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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

Family Revealed

Family Revealed

I was sure I heard as my son, surprising me a bit as I look to where it came from. From where I stood I find my son just beside me "Blazer?!" I spoke, a smile on my beak as I wanted to say something more though a lovely Deity was beside him and another to my front. "Hey dad, looks like they really were right." He said with tire as if huffing from something that happened.

"What do you mean? They were right about what?" I wondered about what he said as it would seem it was strange enough, a white endless plane. "Well, uh, these ladies," My son started, his arm gesturing to the ladies, whom stood beside each other, Lugia and Ho-oh. "Are the daughters of Lugia and Ho-oh." He said, as the two smiled with the introduction. "I see..." I said as I look at the two more so. "Surely there is a reason for them being here." I thought to myself. "Ho-oh has chosen me as her mate while Lugia chose you." My son added to which I look on to the ladies, wondering once more another reason for them to be here. "So, they have daughters yet they are both female?" I speculated about my son's say on this weird event. "Both Deities are hermaphrodites." Blazer said with a frown on his beak. "That answers that line." I thought to myself with a nod I responded passively.

"Dad! They are hermaphrodites." Blazer shouted at me like I was crazy. I look back at him, not flinching or even wavering as I start, "Son, I've been living longer than you, and I know what a hermaphrodite is, heck, I had 2 best friends who were hermaphrodites and they wanted me in their relationship." I said as I remembered Angelica, the Houndoom and Glenda, the Lopunny. I smiled to the old thought but I look back at my son to find his beak agape all this time. "Really?! You had 2 herms chasing you?" He reacted bewildered at me.

"Yet, I still chose your mother." I said with a smile as I remember the many moments I had with Katrina. I heard my son sigh out but I was somewhat still remembering things when he asked that ladies, where I look back at the two. Both have similar shape, though the Lugia female had a more slender head as she does not have a beak while both ladies have winged like arms. "So Kristel and..." Blazer stried to start but paused clearly, he knew the Ho-oh's name but not the Lugia's "Elia" The Lugia woman spoke, serenity and elegance following as if it were the sea speaking. "Elia, where are the Deities, I thought you wanted us here." My son continues with mixtures of nervousness and excitement over this matter.

Before the ladies can answer, the white endless space soon shook as an invisible earthquake happen around us, yet we did not move on our place and we never felt ourselves shake with it. Before long, two forms came to being from right and left; both bore large wings that can close the sunlight or the moonlight as they descend. As they came closer and closer, I look to my left as to find Lugia, her majestic beauty come to view, the sparkle of blues and white leading her path made her appear elegant and serene. I spoke not with words from my eye with awe, I was enchanted by her slender beauty as Lugia soon landed, as did Ho-oh as the white endless void shook just so for both of them.

The two forms look down at us then up at each other. "It has been long Ho-oh" Lugia spoke, voice most serene as her daughters yet seductive to a degree, I was naked yes and I could feel my body heat. "To you to Lugia, it has been long" Ho-oh replied with an angelic voice, as she too sounded as beautiful as her daughters though bores the same seductiveness Lugia spoke with. Before any of us could greet the two soon closed the gap between them, though circling around us as they seen met, lip to beak in a sight to behold, a Diety love kiss.

Both tilted their heads as Lugia's and Ho-oh's head were intertwined with both licking and lapping. Their wings exploring one another, Lugia had a wing behind Ho-oh's head, rubbing her crown, while her other rubbed her hips. Ho-oh did the same with her wings, as they soon were kissing like lovers. The kissing was a sight to behold, an image most unexpected but hot. I can say for myself that I was having my hard-on reach beyond my foot long length, though I do not know how my son was doing. Kristel and Elia soon were giggling about as I can see both just below the image of Godly love, suppose laughing that both me and my son had erections from this.

"It has been long, you feathers feel like warm embraces" Lugia commented as her lower section was humping into air. "So are yours, they give a cool and refreshing feeling feel to a touch." Ho-oh answered back with her wing rubbing the lower and humping section of Lugia's as if grasping something. Before any of this escalated, the two daughters shouted at them, "Mother! The males you're waiting for are here" Shouted both as the two deities release either one's beak and lip, though their body still very close as they look to their daughters and looking down at us.

"And so they are here." Ho-oh said, with their eyes both dreamy and lusty. "Enjoyed the show boys?" Lugia asked as her lower started to hump slowly but surely onto Ho-oh's wing. I was amazed to find hermaphrodites even from this far from reality thought they are Deities and such they needed complementing, "A performance most interesting and sexual, yes is not even giving it justice." I said which made the deities themselves giggle, stopping their make-out as they faced us, exposing them fully. "Yup, Godlike indeed" I thought as I saw the two ladies in their godly beauty, all the feathers and all their shape including the protruding shape that is of male dominance.

Both ladies cock were in full view, the pinks of their simple yet large cocks were pulsing and throbbing as they show it to both of us, It was a sight but I've seen better as I smirk some, hearing my son somehow squeak though very faint."Intimidating?" Ho-oh asked with a hint of concern now surrounding her angelic voice as Lugia too started to sound worry, "Hope we didn't scare you with this?" She spoke, pawing or winging her cock some right at us.

I wasn't that intimidated, for is they were ever here to give us blueballs, we would have already been tied to some invisible wall as they continued to make out. My mate will surely want to see this. I smile to a thought of mine as I spoke, "Not really, thought can I request that my mates would join in this discussion?" I sounded confident since, if they have anything else to do so, they would have done so. "Granted, all your mates?" Lugia asked with wonder, thoughI'm sure she noticed me using mates and not mate to the word, she does not know I have two more laides with me.

"Yes please." I replied with a bow as three black portals open just beside me, but from here I could hear one so much as if masturbating form the middle portal. "I know who that would be" I thought to myself as I took a peek inside. Inside, I saw myself, the dream self of me as I take on a moaning Alakazam as she grasp the headboard of the bed. From here I saw girl after girl either lying on the floor, tired and on the bed joining in on the fun, all form shapes, sizes and types. From where I stood in my mate's dream I find her in the corner, rubbing furiously and masturbating with her claws. Her eyes were closed but her body was releasing sexual tension in the air.

"Definitely what you want, and most likely to happen now." I said to her as she popped out of her trance she looked at me and she ask with wonder, "Why are there two of you?" She looked back and forth but I just took her claw and dragged her out of her dream, her dream. Once out I let her go as she scanned the horizon, and knowing my mate, she would go to our son before anything else. I smile a bit as I take a peek to another dream but not before hearing my mate shout out, "Son! BLAZER!!!" She said which is another way to get some attention around here is definitely.

As I peek on through, I find myself looking at a loving room, the room that is definitely of me and my mate's home. I soon find my dream self and Liana hugging in warm embrace as my dreams self would cuddle and cheer the young Kangaskhan baby. As the image warmed my heart a bit I find the real Liana, baby in her arms as she sighs out, clearly wanting this to occur sooner. I smiled to myself as I walk my way to her. "You really want me to be fatherly again?" I asked her unsuspectingly where she almost shouted but just looked at me. I look at her dream then back at her.

I felt I needed to do something and true to what my heart say I go closer to Liana, our faces just at each other as I moved closer to her. We soon kissed in that dream and in that moment, Liana's body was sending a different kind of message in her body, that or the baby was cheerfully speaking to us. Without a word from either of us I guide her and the young daughter to the white plane. After that, I enter another portal to find Sandra's dream where she was weight lifting and totally naked. She was sweaty and she was clearly not oblivious to another dream me watching as I masturbate.

I find Sandra watching on, silent but as I go close to her, she gasped and somehow her dream faded. "Can control your dream?" I asked to which the tall Machoke female just blushes but looks down at me. "Come on, let's go and as for you working out naked." I spoke as walking. "You look hot." I said as we exit. Once outside, Liana and Sandra reacted quite similar as they find themselves naked, just realizing that I was naked this whole time. I could just laugh about their conserve idea. But soon they noticed Ho-oh and Lugia.

Before we try to introduce ourselves, the Deities loomed over us, though the family saw this, a cry went out, such an innocent cry to which made both deities flinch and their daughters look with worry. The crying was coming from Liana and our child. In my quick reaction and remembering Liana's dream, I took the baby to my arms and cradle her to where I started to shush her and calm her. Knowing Liana, she didn't like me being this active in fatherly figure but surprising my other mates and even the Deities themselves as they move back, the tension calming down.

"I think it best that..." Lugia started though Ho-oh soon started to shrink, as did Lugia following so. At a moment, they look identical to their daughters, but the obvious protruding manhood from between their legs spoke who they really were. "Better. Now then, greetings Incinasius family, and soon to be Ms and Mrs. incinasius" Ho-oh started and to which they bowed, us all following with. "WE are Ho-oh and Lugia, and we have come here to reveal to all the reason for your entrance here." Lugia continued.

We were silent, as we are sure that they will explain everything. "We are both as you all would say, hermaphrodite, yes, we are capable of impregnation as well as impregnating but as the course of me and my lover's time together we knew too well that we needed real males as mates, and not ourselves." Ho-oh speaking with a story like manner which only enhanced her image. "Though we can get ourselves pregnant, we decided other wise and impregnated ourselves, to which we have gave birth to our 4 daughters each." Lugia continues the story of their tragedy so to speak.

"Yes, we have taken our ownselves. Yes, we are still lovers." Ho-oh added as she and Lugia rubbed each other's asses and exchanging lustful gaze. "But we decided that love from a real male shall and will quench our need and lust, though a few love sessions with our lover would be nice once in a while." Lugia started to grope Ho-oh's breasts and to which, the show was affecting all of us, even their daughters, but before it got any worse I spoke with a snap of his talons. "Please, ladies, finish up or this will turn into an orgy." I added scanning the surroundings if it has come that close, thought I admit to find my own cock erect this whole time. "To which your best interest is not a very nice way to give your first impression."

I somehow pierced through the Deities as they soon ceased and their actions and the sudden lustful feeling disappearing without a trance. "Very well, Sir Leonick and Sir Blazer Incinasius, Lugia and I have chosen you as our mates from this day forward." Ho-oh soon spoke as normally as she can as the two walked over to the respective males. "I have chosen you Leonick, for I believe that experience of sexual pleasuring will and shall be more adequate for my taste in a sex life." Lugia spoke as she rubbed her winged arms at me, my chest were her target, thankfully, I returned the baby to Liana before she did so.

I saw Ho-oh as she soon was standing in front of Blazer. "I chose you, Blazer Incinasius as you are young, full of energy and I believe that you shall give me a heated night, a long heated night of sex." She said with seduction as she hugged him, her body rubbing him, feather to feather. I look to fins Lugia wanting to kiss me, to where I obliged, kissing her back, my own arms hugging her as she kept her arms between my chest and her breasts. Though it was like that, our cocks were rubbing against each other until my mate butted in. "Not as long or large as my mates, but you'll do as another pussy for my hunk." She spoke with deadly ust which made Lugia's eye bulge in shock for a second. A smile only escaped the side of her lips as she asked, "Has she been always like this?" I answered, "She wants to get me a harem, this is normal now."

The two Deities soon stood back, beside their daughters as they waited. "Do you agree with our choices?" Lugia asked and my mate shouted again, acknowledging her, "YES!" She surprised everyone else, except for the two Deities. "Mom!?" Blazer shouted with concern but Katrina continues to smile. "I Love the idea!" She said once more, hugging me, just below the waist and grasping my cock, which only Lugia herself can see. "This is just perfect!" She continued as she started to jack my cock while whispering stuff at Lugia that I could not understand. "My mate said it and thus it shall happen, to a degree." I said quite defeated thought as truthful as I could as Lugia smiled as wide as she could. She soon walked, with her daughter in tow as they had their won introduction to us.

Ho-oh on the other hand walked her way, daughter beside her towards Blazer as she smiled a bit knowing him now. "Shall you accept?" Ho-oh said, more calmly and a little worried. Blazer pondered a bit but knew he must be a man, I was there accepting our fates as well. "Yes, though does this mean I have to mate with your..." He said though I never catch the last parts as Lugia started.

"We are happy to have chosen right and for you to accept us my soon to be mate." She started. "Well, my mate and other mates are sure to love the addition." I spoke, thought Katrina was still giving my light jacks of her claw on my cock. "Yes, I look forward to seeing your daughters love your new father." She said with a bit of lust, licking my cock even surprising Elia but not Lugia. "Yes, it shall be one very interesting life to have my daughters being lovers to their father." Lugia spoke, thought a bit off.

"Sorry, it has been long that m daughters would find action in their sex life." She added to which Elia blushed some. "So they have no lessons on sex?" I asked on a whim but Lugia just smiled. "I have to confess, Ho-oh and I taught our daughters" She paused for a sec as she rubs her daughter's breast with a winged arm while Elai looks up, "Hands on" Lugia continued as she soon kissed her daughter, Elia's arm rubbing her mother's cock a bit.

My mate on the other hand, was as excited about the outcome as Sandra and Liana just stares at their own friend. "This will be so exciting!" Katrina exclaimed as Lugia spoke again. "We shall have fun Leonick, but what you all should do first is wake up, open your eyes, I shall meet you soon." And with that note, somehow I open my eyes.


I open my eyes, awake from the strange dream. I find, both Katrina and Sandra hugging me but tighter, bother rubbing my groin some as morning wood was about to take part. I wanted to stay but out family had to check on Blazer about his condition. As I get up a silver and shiny feather fell off on my head as if it was placed there. I looked at it for a sec before I look in front of me, as the door stood a very young and busty Swampert as she looks at me.

She smiles at me as she looks on. "Mr. Incinasius, your son, he's awake." She said but not before winking right at me. I flinched to her action but she left before I could ask. With my sudden move I awoke my two mates. They complained at bit but knew waking up is worth it. I was never sure if they remembered anything from the dream but looking at Liana as she looks at me, eyes different from yesterday, I knew that they know what happened.

Once we got to my Son's room, we found him awake but stayed silent throughout the introduction of her new mothers and newest sister. He continues to smile and to laugh a bit as he met them. As for me and Blazer, we only look eye to eye; sure enough there was something we weren't expecting. We had two Deities visit us and now we have our fates right at our laps. We just smiled on, sure enough, we needed it.
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