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Pokemon (Journey to Another World) pt3 by totall


Story Notes:

There are some key difference in the next installment of Journey to another world. Many more battles, love scenes, better editing, and etc...If you wish to know about them in depth, you must stay tuned.

Chapter 1

Journey to Another World 5
Ch. 1

By my knowledge, there are three forms of freaking out from somebody telling you something that your mind can't comprehend. The first is a fit of laughter as you don't believe what you've been told is the truth and think of it as a good joke to be laughed at. The second is in the form of anger at the person for playing a prank on you that you don't find funny in the least. Finally the third which is where your mind just seems to shut down like your in a stupor and you eventually pass out from the knowledge. I would have to say that this would be the time when freak out number three hit me like a ton of bricks.

Time is of little concern when your passed out. One moment you close your eyes, then when you open them it's like several hours later. Though with me I wondered where I awoke as I slowly opened my eyes to a pretty bad headache. 'Am I still in the Pokemon world, or have I returned to the real world again?' I thought as I looked up at the ceiling. 'I really don't know either way. After all, who really looks up at the ceiling of the place that their staying at to tell them where they are.'

Time slowly crept on by as I waited for a sign of where I was, but none came. Finally fed up with just sitting in bed all day, I slowly pushed myself up and looked about the room. The walls were all painted in a whitish color and resembled that of a hospital room, and much of the furniture as well. Just then my head throbbed and I reached up to grab it from splitting open and found a bandage that was situated on the back of my skull.

'Just like when that kid pushed me down when I blocked his shot in basketball practice all those years ago. When I fall over, I usually break something.' I laughing to myself as I remembered the reason why I'd taken up sword fighting. It was due to my broken wrist that didn't allow me to handle a basketball anymore.

Slowly getting out of bed, I felt the cloth of something airy slowly fall down around me and confirmed my suspicion of being in a hospital. Now don't get me wrong, those gowns are ok, just don't go anywhere where there is a breeze or your in for a world of embarrassment. I slowly walked around the room and ended up at the curtains which had been pulled (that kind of look is ok for Marilyn Monroe, but not for somebody in this kind of getup). Though the curtains were pretty thick, they were still lit up with the sign of it still being sunny outside as I slowly grabbed the edge and slowly pulled them away. Light quickly assaulted my eyes and made me squint at the sun that seemed intent on making me go blind. After a few minutes of shielding my eyes, I finally pulled my hand away and looked out through the glass window.

Much of the view outside was what I expected of being back at home. For about three quarters of a mile, there was nothing but flat open area that quickly ended at the edge of a tree line that quickly spread out as far as the eye could see. Nostalgia was the only thing on my mind as I looked over the familiar trees of my home. I was brought out of my time lapse when I heard the sound of a knock at the door behind me. I slowly turned and walked over to the door, only to have it open before I got half way there.

There stood a man, roughly around the age of 40 by his looks, looking down at a clipboard. He simply stood there in the doorway as he finished reading whatever was on the thing, then finally looked up and dropped the thing at seeing me up and about. For a while, neither of us spoke as he was probably not expecting me to be up and me trying to figure out where I was. (After all, this wasn't the same coloring as the Pokemon centers rooms) The only thing that brought us out of our staring contest was when the clipboard that he was reading fell to the floor and made us both jump. "What in the name of god do you think your doing out of bed!" The man yelled as he quickly ran over and practically threw me back into bed. "You are in no shape to be up and moving about young man." He said as he proceeded to put me to bed and pulled up the guard rails on the sides of the bed.

"I guess it is true then." I said aloud as the doctor finished tucking me in and retrieved his clipboard. " I have come back to the real world."

The doctor slowly stood back up after picking up the clipboard and gave me a long and confused look. That look only last for a moment until his eyes went wide with realization, then he started to laugh. "I have to say. You almost had me going for a second there." He said as he pulled out a thermometer from the front of his doctors outfit, stuck it in my mouth, checked my pulse, then pulled out the thermometer and checked my temperature. "Yes, your out of dream land and have returned to us. Though you still do have a pretty nasty lump on the back of your skull."

'A lump on my skull? How in the world did I get that?' I thought as he took the bandage off my back of my head and replaced it for a clean one. 'Then again. I never knew how in the world I ended up in the Pokemon world in the first place. Probably have to ask my sis, when she and mom come by to pick me up from the hospital.' After the doc had applied the bandage to my head he applied what looked like a white mesh cap that would hold the bandage in place.

"So doc." The man looked up at me. "How long have I been out of it?" I asked him as he stood up strait and started to scratch at the stubble on his face. Making it look like he hadn't shaved in a few days.

"If this chart is correct. You've been 'out of it' for at least nine days." He said but held up a hand as I was about to shout out my utter disbelief of the info. After all, I'd been in the Pokemon for months and couldn't believe that it'd been that short of a period of time. "Though. By the look on your reaction and your overbearing spirit. I'd say that you'll be out of this bed by the end of the day." He said as he checked over a few more things. Before he left the room, he stopped at the door and looked over his shoulder at me. "Oh, and before I forget. You've got two girls that really want to see you."

My eyes slowly went wide as thoughts of my mother and little sis would come running in to the room and smothering me in hugs, thankful for my recovery. It seemed like one of those moments that time just seems to slow down as the doctor opened the door to two people standing outside the door.

There, standing outside the door stood two girls, one older and one several years younger. The two had a few of his features and he knew them both as his younger sister and mother. His mother had on her usual summer dress while his sister looked like she was getting ready for ballet practice. My mind finally started working again and I quickly leapt out of bed and ran over to them, to give them both a long and big hug.

Though, throughout the whole hug that I gave them they didn't return the gesture. A moment later, my sister pushed me away from her and my mother slapped me across the face. "How dare you wake up now!" My mother yelled at me as I looked on to her as my hand came up and held the place she'd slapped. "Why couldn't you have stayed like that for another few days. That way, we could have shipped your worthless comatose hide to some lab for experiments, and lived off the scientists stipend!" She yelled at me.

"Moms right, 'BIG BROTHER'." My sister said in an accusing tone, as she placed both her hands on her hips and scowled at me. "With that kind of money, we could have lived like royalty for the rest of our lives." From that point on, it seemed like one of those silent films, as both my mother and sister's mouths were moving but I couldn't hear anything as I fell to my knees and placed my hands over my ears to block out their words.........

I awoke with such a start that I was sitting bolt upright in bed and the sound of a loud thump could be heard. Cold sweat dripped down my forehead as I frantically looked around the room while taking shallow/shaky breaths. The white walls of the hospital were replaced with a very light shade of reddish/pink paint, one window/door that led out to a balcony, and four very shocked looking Pokemon who stared intently at me.

On my right there was a blue like dog that stood upright with a large serpent further down the bed, on my left there stood a girl who seemed obsessed with the color green that had some kind of red 'thing' on the front of her chest and a white fox further down on that side. "At least now he is not yelling for his mommy any more." The big serpent said as it weaved it's head around and looked strait at me.

"Be nice Undine. You would not want someone making light of the situation that you would be in if you just had a terrible nightmare." The blue and black jackal said as it turned to look at the serpent. Then the serpent was yipped at as the silver fox added in it's own two cents.

"Alright you three. Knock it off already. Can you not see that your bickering is starting to upset Donovin here." Said the green girl as I continuously jerked my head around and looked at each of the people/things that were standing around me as they spoke. She then turned to me and gave me a concerned smile that slowly turned in to a gentle one. "I am sorry Donovin. You probably still are a little disorientated due to that bump to the head that you got when we surprised you with the news. Though I am glad that you have finally regained consciousness."

She then placed a three fingered light green hand down upon mine and it seemed like the mystery shrouded in fog, as to who these things were was quickly lifted, and everything came back in a rush. Rena, Jenavee, Kit, Undine, and...wait a minute. If they were all up here, then who or what had caused that loud thump when I awoke?

I slowly looked down the bed to the foot and awaited for whatever it was to reveal itself. I didn't have to wait long as the thing slowly rose over the end of the bed and floated just slightly over the foot of the bed. "Mis...Missa...Mismagius." *That really hurt* And with that I got the next big shock and passed out again.

All the girls quickly looked over and quickly started fawning over me again except Jenavee and the Mismagius. 'I wonder what has come over him?' Jenavee thought. 'I know that he has overcome greater shocks than this in the past. Maybe it has something to do with that Mismagius being here, or that girl with the ghostly voice that he called his little sister a little while back?'
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