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The Life of a Pokemon Breeder by Jaki-Kun


Story Notes:

This story will include elements of both Transformation and Transgender. If you aren't in good standing to read such stories, please don't. I don't want to offend anyone, nor do I support underage viewing of adult material. You've been warned.If you're a bit unsure of how the story is going to go from here (besides just the adult elements, of course) I HIGHLY recommend you read the author's notes at the end of the chapter. I don't want to spoil anything by posting more here, but I think it does a good job explaining the writing in this chapter, and how I intend to continue with it.And as always, thoughts, comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome! :] Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it! -Jaki-Kun

***Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Pokemon, Nintendo, Game Freak, or any of its affiliates, and do not claim to do so. All characters and items mentioned in this story are copyright their rightful owners.***

Chapter 1- Just Not Like You Expected

The Life of a Pokemon Breeder

Chapter 1- Just Not Like You Expected

"Come on, Sophie! I thought you said you wanted to get there before dark!" calls the human male, waiting impatiently at the end of a long beaten path.

"For the last time, Aaron, we've got plenty of time, and I don't want to wear myself out! They're probably going to put us straight to work at the Breeding Center, you know!" yells the girl from the other end of the path, carefully stepping around a puddle of water.

Aaron sighs, plopping on the ground. "I just don't get her sometimes. I mean, this morning she wouldn't stop talking about how she couldn't wait to start apprenticing at this Breeding Center. But here we are now, in the middle of nowhere, and the sun's starting to set. We should have just let her go by herself."

Aaron's Mightyena partner whines. "Yeah, Shadow... You're right. If anything happened to her, I couldn't forgive myself. She's the closest thing to a family I have... Besides you, of course." Aaron ruffles his Pokemon companion's fur on his head. "Sophie and I have been friends for as long as we've known each other. The first time we met was when Dad brought her home after both her parents went missing. I was fourteen then, and she was just twelve. I remember her sobbing into her poor Eevee, squeezing him to the brink of suffocation, and all I could think about doing was cheering her up. So I asked her what the one thing she liked most was- to which she replied, 'Pokemon.' And even though Dad told us to not leave the house while he was gone, I took her to the Veilstone School of Breeding, which happened to be just down the street. Before long, we were both laughing and playing with all the Breeder's Pokemon. Ever since that day, she's dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Breeder... And once she's done apprenticing at this Breeding Center, she'll finally be accepted into the Veilstone School of Breeding."

Shadow barks, wagging his tail excitedly, and Aaron smiles. "I know, I'm happy for her, too! She seems to enjoy Pokemon Breeding, so I'm glad I introduced her to it. It really put us on good terms as kids... And to thank me, she gave me the only Pokemon she could ever catch- you!" Aaron says, scratching Shadow on his lower back, causing his back foot to kick uncontrollably. "Of course, that was long after then- four years, to be exact. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, even though I'd turned eighteen, and Dad was pushing me to be a police officer like him. When I was with him while he was battling with his Growlithe, I thought I might want to be an officer, too. But Sophie helped me realize that it was Pokemon Battling I enjoyed- not law enforcement. The first time you and I battled together, I knew it was true. And then she gave you to me- the smallest Poochyena I had ever seen. Since then, we've taken care of everything from rodent problems to Wild Pokemon close to the city. We went through the Veilstone Gym many times, always making it to Maylene, then failing. But we grew each time, didn't we?" Shadow barks. "And finally, just before facing Maylene our hundredth time, you evolved into a Mightyena, and the two of us single-handedly earned ourselves the Cobble Badge." Aaron smiles, holding the badge up to the setting sun for a moment, then grips it tightly, closing his eyes painfully. "But... that wasn't all that happened that night, was it?"

Shadow's tail stops wagging. "I wondered why Dad wasn't home yet- I couldn't wait to tell him about our first badge. Sophie was worried sick. And then I got the phone call from the sheriff..." Shadow's ears droop. "...He was just trying to stop a bunch of idiots from trying to take the prizes from the Game Corner. The sheriff said that after they caught them, they didn't look like dangerous bunch of kids. But when Dad grabbed one on the shoulder, he pulled a gun on Dad, and-"

Shadow whines, looking at Aaron concernedly. Aaron takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so wound up. It's just... You know how hard it's been for the four of us since Dad died. Sophie and I have had a lot of trouble keeping funds up... But things can only get better from here! Once Sophie makes it out of this Breeding Center, she'll get a full ride through the Veilstone School of Breeding, and you and I will finally be on our way to becoming Elite Four Champions! What do you say?" Aaron asks, sticking a fist out. His Mightyena partner barks happily, and taps his paw against Aaron's fist.

Sophie finally walks up to them, followed closely by her Espeon. "Sorry we took so long!" she gasps, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"It's all right," Aaron says, springing back to his feet. "Just don't blame me when you're explaining why you're late," he says, grinning.

Sophie crosses her arms, pressing her lips together poutingly. "Well, it's your fault we left late! I had to wake you up three times this morning!"

Aaron smiles, gazing at the girl standing in front of him. She was so cute when she pouted, and that was something he couldn't help but love about her. Her short blonde hair just barely covered her sky blue eyes, which he also helplessly noted as cute... And come to think of it, Aaron felt the same way about her entire body.

It was something Aaron would never know how to admit to her. Since they had met as kids, they were subjected into the relationship of a brother and sister. It was weird for him to be looking at her like that at all. Since Sophie had matured into the beautiful girl standing in front of him, though... Well, he couldn't help but be attracted to her. And he had always loved her personality to begin with, but he never thought it was like that. He wanted more than anything to admit his feelings for her, especially before they went separate ways for such a long time... But if she didn't feel the same way...

"Hey, Aaron, are you okay? I didn't mean to yell..." Sophie says, turning her head and blushing.

Aaron quickly snaps out of his trance, and looks back up to Sophie smiling. "Y... Yeah, I'm fine! You're right, though- it did take me a while to wake up this morning." He laughs. "I guess I can take partial blame if we're late."

Sophie giggles, squinting her eyes towards the setting sun. "Well, it looks like you won't have to- Lake Verity is just down there!" Sophie says, pointing further down the hill.

She was right. The water reflected the sun's beams magnificently, and since the Breeding Center was just off the lakefront...

"Hey, I can see it there!" Aaron exclaims, pointing to the left of the lake. "We did it!"

The two take a moment to celebrate, jumping up and down in each other's arms. Even the two Pokemon seem happy that their partners were so excited. Suddenly, however, Sophie looks at her watch, gasping. "We've only got four minutes until I'm late. Care to race?" Sophie asks, grinning confidently.

Aaron gives the same grin back. "You know I wouldn't turn it down."

Sophie nods. "All right! Let's go, Esper!" she shouts, dashing down the hill, followed by her Espeon.

"What!? No '3, 2, 1, go?!'" Aaron calls, taking after her with his Mightyena by his side.

Three minutes later, Sophie bursts into the Breeding Center lobby, followed closely by Aaron and their two Pokemon. Sophie drops to the ground, and Aaron falls to his knees gasping for air.

"You... Cheater!" Aaron says between breaths. "You got a... head start!"

"You're just being ... a sore loser!" Sophie gasps.

The two lie on the floor for a few moments, laughing and catching their breath, before a voice responds from across the lobby.

"Um... Hi! Welcome to the Lake Verity Breeding Center!" the female voice says.

Aaron and Sophie turn their attention to the desk the voice came from. Standing in its place is a middle-aged woman with long, blonde hair in a lab coat, with a confused expression on her face.

"Would you... Like us to take care of your Pokemon?" the woman asks.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Sophie says, standing up and brushing herself off. "I'm Sophie, from Veilstone City- I was accepted for an apprenticing job here?..." she says approaching the counter.

The woman smiles, clapping her hands together. "That's right! We've been expecting you both!" She reaches out a hand to Sophie. "I'm Noel. It's nice to meet someone as interested in Pokemon Breeding as we are." Sophie accepts her handshake, smiling. Noel then reaches under the counter, taking out a clipboard. "That must make you... Aaron?" she asks, pointing a pen to Aaron.

Aaron waves from behind Sophie, stepping closer to the counter. "Yeah, that's me! You said it'd be okay for me to stay the night, right?"

Noel nods, tracing a finger across the paper confusedly. "So... You ARE 'Miss Erin', then?"

Sophie cocks her head, holding out her hands for the clipboard. Noel hands it over to her, looking at Aaron concernedly. Sophie flips through a few of the papers in it, finding where she had been looking, and traces her finger along a few lines, laughing as she finished reading.

"What's so funny?" Aaron asks, waiting for his turn for the clipboard.

Sophie steps over to Aaron, circling where she was looking on the paper.

NAME: Erin
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female

Aaron stares at the paper, dumbfounded at was he was looking at. "Um... I don't think I have to tell you, but I'm male, and that's not how I spell my name." He passes the clipboard back to Noel.

She nods, flipping through more of the papers in the clipboard. "I can tell certainly tell that. I think there's been a slight error in your registration process."

At that time, a man with slicked back black hair stepped out of the door behind her, wearing the same white lab coat the woman wore. "What's going on in here? Is there a problem?"

The woman shakes her head. "Well... Not necessarily. We've just got this young man's name misspelled, and his gender incorrect."

The man laughs, taking the clipboard out of her hands. "So you're Aaron?" He nods, and the mans laughs once again. "I remember getting your letter, along with Sophie's. Compared to hers especially, yours took some deciphering to read. It was only on the third time that I understood you wanted to spend the night here after being her escort. And I couldn't really make out your name, so..."

Sophie laughs, hitting Aaron in the arm playfully. "I TOLD you your handwriting was sloppy!"

Aaron brushes off his arm, nodding defeatedly. "Okay, okay, my handwriting isn't as neat as I thought it was, but there was no harm done, was there? Nothing's changed, right?"

Aaron looks to the man and woman behind the counter, who look at each other strangely during a brief moment of silence. The man quickly snaps out of whatever it was, though, and turns to Aaron, shaking his head.

"Of course not! You're still welcome to stay here for the night... That is, assuming you're not too mad about the whole name thing."

Aaron smiles, laughing. "Nah, I know my handwriting could use a bit of work."

The man nods, extending an arm out to Aaron. "Good to hear. My name's Matt."

Aaron shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you."

Matt rubs his hands together, stepping to the door behind the counter. "Well then, now that we've all been properly introduced, would the four of you mind stepping into the back room with us? We just need to run a few tests to make sure you're in good health."

Sophie nods, but points a finger to Aaron worriedly. "I'd be happy to, but is it really necessary for Aaron to go through with them? He's just staying the night, and he's not very good with needles, you know."

Aaron shudders. "She's right... I don't mind, though. I can't remember the last time I had a check-up was."

"Well, I'd say you're long overdue then!" Matt says laughing. "If you wouldn't mind bringing your Pokemon with you, we can get started right away."

Matt and Noel step to the back room, while Aaron and Sophie go to wake up their two Pokemon sleeping in the corner of the lobby. After a bit of convincing to get up, Shadow and Esper get up and follow Aaron and Sophie to the door behind the counter, and the four of them step into the unknown room.

What they stepped into looked almost exactly like a doctor's office. There were two patient beds (or whatever you'd call them) on both sides of the room, with wooden cabinets above them both. There were two rather large swinging doors in the back, which were obviously sized to fit larger Pokemon through if needed. And standing by the two beds were Matt and Noel, with rubber gloves and paper masks on.

"So... What's first?" asks Sophie.

"We'll just need to run a few standard tests on your Pokemon first, if they don't mind," he says, pulling a small flashlight out of his pocket. "And if you two wouldn't mind sitting on the beds while we finish this, it'd be nice to have some extra space."

Sophie and Aaron look at each other and nod, giving their Pokemon a bit of reassurance before sitting down on the beds. Matt and Noel go staight to work, shining the flashlights into their Pokemon's eyes, using tongue depressors to examine their mouths and throats, and testing their reflexes with the old hammer-on-the-knee. Aaron couldn't help but think how much testing Pokemon was like testing humans. Once they finished with the standard procedures, Noel approaches the two of them at their beds.

"We're almost done with you two's Pokemon- both of them seem to be in excellent health. All we have to do now is get a blood sample to keep on file, and then we'll be finished with their tests." She draws a syringe from her lab coat pocket, drawing concerned looks from the Mightyena and Espeon across the room. Aaron and Sophie quickly reassure their Pokemon that it's okay to trust the two, and they lie back down on the ground.

Noel and Matt kneel back next to the two Pokemon, drawing their syringes and preparing the Pokemon for the procedure. With their syringes out in plain sight, though, something strikes Sophie as odd.

"Um... Excuse me?" Sophie asks.

The two Breeders turn their heads, stopping what they were doing. "What is it?" Matt responds.

Sophie gets off her bed, stepping closer to where Matt kneels. "It's just... I thought you said you were taking blood samples?"

Matt looks to Noel, frowning, then turns back to Sophie. "That's... What we're doing."

Sophie kneels next to him, staring at the syringe in his hand. "If that were the case, what's the strange substance that's already in the syringe?"

Aaron gets up, worried. He didn't want Shadow injected with anything odd, especially if the two handling them weren't telling the truth. He stands over Sophie, looking at the syringe himself. To his surprise, the liquid that filled nearly half the syringe gleaned with a color much like that of an aurora. The four of them stay in silence for a few moments, before Aaron decides to speaks up.

"Well? Aren't you going to answer her question?" Aaron frowns.

Matt shakes his head, as if snapping out of something. "Oh! I'm sorry, I guess I kind of... Zoned out there." He holds the syringe out to where the Aaron and Sophie can see it. "This liquid is a brand new method used to take DNA samples from Pokemon. If we combine the substance with a blood sample from your Pokemon, we can use the data to identify their breeding capabilities, growth, and hidden abilities, if they have any."

That last part certainly caught Aaron's attention. "Whoa! That's cool!" Aaron exclaims.

Matt laughs. "I thought you might say that."

Sophie frowns, still uneasy about the whole matter. "I just don't understand why I haven't heard of anything like it. I read a lot about Pokemon Breeding before coming here, and none of the books I read ever mentioned anything like that."

"That's because it's not on the market, and it hasn't even been named yet," Noel replies. "Don't worry- they've been tested to ensure they don't have any unwanted side effects. Our supplier simply gave us special clearance to use it in your training, since you'll be heading into a field where Breeders use it soon enough."

Sophie pauses in thought for a moment, then nods. "Okay... But I want to watch you use it."

Noel smiles, motioning for Sophie to come next to her. Aaron kneels beside Matt, watching carefully what he did with Shadow. The two Breeders slowly press forward with the needles, penetrating the skin on their Pokemon's forelegs, and drawing blood into the substance. Esper and Shadow wince in pain, but are quickly comforted by their partners. And after a few seconds, the procedure is over.

Aaron pets Shadow on the neck, thanking him for behaving so well. He looks over to Sophie to see her treating Esper similarly. Upon glancing to the syringe Matt's holding, however, he's shocked.

"Whoa! What's going on?" Aaron asks, snatching the syringe out of Matt's unsuspecting hands. The brilliant aurora-colored substance was swirling violently inside the container, combining itself with Shadow's blood sample.

"C-careful with that!" Matt yells, obviously debating the risk of trying to take it back.

Aaron holds on to the syringe tightly, turning his attention to Sophie and Noel, where something similar was happening in their syringe. Feeling the pressure begin to die down, though, Aaron looks down to the syringe he held in his hands, which was now filled with a grey substance. Expecting something similar from the other syringe, Sophie confirms his suspicions.

"It... turned brown?" Sophie asks.

Noel nods. "That's right. Your Pokemon's base DNA has chemically reacted with the substance. That's what created the color and liquid you see in front of you. Since different Pokemon's DNA are... Well, different, the syringe Aaron is holding should vary from yours completely."

Matt carefully takes the syringe back out of Aaron's hands, sliding it into one of the pockets inside his lab coat. "We'll put these on record later. For now, I'll just need to prep the two of you while Noel shows your Pokemon to their rooms."

Aaron springs up. "Wait a minute, what?! Why can't Shadow stay in the same room as me?"

Noel frowns unhappily. "I'm sorry, it's just standard procedure."

Aaron turns to Sophie, clearly hoping for some support on the matter.

"She's telling the truth, Aaron. It was part of the terms we agreed to. Esper can't stay in my room, either," she replies, obviously upset with such a rule, too.

Aaron looks away, clenching his fists tightly. "Okay. Just make sure to take good care of him."

Noel walks over to Aaron, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. They're in good hands."

Shadow and Esper approach their partners, receiving their goodbyes for the night, and follow Noel through the back, disappearing through the swinging doors. With their Pokemon gone, the two sit back down on their beds, waiting for whatever kinds of examination the Breeders have in store for them. After waiting in awkward silence for what seemed like an eternity, Sophie decides to break the silence.

"So... You and Noel..." she starts. "Are you two?..."

"Together?" Matt finishes for her. Sophie nods, blushing a bit. "No, we aren't. She's really nice, though. I've thought about doing something nice for her, but we've been so busy lately, neither of us have had a chance to do anything outside this place for some time."

Sophie bows her head sadly. Aaron knew she felt like it was her fault- that they had been really busy preparing for her stay there. But he wanted to cheer her up somehow.

"Well... Sometimes you have to wait to be happy with someone you care about," Aaron says, feeling admittedly mushy gazing at Sophie when he says it. Sophie blushes, and looks over to Aaron, smiling at him in a way he'd never seen her smile before. It took them both a few seconds to realize the person they were looking at could see them, though, and they quickly turn away, both trying to hide their red faces from the other.

As if on cue, Noel steps back into the room, noticing the two facing away from each other on their beds. "Am I... Interrupting something?"

"Not at all!" "Of course not!" The two reply simultaneously.

"That's good to hear! Let's get started, then!" Noel seemed to reply cluelessly. Stepping over to one of the cabinets, she grabs a bottle out of it, and draws an empty syringe from her lab coat. "Before we start, we're going to give you both some relaxant to make sure our tests are accurate. Since you've spent the entire day walking here, the amount of physical activity needed to deem it mandatory is well over the normal amount."

Aaron slowly turns back around, noticing Sophie turn towards Noel at the same time. "It's true," Sophie states.

"So I guess there's no contesting it, then?" Aaron asks, shuddering. He really didn't like shots.

Sophie shakes her head. "If it makes you feel any better, I'll go first," she replies.

Aaron waits a moment to decide, then laughs. "Yeah... I'd appreciate that."

Noel draws some of the fluid from the bottle into the syringe, and walks over to Sophie. Holding the bottle in her left hand, she supports Sophie's arm with it, and holds the syringe with her right hand over her arm. "This is going to sting just a little..." Noel says, sticking the needle into Sophie's arm.

Feeling something isn't right, Sophie tilts her head down to look at her arm, and ends up catching a glance of the bottle Noel held in her hand instead.

"Wait a minute! That's!..." Sophie says, knocking Noel to the back of the room. She panics, holding her arm out, and shoots her attention to the syringe Noel held in her hand- it was empty.

"Propofol?! What are you giving us propofol for?!" Sophie asks, wobbling out of her seat.

Aaron jumps up, not very sure of what was going on. "Propofol? What the hell is that?"

Struggling to stand up straight, Sophie tries her best to walk towards Aaron. "It's a... Hypnotic agent... It'll make you..."

Aaron rushes towards her, catching her just before she hits the ground unconscious. "Sophie! Sophie!!" He beams at Noel. "What did you DO TO HER?!"

Suddenly, Aaron feels a jab in the back of his neck, and some kind of fluid is let loose into his body.

"It's not what we DID to her," Matt replies from behind him, pulling the syringe out of his neck. "It's what we're DOING to BOTH of you."

Aaron slowly falls to the floor, dropping Sophie in front of him, and reaches to the back of his neck, putting a finger in some of the fluid that didn't make it into his neck. On his finger was the one substance he could have recognized. "Shadow's... DNA?"

"DNA? Is that what I told you that was?" Matt laughs. "I can't believe you two actually bought that!"

Aaron drops to his hands and knees, experiencing indescribable sensations throughout his entire body. "WHAT... Did you DO?!!" He looks up, seeing Noel prepare the syringe she got from Esper. "Don't... TOUCH HER!" Aaron says, struggling back to his feet to try and protect Sophie. Matt quickly meets him with a strong kick to the side, though, and he hurdles towards one of the cabinets with a mirror on it, hitting his head on the side of it. Aaron can only watch in horrified distortion as Sophie is injected with the similar substance he had been subjected to.

"You know, you could have given Aaron a chance to take the anesthetic," says Noel sadly.

"Yeah, I could have," replies Matt, "but we don't have any records of subjects being conscious during the changes- let alone MALE subjects. He's quite the valuable lab rat now!"

"Changes?" Aaron asks, his body beginning to throb.

"Oh, it wouldn't be any fun if I told you!" Matt says, kneeling over Aaron dominantly.

Aaron bares his teeth angrily, softly growling under his breath. "Why... You..."

Matt laughs, grabbing him by the head. "Here- I'll give you a hint." Aaron weakly tries to resist, but Matt has no trouble in turning Aaron's head towards the mirror. What Aaron sees is beyond his belief.

"I... Have fangs..." Aaron states in disbelief. Sure enough, protruding from the sides of his bottom set of teeth were two rapidly growing fangs, and the rest of his teeth were becoming sharper by the second.

"See? Isn't this better than just knocking them out?" Matt asks, smiling to Noel.

"Sorry, I guess I don't get the same kick out of it you do," replies Noel coldly.

Matt scoffs. "Whatever. It's too late now. All we can do now is sit back and watch."

Aaron feels a tingling sensation cover his entire body, and suddenly finds himself getting very hot. In an effort to cool himself down, Aaron weakly manages to pull his t-shirt off, and discovers grey fur growing out of his stomach, slowly spreading to other parts of his body. Upon reaching to his stomach to feel the protruding fur, Aaron is shocked to notice his fingers and hands melding together, and feels something similar happening to his feet. Aaron stumbles backward to try and take his shoes off, but quickly realizes that it's impossible to do with no opposable thumbs. And right as he was wishing he could get his shoes off, he feels his pants, socks and shoes begin to sag- he was shrinking.

Aaron turns back to the Breeders in tears, partially from shock, and partially from the alien feelings surging through his body. "Please, whatever's happening, make it stop." He turns his attention to Sophie, who was going through similar changes herself. "If not for me... Then for Sophie. Please."

Noel bites her bottom lip, obviously trying her best to stay quiet. Matt simply watches their transformation unfold, apparently taking some sort of sick pleasure out of it.

Aaron tries to get back to his feet to look in the mirror, but immediately falls back to the floor. He could no longer stand on two legs, or stand high enough to see himself in the mirror. With the fur having reached every point on his body, Aaron could feel two strange shifts occuring on his face. The first of which was a growing muzzle on his face, covered in black fur with a button-red nose barely visible on the end. The second of which was his ears slowly migrating to the top of his head, pointing themselves up and outwards. Following these two changes, Aaron experiences an enhanced sense of smell- smelling what he recognized to be perfume Noel was wearing- and a heightened sense of hearing- hearing Matt laugh in twisted satisfaction under his breath. After shrinking in the midst of all these changes, his body being easily a quarter of its original size, Aaron can feel his pants sagging around him. And as if on cue, just as he steps out of them, his back legs feel like they've turned to jelly, and he falls to the ground. Before he can panic over not being able to move, however, he feels his knee joints push backwards, officially making him a four-legged creature. Aaron tries standing for the first time on all fours to make it to the mirror, but instantly falls over to his side, and struggles to get back to his feet.

Matt laughs hysterically, making his way to where Aaron lied on the ground helplessly. He kneels directly over Aaron. "Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic."

Aaron can't help but silently sob, choking back everything he can to keep the creep above him from his cruel satisfaction. At least the changes were over. At least he couldn't get any more out of that.

"You think the changes are over, don't you, pup?" Matt asks, smirking.

Aaron turns his head to Matt, his expression begging for him to be lying.

"Don't worry- I wouldn't let you miss this change for the world!" Matt says, picking Aaron up from under his forelegs, and holds him up to the mirror.

It was then Aaron saw what he was for the first time.

It wasn't possible.

It simply wasn't.

But if it were...

Dangling in his place in the mirror was a tiny grey Poochyena, no more than a foot tall, the only part reminiscent of his human self being his green eyes.

"Now that you've seen what your new form is, mutt, are you ready for the icing on the cake?" Matt asks, licking his lips.

Aaron doesn't respond. None of what had happened was possible. It was all just a vivid dream. Nothing more.

Matt tilts Aaron's top up, so that his stomach is exposed to the mirror. "Remember how I said you were our first male subject?"

Aaron suddenly snaps out of his trance, feeling an undeniable sensation in his stomach and groin area.

"Well, I'll let you in on a little secret," Matt says, whispering into Aaron's ear.

Aaron watches and feels protruding starting from his chest, as it works its way down his stomach. The top two bulges slowly turn into four bulges, and the four bulges steadily turn into six bulges, with bright pink tips on the ends, instantly becoming sensitive to the slightest of movements.

"... No... Please... Not this..." Aaron gasps with misty eyes.

"I hope you've had fun with this," says Matt, as he squeezes Aaron's manhood.

"Because if our data is correct in predicting this..." he says, placing a fingertip on his penis.

"Nobody comes out of this male."

Matt slowly presses Aaron's manhood into his body, little by little. Aaron feels every internal shift- his penis being stretched and molded into her vagina, his balls dissolving and becoming her clit, and the tip of his penis expanding to create her womb. Matt slowly takes his finger out of her newly formed entrance, licking his finger as if to mock her.

"Mmmm. Whatever Pokemon gets to taste you is one lucky bastard," comments Matt, tracing Aaron's entrance with his finger, causing her to tremble.

Noel coughs, causing Matt to turn around with Aaron in his hands. As if things hadn't gotten bad enough for Aaron, she was reminded of a horrible fact by looking into Noel's arms.

The unconscious Eevee she held was- without a doubt-

"Sophie..." Aaron moans sadly, surprised to hear a new feminine voice leave her mouth.

"Let's take them to their cages," Noel says softly.

"Already? But I'm having so much fun!" Matt pouts mockingly.

"Matt-" Noel starts strongly.

"All right, all right, I get it. Sheesh," Matt replies. "Give me just one second. I made presents for our two guests," he says, reaching into his lab coat pocket for something. "Okay... Here's the Eevee's," he continues, tossing a yellow collar with Sophie's name engraved on it to Noel, "and here's yours, pup." Aaron feels Matt snap the collar around her, something on it jabbing her in the back of the neck, and he carries her back over to the mirror. "Well? Whaddaya think?"

It was unlike any collar Aaron had ever seen before. Like Sophie's, it was obviously some sort of electronic collar, and it had a small red light glowing on the front. Aaron shudders imagining what kind of purposes it could serve. Unlike the one around Sophie's neck, Aaron's was a humiliating bright pink, although she imagines the color difference wasn't significant. The last thing she notices about her collar is a four letter word, dangling from a dog tag on the front. It takes some time to read what it says, appearing backwards in the mirror and all, but Aaron finally makes out what it says.

"Turns out our little mistake worked out good for you, didn't it... Erin?"

Author's Notes:
Well, I'm happy with it overall. :D I've had this idea for a while now- of events at a Pokemon Breeding facility leading to a Transformation/Transgender. And I enjoyed branching off that idea to create the characters and the beginning I have now. However, upon reading the chapter again, I feel like the story starts out kind of slow. I want readers to know the back stories of the characters. I want readers to know what drives them. I want readers to be able to understand and connect with them. That's why I included everything that I did at the beginning. But at the same time, I know it's not why people are going to want to read this story. I'll be honest- there's going to be a LOT of adult, sexual themes coming up, and the majority of readers will be interested in reading those parts of the story. And there's nothing wrong with that! I mean, I'll be the one writing those parts of the story, after all. :P I just want there to be a balance. Long story short, the back stories and plot have developed about as far as they're going to, and there's going to be a whole lot of secks in future chapters- but I'm not giving up on these characters. :3 So I hope you all enjoy reading this new story! Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always, and let me know people actually read and care about the story. ^_^ Thanks! Until next time! -Jaki-Kun
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    Date:Apr 8 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1- Just Not Like You Expected
    I'll tell you how I stumbled across this story. I went to advance search and included bestiality/zoophilia and impregnation in my search results. When your story came up, the title is what intrigued me. I read through the story nd in the first chapter, I was like "Ugh, not another transformation story". But I was wrong. I continued to read to chapter two and three and I loved the entire story! Not to mention got off to it lol. Your story isn't just another transformation story. It has a readable plot, the sex scenes are arousing, and the characters are interesting. I wasn't certain about Aaron becoming Erin, and if that would floatmy boat, but sure enough, it did. "Please... Don't stop-" writing this story :D
    Loved every moment of it! 5 stars!