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My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Dreams? Down the road


"So, feel like resting yet?" Leon asked Tiffany, amazed by the bunny's stamina. They had been running for hours now, yet she showed no signs of fatigue at all.

"I really don't!" she answered, looking back at Leon and Sasha, who were starting to fall behind. They were running down the same path she and Leon had taken on their way to Lizean... A straight path down a wide, open field.

"Well, I do!" Leon said, huffing "Can we please rest?"

"C'mon, now! It's a long way to Selenia, right? Besides, you don't hear Sasha complaining, do you?"

"Actually" The Glaceon added "I'm pretty tired too... I think its time we rest. That is, if that's fine with you."

"You too?" Tiffany looked at her, slowing down "Fine... I guess I'm just excited, that's all."

"Finally" Leon took a few seconds to catch his breath before continuing "We can just stop for a moment at the side of the road... Rest up... Still, I gotta admire your stamina" He told Tiffany "You've been running for three hours straight!"

"Well, thanks, Leon!" she answered, looking at him "You've got a lot of pep, too! Sorry for tiring you out, though."

And a few seconds later they were resting at the side of the road. Leon was sitting on the grass, Tiffany was right next to him, leaning on him, and Sasha was lying a few inches in front of where they were sitting. Even though they were long past the point where the snow would fall, the cold breeze from the northern region could still be felt. It made a somewhat pleasant contrast to the warmth the sunlight falling on them provided.

"So, tell us a bit more about you, Sasha" Tiffany asked the Glaceon, who seemed to be enjoying the breeze.

"There's not much to say" she answered, looking at the other two "I'm somewhat wealthy... I have a brother who always took care of me because our parents passed away when I was just a few weeks old. He used to take me out on all kinds of adventures when I was little, and I really liked that... I just want to know what became of him... Maybe travel a bit more. And I'm totally sick of hearing how those guys you worked with make the lives of everyone in Lizean so miserable" she looked at Leon when she said this "And I've been around... So I can help you if you want know about something. I mean, I can't guarantee I'll know, but I'll tell you what I can... Now, what about you?" She asked them "Tell me a bit more about yourselves."

"Well..." Leon started "First of all, my name's not Leon. I don't really have a name... I'm just E.L.G.A. Mk XV. Or XV, for short. But I ask that you please call me Leon. I was born in a lab and for two years of my life I worked with the Midnight Voices. I never really stood out among the higher ranks, so I don't get why they want me back so desperately... Now, about three months ago I escaped from them and ended up in Ruby Plains."

"Nice Town" Said Sasha "Gets some really beautiful blooms all year long, right?"

"Yeah" Leon continued "Or at least it used to. The town doesn't exist anymore, thanks to the Nidoking we took out. So, after what I could only describe as the worst moment of my life, I wandered for two days and arrived at Riale, where I met Tiffany" he leaned back against the Buneary "So, later, she asked me to take her to Lizean, we travelled, we met you, and that's pretty much it... I want to stop the guys I worked with from fulfilling their crazy plans... But I also want to travel. See the world, you know? Strengthen up..."

"And I'm from Ilsia" Tiffany said, looking up at the sky "There's... Nothing really huge about me that I can mention... Except for meeting Leon here "She rubbed her cheek against the Pikachu's shoulder "And finding out my mom was actually a celebrity. That's why we're heading for Selenia right now! I wanna know more about her!"

"Well... May we all succeed in getting what we're after!" Sasha raised her paw, followed by both Leon and Tiffany.

"So, can we keep moving?" Tiffany asked, getting up "Please?"

"I'm kinda beat..." Leon answered "Let's stay here for a bit longer..."

"Oh, come on!" She tugged on Leon's arm "Move it! Or do I have to carry you?"

"Tell you what" Leon got up as well "We rest for a while longer... And I'll carry you. Sound fun?"

"Okay, fine" The Buneary sat down "But you WILL carry me. Okay, Lazy?"

"Promise" Leon lay on the grass "I'll carry you"

They stayed there quietly for a moment before Tiffany got up again.

"I just can't wait!" She said, giving a hop "Are you done?"

"You need to calm down" Sasha told her "Chill for a moment. I think I know how we can get to Selenia real quick."

"Really?" the Bunny's eyes were lit when she heard this "How?"

"I'm not telling you until I've rested up, so you might as well rest a bit yourself"

"Okay, you rest up... Hey, Leon!" she approached the Pikachu "remember how you were training me? Want to continue now?"

"I don't think you understand resting" Leon chuckled "Here" he patted the grass next to him "Just lie down here, next to me."

"C'mon! Isn't it better if I become a better fighter? Besides... You know... That might tire me out"

"Well, if it helps you burn off some of that energy" Leon got up, holding his hands in front of his face, getting ready to fight "Let's do it!"

"Okay, Leon. Here I come!"

She ran at him and went straight for her usual Pound, which Leon sidestepped, shocking her back with a light jolt of electricity. She jumped at the feeling before turning around and hitting him. Leon stepped back and let loose a thundershock at her. Again, he tried to make it as weak as possible as not to hurt her. Tiffany seemed to notice this.

"Come on!" Tiffany said, shaking off the electricity "You're going easy on me! I can tell!" She said before Leon was able to answer "Why aren't you fighting like you did against that Froslass or that Nidoking?"

"Because I don't want to hurt you!" Leon responded "Those were actual battles... This is just training! I don't want to see you get hurt because I didn't control myself!"

"Cut that out and fight!" She jumped at him, the Red Barrette in her right ear waving with the wind. She hit Leon right in the chest as hard as she could. The blow made Leon stagger for a moment before he ran at Tiffany and grabbed her, jumping with her and throwing her into the sky like he did with VI, realizing what he had done all too late...

He fell back to the ground as fast as he could and extended his arms to catch her. Tiffany landed perfectly on his arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He said, putting her down "Are you okay? I don't know what I was thinking!"

"It's okay..." She answered, holding his arm in her paws "I can see why you... Gotcha!" She swung him around and sent him flying away, making him crash into a nearby tree.

Leon crashed against the tree. The force of the impact even made the stump shake. His vision became blurry, and his mind began to get hazy... In a few seconds, he passed out.

"Oh, no, Leon!" Tiffany said, panicked, holding her paws to her face "Leon?" she ran to his side and leaned beside him "Leon? Leon! Oh, what did I do..."

"Great..." Sasha said as she looked at the unconscious chu "you broke him"

Leon was drifting off... But he woke up to the darkness he would usually see in his dreams. Once again, he was standing in the middle of nowhere. It was just him and the silence...

Suddenly, there was an intense flash, and Leon found himself running up a long flight of stairs in a gloomy looking hallway. The stone walls were lit by the fire of torches on either side of them. He noticed he was running on all fours, so he was probably in a hurry to get somewhere. It was then he also noticed that this was not him. He was seeing through the eyes of someone else.

"Hurry up!" A Lucario that was running ahead of him called him "We are almost there! No time to waste!"

"Right" Leon (Or whoever this was) answered "As you said, no time to waste!" As he kept running he passed a window. He looked outside to see that the sky was darkened. It was pitch black, and lighting was falling from it.

"The others are already there... We can not leave them to fight on their own!"

They came to a stop in front of a large stone door at the end of the stairs. He had no idea what was going on, and yet, he could feel it. Whoever this was, he was excited. Feelings of rage and anticipation were building in him... He was worried. But he was also determined to act.

"Are you ready?" The Lucario asked.

Leon gave a simple nod, then raised his paw to open the door. His paw was a dim grey and covered in electricity. He gave the door a strong push, and it swung open. As he and the Lucario stepped inside, Leon was enveloped by light once again...

He was now standing on a cliff. It was nighttime. He looked up to the sky and saw the stars shining above him. One of them was significantly brighter than the rest. He had this strange feeling. It was sadness... And anguish. Yet, there was a certain amount of satisfaction. He was happy, yet sad...

"Please don't go..." A voice came from behind him.

"I'm sorry" He answered, turning around to see who was talking to him. It was a Lopunny. She had a pink veil covering her eyes, and, around her neck, was what Leon recognized as the gold Artifact Don Krow had shown interest in. "But I have to. I... I'm sad this is how this ends... Yet I am also happy. I know I'll leave a world for you."

"Mar!" She cried to a Clefable that was standing behind her "Isn't there anything else?! Another way?!"

"I am sorry" The Clefable answered in a grim tone "The stars have spoken... They, too, are pained by this, but it is the only way"

"Don't cry" Leon said, holding his grey paw to the bunny's cheek, then pushing back the veil "I want to remember this eyes... Please, don't make me remember them like this..." He moved his paw further back and caressed one of her ears "Stop crying... Please... Stop..." he whispered, continuing his strokes. After what felt like an eternity, he stepped away from her and turned around, heading for the edge of the cliff.

"We're having a baby!" She called to him as he was walking away.

He turned around and walked back at her. "We're... We're what?" He asked with a tone of surprise.

"That's right... You're gonna be a dad..."

He looked down and took a deep breath before looking back up at her. He smiled as he said "All the more reason to do this... Take care... And, when he's old enough... Tell him how his father took a leap for the world... Goodbye, Anna... And I'm sorry..."

"Wait!" She ran at him, wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him into a long, deep kiss. Once again, Leon felt both the joy and sadness fill him again. He wanted this moment to last forever... But he knew: There was something else he had to do... And he had to do it now. He let her go and pulled away from her.

Once they were apart again, he turned around, facing the edge of the cliff once again. He took a few steps back, then ran as fast as he could, jumping the moment he reached the edge. He felt himself gaining speed, heading for the sky...

"Final Curse?!" He screamed as he flew higher and higher... "You're taking so much away from me... Goodbye, Anna... I'm sorry it ends like this... I'm sorry I won't get to see our child grow... But, at least, he'll have a world to live on..." These were the last words Leon could hear himself say before drifting off...

And he went back to the endless darkness... He saw some light in the distance approach him. It was getting closer and closer... Leon took this as a sign that he was waking up.

He was lying inside his tent. His head was hurting a little, and his body was numb. He got up and stretched, trying to get rid of the numbness, then headed outside. He looked around to see where he was. It was the exact same place they had stopped to rest at earlier, and it was nighttime. The moon was shining down on the road, lighting it in a mystifying way. He saw Tiffany sitting against the tree she had she had thrown him at... She was asleep. He took a few steps ahead and looked up to the sky, just like whoever he was in his dream did.

"What a weird dream..." He thought as he watched the stars shine "Who was that guy? Sure seemed decided on jumping off that cliff... Well, I guess some Pokemon are just crazy like that... To think, he made that poor Lopunny so sad... And she was having his baby! Talk about shameless..."

"You finally woke up" came from behind him. He turned around to see Sasha walking towards him "It only took you the whole day"

"Yeah... Sorry it took me so long" Leon answered, turning around to look at her "Why are you awake? It's nighttime..."

"Someone had to keep watch" She answered "Tiffany said she'd keep watch on you until you woke up... You can see how that turned out"

"Yeah, I see... She looks peaceful... Wonder what she's dreaming of?" Leon's eyes were focused on Tiffany.

"You're right there, aren't you?" Sasha asked him.

"Huh?" Leon gave Sasha a puzzled look "Right where?"

"That point when you're starting out... When anything she does is magnificent for you..."

"What? That's not true..."

"Oh, I'm sure it isn't... Tell me" She smiled slyly "Do you or do you not feel even a bit proud she knocked you out?"

"I wouldn't say proud... I mean, I feel good for her because that shows she grew strong in just a few- oh, I see what you're saying"

"Of course...Right now, you love her, she loves you, and that's all that matters... There's nothing else to it... I mean, you two are practically kids in love...What are you, two yeas old? She is one or so? I'm telling you, It's cute, seeing the way she cuddles and leans on you..."

"Yeah... I'm kind of scared... It was only yesterday we started this... And I'm already afraid I'll Botch things up"

"Botch things up? Why?"

"You know... Say the wrong thing, mess something up..."

"You won't" Sasha answered "The fact you're afraid you'll do something wrong already shows how much you care for her... Most guys I've been with are always nodding along, pretending to care, but they're actually thinking 'Yeah, yeah, I'm hearing you, but, truth is, I just want to get inside you'... And that's it! I never see them again! Not that I'd want to... My point being, you're not going to mess up... Now, go get some sleep, 'champ'."

Leon was heading back to the tent when he stopped and headed back to Sasha. "Actually" He said "I think I've been down for most of the day... I don't need to sleep right now."

"Then, stay here and keep watch with me. Protect the Bunny"

"Okay" Leon sat on the grass "I guess that's fine..."

"Just keep your eyes on the road" Sasha lied down on the grass as well. It seemed to become covered with frosting the moment she touched it. Once again, the metal object peeked out from under her scarf.

"Say, I'm curious..." Leon looked at Sasha "What's that Metal thing that comes out from under your scarf every now and then?"

"Oh, It's nothing important" Sasha answered. She grabbed the edge of her scarf in her muzzle and pulled it off, revealing bright Iron Cross with a crescent moon in the center. It had a star in each side. The Moonlight shining down on it made it glow in an unnatural way. "My brother gave it to me when he came home on leave... Then he was called back to fight and never came back... I don't really know what this is. I guess It's some kind of reward or prize... I remember, when he gave it to me, all I thought was 'This is so pretty! I will wear it every day!'... It reminds me of him... Makes me feel like he's always with me"

"Hurry it up, Vince! We'll miss the ride and we'll have to wait some more!" Came the voice of an Ambipom who was running down the road. He was wearing a red cape, which was flung over his right shoulder and a maroon headband that had a triangular crest. He was holding a Cane in his left tail hand. The moonlight Illuminated his figure and made the color of the cape stand out.

"I'm coming, already!" Answered a Smeargle who was running behind the Ambipom. He had one of his paws on his beret and was holding his tail in the other one "'Don't rush an artist' is a phrase you should consider!" And in a short while they were both gone.

Leon stared at the direction the pair went for a while..."Weird..." He thought "That Ambipom looks familiar..." He leaned back and lied on the grass, looking at the Glaceon near him "Hey, Sasha... Sasha? Well, she fell asleep, too... Am I that boring? Nah, I don't think so... Well, nothing left to do but sleep myself, I guess..." He closed his eyes and, although it took him longer than usual, he fell asleep.

Next morning, he was awakened by the relieved and happy cry of "Leon! You're okay!" He didn't have time to figure out what was going on when he was picked up and shaken by Tiffany.

"Hello to you as well" Leon dizzily replied "Did you sleep well?"

"Some question, that is! I was worried about you! You go and faint and get me all worried and then you wake up and ask me if I slept well? Go put the tent away!" She said in a bossy tone, pointing at the tent.

After Leon was done putting the tent away, he went back to her. "Sorry if I scared you... You're not mad, are you?"

Tiffany looked at him in an upset way for a moment before smiling "Oh, Silly!" She smooched him on the cheek "I can't be mad at you!"

"Thanks" He answered "Now, let's get on the road again...Hey, Sasha... You said you knew how we could get to Selenia faster... How?"

"It's easy" Sasha answered " If we keep going down this road, we'll end up reaching a fork... In that fork, we take a left, and, after about an hour of walking, we should reach Desina. The Train stops there. And, if we take the train, we should arrive in Selenia. Want to get going now?"

"Okay!" Both Leon and Tiffany answered at the same time. As they began to walk after Sasha, Leon was stopped by Tiffany tugging at his arm.

"What?" He asked her.

"You promised you'd carry me, remember?"

"Seriously?" Leon groaned "You really want me to carry you?"

The Bunny planted herself where she was standing, and said "You promised! I'm not moving if its not on your arms!"

"Okay..." He answered, walking towards her "Here goes..." He picked her up in what way he could "See? I'm carrying you... Let's just keep moving..."



"Carry me like this" She moved a bit in his arms, and he ended up carrying her Bridal style.

"Well, that's an endearing sight" Sasha said as she looked back at the pair "Now, care to move?"

"Oohhhkayyy..." Leon took a deep breath and started to walk, carrying the Buneary "Here we go!"

They walked down the road for a few minutes until they reached the fork. Taking a left, just like Sasha said.

Something was different about today... It was something positive... The wind itself seemed to be on their side: It blew against their backs, almost telling them which way to go, and the sun was shining down pleasantly on them. It was bright and warm enough to cheer them up, but not enough to blind them. As they kept walking, the grass by the side of the road grew greener and greener, to the point it was a deep, dark green. It also grew thicker, and several Rawst Trees were adorning the road.

"So... Tired yet?" Tiffany asked Leon, who was huffing with every few steps he took.

"For you... I can go on for hours..." Leon answered. He knew this really wasn't true, but he wanted to look strong.

"Ah, thanks, Leon!" The bunny answered "Live up to what you just said in everything and I think I'm going to love this! Get what I mean?"

"I get what you mean" Leon replied. But, in his, mind, all he was asking himself now was "What DID she mean?"

They came to a stop when a stream of purple and red light flew right past them, followed by a Shadow Ball. They ran to get a better look and found the source of the attacks: an Espeon was jumping away from a Mightyena and attacking it whenever she managed to avoid him.

"She's in trouble" Leon said as he saw the two fight.

"Well, another chance to be a hero!" Tiffany patted his ear "Put me down and be one, Leon!"

"Okay" He gently put her down and headed for the fight.

"Come on!" said the Espeon "All I did was ask you a question! Why are you attacking me?"

"Because I want your money! I want the money, I need the food, and I need some release! And, as far as I see, you can give me all three!" the Migtyena answered "Now, give up and come here!" His words stopped as Leon collided against him, then shocked him with a Thunderbolt, finishing with a Mega Punch to the canine's jaw.

"You've got help?!" The assailant barked in surprise , looking at Leon "Bah, I don't need this... I'll just wait for the next traveler to come!" And with this, he ran into the woods.

"Thanks for that!" The Espeon said in a relieved tone "I don't know what would have happened to me if you hadn't arrived ! Truth is, I was getting a little... Exhausted"

"Why was he attacking you?" Sasha asked, stepping closer.

"Oh, nothing big" The Espeon answered "All I did was ask him if he had seen someone. Next thing I know, he tries to pin me down! So, I get away, he chases me, and... You came!"

"What'd you ask him?" Tiffany approached her.

"I asked him if he had seen someone... Maybe you have. He's a Luxray. Somewhat muscular, serious, silent... Burn mark on his right front leg... Has this 'I hate being alive' look to his eyes... His name is Richard... He's supposed to live somewhere around Desina."

"Well, I don't know any Luxray named Richard..." Sasha answered "But I did know a Luxio named Richard..."

"Really?" The Espeon looked at Sasha with curiosity "Where did you see him?"

"No, but that was about two or three years ago... I honestly don't know."

"Wait..." The Espeon looked at Sasha, apparently examining her "Blue Scarf... Iron Cross peeking out from under it And you knew a Luxio named Richard...You're not... Little Sasha, are you? Misha's little sister?"

"How'd you know?" Sasha asked "Who are you?"

"Oh, rude of me!" The Espeon giggled "My name is Phoebe. Nice to meet you... I met your brother during the war. My mother flipped when she heard I joined the army... Your brother was one of the first soldiers I met. He was a pretty strong Flareon... He used to talk about his little Sister all the time..."

"So, you know where he is?" Sasha's eyes showed a glimmer of hope when she heard this.

"He's M.I.A., I'm afraid... They never found him... That's actually why I'm looking for Richard. He knows about him. More than I do... I guess I'll head closer to Desina."

"Well, we're heading there too!" Leon said "Why don't you come with us?"

"Sounds great" Phoebe answered "But... Who are you?"

"My name's Leon. And this is Tiffany. We're heading for Desina so we can take the Train. Pleased to meet you, Phoebe."

"Same here!" Tiffany said.

"Yes... Pleased to meet you two, as well..." Phoebe said, looking down the road to Desina "Now, I don't know about you, but I'd like to get to the town before that Mightyena comes back and brings some friends... Want to move on?"

"Sure. Let's go"

And all four walked down the path. Desina was less than an hour away. And it, in one way or the other, held what they were looking for. What awaits them there?
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