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Pokemon (Journey to Another World) pt3 by totall


Story Notes:

There are some key difference in the next installment of Journey to another world. Many more battles, love scenes, better editing, and etc...If you wish to know about them in depth, you must stay tuned.

Chapter 3

Journey to Another World 5
Ch. 3

My consciousness seemed to be having a grand old time messing with me, as it would be there for a moment before it would be grasped away the next. Just like somebody would be playing keep away with their dog's favorite ball. 'Something must be happening with my body out there in the real world to cause me to loose my consciousness so easily like this.' I thought once as my consciousness was slightly there. 'Maybe they are beginning to mess with my body or...' I would have continued to think more on the matter but my consciousness escapes once again.

I could only imagine what this was doing to the girls. 'Jenavee must be loosing her mind with worry, not to mention the other girls as well. I wonder how long this is going to last.' I thought one day as my consciousness level seemed to be stabilizing (at least for the moment). Eventually I'd had enough and started to force my consciousness to cooperate, and began to lengthy process of waking the *&^% up.

When I finally opened my eyes, everything was greatly out of focus and my body felt like a large chunk of lead. It was almost like my body was reluctant to come out of the state it was in, but I was thankful for getting this far. 'I just hope that my recovery will be a little quicker this time. The last time I felt this bad was when I arrived here, and that seemed to take days to get my body back in working order.' So following the same method, I began the arduous task of getting my body to follow my orders again.

I thought it best to get the girls to notice that I was awake once more and started to look around the room. My vision hadn't fully recovered yet so everything still had an elusion of being over heated (Author: Ever seen a cars roof or the road on a hot summers day? You can actually see the heat rising off them). Eventually that too faded with time and I began to look around the room. I took a long sigh of relief as I noticed that I was still in the same room as before, but felt a sense of loneliness as the room was empty in the slight off tinted light that shone through the curtains.

"I still do not understand. What do you mean that his body if fighting with itself?" I heard Rena say in a confused tone somewhere nearby.

"And I told you that I do not understand it myself either. One moment it seems like he is here, just asleep. Then the next he is whisked away (though he does fight it), as even his mind is empty to me." Jenavee said in a worried tone that matched or a little more-so than Rena's.

By that time all the girls were starting to argue over what was causing me to be in the condition that I was in, I couldn't think of anything else other than how caring they all were to me. Even Undine in her goddess like attitude was worried over me, though it was more like she was worried on how she was going to adjust to not being cared for. To which got me to laugh to myself as I couldn't actually talk just yet.

'I wonder if I can talk with Jenavee as I am right now?' I thought to myself but when I tried, all I got was just a deep fuzziness in my mind. It was like my head was like a screen to a TV with all that snowfall on it (an old TV with it's cable out). It'd probably take a little while before my head could clear out the snow from within, but I kept at it. A short while later, I could feel like there was a clearing in my mind and the snow was quickly starting to clear up.

I tried several more times to talk with her but became dishearten as I heard them talking about getting something to eat and then the sound of retreating footsteps. 'Damn. Now how am I going to get those girls to notice that I'm back?' I thought as I relaxed my mind and body for a few moments then started working on getting my body to respond to my commands again. 'It would have been a small luxury to let them know that I was alright anyways.' I thought as I finally started to get my fingers to wiggle around and then my toes.

-----(switch perspectives to that of the Mismagius)-----

Day time was not fun for any kind of ghost, and when I'd been told that I'd be the one to watch over this sleeping human and alert those other Pokemon if his condition changed, which irked me. It was more than the irritation than the fact that I was usually sleeping during the day, but more to do with the fact that this human didn't do anything which made this job very tedious and I had to keep myself awake, plus the sunlight hurt my eyes.

'Oh come on. They know that I'm not a day type Pokemon. So why do I have to watch over this sleeping human?' I thought as I wined about my predicament. 'It is not like I owe this human...anything.' I thought but was interrupted by the memory of that Ninetails destroying that infernal ball that made me prisoner to that other human, and then thoughts of how I became that humans prisoner came back.

After this human had returned both my son and I to the tower, I'd been quick to get into the tower and find some place to heal my wounds. I let my son wonder off as I often did, as this was a safe haven for us, to go and play with some of the other ghosts, but that proved to be my biggest mistake. As shortly after our return to our home, an alarm was raised from some of the other ghosts, that their was a trainer that'd entered the tower and was here to battle us.

In fear of what might happen to my son as he was still off playing, I quickly zipped off in search of him, but instead of finding my son, I collided with the trainer's head. To say the least, he was quite upset and quickly called out a Blaziken and it proceeded to pummel me with it's Shadow Claw attack. Though through the beating, I couldn't help but worry about my son and began to fight back against the trainer's Pokemon. That must have been the deciding factor, as when he saw that I was barely conscious lying there on the floor of the tower, he pulled out one of those red and white infernal balls and captured me within.

It was like a dream where your trapped in a dark room and the only thing you see is your son still visible son at the far end of the darkness. Just then your son notices you and when you try and reach out to him, the distance between the two of you quickly starts to grow until you can no longer see him. That scene had broke me down and I cried out my eyes to which nearly left me heartless and a perfect Pokemon for this trainer. Then memories came back to me of my salvation.

Nearly heartless and a slave had changed the mother until she was called out by that Ninetails. It only took a few moments for her to remember the shiny Pokemon and everything came back in a rush. It was thanks to that shiny Ninetails that she was free now, and in turn the boys as well for it all. 'I guess in the end, I should at least help with this simple task. It was nice of them to at least close the blinds for me so that the sun isn't hurting my eyes as much as it could be without them pulled.' I thought as I floated there in the closet where it was darkest, and continued to watch over the boy.

Though I continued to watch over the boy, I couldn't get the thoughts of something different about him, from the other trainers she'd come across in the past. The stories that they'd told me were fascinating, especially the one where the Lucario had been rescued from that organization by the boy, and the one about how he'd rescued the Gardevoir from a dark dog type when she was still a Ralts. So different from the boy that'd captured me.

A small rustling was heard coming from the bed and I could see that the boy was slighting moving around. 'Must have become uncomfortable in that position.' I thought as he'd moved around a few times in his deep slumber, though this time it was a little more controlled and repetitive. 'Now isn't that strange. He keeps on moving just his small limbs and just as if...' Her eyes went large as she realized that the boy was actually stretching and was trying to move.

She quickly moved over to the boys bedside and looked down at his face. His face seemed to be scrunched up as if forcing himself to be doing something, and that's what clenched if for me. 'This isn't just random twitching. He's actually moving his body. I've got to find that Gardevoir and tell her that her trainer is moving.' So not thinking any further, she quickly turned intangible and sank through the floor to hopefully the café.

-----(switch perspectives back)-----

'Damn, this could take all day.' I thought to myself as I continued to force more and more of my body to respond to my commands. I was now up to moving my hands and feet, while still working towards my chest. As they say, 'A journey begins with a single step', and how true that that was as I looked over at the clock and realized that I'd been at this for nearly three hours. 'At least it's taking less time to recover from this, than the last time I was in this kind of condition.'

"Big, Big brother. Are you there?" Came the voice of my little sister Kristy.

I couldn't believe my ears. My little sister was back again and I was thankful for it. Over the years, my sister would come barging into my room at the least opportune moment and interrupt what I was doing. The last time she'd done that was when I was using a ladder to install a new speaker over my door and she threw open the door, which knocked the ladder out from under me and left me hanging by the not fully secure speaker. The end result was a large piece of the wall coming out and me chasing after her in a stupid rage.

"Big brother, I'm trying to talk to you. Can't you even acknowledge your own little sister." Kristy said in a slightly pissy attitude. To which brought a smile to my face as I would often ignore her just to see how upset I could make her before she'd give up and leave my room when she came in without asking.

'I don't know if I can acknowledge her right now. I'm still recovering from whatever put me in this condition in the first place.' I thought as I desperately tried to get my mouth to respond, but the only thing to come out were grunts and moans.

"Is that so. I'm so sorry big brother. I didn't know that they'd moved you into a new room, otherwise I'd have moved your DS with you at the same time." She said, which got me to thinking.

'So that's what happened. My body was separated from the DS and the connection that's keeping me aware was greatly weakened. In turn weakening me at the same time.' I thought to myself only to be quickly answered by my sister just as quickly

"I'm sorry for that again. The doctors moved you from your previous room without moving your personal effects at the same time." There was a long pause. "We just arrived her just a little while ago. Are you ok now?"

My eyes went wide. 'Wait a minute. Can you actually hear my thoughts?' I thought to myself.

"Of course not. The game only shows text, and makes those sounds of the individual Pokemon." Another pause. "It just shows up as quotation marks. You know, the ones used for putting two words together. Like it is, which turns into..."

'I know sis. Come on, think about who your talking to here.' There came a chuckle from the whole room as I could hear my sisters merry little laughter, as thoughts of how I'd help 'HER' out with her spelling and such (though I was good at spelling, I absolutely sucked with grammar). 'So tell me exactly what happen out there?' And with that she began to tell me how I was moved to a whole new level and my things were left in the room where I'd been before.

'I thought I told you that you should never separate me and the DS.' I reminded her but had to stop our conversation as I could hear voices coming from outside my room. 'Sorry sis, but I've got to ask you to go now. I'm going to have soon, and I don't want you to freak them out with your disembodied voice right now.'

There cam a sigh but my sister acknowledged my request and told me that we'd talk in a little bit. Though she'd promise to give me some kind of warning before she would start talking to me again, and with that her voice was gone once again. And not a moment to soon, as the door to the room was flung open and all the girl stood stuck in the doorway trying to get in. I could see the look in their eyes as they all stared at me with shock as I looked over at them and gave them a smile.


'Oh this is going to hurt.'

(Author: Dog/Pokemon pile)
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