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Y'all need 'Sona's! (and Rippi'll help~)

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    Date:Jun 12, 2015 3:11 AM(Edited:Jun 12, 2015 3:13 AM) Title:Y'all need 'Sona's! (and Rippi'll help~)
    I mentioned in the Group Pic thread that I'd help people with making something up if they didn't already have a sona, or if you do we can flesh them out-

    But yuss! I'll drawr them up for you, so we can all have some representation, for our own unique little guys. I might not be the super-duper best or maybe you won't like my style as much someone else, but once you have something to ref from, maybe you can look around for some freebies, and get a better artist to make you something prettier.


    If you're having trouble thinking of something here's just a few things to get you thinking:

    It's nice to have something unique for yourself, something you'll be recognized by. Something more than 'that pikachu guy.'
    Which doesn't mean you have to go all out- and have THE MOST ORIGINAL ORIGINAL CHARACTER EVER, but something as simple as an accessory like a hat or scarf that's recognizable as yours would do just nicely even.

    But things to think about are

    - Accessories like hats, scarves, clothing, a pendant maybe-

    - Recolors! Like my bui- I wanted him to be different and show off something about me, so he's got the pallet of an ermine because they are my absolute favorite of all things weaselly <3 Though it doen't have to represent anything- maybe you just really like lavender :3

    - Markings! A symbol perhaps, or just a simple variation in markings, or removing markings alltogether! Rip-zel has a the coat of arms symbol meaning ermine on his back where his normal markings would be (I thought it was clever -w-) and is missing most of the distinguishing Buizel markings to fit into the ermine theme a little better.

    - Hybrids!? Mix it up, hmm? ouo I like  mixing ones that make a little more sense myself, like a Bui and a Oshawott, or Furret and a Quilava, but don't stop that from lettin you go crazy!

    - Personality. Depending on how you use them, this might be worth specifying- (like I don't really bother, seeing as Rippi-bui is just my figurehead and I don't rp much) But if you were using them for something frisky, or chat battles, it would help set a common range of emotion for them and their purpose.

    - ??? I don't know what to call this, but someone mentioned having a pokemon be a different element than it normally is and building around that element- Like a fire type being an ice type would have a color scheme to match, etc, etc.

    There's probably more, but that's what's come to mind-

    Chatty bui~
    Date:Jun 12, 2015 6:34 AM(Edited:Jun 12, 2015 12:57 PM) Title:Re: Y'all need 'Sona's! (and Rippi'll help~)
    I'll add progress and finished guys here through edits- (Lemme know if links don't work)

    Got a bite through PM already! ^U^

    Just a quick sketch so far, but this will be an icy Arcanine named Veryd when's all said and done

    And a gesture sketch for an avatar- I'm trying to keep them in line with the style I have going on mine. The body will get cut out but I still felt the need.

    It's better to right click and open in new tab, cause dropbox likes to rape resolution when you're in lightbox, and veiwing small is good too, cause they'll be uberly sized down when I'm done inking and coloring.

    Date:Jun 12, 2015 12:44 PM Title:Re: Y'all need 'Sona's! (and Rippi'll help~)
    This looks so adorable and cute <3 *likes it very much*

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    Date:Jul 5, 2015 10:53 PM Title:Re: Y'all need 'Sona's! (and Rippi'll help~)
    I do like your sketches, and you're awfully kind helping others by doing them their sona's. I've done this for a few friends in the past although not as much recently. However too many people seem to have been asking and I felt really sad accepting some and declining others due to my time scales and being busy. I just made it into raffles in the end. ^^ This way I don't have to say no to people and just say enter my raffle ^^ Although there's no raffles available until I catch up. Sorry got side tracked a bit. I liked your second sketch best :) I'd love to see it painted!