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Watcher of Arcues by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Story Notes:

This is a story I've had on my mind for a while and couldn't skip over so, here it is. As of Chapter 3, this story is being Co-written by Catsithx.

Chapter 6

Watcher of Arceus

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Only the idea and OC's.

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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, never have, never will. Only the idea and OCs behind the story are mine.
Co-author: Catsithx


Chapter 6

Radara knew that is was trouble for Rebecca to go into heat now mostly due to the point since most Pokemon were allowed to roam about the ship. She knew it was a matter of time until one of the male Pokemon would try and mate with Rebecca.

She needed help but at the same time, she did not want to tell Thomas since he already had enough on his plate trying to keep Sarah from taking things to the next level with their so call relationship. She could never understand that girl. Most girls would get the hint that Thomas didn't care for them within a few weeks at the latest with the cold shoulder he usually gives them and the occasional subtle hints, but somehow, Sarah had missed them all.

Radara looks at Rebecca, as she seems to be trying to control it, but her seeing Sarah all over Thomas wasn't helping Rebecca keep her head in check. From her experience from these matters she knows females do try to keep their heads. Usually, though they had a partner already who they mated with which of course helped them greatly.

A major problem though in the current day and age however was the fact that most trainers were constantly traveling. This made it harder for female Pokemon to find mates unless they find one among their trainers Pokemon or some one close to said trainer. Though most trainers just take their Pokemon now to the daycare center for a quick solution for their problems.

She shakes her head thinking that Thomas would never do that to Rebecca. Nor would she let him do that to her. She knew that she would hurt Thomas herself if he ever mistreated Rebecca. For the first time in a while Radara feels like a mother once more, over how protective she has become over Rebecca.

She knows how much Rebecca means to Thomas but also how much she means to her.

'Look we have to get you somewhere safe for now. I can only do so much to keep you from getting taken by the males around here without risking getting myself trapped in that Pokeball for the remainder of the trip.' Radara stated to Rebecca 'Juno I need your help with this. Take Rebecca back to the new room that we have.'

'Sure sounds like fun keeping all these horny males from her.' Juno nods her head towards a group of males who seem to be staring downing Rebecca.

A Machoke and a Persian were the first of the group males wanting there try Rebecca. Radara walks in front of them as Juno tries to get Rebecca from trying to go back to Thomas.

(So, which one of us goes first?) The Machoke asked the Persian as they began their approach.

(Well, I assumed that since your both stronger then I am physically and have hands, you would hold her down if she tries to resist.) The Persian replied as they walked up to Radara blocking there path while Juno was leading Rebecca back towards the room.

'I am sorry boys but she will not be entraining any of you tonight despite what your hormones are telling you.' She states coldly to them.

The Machoke laughs at this, (And who's going to stop me little Espeon. You? Ha don't make...) The Machoke slowly bends over grabbing his stomach, a deep look of pain on his face.

(What did you do?) The Persian demanded, his claws drawn ready for a fight.

'Nothing serious as of yet, but I will not allow anyone to mate that Lucario unless she wishes it.' Radara replied as a trainer rushed up. The Persian quickly put his claws away to avoid getting locked up his Pokeball for the rest of the trip.

"Hey, Machoke? Something wrong there?" The trainer asked looking at his kneeling Pokemon. "I told you not to eat too much." The trainer sighed. "Let's go. I'm done anyway." With that, the trainer had his two Pokemon follow him out of the dining hall through a different exit.


With Juno's help, Radara was able to help move Rebecca back to the new room she had won for Thomas. Thanks to her powers, the locked door was not an issue and Radara let the three of them into the room before locking the door.

'Let me go. I want to be with Thomas.' Rebecca expressed her disapproval of being led out of the dining hall once again.

(Trust me, you're better off here given your condition.) Juno stated.

'Rebecca, please calm down.' Radara replied as Rebecca made her way to the main bed in the room.

(So, what do we do from here?) Juno asked as Rebecca kept looking towards the door.

'For now, we just keep her away from the rest of the Pokemon on the ship.' Radara replied. 'I would prefer to wait to tell Thomas, but as experience has taught, things rarely go as planned.'

(That is true. In my 600 years of traveling with you, I have yet to see a plan work like it was meant to whenever it was something big.) Juno smiled wondering what would go wrong next.

'I image that this time won't pass as quickly as the last time she was in heat though.' Radara looked at Rebecca who was shifting her legs a bit as if trying to find a comfortable position.

(I agree. Last time, she had a pretty clear head, but now that she and Thomas are now mates, I can see how that will complicate things.) Juno looked around the room finding the small fridge in the corner. (Rebecca, did you get something to eat yet?)

'I want to be with Thomas.' Rebecca replied.

(I guess that answers that question.) Juno stated as Rebecca was still shifting around a bit.

'I'm going to inform Thomas that we've returned to the room. I'll be back shortly.' Radara informed Juno as her body gave off a light glow before she teleported out of the room.


Radara appeared outside the room and began her trek back to the dining hall. Once there, she quickly found Thomas sitting at one of the larger table with Sarah taking a seat beside and Sarah's Pokemon seat along with Razor and Aqua all sitting around the table with them. She could already tell that Thomas was just a bit worried since three of his Pokemon were missing.

'Thomas, Juno took Rebecca back to the room. Rebecca wasn't feeling to well.' Radara informed Thomas as she walked up to the table.

Thomas just looked at her a bit concerned. "What's up?"

'It's nothing serious, just an upset stomach..' Radara replied.

"Hey Thomas, are you listening to me?" Sarah asked once again getting his attention.

"Sorry, Radara had to tell me something." Thomas said turning back to face her.

"Huh?" Sarah looked down at Radara.

"She said that Rebecca's not doing to well." Thomas quickly finished up the rest of his meal.

"Really? I hope she's okay." Sarah replied finishing up like Thomas.


Rebecca looked around while Juno curled up one of the smaller beds. Like always, she was going to take it easy and take the events as they came.

As for Rebecca, she just sat on the bed trying to dealing with the stirring between her legs. Looking over at Juno who had her eyes closed, Rebecca decided to try and find Thomas herself since it was obvious that Radara and Juno weren't going to help her. She got up slowly and made her way to the door. With her very quite approach, Juno failed to notice that Rebecca had left until she heard the soft click of the door closing. Her eyes opened up immediately looking for Rebecca only to see that she was gone.

(I really messed this one up.) Juno sighed looking toward the door realizing that without proper hands or the ability to open the door with her mind, she was now effectively locked in the room. (Radara is going to love this.)

Rebecca looked down the hall as she started making her way down the hall back towards the dining hall.

Thomas decided that he would head back to the room with his Pokemon to check on Rebecca. As Thomas walked out threw one door, Rebecca entered the room through another door. Still thinking mostly straight however, she walked in rather then rushed. She looked around for Thomas and after failing to find him, she looked for his scent. Thanks to her excellent nose, she was quickly able to find his scent and work to track him down.


Thomas had called back Razor and Aqua leaving Radara out while Sarah had called back all of her Pokemon as they made their way to the back to the room. As they walked back to the room, Radara had a look of concern upon her face. As Thomas opened the door, they were by Juno sitting on one of the smaller beds with an apologetic look upon her face.

'Juno, where's Rebecca?' Radara asked quickly noticing a lack of the jackal type Pokemon in the room.

(She's quiet. I closed my eyes for a second and then she was gone.) Juno explained. (I think she went to go find Thomas.)

Radara transferred the words to Thomas's mind who just looked down and shook his head. "Why do I have the feeling that there's something you're not telling me." Thomas looked down at Radara.

'Rebecca's in heat.' Radara stated knowing that there was no way to hide it at this point. 'We need to find her.'

"And you didn't tell that sooner for what reason." Thomas stated.

"Tell you what?" Sarah asked.

"Rebecca's in heat. That's why she wasn't with us in the dining hall. Juno escorted her back here, but apparently, she gone off looking for me." Thomas explained.

"She's in heat. That's not good. We need to find her before she gets into trouble." Sarah stated.

"I'll start looking back towards the dining hall. Why don't you wait here and call me incase she shows back up." Thomas stated turning back towards the door.


Rebecca was using her own nose trying to find Thomas. Following his scent led her down one of the halls to an elevator. She hit the button and opened the doors only to lose his scent among the remains of man others. Looking up, Rebecca saw the reason for her loss of his smell and partially growled at the air conditioning unit that also worked as a fan. She exited the elevator and decided to use the staircase at the end of hallway. She moved down the stairs hoping to pick back up on scent on their floor.

As she moved down the staircases, she passed a few fellow Pokemon heading up and while most of them ignored her, one of them stopped for a second. The large Infernape looked down at her as she turned to head down the next flight of stairs. (You guys go ahead.)

The small group turned for a second. (Well don't keep our trainer waiting.) A small Gloom stated.

(You going after that Lucario we just passed?) A Geodude asked.

(She looked a bit lost. Maybe I can help.) The Infernape replied.

(Always the helpful one. Just don't be too long.) The Gloom said.

While the Gloom and the Geodude both started back up the stairs, the Infernape started back down after Rebecca.

As Rebecca came down to the floor that the room was on, she went to the door only to find it stuck a bit. (You need some help there?) A voice called out from behind her.

'Can you please open this door. I need to get back to my trainer.' Rebecca asked.

(Are you okay there?) The Infernape asked as he came closer.

'I really need to get back to my trainer.' Rebecca replied.

(I can see why. You afraid that someone with have their way with you because you're in heat.) The Infernape smiled as he went to the door. Making it look like he was trying to open the door, he formulated a plan. (I can't seem to open it, but don't worry, I've been on this ship a few times before. I know another way.)

'Please, will you show me?' Rebecca pleaded.

(Sure. Follow me.) The Infernape headed down the next flight of stairs. Only wanting to get back to her trainer, Rebecca quickly decided to follow him. As Rebecca started to follow him, the Infernape smiled knowing that his plan was starting to work.


Thomas and Radara walked down the hall back towards the dining hall. "Now, if I were in her shoes, she would most likely head back to the last known place where I was before you and Juno escorted her off." Thomas reasoned.

'I would agree.' Radara stated as they entered the elevator. 'Huh? Thomas wait.'

"What's up?" Thomas asked.

'I think I just sensed Rebecca. It felt like she was in the staircase.' Radara stated left the elevator.

"If that's the case, let's go." Thomas stated moving out of the elevator towards the end of the hall.

As they came up the door, Thomas went to open it only to find it stuck. "They really need to fix these things." Thomas sighed. "Can you open it?"

'Just like you, I would need to know how the lock was built before I could undo it.' Radara stated. 'Wait, she's moving again, and it feels like she's following someone.' Radara looked up at Thomas with a worried look. 'I don't think this second mind she's following has good intentions. I can see it and it's not familiar, so I can't track it properly, but it's not exactly a warming mind.'

"Then we have to move fast." Thomas stated. He quickly ran back to the elevator. "How many floors did she go down?"

'It feels like just one.' Radara replied. 'If we hurry, we should be able to catch up to her.'


As the Infernape lead Rebecca down the stairs, he quickly and secretly locked the door as they entered the hall. He knew full well that the hallway leading to the elevator was cut off for now due to some water damage caused by an unexpected fight between Pokemon on the previous voyage between Kanto and Hoenn.

As they left the stairwell, they looked over to see the hallway blocked off by signs. (Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this way was open.) The Infernape stated.

'Let's head back up then.' Rebecca stated heading for the door only to find it locked.

(Are you serious?) The Infernape stated putting up a good show for Rebecca to try and earn her trust for what came next. (I guess that a door only opens from that side.)

'I need to get back to my trainer, please tell if you know another way around.' Rebecca asked starting to get worried.

(Yea, there is a way around, but it's a bit long.) The Infernape replied pointing down the other side of the hall.

'Can we please start moving then?' Rebecca stated.

(Sure, just follow me.) The Infernape smiled once again leading her down the hall and around a corner.


Thomas and Radara went down a single floor on the elevator only to reach the same problem that Rebecca had been led to. As the door opened and Thomas and Radara got out, they came up to the section of the hall that was still under repairs. 'Thomas it would most likely be best for us to hurry. I sense that she just turned down that hallway.' Radara stated. Thomas quickly got the idea.

"I'm not sure if I can teleport again. I'm not even sure how I did the first time. It just happened." Thomas countered knowing that it required a high mastery of his mind for him to teleport as well as a massive amount of energy, much more then a psychic Pokemon would need even for him to perform the skill.

'Doubt only clouds the mind. If you don't think you can do it at this point, let's not test it unless we have to until you receive the last of your abilities then.' Radara stated feeling the doubt in Thomas's mind.

"As much as I want to catch up to her right now, I don't want to push my abilities before they normally awaken." Thomas stated.

'Let's get going then.' Radara turns down the hallway away from the damaged hallway towards a side hall.


The Infernape walked down the hall constantly talking trying to earn her trust hoping to get an easy mate for now at least. Rebecca however was growing more worried the further away from Thomas she felt that she got. She was now constantly using her aura view to try and find Thomas, but with her mind so worried and fact that her heat was messing with her head, she couldn't concentrate enough to really find him.

As the Infernape continued to move on, he was counting her lack of thinking thanks to her heat to play a role in his plan. After walking around for a while talking the whole time, the Infernape finally to bring his plan into action. (Say, are you okay? You really look out of it.) The Infernape stated.

'I'll be fine as long as find my trainer.' Rebecca replied.

(You're really scared aren't you?) The Infernape led them around another turn another hallway that was entirely empty.

Rebecca remained silent at this remark. (Come on, I'll protect you.) The Infernape smiled. Just as the passed a room, the door opened up to reveal an Ivysuar.

(What's that... oh, this must be my lucky day?) The Ivysuar smiled. (Why don't you just come with me?) Rebecca just backed up away from the Ivysuar. (Come on don't be like that.) The Ivysuar stated.

(Hey pal, back off.) The Infernape stated.

The Ivysuar acted quickly before the Infernape could react. Several vines flew from the bulb on the Ivysuar's back and wrapped around the Infernape's arms, legs, body, but most importantly his mouth keeping him from using any of his attacks.

Rebecca backed up even more as the Ivysuar threw the Infernape hard into a wall knocking him out. (Who said you could leave huh?) The Ivysuar slowly moving in on Rebecca as she continued to move back while more vines came from the bulb on the Ivysuar's back.


Thomas and Radara continued walking around the floor. 'We need to hurry. Something is happening.' Radara explained. Thomas broke into a run upon hearing Radara's words. As they rushed to Rebecca's location they hoped. As they ran Thomas hoped nothing bad had happen to Rebecca.


Rebecca struggled with the Ivysuar's Vine whip. (Oh come on babe I can smell your sweet nectar from here. You're begging for a real male here. You don't want banana boy there to take you, you'll want a real male to take you.) As the Ivysuar used his vines to hold her down so he could have his way with her. She tried to fight harder but her body was slowly giving up as if it wanted him to take her, to relieve this feeling stirring between her legs. All she could think of was Thomas where was he she needed him to be here. To protect her he promised her that. He would always protect her.

As she was about to scream a vine snaked around her muzzle as he pulled her into the room to have his way with her. (Now I can't have you go and ruin my fun now. So keep quite and just enjoy this. I won't be too rough. )


Thomas continued running down the hall when he heard Rebecca screaming his name and knew that she was close. He looked down at Radara who had heard the scream as well as they rounded the corner only to find an unconscious Infernape lying against the wall. 'She's in there.' Radara quickly informed Thomas.

Rather then try to open the door gently, Thomas slammed his shoulder into the door barging his way.

(Who the hell do you think you are? I'm busy over here!) The Ivysuar shouted. Thomas's eyes however were set on a single vine retracting from Rebecca's nether regions with a bloody tip.

Just like with Eric merely a week before, Thomas's rage once again boiled within him. To insult Rebecca was bad enough, but this had gone too far. Thomas threw both hands out to his sides only to throw them forward sending a massive psychic attack at the Ivysuar. A small collection of psychic energy gathered around each of the vines around Rebecca cutting cleanly through them in a matter of seconds releasing her from his grip, but she still remained tied up by what remained of the vines.

The Ivysuar cried out in pain quickly withdrawing all of his vines. Thomas know switched from the offensive to the defensive to catch Rebecca as she fell. Seeing that Thomas and Radara were both focused on Rebecca, he ran out fast. He knew that he was out matched here and after the wounds he had just suffered; he knew that they weren't going to hold anything back.

Thomas quickly drew Rebecca to his side with him mind and set about the next task of untying her. With the vines now off of her, she grabbed onto Thomas thankful that he had arrived when he did. Her mind was filled with terror; Thomas began to search for the source of the fear with the intentions of eliminating it. Failing to see the Ivysuar, Thomas went to go move following his anger, but Rebecca gripped him even stronger then before refusing to let him leave her side. His anger quickly subsided to the need to protect and comfort Rebecca. He picked her up gently and began walking out of the room as Juno walked up on them followed by Sarah.

"Thomas? What happened?" Sarah demanded. Thomas remained quite though as he passed Sarah and started back for his room. Radara explained the whole situation to Juno while she sent a single image to Sarah revealing that Rebecca had been tied up by the Ivysuar, but nothing more then that. On her way out however, she used her mind to grab Rebecca's shorts and set them down on her back to carry them.

"Is she okay?" Sarah rushed over to Thomas and Rebecca. Rebecca was still greatly scared by the event and held tightly to her mate. Sarah could clearly see the tears from her eyes rolling down her face as well as the fear in her eyes. Thomas and Rebecca quickly returned back to the room followed by everyone else who had left. As they entered the room, all of Sarah's Pokemon looked on as did Razor and Rebecca. A quick message from Radara informed them all what had happened and they moved in a bit closer trying to comfort her, but seeing just how scared she was made her caused them to back off just a bit, but still keep their worried eyes upon her.

Thomas took a seat on the bed and Rebecca used one arm to grab a blanket to cover them up while she kept her other arm firmly around Thomas's back refusing to part with him.

"Some Pokemon really disgust me." Thomas stated. "I will never let that happen again."

"Is she going to be okay?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know. Could you please just leave us alone for a bit while I try to calm her down?" Thomas asked. Sarah knew that it would most likely be best right now if she left them be. She knew that Thomas and Rebecca were very good friends, almost like siblings in her mind and that he would be the best chance of helping her right now after what had happened. As she left, a new ring of memories entered Thomas's mind

This was not the first time Thomas had been forced to witness such a devastating attack. Many incarnations ago, a similar string of events had happened to the last real love he had had before casting it off and then finding Rebecca. He had led a good back in that life so long ago, but someone still saw him as a demon. A whole group of men had stormed his house that time when he went out to arrange passage on a boat to the next continent. He had come home to find his home ransacked, his Pokemon other then Radara who had severed severe wounds all dead, but worst of all his wife to be had been raped and murdered in a most brutal fashion. That was his real reason for casting off, to avoid the pain that he knew he had ended up causing her.

Now once again, he was at fault. Was it really worth the pain to go through with it at this point and actually become Rebecca's mate? He shook his head knowing that life was never fair to begin with, but at this point, there was no turning back. She had chosen him as her mate, as he had chosen her. Although he never could have predicted this would happen so soon, he knew there was nothing he could do. He looked down at Rebecca who had fallen into an uneasy sleep. Peering into her mind, he say her partially reliving the events of what had transpired and using his abilities, pushed those thoughts out of her head for now. The last thing she needed was to relive something like that. With those thoughts now gone for now, she seemed to relax a bit, but still held onto Thomas. Thomas scooted back resting against the headboard as he realized just energy he had used. He had once again used abilities ahead of the proper time of awakening and his body was tired. Despite trying to stay awake to keep an eye on Rebecca's mind to insure that those thoughts did not come, Thomas soon found himself in an uneasy rest with Rebecca still in his arms.


Rebecca dreams were a repeat of what had happen to her last night except that Thomas never arrived. She cried for him but he never came. She cried as she was brutally taken by the Ivysuar. Nothing was working as her abilities refuse to work, but what truly made it worse was that her body was enjoying it. She screamed once more as for Thomas as she woke up.

Looking around terrified, she didn't know where she was. She felt something shifting against her body and terror once again flooded her mind; she simply lashed out with a Force Palm. With the fear still clear in her mind, she struck without looking striking Thomas hard mistaking him for the Ivysuar.

This woke every one up in the room as Thomas crashed into the dresser of the room. Rebecca was in full attack mode now still thinking she was being attacked; she started to charge up an aura sphere ready to defend herself against any other attacks.

Radara looked on unable to believe what had just happened and to make things worse, it looked like Rebecca was getting to finish the fight. Radara tried to reach Thomas through their shared link but he was out cold, unable to respond. Radara looks to Rebecca's seeing only fear and does the only thing she can to stop Rebecca. The gem atop her head shined brightly as she dominated Rebecca's mind.

Feeling her body fall under another's control only added to the fear that Rebecca was already feeling. In a last chance attempt to break free as her body was being to kneel down. Rebecca launched her partially charged aura sphere. Juno moved in with a very small, but focused fire ball attack which dissipated the aura sphere with causing it to explode. (Looks like I made it in time. I don't want two mistakes less than a day apart to happen when I'm around. But what's going on here?)

As soon as Rebecca had heard Juno's voice she looked around finding that she still had control of her head and saw that she was safe. Looking over the crashed the dresser, Rebecca makes out Thomas's limp form with Juno standing over him. But where was the Ivysuar? Radara let go of Rebecca as she walked over to Thomas. 'What's going on? What happen to Thomas?' Rebecca looks around for her attacker.

Radara sighs, as she knows what telling her truth would do to her. 'Dear I need you to say over there as Juno and I look over Thomas to make sure he is ok.' Rebecca started to shake with fear on what just happen. She knew the Ivysuar was there it just had to be. But it that was true, then why was Thomas on the floor like that? She started to realize what she did. She began to tremble with fear and realization that she attacked her mate.

Sarah was already up, startled by the sound of Thomas crashing in the dresser. Her Pokemon were also up and had moved to protect their trainer. Looking around now fully aware of her surroundings, she sees Thomas being looked after by his Pokemon Juno and Radara. From what she could tell, he had been attacked. The side Thomas was sleeping on was a mess While it seems that Aqua and Razor both tried to comfort her , and keep her clam. From what Sarah could tell wasn't going well as it seemed that Rebecca seemed to be a mess crying into her paws. She got up to see if Thomas was ok. Radara looked at her and shook her head as to tell her not to come over.

Ignoring Radara once more moving towards Thomas to see if he was ok. She heard a voice in her head something she didn't expect to hear. 'I am sorry dear but you must go back to your side of the room Juno and I can take care of this. This is a family matter. We have to deal with. If we need your help we'll call for it. So please let us handle this ok' Sarah went back to her side of the room. Radara spoke to her with her mind.

She had heard of psychic Pokemon being able to communicate with there trainers if they them selves were psychic's, but to have that much power to be able to do that on her own. Then as she continued to look on, she realized that Radara was trained by his father the same as Juno meaning that not only had they been well trained, but they were also veterans when it came battling. This left her partially wondering just how powerful they really were, something that she knew Thomas would never tell her. This led to another question though as her continued upon the path it had taken. Now looking down at Radara and Juno, she realized that Thomas had rarely ever used the two of them in battle. With such a powerful pair on his team like the two of them, why did Thomas always hold back in battle? Then it hit her. Thomas hated being the center of attention. That was most likely the reason why he always traveled alone.

The sound of Thomas coming to brought her back the problem at hand. "Okay, who threw the car me?" Thomas stated recalling the last time he had been successfully knocked out in a single blow. Rebecca started to get up and move towards him. Then she realized she was the one who attacked him, she did this no one else. Thomas tried to get up slowly and looked towards Rebecca. As the came back to his senses, he saw Rebecca moving towards him. "Are you okay?" This actually hurt Rebecca even more that he knew that she attacked him and caused this pain to him. Still he was more concerned with her well being than his own. With that she pushed both Razor and Aqua out of the way and ran out of the room.

"Rebecca wait!" As soon as he got up he fell over in pain clutching where he was hit by Rebecca. "Damn. She's a lot stronger then she thinks she is." He mumbled. "Razor and Aqua go after Rebecca make sure she don't do nothing to hurt herself. Juno and Radara help him into bed."

'Are you sure it's ok to let Aqua and Razor go after Rebecca.' Radara asks.

"Well I am going to need you and Juno here to distract Sarah. So she doesn't get any more suspicious. Because I am going to be healing fast and I need her not to be near when I do." Thomas replies.

Sarah walked over to Thomas putting her robe on over her nightdress. "Are you ok Thomas? What happen between you and Rebecca for her to attack you like this?" She tried to get close but both Juno and Radara both blocked her path, and refuse to let her by. "Look you two I just want to make sure he is ok." Both shook their heads and still refuse to let her pass. She also knew that is she pressed the matter Juno and Radara both might attack her even though she was Thomas's friend. Pokemon have been known to be extremely protective of their masters when they were injured or hurt. She knew she didn't want to have this break out into an all out war.

"Sarah I told what happen to Rebecca already when that other Pokemon had forced himself on her. I think it has left a mental scar on her. I want you to go to her and make sure she is ok and tell her its not her fault, but I don't think she will listen to me now. After what has happen a little while ago I don't think she'll be able to look at me." Thomas pauses for a second and looks like he's trying to think about something. "I usually would ask Radara or Juno but I think she needs someone else to tell her not someone close to her. To tell her it's ok that I am alright. Could you do this for me Sarah?"

This was the first time Thomas had ever asked her to do something for him. He never asked her for nothing over the years she had known him. Could this mean he was opening up to her? No small steps, don't act over excited she told herself. If she rushed this she could blow any chance she has with him. Act clam and cool that's right. "Ok Thomas I'll do it. Because were friends , and that's what friends do right? Don't worry I'll get her back ok." She looks towards her Pokemon "Behave while I am gone, and don't give Thomas any trouble." They all nod as she leaves the room.

As she starts to walk down the hallway of the ship she realizes she has no idea where to look. She was about to head back to the room, when a small light appears before her acting as a beacon for her to follow. She realizes it's Juno's will-o-wisp. She questioned how Juno knew where Rebecca was before coming to the conclusion that Radara must have told her where to look. As she followed the dancing light she Aqua and Razor sitting in the shadows watching Rebecca near the bow of the boat near the railing. She was curled up in a ball crying. Razor look up at Sarah and try to stop her from getting closer to her.

"It's ok Thomas asked me to talk to her. Please let me past." She look at Razor with pleading eyes. He tilted his head and nodded his head and simply said "Zan". As she walked past him she actually almost broke down and cried also by seeing Rebecca like this. She has known her to always to be happy and cheerful but here she was broken. She must really devastated by attacking Thomas as she had did. She had never seen any Pokemon like this before expect if there mate had died. "Rebecca it's me Sarah. Thomas asked me to come get you. He's worried about you as we all are."

'Lair all you care about is Thomas!' Rebecca shouted with her mind at Sarah. She was taken aback by this never had she felt such anger before. Lucario's are known to bond form close bonds with their trainer's to the point where their actually like a brother or sister to the trainer. She knew then how much Rebecca felt over what had happen. Sarah had to think this through because she knew Rebecca could read her like a book because of her aura. Lying would get her no where. She had to get Rebecca to trust her to have her come back with her to Thomas.

"Rebecca I know you don't like me because how you see me as taking Thomas away from you." This got a growl from Rebecca. Sarah realizes that she was onto something. If she could get Rebecca to think beyond her depression, she could get her to come back. "Thomas is worried sick about you. Do you realize how much pain you have out him in. Not physically but mentally. You have him worried sick about you. Do you want to hurt him like that? I know you still are .... I don't know what you went through earlier. Nor do I pretend to say I feel your pain. But Thomas is more than your trainer he is your friend. Do you want him to think that he doesn't care about you." Rebecca sits on her knees and dries her eyes with her paws.

She looks at the girl who is a rival for the one she loves. No not a rival, Thomas has already said he was her mate. She looks towards the ocean as she realizes that despite it all she was afraid of that he would still love her even after what happened to her. Being violated as she was by the Ivysuar, it really hit her hard. Not only did feel in a way, dirty about the events, but she mostly felt weak. This lead to fear that she would lose him. 'Sarah I know you like Thomas I can see that when you are near him. I see how you fawn over him. How you want to have him as your own.' She stops there knowing Thomas had told her not to tell anyone about there relationship, because it would only cause trouble. 'You can't have him. You just can't.' Sarah heard Rebecca's last comment, little more then a quite whisper in her head.

Sarah looks at her with sad eyes thinking that Rebecca sees her as a rival for his affections. "I won't steal him from you. I know I don't sound like it but I don't want to replace you in his heart. I know you both have a deep bond. I don't want to upset that. I will stop my advances towards him for now. Because I know how much you care for him. So please Rebecca come back with me to the cabin. He really dose miss you." She holds her hand out. Rebecca takes it as Sarah helps her up to stand.

They head back to the room followed by a tired Razor and Aqua. Razor finally speaks breaking the silence in a tired voice. (Finally I can get some sleep.)

He is quickly smacked by Aqua. (Hush now she has been through a lot you cold hearted fur ball.) Razor looks down at the words of his mate. They head back to the cabin as they do Sarah opens the door slowly and looks into see if Thomas is still awake. Thomas looks a little anxious. As he looks to see if Rebecca is with her. Sarah opens the door as Rebecca seems to be moving away from it. She drags her back "Oh no you don't. You're not getting away, after all I did to get you here you're not going to chicken out now." She shoves Rebecca back into the room.

She looks at the floor still unable to look at Thomas. Shuffling her feet a bit 'I am sorry Thomas I didn't mean to...'

Thomas interrupts her before she has a chance to finish. "Rebecca are you ok? I am not worried by this little bruise. You're what matters to me right now. So please just forget about what happen for now ok."

She nods her head. 'I think though I need some space for now I think I will sleep with Juno and Radara if that's ok with them.' Thomas showed no emotion at this request. Even his Aura was blank to Rebecca.

"I understand Rebecca. You need time to recover from what has happen to you." Radara tried to read him but there was a wall there blocking her attempts to read him. "Let's call it a night ok we all have had a rough day especially you." Thomas watched as Juno and Radara curled up around Rebecca. He could hear as Radara seem to be singing her a wordless lullaby. Sarah had to calm down her Pokemon as they were all drifting off to sleep. Aqua and Razor were already out sleeping next to each other. Every one drifted off to sleep expect Thomas who looked out one oh the windows of the room. He sighed as the tears and emotions he held back came out. He never felt so alone as he did right then, but as soon as the emotions came he buried them knowing he would only hurt Rebecca more. He had to be strong for her. He had to be there for her. He slowly drifted off to a fitful sleep.


It had taken Rebecca a day, but she was once again holding on to Thomas. Although they didn't say much to each other for the remainder of the trip, they seemed to have set things right for the most part. With the weather outside was filled with dark clouds and moderate rain for the remainder of the voyage, which suited Thomas just fine. It gave him little reason to really explore the ship and spend more time with Rebecca.

At last, the trip was over, Thomas had gathered up this belongings, the same as Sarah. The loud speaker sounded signaling the end of the trip. "This is your captain speaking We have arrived to our destination. We hope you had a pleasant cruise and hope you travel with us once more. Good day and we hope you enjoy the Kanto region." They disembarked from the ship and hope that most of the excitement from the ship was over.
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