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The Dimensional Balance Saga by Arcane_Reno


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Starts off clean, but later chapters get naughty. :P And no, this is not a Harry Potter crossover!

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Chapter 6: Two for One

Chapter 6

Two for One

Cheri awoke slowly, eyes sleepily blinking open. Her jaws stretched wide as she let out a contended yawn. She fancied she could still feel Shawn's seed inside her, sloshing in her womb. Suddenly, she felt a stab of panic. The warm body at her side was gone. She looked up frantically, had her mate abandoned her? "No," she thought, calming down as she saw his tent and bag still set in the sand. "He must not be too far,"

Her ears perked up as she caught a faint splashing sound coming from further down the beach. She stood up and shook the sand off, looking in the direction of the sound. There was a slight rise in the way however, and she couldn't see past it. "That must be him," she thought, lying back down.

Now that she was fully awake, she could feel the burning fire start up again in her crotch. It had been sated somewhat last night, but she was still coming down from the peak of her heat cycle. It was quenched enough now for her to think clearly at least.

She considered the rapid events of the previous day. She found it a bit hard to believe that she had suddenly landed with a new mate, but she was wholly content with her decision. Strength was paramount in the Arcanine mate selection process, and Shawn had proven he had strength to spare. She just hoped that she could be as strong for him as he had proven himself to be for her. His power fascinated her. She had only seen him wielding water, but he had implied a range of abilities in their conversation. She wondered what other amazing things he could do.

He had seemed…hesitant to mate at first, but had been eager enough once they actually started. She felt her heat pulse as she thought of their activities. The fact that he had taken the care to make sure she climaxed just increased her infatuation. He was obviously a very thoughtful being. Schrade had been a typical Arcanine male, jumping right in and humping furiously to get himself off. She had never before experienced a more protracted mating like the one last night. Schrade would probably be disappointed to find her gone when he eventually returned, but would likely get over it quickly enough with one of his other mates.

She panted softly as her heat became a bit more demanding. Without being fertilized, her womb wouldn't be satisfied with just one mating. A devious grin spread over her canine features as she lay there, juices starting to dribble out from her arousal. The experiences of last night had given her a few ideas. Her tail twitched eagerly as she waited for Shawn to return.


Shawn sluiced water over his head, washing the last of the shampoo out into the clear lake waters. His freshly washed clothes were laid out on to dry on a blanket. The warm sun had already evaporated most of the dampness. He had awoken before Cheri, and had gone a little ways down the beach to clean up. He hadn't wanted to disturb her sleep, she had looked so content. He had smiled as he looked down at her slumbering form, a blissful expression on her muzzle as her leg twitched in some dream or other. The results of last nights activities had left them both a bit sticky "down there…, and once she woke up he would have to convince her to take a little bath as well. He didn't want to ruin all that nice soft fur with horrible sticky tangles after all.

He sighed as he recalled the previous evening. He hoped that he had made the right decision. He had gotten a glimpse of her personality, and had liked what he had seen, but was that going to be enough to develop into love? His protective instincts had kicked in fully, so in that respect, he supposed he already did love her at least a little. Still, he was more than willing to give the relationship a chance to develop further.

It had been some time since he had someone he could define as a lover, since Nina had died. One night stands weren't his thing. At least, not if he expected to continue a normal relationship with the other party. He wasn't the type to go screwing around either. He had had one time encounters in the past, but it wasn't something he did flippantly.

It was obvious that Cheri was completely infatuated with him, and he felt responsible for helping her through her heat. Was it not a trainer's duty to take care of his Pokémon's needs? He didn't know what the cultural viewpoint on this kind of thing was here, but he was sure that it wasn't a completely unheard of situation. He even had the added advantage of being able to communicate perfectly with his Pokémon, and respond to their needs accordingly.

It definitely would be something to be careful of though, he doubted that this dimension was so different from his own as to accept interspecies relationships without question. The issue had been obsolete for wizards for centuries. With all the contact they had with wizards and ordinary citizens of alien races, as well as the other species on Earth, it was inevitable that romantic attachments would spring up from time to time. They could even talk to inanimate objects if they wanted to (although they were terrible conversationalists), so what was there to stop a relationship between two SENTIENT beings? He even remembered one story he had heard of a human wizard who had fallen in love with a member of one of the floral races. If THAT could work out, then so could this.

He stepped out of the water, drying his hair and wrapping his towel around his waist. He would have to introduce Marty and Cheri to each other today. He hoped that they would get on alright. Cheri didn't strike him as the type to be overly jealous of his attention. After all, she had been essentially a member of a harem for her previous mate. Marty he knew would be fine, the water Pokémon was an eternal optimist. He would accept the new team member with his usual enthusiasm. He rolled up his blanket with the almost dry clothes, and proceeded up the rise back towards his campsite.


Arriving back at the tent, Shawn stopped in his tracks, a bit perplexed. Cheri was nowhere in sight. "Where has she gone off to?" he wondered. He doubted that she would have run off, after all, she had willingly allowed herself to be captured by him. He hoped that she hadn't had second thoughts. "Cheri?" he called.

Suddenly, a furry orange missile streaked out his tent, nailing him in the chest. The pair crashed down together, Shawn's blanket dropping away and his towel being pulled off as he slid on his back through the soft sand. The sudden tackle had knocked the breath out of him, and he coughed as he looked up into the ecstatic visage of his Arcanine. He had to conserve power whenever he could, so he wasn't wearing his normal emergency shield that would have protected him from the blow.

"Good morning to you too," he said.

She licked his face happily. "Sorry, but I need you…" she said.

He felt a wetness at his crotch, and she started grinding down against him.

"I take it we're skipping the foreplay then?" he said calmly.

"Screw foreplay," she growled, rubbing her entrance teasingly over his stiffening manhood.

This was a bit of a different side of her. Much more hotheaded and assertive than she had been last night. He allowed her to stay on top though, her heat was clearly acting up, and he would let her satisfy her need.

She growled again, trying to get herself positioned right. His slicked tool kept sliding past her leaking pussy lips though, and she appeared to be getting a bit frustrated. Helpfully, he reached down and grabbed his tool by the base, holding it steady for her. With a happy yip, she got the angle right, sliding the first couple inches inside easily.

She gazed into his eyes, and he could see her gratitude and affection. It was apparent that she knew who the master was in their relationship. If he wanted to, at any time he could reverse their positions with ease. He wasn't a dom, but he knew that to maintain a master/trainer relationship, he had to make sure to assert his control when necessary. He could see from her expression though that she knew this, and he willingly granted her permission to top him.

"Thank you…" she said, feeling genuine love blossom in her heart at his submission to her pleasure. It was extremely arousing to have this strong male pinned underneath her, subject to her whims. She knew that he could easily stop her and assert his dominance, but he was giving her the control freely. That just made it even more erotic. Her new mate's consideration for her feelings touched her deeply, and she determined at that moment to always stand by him, no matter what.

Now that he was inside, she could stretch out to get full thrusting power. She gave a lustful growl as she humped down on him, sliding him all the way in. The sensation of his shaft parting her walls was heavenly, and this new position let her set the pace. She pumped her hips in a steady motion, fluffy tail waving like creamy flag over her back. Her engorged clit was dragging across his shaft, stoking an inferno of pleasure within. Her heat made her juices flow freely, drenching his shaft and slicking her passage to allow easy movement. Every so often, she would jump whenever he touched that little spot just inside her passage, his hardened tip delightfully stimulating it. She clamped down with her vaginal muscles, wanting to give him as much pleasure as she was getting.

Shawn met her thrusts as best as he could, his mobility limited by the weight of the Arcanine. He could feel her walls clenching down on him, drawing a spurt of pre. She sped up her thrusts, clearly getting close to the release she needed. He held back, trying to moderate his own arousal to allow her to climax first. Every time she hilted him, her vulva pressed against his balls, squeezing the orbs and drawing a grunt of enjoyment from his lips. Her soft belly fur swished across his stomach and chest, tickling his nipples as she ground his rear into the sand.

He couldn't see her face, but it was obvious from her passionate growls and yips that she was enjoying herself immensely. He smiled, glad that he was able to satisfy his pokémon's desires. The sensations in his own body were a nice bonus too, he was having a hard time containing himself. The tension in his loins was building, and he did his best to speed up his own thrusts and get her off first. It didn't take long. Her insides felt incredible, her love tunnel clamping down on him furiously as she let out a howl. She thrust herself down hard, embedding him as deep inside as she could as she climaxed. The juices that splashed out of her were just shy of being painfully hot, and they quickly undid all of his earlier cleanup work.

The moment he felt her orgasm start, he let himself go, his shaft engorging to the maximum as the tension in his crotch reached its peak. His balls contracted, sending his ejaculate spurting deep inside her. He could feel each strong pulse rippling through his member, her eager walls pulling and sucking down his seed. He groaned as he emptied his essence into her, painting her innermost depths with his foreign seed. Her muscles went into overdrive, milking him dry as she fought to keep all of it inside.

She relaxed on top of him, wriggling back down to touch her nose to his as they came down from their orgasms. Her eyes were half open as she contentedly gave him a tongue bath. Reaching up, he pulled her muzzle to his lips, giving her a kiss. She seemed a bit surprised at first, but quickly got the idea as he pressed his tongue into her mouth. He felt her longer organ slurp across his own palate, wrestling with his own as they exchanged saliva. Even her mouth was very warm, although not nearly the level of her pussy.

"This is something new," she murmured, smacking her lips at the taste as she shifted her weight a bit. He was still lodged comfortably inside, just beginning to soften a bit as she gave him couple of final squeezes. The shift had taken her weight off his stomach, allowing him to breathe more easily.

"It's called a kiss. It's a human sign of affection," he said.

"I think I like it," she said, leaning back down for more.

They lay there cuddling for a few long moments, trainer and Pokémon basking in the sun and each other's company. Finally, Shawn pulled back, freeing his now flaccid member with a wet sound. "Looks like I'm going to need another bath," he said ruefully.

"But it was worth it," she said. "Besides, I can clean you up as well!" She spun around, dropping her head down and starting to pull her tongue across his crotch. "Oh no you don't!" Shawn exclaimed, slapping his hands over himself protectively. "You'll just get me all worked up again, and I REALLY want to get into Veilstone today."

"Aww, but it tastes good," she whined.

"Next time, I promise," he said, wording it in The Speech for emphasis. It was indeed a promise. One could not lie in The Speech easily.

Cheri yipped happily at the declaration, then curled up on her side to see to her own grooming. Shawn watched for a moment as she ran her tongue through the short fur around her lower lips, smoothing the matted fur and collecting the accumulated liquid. A few juices dribbled loose, but the inflammation had now disappeared. She seemed to be having no trouble cleaning up, that rough tongue sliding around her vulva, flicking at her entrance" He gave his head a shake, turning and running for the cold lake water to cool his resurging arousal.


After they had cleaned up, Shawn dressed in his now dry clothes and got their breakfast prepared. It was time for his team members to get acquainted. He unclipped Marty's ball from his belt, tapping the release button to free the Marshtomp. Marty popped out onto the sand with a happy cry, "Hey trainer Shawn! What are we doing today? Hey! Who's this?"

"Marty, I want you to meet Cheri. She is the newest member of our team."

"Cool!" he skipped over and hugged the startled Arcanine. "Nice to meet you Cheri!"

Cheri giggled at the water Pokémon's antics, "You too…Marty."

"Shawn's a great trainer! We'll have lots of adventures together. Glad to have you on the team!"

"Thanks," she said, nuzzling the enthusiastic Pokémon with her forehead.

"Marty, there's something else too," Shawn said, slightly apprehensive. He wasn't entirely sure how Marty would react to this, but he had to clear the issue right away. "Cheri and I…are also mates now."

Marty turned towards him, a huge smile splitting his face. "Really? That's great! Master deserves to have a mate." He said. "I'm happy for you!" He bounced on the spot "Happy, happy, happy!"

Shawn let out a small breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He had been fairly sure Marty would be fine with this new relationship he was in, but there had still been a bit of uncertainty. He didn't want to jeopardize the rapport he already had with his first Pokémon.

"Glad to hear it. Here, I've made us some breakfast Marty, and then we are going to Veilstone."

"Yay!" Marty said, taking the food. "I get to go inside my ball though, right?"

Shawn nodded. Since he had evolved, it had been difficult for Marty to keep up with him as they walked. His short legs just weren't designed for fast movement on land.

"Can I walk with you?" Cheri asked, obviously still not entirely comfortable with the idea of being in stasis.

"Of course you can," Shawn said, giving her her own plate.

She gave a happy bark, and set into her food with typical canine vigour.

Shawn smiled as he observed his growing team. Yes, things would work out.


Shawn vaulted over yet another pile of rocks, working his way along the canyon floor. Veilstone had indeed been a large city, but one with surprisingly little to offer him. The entire thing seemed to be centred around the glitzy game corner built in the middle of the city. The entire area had been lit by the sleazy glow of flashing neon, and drunks had staggered around the streets at night. The prosperous town did have a Gym, but he had once more elected to pass it by. Neither of his Pokémon were particularly well equipped to handle the fighting type, so he filed it under something to tackle later.

The Team Galactic building hadn't even been started yet. Covert questioning had come up with nothing at all about Cyrus. All that had been there was a large empty lot in the northeast sector of the city. The best part about his two night stay had been the massive shopping center. He had spent some of the hard earned credits to buy several TMs and HMs, including a Surf HM for Marty. In the market section, he had found some interesting things, such as a service that converted the standard pokéballs into custom designed ones. Both Cheri and Marty had been delighted with the results, and Cheri had a much easier time going inside a ball that was so uniquely hers.

Marty's was the same blue colour he was, with a bright orange band around the centre and over the buttons. The top of the ball had two small, dark fins sticking up from it. Cheri's was of course a dark orange, with black jagged stripes all over. The creamy white band and buttons accented it perfectly.

He had even found someone selling different kinds of evolution stone. On impulse, he had purchased a thunderstone. He still didn't know why, but for some reason, the odd rock had…drawn him. He could feel the untapped static power within, begging to be used as he rolled it in his hand. The dishevelled looking guy who sold them had been doing so for a surprisingly low cost. It seemed he had hit a jackpot of them while mining in the infamous Sinnoh underground. Even still, Shawn had only had enough to cover the one. The rare items were still costly, even at a drastically reduced rate. He had spent the leftovers buying essentials, and a few poffins for Cheri. She didn't like the sour ones that Marty did, preferring the dry type.

During his inquiries about Cyrus and Team Galactic, he had also gotten some more info about where to find specific Pokémon. He had been elated to hear one person tell him that he had seen several Flygons soaring over the rocky canyons to the Southwest of Veilstone. Their ability to use powerful dragon type moves was very appealing to Shawn, and he had set out the next day to see if he could find one. Not to mention a flying type would be extremely helpful in his travels.

Shawn had already passed by the canyons as he came into Veilstone from Lake Valor, noting the looming cliffs that stretched off into the distance. By traveling through them, he would eventually end up near the tiny town of Solaceon.

The going was very rough, no defined pathway at all. He often had to squeeze between or clamber over large piles of loose rocks. So far he had seen nothing more than the odd Geodude, which was slightly irritating. Both Cheri and Marty were inside their balls, the terrain being a bit difficult for either of them to traverse.

Reaching the top of another rockslide, Shawn stopped short. There in front of him was a haven in the wilderness, a small pond with green shrubs growing around it. Gratefully, he scrambled down the rock pile, eagerly splashing his face with the cold liquid and refilling his water bottle. Suddenly, a rustle from the opposite side caught his attention. He looked up, and saw something disappear into the bushes.

Cautiously, he stood up and worked his way over. The sparse grass near the edge of the pool was flattened backwards, as if something had been dragged over it. Now that he was closer, he could see dark stains smeared over the loose gravel and dirt. Starting to get a bit concerned, he placed a hand on his sword hilt as he slowly pushed the bushes aside and peered through.

The first thing he noticed was a Scyther, lying on its back, very clearly dead. Its chest was crushed, and he could see numerous teeth marks all over its hard exoskeleton. A motion off to the side caught his attention, and he noticed for the first time the other Pokémon lying there. It was an Eevee, its tan fur blending well with the rocky ground. It was in bad shape, several deep wounds gushing blood, one eye shut and leaking.

Shawn pushed his way into the small space between the bushes, kneeling beside the injured Pokémon. It was obvious it had come out on the winning end of a confrontation with the Scyther, but only barely. It attempted to pull itself away, hind leg dragging uselessly, the muscles severed in a deep wound that showed bone. It didn't have the strength left however, and it collapsed with a cry.

Whipping out his manual, Shawn quickly leafed through and found the first healing spell he could use, rapidly speaking the words. He felt his power charge up and focus, and he laid his hand on the Eevee to release the spell.

It was too late.

With a shuddering gasp, the little Pokémon breathed its last, the lone remaining eye staring glassily. "Damn it!" Shawn swore, allowing the unused energy to drain back into him. If he had just been a little sooner"

He sighed as he got to his feet, looking down sadly at the little Pokémon. Why had it continued to fight to the death? Surely once its aura had been depleted, it would have known to run?

He gazed out over the canyon. This part of it was almost completely open, the walls straightening out and flat clay stretching as far as he could see. It seemed like this detour had been a waste of time. No Flygons, and he couldn't even save this Pokémon that had needed his help.

Suddenly, he heard another rustle. Two more, smaller Eevees stepped tentatively into the clearing. They stopped, staring at the body of what was apparently their mother. The reason for why the Eevee had kept fighting was now obvious. One of them was very small, still a cub. The other was nearly full grown, and stepped in front of the smaller one protectively, growling fiercely at Shawn.

"I'm sorry, I tried to save her…" Shawn said, dropping to a crouch to look the Eevee in the eye. It started, looking at him quizzically, but didn't speak. It stepped forward slowly, sniffing at the body. The smaller one just sat, seeming a bit confused. What was mother doing? The larger Eevee suddenly jerked its head up, ears perking forward as it stared off down the canyon. Shawn stood, trying to see what had disturbed it.

Nothing was visible, so he reached out with his Earth element, questing the sense of feeling along through the cracked clay. There…off in the distance. A faint tremor. And it was getting closer. Coming back to his normal senses, he could now see a distant dust cloud, moving rapidly towards them.

Shawn looked around, seeking a place of safety. There was none. The cliff walls were sheer. Whatever it was was moving fast, and destructively. Questing out again, he could feel boulders being smashed aside by the onrushing force, rocks cracking and splitting. Pulling back again, he fumbled in his bag for the small pair of field binoculars he had bought in Veilstone. There it was, just visible under the dust. A herd of stampeding Rhyhorn.

He was going to need to act fast, the rampaging Pokémon were closing the distance rapidly. He quickly untied the blanket roll from his bag, tossing the binoculars back. He scooped up the smaller Eevee, bundling it up, then grabbed the larger one. It gave a cry of indignation, but allowed him to wrap it in the blanket along with its sibling.

Standing up, he slung the makeshift carrier over his shoulder with the bag, the two Eevees safely tucked inside. He walked swiftly to the wall of the canyon, the stampede now close enough to see unaided. Shawn took a deep breath, then gathered his power. He drew deeply on Earth through the sword, pulling it into his legs. Containing the energy, he readied a tremor to give himself an added push, then LEAPED. The power in his legs added on to the shove from below as the ground bucked upwards, and he rocketed into the air. Shawn soared upwards, pulling on Air and Fire to send a hot updraft rushing past him, prolonging his ascent.

The wind whipping past him began to slow, and he saw with alarm that it wasn't going to be enough. He was going to fall short of the cliff top. Once more working Air, he formed a platform of hardened atmosphere beneath himself as he reached his apex. He landed lightly, immediately pushing off again. As soon as his weight contacted it, the unanchored platform of air plummeted downwards, dissipating just before it shattered on the backs of the Rhyhorn that were now plunging through the little haven.

The added push was enough, even though he didn't gain anywhere near his original jumping power. His shoes just cleared the top of the canyon, and he landed on his feet, running out his momentum. He let the Earth energy drain out of him, feeling a little shaky as his strength returned to normal. He couldn't use that particular power overly much, especially for the legs. It was very hard on the joints. Prolonged usage would leave his muscles feeling like jelly, and if he continued to use it, it would eventually do some real damage. He could have used a teleportation spell to get them up here, but as the location wasn't in sight, he would've had to find the coordinates. By that time, the Rhyhorn would have been upon them.

Suddenly, he noticed a little girl off to his right, clapping her hands.

"Hey! That was really cool mister! How…d you do that? Are you a Pokémon?"

"Oh crap, she saw me," he thought. She was pretty young though, maybe eight years old. He decided to go with the easy route. "Yes, I'm the amazing jumping Pokémon," he replied.

"Yay! I thought so. I'm going to catch you now!" she said, pulling out a pokéball.

Shawn snorted, "You can't catch me little girl. What are you doing out here by yourself anyways?"

"I'm having a picnic!" she replied. "I live just over that way!" She pointed vaguely in the direction of Solaceon. Shawn could now see a small house poking out of a copse of trees in the distance. He hadn't realized he was getting so close to the city. He had fallen into a rhythm of travel through the canyons, and hadn't been paying attention to the time.

The pokéball bounced off his chest, landing uselessly at his feet. He looked down at her, "I told you, you can't catch me," he said, picking up the ball and handing it back to her.

She stomped her foot. "I'm going to catch the jumping Pokémon!" She said, throwing it at him again. He swatted it down, not wanting her to catch one of the Eevees by mistake. "No, you can't," he said.

She stared at him, "Wah! I wanna catch a Pokémon!" She wailed. Turning, she ran off in the direction of her house.

Shawn let her go. There didn't appear to be anything dangerous out here, and who would believe her story about a flying human? He sighed, then gently placed the blanket down to release the Eevees. They blinked in tandem as the sunlight hit them once again, stepping off the blanket and onto the hard packed earth. The larger one looked up at him.

"You saved my sister and I, thank you," The pitch of the voice led him to conclude that it was also a she.

"Yes…But I'm sorry I couldn't help your mother as well…" he said sadly.

She blinked a couple times, head drooping. "She's'really gone, isn't she? It's…okay. It's not your fault. She" was protecting us as well. That Scyther was half mad, it would've eaten us," she said, looking down at her sibling. "I don't know if my sister understands though."

The smaller Eevee looked back at her and let out a couple squeaks that were gibberish to Shawn. …What was that? I didn't understand…" he said.

The older one nodded, "She's still learning how to talk properly. It appears she knows mother is gone, even if she doesn't know why."

He stretched out his hand hesitantly, resting it on her shoulder. He could feel her tremble slightly, doing her best to be strong.

"What will you do now?" he asked gently.

She looked back at him, a bit surprised, "You aren't going to try to catch us?"

"No," he said. "Only…only if you want to come with me."

"You're…different from other humans aren't you?"

"I suppose you could say that. You seem unsurprised that I can speak with you."

"Mother once told me there were some humans that could communicate with Pokémon. She said'she said….that they were special. And she always seemed sad when she talked about it. I think she had a trainer once. She always told us to avoid humans, but she always talked about them rather fondly too."

"Unfortunately, not all members of my species are particularly virtuous," Shawn said.

She met his eyes, "And…you?"

Shawn wasn't really sure how to answer that question. "I'try'to be a good person. It is my…duty to fight the bad ones. To make the world better. But'that isn't all of it. It is more than just duty to do the right thing that compels my actions I think. Does'that answer your question?"

"I think it does. You didn't have to help us, but you did. You could have tried to capture us against our will, but you didn't."

Shawn nodded, allowing her time to think.

She nudged her sibling, saying, "What do you think sis?"

The Eevee looked at Shawn, and let out a series of unintelligible squeaks and high pitched growls. The older sibling nodded, then said, "She'says she feels safe with you. Well, that's not exactly it, but its what I got out of it. I'm responsible for her safety now too…but I know I can't protect her on my own."

"So, you want to join me then?" he asked.

She contemplated a moment more, then nodded. "There's nothing left here for us. We'll go with you."

"I would be happy to have you with me," he replied. Shawn reached into his bag, pulling out two pokéballs. Giving one last glance at the Eevee and receiving an affirmative nod, he pressed the capture buttons simultaneously. Twin beams of light encompassed the pair, intermingling slightly. The balls snapped closed, adding the siblings to his team.


By the time Shawn reached Solaceon, it was fully dark. His detour had cut down the distance, and he had pushed hard to get to the city rather than camping out. After resting up his team on the rejuvenation machine downstairs, Shawn got his room key. The technology was quite impressive. It essentially locked onto the aura of the Pokémon in stasis and gave it a burst of neutral energy, allowing the aura to return to its full strength. It wasn't the equivalent of a good night's sleep, but it allowed an exhausted Pokémon to be battle ready again in seconds. Pokémon would recharge in stasis eventually, but it took a lot of time. If your Pokémon was tired, it was faster to let them recover outside their ball. The reverse was also true. A Pokémon that was poisoned or wounded could be returned to slow down the effects of the injury.

In his room, Shawn released Cheri and Marty first. Cheri immediately hopped up on the bed, stretching out and taking up the whole thing. She looked up at him mischievously, "So, where will you sleep then?"

He smiled at her, giving her a small bop on the nose. "I'm sure I'll find something. But first, you two need to see what I found today."

"Ooh! What is it? What is it?" Marty asked.

Shawn pulled out the two new pokéballs, pressing the release buttons. The two Eevees appeared in the center of the room, examining their new surroundings curiously. "This is the first time I've been in a human building," the older one said.

"More new team-mates? Cool!" Marty exclaimed. "Hiya! I'm Marty!"

The younger one walked up to Marty and looked up at him, head cocked to the side.

"Veee?" she said inquisitively. Her sister jumped in shock, "That's" the first real word she's ever said!"

Marty looked at Shawn and shrugged, he hadn't understood it either. It still sounded like gibberish to Shawn. It would take a bit of time to understand her it seemed.

"What are your names, little one?" Cheri asked, getting down off the bed. "My name is Cheri."

"Well, I'm…" she paused, looking at Shawn.

"I gather you don't have names yet?" he asked.

She shook her head, "No, mother was waiting until my sister was a bit older, to name us both at the same time. Can you name us?"

"I've actually been thinking about that."

"Master Shawn picks great names!" Marty piped up.

"Wait…you took them from their mother?" Cheri asked incredulously.

"No'their mother…was killed. By a wild Scyther. I... wasn't quick enough to save her."

"Oh! You poor things," she exclaimed, moving in closer to nuzzle them as her maternal instincts kicked in. "You had me worried there for a moment Master Shawn."

"You should know I wouldn't do a thing like that," he said reproachfully.

Cheri cuddled up to the smaller Eevee, eliciting a purr. "Of course not, that's why I was so surprised. It was just the way it sounded."

Shawn conceded the point, "Anyway, as for names' I've given it some thought, and want to name you in ways that will reflect how I intend to shape your training. And your eventual evolutions, if you are agreeable."

"Whatever you think is best," the older one said. "I hadn't even thought that far ahead, but I know that I'll evolve someday, as will sis. Mom never wanted to evolve herself for some reason, but she encouraged us to."

"Well then…how does this sound. For you…Kirin. For your sister, Hina."

She thought for a second, then nodded approvingly. "I like it. Both of them." She looked down at her sister, who was now wrapped around Cheri's leg. "I'm sure she'll like it once she gets the idea."

"See? Told ya he picks good names!" Marty said.

Kirin smiled at Marty, "Yes…he does."

"Well, since its night time, and I'm not hungry, I might as well go back in my ball," Marty said. He didn't like sleeping indoors, away from water.

"Actually, I managed to get us a suite this time. There's a bath…" Shawn said, smiling as Marty's eyes lit up.

"Really? Yay!" he exclaimed, running as fast as he could into the bathroom. The sound of rushing water could be heard as Marty prepared his bed for the night.

"There is…one problem," Kirin said, glancing at her sibling.

"What's that?" Shawn asked.

"My sister…Hina…was still nursing. She will still need milk if she's going to grow quickly."

Shawn looked over at Cheri questioningly.

"I know what you're thinking, but it won't work," she said. "I was in heat, not lactating. I can only produce milk if I'm pregnant. And besides, my heat is over now."

"But, if you could, would you?" he asked.

"Certainly, but…how?"

"I'm not sure yet. Give me a minute."

Shawn sat down on the floor, pulling out his manual and leafing through it. Surely there would be SOMETHING in here. This is an issue that could have come up for a wizard before. Here was a spell to help with lactose intolerance. And one for…BREAST ENLARGEMENT?! "Seriously, some wizards have too much time on their hands," he thought. It didn't appear to have a spell for this specific problem though. He snapped the book closed, tapping it on his knee as he considered the conundrum. It wasn't all that complicated really. All the "equipment" was in place and ready to go. It was just a matter of'tricking the body's chemistry. He pulled out a sheet of paper and began to write.

"What are you doing?" Cheri asked, gently nudging Hina back and peering over his shoulder.

"Working on a spell that will make you lactate," he said. He stopped, "You ARE okay with it right? I don't want to force you into anything."

"No, I…d love to be able to do it," She said. "It would be like, having a pup of our own…" she nuzzled against him.

"I guess it kind of is," he replied, continuing his writing.

"I've seen human writing before, but that looks different," she commented.

"This is the written form of the Wizard's Speech," he replied, rapidly adding to the flowing characters.

"Oh, is that what you call it?" Kirin asked.

"Yes, by definition, I am a wizard, what I do is wizardry, and the language is The Speech," he replied.

"I see," she said.

Shawn added a few more characters, then added his personal string of characters to finish the spell, tying it off. "Right, that ought to do it."

"How does it work?" Cheri asked curiously.

"Well, it's actually pretty simple. As you can see, I only used half a page for the spell. Its mostly a matter of "convincing" your body that it should produce milk. And then to stop afterwards. That part is pretty important, otherwise you would be constantly lactating until I made another spell to get it to stop. It doesn't even take much power really, it's mostly just manipulating your own body chemistry."

"Is that'safe?" she asked, a bit apprehensively.

"Absolutely. It only affects your mammary glands, and it is a very small adjustment. I just need to add in a couple figures here," He spoke a string of words in The Speech, and Cheri rose a couple inches into the air.

"Hey! What was that?"

"Just weighing you," he replied, filling in a couple of blank places in the spell and letting her back down.

"Aww, now you know my weight," she said in mock sadness.

"Yeah, and you're going on a diet girl!" he said teasingly.

She swatted him with her paw, which he blocked playfully.

Kirin watched the exchange with interest, wondering as to the exact relationship between these two. They didn't really act like how she expected a trainer and Pokémon to act. Shawn treated them as equals, even though they did call him Master.

"Alright then, are you ready?" Shawn asked, getting back to the issue at hand.

Cheri nodded, lying down on her side. Shawn began speaking in a stream of…words she supposed. She couldn't understand them, but they seemed…important. It was an odd, flowing dialect, unlike anything she had heard before. Yet, it bore similarities to how he spoke to them. It was the same language apparently, yet different.

Nothing appeared to happen for a moment, but then Cheri grunted. The fur on her belly rippled slightly in places, as her teats became engorged and visible through the fur. Kirin watched in fascination as the Arcanine went from dry to milk laden in a matter of seconds. Hina, who had been once again snuggling between the Arcanine's front legs, saw this new development and gave a happy cry. She immediately latched on to the closest nipple, suckling away greedily.

Cheri rumbled happily, looking down at the nursing Eevee. The feeling was…odd. To suddenly be ready to give milk like this. But she loved it. It was exactly what she had wanted. For whatever reason, all of her and Schrade's efforts to reproduce had never panned out. Now though, all her fears about never having a pup to care for were wiped away in an instant. Maybe it would only be a short time, but she would enjoy it while it lasted. It was intensely satisfying, and a bit pleasurable, to be able to give the little Pokémon the nourishment she needed.

She heard soft footsteps on the carpet, and looked up to see Kirin standing next to her.

"Do you think…I could have some too?" She asked hesitantly.

Of course dear," she replied. "Just watch the teeth hmm?"

The older Eevee nodded, then joined her sibling, finding another nipple and beginning to suck happily.

The feelings of pleasure and satisfaction grew at this added stimulation, causing her back leg to twitch involuntarily. It made sense to her. Kirin was clearly beyond the nursing stage, but she had just lost her mother. It was natural that she would want some instinctual maternal comfort right now.

"You make such a great mom," Shawn said.

She met his eyes, seeing him watching her with a huge smile on his face.

"You really think so?" She asked.

"I know so."


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