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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


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My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Chapter 6

"Oh.... Hang in there, Leon" Said Tiffany, her voice expressing great concern for the Pichu's health. "I'll just... I'll get you somewhere safe." She finished as she lifted Leon, trying to carry him over her shoulder. Even though she was slightly taller than he was, Leon was still quite heavy for what she could carry.

Although the trip back home was a tiring one, Tiffany finally reached her house.

"We're here... Just let me get the door" she told the unconscious Pichu as she put him down and opened the door to the small house, picking up Leon and taking him inside. She opened the door to her room and placed Leon on her bed, covering him with a Blanket she pulled out of a nearby drawer. "Just stay here, alright? I'll go get you help."

The Buneary quickly left the room and rushed out of her house into the now darkened forest clearing, leaving the blacked-out Pichu lying on her bed.

Leon was unconscious, but not entirely out. Although he was not fully aware of what happened, he had some things for sure: He had been saved from the Don by someone, and Tiffany had taken him back to her home. He was not awake. And he was once again standing in the never ending darkness.

"Good evening" came the unknown voice he had heard quite some times before.

"Oh. It's you" Leon answered. He felt a little relieved when he heard the voice. At least hearing it was a sign he had not died.

"I see you learned the legend behind Hope's Peak." The Voice said "Isn't it an admirable thing? To have given up his very existence in order to save the ones he Loved... The Hero was a truly admirable one... Surprisingly modest, too."

"Yeah" Leon answered "I can't help but feel admired about this "Silver Hero"."

"And yet... Do you realize... What you just did was similar?"

"What, stepping in to cover Tiffany? She's my friend. I would have died if that's what it took for her to be safe."

"What you did" The voice replied " Was that you protected someone dear to you, even if in doing so you would have lost your life. That... Is what a True Hero does. I wanted you to hear the Story of Hope's Peak so you would learn that. But it seems it was not necessary."

"So... Does that make me a true hero?" Leon asked, feeling a bit excited he would have fulfilled the original Leon's wish.

"It proves that you can be a true hero. But it does not mark you as one. Your fate lies farther from that." The Voice said. Leon let out a small sigh.

"There is still much for you to learn" The Voice continued "And the path you must walk is still too long. But don't worry. All the pieces will be lined up in time. And when they do.... You will understand it all."

"So, to be a true hero, There's still more to do?" Leon asked.

"There are many things that need be done. And you, above all" The Voice emphasized "Are vital to everything..."


"More than anything else... Now, it is time for me to take my leave. After all, the injury you sustained was not a small one, and I am more than sure you need the rest now. Farewell..."

"Wait!" Yelled Leon " what do you mean with Vital? Please stop!"

But he was late: And the little mouse once again found himself standing alone in the vast, infinite darkness...

However, As Leon was lying unconscious on Tiffany's bed, Don Krow and his followers had made it back to their Mansion...

"You Idiots!" The Don splashed out of one of his Gold Piles, knocking it over before turning around to face one of the Murkrow, The Don's once well cared-for feathers still stained Red from IX's slash. "All we had to do was beat up the Buneary and Pichu, and get our artifact back!" He slapped the Murkrow in the back of the head with his wing "Was that too hard?! And to think I judged that idiotic Machoke as useless... When you are all the same! Now my beautiful feathers.... RUINED! And my pride? Fractured! Horribly fractured!" He gave another one of the Murkrow a strong Peck with his large beak "And worst of all... In front of a watching crowd!"

"Actually, Don Krow" one of the Murkrow spoke out "The crowd cleared out after the Pichu steâ�"

"Did I tell you you could talk?!" The Don fiercely interrupted "You! Are! ALL! Useless!" he thrashed about, knocking over his Gold and Artifacts all over the room, before being interrupted by a Haunter, who had just entered the room.

"Bongiorno, Don Krow" the Haunter respectfully said. "I see the operation did not go as planned, but worry not. I am sure a next attempt would yield... Better results." He approached the Don " Just let me get you something to eat... And later, I can assist you in healing. I am sure after that, grooming your feathers back to their usual elegance will not be so hard... But it is important that you remain calm."

The Don took a deep breath "You're right, Gino... I need to think things over and calm down..." He finished, perching himself above one of the Gold piles the room.

"I am glad to see you have regained your calm, sir" Gino replied, slowly hovering towards the door "Now if you'll excuse me, I will go get your breakfast..."

"No" Don Krow answered "Stay. I will need a voice of reason in case I lose control. Surrounded by these Numbskulls and all..."

"As you wish, Don" Gino immediately took his place near the Honchkrow.

"Now." The Don bent his head, deep in thought "Our little adventure would have been successful, and we would have gotten our Artifact back if that Absol and Rhyperior had not interfered. " Gino raised his head, apparently paying particular attention to that last part "I am, however, intrigued by what the Absol said. He said "Our valuable fifteen is someone we can't let you harm."... That implies that Pichu is known as fifteen. What kind of name is that? Those were not regular Pokemon..."

"Don Krow. If I may speak" The Murkrow the Don had interrupted before spoke out "I am sure you have heard about the Midnight Voices."

"Of course I've heard of them!" Don Krow answered "What do you take me for? They're that crew that suddenly seized Lizean about six months ago! They ruined all our business interests in the north!"

"Exactly" The Murkrow continued "I heard the Rhyperior yell we could find them with the Midnight Voices while we were pulling back. So that means..."

"The Pichu is a member of the Midnight Voices!" The Don exclaimed in realization "Bobby, you are a genius!" he patted the Murkrow on the back with his wing "I'm promoting you! From now on, You'll be my guy in the streets of Riale. Yes. My Guy" he added, seeing the excited look on Bobby's face "From now on, all our Soldati there report to you. Cheers!"

The Other Murkrow and the Haunter began praising Bobby, Cheering for him.

"Now" The Don stopped the cheering and continued "The Pichu is a member of the Midnight voices. And I can assure he's hurt. He won't get back up from my Night Slash in quite a while. So that means... There is still chance for profit!" He said, his eyes suddenly glowing with Greed "All we need do is quickly swoop in wherever he is, Kidnap him, and Bing! We get ourselves a nice, big ransom from his crew! It's all so perfect!"

"Ah, but you see, Don Krow" Gino suddenly floated closer to the Don "I do not think that would be a wise choice."

"What? Why, Gino?" Don Krow seemed puzzled the loyal Haunter suddenly questioned his plan, something he had never done before. "Don't you wanna be rich?"

"It's not that I don't want to be rich" The Haunter moved even closer "It's just...If you had any common sense, you would know better than to antagonize the Midnight Voices. They are a certainly powerful group, which is far more than what I can say about this pitiful organization you are trying to command."

"What?!" The Don seemed shocked to be hearing this "You Insolentâ�"Wait! Gino would never tell me that... Who... Who are you?!"

"Ah..." The Haunter answered "So, your dim brain actually accomplished a correct conclusion." The air around him becoming distorted "I confess myself surprised. I actually thought you would not notice!"

Don Krow and his henchmen watched in awe as they saw the Haunter disappear, a new figure appearing in his stead.
"Surprise" The new figure said calmly with his Serious, secretive voice. He was a strange, yet somehow imposing sight. A dark purple cloak, with slightly Pinker edges, shining yellow eyes with Red Pupils, a crooked smile, a Necklace of Blood Red pearls and a Purple Wizard's hat with a Pink tip, and a "II" marked at the place where the Hat's base meets it's tip. He was a Mismagius.

"How?! What?!" Don Krow was startled to realize he had been tricked "How... How did you even get in here?! Where's Gino?!"

"Your Butler is no more. And getting in here was no problem. My abilities allow me to handle my appearance at will." The Mismagius smirked to himself "All I did was knock out the idiotic Machoke you fired and transform into him. After that I walked back in. But your Butler saw through my disguise. Mainly because you had fired the Machoke. So I killed him and took on his appearance instead. But I waste my time, trying to explain this to you, and your inferior Bird Brain,,," He gave another laugh to himself. "So I will cut to the point: I was sent here to warn you: Refrain from chasing XV at once. Or we will attack. I am sure you can keep making your pitiful crime empire grow here... As a matter of fact, I hear the Persian are moving into your turf. Why not focus in them instead? For your own sake..."

The Don was boiling in rage. His friend and loyal helper was dead, and he was being challenged and insulted by a stranger, who apparently worked with the same Absol that had ruined his good looks. "You think you can just walk in here..." His Tone left it clear he was enraged "Tell me you killed my best and most loyal Helper... Insult me... Threaten me, in my very own domain... And get away with it?!"

"But of course" II replied in a mocking way "As a matter of fact, I just did, in case you failed to notice."

That was the last straw. The fact this enemy would even make fun of him at this point made the Don's temper burst again. He was boiling mad. "Pezzo di Merda! Insolent son of a Bitch! What are you waiting for, you idiots?!" He signaled his Murkrow "Go! Kill him! I want his Hat in my trophy room! Kill Him!" He angrily screamed his command. And the Murkrow immediately launched themselves at II.

"You do realize you are all still injured from the attack from my colleagues..." II confidently spoke out. "But I will be happy to harm you further, if you so please" He finished, a cruel smile forming in his face.
The first Murkrow tried to Peck him, attack II simply moved away from, hitting the Murkrow back with a Shadow Ball.

"Any more of you? I am willing to stay awake" II taunted, after which 6 Murkrow were standing in front of him, ready to fight. "My, Oh, my! This is hardly fair... I say, I should even this game a bit, don't you agree?"
II gave a bright, purple flash from his eyes, and the air became distorted. Suddenly, He, the Don, and The Murkrow were standing under a dark sky in a long, foggy field.

"How in the world..." Don Krow muttered, staring at the large expanse of Fog- covered Grass he was standing on.

"Now, what do you say of we let this game begin?" Said II, staring at the confused Murkrow in fron of him.

"Aâ�"Alrite, I'll go!" Bobby stated as he flew towards II "C'mon, guys! For the Family!"

"For the Family!" The others followed, inspired by the new Underboss's determination

"Such courage..." said II, amused at the sight of the black birds attacking him "Worry not. I will break you in time..."
Bobby tried to hit II with a Wing Attack, but the fog made it difficult for him to see and missed, only to be hit from behind with another Shadow Ball, which sent him flying away, out of sight. After that, another Murkrow followed to attack him with a Night Slash, which would have worked well, if it wasn't for the fact II had vanished in the Fog, emerging to hit the lesser bird with a Night Slash of his own, which made the Murkrow collapse to the grass below.

"Any more? I am hardly even trying, you know..." II Teased the 4 remaining Murkrow, who began to walk at him, ready to gang up on him and take him out.

"You're going down, Pal!" said one of the Murkrow as they launched at him.

"Missed me!" II dodged a Wing Attack, basking in the amusement he got from the Murkrow, who were not able to hit him in the midst of the deep fog, until his amusement was cut short by another Night Slash, which finally managed to hit him, his weakness to the Dark type causing him to take more damage than normal from the attack. That one moment he was unable to hide in the Fog left a window in which the other 3 Murkrow attacked him, causing him to sustain somewhat serious damage.

"Now... 4 on 1... It is not fair, is it?" II growled, backing away "But this is the only shot you get at me. Because now... I will even this game even more." He concluded as 3 copies of him split from his body. "Now... Where were we?"
The Murkrow seemed to be confused at the sight their one opponent suddenly matching their number.

"He's using Double Team, you morons!" The Don warned his men "Remember! Only one of them is real! The rest can't even attack! Now, each of you, hit one!"

"Can't even attack, huh?" all 4 IIs muttered in amusement "I got a surprise for you then...."

And, as instructed, each of the Murkrow dashed at the II replicas, who, at the moment, stepped back, causing all 4 of the Birds to suddenly miss in their attacks, which each of the II Replicas countered with Thunderbolt, knocking them out.

"You see... I hardly even doubted how things would turn out in this fight." II said proudly, using his magic to wipe the dust of his cloak "Not counting those few hits I took, I daresay I did superbly well. This deserves a 99 out of 100!"

"How... How can you even do that?" Don Krow was amazed at what II had just done "Double Team copies cannot attack!"

"Ah, but you see, Don Krow" II replied with a clever tone, as the Air became distorted once again, leaving the him, The Don and the knocked out Murkrow standing in the same room they were on before, the Piles of Gold Glistening in the Moonlight. "I am much more than a very handsome, smart and Powerful Mismagius... I have, much like others of my species, the Power of Illusion, but my power" He said, making a gigantic Emerald, which caught Don Krow's eyes, appear in front of him "Goes far beyond that... First, I do not need to hypnotize my victims -although that helps- And second... My target will believe everything I make him see..." He said, passing the Emerald to Don Krow. "They will see it, hear it, feel it... But in the end" The Emerald vanished from the Don's Wings, causing him to sigh "It stays an Illusion. Not that they would know... In fact, none of your Murkrow is even hurt, but the sensation of Pain alone was enough to take them out... And, unless you give up" He readied for battle "You will be next."

"Oh, I'm not scared!" Don Krow practically roared in rage at the knowledge his Henchmen had been taken out by something that wasn't even real. "Prepare to learn how I handle things, you second- rate wizard!"

And They began the battle, if that's how it could have been called, As it happened rather quickly:

Don Krow flew at II to hit him with a Steel Wing, which II sidestepped several times before hitting the Don with Magical Leaf, the summoned leaves making a cut in the side of the Don's face. Don Krow gritted in pain, pulling up his wing to feel the cut. Enraged out of logical thinking, he threw himself against II in a Berserk rage. II knew it by now: His fight was won. As the beastly crow attempted to hit him with Slashes from his wings, All II did was step away, until the Don exposed his back, which II hit with a Night Slash. Although it was not very effective, it was enough to set things up for his attack. While the Don was stunned, he hit him with Thunderbolt, then Magical Leaf, and finished hitting him full in the back with a Shadow Ball.

This was enough to take out the powerful leader, Don Krow fell against one of his Piles of money, causing it to collapse.

"Excellent" II said to himself with a satisfied expression "I just defeated the heads of the strongest criminal organization in the world, with just a few scratches on myself, all in a day's work... Oh, and, by the way" He said, getting close to the defeated leader "The attacks I hit you with... They were not Illusions. Take care. And... Mind your own business. Become rich by fighting off the Persian. But if you cross us, the Midnight Voices... I will see to it the luck of surviving is not yours..."

The Don growled, trying to get up, collapsing back into the gold.

"Now, farewell" II grinned as he vanished with a gray light "And I hope I will not need to see you again..."

And Don Krow and his Mukrow were left lying on the room, the Moonlight shining through the gigantic window.

And, As II traveled back to the Midnight World, Tiffany was returning home with medicine for Leon...

"Leon, I'm back!" Tiffany called as she opened the door to her room "I brought you some Medicine!" She approached the Pichu who was lying on her bed "Here now... I'll just have to tie this here around, and... There you go!"

"Thanks... For the aid..." Leon said weakly, getting up to reach her "You're okay... right?"

"Leon! Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine!" she answered, a tear of relief forming in the corner of the bunny's eye when she realized her friend was awake "I'm more worried about you! Are YOU okay?"

"I'm good." The Pichu replied "I've had worse... Hey, what's this thing?" he asked, looking at the bandages in his chest.

"Oh, they're bandages." Tiffany answered as she raised Leon's right arm "I'm not done putting them on you yet, so you'll have to hold still for a bit."

"Okay" Leon tried not to move as Tiffany finished putting the bandages on him, and, once she was finished, proceeded to ask: "What happened? I just remember stepping in to cover you, but I don't remember much after that... Wait a minute... Did you beat Don Krow?"

Tiffany giggled at the question "As if! You know, I can't even fight..."

"Then what happened?"

"We were saved by some guys. Yeah, the same who gave me the money to buy you the Bandages and Medicine later."

"Really? Well, that's nice! What were they like?" Leon was intrigued as of why he would be saved by total strangers. For a moment, the thought that maybe there were other heroes in the World sparked in his mind.

"Well... One of them was a Rhyperior... And the other was a Pokemon I had never seen before... He was white, and had this black, crescent horn, and a sickle- like tail. And his eyes were this deep red..."

"Did he have a Black band in his left front leg?"

"Oh, yeah! That's him! That's the one who beat the Don! He asked me to take care f you, and that you were quite valuable to him. Do you know him?"

At this moment, Leon already knew who Tiffany was talking about. That was IX, one of the strongest and most mysterious members of the Midnight Voices. He was always keeping silent around him and usually ignored him, so in time, Leon had learned to do the same. But this was a moment he dreaded. He would have to reveal who he really was, and that could, more than possibly, destroy his friendship with the Buneary. But he was pretty much cornered right now. He couldn't think up a lie, and he knew Tiffany would suspect if he said no, so he decided to take the only route that seemed possible: He would tell her the truth.

"Yes" He answered "I know him. That was IX. He's an Absol. And the Rhyperior? He was possibly XVIII. They are members of the group known as the Midnight Voices. You know the ones who've been going around, killing innocents, trying to take over the world... And the reason they protected me... Is that I am a part of them. I am Agent XV."

Tiffany stood in silence, staring at the Pichu in her bed. She was having a had time believing someone who looked so adorable and had not only saved her, but been so kind at her, was the member of an evil World- ambitioning army.

"So... You're with them? You're not actually from Ruby Plains, but from the guys who burned it down? You lied to me?"

"Please let me explain" Leon was quite sad to realize she was reacting just as he thought she would. "I was one of them. But I am not anymore. I never really liked what we did. And about 3 months ago, I abandoned them. I arrived at Ruby Plains, and I realized this world is so great... I began to become a part of it... I even made a friend. His name was Leon. I was real happy, enjoying the peace, it felt like I always belonged here. But they... The Midnight Voices, which I had deserted, found me. And after...After The Death of my friend, I took his name and set out to travel. He told me he wanted me to be a Hero like he always wanted to... So I arrived at Riale... And that's where I met you. But I assure you, I do not want anything to do with them, I just want to Fulfill a promise to a friend... And to get back at the one who killed him... Please, please don't hate me." He finished, bowing his head, then looked up to see Tiffany, who was still staring at him.

"Did you..." She asked "Did you ever Kill someone?"

"Yes." Leon was ashamed of his answer.

"And... Did you enjoy it?"

"No. I hated it. It was always Icky, knowing the guys who were at the other side of our business would never breathe again..."

"Then, there you go!" She answered, her smile returning to her face "Those guys are real bad, right? According to what I read, they were called "Angels of Disorder" Going around, killing, and enjoying doing so. And you just said it, you're not like that! Besides, you saved me. Not once, but twice! So I really do believe you when you say you're not like them! Oh, And so sweet of you, worrying about how I feel!"

"So you're not mad because I lied?" Leon's eyes were lit, waiting for her answer.

"Oh, of course not! Oh, you're such a sweetie, worrying about it! Besides, I can't be mad at you! I owe you my life! Twice! Now come on. It's Dark and you're still tired." She said as she hopped into bed and laid besides Leon "Let's get some rest."

Leon could not believe it. It was easier than he thought: Tiffany was not mad at him. He was so relieved and happy to learn that she didn't hate him, in spite of him lying to her... He was delighted to know he could, like before, rest with his mind at ease. He closed his eyes, and, once again, felt the sudden warmth of Tiffany cuddling with him.

"You know, that's right where the wound is" he said.

"Oh, sorry! Sorry!" She answered, moving her arms up a bit "Is that good?"

"Yup. That's good. Good night, and sweet dreams...."

And they both fell asleep, waiting for the next day to come. And little did Leon realize... That, although it did not look like it, this was the beginning of a Great Journey... And a new legend...

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