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Pokemon (Journey to Another World) pt3 by totall


Story Notes:

There are some key difference in the next installment of Journey to another world. Many more battles, love scenes, better editing, and etc...If you wish to know about them in depth, you must stay tuned.

Chapter 4

Journey to Another World 5
Ch. 4

It took me another day and a half to finally get up and out of bed, as I continued to receive physical therapy from my girls. That was except both Rena and Jenavee who were looking pretty...endowed. Both now looked like they were absolutely glowing with their pregnancies, and were more than happy to show it off as they would often stop at a reflective surface and turn this way to check themselves out or to rub gently at the now slightly distended lower abdomens. I don't know what really gives those girls the 'glow', but it probably has to do with how happy they are at carrying a child of a person that they both care about.

'I really need to get outside and start training again.' I thought to myself as my skills with a blade depended on a pretty routine schedule of training that had been thrown off several times by me being caught unawares and due to that, injured. When the sun would set or before it would rise, I would slip out of the center and quietly sneak around to the back side of the building and begin training.

On average, the average sword fighter trains for at least a few hours per week, but those more into the art practice several hours a day. Being as I was so rusty with my blade (pun not intended), I decided to spend a couple hours per night to sharpen my edge and get the kinds out of my routine (and trust me, there were a lot of kinks by now). How little did I know that there were five females watching me re-train myself from the upper stories of the Pokemon center.

-----(switch perspectives to the girls in the center)-----

"He definitely looks a lot better now that he is recovered from...whatever ailed him." Rena says as she watches Donovin do a few moves with that sword of his that look quite difficult and possible deadly.

"That is true. Plus I hear that he is going to take us down to the Gym in a few days to see what the fighting style is like for the gym leader. Though I doubt that the two of us will be actually fighting in our condition." Jenavee says to Rena as she gently strokes her stomach a few times while smiling happily to herself.

"So does that mean that Kit and I will be going up against the Gym leader without any backup?" Undine asks as she looks down at Kit. "I don't really think I like that idea. If I remember right Jenavee. You said that this gym uses water types and Kit is a fire type. Which means..."

Undine is interrupted by a deep growl from Kit. *Now I know that you are not talking about how weak I am against water types.* Kit says in her native Ninetails tongue. *I bet I could easily take you on Undine.* She growls again.

*Maybe I could be of some help.* To which everyone turns around and looks at the floating Mismagius in the middle of the room. *After all. It is thanks to your master/trainer that I am free of my previous one.* She says as she plays with her outfit a bit in embarrassment.

Not one of the girls speaks for a while as they look between each other, as if trying to decide what to do with the ghostly mother Pokemon. A moment later the Mismagius is pulled out of her embarrassment to a hand that lands on her shoulder. She looks up and sees that it's the Gardevoir.

"I can tell that you are being honest about your feelings to our trainer, but it really is not up to us whether or not you will be accepted by him. As far as us..." She sweeps the room with her other hand, indicating the other Pokemon in the room. "It might take a few days, but I think that we will be glad to have another friend to help him in the gym battle. Seeing as both Rena and I wont be able to do any fighting for a while."

The ghost nodded to the girls and floated over to the window to look down at the boy who was still swinging that long silver colored piece of metal. She watched him for a while as he swung that thing around in different movements and was slightly impressed with the performance. 'He really knows how to use that thing.' She thought as he finally stopped swinging it around and started breathing pretty heavily while holding the thing forward with both hands. 'Maybe there is some truth to these stories of their trainer saving them.' She thought as she turned and nodded to the group.

*I am still a long ways away from home and do not know how to return there. So until such time as I am able to find my way home, I will help you out with this 'Gym Battle'.* She said which got the group to smile to her and nod with approval.

-----(return perspective)-----

Perspiration dripped down my entire body as I tried to return my breathing to normal. 'I've lost my rhythm as well as my sync with my breathing. It's going to take several more days to get back to my old fighting self.' I thought as I flicked the blade around so that I was holding it reverse style, then returned the blade to it's sheath. Slowly closing my eyes I imagined my shadowed enemy standing not far away from me with a smirk on his face, then watched as he slowly bowed to me in respect. I know that it might've been silly, but I bowed back to my shadow like figure to show the same respect that he'd shone to me.

With that done, I walked back to the center and stopped off at the café to have myself a quick drink of something cool and refreshing before I headed back up the stairs to our room to shower off. After all, I'd worked up a pretty decent sweat from my workout and more than likely stank. So after the nurse came and dropped off my water, I quickly downed the glass in one go and ordered another three (I was really thirsty). 'I think that it'll continue to train in the mornings with my sword, then train with the girls during mid-day to early afternoon hours, then plan our strategy on how to face off against that gym leader in a few days.' I thought to myself as I downed the last glass of water and walked back up the stairs.

By all the commotion that was coming from inside the room, I could tell that the girls were having a serious conversation. So I stayed outside and listened to their Pokemon speech (which kind of surprised me since the girls usually just spoke English) and waited until their conversation finished. 'It must be one hectic conversation, since their talking in their own language or they want to keep it private from prying ears.' I thought to myself as the urge to put my ear to the door to try and make out what they were saying, which went unheeded.

After about an hour of just sitting next to the door to the room and waving to the passing trainers who gave me a curious look (which I just explained that my Pokemon were just having a private conversation which seemed to confuse them more), I finally heard them stop talking and I knocked on the door. "Girls? Are you all finished with your conversation? Because I'd like to come into 'Our' room and freshen up since I feel so grimy and am probably covered in sweat from head to toe."

There came a few giggles from within the room as the door opened to reveal Jenavee and her slightly swollen abdomen. "Well, if you insist. Though I am pretty sure that one of us will probably be joining you in there to help you 'Freshen Up." She said in what I thought was one of the most teasing tones I'd ever heard. "And when you come out. There is something that we all need to talk about." She said in a serious tone, which meant that I would probably have to take it seriously as well. So stepping aside, I entered the room only to meet the giddy eyes of all the girls within.

If there was a time to sweat, it was probably this. I didn't know what they'd talked about, but those eyes were starting to make me a bit nervous. I could feel each of them staring at my back while I searched within for a clean pair of cloths, only to find one pair left. 'I can feel them staring fixedly at my back and it feels like their stares are putting a hole in my back. But I've got to stay calm and...god are these the only clean pair of cloths I've got left.' I thought as I pulled out my Renaissance cloths again, as I'd lifted them up and thought on them. Though I did love my Renaissance cloths a lot since they were so comfortable, I knew that I had others. So making up my mind, I decided that later that day that I'd take my cloths down and do a load of laundry.

Putting the clean cloths on the sink in the bathroom, I turned on the shower and waited a little bit before it started to warm up, ditched my dirty cloths on the floor, then stepped into the warm spay and began to wash off the sweat from earlier. I was about half way done when I heard the door open and close as quietly as possible. 'Some-ones trying to be sneaky, and I've got a pretty good idea who.' I turned and faced towards the person who entered and could see the outline of a tallish person standing outside the shower. "If you want to sneak up on me Jenavee, you'll have to be more quiet than that." To which I could only hear a chuckle over the sound of the shower.

"I think that you have the wrong idea, Donovin." There was a dramatic pause as she gathered her thoughts. "I am not alone." And just like that, the room started to chill down to a very cold temperature and the hot water that splashed over my back was the only sense of warmth within the bathroom. A shadow slowly grew beside Jenavee as she stood outside the shower and took on the for of the Mismagius.

*Could you please translate for me Jenavee* The Mismagius asked as she looked at the now decently fogged up glass of the shower's glass walls, to which she missed Jenavee's nod. *Thanks to your Ninetails, 'Kit'. I am now free of that awful trainer that captured me.* She paused to let Jenavee translate. *Though it is also thanks to you that I was taken away from everything that I loved.* This translation took a lot longer as Jenavee was unsure as to where this was all going to go.

Once Jenavee had finished translating, I could feel the anger starting to bubble up in me but knew that that wouldn't do me a lick of good. So as they say, 'I took a chill pill' and took a long calming sigh. "Well, hello Mismagius. It is nice to meet you again too." I paused for a moment to allow myself to calm down from the rude statement. "First you thank me for rescuing you from Barry, then you insult me by blaming me because you were captured." I paused as I looked over the Mismagius's face for any signs of how I should take the insult and compliment, but couldn't see anything through the fog that had covered the whole room. "I have to admit that I'm a little confused. Just where do you want this conversation to go?"

*Alright then, since I need to spell it out for you. I need something from you, but I know that you humans do not do things for free. So in return for your services, I will help you with this 'Gym Battle'. Once you have defeated the gym leader here, I expect you to help me with what I need.* She said which Jenavee translated while the Mismagius placed it's cloth like arms on it's hips.

I just looked at the fogged form of the Mismagius for a while as I worked the words over in my head. To help me concentrate a little more on the conversation, I turned off the shower. "Alright. I can see that you have something you need, but I'm not going to agree to anything until I know what that need is." I said as memories of agreements that had gotten me or others that I cared about into trouble (Rena and the Breeder). "So why don't you tell me what it is that you want me to do, and then I'll tell you whether or not I can actually help you with your request." I then heard something or someone give off a huff (which was probably the Mismagius), but also heard somebody chuckle (which was probably Jenavee at my reply).

*Fine. What I want is to return to my home and to that end, my son. If I help you with this battle against the gym leader here, you will take me back home.* To which she just stared at the glass, anticipating a quick response, but got a chuckle instead.

"Is that all?" I laughed. A small growling sound was starting to build... "And here I thought that it was going to be something big." I said interrupting the growling sound. "Alrighty then. Lets see if I got this strait. You are going to help me to defeat the local gym leader of this town, in exchange, I'm to take you to 'your home'. Is that about right? Oh and before I forget, where exactly is home to you?"

There came a long drawn out ragged breath, which could have only come from the ghost. *Is he really this dense? Does he not remember me and where it was that we met?* She asked as Jenavee just turned to her and shook her head.

'You must understand from what we had to go through with the breeder. He is just making sure that you are telling him everything, so he does not get surprised by something in the future.' Jenavee said back.

She nodded to Jenavee then turned back to the glass. *Yes. That is all I want. And to answer your other question, home to me is the Lost Tower as well as where my son is.*

My eyes went wide as the last of the puzzle pieces finally fit into place. "So you're the Mismagius that we battled against when she thought that we were attacking her son." To which there came no reply and I thought the whole thing over again. 'Well, the Lost Tower isn't that far out of our way.' I thought as I thought of the map of the Sinnoh and where the Lost Tower was in comparison to our rout to the Legendaries that made up our final destination. "Very well then. If you agree to follow my instructions during the battle against the gym leader here, and win, then I'll personally take you back to the lost tower and Release you there."

There was a slight pause, then I could see the Mismagius nod it's head. *Very well then. I will follow your commands in the gym battle, and once you have defeated the gym leader, then you will take me home.* With that said she nodded to Jenavee and floated out of the room (actually through the wall which led to the bedroom).

Just then I started to hear Jenavee chuckle and I turned to look at her. "What's so funny Jenavee?" I asked her in confusion as I looked in her general...Just then it hit me. I could see her clearly, which meant...

She was pointing down at me through the now see through glass. I quickly clasped my hands around my 'Manhood' as a blush quickly started to form on my cheeks. "You should see the look on your face..." She said with a chuckle as she tried to cover her mouth with her hand, but was unable to stop herself from laughing.

"Would you just get out of here." I told her which got her to chuckle again as she left the room and shut the door after her. 'I can just picture it all right now. She's telling all the other girls that she got a peak at me will I was not paying attention.' I turned back to the shower and turned it on which caused me to yelp because I'd gotten used to the coldness of the room and the shower was to warm.

-----(inside the bedroom)-----

"When he realized what I was pointing at, he quickly clasped his hands over himself and blushed so deep that I thought he looked like a Tamato berry." Jenavee said, which got all the girls to laugh.

Just then the room was filled with a loud yell and all the girls turned towards the bathroom door. "I think Donovin forgot that he had the hot water turned on." Rena said as a resounding 'Ouches' was heard through the room except for Kit who just cocked her head to the side in confusion.
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