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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Chapter 5

It was around 4 AM. In the regular world, it would be the early morning, with the sun not rising yet. However, in the perpetually Dark Midnight World, it was impossible to tell. It was in this world, in a large hall, under a Dim, yet Pale blue light, that 17 figures were gathered in their seats at a large table in a vast, ample hall. Once again, I's imposing figure presided the meeting.

"A good morning to all of you" he began. "As you know, today we will all start our search for XV on towns along the tracks of Riale's train. The professor will soon be joining us, to brief us on how we shall proceed. He considers this mission to be of utmost importance."

"I" asked III. Not once did the Lucario's focused, serious tone seem to change "Why is getting the child back suddenly so important? We are all far more capable than he ever was."

"Yeah!" IV called from his seat "What's the point of getting him? Can't we just mash him up? He was never of much use, anyway!"

VIII sneered at IV "You're one to talk about useless! Isn't that little mouse the one who Broke you so bad you were actually knocked out cold for about three days?"

"True, True, he did" IV answered, ashamed of the memories the Weavile had brought back to him "But that's not what I'm heading for! I just wanna know, why must we get him back?"

"That is something that does not concern you" Came the professor's voice. No one had seen when he walked in and took his seat at the Throne on the Table end. "His purpose with us is one that goes beyond your understanding."

"He's right, IV!" XVI exclaimed. "You're so dim you'd buy a rock if they told you it was at half-price!"

"No I wouldn't! I'm not so stupid!" IV answered, annoyed at the way the Zangoose would make fun of him.

"Oh, really?" she asked back "Then tell me, genius, how long does it take you to answer a question?"

IV put one of his large hands on his chin, genuinely thinking what to answer. His eyes even seemed to wander off for a bit.

"Be quiet, now." Came the command from D'Wilde. "I am here to inform you of how your mission for today will go. As you know..." He continued "...XV's last trace was on Riale, where he got on the train. However, the thing of importance in this subject is what he did in Riale just before taking the train: He crossed the local crime chieftain, Don Krow. Apparently, he protected some Buneary that was being harassed by Krow's henchmen. They were looking for an item she had found, and XV, idealist as he suddenly turned out to be, stepped in to defend her, and they took the train after that. Now, your mission for today" He continued " Will be to locate him, because Don Krow is not one to sit idly by when someone opposes him, even more when money is involved, so it is most likely Krow will also be looking for him. We must, however, get to XV before the Don and his underlings do. To that intent, you will search on all towns and cities along the train's tracks. For this job you will be traveling in groups of 2. Number I "he looked at the mewtwo, who faintly nodded. "Will search Selenia. And he will be the only one who will handle his mission alone."

"What?" XII protested. "How come we don't get to go solo?"

"I" D'Wilde immediately answered "Is an exceptional Agent. Since II is handling another job at the moment, it is the only way you can go on pairs. Now, remember: Your goal is to save him from Don Krow's attack. Getting him to come back to us is a step that requires more planning than this."

"Where is II, anyway?" VII asked "No recuerdo seeing him on the way here..."

"He went on a separate mission" Responded D'Wilde. "A job involving secrecy. His favorite. He is to... Negotiate with Don Krow. Convince him to leave XV alone. Now, back into subject " he said, looking at VI "VI and VIII will search Lizean. VII and XIII will head on to Blitzheim..."

"Oh, Yeah!" VII answered. "We'll get going now! Vamos, XIII!"

"Not exactly a fun trip, but fine" said XIII. The Shiftry had never enjoyed VII's company one bit.

The professor continued issuing teams. "IX and XVIII will head out to Ilsia."

"Understood" the Absol answered, getting up from the Pillow next to the table, stretching his front legs. "Let's go now, XVIII."

"Not one problem" XVIII replied, getting up as well. Unlike his quadruped friend, however, he did not stretch.

"III and XVI will search Riale, though I do not think their search would yield any results, it would never hurt to see if XV is there.

XVI giggled "Well, aren't you the one for me!" she told III. "Come on, Big Guy! Even if the day's boring, I promise I'll make it up to you... In more than one way, you know.... By the way, good luck thinking up an answer, IV!"

III got up from his seat. "I will look forward to it... like you said, even if the day is boring..." His eyes locked with the Zangoose's for a moment before turning to see IV. "And I too, wish you luck in finding your answer, IV."

"IV and V will search Ruby Plains... Or what's left of them, thanks to IV's latest stunt... IV...IV? Are you even listening to me?" The Professor asked, looking at IV, whose mind was still absent with XVI's question. No doubt in it, IV was not the brightest of them all, and his strength did not really make up for it. "IV?!"

"Ah............................ Yes, Professor?" IV suddenly snapped back to reality.

"Were you even listening to me?"

"Was I Listening!" IV said. "... No. What's the Mission?"

"Never mind " said V, getting up from his seat "I'll fill you in on the way, let's go."

"Thank you, V" D'Wilde sighed. "Give him every detail possible. Now..." He kept going "X and XII, you will take the Train. Ridiculous as it might sound, he might board it at any time, if he has even gotten off from it. XIV and XIX will search Desina. And last, but not least, XI and XVII will search the depths of the Ilsian forest. You all have important duties to complete, so I suggest you get to work at once."

The few remaining Agents on the room took off, and the Professor was once again sitting there alone.

However, just as the Midnight Voices made plans for the day, Another force was doing just the same....

In the outskirts of Riale stood a sinister- looking Mansion. The Sun had not risen yet, and the lack of light made it look much more terrifying. Outside the door stood a single Machoke. His face showed he was nervous. The door suddenly opened, revealing a Haunter on the other side.

"Come" the Haunter signaled with It's large, spectral claw. The Machoke obeyed, stepping into the Foyer.

"How is the Don?" he nervously asked.

"He is fine. Actually in a very good mood" the Haunter answered "I am sure that will change when he sees you, however."

They went up a staircase and walked through a long hallway, which was covered with all sorts of rare antiques and treasures, until they finally reached a large, Gilded Door.

"He's here. Good luck getting out alive." The Haunter said, opening the door.

Machoke walked inside. The Room was gigantic, covered with Gold and rare artifacts. At the end of the room was the largest pile of gold and money, and sitting above it, was Don Krow, surrounded by several Murkrow, who were, no doubt, his closest followers, seeing how they were all in the pile of riches.

The Don was an astounding sight. Burly and Muscular, yet well groomed. His Black feathers were clean and well cared for, with the white feathers at his chest -completely spotless- giving him the appearance of wearing an extremely formal suit, and the Red feathers at the end of his tail forming the shape of a Bouquet. He was, without a doubt, the epitome of elegance.

"You wanted to see me, Don Krow?" Machoke asked.

"I do not want to see you" the Don said, looking at Machoke as if he were some Garbage bag that got dumped in front of him. "But I do want to know, why you do not have my treasure..."

"Well, Sir... Truth is... I had found it. But I was beaten to it."

"Beaten to it?"

"Yes... Someone else found it. Some Buneary girl got it before I did. I tried to recover it, but truth is, we were beaten up."

Don Krow suppressed a laugh "What?! Beaten by a Buneary! And then we wonder why we handle this business by ourselves!" Don Krow said, looking at the Murkrow next to him, who began laughing at the Machoke's story.

"Well, Don Krow... Truth is, she wasn't alone. Someone else stood in the way. The one who beat me."

"Oh, please tell me that was a strong Pokemon, because otherwise, you are just proving yourself more incompetent than I figured you were."

"It was a Pichu."

Don Krow was unable to hold it. The Honchkrow Burst into laughter, followed by all the Murkrow around him. "I Can't believe it!" the Don said, still laughing under his breath "You really are that incompetent! Why would you Machoke employ yourselves as hired Muscle?! If they all are like you, you are really wasting my money! You know what? Just tell me where they went..."

"They took the Train, sir. I do not know..." Machoke answered.

"Not a Problem. We'll search everywhere along the Tracks" The Don answered, stopping and staring at the Machoke for a moment.

"And consider yourself fired. You are no longer part of this thing of ours... I give you two days to leave Riale. Get out of my sight, useless clown!" He said, gesturing towards the door.

"Yes, sir..." answered the Machoke, slowly walking to the door.

Once Machoke was out, the Don turned around to look at the Window behind him, then looked at his Murkrow, who seemed to understand him.

"Let's go, my pretties!" He exclaimed, leaping out the window, followed by his Murkrow "There's Money to be obtained, there's misdeeds to be done, and there's a lesson to teach: You DON'T mess with Don Krow... EVER!"
And so they took off to the skies, their grim figures becoming shadows against the light of the rising sun on the Horizon. They would find this Pichu, they would get their Treasure, and they would leave it clear that the Don must never be crossed... All in a day's work...

Machoke was walking down the road to Riale. He was pretty sad: For a long time, working for Don Krow had been all he had done for a living, and now he was out of it. All for a meddling little Pichu... And now he was feeling a chill in his spine... Something unnerving, like he was being followed... He turned around to see who was following him, and all he could see was a bright Purple flash before falling to the ground.

"Hmm... Yes. This will do..." said a figure, looming over his body "Mission Begins... Now...."

A few hours later, at Ilsia...

Leon woke up. Even though he had not had any strange dreams last night, he felt strange... When he rolled over, he realized Tiffany was not there.

"Where'd she go?" he thought, getting up from the bed and looking around, when he suddenly heard a noise behind him. He turned around to see Tiffany coming out of the door at the back of the room. She seemed to be wet, with both her ears folded down.

"Well, good morning, sleepy!" she said, walking into the room "You know, you squirm a lot when you're sleeping. Do you get nightmares or something?"

"No... Not really" Leon answered. He knew that was a lie, but he wasn't really comfortable talking about it.

"Well, glad to hear it. It just sucks when you can't even have nice dreams, huh?" she said, grabbing one of her ears with her paw and straightening it. "Anyway. There's a hot spring over in that room, if you want to take a bath" she said, pointing at the door she had just come out of.

"Yeah. Thanks." Said Leon, walking into the Room she had just pointed at. Inside, he saw a hole with steaming water in it. He assumed that was the Hot Spring. "So, this is a Hot Spring?" he thought "The others used to tell me these were pretty rare... At least in the northern region, what with the cold and all. Only the rich could have one of these in their home... Well, maybe that's different here... My, this is good!" he thought as he stepped into the water. "I don't know why VI and VIII complain about these... They're pretty good..." The Pichu took his time relaxing in the spring, letting it wash away all his pent-up stress...
After what had possibly been the most relaxed time he had spent all week, Leon got up from the spring, feeling a little regret for having to leave that place. He stepped out into the Bedroom.

"So?" Tiffany asked. "Did you like it?"

"Sure did!" he answered. The bath had really perked him up. "It's totally relaxing. But... How'd you get a house with a Hot Spring? Aren't They supposed to be expensive?"

"Well... I couldn't tell. I have been living here since I was born, and the Spring has always been there."

"Well, don't mind that for now." Said Leon "Do you think that elder you mentioned yesterday is home today?"

" Well, he could be... Wanna go check?" She asked, opening the door to the sitting room, and grabbing her bag

"Sure" answered Leon, grabbing his bag as well "Whenever you want to go."

"Alright then, let's go!" Tiffany answered with her usual cheerfulness, opening the door leading to the town.
They walked through the town all the way to the elder's tree, where the same Pidgeot from the day before was perched.

"Hey, Chip!" Tiffany greeted again "Is the Elder here today?"

"Yes, dear." Answered the Pidgeot "He is in there right now. Do you want to see him?"

"Yes, please!" She answered.

"Alright then." The Pidgeot fluttered down to them "You'd better hold on tight, both of you. I'm not as strong as I used to be... Grab ahold of my Talon, now!" said the Pidgeot as both Leon and Tiffany grabbed ahold of his large talon, after which he took of, landing in a branch near a hole in the tree.

"The Elder is in here" he said, pointing at the hole with his wing "Remember your manners, little ones. He is the oldest one of us here."

Leon followed Tiffany into the tree hole. It was, much to his surprise, quite ample. There was a fire just at the center, with several bookshelves along the walls, and a Perch, which, Leon assumed, was where elder slept. Perched in it, was Elder Noctave.
The Noctowl seemed to be in pretty good shape despite his age, with only a bit of grey in his feathers, and surprisingly large eyebrows.

"Good morning, elder" Tiffany said, as she slowly walked up to him. "Have you been well?" Leon was stumped. In what little time he had known the Buneary, not once he had seen her acting this Polite.

"Ah, Tiffany" the Noctowl said, "Good morning to you as well. And I have been fine of health. Thank you, dear." He looked at Leon for a moment before asking "And who is this young Pichu? I don't remember seeing him before."

"Leon!" Tiffany whispered into Leon's ear "Introduce yourself! Remember what Chip said: Manners!"

"My name is Leon, sir" said Leon, as politely as he could, approaching the Noctowl.

"Now, now, don't be so well mannered with me, I'm old, but I'm not royalty!" The Elder chuckled, amused at how the two young ones were speaking to him.

"Sorry, sir" Tiffany apologized. "But Leon here wanted to ask if you know the story behind Hope's Peak."

"Hope's Peak?!" The Elder seemed to be positively surprised this was being asked to him.

"I-Is something the matter?" Tiffany seemed alarmed at the elder's reaction.

"No. Nothing, dear." Answered the Elder "It's just its been so long since I was last asked to tell that story... The story of the one whose deeds were legend... Sit down, young ones. It will be a long story..."

Both Leon and Tiffany did as they were told, sitting down in front of the fire, across from the Noctowl's perch.

"Now, the story of Hope's Peak begins at the end of another story. You don't mind if I tell you about it first, do you?"

"No. Not at all" Leon answered. "Please do." This was it. He was about to learn what the voice in his dreams wanted him to know: He was about to learn what it meant to be a True Hero.

"Good. Then" Said the Noctowl, clearing his throat "Let's begin...

"A long time ago, even before I was born, in the age in which the Mismagius, practitioners of both benevolent and Dark Magic were not such a rare sight, our world was being engulfed in the Shadow of a Great Evil.... Hope was near lost to the entire land. There was close to nothing that could be done to stop this threat. And Just then... Appeared the Hero."

"The Hero?" Leon asked, his interest in the story increasing by the minute.

"The Hero. The Silver warrior with a kind heart who, along with others, pushed the darkness back to Its origin. And together they marched to defeat the source of the Evil: The Darkest and most corrupted soul to have ever existed... Together: The Hero, The Beauty, The Brave, The Noble, The Joyful, The Lost, The Loved and The Dagger faced off against the Evil, and, after a long and tiring battle, they emerged victorious."

"Wow! Sounds like this hero person and his friends were really strong!" Tiffany was amazed to hear Pokemon like that ever existed.

"However, as he vanished, the Dark One cast one vengeful, last Curse: As the world could not belong to him, it would not exist. His final curse was that the land would be struck by a calamity. One like it had never faced before. There begins the story of Hope's Peak."

"Huh? Why does it begin there?" Tiffany asked "I thought Hope's Peak was something good?"

"I'm just beginning!" said the Elder. "Now, back to where I was..."

"The Darkness was gone from the world. And soon, everyone went back to living his regular life. Peace reigned once again, but it was then, a few months later, that the Curse became true... That fateful day, when the sky began to fall... A Cyan- colored fragment of the very sky was heading for the world, threatening to bring forth its Demise. That was when the Hero made his final and greatest sacrifice: That of his very existence. With the determination of saving those he loved, even if it cost him his life, he launched himself at the falling star. And, with the satisfaction of knowing the one he cared for the most would be safe, he crashed into the Meteor, which was destroyed the moment they collided. However, this would not go without taking a toll on the hero. He had used all his strength in order to destroy this new threat, and was weakened. And so, the Hero fell from the skies, along with the last fragment of the star, and together, they crashed into the world, The star fragment becoming the mountain we know as Hope's Peak. Once an omen to our demise, now a monument to Hope, towering above the land, as a reminder to the Hero who gave his life to save the world. The Hero, however, was never found. Whether he is still alive, or was erased from the very world is not known, but Ghost- types have stated they have not seen him in the Spirit World. And that is the story behind Hope's Peak... One that has been forgotten by time."

Leon was amazed to hear someone as brave existed: To put himself in harm's way, and not once, but twice! The voice in his dreams was right. That was a true Hero, no doubt about it. Suddenly, he could hear the voice again. "Ask him. Ask him what Pokemon the Hero was...." "Excuse me... Do you know what Pokemon the Hero was?" He asked the Elder.

The Noctowl tilted his head, looking at Leon. "No. I cannot help you with that. What I just told you was the short version of what happened. And I do not know much about it. My memory is no longer as fresh as it used to be... However...." He said, fluttering towards one of the Bookshelves and using his Talons to pull out a rather old- looking Book. "This can enlighten you on the matter, young one" He dropped the Book in front of Leon. "This... Is the Story of the Hero. It was written in ancient times, and it should tell you everything you need to know. But time has not been kind to this Book. Hundreds of years have made it worn out and Fragile. Take it, but be careful with it."

"Are you sure you don't mind us taking this book?" Tiffany asked the Elder.

"Oh, of course not!" The Elder was clearly happy "Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the Young ones show interest in the past!"

"Thank you, sir." Said Leon as he picked up the book and looked at the cover. It was really worn out, damaged by time. He could faintly make out the words written on the cover: " The Tale of the Silver Hero". "I'll take good care of it" he said, putting the Book in his Bag.

"Thanks for your time, Elder Noctave!" Tiffany told the Elder with her usual smile "We'll see you later! Take care!"

"I sure will! You two take care as well, little ones!" The Noctowl waved his wing at the other two as they climbed out the Hole in the tree.

"Hey, Chip. Mind taking us back down?"

"Not at all, dear. Grab hold of my talons again and you'll be down in no time."

Once again, they grabbed the Talons of the Pidgeot, who fluttered down, leaving them on the ground. "Take care, you two!" he said, flying back to his Branch.

"So... This Hero is really cool, huh?" Tiffany asked, looking at Leon as they both walked back to her house.

"Yes, he is. It's amazing someone would risk his life twice for others."

"Just imagine... To know someone like that..."


They kept walking until they reached a spot in the clearing where a large crowd was gathered.

"Hey.. What's going on there?" Leon asked, looking at the size of the crowd.

"I don't know.... Wanna check it out?"

"Alright, let's go." They both headed into the crowd, and noticed the cause of the uproar: Two Pidgey were being held by a group of Murkrow, who were apparently holding them under the orders of a much larger Bird.
Tiffany let out a sudden gasp when she saw who the figure in command was: That Was Don Krow.

"Leon!" she whispered into the Pichu's ear again. "That's him! That's Don Krow! The guy I told you about? That's him!"

Don Krow suddenly spoke up: "I repeat once again, if anyone has knowledge of where a Pichu and Buneary has been, he is to speak now! If he knows where they are, he is to deliver them to us! Otherwise..." He signaled at one of the Murkrow, who pressed his wing to the Pidgey's neck.

"What do we do? Do we step in?" Tiffany asked Leon, shivering a little.

Leon stood there watching. If he were to step in, would he save the Pidgey? Yes. Would he be in danger? Probably. Would that be what the real Leon would have done? He wasn't sure... The Real Leon had told him to avoid getting in trouble with the Don. But these Pidgey were in danger... But he wanted to show he could really be a Hero... After some thinking, he finally made his choice.

"I will step in" He said, looking at Tiffany. "But you stay here."

Without further ado, he jumped forth, hitting one of the Murkrow with ThunderPunch. Quickly doing the same with the next. "You were looking for me?" he asked, staring angrily at the Don.

"Well, well, well.... You don't seem to know, do you? You don't mess with the Don. No one does" The Honchkrow gestured at the Murkrow behind him. "Get'im."

The Murkrow instantly flew forth at Leon, willing to defeat him. Leon had no problems taking the first few on, but they were starting to outnumber him. "Time to use the good stuff!" He said, rising his arms to his face, with his hands clenched in a Fist- like fashion "Have... Some... THUNDER!" He shouted as the gigantic lighting stuck the spot he was standing, knocking out all the Murkrow. "See? You're not so tough!" he told them, huffing, Running out of air. Using that attack had tired him out. No matter how strong he was, he was still a Pichu, and his body was not meant to handle such a large amount of Energy.

"Well, bravo! Bellissimo!" Don Krow applauded with his wings. "Well done! But there's hardly a difference. Not only am I still here, but you are pretty weakened from that attack. You only made it easier for me to finish you off!" He said, rising his wing, which began to glow a bright Purple. Just as he was about to unleash his attack, Tiffany stepped in.

"Wait, Don! You still have me to deal with!" She said, spreading her small arms in a covering fashion.

"Fine! All the better!" The Don smirked "I'll cut that cute little body of yours and take the artifact later!" Having finished his sentence, he unleashed his Night Slash.

"Don't!" Leon shouted as he stepped in the way of the slash, which hit him straight in the Chest, sending him rolling a few feet away. Considering his size, the resulting Injury was gigantic. He was Bleeding and weakened, and could no longer move. What was worse: The Murkrow had recovered and were walking towards him along with their leader.

"And you would still get in the way? Idiot! I'll put you out of your misery" he said, raising his wing.

"I regret to inform you I can't allow you to do that." Was the last thing Leon heard before passing out.

"Who's there?!" asked Don Krow, looking around, trying to find the source of the Soft, yet threatening voice.
Suddenly, A Rock came flying at great speed out of nowhere, hitting one of the Murkrow in the head. 3 others followed, all hitting their Marks.
The Don saw where the rocks came from: A Rhyperior was standing in one of the larger three branches, holding out his Left Arm, which had a Yellow band with a black "XVIII" on it.

Just as he was about to take flight at his attacker, Don Krow- Along with the remaining Murkrow- was hit by a strong blast of wind, which cut and threw them all back. "What the Hell?!" the Don asked, looking at the cut that had stained his clean, white feathers red.
Suddenly, the source of the voice made itself visible: A White, Mystifying figure dropped from the trees above the Don, landing in front of him: It had a black, crescent horn, a tail with the same shape, and it's fur was a pure white. He was an Absol. Wrapped around his left front leg was a black band with a white "IX" on it.

"You see..." he spoke out "Our valuable XV is someone we can't let you harm. If you value the lives of both you and your henchmen, you will depart."

"Why don't you try making me?!" Don Krow shouted as he flew at IX, but he was stopped as a rather sizeable Rock hit him in the Head, after which IX slashed his body, leaving him badly injured.

"Still decided to fight us?" The Absol asked him.

Don Krow growled angrily "Why... I'll remember this! You can both consider yourselves done for!" With this, he retreated, followed by what few of his followers were still conscious.

"Yeah, sure, buddy!" XVIII shouted "Whenever you're looking for us, you can find us with the Midnight Voices!"

They were left alone: Tiffany, Leon, IX and XVIII. The crowd all had run away when Leon stepped in.

"Take him somewhere he can heal up." IX turned around to look at Tiffany "And look after him. Like I said, he is valuable to us..."

"This should cover expenses!" XVIII called out from the branch he was standing on "Take it!" he finished as he threw a Sack full of Money at the Bunny.

"Thank you, buâ�"wait!" She called out as the Absol jumped towards the Rhyperior, and they both vanished in a flash of Pink. "Well... I guess they were not bad, seeing how they practically paid for anything Leon might need in order to heal up... Oh! Leon!" She turned around and grabbed the unconscious Pichu. "Oh, hang in there, Leon... I'll get you some help..."

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