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Lovers Across Species by SilvurrTiger


Chapter 2

Kyle's mind was a shapeless haze of warmth and comfort as he dozed. The events of the previous night had taken their toll on him, both physically and emotionally, sending the exhausted trainer into the deepest sleep he had experienced in a very long time. As his consciousness drifted from dream to dream, a certain sensation filled his body as the swirling color of his mind started for take shape. Kyle was naked, seemingly floating through nothingness as a pale orange glow engulfed him. A gentle sense of pleasure spread through his ethereal form as a shape began to form from the void around him. Kyle gasped softly as he could now feel the source of the pleasure radiate from his erect penis. The distortion before him began to take a humanoid form, slowly, carefully adding feature after feature, until there was no doubt that it was Anthony, his tongue gently brushing up and down Kyle's manhood. Kyle had no idea how this happened, but he certainly wasn't complaining. His head rolled to the side, seemingly supported by nothing. His legs kicked involuntarily as his cock was attended to, sending wave after wave of ecstasy through him. Kyle's consciousness slowly started to become more and more aware as it shook off the haziness of his dreams. It was then that he realized something was wrong.

W-wait... Anthony...? This doesn't feel right... But why? The questioning thoughts were swept away as the pleasure on his cock amplified as a warm wetness surrounded it. The form at his groin that was previously Anthony had faded slightly as it started to transform. The mouth around Kyle's penis became narrower and longer as the tongue grew wider. The entire form started to darken as shades of gray and black materialized on its surface. The formerly bipedal Anthony had seamlessly shifted into the quadruped form of some sort of animal. Kyle could now feel sharp fangs brush faintly against his member, sending shivers through his body. A quiet moan escaped from the human's lips, and it couldn't help but grow louder as the entire muzzle-shaped orifice surrounded his entire cock. Suddenly, something cold and wet was pressed against the flesh of Kyle's groin, causing his body to shake wildly, the dream world around him rapidly collapsing as he was roused from his slumber.

"Aaah!" Kyle yelped in surprise, the cold, wet nose of Coal shocking him awake. The sudden outburst from his trainer caused the Mightyena to quickly glance up, causing him to pull his muzzle halfway off the tasty penis he was servicing. Coal growled happily as he saw his lover was now awake, and calmly went back to work. He dipped his muzzle lower and lower, letting Kyle's shaft slide into his tight, wet maw inch by inch until he had the entire length in his mouth, his nose once again pressed gently against his trainer's groin. Coal growled a bit louder, letting the vibrations spread through Kyle. His tongue wrapped around him every which way, thoroughly washing every inch of the cock.

Kyle was still trying to wake up fully, as the amorous attention of his Pokémon was sapping what little strength he had. He could do little more than moan weakly, his head rolling from side to side on the bed. Each suckle of Coal caused him to stretch his legs involuntarily, until one of his feet bumped against the canine's own rock-hard penis, causing the owner to gently shake and let out a muffled whimper. Mustering all his strength, Kyle started to gently stroke the quivering cock with his toes, shivering a bit as warm pre oozed onto his foot.

Coal's legs buckled slightly as his cock was stimulated. His jaw clamped down a bit tighter by accident, causing Kyle to moan louder than ever. The Mightyena loosened his jaw slightly and started to pull off of his trainer's manhood, letting his sharp fangs graze the tender flesh very, very gently. He pulled off to the tip and swirled his tongue around it, lapping up every drop of pre, before slowly lowering his muzzle back down. He couldn't help but buck his hips against Kyle's foot, trying to coax him to do more.

Kyle's foot was practically soaked in pre after only a few minutes of teasing the Pokémon's meat. He continued to moan and sigh with delight as Coal sucked him off, the Mightyena's skilled tongue bringing him ever so slightly closer to orgasm with each lick. The trainer shakily brought his right foot up to Coal's shaft and started to stroke it in tandem with the left, earning more grateful whimpers from the canine. Kyle squeezes his feet together gently, the warm, throbbing cock pressed firmly between them.

The addition of the second foot was too much for Coal to resist. He started thrusting between the soles, his copious pre lubing the flesh quite handily. The Mightyena's excitement caused him to suck and lick Kyle's wonderful cock more aggressively. His muzzle quickly slid down Kyle's shaft and immediately pulled back off, licking and sucking voraciously all the while. The awkward simultaneous movement of his head and hips combined with the pleasure his trainer's feet were bringing him caused Coal to pant around Kyle's cock, causing wet, sloppy sounds to escape from the corners of his mouth.

Kyle was just about at his limit. His mouth was open wide as he gasped for air, every breath causing his chest to heave and his cock to throb in the Mightyena's muzzle. He was gently thrusting into his Pokémon's jaws, matching his movements as best he could. The pleasure soon overpowered him though, as the intense sensation of his orgasm caused him to go stiff.

"C-Coal!" Kyle nearly yelled as his cock erupted into the canine's maw. He moaned long and loud as his body quivered, firing shot after shot into the eagerly waiting mouth. The Mightyena sucked extra hard as he felt the first spray of the thick, salty, cream shoot into him.
Coal's hips were a blur as his knot slammed against Kyle's feet again and again. He struggled more and more to down each of his trainer's spurts as his own orgasm was soon upon him. His eyes squeezed tight as he suppressed the urge to howl as his own climax surged through his body. The Pokémon gave one last powerful thrust, the knot forcing Kyle's feet apart as he spewed his own cum across the bed and onto Kyle's groin, coating the human's balls and thighs with a warm, gooey glaze.
Kyle lay panting on the bed with his arms spread at his sides. His body shivered as the Mightyena's seed splashed onto his bare skin. He gave a weak moan as he felt the skilled tongue of Coal lap up the Pokémon's own cum, gulping it down hungrily. After a thorough washing and a few mouthfuls of cum later, the black and grey beast crawled up to Kyle and pressed their lips together.

"Good morning," Coal said sweetly after breaking the kiss. He stared into his trainer's hazy eyes lovingly and gave his cheek a quick lick. "I hope you enjoyed that."

"G-good morning, Coal..." Kyle gasped out, still trying to recover from the best blowjob he had ever received. "That w-was... amazing..."

The Pokémon giggled playfully, something Kyle had never heard him do before. "I'm quite glad. You taste divine, by the way." Coal's face was practically glowing with infatuation. He was finally able to be open with his feelings, leaving him in a giddy state of excitement.

Kyle couldn't but smile at Coal's newfound personality. He stroked the Mightyena's ears gently as his breathing slowly returned to normal. "Well you did always like salty things," he joked, ruffling the canine's fur.

Coal giggled and murred at the attention and scooted back so Kyle could sit up. He couldn't help but blush as his eyes wandered to the large cum stains dotting the bed. "I think the sheets need to be changed..."

Kyle yawned and stretched his tense muscles before sitting up and witnessing the marks of their endeavors in the morning sun streaming through the bay window. "It's not my fault you cum like a fire hose," Kyle again joked, slowly making his way over to the edge of the bed. He slipped off and onto the carpeted floor, yawning and stretching yet again. Coal slinked off the bed as well and grabbed the corner of the bed sheet in his fangs, gently tugging it off. Kyle grabbed the other corner and proceeded to whip the stained cloth right off the mattress. The sheet was quickly balled up and tossed into the corner of the room.

"I'm gonna go shower before breakfast, okay?" Kyle said, heading towards the bathroom. Coal nodded and stretched before hopping back onto the now sheet-less bed. Kyle stepped into the white, tiled room and drew back the shower curtain. He suddenly gave a quiet sigh before stepping inside and pulling the curtain back in place behind him. A few dial turns later and jets of warm water were streaming down Kyle's sweat and cum riddled skin.

I really did it, didn't I... the trainer thought to himself, closing his eyes and relaxing his body as the soothing water rushed over him. I had sex with Coal, my Mightyena... He sighed yet again as he took a step back so that he could lean against the rear wall of the shower, causing the spray of the water to focus on his groin. He closes his eyes, deep in thought.
Not only did I have sex with him, but I told him I loved him. I mean, LOVED him. Were my hormones just making me crazy? Do I really love him like that? Of course I love him as one of my best friends... Well, no, not ONE of my best friend. He... IS my best friend. Anthony... I liked him, I had a crush on him, but has he really done much for me? Coal has been with me for years now, and he's always only cared about making me happy... And he has...He's always been there for me, he's always cared for me, and he's always taken care of me... And... he's... he's... sexy... I can't believe I think that, but it's true... He's gorgeous! His coat is so soft and silky, and the colors are so perfect... He's so strong, too... When he was m-mounting me last night, I could feel his strength with every thrust he made... it was nice... It felt wonderful, of course, but... just being dominated by such a strong yet gentle beast... I felt so safe, so... secure... The fact that I was able to trust Coal with my body... It... It... Oh Coal, I really do love you. I have all these doubts, but it just feels so right... It f-feels... Ahh!

"Ahh!" Kyle yelled yet again as Coal's tongue brushed over his cock, now rock-hard from his recalling of last night's events. The Mightyena's trainer opened his eyes and glanced down to see Coal nuzzling and licking his cock from every angle. "C-Coal, what are you..."

The Pokémon glanced up into his trainer's eyes with a seductive look. "I was still hungry, and I can't think of anything better to fill my belly with than your cum." With that having been said, Coal immediately lowered his muzzle back down onto his master's succulent meat.

Kyle gasped sharply, his fists tightening as the wonderful canine muzzle slurped up his penis in one swift motion. Once again, the only noise that could escape from the human's mouth was a low, constant moan of intense satisfaction that only a Mightyena's muzzle on his cock could bring. His hips bucked a bit in reflex as he spurted some pre into the tight, wet maw.

Coal murred and growled with delight, both from the taste and sensation of having his love's cock in his muzzle and from the delightfully warm water that seeped through his fur and warmed his flesh. The beautiful black and grey coat of the Pokémon was quickly becoming drenched, causing it to take on a sleek and shiny luster. The wet fur being compressed against his body allowed his strong and powerful muscles to present themselves. Coal's jaw clamped down gently on his trainer's cock, making it a tight fit as he bobbed his head up and down, circling the tasty meat with his tongue all the while.

Kyle had his back pressed hard against the rear of the shower. His hands strayed to his lover's head and started to firmly stroke the pointed, velvety ears. He was trying hard to resist the urge to simply pound Coal's muzzle as hard as he could, but his willpower slipped every now and then, causing him to buck into the Pokémon's maw on occasion. "Coal..." he whimpered, unable to form any more words.

Coal eagerly greeted each thrust of his human lover with an extra hard suck, which in turn rewarded Coal with a shot of tasty pre. From the frequency of Kyle's bucks, the canine could tell that his trainer was already close to cumming. Not yet ready for him to blow his load, Coal pulled off slowly, planting a wet, sloppy kiss on the tip.
"W-why did you stop?" Kyle protested, his cock aching with need now that there was no longer a warm mouth wrapped around it. Before he could demand an answer however, Coal opened his maw wide and engulfed Kyle's entire sac. He moaned louder than ever before at the new, wonderful sensation surrounding his balls.

Excited by his master's reaction, Coal started to gently roll the orbs around in his muzzle with his tongue. Suckling gently, he washed ever inch of the smooth, hairless skin, the fruits of Kyle's meticulous grooming. Kyle's balls didn't taste as good as his cock, but the flavor and sensation was still quite pleasant, especially combined with the human's intense reaction. Coal gently raked his fangs across the tender flesh, eliciting a sharp gasp of delight from Kyle. Satisfied with this result, Coal continued his treatment, alternating between licking, suckling, and nibbling.

Kyle was in heaven. Despite having already cum not long ago, he was already on the verge of his second orgasm. Coal seemed to know just how and where to pleasure him, and he did it superbly. The new feeling of his sac being pleasured rocketed his enjoyment up even higher. "G-gonna cum soon..." he sputtered, his entire body quaking against the shower wall.

Hearing this, Coal let his trainer's balls fall from his muzzle as he immediately returned to Kyle's cock. He shoved his muzzle onto it, taking the entire length in a swift motion. Coal started to suck hard, hungry for more of the human's delicious cream. Kyle didn't disappoint, as he soon screamed out in ecstasy as his climax overcame him. His cock throbbed wildly in the Mightyena's muzzle as his second load of cum flowed forth, filling the canine's maw with the delightfully salty treat. Coal gulped down mouthful after mouthful, growling in delight as the succulent essence filled his stomach. He continued to suck until not a single drop was left.

Kyle's legs gave way, causing him to slide down onto the shower floor, his back still pressed against the rear wall. He shuddered as Coal drank every last drop of his cum before pulling his muzzle off and licking his lips. "Coal..."

Just as before, the Mightyena stepped forward and presses his lips against Kyle's. With Kyle hardly able to kiss back, Coal forced his tongue into his trainer's mouth, sharing with him the taste of human cum. The kiss lasted for minutes, the comforting warmth of the shower water relaxing both of them. As Coal reluctantly pulled away, he growled with delight as he felt something brush against his own throbbing meat.

"You're such a stud, Kyle. You're still rock hard!" Coal cooed as he humped his own knotted cock against the human's. Kyle couldn't even reply with a moan. He was completely drained of energy, yet he was still so horny. Coal simply drove him wild, and there was nothing he could do about it. The Mightyena grinned lustfully and nuzzles Kyle's chin. Kyle offered a weak, weary smile in return. "I guess I'll have to take care of you a third time then," Coal murmured into his trainer's ear. "Though I think my muzzle has had enough attention..."

Kyle's eyes widened as he felt Coal press his ass against his persistent shaft. Coal smiled and kissed him yet again, growling with delight as he teased the head of the human penis with his tight, virgin pucker. The Pokémon whimpered into Kyle's mouth as he pressed against it, causing his tailhole to clench. "Y-you sure you want to do this?" Kyle questioned, worried that Coal might strain himself.

Coal silenced Kyle with another kiss, growling lustfully. "Yes, I'm sure... I mounted you last night. Now I want to feel what it's like to be taken. I've wanted it for so long..." The canine pressed hard against Kyle's cock, his teeth clenched as he struggled to be penetrated. The still-running shower water provided adequate lubrication, but Coal would still need some help.

Having regained a moderate amount of strength, Kyle gently wrapped his arms around his Pokémon's neck, hugging him tightly. "Let me help, Coal..." he whispered, earning a silent nod from the Mightyena. Kyle took a deep breath and pushed up against the tight tailhole with his cock, as Coal pressed back against him. After a few seconds of arduous work, Kyle and Coal both cried out with a small yelp as Kyle's tip pierced the Pokémon's ass. The trainer squeezed his mighty beast, the unbelievable tightness of his rear sending flares of pleasure through him.

Coal's eyes were squeezed shut in concentration as he slowly tried to lower himself further down onto his master's thick meat. "S-so big..." he whimpered, wiggling his hips to try to loosen himself up. Coal's own penis was as hard as steel and throbbing painfully with need. Spurts of pre coated Kyle's chest and stomach, only to be gradually washed away by the shower. Slowly and steadily, Coal took in more and more of his lover's cock.

"A-are you okay?" Kyle asked as his penis was squeezed tighter and tighter. "Here, maybe this will help..." He reached a hand down to Coal's massive erection and gripped it firmly, marveling at its firmness. His fingers curled around the throbbing meat and gave it a few gentle squeezes as he started to slide his hand from one end to the other, paying extra attention to the canine's already formed knot. Kyle's other arm soon left the Pokémon's middle to join his other hand in servicing the needy cock. One hand held the knot, squeezing and massaging it gently, while the other hand stroked the shaft at a steady pace.

Coal's jaw was open wide and his tongue was lolling out as he panted hard. The wonderful hands of his trainer brought his cock much needed relief, allowing him to focus more on hilting Kyle inside him. The pain and pressure of the initial penetration was starting to give way to pure bliss as the Mightyena's tailhole stretched and became accustomed to the girth inside. He started to whimper with pure happiness as he was filled deeper and deeper, the wonderfully warm shaft pressing against his prostate, causing his already throbbing cock to throb even harder. Finally, after nearly ten minutes of letting Kyle slip in inch by inch, Coal's fuzzy rump came to rest on his trainer's groin.

Both lovers where speechless. Coal was still trying to take in the intense sensation of his tailhole being filled with cock, while Kyle was trying not to relentlessly pound his Mightyena. He squeezed Coal's erection extra hard as he reveled in the amazing feeling of having his penis buried in his Pokémon's ass. Coal was still panting hard, but even so he leaned in to kiss Kyle. The trainer removed his hands from the shaft and again wrapped his arms around the canine's neck, pulling him closer into the kiss. Their tongues lashed against each other in a heated bout of passion for a few seconds until they reluctantly pulled apart and stared into each other's eyes.

"This f-feels wonderful..." Coal whimpered, nuzzling Kyle's cheek.

"Yes, it does," agreed Kyle, his voice barely louder than the shower itself.

Coal wiggled his ass around Kyle's shaft, moaning as he gently stretched himself out more. He rested his forelegs on his trainer's shoulders to get a better angle. Kyle returned his hands to his Pokémon's cock and began to squeeze and stroke it again. Coal whined with approval as he gently thrusted into Kyle's hands, leaking gobs of pre all over them.

"Okay, I think I'm ready to start..." Coal nearly whispered into Kyle's ear. He braces his forelegs against his master's shoulders and slowly began to lift himself off the human cock. He gasped and moaned as his tailhole fought to keep the shaft inside, causing Kyle to spurt some more pre. Slowly but surely, Coal pulled off until only Kyle's tip remained inside him. "F-fuck me Kyle... I want it so much..."

"Alright, here I go..." Kyle squeezed Coal's still throbbing member hard, earning him an extra large spurt of pre. Nuzzling Coal's muzzle, the human thrusted up as hard as he could into the Mightyena's ass. Coal threw back his head and yowled as he was pierced so forcefully. His teeth clenched once again as he whined softly into Kyle's neck. Nevertheless, Coal pulled off of Kyle as soon as he hilted inside of him, encouraging the trainer to continue. Kyle obliged and pulled back out to the tip, only for Coal to slam himself back down before he could thrust. As the awkward rhythms started to synchronize, both lovers started to moan and whimper with delight. Coal was ravaged with pleasure from both his ass and his cock, causing his entire body to shudder almost violently. He gently bit down onto Kyle's neck to calm himself as he could feel the biggest orgasm of his life building up deep inside him.

Kyle was breathing harder than ever. He was still exhausted but he wanted nothing more than to fill his beloved Mightyena with his cum. He pulled out as Coal pulled off and then slammed back into him as the Pokémon brought his ass down onto the human cock. Kyle could feel his third orgasm drawing steadily closer as he fucked Coal harder and harder, the yowls and yips of joy from his lover filling him with stamina. All the while, his hands never left the pulsating shaft that was about to erupt.

"Ahh! I'm gonna c-cum, Kyle!" Coal panted wildly as he was slammed into again and again by his new mate. The Pokémon's tailhole clenched around the invading member again and again with each thrust, his prostate being pounded relentlessly.

"P-push my head down!" Kyle sputtered, as he tried to slow down both his thrusts and his strokes momentarily. He wanted to taste Coal's cum, and seeing how hard he ejaculated before, he had no doubts that Coal would be able to shoot straight into his mouth.

Coal hastily complied, his body starting to lose control. He shakily moved his paws from Kyle's shoulders to his head as it ducked down, rubbing against Coal's chest. Once Kyle could see the canine cock pointed right as his face, he closed his eyes, opened his mouth as wide as he could, and started to fuck Coal as hard as he could. His cock slammed into Coal again and again, faster and faster as both of his hands squeezed the Mightyena's knot as hard as he could.

Coal finally snapped and threw back his head in an ear-splitting howl. His knot pulsed wildly as he erupted, spraying his second load of cum that day with such force that it hit the back of Kyle's waiting throat. Kyle almost gagged as he was caught off guard, but quickly controlled himself as more and more of the thick, creamy seed started to shoot into his open mouth. He swished the warm goo around with his tongue before gulping it down and receiving spurt after spurt. Kyle continued to fuck Coal as best he could as his own climax drew near. Coals orgasm suddenly caused him to clench down harder than ever onto Kyle, causing the trainer to yell as he drove his cock as deep into the beast's tailhole as he could before releasing his third orgasm into the bowels of his lover. Coal howled even harder as he felt Kyle fill him up with his wonderful cum. His own orgasm was far from over, as he was still ejaculating mouthful after mouthful of his seed into Kyle's open mouth.

What seemed like an eternity of pure bliss for both of them slowly came to an end as the human's orgasm died down and the Pokémon sprayed one last glob of cum. Kyle struggled to gulp it down, as he had practically drowned in the torrential load that Coal had provided. Kyle weakly pulled his head out from under his Mightyena's chest and leaned it back against the shower wall. He was panting hard, both from his intense orgasm and the lack of breath from trying to swallow so much. To Kyle's alarm, Coal suddenly collapsed against him, out cold. Kyle held his lover tight, stroking his soaked fur gently as he grunted and pulled out of his unconscious mate's tailhole. He gasped sharply as his cock sprang free, followed by a steady river of his own seed. The warm water was still raining down on them, washing away the mixed cum of the human and Pokémon.


Coal slowly opened his eyes. His vision flooded with muted sunlight from trough the curtains of the bay windows of the bedroom. Coal was lying on his side on a fresh, clean sheet that was stretched across the queen-size bed. Kyle's arms were wrapped tightly around him as he spooned his Mightyena from behind. Coal smiled weakly and tilted his head up to nuzzle Kyle's chin. The human stirred and opened his eyes, gazing down to meet his mate's gaze.

"Good, you're awake," Kyle whispered, giving his lover a gentle squeeze.

Coal murred softly, loving the warm embrace of his still-nude trainer. "What happened? I remember cumming and then..."

"You passed out. I'm not too surprised, given how hard you came. It felt like I got a gallon of your cum down my throat," Kyle smirked, kissing Coal on the back of his head.

Coal couldn't help but blush. "W-wow..." he murmured, flicking his ears. A dull pain from his tailhole suddenly caught his attention. "Ah, my ass is kinda sore..."

"Oh no..." Kyle whimpered, his voice laced with concern and sorrow. "I d-didn't mean to hurt you... I'm sorry..."

Coal nuzzled his trainer's chin again. "No, don't be..." the Pokémon interrupted. "It was worth it. And it proves that what you did really happened, and wasn't just a crazy dream I had. And for that, I'm happy."

Coal wiggled around so that he was facing lover, and like he had for the first time last night, presses his lips to Kyle's. The kiss was a gentler one, not nearly as passionate, but just as loving. Each second was bliss for the two of them as their tongues rubbed against each other gently. Kyle's arms held Coal close, with one hand holding the Mightyena's head and the other rubbing his sore ass gently. The kiss slowly ended, leaving the two staring into each other's eyes.

"I... was having some doubts a bit earlier..." Kyle admitted, breaking the silence. "About... you know... loving a Pokémon as a mate." Kyle's gaze drifted apart from Coal's.

The Mightyena was stunned. Did Kyle not love him after all? Fear crept into his eyes. "Kyle, I..."

"But I realized," Kyle interrupted gently, once again looking Coal in the eyes, "that I really do love you Coal. As more than just a friend. Last night was kinda sudden for me, and I was a bit torn up at the time, but what I said was the truth. I love you, and I want to be with you."

Tears of happiness and relief welled up in Coal's eyes as he buried his face in Kyle's chest. Kyle simply stroked the Mightyena's back comfortingly. "I love you too, Kyle," Coal nearly sobbed. "More than anything."

"Then that settles it," Kyle said, giving his lover a squeeze. "We're mates now. And I don't want anything to ever change that."

The lovers across species snuggled tight against one another, basking in each other's warmth. Slowly, they dozed off, still holding each other tight, never wanting to let go.
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