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Story Notes:

First story. Hopefully this reads as well as it played out in my head...Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


* * * * * * * * * *

Following her "discussion" with the wise yet eccentric Xatu, Gardevoir made her way back to Lopunny's to retrieve her daughter, dread filling her as she tried to contemplate what she was told her vision meant; she was going to lose someone dear to her... But who? She had already lost Gallade to human capture--and her visions almost never repeat past events--and her closest/only friend was Lopunny, and then there was her baby Ralts. She shivered at the thought of losing either one of them. They were the only ones she really cherished, Ralts a little more so considering that Gardevoir gave birth to her, and she couldn't bear losing anyone, again. Once she reached Lopunny's home, she took a deep breath to steady herself, spotting Ralts and Lopunny playing together, Ralts giggling each time Lopunny tickled her with her fluffy ears. Ralts looked over at her mother as she drew close, feeling something off despite her calm demeanor.

"Huh? Oh hey!" Lopunny called out, following Ralts' gaze and standing. "So how did--!" Lopunny stopped mid-sentence as Gardevoir drew close and embraced her tightly without so much as a word, holding the hug for longer than normal, signaling that something was wrong. Lopunny returned the hug, and felt her best friend shake with silent sobs, realizing that she was crying now. "Hey, what's wrong?" she asked, pulling back and looking into Gardevoir's eyes, tears streaking down her snow-white face, her ruby eyes welling up with more tears. "Shh... you don't need to tell me right now. Come on, let's go inside." Lopunny offered, taking Ralts into her arms and leading Gardevoir inside, sitting the three of them down on a pile of soft grass and leaves, Lopunny letting Ralts crawl over to her mother.

Gardevoir scooped her up and cradled her close, closing her eyes and showing her the upmost affection, Ralts cooing and cuddling back as best as she could. After she gathered herself, she looked over at Lopunny and started talking, recounting first the nightmare that occurred the previous evening, and then Xatu's interpretation of it. Lopunny held a paw to her mouth, shocked beyond everything else about the tale. Ralts had fallen asleep, Gardevoir laying her down on another pile of leaves and covering her with a blanket made from weaving leaves into the silk of an Ariados--a skill both girls had gotten quiet well at doing--to keep her warm as she finished her tale.

"That's what's been bothering you?" Lopunny asked, slightly incredulous about the whole ordeal. "Hun if you asked me, I think you brain is just flash backing back to when you lost Gallade. I mean, did you see who was captured?" Lopunny had a point, and Gardevoir relaxed a little, knowing her point was valid. "Plus, you know better than anyone that Xatu is a few eggs short of an Exeggcute, if you catch my drift!" A giggle burst from the two females, and Gardevoir nodded.

"Yeah, but every other time I've gone to him for advice he wasn't wrong. Remember when I had that one vision I couldn't figure out shortly after I met Gallade? What did he tell me?"

"Uh..." Lopunny paused, thinking hard as she tried to remember. "Uh... You two were gonna mate?"

Gardevoir burst out laughing, holding a hand to her mouth to quiet herself some. "Yes and no. He told me--indirectly that is--that I was being told about the arrival my little angel over there," she said, indicating the sleeping Ralts. "He said to me, 'Child does not just dream of what Child wishes, for soon Child will have someone of great importance bestowed upon Child. And Child shall take the Bestowed One with much joy and adoration! Unless Child wishes to insult the Great One and his gift to Child!'" she quoted, even doing a small mock-up of the way he spoke, giggling to herself. "It made no sense to me until I popped her egg out."

"OOOoohhhh......" Lopunny said, blushing at how she could forget that. Looking over at Gardevoir, Lopunny could tell that she had a certain amount of love for her--but Lopunny for some reason wanted to go for something a little more, although she wasn't sure if Gardevoir would mind. They were best friends after all, and she had a baby, but yet Lopunny couldn't help but be drawn to Gardevoir... And she wondered if Gardevoir wanted more as well.

"Hun, I know what you're thinking, and before you come any closer," Gardevoir said, holding up a finger, her tone suggesting that Lopunny listen carefully, then her expression softened tremendously before leaning in and closing the space between then, her lips pressing against Lopunny's in a deep, passionate kiss, stunning the rabbit completely. Gardevoir's eyes were closed, and Lopunny didn't need further encouragement, closing her own and returning the affection, drawing in Gardevoir close while tilting her head to the side, allowing them to deepen the kiss. Gardevoir's hands came up and cupped Lopunny's fuzzy cheeks, holding her head in place as she slipped her tongue through her lips and into Lopunny's mouth, Gardevoir blushing a little as Lopunny responded in kind, pulling her closer so their chests pressed together--although Gardevoir had to turn to the side a little so her chest spike wouldn't hurt Lopunny. She broke off the kiss reluctantly and whispered hotly, "Is there somewhere we can place her so we won't wake her up?" Lopunny nodded and stood, Pulling Gardevoir up by her hands and showing her where they could let Ralts sleep in peace--although they decided it easier to stay there themselves than move Ralts. Gardevoir looked around in awe, never seeing Lopunny's sleeping area before, smirking at how she had more of those silk blankets, her eyes widening a little as she saw how big one was, wondering what it possible could be used for, seeing as it was pure silk. Smooth to the touch, and yet it wasn't sticky like she thought. She turned to Lopunny quizzically, her friend simply giggled.

"What? I can't make a small improvement on our idea? All you need is to have it made in water and let it soak for a while before letting it air-dry. You be surprised at how much easier it is to make." Lopunny said, walking over to Gardevoir, picking up the silk blanket and giving it a strong flip to both open it and lay it out, pulling her down and lying down with Gardevoir on top, the two females instantly going back to their deep kissing, tongue and all. They could feel the heat radiating from each other--or themselves down below to be more precise--and it made them want each other more. Gardevoir shifted a little, and her chest spike bumped into Lopunny's arm, making her break off the kiss in mild annoyance. "You know, there are times I wonder why your species have this here," she said, running a finger along the crest of the spike, making Gardevoir shudder.

"I wonder sometimes too. But there is nothing I can do about that..." she said, frowning a little but having her saddened expression replaced with Lopunny's lips. Gardevoir smiled a little and leaned off to the side, straddling Lopunny's right leg as she leaned her chest to the left, her chest spike now lightly tickling Lopunny some. Lopunny didn't mind at all, seeing as it gave her the perfect chance to see how far Gardevoir would allow her to take their love for each other, pulling her leg back some as smiling deviously in her head as she felt something moist start to drip onto her thigh at the same time Gardevoir let out a shuddering hum of mild pleasure, the embrace Pokémon cuddling closer, pressing the tip of her knee against Lopunny in return, sending a mild shockwave of ecstasy through her. When they had to part their mouths to get a refill of air, Lopunny had a slight glint in her eyes that wasn't there before, telling Gardevoir that she wanted to go even further, although Gardevoir didn't need to probe the rabbit's mind for how far. Lopunny didn't even need to speak her mind, seeing as their legs were doing the talking, rubbing and lightly pressing against each other's intimates, making them release small groans as they repeated the actions over and over. When Lopunny couldn't take anymore, she rolled the two over, forcing Gardevoir to lie back as her face went from pure-white to pecha-berry pink in an instant. Lopunny pressed her lips to Gardevoir's to silence any questions starting to form, and then she pulled away and started to move lower, trailing kisses and licks down Gardevoir's neck and chest, pausing as her lips came to Gardevoir's nipples. They had gotten a little stiff and to Lopunny's aroused mind this meant that they wanted some attention. Lopunny didn't hesitate, lowering her head down and dragging her pink ribbon over Gardevoir's right nipple, repeating the motion as Gardevoir shuddered with each pass, her body asking for Lopunny to give the other side the same treatment. Lopunny had other plans though, leaning her head down further and wrapping her lips around the nipple, tugging on it lightly with her teeth and sucking just as lightly while her fingers toyed with the left nipple, Gardevoir keeping a hand over her mouth as muffled gasps escaped her lungs.

Lopunny suddenly pulled away, looking down quizzically as she licked her lips, wondering why she was starting to taste something warm and sweet in her mouth, blushing as she realized what it was. "You're still lactating?" she asked incredulously, Gardevoir blushing and nodded. Lopunny let out a small giggle and leaned back down and resuming her attention to Gardevoir's nipples, her mouth filling with the motherly fluid while rolling her fingers around the few drops leaking out from the other nipple, making Gardevoir's gasps turn slowly into small groans, the thought that breastfeeding could feel this good never occring to her. It was a pleasant change of pace, Ralts' sucking faster and slightly harder, where as Lopunny took her time, dragging her tongue over the teat and pulling back slightly before pressing her face down and repeating the process, the force of her breathing and swallowing producing enough force to draw out another drop of her milk. After a while, Lopunny switched over, letting her fingers toy with Gardevoir's saliva soaked nipple gently while lapping up the loose drops of milk from Gardevoir's chest, smirking as her partner shivered. As she continued to toy with Gardevoir's chest, Lopunny used her free hand to explore some, caressing Gardevoir's skin like an afternoon breeze, making Gardevoir shiver even more until Lopunny's hand reached her thigh.

Gardevoir stopped Lopunny ubruptly, blushing as she didn't know how to explain that although she wanted it, she was afriad. Of what, she couldn't fathom, so she tried to relax again and allowed Lopunny to proceed, the rabbit passing of the moment as nervousness from her first time with another female. Lopunny was nervous too, but it didn't show as she smiled and leaned in again, resuming her treatment, leaving Gardevoir's nipples clean and wet. Moving lower, Lopunny trailed kisses and the lightest of love-nibbles as her hands glided over Gardevoir's legs, pushing her gown-like lower body to the sides, her fingers playing over Gardevoir's slender green legs, her pink slit in full view. But instead of going right for it as Gardevoir thought, Lopunny suprised her by going even further, rubbing her soft, furry ears along her feet and slowly making her way back up, trailing more kisses on Gardevoir's inner legs, making sure to pause only for an instant as her lips met the green skin below her, the scent of Gardevoir's sex getting stronger the closer she got to it. Lopunny smirked as she heard Gardevoir's soft voice echo with shudders, one turning into disappointment as she skipped over a critical kiss, going from just left of Gardevoir's opening down to her right leg, repeating the motions and earning more soft shudders fom the psychic, who seemed to be getting more into the spirit of things now as the rabbit drew closer.

"L-Lopunny..." Gardevoir whined, knowing that her friend was awaiting the order to continue, seeing as she could feel Lopunny's soft breathing against her nether lips, her voice shacky as the previous attention overloading her sences. Her tone held a begging in it as she asked, "Could you please stop teasing me?" She felt her face grow hot as her cheek turned pink, preventing her from saying anything else. The rabbit leaned and and plased of silencing yet comforting kiss on her lips, moving back down to Gardevoir's crotch and breathing in her intoxicatingly sweet aroma, envying Gallade for being the first to savor this morsal. Lopunny inched closer, but with Gardevoir's desire overriding her normal senses she pushed her hips forward, biting her lower lip to supress the sound bubbling up in her throat as her nether lips made sudden contact with Lopunny's mouth, her furry lips already puckered slightly. Lopunny pulled away and licked her lips before pressing them to Gardevoir again, this time holding her back by her thighs as she parted her lips, her tongue darting out and lapping at Gardevoir's sweet nectar, making her groan openly, although her legs nearly caved in Lopunny's head from the force that tried to drive them close.

"Ow!" Lopunny protested, moving away and holding her head with one hand, "Think you can control that better?" she said indignitantly, looking over at Gardevoir's bashful face with a stern expression before smiling, lowering her head again and this time using her arms to keep Gardevoir's legs spread open while using her fingers to spread Gardevoir's lower lips, Lopunny's nose inhaling the scent again before her tongue lashed out and slowly slid along Gardevoir, making the other shudder and groan each time Lopunny's tongue dragged over her button. Soon Gardevoir was at Lopunny's mercy as her tongue went further and started to push into her vagina, getting a better taste and more drawn-out groans. Lopunny worked her tongue almost expertly, exploring Gardevoir's depths slowly, her pink ribbon gliding over every sensitive spot inside, Gardevoir wriggling beneath Lopunny's ministrations with her tongue, adding her fingers only enough to tease her clit. Gardevoir let out her first pleasure induced moan, giving into the pleasure coursing throughout her body, her eyes closing as she reasted her left hand on Lopunny's head, her thumb lightly brushing against her furry ear. Lopunny took it as a cueto go further, moving her fingers away and scooting closer, forcing her nose to rub agaisnt Gardevoir's clit while her tongue reached even further in, reaching all the way to that one special spot that made Gardevoir melt.

"Oh Arceus! Keep going!" Gadevoir begged, feeling close to climax as Lopunny's face practically buried itself into her sensitive privates, feeling her inner walls trying to clamp down on Lopunny's tongue as it explored her depths, increasing the heat that radiated from within. Lopuuny decided on one last tease, pulling her tongue out just enough for her to lap at the upper part of Gardevoir while a finger dove in, wiggling around inside and making Gardevoir cry out in bliss as she was pleased in a way Gallade never thought of, Lopunny tilting her head and flicking her tongue around Gardevoir's nether region wildly, focusing on her clit more and more as she added a secon finger, getting a little more aroused from hearing Gardevoir beg for her realease. Finally, Gardevoir let out the loudest moan of the afternoon, her vagina convoulsing and clamping on Lopunny's fingers as a rush of bliss surged through her body while a flood of her honey erupted from her, coating Lopunny's face and fingers, the rabbit lapping up the juices ravenously like a Goldbat sucking blood from its prey.

Gardevoir laid there breathlessly, panting hard and fast like she was in the Pokéathalon's Relay Dash for longer than need be, her eyes closed and mouth open, Lopunny easing up on her licks while keeping Gardevoir's legs open just enough to allow the juices to leak freely. Once she was done "cleaning" Gardevoir's nether region of her juices, Lopunny crawled up and layed herself out next to Gardevoir, snuggling up and offering her fingers to Gardevoir, who quietly took them into her mouth, tasting her own nectar and sucking, her legs closing up slowly. Normally she wouldn't have done so--not even when Gallade offered--but considering the current circumstances, she felt powerless to do anything else. Once Lopunny's fingers were clean, Gardevoir smiled a little and whispered soflty, "Thank you. I had long forgetten what that felt like..." she leaned over and gave Lopunny another quick kiss, then stopping herself from doing anything else, realizing they were being watched. Her eyes widened as she found a familiar presence, breaking off the kiss and looking over to the entryway of Lopunny sleeping chamber, her eyes widening as she saw Ralts there, her red eyes looking at her and Lopunny, her mind full of wonder and an innocent curiosity.

"Oh... Oops... I think we woke her up..." Lopunny whispered, stating the obvious. "Did you have a good nap?" she asked, speaking louder so Ralts knew it was directed to her, the young Pokémon nodded and starting to inch away from the entryway, crawling on all fours as best as she could.

"Come to Mommy!" Gardevoir said, sitting up and patting her lap, thankful her legs were closed as her daughter drew closer, blinking in surprise when Ralts stopped crawling.

* * * * * * * * * *

In Ralts' mind, she had only heard Mother let out a sound she couldn't comprehend that woke her from her nap. Raising up from her bed she rubbed her eyes and looked around, wondering why she was still at Auntie's house. However, Ralts didn't think about it any further as she felt Mother somewhere nearby--the feeling of affection and joy familiar and clear to her--though at the moment it was slightly overwhelming. She followed the feeling, and found Mother and Auntie laying next to each other, hearing but not registering what Mother had whispered to Auntie, then she saw Mother lean over and kiss Auntie before turning to see her standing there, curiousity written over her face as Mother's face became pinkish. She knew that Mother and Auntie sometimes kissed each other, it was their sign of friendship and love for each other, but this one seemed...different, somehow.

Auntie said something to Mother before asking, "Did you have a good nap?" Ralts nodded and started coming closer. But when Mother beckoned her to come join then she stopped, smiling a little to herself as she tried to imagine herself closer to Mother. She felt a small rush of power and before she knew it she had somehow gone from a few steps away to the entryway and into Mother's lap, startling all three of them at once, the older females letting out excited gasps. Ralts was a little startled, wondering how she just did that, and it showed. But Mother's warm smile put Ralts at ease.

* * * * * * * * * *

Gardevoir was about to ask if something was wrong with Ralts, but before she could even open her mouth Ralts vanished and reappeared in her lap. Both Gardevoir and Lopunny gasped at the action, Gardevoir smiling as she knew what happened; Ralts has learned to use Teleport. She smiled as Ralts shook, propably scared of what just happened. "Shh, it's okay. You just used a basic skill any psychic-type has. Teleportaion," she said, brushing a few strands of Ralts' green hair to the side so she could see her baby's eyes, seeing the joy as she moved in and hugged her tightly.

Lopunny let out a small giggle, and before Gardevoir could even ask she said, "Looks like you vision came to pass!" At the puzzled expression Gardevoir had, Lopunny elaborated, "First you lost someone dear to you--that being Gallade--and just as you were feeling the worst of the loss, I came along and made you feel better! And as I recall, Xatu said, 'Child will suffer great loss, but a close friend will relieve Child's sorrow.'" Lopunny giggled and her display made Ralts giggle in agreement, although she really didn't know what was going on.

Gardevoir giggled as well, "Well he didn't phase it that way, but I guess so. Seems that the past, present and future all came to me in a big jumble..."

"Exactly! So no more worrying, alright? Because with me around, everything will be okay," Lopunny finished, leaning over and kissing Gardevoir's cheek gently, Ralts cuddling up to her mother even more, radiating love. Gardevoir smiled and nodded, Lopunny's last statement disipating her fear and worry, completeing her vision.

They all laid there for a moment, Gardevoir and Lopunny basking in the afterglow of thier moment--although Lopunny felt a tad left out--which was beyond the scope of what Ralts to sense, with Gardevoir keeping a had on her baby's back, the psychics feeding each other thier love as a mother and daughter could. After a while, Gardevoir made to leave and Lopunny allowed them to, saying that there was nothing to worry about any more. Gardevoir nodded and with Ralts in her arms Gardevoir vanished with an angelic smile on her face, Ralts waving bye-bye to Lopunny.

* * * * * * * * * *
Chapter End Notes:**If anyone wonders why i keep updating the same chapter, it's cuz i'm cursed with self-proofreading what i write, and sometimes i miss things the first time around, but pick up later up
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    Reviewer: crystal serebii
    Date:Jul 1 2013 Chapter:Comforting
    Alright! Review numero dos! I cant believe how short these chapters are, but the way that they are written, its almost as if it is just one continuative story, like there isn't a break in between or like if you weren't planning on stopping. its hard to explain but I guess I could say that, uh... your chapters are like turning a page instead of actual chapters or something like that ugh... words...
    Any way, I'm not sure if this is on purpose or on accident, but I cant say I'm a huge fan of it. Still the sex scene was way hot and it took up almost the whole chapter, so right now I'm a little in the grey area of what the story is to focus on. Sex or story? Thats not to say you cant do both, but truth be told, I have a hard time doing that; I mean look at Mina, I can go 5 chapters without a sex scene lol. After reading this chapter, I can tell that the intro to the first chapter wasn't Gallade being captured, but maybe Ralts, or Loppunny maybe?
    Also while we are on the topic of things I cant spell, I noticed a few areas with spelling errors, and grammatical discrepancies (Wow, can't believe I spelled that right lol). No biggie, but it did make me trip a little.
    Overall, I'd say this chapter rates a 1/4 ratio of story to smutt. Which is once again, fine I guess.

    I'm really sorry if I come off a bit over critical at times, I don't mean to be mean, it just happens that way, and if you think this is bad, you should have been in my English 102 class lol! I was such an ass... :/

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    Author's Response:
    I appreciate the feed back, and truth be told this was my first pokemon fanfic that was uploaded before the domain change, so it's been up longer than that and had 4 reviews before the change.

    and I meant to keep it going, but I ending running into a severe case of writer's block that prevented me from continuing, which may explain why I did chapter 3--totally unrelated to anything, but I had fun with it.

    and I like that you copied my review style.

    but rest assured, my current project will take on a different approach, and will be even bigger. maybe i'll go and redo this story and ramp up the story aspect. cuz I had big plans for this in later chapters.

    looking forward to more of mina soon!