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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

Not too Welcomed Surprise

The name is Leonick Incinasius, the common guy in College. Studying to find my purpose in life, working hard to be me, the occasional emotional panics, everything about me was all the common guy was. I'm not that rich, I take everything slowly and easily. But everything changed one day for me when I saw her. Katrina Sharp, the popular Weavile that I happen to lay my eyes on. She was the same year as I was so I could see her every other year and see her elegant form and soft looking fur.

I felt my heart beat so fast and skip a few whenever I saw her and her face. Angels sang in my head when I saw her smile. My body felt hotter as we pass by the hallways, the occasional flames out of my wrist by accident. I speak babble whenever she asked me anything, awarded with her giggles. My mind has gone so many times around my skull hearing her voice. She was worth all my time to be with her. I wanted her to be my wife, my soul mate my love and my one for me.

With that stuck in my mind, I soon learn more of her as a secondary priority to my life, the first being to graduate from College and start something with my life for obvious reasons. She was a straight A student, impressive for such a popular girl of her caliber. Me, I had B+'s and A-'s, just like an average but smart guy should be, I don't plan on being too smart. She was more on about others than herself, being a tutor to the undergraduates, helping the community, taking the green thumb perspective. She was that one pearl in the ocean that was so perfect you don't want to touch to ruin its beauty. Me, I'm just the "nobody" Blaziken with a small build common guy aura, straight faced and all but common.

There was one day I could never forget. I was there when I saw her, lonely and sad. I approached her with caution if she would reject me, lash at me, and claw at me or anything due to her natural nature. I asked her "Why do you look sad?" She never answered and continued to sob even when I tried. My heart felt like a dead weight, she was crying and I had nothing to do to help out of this. That was when something clicked inside me, as if it was my "out of character" me but strangely it was me all the same.

"Cheer up Katrina, you'll ruin your own beauty with all the tears that might pop out your eyes." My voice was suave but not proud, as If I was being sincere and noble. Within that moment, she looked up and saw my face, how my heart leaps for joy as she said "Thank you" at me. I felt different somehow; I could feel more confidence build up within me, my "out of character" self and to find Katrina smile at me with that light.

After that day, we became best of friends, though my mind still wanted to be something more than just friends. I learned from her that she lost all her friends when she said no to do their home works, those same fiends happen to be the popular bunch, and left her in an instant. I guess some popular girls still had the no brain situation they all had. I was there for her; always talking to her, beside her and even supported her all the way through college, nothing was wrong nothing was so perfect like my life with her. It seems like a perfect thing to be with her. My heart still aches to find our friendship to be farther than this to finally admit my feelings to her.

As time passed so did that ache towards her strengthen, I courted her so many times, asked her out and it never bothered her. Her mixed signals always baffle me; I guess guys can't understand every girl thing and vice-versa. Everything went smooth and our relationship somehow grew, and we viewed ourselves more than friends but not yet there.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, finishing college and finding ourselves jobs. My heart still pushed me forward, to finally make ourselves more true to our feelings than now. Soon I popped the question right at her, "Will you marry me?" At first I was afraid I may have taken all that we were too fast for her but on her one answer, I could feel my life be full and happy. "I do" She said without any worry or regret. I jumped, hyper acted and even kissed her deeply, I was happy to finally find myself to be with her.

We wed and bought a home in the neighborhood outside of New Volt City, I was the owner of a vast Industry that had taken me majority of my time only to find out and she was there for me this whole time. Life was so great. We had a son and she named him Blazer, obviously from the Pokémon that came out. She wasn't worried about the situation he turned out to be a Torchic than a Sneasel. She was happy enough about having a child with me. I lived my happy life and say everything was all I ever wanted, a loving and committed wife, a caring, respectful and proud son, a home far from any harm and danger. This was heaven at peace with the earth in my book.

Years passed, my son all grown up, taking the industry here in New Volt City while I and my wife continue to be well and happy. We had enough money to live our lives but the industry had grown so much I had to look over at the many other transactions and status of the other branches. Thankfully, I didn't need to travel as the board meetings gave me enough information about the other places. My life was at its best, a loving and committed wife, a son who has made me proud beyond anything, a successful company under me and my son's ownership and the quiet life in the neighborhood, nothing could have gone wrong. Until that one faithful morning she told me her one wish to happen between us, something that will test my commitment towards her and question her if she really still loved me.

"Honey, you have got to be kidding" I told my wife, as she asked me about her wishes regarding her fetish. "Please dear, I wanted this to happen, we don't have to worry about Blazer being here. You and I know I will not stop until you agree and I'm telling you one of my deep, dark and sexy secret." Katrina said to me, her vicious eyes turn all pouty and puppy like at me. Looking down at her, I found myself stunned to find her asking for such a thing, a fetish like that is originally a guy thing but I was more committed to her than anyone else for that fetish to cross my mind. "I will not agree to this, even if I get the chance to have tail, it still isn't right." I said straightforwardly, looking down at her to notice that my body and love is for her and her body and love is for me.

"Please dear, it will be fun. You get to finally explore the wonders of other Holes to fuck." She proudly said to me. My heart hurt by what she had just said. "I don't see the point of all this, if our marriage was not genuine, our commitment and trust would be ruined" I said pleadingly since she wanted this to happen. "If you don't agree to this, I'll ask my Psychic friends more often" She threatened me, an evil grin appearing in her lips showing me her fangs. Although she was smaller than me, she still had the fierce and savagery all Weavile has, the claw marks on my back could prove how wild she was when we had sex in our plans.

Looking at her, she was prepared to do just as she had said. My mind was trying to find anything out of this predicament, run away, accepts defeat, bound her and rape her, but all seems lost no matter what I do. Calling a psychic type in here would render me powerless to stop her from experiencing her fetish. With a sign of defeat, "Fine...! Just don't ask for a psychic type or I will stop all of it... just tell me one thing?" I started asking. Her eyes were filled with joy and happiness and without any thought what so ever. "Yes? Anything you want to know." She started saying, her body all hot over me, as she hugged my chest. "What made you have that fetish?" I bluntly said, clearly annoyed by how trapped I am to my wife's wishes.

"It's a family trait." She said all dreamy and lustfully, rubbing her face on my chest. "How did it become a trait?" "Easy, All the girls born in my family grow this mentality which soon leads to my fetish and every guy born from my family has a sudden attractive presence to girls whether they want it or not." Katrina said, continuing to rub her head at my chest happily. I was surprised to hear her other answer, though uncalled for, regarding boys born from her family. "Wait! Does Blazer have this "attraction" mechanism you said about?" I fear my son would experience a hell whole of girls. "Of course he does, he's my son, and he would have made my father proud about him having the family traits." She said calmly, worrying me about my son out there in the world where Females would swarm him.

Before I could ask Katrina any further about her fetish she quickly let go of me and walked her way to the door. "I know just the girl for your first time with my fetish. I hope you're ready for tomorrow. I expect you to ravage her." Her voice all slutty and lust filled as she left me in our bed room. Looking at this room once more once was ours as husband and wife, father and mother to a son and by tomorrow, in a time of her choice, this bedroom is filled with her fetish, my spunk and every other girl she asks to get here. Though I didn't worry much about the fact of my predicament, I was worrying about the predicament my son was.

Blazer may be an adult now but then he isn't married yet and committed enough to know true love until he knew them. Last time I checked with him was about 4 days ago when he made that month long vacation. He didn't tell me where he was but I was sure in this summer, there would be a lot of girls in the open relationship department. Getting my cell phone and dialing my son in this late morning wasn't much of a problem. I waited with the phone in my ears, *Beep* *Beep* and my son answered.

"Hello dad?" He said happily
"Hi son, how's your vacation going for you, 4 days out of the desk is what you're doing" I sat down on the bed to listen closely on my son.
"It's just great, I'm away from most of my worries and I'm staying in a house I ask for rent on occupation and everything is great" He answered back at me.
"I'm happy for you Blazer but I need to ask, are you in a woman's house?" My mind was speculating on how he would answer, embarrassed or modest?
"No dad, I'm stuck in a house of girls" He answered, signing a little.
"Fuck!" I imply quickly realizing my son does have the "Attractive" trait.
"Why? What's the problem?" He sounded as if it was a problem but he did not panic, I on the other talon, panic mentally.
"Your mother just told me about something" I said a little down and worried.
"Is it bad?" He asked me, worriedly.
"Yeah... How would you fair if you had a sibling..." I trailed as dreadful ideas if I get some of the girls Katrina would invite over pregnant.
"That will be great!" He said happily not knowing what I would say next if he would hear me through his joyful state even on the phone.
"Not with the same mother?" I continued the question. I waited for Blazer to answer.
"..." His silence was worrying me to no end.
"...Son?" I asked if he was receiving or if ever snap him out.
"..." But his answer was still the same, blank.
"SON?!" I shouted as if he was doing suicide on the phone.
"*THUD!*" Just great I heard something bump something as if my son's body went limp and failed.
"...Shit..." I cursed on the cell by accident fearing I may have caused him to faint.
"..." It was dead silent in his end and I was getting worried by the second.
"...son...?" My voice all worried and concern if I had caused him to do suicide or something. The answer was given in the form of my son, screaming angrily at me.
"ARE YOU MAD?!" He said as the static was telling me he was gripping the phone painfully tight.
"No...! Just your mother" I said bluntly, remembering how she wanted me to take other women for her to see and to masturbate about.
"What the hell happened?" He said just said plainly disbelieving how her sweet mother had a very dirty mind, how it will crush his mental image of his sweet mother and how badly it would hurt his childhood if it was found out earlier... Thankfully he's an adult or we would be paying therapy and hospital bills for his mentality loss.
"Your mother told me all about her family line's secret" I said embarrassed that I'm explaining it to the same son me and Katrina has taken care of.
"What about the sibling with another mother?" Blazer said, my mental image of him in a poker face was not helping.
"She wants me to fuck some other girl as she watches..." I, once again, felt embarrassed telling him, but it was the only way I could explain to him about his predicament.
"What the FUCK?!" He screamed through the phone as if flames shot through his mouth
"I'm serious! She has this fetish every girl in her family has" I was failing to explain
"Born from their family?" He questioned about the matter for the first time hearing my son being himself again.
"Yes... and even the boys..." I said, not remembering to tell the difference about it.
"What the Fuck!" He shouted, I guess he thought about the first part too much.
"No! The boys have a different effect in the line" I reassured him. His sign of relief over the phone was evident enough.
"Just tell me now!" He said, worried it might have been worse. I was grateful my son thinks harder now.
"You get girls... to fucking like you..." I said bluntly as if I had already expected the worse for him
"Are you sure" He said somehow not believing what I had just said.
"Are you being chased by the girls in the house?" I asked to confirm my suspicion.
"...Yes..." He said bluntly over the phone. The fact that he said such a thing means that he has noticed it but never found the answer.
"Then that's your answer... Good luck" I said, ready to hang up the cell phone.
"You too dad... Were screwed" He signs in defeat as if heaven and hell was as close to having hordes of females over him.

Hanging up and turning my cell off, I look out one of the windows in me and my wife's bedroom. Seeing the morning sun and the day that should have made me and her happy was so far right now. Remembering her wish was just going to make things harder for me. She gets off of seeing me, her husband; fuck other females and she watches on, masturbating or joining in to make it a threesome.

Just another detour in our lives... Still, it might be interesting to do other females. I always wonder how to fuck those blasted psychics when you can't hide any of your naughty thoughts over them. But the thought of taking other girls right now hurt my own self, my commitment to my own wife... Is it still there or did I just broken it years ago?

I proceeded down the stairway and find the kitchen all too busy as my wife started to cook, a phone between her head and shoulders talking to someone. I wonder who and what she's calling for. I sat down quietly and defeated. My wife was currently naked except for her black apron that covered her chest to her crotch. I remember the day she asked me if she could be naked in the house. I agreed to it with the condition that I stay naked with her and every single window ion the house tinted to prevent perverts from the outside from peeking in on our naked time. I was going to enter heaven and hell full of girls of my wife's choice. How unlucky of me.
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