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Lovers Across Species by SilvurrTiger


Chapter 1

A gentle breeze flowed across the moonlit beach. It wafted across the oceanfront properties, all vacant and forgotten, save for a small beach house which had a light shining through the window overlooking the shoreline. Not a single thing stirred within the entire establishment, except for a worried looking Pokémon perched on the edge of a large bed in his trainer's bedroom.

Coal the Mightyena was laying on his trainer's bed with his head resting on his forepaws. He let out a soft sigh as he anxiously awaited his master's return from his date. Coal was worried about his trainer, as his date had not exactly been expecting the outing to be, well, a date. Kyle had left with his best friend Anthony a little over an hour ago and what Anthony thought was just a couple of close friends going out for a bit of football at the park was not what Kyle had on his mind at all. Kyle was gay, and had been infatuated with Anthony for quite some time now. The only soul he had ever told was Coal. Not even his parents knew. He had chosen tonight to tell Anthony his true feelings for him.

Kyle was eighteen years old and had received the family vacation home for his birthday. It was perfect for him, as it let him live near the city where his love interest resided. Kyle had stopped his Pokémon journey a little over a year ago and had decided to become a researcher. He had released all of his teammates into the wild except for his faithful Mightyena, whom was his first companion and the one he cared for the most. Kyle wasn't a field researcher, but more of a bookish type, and was glad to settle down so he could work. He had spent the past year reading and performing all sorts of studies; both in his parents' home, and in his own once he had obtained it.

Coal wasn't sure how to feel. He knew Kyle would be crushed horribly if Anthony didn't share his sentiments, and Coal hated to see his trainer sad. On the other hand, if Anthony welcomed the new development in his relationship with his best friend, Coal felt like he would never feel the same again. It was a strange predicament. Deep down, he wanted desperately for Anthony to turn Kyle down, yet he hated himself for feeling this way. It seemed that just when Coal and his trainer would finally have some time to themselves, Anthony stole it all. The Pokémon was happy for his trainer that he had someone to love, yet he was upset by the fact that there was someone in Kyle's heart other than himself. After all, it was Coal who had seen the flyer in the newspaper for the one-way Pokémon translator invented by some hotshot inventor who was looking for volunteers to test it. Coal was ecstatic that he would finally be able to talk with his trainer, and ever since they had started living alone together, they had a lot to talk about.

Coal sighed again and glanced at the clock. 9:18 pm. Kyle had been gone for over an hour. He worried that the prolonged absence of his trainer meant that he had taken his relationship with Anthony to the next level. Before Coal could brood over his presumption anymore however, he heard the front door open. Coal perked his ears up as he heard the sound of footsteps walking into the house, followed by the door closing. He listened intently and made a discovery that sent a glimmer of hope into his heart. Coal only heard one pair of footsteps. Only one person had come home. He lifted his head up alertly and listened as the footsteps made their way towards the bedroom. Kyle then appeared in the doorway with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans, his dark brown hair mussed up from the football game/date he had just returned from. Coal couldn't help but admire his trainer's trim and fit body, which was well toned, yet not overly muscular. Despite Kyle's constant research and studying, he still kept in shape. However, the admirations for his trainer's body quickly left the Pokémon's mind once he noticed the sullen expression on Kyle's face. Things had obviously not gone well with Anthony. Kyle walked over to his dresser and picked up a small device that he had placed there earlier for safekeeping. He fitted the hardly noticeable translator around his ear and collapsed face first onto his bed next to Coal. His trainer's actions forced Coal to tread lightly with his inquiry.

"I take it... things didn't go to well?" Coal questioned nervously. He heard his trainer let out a sorrow filled sigh and saw him roll over, so he was facing the ceiling.

"I really thought Anthony and I had something special..." Kyle said plainly, staring up at the fan that was slowly turning. "I thought that if I told him I love him, we could become more than just friends. But..."
Coal was filled with emotions that seemed to be fighting for dominance inside him. He felt so confused and unsure of what to do.
"...When I told him I was gay, that I loved him, as more than just a good friend, he just stared at me for a few seconds, and then got up and left without saying anything. I thought he would understand."

Coal saw tears start to form in his trainer's eyes; sympathy quickly became the prevalent emotion. He carefully crawled next to Kyle and gently licked his face in a comforting manner.

"I just don't understand why it is so hard for people to accept things like this. Even if he didn't love me, I just wanted him to understand."

"I'm so sorry... I know you really loved him." Coal consoled. He scooted up close to Kyle's body, giving a shiver of happiness. He loved being this close to his trainer, even though the situation was quite sad. The Mightyena snuggled closer against his trainer and nuzzled his face in a comforting manner. Coal was quickly aroused, which was made obvious by his canine cock slowly slipping out of his sheath. Kyle failed to notice, however, being too caught up in his sorrow. Coal stopped his acts of physical affection and looked into Kyle's eyes, which were still watching the ceiling.

This is it... Coal thought to himself. Time to make my move. He gave the human's ear a quick lick to get his attention. Responding to the lick, Kyle turned his head to look at his Pokémon. Coal stared Kyle in the eyes, as he tried to work up the courage to speak his mind. He finally succeeded, and spoke in a slow, soft, and he hoped, comforting tone

"Well, if it's any consolation, I love you..." He then gave Kyle's cheek a long, sensual lick to reinforce his statement.

Kyle gave a halfhearted laugh without acknowledging the lick, and then said mockingly "Of course you love me. I feed you, remember?"

Coal was a bit perturbed at his trainer's comment. Kyle must have thought his Pokémon was just trying to cheer him up.

I guess I'll have to try a more direct approach... the Pokémon thought to himself. Coal then shifted his position so he was lying on Kyle's stomach, his forelegs pinning him down on the bed, their faces just inches apart.

"You didn't understand what I meant, Kyle, so I'm just going to have to show you," the Mightyena whispered. Before Kyle could react to the sudden change in events, Coal pressed his muzzle into the human's lips, forming an awkward, yet nonetheless passionate kiss. Coal's heart skipped a beat as he kissed his love, and even though it was quite difficult, he enjoyed every second of it. He had longed for this moment for what seemed like forever, yet he had never had the courage to tell Kyle how he truly felt about him.

Kyle was bewildered by his Pokémon's actions, and was too stunned to move whatsoever. Coal soon realized he wasn't getting a response from his trainer, and slowly broke the kiss. Their eyes met, and the two stared at each other, one in amazement, and the other almost in shame. The uneasy silence was then broken, as Kyle seemed to have come to his senses.

"Coal, what... why..." the human stammered as Coal started to blush feverishly, the red tint of his skin visible even through all his beautiful black and gray fur for which he was named. He finally worked up the nerve to speak.

"It's like I said, Kyle. I... love you..." The Mightyena's face turned a deeper shade of red as his trainer continued to stare at him. Kyle shifted uncomfortably under his Pokémon's weight as he heard the confession.

"You... love me? But... I'm human. You're a Pokémon. I didn't even know you were gay..." This was all a bit too much for Kyle to absorb at once. His Pokémon, his best non-human friend, quite possibly his best friend period, loved him? Was it even possible for a Pokémon to love a human? He didn't know, but Coal was smitten with him, and whether or not it was common, a rare phenomenon, or the first ever occurance of interspecies romance, it was happening right here, right now, in his own bedroom.

"I'm... I'm sorry..." Coal said nervously. "I guess I got a bit out of line there. I understand if you're mad."

Kyle continued to look into the Mightyena's face, seeing a small glimmer of sadness and shame in the Pokémon's eyes.

"Coal, I'm not mad. Just... confused" Kyle said comfortingly as he reached his hand up and started to scratch his Pokémon on the head. Coal closed his eyes contentedly and smiled as he was scratched behind the ears, a favorite spot of his. He was relieved his love wasn't angry with him. "How long have you been in love with me?" Kyle asked, stopping the scratching so that his hand lay on top of Coal's head. The Pokémon gave a deep sigh to prepare himself, and started to tell his story.

"Well, you caught me when I was just a Poochyena, right? I took a liking to you right away and I was very eager to help you on your journey. I always wanted to be the best at whatever I could do for you, so naturally I fought fiercely and loyally. Every time we would win a battle, I was filled with a great sense of accomplishment, not just from winning, but also from being able to let you go further along on your quest. When I evolved, my emotions only became stronger. I was amazed at my new strength and was very eager to use it. I couldn't wait to assist you even more. I always wanted to be there for you, to protect and care for you. I wanted to be by your side for the rest of my life, yet I really didn't understand why. I figured it had to be some sort of bond we forged during our travels together."

Kyle listened carefully as Coal continued to tell his story. He started to scratch his companion's ears again.

"Years passed, and I noticed how I never really became attracted to anybody we met along the way. I had no interest in any of the other Pokémon we encountered, not even the other Mightyenas. I knew that was a bit strange, to never feel attracted to anyone. Well, after we settled down, and you started your research, I had more time to think. You had told me you were gay a few years ago, and I guess it was somewhat your influence that slowly made me realize I was gay as well. I loved the fact that it was just you and I living together, with no distractions or anything to bother us."

Coal smiled warmly from the scratching. It was making him more relaxed as he continued to narrate.

"It was about a month ago, I guess. I was just wandering around the house aimlessly, when I walked by your room right as you were getting out of the shower. I watched cautiously from around the door as you took off your towel and I froze in awe as I stared at your beautiful naked body. I just couldn't believe how gorgeous you looked. I stared dreamily at you as you sat on your bed and laid on your back. I was getting quite aroused just looking at you, and then I saw slowly move your hand down to your member. I gasped in rapture as I watched you massage your cock, and I licked my lips as it became erect. I couldn't stop staring blissfully at you while you pleasured yourself. I was getting more and more turned on the longer I watched. I was enjoying the show so much that I started to paw myself off. I didn't know what had came over me, but it was just so exciting to watch you masturbate. I became filled with a burning desire to just jump onto the bed kiss you right then and there, but you came before I could do anything. That snapped me back to my senses. I was afraid that you'd notice me watching, so I ran. I ran from behind your door into the living room, where I hid in my bed and pretended to be asleep."

Kyle was blushing. He didn't know what to think about someone watching him masturbate, much less enjoying it.

"It didn't take me long to figure out why I was so enraptured by your little show. Everything was falling into place. Why I we had such a close bond, why I never longed for a mate... everything. I was in love. With you, Kyle. I just didn't realize it until then."

Coal gave a sheepish grin at his trainer after he finished telling his story. Kyle was at a loss for words. Of course they were close. Coal was his first Pokémon. They cared about each other so much, and always wanted each other to be happy. But he never expected something like this.

"Coal, I'm... touched..." Kyle managed to say, after a few seconds of silence. "Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed my first Pokémon was in love with me. Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"I was just nervous, I guess," Coal mumbled, still a bit embarrassed.

The whole situation was a felt quite weird to Kyle. A Pokémon had just confessed that he loved him. That same Pokémon had just kissed him. And the most surprising thing to Kyle was the fact he liked it.
He liked it a lot.
Kyle forgot all about the crush he had on Anthony, about how he had been shot down less than an hour earlier and how miserable he was. He wrapped his arms around the Mightyena in a tight hug. He slowly brought both hands to rest on the Pokémon's head, and gently pushed it down onto his shoulder. He then buried his face in the soft, thick fur around Coal's neck, and released a quick sob.

"Kyle? Are you ok?" Coal questioned nervously, afraid he had hurt his trainer's feelings. Kyle responded by tightening the hug. He felt secure and at peace as he held onto the Pokémon and never wanted to let go.

"Yeah. I'm ok. It's just that I never really thought that I'd ever hear someone say they loved me after what happened tonight." A wide smile formed on Kyle's face as he snuggled Coal's soft coat. It felt marvelous against the bare skin of his face. "I'm glad you told me how you feel, Coal."

"You aren't upset? Disgusted? Anything? You aren't the least bit disturbed that I'm in love with you?" Coal was astounded. He never expected his confession to go so smoothly.

"You know, I'm really not. It's different and all, but I don't care. It's a really great feeling to be told that you are loved by someone, human or Pokémon." Kyle was quite proud of what he had just said. Deep down, he was somewhat excited and intrigued that the Pokémon he cared for deeply and had spent so much time with had a crush on him. It was so wonderful to have someone lust after him for a change. But the best part, Kyle thought, was that the feeling might be mutual. He had never felt closer to anyone than he felt to Coal at that very moment. His mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from compassion, to excitement, and even a little bit of uncertainty. But the small amount of doubt he held in his mind was what made the scenario all the more special.

They just laid there embraced, neither of them saying anything for a few minutes. Kyle then gently pulled the Pokémon's head up so they were once again face-to-face. He smiled again as he looked into Coal's deep eyes. He could indeed see a shimmer of love and hope deep within them. He couldn't let this opportunity pass him by. He had to do something.

"Coal?" Kyle said quietly.

"Yeah?" the Mightyena answered, somewhat reluctant to break the silence.

"Could we... kiss again?" Kyle asked, his face turning blood red from embarrassment.

Coal's eyes shot wide open. "Wh-what?" He stammered. His trainer's request had caught him completely off guard.

"Well... when you kissed me back there... I...I kinda liked it..." Kyle said slowly, his face turning a deeper shade of crimson. It was Kyle's turn to grin sheepishly. Coal, on the other hand, was stunned.

"You... you really liked it?" The Mightyena started to blush as well.

"I really did, Coal. But I was too shocked to do anything last time. Can we do it again? So I can enjoy it? Please?"

Coal's heart once again skipped a beat. The initial shock of his trainer's proposition had worn off and was replaced by a wonderful feeling of excitement and lust. It was a dream come true. Regaining his composure, he gave his love a gentle smile, and said in a low, seductive whisper, "Of course we can". He felt a great warmth spread through his entire body as he gave his answer.

Not wanting to disappoint Kyle, Coal once again lowered his muzzle to his trainer's lips. Only this time, Kyle was ready. He tilted his head slightly, so that they were at a better angle for the kiss, and brought his head forward towards Coal's own. His lips quivered in excitement as they came into contact yet again with the Mightyena's soft muzzle. They both froze as their lips caressed each other's, this time with passion on both ends. Fireworks went off in the heads of Pokémon and human alike, as they shared their first true moment of passion with each other. Kyle was enraptured with bliss as he kissed his dear companion. He placed his arms on the back of the Pokémon's head, pulling him closer so they could deepen the kiss. Their pleasure was intensified further as Coal slipped his tongue into his trainer's mouth, where it gently brushed every surface in reach before coming to a rest on Kyle's own tongue. Excited by this new development, Kyle cautiously started to lick and suck on Coal's long canine tongue, finding the subtle taste of the beast's saliva to be quite pleasant.

Both lovers had their eyes closed tightly, blocking out all sensation except for their passion which flared wildly in their minds. Kyle was completely overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure. He never knew it could feel this wonderful to kiss someone, even if they weren't human. Coal was thinking the exact same thing. He felt like he had become whole, like there was a small emptiness within him that was rapidly being filled. It was greater than he ever could have guessed. He was finally expressing the love and adoration he had for his trainer.

The couple was forced to break the kiss when they had run out of breath. Their lips slowly parted, both of them slightly gasping for air. Their eyes opened, and they once again stared at each other. Kyle was the first to speak.

"That was... incredible..." he said in a quite whisper. Not a single trace of doubt remained in his mind. He too loved Coal. That kiss had confirmed it.

Coal simply nodded in agreement. He smiled sweetly, and gave Kyle's cheek another quick lick. "I love you Kyle. I really do."

Kyle blushed yet again as his Mightyena proclaimed his love for him again. Kyle himself smiled. "I... love you too, Coal." He felt the same marvelous warmth flow through every inch of his body as he spoke. "I just wished I had realized it sooner."

"Better late than never," Coal smiled, thrilled to hear that his human lover shared his sentiments.

Coal slowly climbed off his trainer and stood on all four legs. He stretched his long, muscular body, showing off his lithe form to his trainer. The human smiled as he watched his newly discovered love tease him with his surprisingly sexy body. Kyle was starting to get a bit warm, so he quickly removed his shirt, revealing his bare chest to the suddenly attentive Mightyena. Coal smiled broadly as he eyed Kyle's smooth and slightly muscular chest, sweat glistening in the light.

"Mmm, I like what I see..." the Pokémon swooned as he continued to watch his trainer. Coal licked his lips and slowly walked over to his lover. He lowered his head to Kyle's chest, and gently extended his tongue to the smooth flesh. Kyle gasped in pleasure as the warm tongue ran smoothly over his body, teasing his bare skin. He closed his eyes and gave a soft moan of content as Coal continued to bathe him, the Pokémon giving his chest a thorough washing. Coal was quite enjoying himself as he lapped up every drop of the delightfully salty sweat he could find on his master's torso. He was becoming quite turned on by Kyle's moans, his cock once again starting to swell inside its sheath.

"That feels great..." Kyle gasped as his Pokémon's tongue ran circles around his chest.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it" Coal said, stopping his bathing. Coal smirked as he saw an obvious erection where his jeans were stretched tight over his crotch. "But it looks like there are other places I need to attend to..."

He then moved his head down and grasped the fly of Kyle's jeans in his teeth. But before he could do anything, he was interrupted.

"Wait Coal, let me." Kyle requested. The Mightyena complied, and watched excitedly as his trainer started to strip. A burning desire of lust spread through Kyle's body as he removed his jeans and then his boxers, sliding them down his legs teasingly. He gave a shiver of excitement and pleasure as his erection met with the cool air of the bedroom. Kyle smiled at Coal, presenting his naked body to him.

Coal stared dreamily at his master's beautiful naked body, paying close attention to the stiff cock pointing straight up. His own member had emerged from its sheath, and was throbbing anxiously between his legs. "Damn, you're so gorgeous. I could stare at you all day..." he managed to stutter.

Kyle simply blushed at his lover's compliment. "I was about to say the same thing... I never realized how beautiful and sexy you really are until just now."

Kyle then beckoned for Coal to come close again so they could experience each other's bodies. The Mightyena eagerly padded forward and was pulled tightly to Kyle's chest as soon as he was within grasp. Coal was caught by surprise but then snuggled close to the human's body. He sighed as he rested his head on Kyle's chest, starting to growl with delight as their cocks rubbed together.

Kyle held onto his lover tightly, his brilliant fur feeling softer than silk against his bare flesh. Kyle felt amazingly at peace, being this close to his new love. He was as content as could be, yet his body still ached for something more, something he could easily guess. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Coal's forehead. The Pokémon lifted his head once again to his trainer's smiling face and they once again brought their lips together in a breathtaking kiss. Kyle began to caress Coal's entire body as their lips remained locked together. His hands slowly trailed over every powerful muscle, gently massaging each limb, letting the Mightyena's thick coat run between his fingers while it tickled his palms. Kyle was in awe at Coal's body. It was so beautiful and gentle, yet also powerful and strong. As they broke the kiss, Kyle couldn't take the overwhelming feeling of desire and lust that crowded his mind.

"Coal, would you do me a favor?" he asked, continuing to explore the beast's body with his hands.

"Of course. Anything" Coal responded. He would do anything to please his trainer and lover.

"I... I want you... to... to mount me..." Kyle nervously pleaded. At once, he felt the desire within him burn even greater than before. He wanted desperately to be taken by his Pokémon. "Please... mate me..." Kyle tightened his hold on his lover as he spoke.
Coal beamed as he heard his trainer's request. "You really want me to? Are you sure?" He wanted to be absolutely positive Kyle was ready before they proceeded any further.

"Yeah, I am. I'm sure you want it too." Kyle couldn't have been more right. Coal's member was throbbing anxiously in anticipation. Coal once again lifted himself up off of his trainer's body, allowing Kyle to change positions.

"Let me lube you up some first" Kyle said, as he lowered his head under the Mightyena's body so that the canine cock was right in front of his face. He carefully extended his tongue from his mouth and tasted the head of the Coal's penis. A pleasantly musky and salty flavor filled his mouth as he began to clean the entire phallus with his tongue. Coal moaned in bliss as Kyle continued to lick his member, lubricating it with his warm saliva.

Kyle somewhat reluctantly released the cock from his mouth once he felt it was adequately slick. He then turned around and positioned himself so that he was bending over on his knees with his arms propping the rest of his body up.

"Go ahead Coal. I'm ready" he reassured his lover.

"Not yet you aren't" the Pokémon contradicted.

Before Kyle could ask what Coal meant, his mouth dropped open in a sharp gasp of pleasure as he felt the Mightyena's long, smooth, and warm tongue run through his ass from his balls to his entrance. The wonderful appendage rimmed his hole slowly, drenching it with thick drool. Kyle then felt another great spike of pleasure shoot through his body as Coal's tongue penetrated his ass, snaking into his bowels. He could feel the Pokémon's tongue squirming wildly inside him as his ass was readied.

"That... that feels... fantastic" he managed to moan, his mouth finding it hard to form words from the great pleasure assaulting his body. Coal withdrew his tongue from his master's ass, and carefully mounted his lover, his well-lubricated member gently pressing against the well-lubricated entrance.

"Believe me, it's about to get a lot better. Are you ready, love?" the Mightyena asked, and tenderly licked Kyle's ear to comfort him.

"I'm ready. Go ahead" Kyle said weakly. It was still rather difficult to speak, as his body continued to burn with fiery desire as he felt the warm shaft probe at his rear. Coal nodded and began to press his cock against the opening. Both lovers gritted their teeth as the Pokémon's member was forced into the human's incredibly tight passage. The pressure was astounding, and despite all of the saliva, Coal still struggled to pierce his master's ass.

Kyle's body burned greater than ever, his voice growing shaky with anticipation as he tried to encourage his partner. "C'mon Coal, you can do it... Fuck me, please..."

With renewed will and vigor after hearing the plea, Coal took a deep breath and forcefully plunged his penis into the depths of his trainer. Kyle's entire body went stiff and he yelled in ecstasy as he felt the thick shaft enter his rear. All sound soon vanished from his mouth though as Coal started to thrust in and out of his ass with a smooth, slow rhythm. The human was put into a stupor of heavenly bliss as he was taken by his Pokémon lover. Short, sharp breaths escaped from his mouth as he felt himself being tightly filled over and over again. The pleasure was so immense it was almost painful.

Coal was growling deeply with joy as he forced his cock in and out of his master's rear, his steadily swelling knot striking his trainer's flesh with every pulse. Kyle's body seemed to grab him tighter every time he reentered, almost doubling his pleasure with each thrust. The Mightyena started to sensually lick the back of his lover's neck as he continued to fuck him, adding yet another thrilling sensation for both partners. The steady rhythm of his thrusts shook both of them with great waves of bliss with every plunge.

Tears formed in Kyle's eyes from the intense pleasure as he was mated. The burning sensation throughout his body had been replaced by a warm glow that consumed every inch of his flesh, pulsing wildly every time his lover buried his cock within him. His own cock was rock hard and leaking precum steadily as his ass was pounded. Kyle brought one hand down and began to stroke his own member in time with Coal's thrusts. His voice returned in the form of a constant moan that was a result of both his ass and cock being treated at the same time. He had never dreamed that he would enjoy being the submissive lover to a mighty beast and he wouldn't trade this moment for the world. Nothing could compare to the otherworldly ecstasy of being sexually dominated by his loving Mightyena.

Coal's thrusts began to speed up as he gradually neared his climax. "I'm... gonna cum... soon!" he managed to sputter between gasps and moans of overwhelming passion. Kyle once again regained enough willpower to speak upon hearing his lover.

"Could you tie me... with your knot... when you cum? Please? I... want to feel all of you inside me..."

Coal nodded in understanding, his entrances rapidly becoming more intense, driving both lovers to even greater heights of pleasure. His knot had swelled to its limits, and he was about to burst in orgasmic fury. The Pokémon soon reached his limit, and withdrew his member all the way to the head, before delivering one last dynamic thrust, his knot forcing its way into Kyle's ass.

"Kyle, I'm...I'm...cum-cuming!" Coal yelled before releasing an ear-piercing howl as wave after wave of his seed exploded into the bowels of his trainer. Kyle was also screaming; the combination of the pain of the knot being forced into his ass and the wondrous sensation of the Mightyena's cum flooding into him brought him to a heart-stopping orgasm. His hand moved across his penis in a blur as he sprayed his semen across the bed, dampening the sheets underneath. Kyle's orgasm caused his rear to clench down even harder on Coal's cock, milking every last drop of cum from his fuzzy balls. The Pokémon had released so much seed that it was leaking from the human's ass as the lovers rode out their simultaneous orgasms.

After a prolonged moment of blissful heaven, Coal collapsed onto his trainer's back, who himself had fallen prostrate onto his cum-soaked bed. The Pokémon's knot remained firmly planted within the Kyle's body and showed no signs of loosening anytime soon. The lovers simply gasped for breath as their afterglows swept through them.

"That... was... simply amazing..." Kyle gasped.

"Indeed..." Coal replied, wrapping his forepaws around his human lover in a weak hug. "But... I'm afraid we're stuck like this... for awhile."

"I don't care. It feels nice. Your cock feels so good inside of me..." A smile had spread across Kyle's face as he relaxed underneath his lover, slowly regaining his composure. "I love you, Coal. And I never want to love anyone else."

Coal smiled as well, his eyelids growing heavy. "And I love you, Kyle. You're my mate now." The Mightyena then fell into a deep sleep, his knot still planted securely in his trainer's body.

My mate... I like the sound of that... Kyle thought serenely to himself as he too drifted off to sleep, feeling safe and secure as his new lover held him tight.
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