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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

Body Builer

The Body Builder

I start only realizing that I'll end up doing some other woman than your wife. The same day she told me is the same day I take a step to breaking my commitment. Walking out of the bedroom, smelling the aroma of breakfast wasn't helping me. As I got out I look at the hallway that was the second floor of me and my wife's home. I look to my left seeing 3 doors on each side of the hallway's length a window on each width and the stairway on the other end. The door I came from was the master bedroom; the door across it is the bedroom that our son, Blazer, used until he moved out, by his choice mind you. All the other doors, three of them, are just empty bedrooms though we did use the one beside the masters as the nursery, we even still have the crib which I have no idea why Katrina kept it neat and tidy. And lastly the 2nd floor bathroom found on the left and close to the stairway.

Walking to the other end of the hallway I take a u-turn to face the stairway down to the 1st floor of our home, it was there that you would face the front door, on the right the living room, the left is the dining table. I take a peek at my right to find my study room, door closed behind the living room and the spare bathroom that was placed close to the stairs. Looking to the left is the dining table and close by is the kitchen where my wife was preparing breakfast. The sweet smell of what she was cooking waffling over but my heart is still stoned by why she wanted me to commit an act that is of no commitment but keep her commitment at the same time. I wanted to just bash my head some when.

*Ding* *Dong* went the doorbell. "I'm getting it!" I shouted to the Pokémon outside and my wife. Turning the knob and swung the door back. "Hello there, how can I-?" I was cut short, looking at very bountiful breasts in a sports bra and 6 pack abs staring right back at me with gym shorts. Looking up I found the owner to be a head taller than I am. To make this matter a little awkward, she was a Machoke.

A type of species known to be majorly depicted as males although, seeing the large enough tits on her chest I was mesmerized a little by how this Machoke made a big difference in the gender wall. "Hello there. I suppose your Leonick, Katrina's husband right?" She beautifully said, though a bit muscular and powerful I could tell her soft side was behind the voice.

I was awestricken by the muscular but perfectly proportioned Machoke, a sight to see. Her muscles were toned like an artist that was both a perfectionist and was high as he made her. I was speechless and nodded at her to so not to make myself look so silly at her. "How cute, no wonder she picked you." She scratches my chin as my gaze went further up at her blue eyes.

"Hi Sandra, I suppose you've met my husband. Isn't he handsome?" I heard my wife call from behind. "I know. He is such a very modest guy..." Sandra leans down eye level to me, seeing the predatorily aspect of her. She whispers to me, avoiding Katrina's hearing, "I hope your wild in sex, and I expect a good rough one in bed. You better hump me good hot stuff or I'll be the one hopping on you." She growled a bit as she moves around me...

I was stunned a female wants a male to be wild on her. Then the thought that she was a buff female made it obvious. (I guess she wants to know how a guy on top could be better for her.) I closed the door gently and locking it. As I turn around I saw the two females, my wife still in that small apron, discuss something and look at me like I was the gossiper. I knew my wife and to bust in through her privacy always leads to me fucking her up the ass as she claws my chest. With that in my knowledge I just left them in the living room and headed for the kitchen to get some water for the guest though I wonder how she plans on serving breakfast.

As I prepared 3 glasses and a pitcher of water on a tray, I headed my way to the living room, finding my wife and her friend talking about old times. I set the tray on the small table and took a seat on one of the individual chairs from the couch they were sitting on. "Thank you dear." My wife said as she took a glass and a sip of water.

I was there intently hearing all of their stories and explanation. What I could deduce from their conversation is that Sandra was her P.E. partner every time when their subject just happen to have a pair up activity and true to the fact that they always end up as partners they soon developed a bond and friendship. I never really hear her talk about it but I guess she wanted her to be a secret away from me.

"Um... Dear, can you please tell me? Is this the woman you're going to ask to... you know...?" I asked as the awkwardness was getting to me as my wife stares happily, her toothy grin was all I needed to realize she wanted this and Sandra smiled to me as she licked her lips some. I didn't need another answer as they soon continue on their conversation, completely keeping me as just a cock to be seen. (And I thought I was the unfaithful one.) Ironically, my wife looks more unfaithful than me when she presented her wished for me to be unfaithful somewhat.

I also found out that, by how they kept ignoring me, that Sandra was a body building model, she was at one of the gyms and she tutors how to do the weight lifting. She was also a fitness instructor. An impressive feat isn't it. But soon the good news went pale on her part. She was successful and respected but due to that she had never found a male who was willing to take her head on and thus she wanted to find out how to be below a man, not to be on top of one. Sure enough, I found out why she was interested in taking my wife's offer in letting me go unfaithful and thus tonight, Sandra is not the strong woman on the bed but the fucked hard woman on bed... if I can. Thankfully my wife remembered about breakfast and proceeded to fix it up and serve it for the three of us. I kept feeling the lustful gaze of Sandra as she ate with me and my wife.

Late tonight, I was standing in front of the bathroom sink, looking at the mirror, fixing my talons and feathers once more. I wanted to be good looking for tonight's first session but my heart pains me about how my wife wished to have this kind of experience as she confessed this morning.

Getting myself ready, naked and semi-erect... Check. I exit the bathroom and walk my way to our bedroom, currently being occupied by another female that is not my wife. As I reach for the door I also found my wife outside waiting for me.

"Ok dear, your first woman to fuck is easy. You just show love and fuck her nice and good, she's more into rough sex so nothing of any of those slow and steady ways." She said as if instructing me to do another woman in front of her. I was clearly wounded, emotionally, as she wanted this. "Dear are you sure?" I asked defeated as if pleading for this to happen.

"Yes dear, I'm sure. Don't worry; I'm happy that you're doing this for me. By the way, the next girl for tomorrow is interested on a threesome so just fuck this girl for what she's worth and I will join you and the other girl for tomorrow." She happily said as she opens the door. Before she enters the bedroom leaving me, she spoke. "Dear, I'm happy you are allowing this, I was afraid you would say no." She said as her face was frowning at me. "It's not really your fault." I said as she looked more intently at me. "Dear, I know this is challenging but I tell you, the things you and the girls are going to have, even with or without me, I'm happy that you are my husband." She said sincerely as her face somewhat turned radiant.

"So, this whole thing is for what?" I asked towards her, I wanted answers. She moved back at me, "Dear, do you still remember that time when you showed sympathy and well, your emotions at me back then?" I nodded in a shocked manner when she mentioned emotions. "Well, I wanted to thank you, not just this way but with this. You'll see dear, I still love you and I really wanted this." She moves closer to me as her body started to heat up somehow. "I especially like to see my man be happy and well, I wanted to see you do other girls and somehow show them how good you are." She admitted to me again.

"Dear..." I trailed as she soon hooked her claws on my hips, size difference in effect. "I know it's painful but please, I like this idea. I wanted to see you love the other girls too. You could say they have similar things that made me befriend them from the others that time." She said as she rested her head at my belly, feeling her breath warm and her claws scratching softly on my lower back. With a long deep sign, I hugged her as well. "Dear, I'll fulfill your wishes." I said as I moved her body back so I can see her, eye to eye. "If you promise me that whenever I wake-up, even with the other girls you send my way, I find you lying beside me?" I said as I forced the both of us to stand still.

It wasn't a long pause as she said, "Yes dear, I love you and I know you'll enjoy this." She said seductively now as she released her grip, rubbing her ass to my semi-erect cock as she turned and slipped to the door into our bedroom.

I was standing there as I thought long and I was not going to get my wife angry, knowing my wife and how great she could keep a grudge was a frightful motivator nonetheless. But a certain smell was waffling in the air a bit. Taking a whiff of it my body felt warm and somehow my mind started to cloud a little. From here I turn the knob and proceeded to open it, somehow forgetting how or what I was trying to do. I look at the sight before me, not believing it for a second but I knew it was true.

There on me and my wife's bed was the same Machoke fem who is under our sheets and completely naked. To why I know she was naked was by the fact she was leaning on the headboard with some of my pillows, red for obvious reasons. The covers were wrapped around her body, starting from her breast and over her whole body. Her muscular figure was visible on the covers as she rests her head with the help of her arms. My cock went hard and at its prized length of 12 inches leaking pre in a second, I saw how surprised Sandra was, her eyes went wide and the sheets were disturbed by her movements, getting wet down on her crotch area by the darkening tone.

"I told you he was more than qualified." My wife said from my side. I saw her seated at one of my recliner chair that was in my study room, across the bedroom. I was about to ask how she lifted it here when Sandra started to gasp and pant. I saw her gripping the headboard tightly as her tongue was left out of her maw and her chest heaved as she tried to control herself.

Though my mind felt cloudy and smelling the odd fragrance in the room, in instinct I approached the needy female and presented her my cock, flashing it to her. I grip it from the base as I showed her how big it was, reaching my belly and under my chest. Her eyes were all I needed to see as I moved on the bed, my mind moving my body without my consent. I move forward as the bed does not have another board on its other side. I moved the covers some as she stood still in place, not sure what to do with my pride being this long. "I-I-I n-never worked with a-a c-c-c-cock like that t-t-that" she said, mesmerized by my length as she stuttered what she wanted to say. As the covers were moved out of the way I find her love hole glistening with moist and somehow appealing scent, similar to the fragrance that was present in the room.

I looked down at the body builder as if she saw the greatest thing of her life. "You like me to go rough?" I asked her as my cock did the talking this time. Sandra did not answer and just looked at the lengthy cock. I lift her tight and built legs and placed them on either side of me as I position my knees and lean down close to her panting face. "Do you want me to just go in?" I asked weakly as she looks at me, her hot but restrained breaths reach my face.

She takes her tongue back in and gulps. "Yes." Her eyes half closed and dreamy at me as she restrained herself once more from forcing me down. "Do you want me to take you in wild throngs of passion?" I asked her, providing her with more want and anticipation. "Yes." She answered once more her hands moving out of their spot as she moved her body forward, grazing my cock some with her body. She moved my pillows as she leaned down on the bed, her arms gripping the side of the headboard, the pillows under her head and her legs spread more, showing her love hole at me.

I pull back my body as I position my pointed rod at her wet and hot pussy. I take a look at the successful body builder restrain herself from dominating me and accept being the sub in this fucking. As soon as my tip touched the hot hole, she changed her grip on the head board, grabbing me instead and tensed her muscles for the inevitable. Her grip was tough and I know I was in control

In a sudden push of curiosity and sexual drives I played her some, grazing my cock purposely missing its mark as I let go of it. Forgetting she was stronger than me, her grip went solid and tight on my shoulders as her head thrown back a little. "D-don't tease..." She pleaded; her face was not really helping with what she said as I reel my body back to try again. "Sorry, I couldn't resist seeing a tough woman demote herself." I said quite evilly and seductively at her. "Just fuck her dear." I heard my wife respond from behind me. "Really?" I said childishly as I soon rubbed my cock vigorously on the sexual lips of Sandra. It earned me a pair of tightness on my shoulders, her sexual moans for a teasing fit and her legs gripping my body, wrapping itself on me. "Just because she wanted to be fucked doesn't mean I can't have fun." I said, not thinking much as my mind started to cloud, my heart racing by the idea of fucking this tight woman and my beak wide open, tongue out and somewhat drooling a little.

As I continue to play, I could feel the cold and telltale wetness on my cock, clearly she was a leaker. I lean down on her body, her breast cushioning me, feeling the throb and heart beat against my own as I licked her neck some and whispered to her. "Well, well, well, we have a leaker." I said silently as I stopped abruptly getting her attention. I found her blushing as she tried to get some air. "I suppose this is another reason why you don't want to get a man." I said emphasizing my point by sneaking my left talons between us and at our crotches, rubbing her clit, getting it wet.

She shivered and a bit but she did not answer. "Well, back to work then." I said all of a sudden, not sure why but I moved that talon between us and positioned my cock, letting the point touch her lip so I wouldn't miss this time. Her body shuddered and clearly, she did not want to dominate me, the evident fact that she was painfully gripping my shoulders the tightest she can muster.

I found myself pausing, my hearing gone blank on me, my sight blurring, my heart beats more profound and my breathing more muffled but loud. I wanted her but I didn't want her, I had to fuck her for my wife, though she isn't my wife, I could feel her body warm and inviting but her body is not the same as my wife's. In reflex, I looked back at my wife, finding her touching herself, her breast in one of her claws and the other doing herself. But the one thing that made me look at Sandra again, was that she was smiling, a genuine smile like when we got married, and she nodded right at me.

Somehow, somewhere in my mind, I knew I won't lose her, instead I would gain, looking at Sandra, her. My senses went back to me, and I could see that Sandra has looked at me, a mix of lust, need and concern. I just smiled at her as I moved my lower forward, feeling her muscle tense reflexively as my sudden and surprising entry. She threw her head back on my pillow once more as she screamed as loud as she can, which I did not mind. This room and every other were made to be sound-proof, the windows are tinted which my wife was glad about and the only room without sound-proofing is the living room, dining room and kitchen.

I felt her muscle squeeze me, defying my cock entry though it was futile. With the wetness that she gave herself, my cock slid to the limit that her love tunnel can fit, oddly enough it was just the 1st inch. I look down finding my cock still out, I took hold of her hips, surprising her as I force my cock further in. I felt her muscles tighten sending throngs of pleasure and pain throughout my body especially at my crotch. I withdraw from trying to enter her only to find that her muscles had clamped tightly attempting to keep me inside of her. I could feel her heartbeats as so did mine; we were in an alternating sync. Her muscles somewhat relax when my cock throbs with glory and want and when I stop, she squeezes me with stronger and needy grasps. My mind started to cloud once more, though I knew what I wanted to do.

As I withdraw, only an inch inside of her, I plunge back in, feeling her body rock with vigor and sexual needs. I could feel that she was enjoying it as she continues to scream and moan. "YES! OH YES!!! HARDER!!" She cried which I responded by fitting more and more of my cock. I find it sinking inside her body, her grayish skin wrapping over my pinks while her few pinks suck my cock inside more. Now with half my length inside of her I soon stopped, freezing in place as I felt a wall and in my surprise I look at Sandra as she looked at me.

There were no words but her face did show, she blushed some and tried to avoid my gaze. (She's still a virgin!?) I thought inside of me as she looked away from my gaze, her grip being just as tight as it was. I could feel our heartbeats through our sexual parts, still in an alternative. I release my grip on her hips; I slipped a talon under her, resting on her back while my other talon reached in to her face. Once I did, the atmosphere changed, and I knew that she would look my way. "Would you want me to be your first?" I asked, sincerely for the 1st time from this small predicament. As I said so, her gaze turned from concern to that of a smile, she smiled at me and moved her grip on my shoulders moved and shifted into a hug. My body responded and I rested my head beside hers, our heads on the other's shoulder. I shifted my talons and they both were on her back, hugging her back while her legs kept in place. "Yes..." She whispered to me and just one great thrust I moved past the blockade easily, but her hug turned to grip me tighter. I could feel her heart race much faster than mine as she shuddered and shivered somewhat.

I reassured her, licking her neck some as she soon relaxed quite quickly. "That was painful..." She whispered painfully to the side of my head. I continue to lick her neck as I waited for her to give me a sign to continue. I waited for anything though my cock was in need of an off-loading, still stiff and hard, I wanted to fuck her now. Her legs soon moved and it tries to move me closer, my signal was given. I thrust softly into her needy snatch so I would not just give her pain. I felt a drop of wetness on my yellow feathers. I continue to lick her neck as my body took a mind of its own. I started to withdraw, my whole cock not yet out and I thrust back in, feeling the friction of love, sexual juices and need passing and massaging my cock quite nicely. This time, I was deeper into her but not yet all the way. She tightened her hug every time I thrust in and relaxing when I withdraw.

I continue to withdraw when she started to moan and when I thrust back into her needy body she gasp and shiver. I felt her body turn hotter as our body soon rocked and moved. I felt the pleasure wave and wash over my body, making me want more. I started to finally pant and gasp for air as my body needs more strength right now. At last the next thrust that I made, I closed my eyes focusing on the feeling when my body soon slapped and collide with hers as she took my whole length, my whole length! I felt her muscles move and throb about as her rings of vaginal muscles tighten and massage my body. We started to moan to one another feeling the other one by our sex organs. I could feel her tight, tough and needy muscles trying to get me in deeper while my cock rested with satisfaction deep within the new female in my life.

Once more, I release my inner self, my instincts taking me over, and soon, I was not just a male, I'm THE male. Without a second though or opinion from the female, I withdraw my cock out of her and my body soon thrust much fiercely and hard, digging my cock deeper into her love hole. She started to moan and gasp, sweating like she was working out as I soon ravaged her body with my love stick. How her muscles confusedly try to accommodate my sudden change of pace. I continue to rock her world, literally, as the bed started to move with the same way I am, getting her suitably wet. The slapping sound soon made it clear she was close. I could feel her body harden, her muscle rings stiffen over my cock. I knew it wasn't long when she sprayed and spilled her first set of love juices.

In a span of 6 seconds she spilled her juices, she came like a river as she coated my cock, her own pussy and our bellies a pearly white and a few drops escaping onto the bed sheet, matting it. I stood still, cock inside of her as she came. I enjoyed her tightly disposition. She was sweating like she was in a sauna for a whole 20 minutes. She pants and gasps for air. I could feel this 1st orgasm, rocked her inside and mentally. I gave her time to relax though that depends on my wild self when that was.

It turns out, there was no relaxing time. I started to hump her again, thrusting in and withdrawing, surprising her with my increase and savage fucking. Catching her off-guard and making her scream, moan for more and gasp. I never let up, I wanted more of her body, I wanted more of her to be y new bitch. I knew I can break her dominating imagination into that of a submissive prey. She was clearly powerless with my sex drive. I humped her and fucked her. Getting the bed more wet and matted, our bodies playing a musical orchestra of sexual lust and mating. I was in control, she never knew it, and she just hugged my body as my hips bumped hers. The friction, the wet and sexy slaps of our hips and crotches colliding.

Her tongue was once more out of her maw, as I saw her mesmerized and sexual induced face, her head thrown in euphoria of love, lust and sexual need. She wasn't focused the fact that I'm the only one moving my hips. Her body naturally clung on to my love stick as if it was its only source to reality. She moaned and gasps as her body heaved and puffed, getting more air into her system while focused on me. Her body hugs me as I continue to take her body for myself. Regardless of her state and lean body she was mine.

I felt a build-up in my lower region as my balls tighten and my muscles contracting by my cock. I did not say anything and I did not gave anyway warning as I screamed on her shoulders. "AH!!!!" I felt my barriers let loose as cum flowed through, passing by my cock and the sudden release of my 1st load within her awaiting crevice. She did not scream but shivered, shook and she came a second time in record time. Her muscles clamped hard and cling to my cock as our juices dance and mix to our love making. MY mind not sure why but I moaned out to her as she did so to. It was intense and one very hot moment.

Gasping for breath I look at the Machoke fem under me and to my complete surprise her eyes were close and her body in a state of relaxation, she sleep soundly on the bed, and my cock still in her. My mind was starting to clear again as the whole experience was ending. My sexual drive going down and letting it relax some. I look at the sleeping beauty as she hugs my form against hers. Realizing that I was not sitting with my mate I move off of her instinctively.

Both talons on my face as I move my form off of the Machoke and sit by the edge of the bed, my cock messy with both hers and my cream. (I just fucked another woman.) I thought, defeated that my sex drives betrayed me. My heart calmed some as the event seem distant in my mind by as I did ponder what I have done a chillingly cold tongue was lapping at my messy cock. I shook at the sudden object in my protest as I saw my mate licking to her delight on my cock, still hard from the whole experience.

"...Uh..." I started but words failed to appear out of my beak as my mate looks up, her lips covered in hot seed and warm cream. "I forgot to tell you... *Lick* ... I like licking creamy and messy cocks, especially my mate's that came inside another woman he dominated." She continues to lick and lap until my cock was clean of both mine and Sandra's mess. I felt betrayed a little but deep inside me enjoyed the added adventure to my life. I just smiled at her as she looks back. I take her away from my cock as I rested her beside Sandra while I rested on the other side of Katrina. There I view the two females that are part of my life, not sure about that Machoke but her having me as her first will cause a large gap.

I took my arms to cover the two; forcing Sandra's body to sandwich Katrina's with mine. Katrina hugs my form as I hugged Sandra next to me. "As promise, I won't leave your side until you wake up." She said as she drifted off to sleep. I look at her and back at Sandra as the two females sleep peacefully. (I wonder... is Blazer really having this kind of life...) He thought as he closed his eyes about to let sleep take him. (I never thought it would be this fun...)
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