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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Another resignation

"What?! Terminated?!" XVIII's voice echoed across the large hall where the Midnight Voices were, as usual, gathered. Everyone was in his place at the table, with the exception of a rather large seat, which was now empty.

"Indeed" II answered "I saw it with my own eyes, my friend...IV was badly damaged and fell into a frozen lake. Do you think he could have survived that?"

"That doesn't mean he's dead" XVIII replied "And I am not your friend."

"I saw it, man..." XI said from his seat "He took quite a beating. And then he got hit by two Ice Beams straight to the chest... He's gone."

"As troubling as this may sound" The Professor spoke from the end of the table "This report still needs confirmation... II, VI. You two are the only ones who can travel to the realm of spirits... Go and see if he is there."

"At once, my lord" II said in a respectful tone as he floated away "Come, VI."

"Of course" The Frosslass answered as she followed after him, both of them vanishing in a dim, grey flash.

The room was left in an uncomfortable silence as they waited for the two to return. The dim blue lights being the only source of sound with their occasional, low-pitched ringing.

"So..." XI finally broke the silence "You'll never guess who I saw today..."

"Oh, I love this game!" VII answered "Era acaso... Goldwing?"


"Princess Selene?"

"No. No royalty."


"This could go on for a while" IX interrupted "Just tell us who you saw."

"Fine..." XI replied "The Wild Flower's daughter!"

"Whoa, hold on!" V said with a look of surprise "The Wild Flower had a daughter?! Did you know that, III?" He turned around and asked the Lucario.

"I had no idea" III answered, looking back at the Gallade "But I guess that explains why she retired from the Arena..."

"Shame she did. She was pretty strong! Remember? Finals? Thirty second tag tournament? Man, It's been two years already..."

"How can I forget... She beat us both" III looked away, apparently remembering that day. "We were so full of ourselves back then... 'The Steel Fist' and 'The White Blade'... Quite some titles we gave ourselves when we fought there... I never would have thought she and her partner could beat us."

"Right... What did the guy call himself? Something... Claw?"

"Crimson Claw" The Lucario answered "They made quite a fearsome combination. Though I heard they had something else going on..."

"What? You're not gonna tell me she and Crimson Claw had a daughter?"

"No... I'm not saying that. But maybe..."

"Oh, I used to adore Crimson Claw!" XVI said with a dreamy look in her eyes "He was just so, so strong!"

"Hello, I'm III. Your romantic interest for the moment" III looked at the Zangoose, then turned back to V "So, what became of him? He retired at roughly the same time she did..."

"It's obvious." V answered " They wanted to raise the girl together!"

"Wrong" IX cut into the conversation "If by the Wild Flower's daughter you mean the Buneary XV is traveling with, I heard her say she did not know her father. Which means he was not there to raise her."

"What's taking those two so long?!" VIII grunted impatiently "Am I the only one here that's conscious of how important speed is?!"

"Oh, I'm conscious of how important speed is" XVII answered. The blue light bounced off his goggles, giving them a purple color "You're just impatient... Learn to relax! There's one IV and a zillion spirits... you do the math."

At that same moment, in the Spirit Realm...

II and VI appeared with another grey flash into the spirit realm. It was a vast, dark place. Beams of light occasionally pierced the grey and purple forms that lined together for a few moments before disappearing. The entire place was silent, except for a few painful moans coming from far away.

"So" VI started "We'd better start looking to see if he's here."

"That will not be necessary" II instantly answered "He is dead. I made sure of that. You see... He was... how can I say it... Our first order of business."

"Really? IV? Why take him out? I mean, he was so stupid... If you would have talked to him with your usual guile, you could even have gotten him to come aboard on this!"

"I could have..." II responded, looking away into the distance "But it would not have been a good idea... No matter how disgustingly witless IV was, he did have some rather cunning friends... Had I added him into this plan of mine, he would have, without a doubt, done everything I commanded. But he would probably tell XVIII... Who, in turn, would notify IX... And that" He sighed "Is a confrontation I'd rather save for the last stages of things..."

"Wow... Smart.... But, why do this? I mean, why plan ahead so much? You've never been too clear as of why you're doing this..."

"Ah... My reasons... Simple. You see, even if we all accomplished our goal, in the end, control of the world split twenty ways is not so different from how the world is currently being ruled...Not to mention we would still be governed by a single one. It would lead us to a dystopian and chaotic world. Because you know as well as I do: No one would settle for the territory they were given. And so I aspire to a nobler and simpler goal... Two rulers only... Just me... As King of the world... And you, my Ice- bound Princess... As my Queen... Doesn't it sound perfect? So much better than the professor's idea... And no one will know I killed off IV, because we are the only two among our ranks that can enter this realm."

"Amazing... I'm flattered, but... You don't think they know?"

"As far as they know... We are currently looking for this dead imbecile... It is obvious they don't know... Which reminds me: We should be heading back now... Come, my dear." II finished as he vanished in another grey flash, VI following after him.

And in a few seconds, they were back in the hall.

"He is dead" II said in a calm tone.

"Down for the count" VI added.

"Very well" The Professor said. He seemed to be lost in thought. "That is all I needed to know. I take my leave now. You may finish eating, if you please, or retreat and await orders for the day... Until then..." he finished, getting up and walking out the door.

"Do not forget" I said as he followed The Professor "II, III, V, IX and X. You are to head to the laboratory in two hours. I do not think I need to remind you the importance of this..."

"Hey..." Said XIV "Anyone else feel even a bit sorry the guy's dead?"

"Sorry?!" VIII laughed "It's a relief! There's even more space!" she continued as she sat on the much larger seat IV would usually occupy "See? Finally, some stretching room!"

"Ah, you're impossible..." XVII held a claw to his face "But... Yeah. I'm not gonna miss him, either..."

Two hours later...

If the fortress the Midnight Voices called home was a sinister place, the Lab probably won the prize. It was far better lit than the rest of the castle, but it had much more things to make up for it. A Large computer screen displayed several designs and schematics placed one over the other, and several smaller monitors were flashing with numbers and letters, a large amount of Beldum hovered from one side to the other, carrying pieces of metal and capsules to different machines. A corridor lined with containers labeled from "II" to "V" extended towards a machine that had a large, menacing metal arm. Several other arms like this emerged from the ceiling, pointing down at the center of the room, where, just as requested, the members I mentioned were gathered.

"Thank you for arriving on time" I said, looking at the large screen "We are gathered here because X would like to fill us on the progress of our little... 'Science Project'... Speak out, X."

"Yes, yes..." X paced around in his large, metal legs "I wish to inform you that it is official: We have succeeded..." He stopped and inserted one of his claws into an indent below the computer, which changed to an orange screen with another series of Schematics on it "Now we just have to let Mother Nature play its part..."

"And..." III asked "Is He-

"She" X interrupted.

"Fine... Is she stable?"

"She is fine" X switched to another series of prints and plans "Fully stable... The regular elements from project E.L.G.A. have been administered... I have carefully modified and upgraded her ... Though it is impossible for me to determine her species yet... And- HEY!" The metal spider yelled angrily at V, who had just sat on top of his head "Get off! What do you take me for? I am a scientist, not a chair!"

"Now let's see... What do I take you for..." V answered mockingly "I take you for a brainy, big, blue Panzer who makes week- long speeches out of hour- long explanations... So... Can you shorten it out? Layman's terms?"

"He's right" III added "I understand what you mean, but... You usually do take a large amount of time to explain something Professors D'Wilde or Van Burke could explain in a few minutes..."

"Van Burke?! Are you trying to say he's a better scientist than I am?!" X laughed "That useless fool... Which reminds me... Van Burke!" He called "Hurry up! There is science to be done, you oaf!"

"Here I am, here I am..." Answered a Raichu wearing glasses a Lab coat who approached the computer, carrying a large container. Unlike most of his species, he was very thin, and his fur was almost white.

"Good... Now, put that in the scanner! Make Haste, now! We haven't got all day! Now... Where was I... Ah, yes. You wanted to hear things in Layman's terms... Basically, she is fine. All is done. I do not know what species she will be... I know she will be a Fire type, because I used a sample from our stocks of that type."

"That was careless of you, wasn't it?" II asked "Surely Van Burke would have checked what Genes he was using before he commenced experimentation... right, professor?"

"I always did" the Raichu answered as he walked towards another screen and began examining it "In all E.L.G.A. Models, Mark II to X , I took all the precautions possible... Checked samples... Ran proper analysis on every last stage of development... I would dare to call them all a Huge Success... Except for IV... Poor thing was always challenged... And this Egomaniac here" He said, pointing at X "He becomes smart, and, all of a sudden, he seizes authority over my lab! The nerve..."

"Shut up!" X yelled "Respect the authority of a more brilliant mind..."

"A more brilliant mind..." Van Burke cursed under his breath "I don't know why I even take this... I take my leave now" He spoke out as he headed for the door "Goodnight... To all of you..."

"How about you both shut up and move on" IX said in his calm, serious tone "If we were summoned here by I at your request, X... I assume you need our help with something, as you usually do..."

"Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact I do..." X replied "I require assistance in some necessary materials... I need a Flame Orb... Would you be as kind as to fetch me one, II?"

"Of course" II answered as he began to fade in his grey flash "But I should warn you... If my cloak or myself are burned... Your theories and schematics will not be the only things full of holes..."

"Fine... Putting that insult aside" X said in a slightly disturbed tone "I will need one thousand Rawst Berries... III, V, would you bring those?"

"Hold it, hold it, hold it!" V gasped in surprise "One thousand Rawst Berries?! It's our day off!"

"I object" III growled "We deserve rest... We are out in Lizean, bringing the resistance down every day while you stay here in the lab... You don't get the fatigue we do..."

"Fine, then... To reduce objection" I told them "Put IX to gather them as well... Desina and the Sinan forest are rich in Rawst Berries... I suggest you get to work first thing in the morning."

"the Sinan forest..." IX muttered "So great is the hatred I feel for that place... But... My love for it is just as great... It's that place's fault I am what I am..."

"Okay, forget about that place" V placed his hand on IX's back as a gesture of camaraderie "'I'll go there, and you and III can search Desina. Does that work for you?"

"No" The Absol answered "Like I said: I hate it, but I love it... I'll go."

"So... Is that all?" V yawned "Because It's late, and today has been a pretty shaken up day..."

"Yes. And XVI's probably waiting for me..." said III

"Yes. That is all..." X responded "You may go and sleep now... At least you, V. I don't even want to imagine what III and XVI will be doing..."

"Finally!" V looked up to the ceiling in relief "Alright... Good Night, you all... Coming, III?"

"Yes. Let's go" the Lucario answered, walking out behind V.

A few minutes later III and V were walking up the large flight of stairs in the dimly lit halls of the fortress. Since their rooms were on the way of one another, they usually headed back together.

"Hey..." V told his friend as they kept going up "Do you think IX is going to be okay tomorrow? I mean, he's heading into the Sinan forest... It can't be easy..."

"It's been six years now" III answered "But, from what he said, I don't think he'll be fine..."

"Poor guy" The Gallade replied "Something like that happening on his first day on the job..."

"But look what we got from it. A quite powerful ally joined our ranks after that, did he not?"

"Let's just hope nothing bad happens... That trip really changed him. Remember how he used to be all cheerful and upbeat?"

"Well... In the end, we've all changed..."

They came to a stop when they saw Van Burke walking down the hall, carrying several bags with him. He seemed to be in a hurry.

"Professor Van Burke?" III called the Raichu, who picked up the pace.

"Hey, Professor!" V called as well, but his call was unanswered.

The Professor was running down the hallway as fast as he could when he came to a dead stop: III was standing right in front of him, preventing him from moving forward.

"How... How di- ho- how did yo-you-" The Raichu stuttered in surprise.

"I'm quick" III answered.

"Where are you going, professor?" V asked as he stood behind Van Burke, preventing his escape.

"Ah... If I am cornered... I guess I can't escape..." The Professor sighed "I am presenting my resignation."

"What?" both III and V asked at the same time

"Why?"V asked with a confused look

"You are vital to project E.L.G.A." III told the Raichu "without you, we can't finish this."

"Tell that to X... The egomaniacal fool only makes me realize what a huge mistake I made... when I agreed to playing with powers that lied beyond our reach... We create enhanced and powerful Pokemon... But, at what cost? I can no longer sleep at night..."

"Eh, Don't mind him!" V tried to sound as reassuring as possible "The guy's a freak! You know XI's story..."

"You see... Now, You are why I am grateful I did this" Van Burke said calmly "When I joined D'Wilde in his project for creating better Pokemon... Ones who would create a better world... I was full of Illusion... And Hope... And so, our project for the Enhanced Life Creating Agent began... I remember when you two were born... E.L.G.A. Mk III and E.L.G.A. Mk V... You were the best... But, with time... The goal became warped... D'Wilde wandered out of his ideals." His voice began to shake a bit "But... When I provided myself to one of those experiments... And, now, the Lizean takeover... I do no longer have a place here. Being a part of this has cost me so much... Ten years of my life... my mate... And, recently, thanks to IV's idiocy, a son... I will not stand for this anymore. If I am too weak to fight back against you, then I will, at least, no longer assist you."

"At least think things over, professor" III said "If you leave, they will hunt you down... You know they will..."

"Let them do so" the professor answered "If one as frail and small as E.L.G.A. Mk XV has managed to escape and evade you for over three months, then surely I, who am a fully evolved one, can do so even better... If I die...good. Because I have nothing left... And, if I don't... I will have time to begin anew... To you two, because you have always been good and honest, I trust you with this: I shall head to my home in Blitzheim... In case you want to visit me as friends... But, I can assure you: Leon Van Burke will no longer work with you... Now, let me through."

"Fine..." III stepped aside "I swear on our honor that we will not tell anyone where you are... But, please... While you are there... Reconsider..."

"I will, my friend. Thank you..."

And the professor disappeared in the darkness of the hallway. He sneaked out of the fortress and, like XV before him, took the gate. However, unlike XV, Van Burke had a destination: He would head to his home of Blitzheim, where he hopes to live what's left of his life in peace...

At first, it will seem like he finally found peace. But, later... His life might not be so peaceful...
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