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New Site General Bugs

    Friendly resident Cyndaquil
    Date:Jan 1, 2016 7:06 AM Title:New Site General Bugs

    Happy New Years, everyone!

    Before launching the new site completely and shutting down the old AGNPH, I'd like to ensure that we (the admins and moderators) haven't overlooked anything important. This thread will serve as a base for users to report issues with the new site, and to avoid duplicating reports for bugs. We are already aware of a couple of issues that will be fixed shortly after the new year festivities settle down.

    Note: There is a fics-specific bug thread here, but you can reply to either thread.

    Known Issues

    • Some performance issues with private messaging (Fixed)
    • Lack of site themes (creation of additional themes are in progress)
    • Users unable to update their email if a previous email did not exist (fixed)

    If you spot any more bugs with the site in general, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll update this list as things progress. If you have some new feature suggestions that haven't been addressed yet, you can start a new thread about it.

    ~My fire shall always burn eternal~