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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

More Than Expected

More than Expected

It was the end of my trip on visiting my son in the hospital that was where he was vacationing at, though the drive back home was quiet. My concern for my Blaziken son, Blazer, was already done and over as I look beside me to find my Weavile wife, Katrina, staring at the sky from her window. I took a peak at the rear mirror that my other wives to be, Liana the Kangaskhan, along with the unnamed daughter, which she refuses to tell me until she and I can settle with the agreements, and Sandra the Machoke, all stare out at their own windows up the sky contemplating something.

I on the other hand was still baffled and quite impressed about myself and the whole ordeal with the deity Lugia coming at me, literally. My family's stay at the hospital was one large fiasco or at least a good enough mystery that we can't solve. I'm also a bit worried about Blazer, who also was part of the experience was now entwined with Ho-oh. I guess the line like-father-like-son, sometimes are taken seriously by some of the higher powers of life.


I soon pull the car to the driveway, as we soon arrived home, well the home that my wife shared until she told me her deepest desire for me, which Sandra and Liana came into my life for. Who knew my wife wanted to be such a cuckold, though I can't say I'm unhappy but pangs of guilt and a bit of regret tend to pile in on me, yet, she smiles, masturbates and even loves me regardless that I had bed another. Which, when I look back, I might be the one being silly, she wanted me to do so, and I'm her husband. I did it to please her and I'm the one who felt betrayed but satisfied.

A sigh escapes my beak as we got in the house, which my wife and wives quickly escape in, going to their perspective rooms. Then I just remembered that Sandra just arrived yesterday with a moving truck. We helped her unload and move the boxes to her room which was beside Liana's, that was across me and my wife's room. I quickly made my way to the bedroom, quickly removing my outside cloths and get into some comfortable boxers. Now this IS MY house, I don't really care about anyone's comment about my style inside this house.

As I did dress, so did Katrina, staring at me with increased vigor in her eyes. "What is it dear?" I spoke with a hint of "Not again" at her, which snaps her a bit. "Nothing much honey, was thinking about Lugia and her coming here." She spoke, a bit distant as if unsure about it. This got my attention as I stare at her a bit. She was looking down at her toes thinking something as she only wore her pink undergarments at the moment.

I wanted to speak back but my attention was being seeped away by how her bra and panties, completely contrast from her little but sexy black form but somehow complement the red's of her neck feathers and even her great feather fan tail. She looks so innocent right now but I still have my own priorities.

I made my way to her as I kneel down to see her eye to eye. "Dear, you think that, now a deity is with us would mean I should forget about everyone else and be a god-like's mate?" I asked, concern taking the wheel of the conversation as Katrina looks at me. "So, you'd still love me when you have a female that can grant almost anything for you?" She spoke, her voice quivering and worried al the same. I felt pangs of hurt and a warmth building into my heart as she did thought so, yet I'm doing the things she dreams of most. I hug her against my warm feathery red body which caught her surprised.

"Dear, Katrina, you are my wife. You are the one I married. You are who I fell for. And even when you told me your sexual desire, I followed it without me asking too many questions and now won't be that much different. Even when Lugia herself would be here in this home, which I made for the two of us, I still love you the most and I shall love those others that you are trying to cheer up." I answered from the depths of my heart and with warmth and love though I could feel her twitch about the last part. She looks up at me with a wary smile, a bit shocked and baffled I guess. "W-what made you say t-that?" She said more shakily than needed.

"Dear, I heard Sandra's and Liana's experience both when you were still together and now. I suppose, I was guessing about that." I said with a bit of inquiry whether I should continue but Sandra finished that for me. "Yes, it's true. I actually pushed my fetish on you so as to give my two best friends something to smile about." She admitted. "So you mean that your desire was real but you wanted to help your best friends." I summarized what she said and she nodded back at me with a worried stare.

I stared back at her, thinking things through until I cracked a big smile at her. Her eyes widen for a second as she looked with wonder. "Well that explains much." I spoke back as I smiled at her. "So you mean that-" She started, "I'll accept what you need me to do." I said as I finished it for her. Her face soon changed and she was crying lightly at her eyes, smiling up at me. "Thank you for understanding Leo-ken..." She spoke and surprised me even with her calling my by the nickname she game me as a semi-joke in college. "So, how many more ladies are left?" I asked her, which she understood immediately.

"Just two more of my closest friends are left, a Lucario and a Zoroark." My wife said with more normal than usual. "Alright" I replied as I stood up. "I'm off to see Sandra for a second." I said to her as I proceeded out the door. I didn't hear my wife call for me so I continued out the door. From there the door across me was Liana's room, on my right was the window looking out the front yard and the morning sky. I look outside for a while as I try to get my bearings.

True it was my duty to be faithful yet having these complicated circumstances is quite annoying. I look back on the hallway, the door leftwards from Liana is Sandra's room and true to the happenings earlier or yesterday's morning, a few of her boxes was still outside. I proceeded to the door and knock on it. I heard the muffled sound of Sandra from the other side, "It's open." I turn the knob and swing the door open slowly, unsure if there was stuff inside.

From where I stand, you can see the bed at the middle, wooden dresser by the side and the many more boxes that need to be opened and sorted. Also from where I stand, while I close the door behind me was Sandra looking inside one of the boxes. The only thing surprising at the moment was how she was dressed. She did discard her outdoor clothes but kept her very white bra and panties on. Before I could try and leave her she looked back and the air went silent on us, a cold sweat just about entered the atmosphere and the indoor wind whispering to the both of us, 'awkward'.

We stared at one another, I was in my boxer shorts that were starting to tent a bit, from how I can see Sandra's tough but luscious ass with her panties on, while she wore plain white bra and panties. It was something and it was like that for a moment when Sandra spoke up. "So, why are you here?" She said a bit embarrassed. "I was wondering if you needed help unpacking, you know, Liana never had that much luggage when she got here." I added as I looked at her, facing away from me for a while. "Sure, you can look at those boxes." She pointed at the boxes just by my right. As I looked, I noticed a box just a bit off and was wondering how one box would be categorized.

I made my way to it and was about to open it, "What about this box?" I asked as I was about to open, Sandra quickly dashed her way, though more of dived considering the size of the room. "It's alright there, I got this." She spoke quickly as she moved the box closer to the bedside drawer. "You could have told me that sooner." I commented at how she reacted less of herself a while ago. But I just shrugged it off as I continued to check each box. Most of them were actually cloths and a few of them were shoes. I told her so as I move them closer to the dresser.

I soon found only two boxes left for me to note Sandra about and thus I soon take a look at one. I could smell the cardboard but inside was a scent more refreshing and clean. There I found my old teenage life coming back at me. Now, I wasn't really that popular in High School or even College, way before I hooked up with Katrina. But I used to be with a small group of my friends and we did some panty raids once in a while. Now, we were a group of three, me, a Blaziken, Perkins, the Zatu and Luke, the Gallade.

We had fun sneaking in any girl's room, snatching the least expected undergarments, any under the pile of bras or panties. WE sometimes get lucky and steal the sexy things they keep under them if we had a chance. We never got caught, or suspected since we were usually the least looked at or the losers. Yeah, being picked on was hard for the three of use, especially Luke, who had to go through being a Kirlia, which stuck to him bad in high school, poor guy. Zatu was called a scatter brain but in reality, when he wants to be serious, he's actually a Grade-A Scholar. But I guess he wants to be lazy most of the time.

As for me, well, I was the guy who needed glasses and a bit of an allergy to ash, which I had until college. My reminiscence was over in a flash and I found a treasure trove of bras, white, pink and even black bras. I was smiling from cheek to cheek as I notice that all of them had front clamps. Most of them even had small red ribbon designs on either breast and there was a notable size on them. Peaking at Sandra for a sec, I find her bust size to be about D sized which was a talon full for my size. While I did imagine my wife's C sized breasts, Sandra actually got her beat, and she's a body builder.

I thought back about noting Sandra but then an idea popped inside my head, "The next one will surely be panties" was its message. I look at the other box for a second, and true to some male nature, I look inside to find a sight I could happily say sets the mood. Inside were a whole lot of panties, but not just any panties, thongs! God thongs, god they looked so small, the colors of white, red, blue and most of them were black. I was about to crack to whistle at the sight.

I notice that they were a size smaller then needed. I took a thong out, a black one. It was little but quiet flexible. From there I observed that the front had a small triangular design, which was to cover her love spot, while the back had no such design but regular lining, a 'Y' line if you will. This intrigued me a bit since the current pantie Sandra is using was the most common design. I looked back at Sandra to find her busy looking inside one box and I had a sinking feeling she knew I was rummaging through her undergarments.

I stood up and walked my way to her, thong in my talons, as I asked her. "Sandra, can you try this on for a sec?" I spoke as casual as I can. She looked back and up but froze in place as she saw me displaying her thong at her. I cracked a smile at her as I show her thong while stretching it a bit in emphasis. She stood up, snatched the thong away from my talons and looked away. "What were you doing!?" She asked while speaking a bit embarrassed from me again. I stayed silent at her for a while but I just couldn't lie about it. "I wanted to see how you would look with a thong, since you seem to have one too many." I replied.

She didn't flinch or reacted much but then she spoke out, surprising me even, "Fine, but you have to turn around." I was taken aback by her response, usually they'd be angry but then the circumstances why she's living here may have slipped my mind a bit. "Ok..." I whispered as I turn around. "Ok, I'm not looking." I spoke back as I face the door. Soon enough, I could hear slight shuffling noises and her feet against the floor as she did so. I waited for a while but it wasn't long that she called. "You can turn around now."

AS I did, the sight was more than I expected. Sandra, the Machoke was wearing the black thong as I had asked and she had removed her bra, her hands covering either of her breasts. I basked in her image, she is a body builder and true to that, she had a toned body, tough but not too tough, her D sized breasts not fall behind from her image and all the while, her black thongs were the greatest thing to enhance her sexy body. I could feel my heart beat faster and my cock hardening by the second, tenting my boxers as I continue to look.

From head to toe, I kept taking in her beauty and her toned body. Sandra on the other hand was blushing all the while as I look on. I tried to regain my composure but I asked her, as straight as I can, "Turn around please." She was reluctant but slowly turned for me. From where I stood my heart pumped faster as I saw Sandra's luscious round butt. Now I'm not really an ass man but considering that she's wearing a thong that skimpy seems to make me want more of her. My cock hardened to full length and I could feel my body stiffen.

It was a nice ass, not much of a tan line on her perfect ass. As I observe it, Sandra swayed it nervously as I didn't reply but I walked closer towards her. I wanted to do something but the only thing that I had enough time to do was to get to her, my body rubbing against her, resting my head just behind her neck while either of my talon hands rubbing either buttock. They were soft, but tough when you grasp it, I could feel Sandra's body tense and stiffen against my feathery body as I continue to rub and feel it.

Though, I had to stop there as I move back. "You have a nice rear." I said jokingly which made Sandra reply accordingly. "Don't say that!" She pouted and shouted back at me as she spun around, hands still on her breasts. "Now you owe me a favor, 'Honey'" She teased which gotten my attention. "I suppose, what is it?" I said casually, not sure what she'll ask of me. "That box over there." She started pointing at a big box at the right side of the door, left if you just came in from the door. "Can you please assemble that for me?" Sandra said with a hint of 'get back' tone.

I just smiled to myself, knowing it was my entire fault to make her wear her thongs. I didn't reply back as I proceeded to the box. Opening it, I found contents looking half done or disassembled metal pieces within. I didn't have to wonder about what this is as an instruction paper was already within reach. I observe the instruction which completes an 'L' shaped figure. "It's a non mechanical treadmill?" I wondered to myself as I look at the pieces. "Well, they seem to be disassembled half way for it to fit in. This is going to take a while." I thought to myself as I proceeded into my work.


It was only a few moments ago that I finished Sandra's treadmill, with the constant eye candy I had of her still wearing the thong on, luscious ass and perky breasts, which she completely forget that was open to my sights. I wanted to say she has a thing for me but then she doesn't actually have experience in the sex department, since I'm her first. But finishing the darn contraption only proved to be more problematic than it's worth for me but, I can't really complain as since I got a very long and loving kiss, lips to beak kiss, from the body building Machoke who smiled on, eyes up in the clouds, so to speak.

I was currently taking a shower, now the shower head is actually a movable shower head and having an external line from the faucet. Well, we do have a tub in the house, which, as I recall was never used, the tub I mean, just the shower. With translucent glass as the curtain which was connected just so onto the tub. Now this is my wife's idea. I rinse the sweat and some of the metallic smell off of me as I rinse and thoroughly scrub my feathery body. As a fire type, I'm supposed to be afraid of water, but natural water tends to be harmless.

I was minding my own business, the cool water washing my whole body, cool and refreshing when the bathroom door sounded off, open and close. I was about to ask when the owner called out, "Sorry about this, she made a mess." Said the slightly tired and gruff voice of Liana, I just wondered but seeing through the translucent glass, I could tell the slight brown and cream colors flashing about.

"That's fine; it's not just me and my wife's house anymore. She did say why she's a bit forceful on the matter." I spoke back which a few shuffling noises and baby garble in response to Liana changing her daughter's diaper I suppose. "So you know about it, well, she was completely ignoring you just to emphasis how me and Sandra were." Liana answered, her voice sounding more worried and hurt. "Well, I'm somehow glad." I answered back, pausing my rinsing for a while as I stood, quite solid against the running water, its sprinkles hitting the top of my head, dripping and slipping down my face and onto my body.

"Why so?" Liana asked, her movements slowing down as if I hit a mark. "Well, our only son is already old enough, part of our company, went in vacation, almost for a week, since we saw him and now, I and my wife are relaxing." I spoke to her, even when I don't really know what to say at the moment, I was at a loss for words, kind of drawing a blank since I don't really know how to say that it's great to have them here, which Liana, answered for me. "Where, your wife is now helping us with our problems at the same time giving you a reason to work something rather than relaxing." She said which made sense to me.

"Yeah, I guess..." I trailed as I soon take the bar of soap off the wall again. "It just feels right to help you ladies, while fulfilling my mate's request on having mates." I said a hint of doubt as I start to rub the soap onto my feathery body, which was what I had in mind until the glass curtain was opened to a thin, but busty Kangaskhan female. I flinched and looked at Liana as she enters the tub and shower with the baby in her pouch.


"What the Fuck!" I said instantly as Liana closes the glass curtain behind her. "I just thought you needed help." She said, most proudly as she took the soap off my talons. "Hey!" I shouted back but she quickly spun me around, facing the wall across the curtain. "Take this as my thanks for giving me the bath last time." She spoke calmly as she rubbed the bar on my back, a spot I really had trouble reaching. "Since it's my back, I guess I do need help." I spoke a bit reserved since most of us Pokémon can't reach our backs.

It continued like that for a while, her paws moving slowly but surely against my feathery body as I could also feel her rubbing it against my blond feather hair.

That was short-lived as she gave the bar of soap back to me. "Can you do my back now?" She said commandingly as if we are already mated. I didn't answer just did so for her. I soon felt her wet and leathery like body like the last time, which was different now since she REALLY needed the bath. This on the other hand was different. She was humming a bit, with the young Kangaskhan daughter of her on her pouch, squealing happily as she was rubbed with a bit of suds.

As I finish with her thin but tough back I soon went lower until I reached her plump ass and wide hips. I paused for a while, looking up at her if I should continue but she didn't bother to say anything but move back a little at me. I noted that to myself that I can continue. From there I rub the bar of soap on my right talon against her right ass cheek. It was plump as I have first described and it was very soft to boot, a thing I didn't notice when I last gave her that bath. The water was splashing against my left which was problematic if I move to her left cheek.

"Can you turn to your left?" I asked her calmly as she continues to fiddle with the young but happily chuckling baby. She didn't reply but did so. Now that we turn about the water was spilling against her head, running down onto her back, wetting it little by little. Since that was over I feel over her soft ass again, lathering it again in suds, while all the while, keeping my distance. I felt my cock was hardening from the sight as this very thin yet busty mother was clearly trying something.

I was about done when a talon of mine slipped between the soft cracks of her ass that enticed a moan to come out of the Kangaskhan's lips, though I only heard it. As I stiffen, not wanting to know her reaction, she stayed put, as if waiting. Before I could move my talon away I could see her looking back at me, her eyes piercing as if wild and poised to get me. "You know..." She started with a lot on her voice, hinting something I cannot describe. "You still owe me a fuck, Mr. Incinasius." She said, seductively but coldly. Before I could respond, she spun around, took the shower head off the hook and proceeded to rinse the both of us.

It was quick, torrents of water splash on the both of us as she made quick work, rinsing not only me but herself. Before I could start to get my bearings the water was turned off, a towel covers my face and before I knew it, dragged out of the bathroom, half-dry. I could see the hallway before she pushed me inside her room and locking it in the process. She quickly placed the baby on the crib, drying the baby off. I was left, naked even, standing before she looks back at me, her eyes once again piercing through me and hungrily at me, especially below. I shook from there as Liana, naked as fuck, soon stood up, grasping me by the gruff of my feathery chest and flinging me to bed.

I was at shock, complete shock even the Liana, literally pounced on bed, onto of me as her body reacted entirely different. "Liana, what the fuck is it!?" I shouted at her but she pinned me down, her arms grasping either of my arms and her legs outside, pin my legs. She didn't answer me and she didn't even give me such as a warning when I look at her brown soft face and blackish forehead. She leans down, kissing me with vigor and lavishing me as if trying to grasp and eat me.

Her lips wet my beak as her tongue invades inside my own mouth. I could taste her spit, a tangy sweet and a bit of desperate, if I knew where that came from. She continues to kiss me, all the while her whole body rubbing against my own warm, but wet, feathery body. I could feel her sex wetting and dampening just close to my own cock, still hard and still as in attention, regardless of the situation. My body reacted unknowingly hot and even horny as my arms found leverage and escaped her grasp only to find them grasping wildly at her ass. They were soft; they were all too soft, as if trying to push her closer to me. My body was getting hot, my heart racing with as I could breathe with her forcing more of herself before me. That was until I could smell a faint scent, a scent all too new to me. I couldn't place it but before I could analyze, even with my mind flaring with the thought of sex, Liana withdrew, leaving my breathless, my beak agape, asking for more as my body felt incomplete. She looked down on me, her lips wet, strands of our own lovemaking marking her chin as she sat up, looking down at me.

Now she looked down at me, she looked lower down, finding my hard cock stand just against her navel. I was breathing hard, wanting to do her so bad. My talons found her hips, they were wide, nothing could ever be this wide on such a thin bodied lady like Liana, yet there she was, a thin lady with DD sized breasts, a good enough hip size and soft luscious ass to boot.

She smiled down at me, and without a word, her paws grasped my cock. I could feel how warm they are, how tough her skin is, yet soft at the palm. She raised her body, so as to position me cock to her wet, very wet, love box. Even when I lay down on the bed, I could smell her, her essence if you will, her very soul, as if telling me, she wants me. I was breathing faster, and I was drooling at the side of my beak, looking up at this wonderful Pokefem.

Without a second though, without hesitation, without even a train of thought, on my mind, she plunged herself onto me. I could feel her muscle shiver, grasp and massage my cock as I felt a mother's womb. It was spacious, but still tight enough to grasp my cock. She got my whole foot and a few more deep inside herself. I could feel her, her hot vaginal muscles tighten and contract, as if it was breathing in for my cock. It was unbelievable.

Her control was something, even when I could feel her heart racing, through the walls of muscle inside of her, through my won cock, she could tighten or even let go of me inside. It was something, as if a dream or even a hallucination yet, it is all real. She was there, looking down at me, her eyes staring, lovingly and horny at me. "You're so big..." She said, huffing a bit from her own lips, she was drooling a bit, like I was, unsure why. "Bigger than that bastard I had..." She said as she raised her body for the first time since impaling her own sex with my own foot long cock.

"If I get pregnant again, I wouldn't care." She said, a bit broken with each huff but I understood nonetheless. "I'll be a happy woman..." She said a bit sluggishly, as if under some drug, but I knew, in the back of my mind, it was something else, something natural. As her body raised as high as she could get, my cock still within her grasp, about 3 inches still inside she plunges back in, the pleasure surging though me from my cock to my whole body. She was a force of sexual energy. I could feel her body rock and shudder, shiver even as her body rose once more.

My mind was clouding but my talons' grasp on her hips tighten, when she was about to bounce back, I pull her towards me, my own hips rising to meet her body. It was bliss, I could feel the pleasure getting stronger, covering the whole bottom of me, and leaving all other senses. I could hear slapping noises as my body continues to rock. We have skipped the sizing portion of sex as her body was soon bouncing up and down against my own thrusts. It was heavenly bliss.

My mind was blank, I couldn't make up anything but sexual pleasure surging in and out, as if it was just us. Liana, was more in-tune with the pleasure as her body bounced up and down against my own rising thrusts. Her breasts soon were bounding against her body, her head lolling, as if slowly head banging, her tongue leaving the confines of her mouth as she threw her head back, moaning in bliss. I could hear her, the sloppy, wet slapping noises we were making and my own groans, growls and moans escaping my beak as I dug my head into the pillow that was there. God, the sounds were deafening, the pleasure numbing and my own senses fading. I though having sex with Katrina was something, but with this, Liana, may have led me to a new world. I was in bliss, something I thought me and Liana would never reach.


Crying, an annoying noise raised me from my sleep. I groaned frustratingly as I open my eyes to one of the rooms my home had. My back was killing me, and so was below my own belt, so to speak. I felt so weak, yet so good, as if it was something I really wanted. I could smell the sweat on me and the scent of sex waffle the room. I blink, once, twice, and thrice until I got my senses back. I felt my body heavy, almost in pain as my arms moved to find a brown and cream body on top of me.

I found a black head dome just beside my head. I look to the face and find Liana, sleeping with a wide smile on her face. I look around, finding the sunlight peeking into the room through any little space from the curtains. I groaned once more as I try to push Liana off of me. I could feel my feathers below the belt quiet mashed and dry, sticky even. As I shuffle a bit I stirred Liana in her happy slumber.

She yawns, right beside me as her eyes open to stare at me blankly. As I waited for her, her eyes soon adjusted, that was, adjusted differently than I expected. Her eyes seen stare at me lovingly, as if something big happened recently, though us naked in bed maybe a sign. She didn't need any explanation as she could hear the baby crying in the crib. She got off of me and the bed and proceeded to get to the baby. She soon positioned a tit at the baby and she soon suckles with need.

I just lay there, a bit baffled and blank as the events of our intense love making was coming back to me. "So, what was all the sex about?" I asked her, even when she was breast feeding her baby. "It was what you owe me." She said happily, as if motherly like, just like Katrina whenever Blazer cried after any of our sex moments. "You sure? I could have sworn there's more." I said unbelieving at her as I got myself to sit on the bed, the same side as Liana sat down on as she continues to feed the baby.

"Fine, you got me." She started which prompted her to stare at me, intensely and lovingly. "You just survived the Kangaskhan's mother-father evaluation." She said, as if it was serious, and before I could ask her, she continues, "It's a natural Kangaskhan bodily function. Since our Poke-species are all female, we enter this stage when we need to know our mate is adequate by entering a second heat, about less than a month, if they were worth being the father, then they have no trouble catching up." Laina spoke, educationally or more importantly, strictly.

"So you're saying it's a way to gauge a male in fatherly functions with intense sex through a second heat period after birth?" I said, summarizing it. She just nods to me and smiles, genuinely smile at me for the first time since she got here. "As a thank you, I suppose a kiss is in order." She said proudly and even hungrily. She started to lean closer to me and since this was a kiss, I obliged to come closer. As we lean closer to one another, I felt her hot breath reach to my hard beak and soon we were kissing, softly, not too intense or even too wet. A simple kiss was all it took and we parted, lovingly, no regrets.

"As for another kiss, I'll reserve that another time." Liana said instantly as if something big. "But wait, if your whole second heat cycle was for the mate, why did it function at me?" I asked a bit weirdly as Liana, started to get dress, regardless of her smell at the moment. "I'm obliged to recognize a male that I can deem as my male, so you don't need to be the REAL father of my daughter to be the 'father ' of our daughter." She said a bit FYI on my face. "Wow, I'm a father to a daughter that I don't know what her name is." I countered at her which made wide eye a bit. "Oh, I did forget to tell you her name, she's named after my mother, Jessica." She said as a loving mother.

"That's a sweet name, though; do YOU really want me as her father?" I asked her a bit seriously as she was about to leave her room, to go downstairs. "Not until we get wed, even if it's a small wedding thing." She said with a smile on her face, a smile you know that says, 'I'm happy' as she left. I just chuckle to myself as I made my way out also, though I visit the bathroom first since my shorts were there.


It was some time after me and Liana's special moment, we actually awoke in the afternoon when we got up, but the events didn't actually came unnoticed, Katrina was giving sly smiles at me, chuckling a bit while Sandra kept blushing my way, which didn't actually had the right message on a bodybuilding lady such as herself, while Liana, she acted completely different from this morning. I wanted to explain myself but it would seem that the ladies had this kind of talk, and Liana explaining the details, even the sexual details which only further took Sandra's interests further.

By evening, the ladies continue to chat in the kitchen area, a small discussion table there, knowing full well I was just in the next room, the living room when suddenly the doorbell rang. Since I was closest, I proceeded to the door. "Yes? Who is it?" I said as I open the door to the sight of a Swampert female, in a full business attire, with the knee high skirt and her tail almost flashing just behind her as she smiled. "Good evening, is this the residence of a Mr. Incinasius?" She asked, her voice was sounds of purity and innocence, as if a goddess was about to make an entrance.

"Dear, who is it?" Katrina asked behind me as she soon walked up to me, along with Liana and Sandra. "This is the Incinasius residence and I'm Mr. Incinasius." I replied to her when her car, that I noticed just now opened up to 4 young looking Mudkip girls, all dressed in little sailor uniforms, the dress design started to unload their bags. "I'm Ms. Lucid, me and my daughters was wondering something. Have you recently been in contact with a deity?" She continues to smile at me as I see the young Mudkip girls line up behind the lady. "I suppose?" I answered, though unsure if I should have.

"That's great!" Ms. Lucid soon exclaimed as she smiled further. But her next question was something I never thought I'd hear outside of my computer. "We heard you like Mudkips." And she continues to smile..
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