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Pokemon (Journey to Another World) pt3 by totall


Story Notes:

There are some key difference in the next installment of Journey to another world. Many more battles, love scenes, better editing, and etc...If you wish to know about them in depth, you must stay tuned.

Chapter 2

Journey to Another World 5
Ch. 2

"I'm telling you mom, it's the truth. I really did talk to big brother." Kristy said as she pulled their mother along to the elevators that would lead up to her brothers room up on the upper most floor of the hospital.

'I guess it's finally happened. She finally started to miss her brother so much that she's making up stories to fill in the gap that her brothers left in her heart.' She thought but smiled anyways to show her support of her daughter and try and cheer her up at the same time.

"I know that this might sound crazy, 'fact is', I think it's kind of out there as well. Though I swear to you that it's true." Kristy said as she jumped over to the elevator call button and hit it with a smack from her palm.

"Now Kristy. What have I told you about swearing?" Her mother scolded as a ding was heard, signaling that the elevator has arrived at their floor. The door opened to let out several people, including a few nurses and doctors who had just finished their shifts.

"It's not proper manners to swear. I know mother, but this is different." Kristy said in a sarcastic tone. "It's the God honest truth. I did talk to big brother and he talked back to me." Kristy continued to try and convince her mother as the elevator ascended the floors. Finally after several minutes the elevator arrived at their destination and they both exited the elevator. Even as they made their way to the room she continued to try and convince her of the truth, only to stop mid sentence as she saw the look of shock on her mothers face. Kristy's eyes slowly went wide in horror as well, as she'd only seen her mother have that look on her face once before. 'It had been when father passed away.' Ever so slowly she turned and followed the line of her mother site to see nothing but an empty room with an empty hospital bed.

Neither spoke as they continued to look upon the room in surprise and horror. Neither spoke as they tried to come to terms with the realization that the young man that they once called family was probably no longer amongst the living. It was at that moment that a nurse was wheeling a cart down the hallway and stopped short as she was the two very distraught people looking into a room. "Um hello...are the two of you ok?" The nurse asked the most ridiculous question.

It was at that those precise words that made the mother snap, as she quickly turned on the nurse, rushed her, and grabbed her by the open part of her nurses shirt. "OK! OK! How can we be anything but ok!" The mother shouted at the nurse. "My son is gone and here you are asking us if everything is ok." If Kristy's mother hadn't been the one to beat her to the punch, she'd no doubt be there doing the same thing to the nurse. The distraught mother began to rant and rave to the nurse about unfair things were and other such nonsense until a doctor came around the corner to see what the commotion was all about.

It was at that moment that Kristy recognized the good doctor as her brothers first doctor that she'd met on several occasions. "Where is he!?" She shouted at the doctor who didn't seem to hear her as he looked on over to her mother. She quickly ran over and grabbed the mans white coat and yanked on it. "Where is he. Where is my brother!?" She yelled at the doctor again who finally looked down at her and took a long sigh.

"He's gone." The doctor said in a slow tone which sounded more like he didn't care.

With those two words, Kristy's whole world came tumbling down, as she fell to her knees and openly wept. Her big brother had finally succumb to his injuries from the lightning and finally passed on from this world. 'At least he some place which made him happy for a short while.'

It was at that moment that the head nurse had had enough and quickly stepped out of the nursing station and stomped down the corridor to them. "DOCTOR! I swear. You need to work on your communication skills." The large dark skinned nurse scolded the cringing doctor. Kristy looked up at the nurse to see a dark skinned lady who looked very at peace with her large weight. She looked down at her and gave her a smile. "I'm sorry miss. When the doctor tries to explain some things, he gets a little vague on details and thinks that everybody is on the same page as him." The nurse leans down, helps Kristy to her feet, and hands her a tissue from her front breast pocket. "What he means is, your brother isn't gone GONE. He's just been moved to a different floor."

The mother quickly turns to look at the other nurse and quickly rushes over. "Wait a minute. You mean to say that he's 'Not' dead?"

The nurse hands her a tissue as well and gives her a hearty smile. "That's right. He's been moved down to the coma ward, three floors down." She motions for them to follow her as she turns and heads back to her station with the doctor in tow. It only takes a moment for the nurse to pull up the boys file and writes down the room number which she hands to the mother. But before anyone can say anything, the nurse pulls out a large clear plastic tote-bag and hands it to the mother from behind the counter. "I'm afraid that when they moved your son, that they forgot to send this with him."

Just then Kristy saw something that shocked her nearly to the core. There, laying on top of the pile of her brothers belongings, was his DS. As quick as a mongoose, she snatched the bag, ripped it open, grabbed the DS and the paper that had her brothers room number on it, and quickly headed for the stairs. 'Oh no. He needs his DS.' She thought as she quickly descended the stairs. 'Otherwise he'll be in big trouble.' "I'm coming big brother!"

All three adults just stood there staring at the actions of the little girl. That is until the rest of the contents of the bag fell to the floor and shocked the mother into action as she ran yelling for Kristy to wait up.

A few moments later the nurse turns and scowls at the doctor. "I swear. Do you even think before you open that mouth of yours?"

The doctor drops his head in defeat. "I'm sorry."


"I don't understand it doctor Miles." A young coma ward intern says as he hold the paddles ready to juice the young man as he looks up at the BP monitor. "One moment his BP is as steady as it should be. Then the next, it's dropping near flat-lining."

Several nurses and doctors stand around the peculiar boys bed as they all stare up at the monitor in confusion. It is difficult to tell what might happen next as they all wait patiently to see what will this young lightning struck victim will do next. Eventually they all start to breath a little easier as they boys vital signs start to stabilize, but jump when they hear a door slam open and see a little girl out of breath standing at the entrance/exit to the staircase.

"Did, in time?" The little girls asks as she breathes heavily to regain her breath. Then once she's breathing normally again she slowly walks on over and places the fried DS on her brothers bed. "Is he alright?" She asks again once she slowly sits down on the floor.

The intern kneels down and looks questioningly at the girl. "I don't know who you are, but yes. This person is doing much better." He looks up to the monitor and checks over the vitals before looking down at the girl again. "I don't know what happened, but is vitals have stabilized, and have returned to a steady rate."

The girl smiles up to the doctor then begins to laugh. "Even when your in a coma, big brother. You still find a way to mess with me."
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