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Hmm a bio? Where to start . . . .

Having moved around fair amount and living in various cities around the world from the age of seven, I know a few languages needless to say. Granted, I still find English the most clumsy by far, but also the richest in diversity. I work hard through enduring re-writes, and in sincerity, aim at improving myself to progress. Well to faults I'm not impervious as would be us all, to mine, unable to differentiate at times between past, present and future tenses, they do tend to be problematic, and confuse the bubbles out of me still. Alas, what I do so stickily know is that I tend to work with past tense a lot more agreeably. In more cases than not, if it can be so helped with all my creations, I religiously attempt to keep to past tense, therefore stopping myself from becoming lost.

We all have downsides, and fall flat somewhere, oh more faults you ask? Well I must address it, now that I have bespoken of such a thing. Go ahead a laugh! I completely suck with contemporary dialogue as I use something called BSL errr well that's British Sign Language but I know you know that already right? Lacking the desired experience and especially when English most notably is concerned, not my mother tongue, is a hindrance. Still on the note of dialogue, I don't I have an actual voice, thus the experience of dialogue is harder found. Oh who cares about that, on a major upside, I think I voice myself pretty well with fics. I don't believe it to be any form of disability, as I hold down a job, and keep very active. A disability is only a set back for those who believe that such trivial things are.

I work painstakingly on writing and with such classical inspirations of Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, along with the other greats like Shakespeare, which are now are filtering into my work. I'm slowly but surely fusing various aspects of their joyous writing techniques into my very own pieces like finely aged wine. My classical writing is getting to reasonably good standard, and the speech in stories better than that of my contemporary. I contributed some of my classical inspirations to 'The Sacrifice' which gave it that nice old feel, and definitely strive to imbue the flare to some other stories which are soon to come. Every few months I find myself improving, although the path is still longer traveled. Invariably, I will find myself a little further down it the next time I look back.

I've always have enjoyed the throws of passion which come from physical activities and from an early age and still do. The peace I find going to the gym and running daily are but simple joys to liven the heart. Of course the day itself would not be complete without some ear pounding E.B.M. and Electro Industrial music to boot.

What kind of things do you enjoy writing?

Classical of course! Generally this would be the fine renditions of romance and love to be weaved into the story. Yes, and notably to the flare of some erotic play to help accentuate the fiction to be truly satisfying for me. Hopefully this will be the case for my readers too. However, the erotic interactions are not for the sake of being just thrown in there. No, due to the romantic, and/or emotionally driven plots to drive it, the pinch of erotica merely adds a little taste to season the overall fic, but yet not to steal away from it. The stories are heavily portrayed to build relationships, and ties, with whomever they interact with. My character are left following their lives to wherever it may lead, be it the love sought, or the heart being wrenched.

So what are you like as a person?

I tend to be pretty laid back, and really enjoy Yoga. You're probably thinking hang on a moment? I like Yoga but love that harsh Electro Industrial music? They are complete opposites and of course one is lush and peaceful while the other is harsh with grinding electro beats, supplemented by screaming vocalists? Well I say just dance, it makes the world go round!

How old are you, you sound like a grandma?

Maybe, maybe not. Its rude to ask a lady her age, for I'm but a spring lamb yet, and in the spoils of my mid twenties still, but thats all I wish to express.

Alas, we have come to an end, and you would probably feel thankful my cumbersome babbling has finished. But on that notion, I give you a slight inclination of my head and a modest curtsy to bid farewell and happy reading. Naturally in hopes that you too may find at least one fiction I've written to bring you joy.

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