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The Dimensional Balance Saga by Arcane_Reno


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Starts off clean, but later chapters get naughty. :P And no, this is not a Harry Potter crossover!

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Chapter 5: Smouldering Flames

Chapter 5

Smouldering Flames

"Mud shot!"

The torrent of muck pelted the opposing lightning mouse, exhausting it's last defences.

"Pikaa…" it cried, slumping over in exhaustion.

Its trainer growled in disgust, returning his pokémon and grudgingly ending the battle.

Shawn gave him a salute, then turned to Marty and rewarded his success with a poffin and a potion before returning him to his ball.

In the ensuing time since that initial battle, Shawn had been getting involved in as many trainer battles as he could, which allowed Marty to gain the experience he needed to evolve into a Marshstomp. Shawn found that it was trickier to teach the pokémon ground attacks, but he was still developing well. His new resistance to electrical energy was a huge bonus, and allowed him to win battles like this one almost effortlessly. After his evolution, Shawn had tested Marty on his new defences in their training sessions. Marty's only response to the low power electric shock had been, "That tickles!" confirming that he was indeed immune. With that confirmation, Shawn had started to increase Marty's training regimen to include a bit of actual sparring.

In addition to Marty's growing abilities, Shawn had begun amassing a decent fortune in credits from all the battles. The mysterious medallion he had discovered and hung around Marty's neck seemed to somehow entice other trainers to raise their battle stakes. Travelling on the road was fairly cheap, and he now had enough to be able to get some good poké mon care items next time they were at a major shopping centre.

Some of his encounters had been very interesting ones. It seemed that this world contained a lot of odd groups of people that trained pokémon in specific ways. Like that ninja for example. He had actually managed to catch Shawn by surprise, popping out from a concealed hole in the ground. It had almost ended in disaster, as Shawn had instinctually grabbed for his sword and nearly attacked before realizing there was no real danger. After that battle, he hadn't been caught off guard again, now knowing what to look for. But then there had been that other guy, an actual, legitimate psychic. His powers had been nowhere near as strong as his pokémon's, but were indeed real. Shawn didn't think that the psychics were what counted as wizards in this dimension, but was curious as to how exactly their abilities had come about. He filed it away under something to possibly investigate later.

What with a lot of the time taken up by finding trainers to battle, as well as keeping an eye out for other suitable poké mon to add to the team, they hadn't been travelling very far. Shawn had discovered that the "vs. seeker" was a mode on the pokédex that, when active, would seek out other trainers looking to battle. It also signalled your own readiness, allowing other trainers to challenge you. If they were close by, it would give you a proximity indication, the beeps getting closer together as you closed in. The more trainers he battled, the more he began to think that it might not be a bad idea to at least go for a couple of the league badges, as many of the stronger trainers would shun battles with those who didn't have any. Also, the experience would be good growth for his pokémon.

They were only a short ways outside Veilstone city, and so far, the search for additional team members had come up empty. He hoped that a large city would give him a bit more info on where to find what he was looking for. The pokédex was strangely lax in giving information about exactly where particular pokémon could be found. It was something he had given a lot of thought to, as he wanted to have a well balanced group that could deal with any situation. Any pokémon could become extremely strong with enough training, but he had no way of knowing if he would have the kind of time necessary to put that much effort into training a more typical grouping.

Idly, he wandered along the beach of lake Valor, kicking the loose sand as he walked. He was really starting to enjoy the dynamics of being a pokémon trainer. It was an odd experience for him to fight a battle vicariously, directing the actions of another. He was far more used to taking a direct hand in things. But he and Marty had bonded well, and the ability to communicate freely with his pokémon was a major advantage over other trainers. He just hoped that he would be able to do as well with future pokémon.


Cheri the Arcanine growled in annoyance. Of all the times for Schrade to be off gallivanting somewhere! The irritating sensation in her loins had been building steadily for the last few days, and was now coming to its peak. She laid down on her side in the grass, curling her head down to take a look. Her nether lips were completely swollen, and fluids were dribbling out, soaking the short surrounding fur. She had already tried relieving herself several times today, but it wasn't enough. She needed something more'substantial. She whined pitifully as she thought of her mate, almost being able to feel his familiar weight on her back as he slid himself into her. She started panting, imagining the sensation, the relief that would come as he filled up the empty places inside her.

Suddenly, her internal suffering was broken into by a deep rumbling chuckle from the edge of the clearing.

"Heyy, lookie here big bro!"

"Heh, I see I see! Looks like some FINE pussy to me!"

"What should we do big bro?"

"What do you think little bro?"

"I think we should offer her our services big bro!"

"That's what I think too little bro!"

She turned towards the voices, seeing a Golem and a Graveler step into the clearing. The look in their eyes was decidedly predatory, and their conversation had made their intentions clear. She got to her feet, eyeing them defiantly.

"What do you want?"

The Golem chuckled again, "Ooh, she looks feisty little bro. C'mon deary, we just want to help you with your little…problem."

"I don't think so," she replied. "I'm not THAT desperate." The thought of these two lecherous bandits mounting her brought bile into her throat. No, she definitely was not that desperate.

"Why don't you two just run along now, and find yourself a nice Onix or something. I'm sure one of them would be more than accommodating."

"Ooh, she's trying to get us hurt big bro!" said the Graveler.

"She is! She is! It looks like we're going to have to convince her little bro!" the Golem replied, crouching into a battle stance.

The time for talking her way out was obviously over, if there had even been a chance. Not wasting any time, she let loose the Fire Blast she had been holding onto since she had gotten up. The powerful flames whooshed forth, engulfing both rock pokémon. As the brilliant inferno died down, she heard the Golem laugh again.

"I'm afraid you'll have to do better than THAT sweetie…" A powerful Rock Blast followed the statement, nailing her in the chest and sending her sprawling. Her aura protected her from taking physical damage, but it had still hurt a LOT. This pokémon was obviously of a high level, and there were two of them"

Cheri got back to her feet. Switching tactics, she closed the distance with a quick attack. Then, she jumped and spun in the air to change the move into a Bite attack on the Graveler. Her jaws clacked on the rocky pokémon's skin, barely doing any damage. Why couldn't she know at least ONE fighting move to deal with these annoying rock types?

The Graveler just grinned at her attempt, grabbing her around the waist and hitting her with a crushing rock smash attack. She pushed off of him, wincing at the damage to her defences and using a Flamethrower to regain her distance. Another shot from the Golem grazed her, causing her to stumble sideways. This was quickly followed up by a Rock Throw from the Graveler that brought her down again.

The rock pokémon were just toying with her now. They knew that this battle was hopeless for the Arcanine, and they leisurely closed in, not bothering to attack her further. Steeling herself, Cheri took the only option left to her. Springing up, she leaped out of the clearing, dashing away as fast as her legs could carry her.


Shawn gazed over the calm lake waters, thinking that he should probably get moving again. He was enjoying the peaceful scene though, a nice break from the hectic regimen of the last few days. His reverie was broken by a loud snapping and rustling coming from the forest behind him. He whirled around, seeing an Arcanine come flying out of the bushes, hitting the sand and skidding as it lost traction. Not far behind it, two boulders came rolling out in pursuit, the larger one uncurling first into a Golem. The Arcanine attempted to resume its flight, but the Golem cut it off with a rock throw attack in front of it, causing it to dodge sideways. Glancing at his pokédex briefly, Shawn could see that the Arcanine's aura was dangerously low.

The bright orange pokémon turned to face its attackers, letting loose a powerful jet of flame. The Golem shrugged off the attack, and responded with a rock blast. The Arcanine let out a howl of pain as the attack caught it in the leg. A loud snap rent the air, and the fire type collapsed heavily on the broken forelimb. Shawn knew he would have to act quickly to stop the brutal beating, and whipped out his Divine Edge. As the Graveler tucked and rolled towards the Arcanine, he pummelled it with a massive fist of Air, sending the rock pokémon flying off into the forest. The Golem turned towards him in surprise, noticing the human for the first time.

Drawing on the lake behind him, he formed a tower of liquid, building it up beneath him and rising above the battlefield on aquatic wings. He pushed out with his Water element, sending a cascade of super effective liquid crashing down on the Golem. He alighted softly on the sand as the attack wore out, leaving the large rock type beaten into the now softened sand. Using the already available water took FAR less energy than having to summon it, and as a result, he was able to use his most powerful moves even with his power capped state. He didn't want to kill these pokémon though, so he held back as the Golem struggled to its feet. Suddenly, the Graveler came crashing back out onto the beach, and Shawn met it with a jet stream of water.

The pokémon sputtered under the force of the attack, being driven backwards. Looking down at his pokédex, Shawn could see that these two were now quite weak, and it wouldn't take much more to make them faint if it came to that. It seemed that they had had enough of his onslaught however, as the Golem exchanged a few muttered words with its companion, and then pulled it with him back into the trees. Shawn watched them go, following them to the edge of the forest to make sure they weren't going to try and come back.

Assured that the rock pokémon were indeed gone, Shawn turned his attention to the downed Arcanine. It had passed out on the sand while he had been dealing with the other two. It was lying on its side, chest rising and falling steadily. Kneeling down beside it, he began to examine it briefly, noting that it was a female. She didn't appear to have taken any other major damage, aside from the leg.

"Ouch, that's really bad…" he thought, examining the break.

Her right foreleg was bent at an unnatural ninety degree angle, right in the centre of the forelimb. Shawn gritted his teeth and took hold of the damaged appendage. Wincing at the horrible grating sound, he gently straightened the bone to its natural position.

"Right, now for the hard part…"

Shawn reached into his bag and pulled out his spell manual. The book sensed his intentions, and as he opened it, the section for healing spells grew to encompass it almost cover to cover. It would not be easy to carry around a book that was the size of an encyclopaedia set, so the manual just stayed at a fixed size and changed its content depending on the type of spell its owner was looking for.

"Let's see now, bone breaks, bone breaks," he thought, flipping through the pages.

"Hmm, not enough power…not enough power…wrong injury type…not enough power,"

Healing spells took a comparatively massive amount of energy to execute in relation to most other spells. With his power cap, many of these spells were out of the question for Shawn, as they would drain him dangerously low.

He continued to look, getting into the section that used particular objects to assist with the spell.

"This one would work…but it requires a pain swap, and with my energy levels….I'll see what else there is. Nope, don't have any of those items…I can get that, but certainly not THAT! Who the heck figured out you could use a broken Mac motherboard anyways?" What with wizards constantly figuring out new spells and adding them to the manual, there were some pretty…creative ones in there.

"Don't have that…don't have that…wrong injury type…Nope. Looks like its going to have to be the other one."

Flipping back, he set the book down on top of his bag, smoothing down the pages of the spell. He placed Marty's pokéball beside him and removed his belt, holding it in one hand as he sat down next to the Arcanine.

Scanning the page, he began to read the flowing characters. It had been some time since he had had to use a spell from scratch, and the familiar sensation of the entire universe leaning in to listen to his Speech was a welcome one. A glow built up on his free palm, and he placed it lightly on the Arcanine's injury. Pausing at the end of the spell, he held his belt up to his mouth.

"Oh snap, this is going to hurt…" he thought.

Gritting his teeth, he added his personal signature to the spell and spoke the release word. He quickly bit down hard on the leather belt as he felt the power flow out of him. This kind of spell worked by making the healer feel the pain of the victim in place of using raw power. The catch was that the less raw power that was put into the spell, the more the pain had to be amplified to compensate.

Shawn's teeth ground into the belt as the pain hit. His eyes widened as he felt the sensation of his arm shattering into a million pieces, a loud muffled yell reaching his ears that he realized was coming from his own throat. It seemed like an eternity, white flashes popping before his eyes as his nerves transferred false alarm bells to his mind. Finally, it was done, and he slumped forward in exhaustion. The spell had still drained much of his power, and combined with the pain, he was spent. He felt his awareness of the outside world fade. Just before he blacked out, he noted with satisfaction that the Arcanine's leg was whole once more.


Cheri woke up to feel an odd weight on her chest. Looking down, she could see the human who had come out of nowhere to her aid lying slumped over on her, his chest rising and falling in the even pattern of sleep. Realizing that she no longer felt the excruciating pain in her leg, she looked down to see the limb once more healthy and whole.

"Did this human…heal me?" she wondered, gently working her way to her feet and allowing the human to slide to the sand. She tested her weight gingerly, but the leg felt even better than it had that morning. She wasn't fully recovered yet, but whatever it was the human had done, along with the rest left her feeling well enough.

She gazed down at the mysterious human, who she could now see was indeed a trainer. She had never seen him summon a pokémon though, despite the single ball lying beside him in the sand. That thing she had seen him do with the water'that had been his own power? And then, he had used whatever ability he had to heal her injuries. Or perhaps it had been some strange human technology? Regardless, he hadn't even taken advantage of her wounded state to capture her as most trainers would. The very least she could do was watch over him as he slept, so that she could properly thank him when he woke up. She sat back on her haunches to wait, idly wondering just who or what this human was.

The sun was starting to go down by the time the human stirred. He yawned and sat up, blinking as he noticed her sitting and watching him.

"Oh hey there, feeling better?" he asked.

She responded by stepping forward and giving his face a few appreciative licks.

"Ha ha! Hey now, easy there. I get it. You're welcome!"

She backed off a bit, allowing him to get to his feet with a groan and a stretch. She doubted this human knew what exactly he had just done with his act of kindness, but she had to stick around for awhile just out of curiosity.

"Well girl, I've got to set up camp for the night. Are you going to stick around?"

She nodded, not bothering to respond in pokéspeech as he wouldn't understand it.

He quickly went about getting his camp ready for the night, setting his tent up on the sand close to the tree line. Gathering a few dry branches and twigs, he arranged them in a neat stack for a fire. Helpfully, Cheri lit the twigs with an ember, giving a cheery glow to the darkening scene.

"Thank you," the human said, a smile crossing his face as she jumped in shock.

"What! You can'talk?" she said, disbelief running through her.

He laughed at her statement, replying, "Yes…I can speak your language, after a fashion."

"Just what are you? Are you actually some kind of pokémon?" she asked.

"No, I am a human. But I am what is called a wizard. One of my abilities is to communicate with any creature."

She was unfamiliar with this designation, but had no reason to doubt what he told her.

"Okay…well, in that case, I can properly say, thank you. Truly. You don't even know just what it was you rescued me from."

"Oh, I think I have an idea," he replied, a frown briefly crossing his features.

"So, that really was your own power you used, not some human device?"

"Yes, I used my powers to drive off your pursuers and to heal you."

She marvelled at his casual mention of the feat. She had flipped through her memories of water types, and she had never seen any of them pull off a move like the one she had seen this human use. And on top of that, he had healed her broken leg as good as new. The thoughts that she had been having while he slept crept back to the surface. He surely couldn't know that he had essentially displayed all the qualities of an ideal mate. Male Arcanines typically approached in heat females with displays of fighting prowess. Then, if they met the approval of the female, moved on to a show of affection to prove his worthiness. This human had done all that and more, proving himself to be more powerful than any male she had seen before, and then compassionately wearing himself out to heal her.

But" would he really accept her? And if she took a human as her mate, she wouldn't be able to have pups. Would she be able to live with that? Pokémon sometimes took mates that they couldn't reproduce with, but they would often end up adopting an egg that had been abandoned or orphaned. Or they would get a surrogate father to help them out. What she knew of humans told her that that would likely be out of the question. She had seen enough eggs and younglings abandoned by trainers who didn't want the burden. She didn't think this human would be the type to do something like that, but that didn't mean he would make arrangements for her to have pups either.

Her train of thought was broken as he spoke again.

"So'my name is Shawn. Do you have a name I can call you by?"

"Oh! I'm sorry, yes. I'm called Cheri."

"Alright then. I take it your species is one that takes on names?"

"Yes…I was named that because I loved to eat Cheri berries as a pup."

"Well then Cheri, I'm about to make my dinner. Would you like some?"

"Sure, why not?" she replied, realizing that she was indeed quite hungry.

Shawn smiled and started preparing their meal. The pack had originally contained plenty of magically prepared field rations, but he had picked up more supplies in Pastoria, saving the others for emergencies. He got it together quite quickly, having picked things that were designed to be easy to make on the road. During the entire time, Cheri never took her gaze off of him, the firelight glinting of her emerald eyes. It was actually a bit unnerving, the steady stare and the odd expression on her face.

"You know, if you keep that up, you are going to burn a hole right through me," he said, breaking the silence.

"Oh'sorry. I was just….thinking," she said, looking down finally.

"Don't worry about it," he said, sliding her a plate of food.

She perked up, and he smiled as she tucked in ravenously. She would certainly be quite hungry after being healed. The spell was mostly an acceleration of the body's natural healing, and took a bit out of the patient as well.

They finished their meal in silence. Cheri smacked her lips and licked the plate clean, then worked on Shawn's as he slid his empty dish over.

Settling back, Shawn asked, "So…what will you do now?"

She looked up, her bright green eyes meeting his blue ones. "That…is what I have been considering. I think I know though. I…want to travel with you."

He smiled at her, "I was kinda hoping you would say that."

Her lips parted in the canine version of a return smile, "Good. Then, if you'll…capture me?"

He nodded, reaching into his bag and pulling out an empty pokéball. He held the device out to her, and she sniffed it a bit apprehensively.

"Will you let me out again right after? There's'something else I need to talk to you about."

"Sure, no problem," he replied, wondering what she meant.

She nodded and took a deep breath, then tapped the button on the ball with her nose. The device opened up and sealed the Arcanine inside with a beam of red light. Shawn's pokédex beeped with the new data, as Cheri was tagged as his pokémon.

Complying with the request of the Arcanine, Shawn pressed the release button, pulling her back out into the firelight. She shook herself as her feet planted down, turning back to face him.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" he asked.

She laid down and considered him for a moment before speaking. "I…what you did for me today…" she trailed off. "This isn't the easiest thing to approach. Did you…umm. Did you know that I'm in heat?"

"I figured as much. I couldn't help but notice as I was healing you."

"Well…what you did…you essentially performed the Arcanine courting ritual."

This statement caught Shawn off guard, and he exclaimed in English, "I what?"

Her ears flattened slightly, "Well, Arcanine females always try to find the strongest male they can to choose as a mate. And you showed yourself to be far stronger than any male I have ever seen. Including my previous mate. And then you followed that up by selflessly protecting me and not taking advantage of me. You even healed me, which no Arcanine would have been able to do…"

Shawn nodded as understanding came over him. "Wait, didn't you just say you already had a mate?"

"Yes, but its not uncommon for my kind to switch when a better suitor comes along. Besides, HE never saved me from anything. He wasn't even around when I needed him…"

Shawn found it a bit hard to believe what he was hearing. His freshly caught pokémon was attracted to him? Were pokémon even capable of experiencing love? No, he chastised himself, of course they were. His interactions with Marty had proven that pokémon experienced a full emotional range. Although, she probably didn't consider love the same way he did. But was that really the issue here?

He considered himself extremely open minded, and the concept of joining with another species wasn't an issue for him. After all, from his perspective, the primary barrier of communication was a non-issue. So long as a being was fully sentient, what was there to stop a relationship? He wasn't quite sure if he was completely comfortable with a, "let love come later" relationship though. He wouldn't want a misguided decision to get sexually involved to get in the way of a normal trainer/poké mon relationship. But maybe" It was obvious she was looking for relief from the torment her body was putting her through. Was it really right for him to deny her that when he had already committed himself to caring for her? Could he just watch a member of his team suffer when he could help?

"Wait, if I do take you as my mate…I'm not going to have an angry Arcanine coming after me am I?"

She laughed at this, "No, and it isn't like Schrade would be able to do much about it even if he was stupid enough. Arcanine males are somewhat nomadic, and the strong ones will circulate among several mistresses. It isn't that unusual for one to not be where she was left. After all, who knows when a strong trainer will come along…" she trailed off, giving him a seductive look.

Shawn came to his decision. He would give her her chance.

"Alright, I accept. I'll be your new mate."

Cheri gave a cry of joy, and immediately spun around and presented herself to him. Her tail flagged to the side, and he could see her inflamed vulva dripping in the firelight. Stripping out of his clothes, Shawn laid them neatly to the side. The chill of the night air caused the hair on his arms to raise as it met his bare skin. He laid his hand on her hip, causing her to quiver in anticipation at the touch. Bringing his other hand forward, he ran his fingers lightly over the short, silky orange fur surrounding her slit. Running his fingers through the dripping juices, he slid two of them inside, easily penetrating into her warm depths. She gave a soft whine and pushed back against the intrusion. Already he could feel her insides clenching with her extreme arousal.

Slowly, he began pumping his fingers in and out, drawing pants and growls of approval as he stimulated her passage. Pulling the fingers out to the outer part of her dripping slit, he started stroking her clit, causing her to wriggle and pant under the intense sensations. Switching tactics again, he shoved his fingers back in to the knuckles, feeling the incredible heat of her love tunnel engulf his digits.

He began fingering her in earnest, pistoning his fingers in and out, alternating the pace by playing with her clit on the out strokes. She was easily able to accommodate the two fingers, so he added in a third, and then a fourth, pushing most of his hand into her slick entrance. It didn't take long, her need had already pushed her halfway to climax. Hunching back against the greater penetration, she howled in bliss as her release came over her. Hot fluids gushed over Shawn's hand, the high internal temperature of the fire type being a wonderful contrast to the surrounding air.

Removing his hand, Shawn licked off the tasty femme juice. The cooling liquid had an almost'spicy flavour to it, and he was becoming quite aroused himself as Cheri panted on her way down from her orgasm.

"Please'take me now," she pleaded, looking back at him.

"I will…but you've been mating this way your whole life. I think it's time to try something a bit different…"

Nudging her side gently, Shawn got her to lie down and roll onto her back.

"I think you are going to like this," he said.

Cheri looked up at him trustingly. This position was definitely a new one for her, but it made sense. The bipedal human anatomy was much more flexible than her own, and would lead to some…interesting possibilities. Shawn moved forward, resting on his knees beside her. She looked up at him questioningly, then murred in pleasure as he began stroking her belly. Her previous orgasm had tamped down the fire in her groin somewhat, and she was now able to appreciate the foreplay. He worked his nimble fingers through her soft belly fur, massaging gently.

A rumbling purr rose in her throat as he worked his way from her chest down. This experience was entirely different from her self grooming, and she felt like she was melting into a puddle at the unusual, but highly enjoyable feeling. The pleasurable sensation increased as he found two of her hard nipples, giving them a tweak and rolling them in his fingers. It was a deeply satisfying sensation. The pulling on her teats filled her head with thoughts of nursing pups. Her arousal began to rise again at the treatment, and she whined needily.

"I need you in me now…" she murmured

He met her eyes, then leaned down to plant a tender kiss on her nose.

"As you wish," he said.

He scooted around and took up position between her legs. She could feel the tip of his tool prod her entrance. She had gotten a look at his unfamiliar member as he had been stroking her. It wasn't quite as long as an Arcanine penis, and it didn't have a knot. It was however, the same thickness all the way through. And that was quite a bit more than what she was used to. With the exception of her outer passage, he would be stretching her depths a bit more than Schrade had.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

She nodded vigorously, wriggling in anticipation of this new experience.

He reached forward and took ahold of her hips, using the leverage to pull himself up into a better position. Then, after one last check to make sure he was lined up, he thrust himself inside. She sighed in relief as she felt his shaft part her walls. He was almost as long as Schrade was, and the added thickness made her feel pleasantly full. He sat still for a moment, leaving himself deep inside to let her get used to the penetration. She gave him a few reassuring clenches to signal that he should continue, and he began to buck his hips in a slow, steady rhythm.

She quickly realized that this position was a lot different than what she was accustomed to. The new angle caused his tip to rub across a place inside her that set her nerves tingling with lightning arcs of pleasure. She still got the sensation of having a strong mate above her, but on top of that, she was able to watch his face as he experienced the clenching of her moist, heated sex. He was clearly enjoying this as much as she was, and it added to her own enjoyment that she knew she was giving her mate pleasure. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the air, the wet slapping turning her on even more.

He started moving his hips in a circular motion, bringing his engorged member in at an irregular trajectory. The new motion caused him to hit her G spot with more consistency, his tip dragging across it with each slow thrust. She bucked up against him, her hot depths drenching his rod as she felt the pleasure rising to towards the inevitable breaking point.

He picked up the pace a bit, squirting some pre inside as he started to hump her with more force. He was now pounding straight into her, stretching out her inner walls. She absolutely loved the sensation of being filled, the pounding cock being exactly what her body had been crying out for. It sent a thrill through her to clench down and feel the exotic shape of her new lover's maleness. She could feel the thick head deep inside, pushing her deep places further apart than they had ever been before. Her slick passage allowed him easy access, and he was hilting on each thrust.

His balls were slapping against the short fur between her slit and her tail hole, and she fancied she could hear his masculine essence splashing around inside them. "Fill me! Give me your seed!" she cried out in desire. He gave a feral growl as he shagged her as hard as he could. She wanted him to empty himself into her, to have her womb burgeoning with her mate's pups.

She could feel his wiry pubic hair tickling her engorged clit, the added stimulation driving her wild with lust. She clenched down around him, trying to increase the friction as much as possible. Her breath was coming out in ragged pants, and she could hear him grunting with the effort. Any second now, the blessed release that had been building inside her would wash her away. Suddenly, he halted his thrusting, pulling out almost all the way and causing her to growl in annoyance. She was so close! Why had he stopped?

Just as she was about to speak her irritation, he slammed himself home, entering at an angle. The sudden stimulation of her clit and G spot was enough to tip her over the edge, and she let out another long howl. Fluids gushed out, soaking their union with hot juice as her inner muscles rippled and clamped down. Gyrating her hips, she thrust back against his crotch, riding out her second orgasm as the avalanche of pleasure obliterated everything else in her mind. That was enough, the strong contractions around his member setting him off as well. She could feel his seed shooting out deep into her.

The powerful spurts were satisfying her need, her womb now able to cease its demands for offspring. His spurts trailed to a dribble, and she clamped down hard to milk his shaft dry of all it had to give, not wanting to lose any of the life giving fluid. Even if she knew he couldn't impregnate her, his seed was a pleasant warm spot in her womb, telling her hormones that she had been bred. His stamina was obviously greater than Schrade's, as her previous mate had always had to mount her twice to get her to cum, if he even had the energy. He laid down in her soft belly fur, wriggling his way up and hilting himself as far as he could. His head only came up to her chest, and it was a very rewarding experience for her to be able to cradle this powerful human like one of her pups. She sighed contentedly, wrapping her paws around him as she flopped onto her side, spent. She drifted off into a peaceful sleep, snuggling in protectively around her mate.



Somewhere far away"

The cloaked form walked along the road through the twilight. It had spent all day searching for its quarry to no avail. Suddenly, its path was blocked by another human.

"Hey! Wanna battle me?"

The figure stopped dead, its cloak settling around it in the still air.

"Let me pass…" it said.

"C'mon! Just a quick battle, I'll even go easy on ya! One on one!" Said the trainer, pulling out a pokéball. "Go Gyarados!"

The water dragon appeared in a beam of light, eliciting no response from the cloaked figure.

Then" "Fool." it said, and reached behind its back and drew out an odd sword. It was curved slightly, with a single edge. The tip of the blade thickened into an axe like head, and the hilt had a red jewel that pulsed ominously.

"Hey…what are you doing. Send out a pokémon…" the trainer said, starting to get a bit nervous.

The figure didn't move, and suddenly, a bolt of darkness shot out and hit the Gyarados squarely.

The trainer gave a shout of surprise, looking incredulously at his pokédex as his pokémon's aura rapidly dropped to zero.

"Hey! Stop it! Leave him alone!"

The figure gave a snort of derision, letting off the attack and allowing the weakened pokémon to sag forward with an exhausted cry.

"Um…okay then. You win. I…I'll be going now…" the trainer said, starting to be truly frightened of this mysterious figure.

In a blink, the form vanished, appearing right in front of the sapped water dragon. Whipping his blade in an arc, he brought it cleanly through the pokémon's neck. The severed head of the Gyarados bounced across the ground, landing at the feet of its shocked trainer.

"Ahh!" he yelled. "You…you…what have you done!"

Calmly, the figure turned towards him, and the trainer was suddenly grabbed by a shadowy hand. The trainer gasped as the dark power seized his neck, raising him up just slightly onto his toes.

"Now then," said the figure conversationally, pulling back its cowl. "Tell me, have you ever seen a person by the name of Shawn? He looks like me, and would be posing as a trainer."

" I don't think so. Please…just let me go," the trainer said.

"Hmm. You wouldn't lie to me would you? I don't like liars.." the person said, tightening the grip around the trainers throat slightly.

"Ahh! No! It's the truth!" the trainer screamed, trying to keep his weight on the ground as he was lifted by the dark energy.

"Hmm. I guess I believe you. That means you are useless to me." With a casual flick of his blade, the attacker whipped the dark hand sideways. A sharp crack rent the air as the other human's neck snapped. Tossing the lifeless body aside on top of the dead Gyarados, the mysterious assailant continued on his way.

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