AGNPH Gallery

Gallery Search Guide

  • {tag} - Searches for posts that contain this tag.

  • ~{tag} - Searches for posts that contain at least one of these tags.

    Example: "~pikachu ~raichu" - Searches for pikachu OR raichu.

  • -{tag} - Searches for posts that do not contain this tag.

    Example: "-anthro" - Searches for non-anthro posts.

  • rating:{s/q/e} - Searches for posts with the rating "safe", "questionable" or "explicit".

    Example: "rating:e" - Searches for only explicit posts.

  • user:{user} - Searches for posts uploaded by the given user.

  • fav:{user} - Searches for posts favorited by the given user. If logged in, you can view your own favorites with the term "fav:me".

  • id:{post id} - Searches for a single post with the given id.

  • md5:{md5} - Searches for posts whose file has the given md5 hash. This is useful for finding if an image is already uploaded, if you already know the md5 hash.

  • parent:{post id} - Searches for posts whose parent post is the given id.

  • pool:{pool name} - Fetches posts in the given pool.

  • file:{extension} - Searches for posts with the given file extension.

    Example: "file:swf" - Searches only for swf flash files.

  • width:/height: - Searches for posts that match the given image sizes.

    Example: "width:1280" - Searches only for images with width 1280px.

    Example: "height:>1000" - Searches only images with height > 1000px.

  • score:/views: - Searches for posts with the given score/view counts.

    Example: "score:10" - Searches only for posts with score exactly 10.

    Example: "views:>1000" - Searches only posts with more than 1000 views.

  • missing_artist - Searches for posts that do not have an artist tag.

  • missing_species - Searches for posts that do not have a species tag.

  • order:popular - Orders found posts by overall popularity.

  • order:score - Orders found posts from most-favorited to least-favorited.

  • order:views - Orders found posts from most-viewed to least-viewed.

  • order:date - Orders found posts from newest to oldest.

  • order:age - Orders found posts from oldest to newest.

  • order:fav - Orders found posts from most favorited to least favorited.