getting late, she then made the attempt to share a bed with him despite the fact that there were two bunk beds in the room and a spare cot. She claimed that she was 'afraid of the dark', but Thomas knew better.

As everyone took their spot, Thomas and Rebecca were forced to spend the night in separate beds. As for Juno and Radara, they once again shared a bed and began formulating a plan to attempt to get rid of Sarah for a while. Everyone except for Radara and Juno were quick to pass out for the night, but they soon followed everyone else.

As the sun began to rise, Thomas shot up from his position, his breathing hard as the last images of a long forgotten war faded from his mind. As he looked down at the clock; he realized that he might as well start getting ready for the day. He climbed down from the bunk he was on taking a look around the room. As usual, Radara and Juno were sharing a bunk. Juno was once again using her many tales to keep the two of them warm. Looking over to the other bunk, he found that Sarah was still sleeping on the top while his Floatzel and Zangoose were resting side by side on the bottom bunk. Looking over to the extra cot in the room, Thomas saw Rebecca resting peacefully.

Deciding that he would let his Pokemon sleep for a few more minutes, he grabbed his bag and went to take a quick shower. Once done, he returned to his room to wake up his Pokemon and get ready to head out. He gently shook Razor and Aqua before heading over to Juno and Radara waking them with a light whistle. With four his Pokemon now up and starting to move, he turned to Rebecca and gently shook her as well. She gladly welcomed his wake up call with a smile. 'So far so good.' Thomas thought since Sarah was a heavy sleeper and she always liked to sleep late unlike Thomas. This was once again a key part of leaving her behind.

With his entire crew finally up and moving, Thomas prepared to leave and head out for breakfast rather then wait for Nurse Joy to open up the Trainer's Kitchen. As they approached the front doors he thought that he was in the clear and was almost ready to go see Diana early to retrieve his stuff and hit the road once more.

Then suddenly, just before he reached the entrance of the Pokemon Center, Thomas felt a chill race down his spine as if he had been hit with a blizzard attack. He heard her call out to him. "Thomas, how could you just up and leave me like that with out waking me up. I thought we were traveling together once more." Sarah said with a hurt tone in her voice.

He looked over to her and noticed that she had rushed to get dressed. She was still putting her belt while trying to slip her shoes on. Her hair was a mess as she dragged her hiking bag and her pouch over her shoulder. His only thought through all this was 'So close.'

"Morning Sarah. I just was going to get ... breakfast, so I didn't want to wake you. I know you like to sleep in late. You don't need to rush on my account. Look we'll be back soon just go back to the room and I'll be back to pick you up later." Thomas stated calmly.

Radara looks at Thomas. 'You're getting better at lying to women you know that, but I doubt that will work with Rebecca. Rebecca can read your aura, and know that you're lying at anytime. Besides, I would kill you if you did that to her.' After a second Thomas realize that Radara was serious and didn't argue the point.

Sarah looked at him. "Oh no, you did this before and you ditched me back at the other poke center last year. You're not doing it this time." She states as she runs up to him still getting dressed.

"Look Sarah I have some stuff to do so I would like to get them done. I will come back here and pick you up later ok." Thomas once again lied knowing full well he didn't want to bring her with them to Diana's house because that would bring up a mass of unwanted questions that he didn't want to answer. He glanced in Radara's direction to try to get see if she had a plan that didn't involve hurting Sarah, which would only add more things to the current list of problems. After a quick look into her mind, Radara hung her head in defeat knowing there was really no way to escape this girl short of using his abilities to try and teleport away.

'She's taking a long deserved break from her training and she is more then willing to spend it travelling if it means she can join up with us again.' Radara stated.

Sarah finished her last second preparations and with that was ready to go herself. "So, let's go get breakfast then." Sarah smiled knowing that she was once again going to travel with Thomas.

Aside from Rebecca and Radara, Thomas had called back his other Pokemon for now and the group of now four including Sarah headed for a nearby early bird dinner that served breakfast extra early. As they arrived at the dinner, Sarah let out her two prized Pokemon out, her Dragonair and her starter, Sceptile.

After breakfast, Thomas still had some time to try and lose Sarah before heading to Diana's to collect his things. With Sarah's mind set on traveling with Thomas once again however, all of his attempts to lose her in the few hours he had before he went to meet Diana once again were tossed aside one at a time until he had no choice but to start making his way there or risk being late.


Thomas along with Radara and Rebecca returned to the old Victorian house with Sarah right behind them. "Wow, your father's friend has a really nice house. I always did like the old Victorian styles. Don't you think that they are beautiful Thomas?" Sarah looked up at the house.

"Sort of, but I'd prefer a house that's a bit smaller myself." Thomas replied walking up to the front door. He looked down at Radara letting her know that he would need a few seconds to explain why he had a quest to Diana. Thomas knocked on the door and a few seconds later, Diana showed up to let them.

"Uh, Thomas, who is this?" Diana asked upon seeing Sarah.

"I'm Sarah Williams." Sarah smiled walking up to meet Diana. "I'm a good friend of Thomas's. It's great to meet you."

'I tried to leave her behind, but she just can't no for an answer. I'd try the direct route, but I've already got enough problems with the Falston's without her getting involved on the matter.' Thomas thought having Radara transfer the thought to Diana.

"I see, it's nice to meet you too." Diana said looking at Thomas with a slightly confused look.

'As far as she needs to know, I'm just here to pick up a few of my father's things. She is the last person this planet who needs to know what I am. I swear I'll contact you later once I find a way to lose her.' Thomas had the thought once again transferred to Diana with Radara's help.

"I afraid we can't stay too long. I've already arranged to meet up with an old friend in the Kanto region." Thomas stated.

After looking down at Radara who gave her a confirming nod showing that Thomas was telling her the truth, Diana looked at Thomas with a look showing that she understood what he had told her and why he had to leave. "I don't have much to give you, but I found them while cleaning out the attic a few weeks ago and it took me a while to try and track you down." Diana lied. "There just taking up space right now. Come on in." Diana showed them to the living room.

As the group walked into the room, Blade once again showed up ready to protect his master whether she needed it or not. As Diana walked over to a large bookcase, Thomas, Sarah, and Rebecca all took a seat on the couch while Radara lay down in a chair off to the side. "Here we are." Diana pulled down the long box and placed it on the table in front of Thomas.

Thomas slowly opened the box revealing all of the things he had left behind in his past life only to retrieve now. Lying on top of the majority of the items was a large, single edged blade in a black leather sheath with a long, thin nylon strap wrapped around it obviously meant to help carry the blade on ones back.

"Wow." Thomas stated as he slowly unsheathed the blade. Looking partially like a katana, but with a mostly straight blade except for the tip, which leaned back just a bit. Slightly shorter then his arm was long, the blade appeared to be made of a cobalt colored metal that shined brightly in the light. 'I almost forgot how beautiful the Dragon's Fang was.'

"Thomas, that blade. It's absolutely beautiful. I've never seen such a gentle shade of blue on a sword like it." Sarah said in awe. Even Rebecca was looking at the sword.

"Be careful, that edge is still as sharp as it was the day your father left it with me." Diana warned.

"Thank you for taking such good care of it." Thomas slowly sheathed the blade setting it carefully off to the side before looking back in the box. A small number of odds and ends, little things like an emerald amulet and a pair of sapphire rings, were carefully placed on the bottom of the box, each one in a small plastic bag to help keep them separate. He slowly went over each time before choosing a spot in his backpack to store them.

On end of the box, Thomas saw the music again, which raised a few distinct memories involving why the box had been made, but he held them back. Looking past the music box, Thomas saw a small purple pouch. Opening it up, Thomas found a few gold coins he had left behind to act as currency should he need it at time during his life. After putting the few gold coins back in the pouch, Thomas pulled out the last item in the box.

The last item was a small wooden box and while it was similar to the music box, it had a large circle on the top split into four parts with a small dot in each of the four sections. Opening up the small box, Thomas found a single waiting in the middle on the bottom half of the box with a small number of assorted gemstones held in place underneath the top of the box. The glove itself was the same color as the blade, but half of each of the fingers on the glove was missing. On the top of the glove was a rather disc like those found a Riolu, but rather then looking like a bone, the disc was a very dark shade of green, but it didn't look like any sort of gemstone. 'Ah, I remember this.' Thomas smiled a bit. 'I'll be needing this soon enough as it is.' Thomas stated taking it out of the box. Thomas gently slipped the glove over his right hand finding it a perfect fit reaching down a small ways past his wrist..

"Well, that's a strange looking glove." Sarah stated looking at it as Thomas put it on. "I wonder what it was used for?"

"I'm not sure myself, your father never talked too much about that glove, he just asked me to hold on to it." Diana stated.

'This will be the first time in a number of incarnations I will actually have need of this glove. I just hope the ritual goes well.' Thomas stated flexing his fingers finding the glove gave him the full use of his hand. He slowly took it off and put it back into the box before putting the box into his bag as well.

"It looked like your father had quite a few gemstones. Do you think he was a collector?" Sarah asked looking at Thomas.

"I never met him remember." Thomas replied. "I can only guess at what he did."

"I hope you find them useful in some way." Diana smiled as the group got up. "I wish you luck on you're journey. I'll be cleaning house for a few more weeks while we remodel the place. Might I ask where you're going incase I find anything else belonging to your father?"

Once again there was a psychic spike in Thomas's mind and before he could stop himself he answered her question with Sarah right there next to him. "I'm working my way towards Mount Moon." Thomas looked up just a bit at his mistake and quietly mumbled something under his breath.

"Mount Moon, huh. I haven't been there in ages." Sarah smiled. "The view from the summit was wonderful though. I can't wait to show you Thomas."

Thomas strapped the sword to his back and then put his backpack on effectively hiding the blade for now for the most part. "If you're heading to Mount Moon, can I have your cell number just in case I need to contact you?" Diana asked.

"Sure." Thomas saw a small notepad with a pencil and wrote down his number before handing it to Diana.

Sarah took a quick look at the note and then looked to Thomas. "Hey, you didn't tell me you got a new number."

"I broke my last phone two months ago. I tried calling you, but couldn't remember the last two digits." Thomas quickly lied in the attempt to get her off his back.

"It 423-538-5832." Sarah stated. "Just put it your new phone and your PokeNav so that you don't forgot it."

Deciding to just go along with it for now, Thomas quickly entered the number into both devices and would just delete them later. "Well, we're off to Mount Moon." Sarah turned back to face Diana as they exited the house. "It was nice meeting you."

"And it was nice meeting you as well. Try to behave yourselves." Diana waved goodbye knowing that Thomas would make good on his promise to call her back later since she already knew what he was and Radara would make sure that he called her.

"So, how are getting to the Kanto Region. We could take a plane or the ferry." Sarah stated as they left the house.

"I would prefer the ferry. Flying was never my thing." Thomas shuddered just a bit recalling a few distinctly painful and frightful memories from a few previous flight attempts back when saddling a flying-type Pokemon was the only way to fly.

'Thomas, what's wrong?' Rebecca asked seeing a small change in Thomas's aura.

'Thomas has a few bad memories when it comes to flying. He hasn't even considered the thought for a few lifetimes.' Radara explained. 'And given that most airlines don't let Pokemon run free on the planes except in very unique cases, I'm inclined to take the ferry as well.'

"Your not telling me that you're afraid to fly, are you?" Sarah asked.

"More uncomfortable rather then afraid really. If you're going to insist on traveling with me though, we do things my way." Thomas stated.

"Okay, I guess I can't really argue with that." Sarah stated. "We might even be able to make it to Slateport by night fall if we hurry up to the bus station."

"That could be true. You do have money to get your own tickets for the bus and ferry right though. I'm not sure how much I still have for the next days. Andrew said that he would transfer some money to me by the end of the week though since I helped out with a few things around the house before coming out this way." Thomas stated.

"Yea, I got plenty to handle myself for right now." Sarah stated. "With my Dragonair winning all those contests lately, I've been making more then I usual do even with all those battle tournaments I place in."

"Well, come on then. We can talk on the bus on our way down there." Thomas sighed knowing that that's exactly what she would do once they got on the bus.


And talk she did. Sitting in the very back of the bus, Thomas sat between Sarah and Rebecca while Radara sat on his lap. Sarah seemed to talk non-stop. For a brief few seconds Thomas actually hoped for something to happen that might quiet Sarah down like the bus getting ambushed by the current day crime syndicates, Team Magma or Aqua. He quickly dismissed the thoughts though thinking that they would most likely do more harm then good.

Still, Sarah continued to talk and talk. She talked about how she had won her 3 ribbons in a row with her Dragonair and how she also met the famous Dawn and almost beat her at a contest a few weeks ago. She went over nearly everything she had done since she lost track of Thomas during their last departure from one another.

Radara finally says something to try and help Thomas along. 'Now now Thomas be nice, she hasn't seen you in a while. Let her have her fun and make it look like you actually care.' He looks at Radara knowing full well he would like to say 'I don't care.' He simply sits there and nods with a forced grin on his face.

Rebecca on the other hand notices how much Thomas's Aura seems to change from anger to depression to out right impatience. She started thinking that maybe he doesn't actually care about Sarah too much. Looking at Sarah's aura however, Rebecca noticed how it had a very bright shade of happiness, and even love to it, which seems to be directed towards Thomas. Rebecca then questions that if she had not confessed her feeling towards Thomas, would he have fallen for this girl. She quickly banishes the thought however mostly because it seemed that Sarah was more of an annoyance than anything to him at the moment always talking about traveling together and what they would do in the future.

Sarah looks at Thomas simply smiling at her as she talks about contest and her travels and why he hasn't talked to her over the past year. She leans onto Thomas knowing in less then an hour, they will arrive in Slateport. She feels at ease knowing that she has someone to be close to.

She is brought out of her little world as Thomas nudges her a bit and says "We have to get ready to get off soon were almost there."

Then Sarah starts to talk about the times she ahs been here with her family always wanted to come here with Thomas. How it would be a fun time to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean. "Not really." Thomas mumbles under his breath as the bus pulls up to the Bus Area.

"What was that Thomas?" Sarah asked.

"I said were here." Thomas stated as he got up and walked towards the front of the bus behind a laughing Rebecca and Radara. Both of them knowing what Thomas had really said due to the point of having better hearing than Sarah.

As he got off the bus he sped up his walking pace just a bit and much like a phantom, he cut through the crowd like they weren't even there. Both Rebecca and Radara having no trouble keeping up with him since he always moved like this. This left Sarah stumbling over everyone and their pokemon trying to keep up with Thomas however.

"Thomas wait up don't leave me behind." Sarah shouts she tries and fails to keep up with Thomas.

Thomas turns around just as a baggage car towing several carts of boxes behind him moves between them. "I'll buy your ticket for you ok so don't worry about it ok. I have it for you when you catch up ok." He smiles as turns to finish making his way towards the ticket booth.

'That wasn't nice to leave her like that Thomas. You might hurt the poor girl's feelings.' Radara snickers at the comment she just made.

Thomas keeps moving with a poor attempt to keep a smile from growing on his face.

Rebecca just follows along enjoying this game as she calls it. Avoiding all the people was a game she love to do even as a Riolu. She was a bundle of energy as Radara told her once. Before a Gym Battle once she had actually took off from them and got lost. She had gotten only a few blocks ahead of them that she had lost sight of Radara and Thomas. She had cried until they found her. Since then until she had evolved Thomas had always keep her close or carried her refusing to lose her once more like that.

Finally they arrive at the Port and found the Ticket booth. Thomas walks up to the booth with his Pokedex out and waiting to be scanned for payment. " I would like to buy 2 cabin rooms please."

The ticket holder looks at him. "Oh one for you and your pokemon right."

"Uh no. One is for a friend, I just want to be alone." Thomas replied.

The ticket hold nods "Well seeing that you're a Pokemon trainer, I would have assumed that you will want the Trainer's room so that your Pokemon won't have stay in their Pokeballs for the duration of the voyage. Pokemon may be allowed to run around the ship with their trainer accompanying them, but those cabins are a bit small to share with a group."

Thomas knew that it would be pricy but worth it just so they his Pokemon could have a well deserved break since he had to cut their last one short. Either way, he needed room to let his entire out every now and then during the five day trip to Kanto since they would have to go around the Johto region to get there. "On that note, I'll take two of these Trainer Rooms." Thomas knew that this would wipe out his bank account for now, but it would be well worth it to not share a room with Sarah.

As Thomas finishes paying the tickets, a flustered and exhausted looking Sarah arrives to meet up with him. "Why didn't you wait up Thomas. We could have walked her instead of rushing. The ferry doesn't leave for another hour."

"Really I didn't know that." He looks up at the departure times. "Wow you're right, sorry about that." He gives her a smile. "Well anyway here your ticket and key to your room on the boat. I paid extra to get us a larger room ok."

She smiles at this thinking they were going to be sharing the same room. Until she notices that he has a different number on his key than her key. "Hey wait a minute aren't we in the same room?" He stops and looks back at her. "No The way I see, we both have five Pokemon each with that new Dragonair of yours and these Trainer Rooms are made for a trainer to share with their Pokemon."

"I guess that makes sense." Sarah stated before smiling once again seeing that their rooms were right next to each other. "At least our rooms are close."

"Since we do in fact have some time, I'm going to get my Pokemon checked out before the trip." Thomas informed Sarah making his way back across the still crowded dock just like before.

"Thomas, wait up." Sarah shouted moving to catch up with him. This time it was much easier consider that they were going with the flow of people then trying to work their way through the disembarking crowds.


After roughly forty minutes, both Sarah and Thomas had all of their Pokemon checked out at the Pokemon Center and after a quick stop in the Pokemart for a few last minute supplies, both of them returned to S.S. Seaking for their voyage to Kanto.

It was lucky that Sarah and Thomas showed up just as the ship was getting ready to let everyone on board. Being one of the first coming aboard, they were easily able to make it down to their room without having to fight anyone in the hallways. It still took a short while to get to their rooms with the ship being as large as it was, but once there, they were quite pleased. Thomas put the key into the door and turned the lock to his room while Sarah did the same for her room.

As the door opened, Thomas stood in surprise. The room was very large indeed and rather then just a single bed like the basic cabins had, the room had a pair of smaller beds in the far corners of the room for Pokemon. Thomas took a good look around the room noting all of the little things that were added for trainers like a case right next to the bed designed to hold his Pokeballs when there weren't in use as well as a small device Thomas easily recognized that was used to clean and shine Pokeballs.

There was a small kitchen area in one corner of the room and a pair of couches, on the left wall and one on the right. While most of the center of the room was just empty floor space, most everything was bolted down in some way to prevent things from going all over the place just incase the ocean got a little rough. Rebecca and Radara also looked pleased with the room and began to look around while Thomas headed over to the closet, which was right next to the bathroom. As he set his bag down in the closet, he took a look over into the bathroom. The bathtub was almost as large as the bed. "They really had the Pokemon in mind when they designed the bathroom. You could probably wash a Snorlax in there with ease." Thomas stated.

Noticing a small book on his bed, Thomas went over and picked up it after reading that it was a guidebook for trainers and what rules there were for Pokemon on board the ship. He released the rest of his Pokemon into the room before looking over the guidebook. "Okay, we all know that I'll be sleeping on the bed with Rebecca by my side, you all decide where the rest of you will be sleeping." Thomas quickly began to read it as his Pokemon looked the room and talked amongst themselves before they settled on who was sleeping where. Thomas was still reading the book as they finished their discussion and started to look over the rest of the room.

"Alright, listen up. According to the ship's guidebook, you'll have to stick close to me for the most part. Don't go wandering too far." Thomas looks up as his Pokemon gather around expect for Rebecca who had taken a seat next to him. "Battling is restricted to the five battling rooms and the one on the main deck. A battle anywhere can result in my having to leave you locked up in your Pokeball for the voyage. I know that none of you are big time eaters, but it is asked that I still try to keep you from eating everything." Thomas informed the group before. "And on a final note, have fun. I owe you for cutting our vacation short back at the manor." Thomas smiled as his Pokemon all seemed to cheer in their own way.

Mere seconds later, Sarah walked into his room. "Well, I'm all set. What about you?"

"Just finished reading the guidebook. I'm pretty much set for now as well." Thomas stated.

"Let's get going then. I can't wait to hit the pool." Sarah smiled.

"I'm just going to go walking around for a bit, get the general layout of the ship so I don't get lost to easily." Thomas replied.

"Oh, well, I'll come with you. I would hate to get lost on a ship like this. It's huge." Sarah tilted her head some thinking about how big the ship really was.

"It might be best to wait a bit before we start wandering around though. It is starting to get late I would assume that everyone is getting ready for bed." Thomas looked over the clock before looking out the window as the last rays of the sun began to fade away.


After waiting a short while for everyone to get aboard and the ship to leave the dock, Thomas and Sarah left their rooms and started looking around. With it being so late, most of Thomas's Pokemon had decided to stay in the room and get some sleep expect for Rebecca who decided to walk with Thomas. Like Thomas, Sarah has also released all of her Pokemon who also decided to stay in the room other then Sarah's Umbreon who always enjoyed a nighttime walk.

As the four of them walked around, they passed a few other trainers and their Pokemon also walking about while they explored the ship.

It wasn't too long before a small flyer caught Thomas's eye. A contest was being held for trainers, which offered a free room upgrade to the winner, but what caught Thomas's eye was the $1,000 prize that went with the room. Thinking about how much he had just spent, he looked down at Radara who then looked over the flyer herself. Sarah had yet to even look at the flyer as she was looked at the view on the side of the boat watching the first of the stars shine in the night.

Thomas could tell that Radara was debating with herself as the looked the flyer over. 'We could use the money right now and I could use the practice.' Radara finally answered. Thomas gave her a surprised look that she had agreed so easy knowing that it wouldn't be much a contest for her considering how old and powerful she really was. 'Besides, a luxury sounds real nice right now. I think we've earned a real break.' Thomas instantly understood why she had agreed so quickly after that comment.

"Thomas, look at this flyer." Sarah stated.

"I've already looked it over and yes I'll be entering. I could that 1,000 dollars for the trip to Mount Moon." Thomas replied.

"Who cares about the money, we can get plenty of that from our parents if we really need it. I'm talking about the room. Can you just image the two of us sharing a luxury room like this?" Sarah exclaimed already imaging just how fun it would be.

The four of them restarted their walk around the ship and before long, they had returned to their rooms for the night.


Thomas signed up for the tournament the next day with Radara as his partner. The two of them mostly waited by the pool watching everyone else enjoy themselves while they waited for the announcement that the tournament was starting. They headed up to the main battlefield, which was thankfully next to the pool so Thomas could leave Juno, Razor, and Aqua there while he went to battle. Sarah had also left her Pokemon at the pool expect for her Sceptile which she had entered the contest with in the hopes of the winning the room to share with Thomas.

The first set of rounds went by quickly and the skilled expert trainers were separated from everyone else all looking for a chance at the room and cash prize. Thomas and Sarah had both made it last set of rounds with ease having the luck to fight some of the easier opponents. It had taken most of the day since the tournament first began, but at last, Thomas and Radara had made it to the finals facing none other then Sarah and Sceptile.

Radara quickly looked into Thomas's mind as Sarah won her battle in the semi-finals and could tell that Thomas wanted nothing better then to knock her down a peg. 'Thomas, treat her nicely. I'm not fighting just so you can teach her a lesson.'

'I know. I know.' Thomas thought. 'Just end it fast for me would you. Put her Sceptile to sleep, it should still be a bit weak from all that battles that it's been through today.'

'I agree.' Radara stated as she walked onto the battlefield.

Sarah knew that her Sceptile was weak from all of the other battles today, but she still wanted to fight Thomas. Either way, she knew that she was going to get that Luxury room prize at this point, but it still couldn't hurt to battle Thomas and Radara.

As the match started, Radara moved in quickly using teleport to get behind Sarah's Sceptile. Sarah knew that Radara would most likely do and had her Sceptile turn around to face Radara only to get a powerful Psychic blast to his face. Sceptile stumbled backwards just a bit and before he could regain his posture, Radara struck again, this time with an attack Psychic blast pointed straight down at the ground. Under the pressure of the attack, the Sceptile was forced onto it's back. To quickly finish the match, Radara ran over and while the Sceptile was just getting up, it gazed right into Radara hypnotic eyes before passing out. The match was called and Thomas had won

Sarah had called back her Pokemon as Thomas was called upon by the caption to receive his prize. With the small tournament now at a close, everyone was thanked for participating and congratulated for the skills they had shown. As the group dispersed, Sarah rushed over to meet Thomas.

"That was a cheap trick you pulled." Sarah stated as she walked while the captain was presenting Thomas with the key to his new room. "Ending the match like that. But at least you didn't really hurt my Sceptile." She smiled. "So, where's our new room at?"

"Do you two know each other?" The caption asked.

"We're traveling together, but we got separate Trainer Rooms so we could let all of our Pokemon out and let them enjoy themselves." Sarah stated before Thomas had a chance to answer.

"I see. We'll if the two of you are traveling together, then I guess that you'd like to share the same room." The caption smiled. "You two look like you'd make a nice couple. Have fun." The Caption handed the second key to the room to Sarah before Thomas even had a chance to argue and his whole plan of getting separate rooms quickly disappeared. He began to shift through his memories and try and figure out if he had did something wrong in a past life to warrant this.

In the effort of holding his tongue however, his chance of getting some privacy from Sarah had slipped through his fingers.


Thomas had called back most of his Pokemon with the usual exceptions while Sarah had called back all of hers so that they could get their things and move into the new room for the remaining three days of the trip.

Once both of them had gathered their things, they made their way to their new room and opened the door.

Both of them were quite surprised to find the room was nearly double the size of the Trainer Rooms they had before. A massive bed was leaning against the far wall with a pair of smaller Pokemon beds in each corner of the room. Like before, there was a small kitchen area and a few couches lined up against the wall facing a large Plasma screen TV on the opposite wall.

"Well, I guess that my Pokemon will take the smaller beds on the right hand side of the room while yours take the left hand side." Thomas stated releasing his Pokemon once again.

"Sounds good." Sarah replied releasing her own Pokemon. Once everyone was settled in, the group made there way down to the nearest dining hall for a bite to eat before calling it quits for the night.

On their way down to the dinning hall Rebecca was holding on tight onto Thomas's arm, tighter than usually. It also seemed that any time that Sarah tried to get close to him she would actually start to growl at her. Which made Thomas have to tell her to calm down more than once.

As they made there way down to the dinner hall both Thomas and Sarah reiterated to their Pokemon that they were to be on their best behavior. Other wise they would ride in their Pokeballs the rest of the trip. Of course this got the entire group to nod in agreement. Of course like little kids as soon as they were allowed to go to the buffet to get their food they took off in a flash trying to be the first in line.

Thomas sighs as Sarah giggled. Of the entire group of their Pokemon only Radara, Juno, and Sarah's Dragonair took their time. As Thomas made his way with Sarah to the human buffet area Rebecca still refuse to leave his side. He had to get Radara to get her to go to the Pokemon buffet area.

'Rebecca, what has gotten into you as of late? I've never seen you act like this before. You know you can't just going around randomly growling at people.' She scolds Rebecca.

Rebecca simply looks towards to where Tomas is with Sarah 'She had better not mess with my mate!'

This surprises Radara, as she has never seen Rebecca act like this. That's when she catches a scent that she is all too familiar with. Something that she should have seen coming after Rebecca had chosen Thomas as her mate. 'Rebecca, are you going into heat?'
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