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Premonitions by Captain_Dragonuv


Story Notes:

First story. Hopefully this reads as well as it played out in my head...Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


* * * * * * * * * *

Alone. Turned on. Unable to relax now. That was how Lopunny was feeling five minutes after Gardevoir and Ralts left. She was laying down on the soft, silky blanket she had laid out for her and Gardevoir, part of her best friend's scent lingering as her juices started to soak into the blanket, Lopunny rubbed the spot slowly, a downcast expression on her face. It was a new feeling for the rabbit, yet completely welcome--as far as her new-found affections for Gardevoir went at least--but now she felt as if there was a void. And she was rubbing it. However, that didn't stop her from finding a way to alleviate the burning lust that had built up between her legs. Lopunny sat up and walked over to where she kept a hidden trove of items found around the woods, some just completely useless to her--like a long rope, a few bottles with labels she couldn't read, a smooth. gray stone--and others she recognized but had no idea how to use--like a few potions, a blue stone with small bubbles inside, a rainbow colored scale shaped like a heart--and naturally a small stockpile of assorted berries, mostly ones she loved--watmel, magost, wiki, and one pomeg. However, buried deep in that pile of berries--the items kept safe by separate wooden boxes a Nuzleaf had made for her--and pulled out the one item she was looking for.

It was hard, orange in color, had a bulbous tip, and was long enough to reach from the tips of her fingers to just past the turfs of fur around her wrist. She smiled to herself at how she came across this little treasure, and how she had learned to use it properly...

* * * * * * * * * *

It had gotten slightly cooler as the winter made its approach, but it was still warm enough for Pokémon and Trainers alike to camp outside and bask in the afternoon sun. Lopunny was out gathering berries, and so far she hadn't found one, but refused to give up. She could smell a few somewhere nearby. Keeping a sharp eye open for the small delectable berries, Lopunny literally followed her nose in her search. But soon a different scent filled the air, one that made her mouth water. She followed the new scent, and soon found what appeared to be a campsite. An empty campsite. Throwing caution to the wind, Lopunny emerged from the relative safety of the bushes and shrubbery and entered the clearing, her pink eyes going over everything closely.

Eventually, her eyes fell upon a small pile of human clothing, piquing her interest as a faint aroma came from the pile, and she drew closer, finding the source. Pulling out a long orange object, she smiled widely at her find. She didn't know that carrots grew nearby, and were always her favorite over berries any day. However, as she tried to bite into it, she found it too hard to bite into, despite her jaw strength. She looked closer at the ultra-hard carrot, and noticed how strong the scent wafting from it was as she noticed a few small rings around it, segmenting it slightly. Then she saw the base. Unlike the carrots she had seen, this one had a black knob sticking out from then end. Curiosity taking over, she started sniffing the entire thing over, finding no traces of the mysterious scent near the base, whereas it seemed to be consecrated near the top, which Lopunny now realized had a slightly bulbous tip.

Anything else she was going to find would have to wait, for the sound of someone coming had reached her ears, her mind and body freezing up. She turned as she heard a surprised feminine voice cry out, "Hey! Where did you come from?" Lopunny turned her head and saw not one, but two female humans, both without any clothing, the same scent coming from them both, even though it seemed they were bathing, their hair completely soaked.

"Lilly! Don't be rude! It's probably just hungry," the girl on the left said, turning to the other as she spoke then back at Lopunny as she asked, "Isn't that right?"

Lopunny nodded, and still under the impression she held a hard-to-find carrot in her hand held it up, making both girls blush and giggle, their reaction puzzling Lopunny even more.

"Hungry? More like horny!" Lilly said, shoving the other girl to the side and coming closer to Lopunny, kneeling down and looking at the rabbit square in the eye. "Hmm... Maybe not." she turned to face the other girl as Lilly added, "Jill, I think she thinks our dildo is a carrot."

The other girl burst out laughing and came closer too, knelling down with Lilly and speaking directly to Lopunny. "You know what that is? It's something girls like Lilly here and I use when we wanna have a little fun but no boys are around." she said, getting a tilt of the head from Lopunny.

"Here, lemme have this, and let's get you some food, okay?" Lilly offered, taking the object away from Lopunny while Jill lead them closer to the middle of camp where a small stew was busy brewing, Lilly immediately checking on it while Jill retreated into their tent, coming back out with a fresh set of clothes for the both of them. "It's almost ready, Jill!"

Jill's only response was to give Lilly a light smack between her legs with their toy, making Lilly jump and swoon just a tad. "Hey! Not in front of the Pokémon, okay? I don't think she'll understand our relationship..." Lilly said, blushing a bit and keeping her voice down at the last remark--although her words were still heard.

"And what makes you think it's a girl?" Jill asked, arms akimbo as she waited for an explanation.

"Well, take a good look. The Lopunny may not have boobs like us, but her hips are a bit wider, and notice how her legs are constantly closed? If it was a male, the chest would be a bit bigger--and slightly buff," she said with a giggle, "and as for the legs, well, let's just say what kind of health male wouldn't be drooling over how we look?"

Jill looked over and noted what Lilly had pointed out, but still. She didn't know that much about Pokémon, and Lilly was going on based on how the rabbit looked. For all she knew, all Lopunny liked like the one sitting in the chair. Throwing respect and manners to the wind, Jill walked over and sat next to Lopunny and asked, "Hey, are you a boy or a girl?"

Lopunny's response was to tilt her head to the side, giving a 'Wadya-think-Sherlock-?' look.

However, the look flew right over Jill's head and she probed again, this time doing the unthinkable. "Do you look like us between you legs, or do you have this," she help up the orange toy, "hidden somewhere down there?" The question was enough to make Lilly glare at Jill while Lopunny tried her best to suppress her laughter. But at failing that, she allowed a few chuckles to escape her lips before turning so both Jill and Lilly could see and opened her legs, pulling her fur to the sides as her pink slit came into view at the cleft of her thighs, making both girls blush.

"T-told you so..." Lilly finally managed to say, trying to look away. Jill however, couldn't take her eyes of Lopunny's sex. It looked so juicy... And tender... And in serious need of something inside. Jill finally tore her eyes away after Lopunny closed her legs, her dark-tan fur a tinge of red.

Jill leaned over and started to whisper, "Do you know what this is for then?" Lopunny shook her head. "Well, let's just say that it comes in handy when you wanna mate but there isn't a boy around... Wanna see?"

"JILL!" Lilly's voice startle both females, and Jill looked away in shame while Lopunny looked at Lilly in confusion. "I'm really sorry about Jill. She sometimes get out of hand when we have company... You still wanna stick around for dinner?" Lopunny nodded, waving off the apology with ease and giving Jill a secretive wink. Jill smiled.

"I was just teasing, Lilly. No need to explode like that on me..." Jill said, getting up and feigning tears she walked over into the tent and zipped it half-way closed, allowing room for one more to enter. One with dark-tan fur lined with creamy-tan fluff lining the wrists, ears and lower legs, and sporting pink eyes. Lopunny stood and hopped over, peering inside and seeing Jill sporting a lustful expression. Curiosity taking over Lopunny's brain, the rabbit entered, zipping up the other half and laying down next to Jill.

"I hope you two don't make a mess in there!" Lilly's voice rang out through the tent fabric, Jill smiling widely and mouthing a 'thank-you' to Lopunny, who smiled back and sat up.

"Okay now, so open your legs and I'll show you what this little thing can do!" Jill instructed, giving Lopunny a chance to spread her shapely thighs apart before rubbing the tip of her toy along the Pokémon's thigh lightly, getting closer and closer to Lopunny's entrance. Lopunny shuddered and leaned back some, her eyes closing and head tilting back as small waves of tingling pleasure started traveling through her. Jill smiled and repeated the motion along the opposite thigh, then after a few seconds of Lopunny's quivering she pressed the tip against her and rubbed slowly, sending Lopunny into a blissful state after switching the dildo's vibrating setting on--even for only a brief second--before pulling it away. Lopunny's eyes opened slowly, and she looked down at Jill, how had moved away and was now seated between the bunny's legs, a look in the human's eyes she couldn't place.

Lopunny's questioning gaze however, didn't stop Jill from making her next move, leaning over and placing a soft kiss on Lopunny's mouth, pulling away just as quickly as she moved in and then moved lower, her fingers dancing over the Pokémon's fur until Jill happened across Lopunny's nipples. She looked up and without waiting for either permission or a questioning look, Jill leaned in and wrapped her lips around Lopunny's left nipple, tugging at it lightly with her teeth before moving to the other side of her chest and repeating the action. Lopunny squirmed a little in discomfort, and Jill eased up, refraining from using her teeth as she continued to play with Lopunny's chest. After getting the nipples nice and perky, Jill moved lower, nuzzling her way down her partner's stomach and then even lower to Lopunny's slit, looked down and seeing how aroused the Pokémon had gotten, the human smiling deviously at how well the treatment had worked. Lopunny's lower lips had gotten a little swollen, and it was clearly visible now, her fur no longer needing to be moved before one could access the Pokémon's intimates.

"Hey, think you could do the same to me?" Jill asked, cupping Lopunny's chin and making the rabbit look at her, getting a weak nod in response. Before she could even smile, Lopunny lunged forward and kissed Jill, taking it a step further by lightly rubbing the girl's cheek as her left paw made its way to the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Lopunny's other paw worked its way up Jill's side, stopping at the human's breasts. Lopunny broke off the kiss and withdrew, but only enough to see what she was doing as her hands lightly cupped Jill's breasts, fondling the small yet soft, squishy orbs of womanhood. Lopunny leaned in and stuck her tongue out. Flicking it over Jill's nipples as she alternated like she had, pulling away to get an approving nod from Jill. Looking back down, Lopunny noticed the teats had gotten stiffer and she guess they needed no more stimulating, moving down and just like Jill had, Lopunny nuzzled her way down Jill's body, licking her skin as she did so. Once Lopunny got to Jill's crotch, she sniffed the air, and finding more of the scent from before she pulled away, confusion written all over her face.

Jill smiled and before Lopunny could even start to voce her question, Jill had pushed Lopunny back until the Pokémon was laying down and going back to her snatch, licking her lips before reaching out with her tongue and licking along Lopunny's nether lips, making her shudder. Jill dragged her tongue around Lopunny slowly, holding her legs down firmly to keep them from closing on her face as she started to move closer and closer until at last, her tongue made contact with the smooth pink insides of Lopunny's pussy. Jill had to admit, the Pokémon had a unique taste--but then again, Lopunny was the only other female Jill had tasted, Lilly being the primary partner--and Jill found herself taking another, and another, and soon Jill was pulling Lopunny's folds apart so she could reach further n with her tongue. Lopunny's paws on Jill's head brought the human back to the moment, her arousal full as heat flushed the Pokémon's entire system, a few juices starting to leak from her depths.

"And now, it's time for the fun part," Jill said, taking a kneeling position again and slowly pressing the tip of the dildo into Lopunny's opening, getting a small nod of approval before Jill pushed it in slowly, pushing further and further in until about three-quarters of the dildo's length was inside Lopunny, who had squirmed and wriggled the more her insides were penetrated by Jill's faux penis. Jill pulled it out slowly, then pushed back in, soon getting into a steady rhythm, Lopunny adding some effort as well, gyrating her hips in near-unison with Jill, forcing the girl to slow her pace down until Lopunny had adjusted to the object filling her. Lopunny purred blissfully and sped up some, prompting Jill to do the same, and within minutes they were moving at a pace Lopunny felt most pleased with, bucking her hips while her head pressed into the pillow she was laying on, the dildo sliding in and out of her as if it was the real thing, Jill know realizing that this Lopunny wasn't a virgin. "You've mated before, haven't you?" she asked, the answer obvious. Lopunny nodded regardless, and kept her humps steady while Jill kept pumping.

So enthralled were they that the tent had started to rock with their motions, the noises Lopunny was making clearly audible to the only other person within a five yard radius. Lilly tried to ignore it, but she had to admit that although she got out of hand at times, Jill's actions always seemed to make up for it. She should know. Most of those actions were directed at her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lopunny pulled herself from the memory, her all-to-familiar scent filling the air where she stood. Walking back over to the blanket she sat down in the middle, leaning against the wall and splaying her legs, rubbing the tip of the dildo against her molten sex slowly, eliciting a few soft purrs of delight. But before she probed any further, she set her toy aside and bent over, holding onto her leg as she dragged her tongue over her nether lips, almost as if she were grooming herself. And before the encounter with those humans, Lopunny never though that she could both groom and please herself at the same time.

However, her tongue wasn't working her fur. It was busy lapping up the drops of her arousal and she even found her taste all the sweeter compared to when she did this for grooming only. After cleaning her fur of her juices, Lopunny moved her head just a little and her muzzle pressed into her nether lips, her tongue snaking into her cunt to tease and please herself, just as Jill had. As she continued, her mind flashed back and forth between the present and the encounter, soon feeling the same build up as back then, her fingers taking place of her mouth and tongue as her back started to ache from the bend.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jill had picked up her pace, and seeing the need in Lopunny's actions, so Jill decided to up the pleasure and use both her fingers and mouth to please the Pokémon. She had her lips wrapped around Lopunny's exposed clit, her tongue flicking over the button wildly while her fingers pushed even deeper into her depths. Lopunny's moans echoed throughout the camp, making Lilly blush outside as the number and volume kept increasing. Within a few more seconds, Lopunny's nether lips clamped down on Jill's fingers as her vagina throbbed, and soon her sex was squirting Jill's face with built up juices.

Jill pulled away giggling as she wiped Lopunny's juices from her face. "Wow... When was the last time you mated?" Jill didn't think the Lopunny would get the joke, but to her surprise Lopunny answered by holding two of her fingers. Jill tilted her head as asked, "Two...what? Days?" Lopunny shook her head. "Weeks?" Another shake. "MONTHS!?" A nod. "Dang... I would have gone crazy in your shoes. Or I mean, um, fluffy feet? I don't know... I would have gone crazy if I was you." Lopunny giggled and pulled Jill in for a deep kiss, thanking her without words.

Just then the tent's door flipped open and Lilly walked in. "Okay, you had your fun Jill. Now go get some dinner. You too Lopunny."

* * * * * * * * * *
Lopunny skipped ahead in the memory to what happened after the meal, when she had learned what the device's purpose was. Picking it up and suckling the bulbous tip to moisten it, Lopunny smiled at the experience of that memory, slowly pushing the end into her molten sex just like back when it first penetrated her depths.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lilly was taking control now, and although she opted not to please the rabbit with her mouth, using the fake penis was by far no exception. Lilly worked the tip up and down Lopunny's slit, probing her until she couldn't bear it no more. Laying on her back and gripping the slightly damp bedspread below her, Lopunny arched her back as her intimates were invaded by the rubbery object, Jill sitting between her ears and rubbing her chest and belly warmly, leaving Lilly to pump the girl's faux penis in and out. During the human's ministrations, Lopunny had felt the heat radiating from her nether region starting to ease up, now fully knowing what she had stumbled on. And even though she had mated--unsuccessful with impregnation as usual--the Lopunny's arousal had spiked near instantly at having the nature of the object she discovered revealed to her.

But her human "mates" were not so ready to just leave an educational moment without practical application. Hence their current treatment. So Lilly was now pushing the dildo into Lopunny's tunnel, who in turn helped push it out as her vaginal muscles clamped down tightly, gyrating her hips in the same rhythm Lilly was using, Jill content with staying off to the side, although she didn't keep herself excluded. And now, Jill was starting to get kinkier ideas. Looking at Lilly briefly, Jill moved from where she was seated and, still facing Lilly, squatted down so her pussy was over Lopunny's face.

Lopunny needed little enticement before her tongue darted out and lapped at Jill, duplicating what the human had done earlier. Jill groaned and worked her hands on Lopunny's chest, her fingers lightly rubbing over the rabbit's nipples. Lilly smiled at the site, but more content with having Jill being her sexual partner, focused on making the Pokémon cum. That tasked seemed to be easier than getting lost along the winding paths of Eterna Forest. Lopunny's hips began to buck as her tongue's ministrations grew more frantic, signaling the approach of her orgasm. Jill tried to say something, but the rapid assault on her pussy prevented her from getting more than two words out between groans, her sentence sounding more like pleasure-induced rambling than anything.

Lilly had gotten a little braver and moved in some, breathing in Lopunny's intoxicating aroma, and picking up the pace even more, she reached down and started stroking her nether lips slowly, but then the goal she had been working for had finally been reached--although the reward was way beyond what she was expecting. Juices sprayed out in all directions as Lopunny's orgasm hit, drenching most of Lilly's hand and lower body, Jill starting to regain her voice as Lopunny eased up and eventually stopped licking, worn out from having climaxed twice in the same 30 minute period. The three females then cuddled up to one another, Lopunny keeping the girls warm with her soft furry body, using her large ears for a small blanket, having each human laying to her sides.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lopunny breathed deeply as she recovered from her orgasm, fresh juices coating her silk blanket and the dildo. She had somehow managed to time her real-life orgasm with her memory-based one, and the result was immensely pleasing. Before drifting off, Lopunny cleaned herself again and curled up with a new blanket, this one being a little thinner so she wouldn't get too hot as she slept, her mind drifting once more to the memory of her first sexual encounter with humans, both girls glad to let her keep their toy and remain free. Just before she fell asleep, her mind went back to Gardevoir, hoping that she would be alright.
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