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I Itch For Direction!

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    Date:Mar 31, 2016 6:53 PM Title:I Itch For Direction!

    I don't know if this was asked or subsequently answered somewhere else, but I want to know: 


    Are there going to be any more theme-of-the-months?


    Even if it's not a contest, I'd love to have a theme to kick my literary libido back into action.  I just put out my first story in a couple years, and I want to keep the ball rolling! 

    Alright, who gave the pen to the madman?

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    Date:Apr 1, 2016 6:36 AM Title:RE: I Itch For Direction!

    The theme-of-the-months kinda went on the backburner while the site staff were prepping for the new site move. And judging by the number of stories for them, I'm not sure there was much interest. However, if you're craving some ideas, there are plenty of previous good themes that I'd hate to repeat, but could spark some ideas. They should be listed under various news posts in the writing forums, even if there aren't any stories with the corresponding tags.

    If anyone else around here is interested, I can certainly start those back up again.

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