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First story. Hopefully this reads as well as it played out in my head...Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


* * * * * * * * * *

Screams. Feminine screams. Multiple, horrified, feminine screams. Screaming that came from the mouth of someone losing someone very dear to them. Everything came to her in small, dark flashes, but the nightmare could mean anything, and just as well mean nothing. Then pieces of a seemingly endless puzzle started to fit together, weaving a terrible tale centered on a Gardevoir and her daughter. First there was a strong force that separated the two from the safety of their dwelling, and then came the sound of heavy fighting and what sounded like the shattering of a small chime. Following that--and seeming out of place--the tell-tale bright red flashing of a capturing, a drawn out scream of disbelief echoing around it, although it was undecipherable who the screaming belonged to. The mock-laughing of a human male preceded another scream, this one more desperate than before. The next flash found herself looking through someone's eyes at the sky, her vision slightly red and although in a dream, her body ached tremendously for an undisclosed reason. The last that could be gleamed was a gentle voice, reassuring her--or the one she was seeing through--that she would be fine. The flurry of light and dark swirled together as the vision came to a close.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gardevoir bolted upright, sweat pouring from every spot it possibly could, her breathing rough and ragged as she immediately came to grips with what she just saw. It might be a while before she would be able to even start to attempt to process what she was just shown, but she had to do it at some point. She steadied her breathing before leaving her mildly soaked bed and walked over carefully to where a young Ralts slept, oblivious to her mother's distress. The infant was only half a year old, but she was already starting to develop her telepathy and some of her psychic abilities, but was currently sucking on her thumb as she slept, her small chest rising and falling as her eyes remained hidden from the world by her eyelids as well as her green hair. Gardevoir smiled and breathed a sigh of relief as all seemed to resettle in the world, the sight of her little Ralts always triggering a soothing effect no matter how stressed she was. She went back to her bed and sat, holding her legs to her chest with her chin on her knees, her gown-like covering sliding off her slender legs allowing the gentle breeze to carress her skin and send shivers through her body.

"What was all of that about? None of my other visions seemed that intense..." she thought aloud, keeping her voice down lest she wake Ralts. "Perhaps I shouldn't jump to conclusions... Could have just been a bad dream." Gardevoir breathed deeply and closed her eyes, trying her best to memorize what she had seen, and at the same time push it back into her subconscious so she could forget it for now, slowly falling back onto her side and drifting off into the world of dreams, this time reminiscing of the day her baby was born/hatched, and the look on her mate's face when he saw her for the first time, a smile coming to her lips as she recalled the event perfectly.

* * * * * * * * *

It was sunny, the air stirred only by a gentle breeze as the sun warmed the landscape below. Overhead, a flock of Pidgey lead by a Pidgeot flew in a lazy curve formation as they made their way back up north as they migrated to welcome the return of spring. On the grassy field below, one would have found a Gardevoir cradling something with a Lopunny laying in the grass and basking in the sun's warming embrace. Closer to the tree line a Gallade worked out, refining his fighting skills again as he kept a constant vigil for anything that would mess with his mate and her friend. Gardevoir looked down at her lap, rubbing the top of a white egg speckled with little specks of red and green gently, smiling at the though of when it hatched and what was inside--although she could take a wild guess at what. Suddenly, she moved her hand away in surprise as she felt a small, quick push against her hand. She gasped and watched carefully, her eyes wide with anticipation as she felt another bump, this time on her leg.

Suddenly, the egg trembled almost violently, and in her exuberance that her child was ready to be born she called her best friend--the aforementioned Lopunny, who was always cheerful albeit sometimes ditzy--over, the two enjoying a nice afternoon together. Her tan ears perked up and she clapped her paws together as Gardevoir's mate appeared from thin air, the Gallade looking around for the source of the sudden spike in Gardevoir's clam, relaxed demeanor. All alertness faded into awe as the egg shook more and more, cracks forming in the shell, then the Pokémon inside burst out, shuddering as its red eyes greeted the world for the first time. Green hair shielded its face as it turned in Gardevoir's arms, looking up as Gardevoir smiled with the upmost bliss at having a perfect little Ralts in her arms.

"Congrats you guys!" Lopunny said, smiling and sitting on her knees as the Ralts turned her way, "Hey there cutie, you can call me 'Auntie' when you can speak," she said forgetting that even at birth some psychic types can use telepathy--although it was much like with human infants; not much to say at first. Ralts looked at Lopunny and smiled a little, cooing and snuggling up to Gardevoir's chest.

"I think someone's hungry," Gallade said, leaving the two women alone as he searched for different kinds of berries for his child, forgetting the mother was right there and already remedying that, the Ralts cuddling up to her chest and sucking lightly on her left nipple.

"Aww! Isn't that cute!" Lopunny said, giggling to herself as Gardevoir breastfed her baby, her cheeks slightly pink from the remark. "Well I'm gonna go home and let everyone know the good news! You gonna name it?"

"I don't think so," Gardevoir said, smiling as Ralts started to fall asleep on her. "It's not as if she'll have any brothers or sisters anytime soon. But I do know, she'll make a great daughter for me and stunning Kirlia when she grows up."

"Alrighty then. See you later!" Lopunny said, leaning in and carefully hugging Gardevoir and giving her a friendly peck on her cheek before hopping away, an extra skip in her step.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gardevoir tried to keep that feeling alive, knowing that if she lost herself too much the sadder part of that story/memory would occur; the sudden capture of her mate. Although the trainer was kind enough to allow Gallade a last good-bye, he still tore the family apart, yet feeling remorse for doing so, he gave Gallade his Pokéball and had him choose what he wanted, and even though it hurt her and Ralts was too young/unaware to understand, Gardevoir insisted that Gallade go with the trainer, tears forming in her eyes as the two kissed for the last time. The Trainer then handed her two small bells, each on a pink ribbon, one for her and the other for Ralts. He promised to take care of Gallade and wished her luck before heading off, Gardevoir and Gallade both having what they wanted most, even if it cost them their love. She wanted to settle down have a child with him after so long of being together and traveling the region, and he wanted to travel even more. Even if it hurt, they were both getting just that.

* * * * * * * * * *

Over the next few days, she tried to take everything in stride, although she had a small sense of fear and stress about her that Ralts could read easily but unable to know why, and Lopunny taking note but not saying anything. She knew that Gardevoir sometimes got down when she had her visions. At night it was another matter entirely. Within the same week she had the same dream, but each one was slightly different, although the general theme was the same. One night she saw the sharp outline with the blurred colors of her former mate--now somewhere abroad with his Trainer--and another showed the faint outline of a furry bipeadal being with fluffy ears that reached down to its upper thighs--placing it as her rabbit friend--and she was even shown one version with a small white form with green hair vanishing into thin air. But each one held two similarities; the pain of seeing someone cherished being lost, and the reassuring voice at the end. After the fifth time of seeing the similar vision, she sat on her bed on the sixth night of that week, almost afriad of going to sleep, but her exaughtion from her temporary depression had forced her to sleep, once more seeing the same scene, but this time though it was herself that was being lost, and from the height at which she could be seen indicated it was through Ralts' eyes.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Gardevoir made it a point to visit one of the wisest, if not the most eccentric, of diviners she knew. After taking care of what she needed, she teleported to Lopunny's dwelling with Ralts in hand and asked the rabbit to look after her daughter while she attended a "personal" issue. Lopunny was only too happy to agree, taking Ralts and bouncing her a little, enticing a good number of giggles from the green-haired baby. After promising not to be long, she made her way to the last place she knew Xatu would be, at the peak of a foreboding cliff, a canyon splitting the landmass in two. Once she made it to the top, she was relieved to see the bird right where she last saw him, facing the sun and barely moving.

"Xatu, I am lost on the whims of a tormenting vision and in desperate need of your help," Gardevoir said, getting down on her knees and bowing her head in respect, awaiting his response.

"Child, come. Tell Xatu of what troubles My Child. Xatu will listen," he said, not moving save for waving a wing in her direction, giving her permission to come closer. Over the next hour Gardevoir told Xatu of her horrible vision, Xatu listening carefully and quietly. Once she finished, she was surprised to see that his eyes were closed, although in concentration or just shielding them from the sun, she couldn't tell. When they snapped open, she jumped, as alarm rang from him.

"Oh dear, dear, dear... Xatu is most distressed to hear this!" He said, his head going side-to-side as he fluttered his wings--the most he had ever moved in ages. "Child, it pains Xatu to inform you, but there is a doom upon you! A DOOM!" he paused for dramatic effect, eyes round and holding his feathered arms over her for a moment before continuing, his wings falling back to his sides as he took a more matter-of-fact tone and posture, "However, take comfort that this may not transpire for many years or not even at all." He started pacing, putting Gardevoir more on edge, "But by the time Younge One reaches a certain age, a terrible calamity awaits; one that will separate Child from someone dear, although it eludes me on who as well as whether temporary or permanently. But take comfort, for amid the terror and pain, there will be one that will rescue Child from her suffering..." he paused again, closing his eyes and relaxing. "The rest shall be up to you to decifer, so I wish you the best," he added, drapping a wing over her comfortingly, then without so much as a breath he turned back to facing the sun, returning to an unmoving state in the blink of an eye, preventing Gardevoir from asking any questions. As she started to leave, Xatu said one last thing, "May Arceus watch over you, my Child." Gardvoir wished him the same and left.

* * * * * * * * * *
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    Reviewer: crystal serebii
    Date:Jul 1 2013 Chapter:Prologue
    Whelp... I said I would read and review your stories, and here I am... readin, and reviewin. ^_^
    Wow. This story was posted august of last year! And you havent gotten any attention by now? You poor thing :'(. Alright... here I go:
    I know this is the prologue, and I haven't read the next chapters so I'm not sure where the story is headed so far, but I can tell you have put quite an interesting spin on things, but some of those are confusing. In the beginning, you have a dream? Vision? Memory? if you will, about what I would assume to be a violent home invasion, and the capture of a loving father I would assume would turn out to be the Gallade. However, from what is stated further into the chapter, it makes it sound as though it wasn't as traumatic an experience as it started out being. IE: The trainer gives Gallade the choice to leave or stay, and they collectively decide he should go. Which, I guess given the circumstance, would be heartbreaking, but definitely not the opening in which was written at the beginning.

    I like what you did with the chapter breakers. I've never seen it before except for in plays and screen writes, and I believe its pretty interesting, with the one exception that it doesn't seem to mean anything other than just changing the text font... which is okay.

    All in all, I think you have an ok plot and sort of an epic disaster premonition. I'll have to read more to be sure though ;)

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    Posted your first story... duh :/

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